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Full text of "Illustrated catalogue of the very important collection of early American and Colonial furniture : an imposing gathering of American and English glass, Lowestoft and other old china, clocks, mirrors, silver and plated ware, antique lamps and other rare contemporary objects, and an extraordinary collection of of [sic] antique rugs of rare types collected by the late Mr. John Mack of Albany, New York"

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fj OF ART fj. 


ifl rrJ 

ff^ ROGERS FUND, 1922 }fj 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 

















JANUARY 17th, 18th AND 19th 


























The late Mr. Jolin Mack of Alban}' was an indefatigable 
collector of ancient art objects of the old school, for, unlike so 
many present day collectors who specialize in one, or perhaps 
two, phases of art, he sought varied and very diverse periods and 
origins, thereby giving an almost unique general interest to the 
beautiful objects that surrounded him in his home. 

In the collection now on exhibition at the American Art 
Association are fine examples of Early American and English Cut 
Glass ; Lowestoft and Empire Porcelains ; Fruit and Dinner 
Services ; Decorative Vases and Figurines ; Early Staffordshire 
and Wedgwood, including plates commemorative of Montpelier, 
Landing of I^afayette, a Pitcher descriptive of Commodore 
Preble's attack on Tripoli and a Wedgwood Bas-relief of Doctor 
Priestley by Flaxman. Among the early American and Georgian 
Silver and Sheffield Plate are two exceptionally beautiful eigh- 
teenth century American Wine Ewers with ivory acorn finials, of 
rarely fine workmanship ; several George II and III Creamers, 
Cruets, Chamber Candlesticks, Sauce Tureens ; two superbly 
chased Platters by Paul Lamerie dated 174'0; two unusual balus- 
ter Candlesticks, French of the late seventeenth century and two 
important Sheffield Urns presented in 1807 to the Eai"l and 
Countess of Mexborough. 

The Bronzes and Clocks ai'e most interesting, including two 
very rare contemporary Patriotic Cuivre Dore Clocks bearing 
statuettes of Washington and Franklin; Mahogany Banjo Clock 
by Willard ; further Patriotic clocks by Rapp of Philadelphia, 
and one by Spencer Hotchkiss depicting "The Action between 
the Constitution and Java." 

The Early American and eighteenth century English Furni- 
ture is of first importance (many specimens having come from 
the Tiffany Studios, Thomas B. Clarke, Dr. Wm. H. Crim and 
other famous collections) and comprises Tea Caddies, Knife 
Boxes, Wine Coolers, Large and Small Tables, Cabinets, Secre- 
tary Bookcases, High-boys, Mirrors, Foui'jjost and other Beds ; 
among these are two beautiful Chippendale Piecrust Tilting 
Tables, several exceptionally interesting eighteenth century 

American Tall Clocks ; Work, Dro])-kaf' and Folding Card 
Tables ; Dressing Bureaus and Dining Tables of the early nine- 
teenth century and an important Carved Mahogany Higli-})oy ; 
two richly carved and gilded Mirrors of the Chippendale Period ; 
a delightful rare type of Sheraton Card Table, with interior of 
top inlaid in satinwood, displaying a chessboard and fine lobes 
for the old c'loth which still exists ; and a contemporary Gilded 
Mirror with view of Mount ^'ernon in upper panel. 

No collection so ricii in early American and eighteenth cen- 
tui'v Chairs and Settees has been offered for public sale since 
the Tiffany Studios Collection in 1910, which gathering added 
to Mr. John Mack's nucleus and gave liim no doubt a further 
impetus to garner other fine specimens which are now included 
in this collection. The pleasing and graceful motives of Hepple- 
white, Sheraton and Chippendale are all well represented and one 
Armchair is indubitably by Chippendale during his Worcester 
Period before opening his glorious career in London. 

The Eighteenth Century American Chairs are of exceptional 
merit and certainly hold their own against their English proto- 
types, for many of them must have been made by the famous 
New Yorker, Burling, and other distinguished American cabinet 

Several needle-painted Gothic and Rhodian ^ elvet Ecclesi- 
astical Vestments are delightful in color, pattern and worth}- of 
their needle-painted Orphreys. 

Of the Rug collections, which were the most prized posses- 
sion of ]\Ir. Mack, it is impossible to say too much, for they in- 
clude choice, pure and fine specimens gathered from the first im- 
portations made by the now hardly remembered but famous liouse 
of Archer & Bull, the General Brayton Ives, the earW Yamanaka 
and the Tiffany Studios Collections. The sedate and charming 
Chinese examples are of the Ming, K'ang-hsi and Ch'ien-lung 
periods, and include numerous Animal Rugs, Saddle-cloths and 
Carpets in a diversity of color and symbolism that seems to cover 
the field with a genuine collector's thoroughness. Old Spain is 
represented by several Sanctuary Carpets of the fifteenth, and 
sixteenth centui'ies ; notably by an embroidered carpet of the 
fifteenth century with birds, dragons, other animals and flowers, 
and an interesting color scheme very reminiscent of the Henriques 
Carpet in the Metropolitan Museum; another possibly slightly 
earlier has a border of most exquisite beauty. 

Tlie Persian, Caucasian and Asia-Minor Rugs and Car[5cts 
are remarkable for the variety and excellence of their weaving and 
generally cover the field from the fifteenth to the eighteenth 
centuries; presenting many charming weaves of Kirman, Sehna, 
Fereghan, Shiraz, Baluchistan, Serrebend, Kurdistan, Khoras- 
san, Ispahan, a fine correlated Lahore Rug and a beautiful silver- 
gray fragment representative of sixteenth century Poland. An 
animal Khorassan Rug, with well-balanced composition, is an 
altogether remarkable piece of weaving; the three Early Ispahans, 
two fragments only, are notable for the beauty of their finely 
balanced patterns, and tlie flower gardens of Persia are finely 
reflected in the other varied weavings. 

Among the Nortlicrii and Caucasian are examples of ster- 
ling quality of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Shirvans, 
Soumaks, Kazaks, Cabistans, Karabaghs, Daghestans and two 
very beautiful Khivas of exceptionally velvet-like weaving. 

