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Knoxville Philatelic Society — Then and Now 

The first Knoxville Philatelic Society was founded in 1895, and nothing is known of a stamp 
club in Knoxville between 1898 and 1980, when the Expo City Stamp Club was founded in 
association with the 1980 Knoxville World’s Fair. Since 1980, the club, with its successor 
names, Knoxville Stamp Club (1983) and Knoxville Philatelic Society (1994) has been an active 
entity in philately in the southeastern United States. 

This exhibit shows important artifacts of the original society and of our club of the 19", 20" and 

21* centuries. We hope that you enjoy our exhibit and invite all viewers to become members of 

The Knoxville Philatelic Society. 



Dr.S B. Boyd, President, Knoxville, Tenn, 
C. G. Schrader. Vice President, Knoxville, Tenn, 
Henry Fenton, Secretary and Treasurer, Drawer, 9, Knoxville, ienn, 
| pirséToRs. 
Chas, Ducloux. C, P. Galyon. 
Chas, Waring. j 



_ The object of the Society ıs to promote a friendly Intercourse between the members, by hold- 
ang month M meetings, when each will have an opportunity of increasing their collections or dis- 
posing of their duplicates. At these monthly gat orina various Philatelic subjects will be dis- 
cu , tending to the development of Philatelic know edge. Many collectors are entirely at sea 
in the mysteries of perforations, water-marks, plate numbers, varieties, etc., and many “a good 
thing” has been lost through ignorance. > 
t There are guise a number of collectors in this city, with collections ranging from 10,000 varie- 
ies down, and the aim of the Society is to enroll every one, as a member, at the same time, it is 
intended to welcome collectors from all points. 

The See Department can be utillzed by members for the sale or Sxohenee of pens x 
Ra a to hold 120 stamps will be supplied by the Superintendent at the nominal price of 

Applications for membership can be obtained from the Secretary, H. Fenton, Drawer 9, 
Knoxville, Tenn., Initiation fee. 25c. Annual dues, 250. 

Goals and activities are little changed in more than 100 years, but dues are more. 

VOL: 3; 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 1890’s 



CHARLES P. GALYON, Publisher, P. O. Box 842, KNOXVILLE, TENN. 

Chas. Waring. 

A Home WorKER representative had 
an occasion to call on Mr. Chas. Waring 
the Sales Manager of The Knoxyi'l: 
Philatelic Society, at his office on 
Clinch St. the other day and found him 
eagerly bending overa large album of 

“Mr. Waring, you certainly have a 
fine collection of stamps.” 

“Yes, I suppose I have.abont as fine a 
collection as there 
isin Knoxville, at 
least, I havea great- 
er number of varie- 
ties. Ths album 
here is only one of 
six in which 1 have_ 
my varieties mount / 
ed, and if you will 
notice, I keepthem | ~~ 
well arranged for 
ready reference.” 

‘*When and how 
did you first become 
interested in stamp 

“I first began 
collecting stamps 
when a boy and 
have been an ear- 
nest devotee ever 

small boy, I paid a yisit toa lawyer rel. 
ative in Ireland who had a large cor- 
respondence in Great Britain and col- 
onies and now and then a letter from a 
foreign country. Hedid not believe in 
giving money to small boys -without 
some return, so he paid me for small ser- 

KNOXVILLE, TENN., Aprit, 1896. 

In the spring of 1851, while s.ill a 

vices; one of my duties being to cut up 
sheets of postage stamps (then unperfor- 
ated) and arrange them in boxes for 
use : 
I soon began to admire the different 
colors and designs, and commenced to 
paste into a pocket-book the prettiest of 
used stamps found:in the waste basket, 
or picked up here and there. 

