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To get out of the Hall of Nub 

1. Examine paraphernalia to find a broken compass. 

2. Go up to the Hall of Tapestries and examine the crumpled tapestry to find iron, 

3. Iron tapestry to find magnetic needle and put it in compass. 

4. Wear the repaired compass to get out of the Hall of Nub. 

oOo — - 

To Find the Twelve Tokens of the New Zodiac 

A. LEO To find the DANDELION 

1. Go to Aurora Village green and find Merry Band of Players. Wait until they 
are fighting, and STEAL broken Lyre. 

2. Go to Village pond, examine reeds to find catgut and mend Lyre. (You can 
•PLAY it before and after mending it). 

3. Go to the Little Lion, play Lyre and he will let you pass. 

4. Continue to Tother Earth, solve anagram "AN ODD LINE' (Dandelion), and 
receive the Token of the New Zodiac. 

oOo — - 


-r OOO 


1. Go to Cepheus and Cassiopeia's Castle. Enter Chapel, examine window and 
close shutters to find the Siver Cross. Wear ito 

2. Go to Dragon's Mountain in the North and find the corpse. Push it to get SHIELD. 

3. Give shield to Bootes the Herdsman. 

4. Go to the Great Bear (Ursa Major), call Bootes to get past Bear, find Honey Pot. 
5o Go to Aurora Village, enter Berenice's House. Examine bed to find Hot Water 


6. Go north towards Ice-<:ap (wearing the cross and carrying the hot -water bottle) 
and find the Little Bear (Ursa Minor). Wake him and say THERMOMETER to get 
the thermometer. 

7. Go to Mercury, give him the thermometer and receive the Flask of Mercury's 
Potion. (This will open up the Southern Highway). 

8. Go south to the Cafe, SIT ON BENCH, drink the Weasel's Pee to get the cup. 



9. Go south to the Well, turn handle twice, fill cup, 

10. Go to Jupiter in Aurora Village who will tell you to MIX WATER WITH HONEY 
to make MEAD. Give mead to Jupiter to get a joke, 

11. Go to the Northern Arch, examine it and read inscription. The answer is 
MEDUSA written back-to-front. 

12. Go north to Auriga the Charioteer, tell him the joke and he will take you 
NE to the Stone Tree. 

13o Type ASUDEM to undo the spell. 
14. PULL arrow from tree. 



1. Go to Cepheus and Cassiopeia's Castle and go up to the top of the turret. 

2. Find Pluto and PICK CARD (three times in a row) and he will give you a Magic 
Wand from his store room. 

3. Go to Perseus and he will (eventually) give you a chest which contains the 
Head of Medusa. WAVE WAND to unlock chest. 

4. Go to the LIZARD'S CAVE (west from the Meeting of Ways), find rock cake, 
eat it to obtain strengtho 

5. Go to top of rocky outcrop, push rock to uncover hole and allow light into 
the cave below. Go down, enter cave and get web CAREFULLY. 

6. THROW V/EB to catch Lizard, who gives you a juicy bug. 

7. Go east, then NB, to Exposed Headland. Find the Crow and give him the r^ug. 

8. To save Andromeda, open chest, Hop on Crow, close eyes, then GET HEAD FROr/. 
FROM CHEST (or box). Put Head back in chest before opening eyes. The Head 
turns Cetus the Sea Monster into stone. 

9. Return to the Castle. Cepheus will give you a flag of Birdseed. 

10. Go N to bedchamber (the Toucan) with the Birdseed and get the Cracked Pitcher. 


D. VIRGO To find the WHITE GOTO 


9. Return to tne Castle. Go up to the Battlements. Cassiopeia will give you 
a Love Poem. 

10. Go to Aurora Village and find Venus, who will read the poem to you and ask you 
to find the missing words. 

11. Type 'YOUR I/IUW and she will give you the White Gown. (You could try other 
ryhming words also!) 




1. Go to the Castle and enter the ROYAL Bedchamber. PULL ROPE. 

2. Go down to the Kitchen and get the TRIANGLE. Examine it. 

3. Take the Triangle to Berenice in Aurora Village and give it to her. Get 
the Comb which she will drop. 

4. Find the Lost Pup and CATCH it on the third attempt. Take it to the Hunting 
Dogs in the King's Kennels. The pup leaves behind a Plea which jumps into 
your hair. (Try scratching it!) 