Asia Minor, perhaps the original habitat of the rug more 
or less, as we know it to-day, has an advantageous display of 
charming Prayer Rugs from Ghiordes, Kulah and Ladik, much 
diversified by lovely flowers and the exquisite variety of the 
patterns. Meles, Bergamos and Yuruks, with more brilliant 
colors, strike a note ofttimes of barbaric splendor and virility, 
acceptable for less conventional rooms. The Early Oushaks are 
notable for two examples that almost parallel several in the Bal- 
lard Collection now at the Metropolitan Museum. Another fine 
carpet, of golden-3'ellow and sapphire-blue with liliform motives, 
is closely allied to the famous Dragon Carpets over which there 
has been so much diflSculty to place the exact origin closer than 
Eastern Asia Minor. 


I. Rejection of bids: Any bid Avhicli is not commensurate 
with the value of tlie article offered or which is merely a nominal 
or fractional advance may be rejected by the auctioneer if in his 
judgment such bid would be likely to affect the sale injuriously. 

II. The buyer: The highest bidder shall be the buyer, and 
if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer 
shall either decide the same or put up for re-sale the lot so in 

III. Identification and part payment by buyer: The name 
of the buyer of each lot shall be given immediately on the sale 
thereof, and when so required, each buyer shall sign a card giving 
the lot number, amount for whicli sold, and his or her name and 

Payment at the actual time of the sale shall be made of all 
or such part of tlic purchase prices as may be required. 

If the two foregoing conditions are not complied with, the lot 
or lots so purchased may at the option of the auctioneer be put 
up again and re-sold. 

IV. Risk after purchase: Title passes upon the fall of the 
auctioneer's hammer and thereafter neither the consignor nor the 
Association is responsible for the loss or any damage to any 
article occasioned by theft, fire, breakage or any other cause. 

V. Delivery of purchases : Delivery of any purchases will 
be made only upon payment of tlie total amount due for ell 
purchases at the sale. 

Deliveries will be made at the place of sale or at the storage 
warehouse to Avhich purchases may have been removed. 

Deliveries at the American Art Galleries will be made only 
between the hours of 9 A. M. and 1 P. M. on sales' days and on 
other days — except holidays, wlien no deliveries will be made — 
between the hours of 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. 

Deliveries at places of sale other than the American Art 
Galleries will be made only during the forenoon following the day 
of sale unless by special notice or arrangement to the contrary. 

Deliveries at the storage warehouse to wliich goods mav have 
been sent will be made on any day other than holidays between 
the hours of 9 and 5. 

Deliveries of any purchases of small articles likely to be lost 
or mislaid may be made at the discretion of the auctioneer during 
the session of the sale at which they were sold. 

VI. Storage in default of prompt payment and calling for 
goods: Articles not paid for in full and eitlier not called for by 
the purchaser or delivered upon his or her order by noon of the 
day following that of the sale Avill be turned over by the Associa- 
tion to some carter to be carried to and stored in some warehouse 
until the time of the delivery therefrom to the purchaser, and the 
cost of such cartage and storage will be charged against the pur- 
chaser and the risk of loss or damage occasioned by such removal 
or storage will be upon the purchaser. 

NOTE : The Limited space of the Delivery Rooms 
of the Association makes the above requirements 
necessary, and it is not alone for the benefit of the 
Association, but also for that of its patrons, whose 
goods otherwise would have to be so crowded as to 
be subject to damage and loss. 

VII. Shipping: Shipping, boxing or wrapping of purchases 
is a business in which the Association is in no wise engaged, and 
will not be performed b}' the Association for purchasers. The 
Association Avill, however, afford to purchasers every facility for 
employing at current and reasonable rates carriers and packers ; 
doing so, however, without an\' assumption of responsibility on 
its part for the acts and charges of the parties engaged for such 

VIII: Guaranty: The Association exercises great care to 
catalogue every lot correctl}' and endeavors therein and also at 
the actual time of sale to point out any error, defect or imperfec- 
tion, but guaranty is not made either by the owner or the 
Association of the correctness of the description, genuineness, 
authenticity or condition of any lot and no sale will be set aside 
on account of any incorrectness, error of cataloguing or imper- 
fection not noted or pointed out. Every lot is sold "as is" and 
witliout recourse. 

Every lot is on public exhibition one or more days prior to its 
sale, and the Association will give consideration to the opinion of 
any trustworthy expert to the effect that any lot has been incor- 
rectly catalogued and in its judgment may thereafter sell the lot 
as catalogued or make mention of the opinion of such expert, who 
thereby will become responsible for such damage as might result 
were his opinion without foundation. 

IX. Buying on order: Buying or bidding by the Associa- 
tion for res])onsible 2)arties on orders transmitted to it by mail, 
telegraph or telephone will be faithfully attended to without 
charge or commission. Any purchases so made will be subject to 
the foregoing conditions of sale except that, in the event of a 
purchase of a lot of one or more books by or for a purchaser who 
has not through himself or his agent been present at the exhibi- 
tion or sale, the Association will permit such lot to be returned 
within ten days from the date of sale and the purchase money will 
be refunded if the lot in any manner differs from its catalogue 

Orders for execution b}' the Association should be written and 
given with such plainness as to leave no room for misunderstand- 
ing. Not only should the lot number be given, but also the title, 
and bids should be stated to be so nmch for the lot, and when the 
lot consists of one or more volumes of books or objects of art, the 
bid per volume or piece should also be stated. If the one trans- 
mitting the order is unknown to the Association, a deposit should 
be sent or reference submitted. Shipping directions should also 
be given. 

Priced Catalogues : Priced copies of the catalogue or any 
session thereof, will be furnished by the Association at charges 
commensurate with the duties involved in copying the necessary 
information from the records of the Association. 


American Art Galleries, 
Madison Square South, 

New York City. 






Catalogue Numbers 1 to 223, inclusive 


1 — Six Old English Amber Glass Win 
Bell shape; on baluster stems. 

2 — Six Old English Amber Glass Tumblers 
Similar to the preceding. 