From this time I collected almost alt 
used stamps; [come across and several 
now in my collection have:been in my 
possession ever 

In 1856, while at 
school near London 
England, I gave an 
old: lady friend 5000 
stamps to-help get 
an orphan into an 
\ asylum; Wish I had 
“\them now to sort 

During my col- 
lege and . profes- 
sional years I was 
too busy to give 
much time to 
stamps; but held 
on to those I had 
and about 1874 in 
Knoxville, I began 
to arrange my 
stamps alphabeti- 
cal yin a blank book, having no cata- 
logue to guide me. Soon after this I 
procured a catalogue and started to buy 
stamps to fill up vacancies, 

Excerpt of an article featuring an interview 
with KPS sales manager Charles Waring in 

the Home Worker. 

The new Canadian Jubilee 
Stamps, with which all are doubt- 
less now familar, may cause a 
sort of a boom in the stamp busi- 
ness in Canada, similar to that 
started in our own country by the 
Columbian series. Surely it will 
awake new interest in the hearts 
of philatelists of older times, 
whose stampic fever is now dor- 
mant. The design on this set of 
stamps is such as will immediate- 
ly catch the eye of an “outsider” 

and perhaps he may be convert-* 
ed to a collector, sooner or later. 

We have been requested by 
certain persons to support in the 
Home Worker certain political 
candidates. This we must refuse, 
as the Home Worker is stricily 
neutral in J] such affairs, and 
does not approve of publishing 
political “stuff” in connection 
with philately. 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 1890's 

Excerpts from The Home Worker 

Why she Tolerates Stamps. 

A collector’s wife being asked if she 
took thesame interest in stamps as her 
husband „replied : “I hatethe sight of 
stamps; but my old man’s business occu- 
pies all his day time, and the mounting 
of them in his, album and other myste- 
rious performances connectéd with them 
keeps him at home nearly every night. - 
Occasionally the odor of benzine is- 
worse than the cigar smoke and the maid 

‘complains ofthe difficulty of removing 
those little sticky bits of paper from tihe 

carpet.” PA 

pa a T te HOME WORKER 

2012 catalog value: $55.00 unused 

165.00 mint, unhinged 

Its readers buy stamps; and if you want to 
ild place gou ad., , and do at N OW, and | 

Kios ni ueb our Advertising Pages ane do. as 
to convince you of the value of Tne Home WORKER 

sdìium as anything we Could: pay: Te 
> will ASNE 3 

ate Card for the cS 

Ecuador 1887 10c gray — not listed in Scott!!! 

Western Australia 1861 1p rose — Sc 26 — $115.00 unused 
Navy Department 3c — Sc 037 - $170.00 unused 

Canada % p black 1868 — Sc 21 - $100.00 unused 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 1890’s 

KPS had its own sales 
division in the 1890’s, 
and this circuit book is 
notable not only by its 
stamps, but also by the 
fact that it was printed 
by Charles Galyon, an 
early officer of the club 
and an active local 

tial Cee Pee 

Scott 69 - $0.08 
2012 catalog - $450.00 

The sales book contains 
stamps ranging from 1842 
to 1887, ending with the 
1887 Victoria Jubilee 

Many of the earlier 
stamps have faults, but at 
the then-prices of pennies 
per stamp, the price 
indicated on the cover — 
$11.92 — is fun to 
contemplate in today’s 
stamp market. 

Expo City Stamp Club — 1980-1983 

The Expo City Stamp Club was founded in 1980, at a meeting of local 
philatelists at Midsouth Philatelics, the Knoxville stamp shop of Wilma 
and Stan Brookshier. The new club was named for the upcoming 1982 

Knoxville World’s Fair. THE 1982 
Founding Members were: 
Jim Bowles Chester Massey Ray Ritter 
Wilma & Stan Brookshier D. Todd McDougal Bruce Roberts 
Ralph Kramer Robert Miller William Walbert 
Les Lebo Jo & Ron Mynatt Greg Ziebell 

KPS salutes Jo Mynatt and Bruce Roberts, charter members, who remain current members! 
Both have contributed many years of efforts to the club and the philatelic community. 

