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1991 (ATAKK, 

Dear Customer, 

Welcome to our latest Merit Software product catalog! Take 
a moment to browse through it. I am certain yvu will find at least one Merit 
product that will entertain or educate y vu or your children. 

We are proud of the products that we have developed over 
the past years and are pleased that many of our products have received the 
coveted Parents Choice Award. 

Whether you are looking for the latest in computer 
simulation, products that educate your children or products that are just plain 
fun. Merit has them. 

We would like to thank all of you for your suggestions, ideas 
and encouragement. We look forward to your continued support and to 
providing y^u with quality and entertaining products. 


Merit Software ' 




Operation CombaC™ 

Digitized sounds of gunfire, air support and 
nriovement of your troops take you right into 

Fight in the deserts of the Middle East or the 
Jungles of Asia with the firepower equal to that of 
United States forces in Saudia Arabia. With six 
battlefields and five scenarios to choose from, 
Operation Combat challenges your wits and your 
courage. Remember, 
in war, there can only 
be one victor! 

Amiga $49.95 

IBM $39.95 

^ ffffffff 

MARCH 1991 


You are Commander of Project Moonbase, 
NASA's long range plan to colonize earth's moon. 
From your multi-million dollar annual budget, 
you must establish a base, then manage Its 
growth into a full fledged, independent colony. 
With savvy (and luck), you may create a self- 
sufficient city on the moon, but not without 
handling the leadership problems in this 
political and physical 

IBM (DP) . . . $49.95 

Dual Pack includes 

3.5" & 5.25" 
•Amiga $49.95 

640K 2 (loppy drives or hard 
drive required, graphics 
required, mouse — optional 

MARCH 1991 





Air Traffic Control Simulation 

Are you ready for the ultimate aviation 
challenge? Can you guide a volatile mix of 
airliners and private planes safely to their 
destination in a simulation so comprehensive 
that the FAA and military use it for real-life ATC 
training? TRACON "talks" through your PC's 
internal speaker— no additional hardware 
required. ^ 

MAC $49.95 1 


TVacon ll"- 

Multi-Player Air Traffic Control Simulator 

TRACON II lets you hook up with other players 
for real computer-mediated, human-to-human, 
pilot to controller interactions. And now, 
TRACON II also linlcs to Microsoft Flight 
Simulator! Handle as many as sixteen Flight 
Simulator aircraft in real time. Your commands 
can be seen the Flight Simulator cockpit dis- 

IBM (DP) . . . $69.95 

Dual Pack includes 

3.5" & 5.25" 
Amiga $69.95 



A rich and comprehensive simulation of the 
high-stakes world of military Radar Approach 
Control. Here you guide F14 and F16 fighters 
from Tactical Air Command bases, SAC based 
B-52's, and the latest high-tech experimental 
machines filling the skies at Edwards, each 
flown by a hot-dog who thinks he's the next Top 

IBM (DP) . . . $49.95 
Dual Pack includes 
3.5" & 5.25" 

All Dogs Go To Heaven® 
An exciting game based on the hit movie, "All 
Dogs Go To Heaven," featuring Charlie, Ann 
Marie, Itchy and the Gang. This fun-filled game 
includes 10 arcades and strategy games 
presented through a story-book format so you 
may relive the "All Dogs" adventure again and 
again. Appeals to children ages 4-14. 

IBM $19.95 

Amiga $19.95 



Classie Board Games™ 
Whether your in the mood for an enthralling 
game of Chess, or ... have the hankering for a 
good-old fashion game of Checkers, or ... prefer 
a rousing game of Backgammon... 
Test your skills against the computer at any of 
three difficulty levels or play another human on 
a single computer or via a modem to a remote 
computer. Whatever you fancy, Classic Board 
Games will give you a 
challenging and enter- 
taining match. 

Amiga $29.95 

CDTV $69.95 


Electrie Jigsaw"' 

Play with 6 to 294 pieces and never lose a single 
one. Just like working at the kitchen table, you 
can put groups of pieces together then move 
them to fit into the border pieces you've already 

The Electric Jigsaw combines the challenge of 
board jigsaws and the magic of computer 
animated graphics. Enjoy building these six 
puzzles, but beware, 
the Electric Jigsaw is 
extremely addicting. 

IBM $29.95 

Amiga $39.95 


Dragon's Lair® 

Join the hapless knight, Dirk the Daring in his 
rigorous quest to rescue the lovely Princess 
Daphine. Dirk must overcome obstacles, and 
defeat the creatures of Mordroc's castle. 
Each screen comes to life with smooth-running 
animated graphics taken directly from the 
original laser disk game. 

. . $69.95 

Minimum require- 
ment: EGA graphics 
with 286 processor 
and hard drive. 

IVansylvania III'*' Vanquish (he INight 
The fiendish vampire, Drakul has cast a spell of 
darkness over the kingdom of Slavaria. Your old 
friend, Prince Erik has beckoned you to assist 
in the final battle to defeat Drakul once and for 

Transylvania III is the sequel to the classics, 
Transylvania and Crimson Crown. The graphics 
in this fantastic adventure will pull you in. ..the 
mystery and intrigue 
will keep you there! 