3 — Four Early Bohemian J^^y Glass Wines 
Bowls etched to the clear with diamond motives. 

y^Z^^ (J- ^ ^t'-^^C^tZ.^C^ 

4 — Six Early English Green Glass Sherries 

Tapering boWl, etched witli garland of flowers. 

Kindlji read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They (i^ primfd in the forepart of the Catalofpie. 

5 — Six^^arIy ySsGJAsh Glass Liqueurs 

Ga^^^^^^^ved bowl. On high faced bakister stems. 

"J Deep bowls, etchedy<^ith vines and buncMes of grapes. 


yl^ Simihkr to the preceding/ Deeper bowls. 

8 — hix /CmrHED Glass Goblets 
-^ecpjaowls ; cnricli«d with bandings and delicate scrollings. 

9 — Four Old Encash Cut-glass Goblets 
<^ Bowl cut witljr flutings and etched with scrolling floral 

10 — Early AiyfERicAN Patriotic Mft.K GTl^ss Mug 
EnrKtrjS?^ wijt^ Eagle within wreath and "Liberty." 

11 — '^^wo E^riTy English Cut-glass Masonic Tumblers 
Curiously cut with panels of Masonic symbols and Imple- 

/'Y^' "inents of the Passion. /^Vlonogrannned. 

^'vYo t^ARLY English Ijlass ale lioua-tTs 

12— Ta 

Curious tapering bowls etched with ^ra3's of hops, wheat 
and rpses. Inscribed : King Tiji^cer. 

13 — Six Ruby Bohemian Bowls k^j/C Tumblers 
— Rare light laase-ruby glass. 

14 — Six ETCijffiD Glass Ice Cream Rei^^s and Saucers 
^ ^ On shol't feet; etch^ with i^onogram, C.S.K. (One 

15 — Six Cut-glass Finger Bowls 

Richly cut with double flutings ; star foot. 

Fi?'st Afternoon 

16 — Set ^^^f^xss,^!' 


Consisting of twentj-one bowls, eigliteen interior cups and 
J^^' — ten SAucers, Monogrammed, C.S.K. 

17 — Four Etched Glass Carafes 
^^•■^ Facetted necks, star f^t. Monogrammed C.S.K. 

18 — Two Cut-glass LfQUEUR IJottle 
/ Scale facetted necks, with key-patterned frosted bodies 

v' Stoppers as smalL liqueur , glasses. 

X / '/^jf • Heiffht, 10% inches 

19 — Two Early Waterford Glass Bottles 

f Facetted body, enriched with grapes and vines ; ringed neck 
/* ' Steeple stoppers. ( Cl>ipfre3^) 

20— Twd English Cut-gi 


HeiqUt, 13 inches. 

Oviform, on lobed foot, enriched with panels of silver cut- 
ting. / / ^ 

-"V/ ^>i. '^ / Heif/hf, 11 inches. 

21 — Early English Cut-gxass Decanter 

Body etched with grapes and vines ; medallioncd neck and 
^ flaring oval mouth. Etched stopper. 


7r^ ^-.^ 

22 — Four Old English 'Xut-glass Candlesticks 
Hexagonal shaft with facetted knops at crown and base. 

high medalliyhed ioot./ 
' ^) . y/ "CZ^ Heiohf.SVs inches. 

23— Two E arly English Cut-glass C©^v^ed Goblets 
Facetted body, variously etched (vith vines and portrait 

^ ^ medallions, dome cover, baluster stem and terminal flecked 
witli gold and int^ior ruby spiral. Varied in pattern. 

Heif/ht 10 inches. 

VERED Goblets 

24— Two Early 

Similar to the preceding. One wijtli coat-of-arms 

Heif/hl.s-, 11 V<, and 11% inches. 

KiTidly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 

and sold. They ajx^prinfed vn the forepart of the Catalogue. 
r 7^ 7^ 

25 — Early ENGLisif 

rLAss Goblet 

// ^Tapering body, ennchcd with gilded vines and grapes. 
' *^ Clear glass ste»r~witli rub}' interior spirals. Vine foot. 

y^Hetff/i^ll% inches. 

26 — Early Bohemian Ruby/;)0-lass Bowl 
^ ^ .-Serrated rim ; enriched with floral medallion and gilding. 

y >^ * Diameter, Sy, inches. 

27 — iwo Decorated Di'tch Glass Flagoxs 

Green glass, enriched on bodies with subjects, "A Monk 
"'Reading" and "The Celljire'r." 

28 — Two Old English Cult-GLAss Dishes"^ 

Oblong, with canted corners ; cut with festooned diamond 
'panels. (Chipped.) 

/c"^ Length, 9 inches. 

29 — 0\.^^^^(Mu Cut-glass ^^EESif^I^isH^^s^^oyER 
Lobed I'ound dish and dome cover ; enriched with graduated 

"P^^ oval medallions. 

"J.^ / )~\^ /C-J y j Diameter, lOy^ inches. 

oO — Old ll,NGLisk CirT-GiTAissTJisH 

Oval with raised ends /cut with panels of flutings and hob- 

j^^^^S^^ jiails. ( Slightly chipped.) 

<— ^ • Length, 12yo inches. 

31 — O^LiT French Silver-mounted Cut-glass Punch Bowl 
Bowl with roll-over rim and cup baluster support ; richly 
cut with hobnails. Mounted with molding and shell motives 
at rim and gadroon motived foot. (Chipped at inner base 
^ — of bowl.) 

Diameter, 13 inches. 

32 — Gilded Silver Coral IWt^^tS?^ Renaissarice Style 

Square balustered shaft with whistle and coral terminals ; 
^J7*^ fitted with seven bells. 

First Afternoon 





[Coin bowls, dated 1848. Slender handles. Marked A. B. 


LVER Wine jvteasures 
Ivory baluster handle, ^'arying 

Two -tiARL 

Small bowl, with spout. 
Tn size. Hall marked. 