5. Comb hair to catch flea. 

6. Go to the Science Laboratory in the University in the New City. 

7. Solve anagram *COMIC PROSE' (Microscope), and get Microscope. 

8. Examine the Plea UNDER the microscope to find the Sting. 



1. Get Settler's Turns from Apothecary Shoppe (SW) 

2. Give Tums to Swordfish in the Mudbank in the Old City. You will get a Key. 

3. Drop all you are carrying in order to cross the wall and enter the armoury. 
Examine weapons, find armour and throw it out of the window. 

4. Go to the Building Site, get armour and WEAR it. 

5. Go to the Docks, find a pile of rubble and pull plank twice to find the 
DECK of the Argos . Remove and drop armour. 

6. Go to tne Warehouse and UNTIE ROPE from the bundle to find the SAIL, the 
Canvas and the Rope. Get the rope and go to the Rickety Footbridge. Look in 
Canal to find ladder. Either break footbridge by carrying too much weight 
across it, or climb down ladder. 

7. Go east until you trip over an object. Just DIG to find Scythe. 

8o Return to ladder, tie rope to scythe, hold rope, climb ladder, pull rope. 

9. Take scythe to Waste Ground and cut weeds to find the KEEL of the Argos. 
Examine scythe then smack it. 

10. Go to the Shed east from the Building Site and find the Mobile Crane. Get in, 
start engine with Key. Drive Crane to Warehouse and get SAIL; to the 

Waste Ground to get DECK; to the Docks to get KEEL. Drop each one in turn 
in the Slipway to build the Argos. 

11. Go to the Alehouse. SIT AT BAR. Pour rum. Get Magnum of Champagne. 

12. Board the Argos (get on boat), smash Champagne to launch ship. 

13. Get Canvas from Warehouse. Sail Argos to first harbour location (S), get off 
boat, go to the Artist, give Canvas to get tin of paint and a brush. Paint 
ARGOS on boat in order to get past HYDRA the Water Serpent, 

14. Continue along river, get off at next harbour location (S) and get the Golden 


15* Continue along river to next harbour location (N) and enter New City. * Go 

to the Park, chase Vandal and get chisel. 
16. Sail back to the Artist Quarters, give Chisel to Sculptor, who will fit a 

figurehead to the Argos so that you can continue easterly along the river. 
17* Disembark at the WHARF before the River Estuary and go to the hills in the 

south to find the Hare. 

18. Drink Mercury's Potion to race the Hare to the Fuel Store. Get oil, 

19. Return to the Argos, sail the Great Eastern Sea until you meet Neptune and 
POUR OIL (on troubled waters) to receive the Net and the ability to continue 
sea voyage. 

20. Find Orion's Island, get the Goatskin in exchange for the Golden Fleece. 


G. PISCES To find the FISH 


21. Sail the Argos back along the River towards the Slipway. Stop at Reticulum 
on the River and CATCH Fish. 


H. ARIES To find the HORN 

I. Go to Hercules, scratch bum three and get his RUSTY SV/ORD. 

2. Go to the Building Site in the Old City, examine rusty tools to find the 
bucket and fire tongs. 

3- Go to the Derelict Forge (Old City) and find the Living Ember. Put it in the 
bucket with Fire Tongs. 

4. Go to the Woody Copse next to the Ancient Pyre (SW from the Haunted Crossroads). 
Get scrubwood, put it on Pyre, light it with the Living Ember. (Get ember 

from bucket with tongs). 

5. When the Phoenix burns, she gives you protection against the Galactic Fire. 

6. Enter the Galactic Storm, then go to the Derelict Forge to change Rusty Sword 

into a Trusty Sword. 

7. Go to the Unicorn in the Tho^y Thicket and Trim Horn with Sword. 

8. Take powdered trimmings to the Lynx in his cave (W from the Foothills of 
the Horsehead Mountains). 

9. The Lynx tells you how to find the Chameleon. 

10. Cross desert (taking a cup of water with you). Keep going S and E until you 
reach the Oasis. Go E and find tree. Examine LOWEST BRANCH and find Coconut. 