Pvyvvyyver wvvvwvwTy 


Breeder reactor Knoxville Worlds Fair 

l y J 20c 

_ a. 


id >* - 
b Solar energy Knoxville World's Fair dp Synthetic fuels Knoxville Worlds Fair 

Fossil fuels Knoxville World's Fair 

The First Day Ceremony for the World’s Fair Stamps was held in Knoxville, and by a quirk, 
only club members received official invitations to the ceremony! 

Expo City Stamp Club — 1980-1983 
Knoxville Stamp Club — 1983- 


“The Collectors Exchange” was the modern club’s first newsletter, and 32 years later, our 
newsletter continues to carry news of the club, its members, and general philatelic news. 


The official newsletter of the 1189 

ee ee a aee ae EE VL SN SR NY AO a a 

Vol. 1, No. 1 April 20, 1982 

ee et et et a a Ee et SS SS ES A LS A A LT TS SY NE he ee Ne 

Club Elects Officers for 1982 

President — D. Todd McDougal 
Vice-President ~ Jim Bowles 
Secretary ~ Jo Mynatt 
Treasurer - Wilma Brookshier 
Director (1) - Robert Miller 
Director (2) - Don Gray 
Director (3) — Harry Sanders 

Collector’s Exchange masthead — vol. 1, no. 1 

« newsletter « 
SEPT. 27, 1983 NO. 6 

PO BOX 3052, KNOXVILLE, TN 37927-3052 

Suna vecsscnaeerssseeneupwrsscncenenecous==genssusne coco SPCR SOUS ES heR DE SP eee ESE ER OU PS SED SE RE ees ee ee beeen OEE ESOP eERADeNASEES Beereassesee . 

Our club has a brand new name! We are now the KNOXVILLE STAMP CLUB. 
This newsletter is YOUR newsletter, by and for the members of the Knoxville 
Stamp Club, In order to keep our paper interesting, we are requesting 
articles, stories, or news of general interest to the club, We need input 
from our members, Why not sit down and write a letter, opinion, or article 
and help our newsletter GROW] Please send all articles to: Jo Mynatt, Knox- 
ville Stamp Club, PO Box 3052, Knoxville, TN 37917. 

On its third year anniversary in 1983, the club adopted a new name — Knoxville Stamp Club. 

Knoxville Stamp Club — 1983- 

Highlights in many issues were the ‘telic tic’les created by club member Dean Treadway. 

Dean actually purchased an imperforate roll of 
RETURN THIS ROLL OF STAMPS. the 20c Flag over the Supreme Court from a 
post office in Knoxville. He sold pairs to club 
members at a great price. 

A cartoon was sparked by the TVA stamp. Only 
club members were invited to the ceremony! 





'telic tic’le 
Little Red 
Wagon 1980s 

> Malley ii 
» Authority” 

> USA 20c 

Ba @42 4444444444444 444 4 & 

Sie ae > 

Stamp Collectors 
You Are Invited To Join The 

Knoxville Stamp Club 

Club meets First Tuesday of each month 
7:30 p.m. at the MLB Building 

The club met at the United American Bank 
branch building in Bearden, then at the 
Mechanicsville/Londsdale/Beaumont community 
center, then at Calvary Baptist Church, and most 
recently at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian 
Universalist Church. 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 1992-present 

The club was renamed the Knoxville Philatelic Society in 1992, and that name, the same as that 
of the 1890’s organization, remains today. 


P. O, BOX 50422, KNOXVILLE, TN 37950-0422 

(This is a temporary Masthead for this newsletter, required by the 
change in club name by the adoption at the November meeting of a new 
Constitution & Bylaws. See inside for a Masthead Design Contest.) 


The Knoxville Philatelic Society Newsletter is published by and for the members of 
the Knoxville Philatelic Society (KPS). Articles and correspondence may be sent to 
the editor at the address given above. Permission is granted for other clubs to use 
articles or information contained in this newsletter, without obtaining further 
permission, if credit is given as to the source of such information. 