Circular gadrooned body with pierced cresting. On scroll 
feet. Silve^K-^poon for same. IJall Mark of 1T84 

Tw'O ^^ic^rTRi^ SiJTver Salts and Covered Mustard 
Pierced, shaped oval body; engraved with leafage and 

Blue glass lining and silver 

spoon foi* n^star 

37— Te/1d' 


, i> 





utch SiLvinT'Lio^EUR Glasses 
/Scrolled round body; with intricate scrolled handle. En- 
riched with Dutch peasants at various avocations. Glass 

-Two Silver Salts and Peppers ^'^^''Etglifeenth Century 
Double bowls ; connected by upright handle having medal- 
lion bust terminal. Bowls enriched with festooned busts. 
Glass linings. 


Strainer, Early American, witli garlanded bowl and ivory 
handle (slightly imperfect). Spoon, Georgian, with 
pierced^shell bowl antkengraved handle. Hall marked 1806. 

English Silver Extension t©Astin6 'Fori 
Silver trrple prongs ; plated telescope. Bla<d< enamel handle. 

^ * /J / Length, 26 inches. 

41 — Ge^orgVan Silver 'Cheese Sco<^ and Sugar Spoon 

Scoop with ivory handle. Spoon with pierced bowl and 
engraved cui"\'cd handle. Hall marked. 

Kin(]I/j read the Conditions under xvhieh every item is oifered 
and sold. Thcij arc prinLejl i/r^ jJie forejxtrt of the Catalogue. 

42 — Two Silver Sugar Tongs 

(a) With t'uglc-claw^tenninals and shaped spring handle. 
(aj)^ With oval t^'ininals pastoral trophied handle. 

Silver Sugar Tongs 

/Engraved; With varied ^edallioned and motived 
^ handl^ 1^wT>iJall mailed. 

44 — Two Georp^An X^heese Scoops 

(a) Silver, with sliding push and spade scoop. Hall 
^ marked. Ivory handle. 

(b) Curious steel scoop, with green ivory handle. 

45 — S^^^^oRGiAN Silver/^^^?^ 

Finely beaded handles ; engraved with a coronetted mono- 
gram. Hall marked. Maker, I. C. (John Clarke, 1807.) 

46 — VrcTORiAN SiiyV^ Ioast Hack 

Six compartments, guarded by shaped, gadrooned ribs. 
^•"^ Open s|)ear-snaped haffd^ On ball feet. 


•) xiunting-horn shape,— JIall markejk ■-'ifc^ /»/ .^/iJLL,^ 

48 — Georgian silv; 


47— lib 

,'ER Skewer JpAPlTR Lutter ^ 
Tapering diamond blade ; with annular handle, 
marked 1804. ^ _ 

49 — Scotch Silver Toddy 'SvDL5r^*'^^^''^^^'^rgriaw Period 
Large bowl ; engraved with scrolled medallion and valance 
^-yt/^ borii^er. Balustered- -^ony/han^j^. 

' 50 — Georgian Silver Dinner Service // 

Consisting of twelve forks, twelve tea spo<^ns, twelve table 

spoons, carving knife, fork and steel. Finely reeded handles 
engraved with crests. Hall marked 1791. 

First Afternoon 

51 — iN'DivniTAi, \ ir-roRiAx Silver Communion Set 

Circular paten, engraved witli jjresentation inscription. 
^^^^ Standing chalice cup. Hail marked. In leather case. 

52 — GEcmGiAN Stlver Tea Caddy 
, r-yj Oblong, Avith hinged cover having vase terminal. Finely 
_ engraved with modjillion bandings. Hall marked 1781. 

rK W-^^¥^-^^^ """" """" 

56 — (jT^oRGrAN Silver Iaper Stand ^ 

Open oval support with skewer for red wax taper. On 
^^^TV*. -^I'oad round trayi small extinguisher. Hall marked 1791. 

54— GEo'jSir gTi.vE^'Wi^^:^?^^^^?^'''-**^ 

. ^ Carved tapering funnel, enriched with reeded lip and fluted 
/^.■>^ bo^7^oose ^(trainer for lees. Hall marked 1805. 

55 SjLVlfR Georgian Period 

Ram'<?-horn snuff mull ; hinged cover, mounted with silver 

^ . . thistle. Horn tumbler mounted with silver rim and oval 
monogj^^immed medallion. Hall marked. 

56 — Georgian Silver Creamer 

Urn shape, with gadrooned lip and round foot ; exception- 
j ally fine leaf-scrolled handle. Enriched with flowers and 
^-^^* "Scroll cartouche in repousse. Hall marked 1753. Maker's 
Mark-^W. within sunburst. Height, 4 inches. 

o / — (jeorgian hiLVER Lreamer 

Helmet shape; with finely beaded rim and reeded scroll 
^ handle ; on square foot. Monogrammed S.W. & T.W. Hall 
_marked 1791. Maker's Mark, G. witliin a square car- 
toucl)e. Height, 5y> inches. 

58 — Georgian Silver Creamer 

Oval vase-shape, with finely fashioned reeded mouth, long 
loop handle and oval foot. Enriched with engine-turned 
7 band and wreathed medallions, monogrammed J.H. Hall 

' * marked 1801. Maker's Mark, I.L. (John Leas, ent. 1799.) 

Height, 5% inches. 

Kindhj read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. Tliey are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

59 — GiTORGiAN Silver Creamer 

Helmet shape ; with loop handle and square base. Finely 
engraved with florally festooned cartouche, marked \. J., 
and leaf-scrolled border. Hall marked 1796. Maker, A. B. 
/ Abraham Barrier. 

/ — ) ^ ^ Height, Syg inches. 


Similar to the preceding; engraved M. F. Hall marked. 
Maker's mark, C. H. 


61 — Two Sterl/ng Silver Goblets 

Height, 6 inches. 

Molded bowl and foot. Engraved Avith medallion of birds. 
— ^^f^ ^^'^9^^^> 6 'inches. 

62 — Sterling Silver Giterns:^ Pitcher 

Globular; with dome cover and basket reed handle, enriched 
with coat-of-arins. 
/ / Height, 6^2 inches. 

First Afternoon 

63 — Geoiu:iax Silver liluG ^^^/^'^^ /^^^~^~7\^ 

Oviform, with slightly expanding lip and loop handle. En- 
graved with festoons of flowers. Hall marked 1803. 