IBM $19.95 

Apple IIGS . . $19.95 


The Teenage Mutant INinja T\irtles' 
World Tour™ 
Electric Crayon Deluxe 
The Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles' World Tour 
contains 30 pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja 
Turtles visiting famous world landmarks such as 
the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore & Stone- 
henge. Children can color and enjoy each picture 
time and time again. Print banners as well as 
posters and calendars 
of their favorite turtle 

IBM (DP) . . . .$17.95 

Dual Pack includes 

3.5" & 5.25" 

Amiga $19.95 

Comm 64 . . . $14.95 



Recommended For Ages 3 to 9 

Sesame Street® Crayon 
Numbers Count 

The Sesame Street Crayon is a computer 
coloring book with dozens of pictures you can 
color again and again. In Numbers Count, the 
Count, along with the others in the Sesame 
Street gang will teach your child beginning 

Sesame Street® Crayon 
Letters For You 

Color your way through the alphabet with your 
favorite Sesame Street friends, and then print 
out your pictures with a calendar. Let Big Bird, 
Bert and Ernie or Grover teach your child each 
letter through this wonderful computer coloring 

IBM $12.95 

Apple $12.95 

Comm 64 . . $12.95 

*Amiga $19.95 

'(Deluxe version) 

IBM $12.95 

Apple $12.95 

Comm 64 . . .$12.95 

'Amiga $19.95 

•(Deluxe version) 



yott D 

Sesame Street® Crayon 
Opposites .4ttraet 

With the Sesame Street Crayons, you simply 
point and click to choose and fill the pictures. 
Let Bert and Ernie teach your child the difference 
between "hot and cold" or "day and night" 
while they color their favorite Sesame Street 

IBM $12.95 

Apple $12.95 

Comm 64 . . $12.95 

•Amiga $19.95 

•(Deluxe version) 


Recommended For Ages 3 to 9 

All Dogs Co To Heaven® 
Electric Crayon Deluxe 

Relive the adventure over and over again. Color 
Charlie red or make him brown. Paint King 
Gator blue or paint him green. Because Electric 
Crayon has dozens of pictures that you can 
color again and again. The Electric Crayon 
combines a child's imagination with the exciting 
graphics from the original motion picture, All 
Dogs Go To Heaven 

Also prints banners, 
posters and calendars. 

Amiga $19.95 

IBM $12.95 

CDTV $49.95 



At The Zoo™ 

Electric Crayon Deluxe 

Color each animal in the zoo, then learn all 
about them as you print your pictures with 
educational descriptions. The Deluxe version of 
the Electric Crayon series also enables you to 
create custom banners, calendars and posters. 
You may also write your own personal message 
under the picture you've just colored. 

Amiga $19.95 

IBM $12.95 

Apple $12.95 

Dinosaurs are Forever™ 
Electric Crayon Deluxe 
Just what color was a Stegosaurus? Extinct 
longer than nehru jackets, these enchanting 
creatures come back to life in "Dinosaurs are 
Forever." Learn how each dinosaur evolved, 
their approximate size, eating habits, and the 
era in which they lived, with this entertaining 
program. Prints banners, posters and calendars. 

IBM $12.95 

Apple $12.95 

Comm 64 . . $12.95 
Amiga $19.95 

Holidays & Seasons™ 
Electric Crayon Deluxe 

The Electric Crayon Deluxe computer coloring 
books offer custom banner, calendar and poster 
making. Make a banner with your colored 
picture printed at each end and your personal 
message in the middle. Print uniquely colored 
posters with any message you desire displayed 
below your work of art, or choose the option of 
a computer supplied 
description and learn 
all about the holiday 
or season you've just 

Apple $12.95 

IBM $12.95 

Comm 64 . . $12.95 


Spy's Adventure in INorth America"* 
This adventure takes you on a continental 
search for the fiendish Dr. X, who may be hiding 
anywhere from Anchorage to Mexico City. Learn 
geography as you play, or just play for fun. 

IBM $19.95 

Apple $17.95 

Comm 64 $17.95 

Spy's Adventure in South America™ 


Dr. X has been spotted in Rio De Janeiro and is 
in possession of the stolen documents. Your 
mission is to locate and capture him via the 
clues given by the informants in the field. Good 

IBM $19.95 

Apple $17.95 

Spy's Adventure in Europe™ 
Each adventure may be played by a single player 
with up to six people in a spy against spy 
network or in a cooperative network. Each time 
you play, Dr. X and the informants are placed in 
different locations. You'll never play the same 
game twice. 

IBM $19.95 

Apple $17.95 


Math In A Nutsheir 

Challenge: Our squirrel knows math is a hard 
nut to crack. That's why he'll help you choose 
the correct combinations of arithmetic oper- 
ations to solve problems at three different levels 
of difficulty. 

Skill Areas: Develops counting, and addition, 
subtraction, multiplication and division of single 
digit numbers. 

