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The idea in part one is to make and drink the potion which transforms 
you from the amiable Dr Jekyll into the bestial Mr Hyde. In order to do 
this, you need three different chemicals: a dry lump of phosphorous, a 
rare salt and alcohol. Most of the game is directed towards collecting 
the three parts and successfully reacting them. 

The Salt 

This will be brought to the dinner oarty on the night of the 23rd August 
by Dr Lanyon and it is up to you to get the salt off him before the 
dinner oarty starts. There are two main barriers to this: 

Firstly. Lanyon will not give you the salt if ne thinks you are up to no 
good, knowing that you lean towards the "mystic and transcendental •' side 
of chemistry. Poole will tell Lanyon of your leanings if he hears you 
scream in the night (caused bv a nightmare, unbeknown to Poole) thinking 
you are being driven mad. To orevent Poole doing this you can eitner go 
to bed after him (achieved by drinking a strong cud of tea!) so he 
doesn't hear you or tell him about the nightmare in the morning to avert 
his suspicions. 

The second barrier. which is of slightly more mundane DroDortions, is 
that if you arrive too late to welcome your dinner — party guests then you 
will be unable to get the salt off Lanyon before the dinner party 

Tha Alco hol 

You will find the bottle of alcohol in vour Cabinet so vou mav ask. 
what's the problem? Weil, to put it rather bluntly, your maid is keen, 
perhaps overkeen on the strong stuff. You can find this out in a varietv 
of ways„ including: reading her diary which you can find under her bed, 
asking Poole about her, examining her vourseif. Her diarv will also 
reveal to you that she has a rather sly plan to steal some gin from vour 
Cabinet while vou are entertaining guests on tne 23rd. What she doesn't 
know at this time is that you have finished the gin vourseif. When to 
her horror she discovers this, she decides that anv drink is better than 
no drink at all and promptly guzzles it straight from the alcohol bottle 
(intended for experiments only but how is she to know, sne : *s oniv the 
maid!) Not being completely stupid she fills the bottle to its previous 
level with water thus rendering it useless for experimental purposes 
(try examining the bottle after the maid has got to it). 

To prevent her from carrying out the devious plan you have two 
options. The first is to lock both of the doors leading to the Cabinet 
before the dinner party, with the obvious effect. The second method is 
to confront the maid about her drinking problems, she will run out 
sobbing and leave your household in disgrace. (Ask Poole about maid 
after she has disappeared). 

The Phosphorous 

This is perhaps the easiest of the 3 ingredients to deal with since you 
already have it stored: in oil in a vessel in a press in the Cabinet. 
(Doesn't sound too easy to find let alone use!) 

As your notebook will (somewhat cryptically) inform you, the 
phosphorous must be completely dry in order to react successfully with 
the alcohol. On' hand is your trusty desiccating jar in which the lump of 
phosphorous must be placed and left (for 20 moves) to dry. You'll soon 
see why the phosphorous is stored in oil if you leave it out for 5 or so 
moves! It's best to put the phosphorous in the desiccating jar before 
the dinner-party so you can get on with making the potion once the 
dinner has ended. 

The Dinner Party 

Once dusk begins to fall, you only have a few moves to get to the hall 
be-fore the doorbell rings and your guests arrive. Once they enter, ask 
Lanyon for the salt, he will oblige unless Poole has mentioned your 
indiscretions to him whilst taking his coat. You will then eat dinner 
and chat without -Further tribulation. until finally the guests depart 
and you can head back to the Cabinet. The servants will have all gone 
to bed so thev will not disturb you. Once in the Cabinet. you should 
check that the phosDhorous is completely dry (examine the desiccating 
jar) before removing it and making the drug (in the conical flask). 

Making the Potion 

This, is auite easv (honest) and is achieved bv Douring the aiconol into 
the flask, adding the salt to it and finally drooping the iumo of 
phosDhorous in- The potion will go through various changes in real-time 
and it is up to vou to select the rignt moment. The dream seauence may 
give you a clue that the Dotion should be green when drunk so wait for 
this to happen and drink it. Some text will appear before an animated 
transformation seauence. Another description finishes Dart 1. the last 
word and hence the password is 'evil'. 