^, Ilehiht, ^Vi inches. 

6J; — Sterling Silver Water Pitcher 

Globular ; witli high neck and loop handle. Engraved with 
. floral bands and medallioned foliage. 
'^'^ BvUjhi, 714 inches. 

65 — Covered Silver T^^kard Eighteenth Century 

Deep bowl, with hinged cover, loop handle and ball feet. 
Enriched in repousse with "Battle Subject"; the cover with 
military trophy and fruit border. English Hall Mark. 
Foreign make. 

Height, 714 inches. 

7 tfl 

66— G:^RGiAN Silver Butter-dish 

Gadrooned circular loose body, with similar cover having 
i/^ butterfly terminal. On scroll-molded base with open floral 
scroll feet. Hall marked 1828. Makers, J.C. and T.C. 

51/2 inches. 

67 — Two Georgiax Silver Chamber Candlesticks 

Low vase-shape, gadrooned bobeche with gadroon and leaf 
edge similar to that on the shaped circular tray. I.eaf- 
r, ^. — flanged handle, with extinguisher. Engraved with elaborate 
coat-of-arms. Hall marks of 1806 and 180T. Makers 
Mark, W. S. (William Sumner, ent. 1802). 

68 — Two French Silver /Candlesticks Eigliteenth Century 
Tapering round shaft, adorned with floral festoons; leaf- 

" enriched bobeches. On laurel molded circular feet enriched 
with musical trophies. 

Ueiyht, 8 inches. 


Kindly read tJie Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

69 — GeciJiGiA^j Silver Inkstand 

Oblong ; with roll-over pierced scrollings on three sides, 
adorned with flowers and cupids supporting a cartouche. 
Q. Square silver bottles. On open scrolled feet. Hall marked. 
Marker's Mark W. C. (William Chawner, Ent. 1815). 

Length, 9'/^ inches. 

iLiNG Silver CniJ^wPKMis^ip T^elt American, 1864 
belt, enriched witli/ guilloche and rope moldings and 
engraved with floral medallion. Center panel with gold 
eagle holding scroll insci'ibed, "Championship of America" ; 
under is a ti'ophy of boxing gloves. Inscribed, "Presented 
to Joe Coburn by his Friends, New York, May 10th, 1864." 
Back with shield engraved with sparring exhibition. 

Diameter, 10 inches. 

71 — E^tsjijy Georgian Sii/^r Cruet 

Five-lobed base, wHh annular rings above ; supported on 
four beautifully scrolled legs having spreading fan-shaped 
feet ; before the lobe without leg is a fine rocaille-scrolled 
cartouche. Balustered shaft, terminating in an oval 
^cT^ handle. Fitted with five silver-mounted glass bottles cut 
with facets. Hall marked 1759. Maker's Mark, I.D. (pos- 
sibly John Deacon). 

« // {Illustrated) 

72^7^V6'^ARLY AmericaiT Silver Wine Ewers 

Graceful vase-shape, with serpentined hinged cover, sur- 
mounted b}' an ivory acorn and leaf socketed scrolled ivory 
handle. Enriched with pearl motives at lip, foot, and double 
band at shoulder, enclosing repousse leaf scrollings. Marks, 
Sterling in long oblong and M.D. linked. 

Height, 12 inches. 

Note: Two of the finest ewers of American Eighteenth Century 
workmanship known. 


No. 71 — Early Georgian Silver Cruet 
No. 72 — Two Early American Silver Wine Ewers 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every iievi is oifered 
and sold.^ They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


Oval, witli domed cover liavin^ vase terminal, hij^h foot and 
finely reeded looj) handles. Enriched with pearl moldings. 
Engraved with coronetted crests. Hall Mark, 1820. 
Maker, Robert Hennell (ent. 1808). 

Length, 8% inches. 



French fJate Seventeenth Century 
Octagonal baluster shaft ; bobeche and high foot ; enriched 
at intervals with interesting moldings. 

Heght, 8l^ inches. 


75 — Two Silver -SAlvers' Eighteenth Century 

Round, with finely molded scroll rim enhanced with shell 
motive. Engraved with coat-of-arms within an elaborate 
. — leaf-syrollcj^touche. On finely scrolled Spanish feet. 

I / /a^ Diameter , 8 inches. 

Oval, with blossom molded rim. Engraved with festoon 
J 'Ir^ /border, foliage and medallion with duck. 

' /• , Length, 14 inches. 

' 77— ^S^v^R^'^AUCE^iffoST" Directoire Period 

Leaf-enriched boat-shape ; with scrolled serpent and leaf 
handle. On oblong base having claw feet. 

^8 — Sterlixg Silver Lompotier 
_ Lobed oval, with roll-over rim and high foot. 

79— D^^^^' ER Fruit Basket 

Oval flaring body, with cart^che, scroll and basket pierc- 
ing and scroll- reeded rim. Shaped bail handle. Engraved 
with crest. 

^^.•P- Length, 121/2 inches. 

Length, 8 inches. 


with two well-modeled lobsters as handles. 

Length, ISyg inches. 

No. 73 — Two Georgian Silver Covered Sauce Tureens 

No. 7i — Two Silver Candlesticks 
(French Late Seventeenth Century) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

80 — Bea^ii i i, (teorS^' Silver Platter By Paul Lamerie 
Oval, with incurved gadrooned molded border; enriched with 
two beautiful scrolled shell handles, and engraved arabesque 
scrolled rocaille panels having central coat-of-arms. Marked 
under foot, "Hon. A. G. I. P." Hall Mark 1740, and 
Maker's Mark, Paul Lamerie. 

Length, ISM; inchen. 

From the Pruyn Collection. 

,^ (Illustrated) 

81-^^EAUTiFUL Georgian Silver Platter By Paul Lamerie 
Similar to the preceding. 

From the Pruyn Collection. 

Lcnyth, 18Vi inches. 




Egg-shaped bowl, engraved with festoons of flowers. Oval 
^ silver plate for inscription above festooning. 

^ ' ' Height, 61/3 inches. 