The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the MLB Building, 
2247 Western Ave. (one block east of Keith Ave.), Knoxville, TN. For further. 
information, you may contact one of the following: - 

President - Frank Doyle - 688-1282 President-elect ~ Harry Baldwin 
Treasurer - Ron Sarson Recording Secretary - Donald Rugh 
Corresponding Secretary - Frances Nal] Asst Treasurer - Lillard Harvey 
Directors: Tom Broadhead ('94), Jean Byrne ('92), Paul Phillips ('92), 

& William Walbert ('94) Youth Activities Director - 
Editor & Publisher - Richard Ehrlich - 966-4467 

More than 30 Years of Successful Stamp Shows 


March 4&5 BOURSE & SHOW 


<OXPEX ‘81 
as Quality Inn West 
k ,* * 1 5 0 * i‘ Knoxville, Tennessee 

toe BASEBALL cnn 

7723 Kingston Pike 
Knoxville, Tennesse? 

10:00 aan. - 7:00 p.m. 
Oct. 3, 1981 11:00 am. - 5:00 pm. 

Oct. 4, 1981 

presented by 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 

O X V | | | e KPS is a thriving philatelic organization in the 217 

i i Century, with 78 members living in Tennessee, 
h | | ate | C Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, 

O C | = t y Ohio, Texas, and Papua New Guinea. 

KPS offers a special membership rate for attending Southeastern Stamp Expo. 

Pick up a membership form at that show each January. 
Check the next pages for the benefits of KPS membership! 

oe Ya 



| A 


wy vie 



lecord Stamps 
Scott 152.F 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 

1“ and 5" Tuesdays — 7:00 pm 
4 Saturdays each year — 12:00 pm 

Programs at each meeting, 
swap and shop, business meeting 

Gift magnifiers 
Janet Klug’s Jan. 26 Refresh- 

er Course on magnification was 
right on the mark. 


Members of the Knoxville Philatelic Soci- 
ety show off the magnifiers they received 

in the society’s gift exchange. 
October — During the gift exchange at 
Stamp Collecting Month — Live Auction the Knoxville Philatelic Society's 

monthly meeting, nine lucky and 
happy members and guests re- 

December — ceived magnifiers. Forget about 
. . . the Wii and the xBox — 2008’s 
KPS Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange best holiday gift for your favorite 

stamp collector was a magnifier. 

Tom Broadhead 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 
APS Circuit Sales 

As a chapter of the American Philatelic Society, KPS participates in the APS circuit sales 
program, which brings many opportunities for members to purchase great stamps at great prices 
at each KPS meeting. Jim Pettway coordinates the circuit sales program for KPS. 

Net Value 
| 31-99 | 
== |= American Philatelic Society 
= ; À 
=, ; Sales Division 
==? 100 Match Factory Place 
Æ pps 
==; Bellefonte, PA 16823 
= i 
eal: (Seller completes this section only |) 
~ 4 A 
[| Seller's Name J ejg Kavich ; APsno 114281 
— Seller's Book No. (E79 _ Net Value $_ 34 9D 

~ Catalogue values from PSS Ga lege then, Year Zoys 

Contents (If more than one country, list country with 
greatest number of stamps first.) 

Circle as appropriate: Unused Used 

Q ra| O Buyer’s Information 
A Pages 1-A to 7-A 


O Seller’s Information: Recorded 

q Pages 8-A to 17-A 

No. 6 No 69 w F Ni w. ? 
[16 Nas 2 GO] 17 Nes -40| 8 Nas. 40 | 
DIR = A 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 
KPS Stamp Sales 

Once or twice a year, KPS members Bruce Roberts and 
Thomas Lane attend a Regency Stamp Auction to buy 
large lots of stamps that are then priced individually 
and sold to KPS members. 

Shopping the Regency lots takes place at all KPS 
meetings, and sale prices are usually about 20%-30% 
of Scott Catalog. 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 

Special Events 

KPS members regularly attend and participate in local stamp shows, regional shows, and APS 
national shows. In 2012, KPS chartered a bus to bring members to the APS AmeriStamp 
Expo/Southeastern Stamp Expo in Atlanta. 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 


Read all about it online at — or become a member and receive it by mail! 
Read about member’s interests in monthly articles, such as . 