11. Throw it until Chameleon falls out of tree. He changes you into a Mongoose. 

12. If you look like a mongoose, you can get past the Serpent and can rescue the 
Fledgling Eagle from the Leafy Hollow. If you don't look like a mongoose, 

you get bitten by the Serpent and only have time to go to the Apothecary Shop.e, 
BUY ANTIDOTE and drink it. Make sure you carry a cosmic coin with you. * • 

♦ 3. Take Fledgling to Eagle's Nest and put it in nest. It gives you a Cosmic 
Antidote to give to it's l.:othcr. (The Chameleon will turn you back into 
a human). 

14. Give Antidote to Eagle , who will fly you to the Summit of Eagle Rock where 

you will find the Horn. 
15e Blow Horn and the Eagle will carry you back down. 

— -oOo— »- 

I. GEKINI To find the EGG 

7. Go to the Swan (W from Hercules), cut her chains and get Egg. 



1. Wear the Silver Cross. 

2. Go to the Observatory in the South and look through Telescope to find the 
location of the Dragon's Lair in the Blasted i:ountains of the North. 

3. Go to Times Square in the New City and STOP CLOCK. 

4. Go to the Sewer (New City) by holding nose. The flies will buzz off to 

5. Go to University. You have to be in the Library at the same time as the 
flies in order to SWAT FLIES. Get Collection of Stunned Plies and examine 
them. Saturn chases the Time Flies, leaving behind the Elixir of Life. 

6. Take Elixir to Pegasus in the far West on the Rolling Plains. Give it to 
him and he will fly again. 

?• Go to Dragon''s Lair and get the Golden Claw. Pegasus will then carry you 
safely out of the Dragon's Domain. 



1. Go to Uranus in New City. His Crystal Ball is cloudy. 

2. With full cup of water, cross desert, go to the Jungle and find the giraffe. 

3. Climb tree, climb down, find CORN on Giraffe's foot, examine corn to find 
the ACORN. 

4. Return across desert, get a coin from the Bank, go to the Western Sea. 

5. Pay Ferryman to take you across the sea. Go South to the Stable, get bucket 
and shovel and CLEAN STABLE. 

6. Fill bucket with manure outside stable. 

7. Return to Garden of Venus in Aurora Village, put manure on garden and 
PLANT ACORN. Then you will get the Great Dog's help. It will come when you 

6. 1 

8, Go to the Old City to the Air Pump, WHISTLE, then PULL LEV2R. 

9. Return to Uranus. He will then tell you how to find the Token of the New 

lOo Go to the ALTAR in the Cathedral (New City) and LOOK UNDER ALTAR. Slide 
panel and get the Brass Ring. 



1. Go to Mars and get the Bar of Chocolate. 

2. Receive the Nobel Peace Prize from Mars when you leave. 

3. Cross the Desert and give the chocolate to the Bird of Paradise and get the 
loose feather. 

4. Go to the Indian Reservation in the Southern half of the Desert, give the 
Indian the feather and get Tomahawk. All Heaven will turn against you. 

5. Go directly to the Dove, south from the Desert, give her the Nobel Peace 
Prize and she will take the Tomahawk and give you the Crown of Olive Leaves. 

6. The Peacock will steal the Crown. 

7. Go to the Centaur and give him the Lettuce and Tomato Roll from the Deep 
Freeze in Aurora Village. The Pox will eat the other Tasty h'iorsels, but 
will only give you false information. 

8. Give the Rope from the Argos • Sails to the Centaur, and he will find the 
Peacock for you. (Make sure you have the cup with you. You can refill it 
at the stream in the Jungle, or at the Oasis). 

9. LASSO PEACOCK and get the Crown. 

10. Get another coin, go to the Western Sea, pay Ferryman, go west and JUMP IN 
SEA. The Dolphin takes you to the Flying Fish. 

11 o Get sticks, PRACTISE SCALES, and you will get the Scales. (You could also 

try playing the xylophone). 
12o To get out of the Cave, sit on the ejector seat.