83 — G^iteixir'Gu^^D^'^^^EYY^ Loving Cup 
Molded urn-shajje, with finely^' i'eeded loop handles. En- 
grave/d with coat-of-arms. Stellate banding and monogram, 

84 — Georgian Sheffield Plate Pitcher 

Pear shape ; with finely scrolled spout. Enriched with gad- 
//- rooned band at shoulder and leaf sockets for the scrolled 
box\\;nod^ handle. / 

85 — Georgian Sheffield Plate Teapot 

Oval, straight-sided ; with tapering spout and black scrolled 
/-^ handle. Enriched with reedings at crown and foot. Dou- 
ble chambered, with small hinged piece behind the slightly 
' domed cover. 

Height, 6 14 inches. 

Nos. 80-81 — Beautiful Georgian Silver Platters 
{By Paul Lamerie) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is oif'ered 
and sold. TJhey are printed in the forepart of the Cataloguer. 


86 — jT'wd' GrEORcuAit Sheffielj) J^ate Bon HON Baskets 
Elongated octagonal, wijm engraved pierced bandings and 

^^J^.^ I looped wire body. On fearing octagonal foot. Blue glass 

^ y/^^^ •^j^'n.'/"', 6 inches. 

87 — Oj^^heffieldt'la^^ Server 

(^tand, with shaped( circular tray on claw feet ; fitted with 
five egg cups and spoons. 

H(ii(/ht, 7 inches. 

88 GE^I^f^A^ 'SHEFFIELDMPl^fi^'^GG'^S*ER'\^R 

l^ound stand, with wire supports to annular rim, holding 
/--. six egg-cups and terminated in center with bowl for salt, 
having bail handle. 

Heif/ht, 8 inches. 

having bail handle. 
89 — Old Sheffield Plate Egg 

Spirally gadrooned oviform, with pinea^^ple terminal. On 
tripod legs having crowning shell motives and claw feet. 

Heiqht, 10 inches. 

90 — Georgian ShetfielWPlate Condiment Cruet 

/t)val molded base^nd collars supporting four stoppered. 


green cut-glass bottles, marked in gold, 

Arched wire 

heffield 1 late Cruet 

Height, 9^4 inches. 


Molded circular holder, with beaded edge ; and ball pierced 
with beautiful chased floral scrollings ; on claw and ball 
feet. Leaf-enriched oval handle. Fitted with five variously 
cut-glass bottles enriched with silvered caps. (One handle 

i?e(/7''^, 1" inches. 

92 — T^vo^JEORGIAN'■OT^EFFffiLB Candlesticks 

Quaint oblong baluster shafts, with similar molded bobeche 
^ ^'itl spreading feet ; enriched with gadrooned bandings. 

Hfifjht, 10 inches. 

First Afternoon 

93 — Geoegian Sh/bffield Plate Sperm-oil Lamp 
y6 London reading lamp of the late eighteenth century, with 
double wicks and two loose adjustable lenses. Baluster 
shaft, with molded foot and circular oil chamber. 

jU "j^^ p Height, lOVi incites. 

94? — Georgian Sheffield Plate )0igar Box 

Oblong, with slightly domed Imiged cover and hinged front. 
Reeded rim. 

^, /? ' / /— /' Height, Sy^ inches; length. inches. 

95 — Georgian Sheffield Plate Inkstand 

Oblong; with gadrooned rim and ball feet. Top with three 
J'f^Q hinged covers at front, two for glass wells ; long hinged cover 
' at back ; leaf-enriched bail handle. 

Length, llVa inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under wliieh every item is offered 
and sold. Thctf arc printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

t;iAX Sheffield Plate Tkay 

96 — Georc 

^ ^Oval; with rocuille unci scroll rim, annular riiij)- in ccntfr for 

inkwell. / ^p-—^ 

"^^/^ ^txi^^ •^t'",'/'/', inches. 

97 — Georciax Sheffield Plate Salver 
Round, with pearl-nioldcd rinL Engraved with medallioned 
crest a^d fcst^oons of ilowcrs. On reeded spade feet. 

\ /l ^ ^*-<i ^ Diameter, 10 inches. 

98 — GEo4<iiAN Sheffield Plate/^Jasket 
Oval, with gadrooned body ami rustic leaf edge. Engraved 

/ ' — with spravs of flow£rs. 

g// P L('n<fth, 13 inches. 

99 — Georgian Sheffield Plat^ Covered Sauce Tureen 
^ Oval boat-shape ; enricheq/ with gadroons, lion-head and 

• ring handles and oval molded foot. Cover with similar 
gadroons and leaf-ring handle. 

Length, T'/i inches. 

It /' 

100 — English Sheffield Plate Covered Tureen 

y^vsil, with vine rim and molded foot ; richly chased with 
^ , — *"artouches and flowers; rustic handles; dome cover with 



floral chasing. 


Lenf/th, 8'/^ inches. 


101 — GEcm^eiAN Sheffield Plate Cai^ uasket 

Oblong boat-shape, with rounty corners and molded rim, 
finely engraved with blossomed scrollings. Beaded shaped 
bail handle. 

Lenf/th, 12-54 inches. 


102 — Georgian Shefe^ld Plate Bottle W agon 

^ Scrolled oval /wagon ; with leaf-gadrooned rim and shell 
-cartnnchp ends; On four small wheels and having swiveled 
loop handle. Two light-tinted green cut-glass bottles of 
the period ; with steeple stoppers and bandings of floral 

Height, 15'/. inches; length, 17 inches. 

No. 101 — Georgian Sheffield Plate 
No. 102 — Georgian Sheffield Plate 

Cake Basket 
Bottle Wagon 

Khi(ll/i read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. Tliey are printed in the forejiart of the Catalogue. 



Eighteenth Century 
Oval, with round comers and reeded rim scrolling into fine 
leaf handles. Dome cover, with reeded oval handle. 


Lobed oval body and cover, enriched with shell and scroll 
borders and loose socketed scrolled leaf handle ; forming 

■y Dorae 
*wt/.«. t^o dishes. 


Lenfith, 13iA inclie.i. 