A Brief Look at the Philatelic History of Haiti 
By Tom Broadhead 

The world’s attention was drawn to Haiti, one of the poorest nations, when it was wracked by an 
earthquake on January 12, 2010. Philatelically, Haiti has a richly beautiful history of stamp issues going 
back to its first stamps in 1881, which featured the head of “Liberty” wearing a 
typical bandana-like island head cover (Scott #1 at left). Most later nineteenth 

century issues are beautifully engraved depictions of the p ss cla =] 
country’s coat of arms (Scott #38 at right) and various } = 
presidents of the country. 2 
My Civil War Heritage 
By Charlie Wade 

With the sesquicentennial of The Civil War, there will be issues of new US stamps. But stamps commemorating 
this period's events and heroes have been released since 1867 with the issue of the 15c Abraham Lincoln (Scott 
77). Stamps can commemorate more than Civil War heroes, battles, and sites. In 1949 the United States honored 
veterans of both the Grand Army of the Republic (Scott 985) and the Confederacy 
(Scott 998). My heritage includes ancestors from both of these armies. 

= — A 

Shepheard’s Hotel - Cairo 
By Elaine Evans 

Delightful surprises are often offered on stamped postcards. In 1902, one such postcard was mailed from Cairo, 
Egypt to St. Louis, Missouri. It bears two values of 1884 Egyptian stamps, a one millieme and a three millieme, 
with 1 images of the Great Ss us and pyramid. of Khufu on each. But of more significant interest is a clear, hand 
= stamped cancel of Cairo’s 

EE adresse seule doit tre cerite de ce côté SE UU famous Shepheard’s Hotel, 

— once the social center of 

Cairo. The cancel makes 
one think of the hotel’s 

_ beginnings, where rustling 
| taffeta swirled at dinner 
dances and cups of tea were 
sipped at tables on its 
famous terrace. The place 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 

KPS members receive their monthly newsletters in a beautiful cachet, created by Ralph 

Ik Knoxville Philatelic Society News 

January 2013 
Volume 2013, Number 1 

Tom Broadhead, Editor 
Ralph Dinwiddie, Publisher 
KPS - P.O. Box 50422 
Knoxville, TN 37950-0422 htm Southeast Federation 
APS Chapter 1189-119261 www. virtualstampclub. com/apschapknoxville. html of Stamp Clubs 

Emancipation Proclamation Stamp — President’s Column 
the Tennessee Connection! I would like to start by wishing everyone reading this 

At long last, on November 26, the US Postal Service newsletter (members and nonmembers alike) a very 
released the design for the Emancipation 
Sesquicentennial stamp. It has a great graphic design 

happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. May at least 
some of your fondest philatelic dreams come true in 

, Mail a SMIESEVILLE TN 379 

25 DEC 2012 PM 4L 


Ima Stamp Collector 
1847 United States Drive 
Your Town, USA ji 

Ag Nn 
P \ Bagge gfdad gba fjanjoidi naif gh gghshi ped ba sffidiea ji satiaad UL 

Knoxville Philatclic Sévicty 
PO BOX 50433 
Knoxville TN 37950-0422 

wl sbodenelbsesMvaetlebeseah sed 

CA WS + hs à 
VAN x 
: < See <a 
- e 
4 ee) Ltd dese Mlle Maddala Ht 
ibik > 

Knoxville Philatelic Society — 2000-present 

KnoxPex — the annual KPS stamp show 

KPS holds its annual stamp show — KnoxPex — on the 1“ weekend in March. 

The show features: 
e Theme with cachet and cancel 
e 13 dealer bourse 
e USPS station 
e Exhibits 
e Live auction 
e Youth & Beginner area 
e Door prizes 

KnoxPex 2013 celebrated the 150" anniversary of the Siege of Knoxville and Battle of Fort 

The Knoxville Philatelic Society 
Honors the 150th Anniversary 
of the Battle of Fort Sanders 

Siege of Knoxville 
March 2, 2012