IBM $9.95 , 

Apple 5.25" . . $9.95 | fjofhhetjvMI 

Comm 64 .... $9.95 

GRADES: 3 to 6 

Learning To Add & Subtract"* 

Challenge: Can you solve simple addition and 
subtraction problems of single digit numbers? 
It's easier with picture clues. Then try a different 
way to add with the unique tower matrix, if you 

Skill Areas: Develops counting, and addition 
and subtraction of single digit numbers. 

GRADES: PS to 3 

Alpine Tram Ride™ 

Challenge: Which animal is in which tram car? 
Pick four animals and receive clues to place- 
ment and identify with each entry. Use deductive 
reasoning to discover the four animals and 
where they belong. 

Skill Areas: Develops problem-solving strategies 
by analyzing clues, making inferences, drawing 
logical conclusions and detecting patterns. 

IBM $9.95 

Apple 5.25" . . . $9.95 
Comm 64 .... $9.95 

Bike Hike™ 

Challenge: Pedaling along this bike path is like 
taking a ride down Memory Lane. Why? Because 
you must recall all the animals and objects you 
observed on your bike ride. 
Skill Areas: Develops specific recall and visual 
memory, number recognition and counting, and 
visual discrimination. 


Apple 5.25" . 
Comm 64 . . 

. $9.95 
. $9.95 

GRADES: 4 to 6 

GRADES: PS to 3 




Challenge: You're the master plumber! Can you 
connect pipe segments of varying lengths and 
shapes to reach objects that need water? Three 
levels of play. 

Skill Areas: Develops problem-solving strategies 
by visualizing the whole, analyzing problems, 
planning solutions and experimenting with 


Apple 5.25" 
Comm 64 . 

. $9.95 

GRADES: 4 to 6 

>1onkey Business'" 

Challenge: Can you stack and restack the 
monkeys to reach the apple in the fewest 
number of moves? Only move the top monkey. 
And, oh yes. little monkeys can only sit on 
bigger monkeys! 

Skill Areas: Develops problem-solving strategies 
by visualizing the whole, planning a solution, 
experimenting with solutions and rearranging 
parts to make a whole. , 

,BM ...S I 

Apple 5.25" . 
Comm 64 . . 

Animal Hote^ 

Challenge: You're the hotel manager. Take one 

quick look at the room locations of your animal 
guests. Then, you'll be asked room-by-room 
which guest is staying where. 
Skill Areas: Develops specific recall and visual 
memory, visual discrimination, and analysis of 
the whole. 

GRADES: PS to 3 

Clowning Around™ 

Challenge: A very tricky clown replaces 12 
objects with numbers. Can you remember 
which missing object belongs in which num- 
bered location? 

Skill Areas: Develops specific recall, visual 
memory, number recognition, and counting. 
Also, develops thinking strategies by analysis of 
the whole, pattern recognition and part/whole 

IBM $9.95 

Apple 5.25" . . $9.95 
Comm 64 $9.95 

GRADES: 4 to 6 

GRADES: 2 to 6 




COI Starr 

New to computers? Let our GO! products take 
the intimidation out of computing and get you 
productive from the word GO! 
GO! Start includes a four-function calculator, 
notepad, letter writer, address filer and an ani- 
mated maze game. GO! Start also includes 
Computer Tool Box that enables you to perform 
such "Computing" tasks as formatting and 
copying disks and 
copying files without 
having to learn DOS. 


GO! Plan™ 

Use GO! Plan to help you with your personal 
net worth statement, loan planning, home 
mortgage planning, and retirement income and 
savings planning. With GO! Plan, you don't 
waste time working with formulas and creating 
spreadsheets from scratch. You simply fill in the 
blanks in the ready-made spreadsheet forms 
that are provided for you. 


COI File™ 

File name and address information, memos, 
personal property inventories, recipes or quotes 
instantly. You can search, sort, retrieve or print 
useful information in this fully-functional data- 
base environment. With GO! File, you don't 
waste time creating forms for your data. You 
simply fill in the blanks in the ready-made file 
forms that are provided for you. 

IBM . 


COI Write™ 

GO! Write will enable you to produce profes- 
sional looking business letters, memos and 
reports instantly. You can also produce banners, 
personalized party invitations, calendars, 
message pads and change of address forms. 
With GO! Write, you don't waste time creating 
formats for your printed documents. You simply 
fill in the blanks in the ready-made forms that 
are provided for you. 






Instant Custom Menus 
Choices allows you speed, simplicity, and flex- 
ibility in creating, organizing and controlling 
access to your programs. No need to remember 
DOS commands, since Choices guides even 
the most inexperienced user in setting up multi- 
level menus. Choices puts the control of your 
computer at your finger-tips. 


Request is an easy-to-use filing system which 
also features a report generator, mailing label 
printer, full-capability word processor and 
spelling checker. You can customize over 25 
predefined file forms to instantly organize your 
personal or business affairs. Request utilizes 
advanced multi-window integration for ease of 
data handling. 

IBM (DP) ... $29.95 
Dual Pack includes 
3.5" & 5.25" 


IBM (DP) . . . .$49.95 
Dual Pack includes 
3.5" & 5.25" 


f iline 


In CO 

2 ^ 

I M O