JfGLisH Sheffield 1^'rt'i^ Basket 
Boat shape, with high pointed ends. P^nriched with basket 
piercings, oval patera", husk festoons and lion-head and ring 


106 — aEjf^^^sir^^^^FiELD P 


Length, 12Vi inches. 

'late Fiu'iT Basket 
Oval, with beaded rim and festooned vase handles. Pierced 
s^Q^t^ witlyfljutin^s and medallions. On fan-shaped feet. 

Lenqtli, 12y., inches. 


Grape and vine enriched oval inirror, swinging between ex- 
^^^/pandiftff square posts, balustred at foot and stretchered. 

Heij^t, 13 inches; width. 11 inchps. 

108 — -^P^G/^rEORGiAi^ Sheffield^5*l^i"e Urxs 

/ IJjris enriched with vine^ilolded loose roll-over rim ; finely 
( >^rolled long handles and molded foot. Square pedestal, 
enriched with Mexborough Coat-of-arms and alternate in- 
/ ^ . •J^criptions, "John Saville, Earl of Mexborough" and "Lady 
^ Anne Yorke, Countess of Mexborough, 29 August 1807," 
w^ithin wreaths. On shell-molded base with scrolled feet. 

Height, 2014 inches. 

Note: These two fine urns were presented to the Earl and Countess 
of Mexborough, on the occasion of their marriage, by their tenantry. 


No. 105 — English Sheffield Fruit Basket 
No. 108 — Two Georgian Sheffield Plate Urns 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold^ 2^hey^^aze printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

1 09 '^"'iSF^R^iAN ^l^^ffiLD ^I^Ls.'y^ Roast 1'latteii and Domed 

Oval, with rim cnrifchod with leaf molding and shell scrolling 
^^^jj^^ at four quarters. Cover similarly adorned, having oval 
leaf handle. Engraved with crest and monogram. 

L-1 , Length, 20 inches. 

110 — Two Georgian Sheffield Plate Wine Coolers 

Urn shape, enriched with sprays of cherries and grape vine ; 
mask ancl looped dolphin handles. Gadrooned loose cover 
/ O 6 ' — interior lining. 

i^ l" , Height, Oy^ inches. 


Serpentine-scrolled round tapering body ; enriched with 
/ ^ laurel festoons, moldings, claw feet, ram's-head and laurel 
y CK,d. wreath handles. 

Height, 10 inches. 


1127''=^Wt^SlLVER-PL.ATEn AsH TrAYS 

Circul^; enriched with two "Jockeys up" racing. 


Circular, with beaded and scroll-engraved rims. On out- 

// / Circular; enricnea witJi two J 

113 — Two English Silver-plat:™ 
Circular, with 1 
cuji^ved feet. fj 

114 — Four French I 

cH Silver-plated Salts Directoire Period 

/„, ^ Round bowls ; on scrolled spade feet. Chased with chev- 
' *^ roned leai^ bands.,^ 

115 — Two Silver Suc5HI Tongs and Plated Snuffer 

(a) Georgian tongs, with shell bowls and loop handles. 

Hall marked. 

(b) Curious fire-tong shape, with oval terminations, balus- 

ter handle and loop for suspension. 

(c) Snuffers engraved with coat-of-arms. 

First Afternoon 









Scotch EighteentJi Century 
Ivory bowls, tines and liandles. ^Mounted with silver-plated 
sGKolled balujiter tJiafts. 


Hinged X-supports ; with shell and fan motived extension 



Tapering diamond^bl^e ; with oval gadrooned floral handle. 

-Silver-plated Bell and Tea Caddy Georgian Period 
Bell enriched with rustic vine handle and valanced border. 
'Facetted oval caddv with low dome cover. 

-Old Engi^h ^il^s^-plated'^^'^^ Service 
Consisting of sei'ATr, large fork and six knives and forks. 
Shaped, engraved blades and tines. Rope-motived ivory 
har^^s. In le^ier and wooden cases. 

- S<^!vE R - P L A T E]^ ^^Iug'^^D^^Igg" B O I L E R 

(a) ^lug with molded foot ; hinged cover, having black wood 
terminal and scrolled handle. By Dixon. 

(b) Egg boiler, with oval gadrooned body. On claw feet; 
smaU'Tpund alcohol burner for same. 

Heights, 4% and 7% inches. 


(^obular, with ringed neck anc^ reeded loop handle. Enriched 
with leaf cartouche and floral/scrollings. 

/ . // / / Heiqht. 5y, inches. 

-iwo Mounted (jlass Bottles 

(a) Whiskey, with broad silver-plated pierced and scrolled 
band adorned with "Jockeys Racing" and small tumbler as 

(b) Similar, but not matching; for brandy. 

Height, IIVJ; inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and soJ(L^ They are^^printed in the forepart of the Catalogue . 

Pierced coasters, with extension loo]) liandles to neck piece. 
/rP^ Bv Mappin & Webij. ,^ 


o Round, witli })earl-iuolded rim. Engraved Avith coronetted 

' — initial B. On slicll feet. 

l\ ^) ^ Diameter, 7 inches. 


Oval, gadrooned and molded bodv Avitli ring handles ; on 
molded oval foot. Dome cover, with vase terminal. 

✓ Length, 9 inches. 

127 — Sila-er-plated Covered Entree Dish By Dixon 
Egg-shaped, with pivoted disappearing cover and loose 

y^^^^ pierced lining. Enriched with gadrooncd rim, leaf loop 

handles and high scrolled feet. 
, — , Length, 13^^ inches. 

128 — Silver-plated Cake Hasi 

Oval, with gadrooned body, tassel and scroll-pierced rim. 

/ O ' Open bail liandle of rustic vines. 

^ ^^^>^ (^//' \ Length, 12% inches. 

129 — Two ^!nglish Silver-plated Wall AppLiauEs 

Oval back, supporting a leaf-scrolled pedestal on which the 

figure of a nymph is standing. Two reeded scoU arms Avith 

'^^'^ bobeches having classic medallions. 

y/ Height. 6 inches. 