One Possible Solution 

West, West, Examine Sideboard, Get Teacup, East. North, Up. East. Read 
Diary. West, Down, West, North. Examine Shelves. Get Caddv, Examine 
Caddv, South, Get Sooon, Put Tea in Cuo. Again. Examine Kettle, Pour 
Kettle into Cup, Stir Tea, Drink it. Drop all. (WAIT until sleep comes. 
If Poole appears, ASK POOLE ABOUT DINNER PARTY but be sure not to enter 
a room with a comfortable chair in!), (Experience dream. Vou mav need to 
type in a non-direction instruction to get out of the 1st location.), R, 
Examine Mirror, North, Down, South, South, Examine Cabinets, Get Keys, 
North. North, North, North, Up, Examine Bottles, Examine Press, Get ail 
from Press, Examine Glass Vessel, Get Lump from it. Read Notebook, Put 
Lump in Desiccating Jar, Drop everything but Keys, Lock Loft, Down, Lock 
Cabinet, South, South, South, West, East, South. Wait (first WAIT UNTIL 
8, they arrive soon after). Get the Salt from Dr Lanvon, (After Dinner), 
East, North, North, North, Up, Examine Bottle, Pour Alcohol into Conical 
Flask, Put Salt into Flask, Examine Desiccating Jar, Remove Phosphorous 
from Jar, Put it in Flask, (wait until potion turns green. then...). 
Drink Potion. - . 

New commands have been added to the 128K version of the game: 

GOTO room - This command will take you one step nearer your destination. 
Use AGAIN (A) to repeat this movement closer to the room. We implemented 
the command this way, instead of a straightforward way, in order that 
all pertinent messages the program outputs can be seen on the wav to the 
room instead of being missed. 

WAIT (x) hours/ WAIT UNTIL time - These commands onlv accept whole hours 
as times, they are most useful on the second day so that once Jekyll has 
completed all that he has too, he can use these commands to approach 
night-time. The grandfather clock in the corridor can be used to find 
the precise time. 


Evil, Yes. Read Diary, West, Down. North. North. West. Down. Get Hat, 
Up, South. South, South. South. South, South. (Now in cab). Estate 
Agent, Enter Estate Agent, Examine Display Board. Ask Clerk about Flat, 
Yes, Leave Estate Agent, Enter Cab, Home. North. North. North, North, 
Up, Examine All, Put Salt in Flask, Add Red Liquor to Flask, West, Down, 
Down, Get Hat and Wear it, Up. North. Lock Door. East. North- North, 
South, North,- Scare Urchin, Examine Wall, Soutn, West, Climb into Cad, 
(Now in Soho) , South, West, Drop Marbles, East, Chase Man (into aliev). 
South (-follow him), R, Get Card and Examine it, E. Enter Club, (Play 
pontoon until you are thrown out),- East. South, South, East. East. 
South, South, South, South, South. East (you collide with young girl and 
if you managed to win 50 shillings in card game then vou can oav tamiiv 
of girl off, otherwise...), Down, South, South, South. South. South, 
Gaunt Street. wait, No, Stoker Passage, Yes, Home, North. North. Nortn. 
North, Ud, Put Salt in Flask. Pour Liauid into Flask. (Now walking back 
home). South. South. East. North. East. Mo (To Utterson). i am a 
relation. South., Uo, East. Pour Liauid into Flask, Add salt to Fiask, 
Again, Pour Liauor Into Flask... 


Get Bail. East. Examine Paoer, DroD Bali (Ground coliaDses. vou. fall 
through to a windswept moor). Examine Box. Droo Soecs. Goen Box. -eel 
Ground, Wear Soectacles, Climb Into Box, Pick Dandelion. Sav Timor Hortis 
Conturbat Me. (You lean into WhirlDOOi). Look in Mirror (You awake as 
Hvde) , South, South. East, South, West, East, West. Drop Cane. Leave Fiat, 
North. North, East. South. East. East. East... (You are now being 
interviewed in a Police Station), Yes, Yesterdav. Stoker Passage. (You're 
released into the street). Lift Manhole, Down. Close Manhole. Down. '.Avoid 
□ olicemer. in sewer oy going in anv direction witn no noise arising from it 
and escaoe by taking the second exit UP..). Take Brakes Utt. Cxose Release 
Valve, Pull Steam Half On, Again, Turn Steam Off. Goen Valve. Close it. 
Put Steam Halt On. Put Steam Full On. Wait. Wait. Turn Steam Ctt. uoen 
Valve. Close Valve, Put Steam Half On, Full Steam on, Wait. Wait. Wait, 
Wait, Wait (Now in Church), Confess All to Waipole. Drink Potion...