130 — Two lixGLisji silver-plated Wall Appliques 

Adam Style 

Oval molded back, enclosing panel painted with coat-of- 
arms ; enriched at crown and foot with honeysuckle motives 
and scrolling acanthus leaves. Two leaf-scrolled ai^ms for 

Height, 21 inches. 

First Afternoon 


Baluster shaft ; enriched with scrolled leafage, terminated 
with flaming urn. Two socketed loose arms for light. 

Heifjht, 18 Va inches. 


132 lS,J^i^^''^^COR\TEli ISrESDEX'^ b/>VERED CuPS 

Enriched with sprays of varied flowers and gilding. 

133 — Decorated Porcelain T^Jrv, Cup axd Saucer 

Tray, Lowestoft style ; sfiell sha])e, enriched with coat-of- 
*" arms. Cup and saucer, Capo di Monte style; with festoons 
of flowers. 

131- — Decorated Poi^celaix T^*1\'ered Dish Empire Period 
Round tapering sides ; with dome cover having gadi'ooned 
J^t^ mushrooin,terminal. Enriched Avith festoons of flowers and 
gilded m6nogram. 


Empire Period 
Two graduated circular tiers. On baluster shaft having 
rustic leaf handle. Enriched with sprays of flowers and 

136 — Tw(/ Chinese Porcelain B:6iwls Ch'ien-limg Period 

Bell-shaped, enriched with reserved medallions of symbols ; 
, _ on floral rose-du-Barry grounds. Carved stands. 

Diameter, 5% inches. 

13/ — Two Chinese P( 


Eighteenth Centuri/ 

y^*^ Oviform, with dome cover. Light tan crackle glaze ; deco- 
rated in blue with scenes, "Warriors Attacking an Enemy." 

Height, 5 14 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogur. 


,^ f i /J 

138 — Blu^and Gi XGEK Jar 

/ K'ang-Hsi Period 

Oviform ; enriched witli re.sei'\'ed clusters of hawthorn on 
crackling ice grounds. Carved cover and stand. 

H('i(/hf, 5% inches. 



icoRATED I'ORCELj^jisr *DixNER Service Empire Period 
Consisting of eighteen dinner, twelve soup, eighteen dessert 
and eighteen breakfast plates, six graduated oval platters, 
covered soup tureen, three oval and three vai'icd-sized round 
vegetable dishes, two covered oval and two open sauce boats, 
two large and two small shell-shaped fruit dishes, two oval 
deep dishes and two oval bread trays. Riclily decorated with 
gilding and sprays of flowers. (One cover restored.) 


Covered Creamer. 

Capo di Monte Style 
Vase in the form of a scrolled horn, enriched with sea nymphs 
at base. Creamer gilded ; adorned with Bacchic festival in 

Heiqlifs. 5 and 6 inches. 

141-74 ^ECORATE^ Vask^nd Jewel Box Capo di Monte Style 
// Triangular bj^,uster-shaped vase, with dome cover having 
eagle terminal. Enriched with classic figure panels and 
'. — ' ram's-head handles. Square box, with hinged medallion 
cover, similarly decorated. (Tei-minal cliippcd.) 

Height.^, 11 14 and 4% inches. 

142 — Decorated 'CoveredJ^Stein and ^ ase 

Capo di Monte Style 

Stein, wdth ram's-head, scrolled handles and dome cover: 
enriched with "Bacchic Festival." Vase with upriglit leaf- 
scrolled handles, adorned with scene "Goddesses Dancing on 

Heights, TVi end 8 inches. 

No — Decorated Porcelain Dinner Service 
{Empire Period) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 



\vo Dec<5kated ^'ases Capo di Monte Style 

(a) Urn shape, with sphinx handles; enriched with classic 

(b) Oviform, with scrolled handles; adorned with coat-of- 
arnis and bold pink scrollings. 

Heights, S'/o and 10'/, inrhcs. 


wo Uecorated JfLAQUEs Capo di Monte Style 

Gilded grounds ; enriched with medallions of Henry IV. and 
his Queen ; the otJ*er, Gabrielle d'Estrees. 

y -y f ^ Diameter, 10 inrhes. 

KneeliVig figure of winged Flora, holding a large shell before 
her; on oblong plinth. 

-Decorated Porcei^aix Flaqt^e By E. Eat 

"Venus and Adonis," after Peter Paul Rubens. The Goddess 
seated, Adonis a}7})roaching carrying a boar's head. Rich 
"Til color. In black frame. 

Height, I'iy^ inches; width, 10 inches. 

Height, 9 Inches. 

Height, 13 inches. 


Napoleon I., in military attire ; on honeysuckle motived 
square pedestal. 

Jl} _ ^ 

-^^o Decorated Porcelain Wxs'es Empire Period 

'^Graceful oviform, with gilded neck; vase and leaf scrolled 
handles. Enriched with panels of rustic youths at various 
avocations ; royal blue grounds. 

^^^^ - Height, 15y^ inches. 

-Decorated' Capo di Monte Style 

Oviform, with domed cover having pineapple terminal. En- 
riched with festooned handles, symbolic heads of Hercules 
and lions and four medallions presenting scenes, "The Labors 
of Hercules." 

Height, 17 inches. 


First Afternoon 



150 — Napole(5nic Liverpool Pitcher 

Printed in red with caricature of "Napoleon Arrested in his 
Mad Career." Inscribed with satiric vei-ses. 

' ^ ^ - / Heifjhf, 51/2 inches. 


Enriphed with blue banding of raised flowers in colors. 

E'ARLY SrAFm)-lCu^:^CE^^^^FEA^^^P^AQ.VE 

Alphabet plate, with scene in colors, "General Burnside in 
the Field" (cracked). Oblong plaque, with presentment 
of "Spring, the Boxer" ; printed in black. 



}^ /I /T) Diameter, 7 inches: heif/hf. 7y., inchi 

-^.^.Ao.£^ai^ Dire.,oire PeHo, 
Beau and Belle in quaint costumes, walking ; a small dog 
at thei^* i^&i. ^ 

Heiqht, %Y> inches. 


o2 2^ 

151? — SiLVER-McflTK-rEr) Jackfield Coffee-pot 

Eighteenth Century 
Broad pear-shape, with chained domed cover. Rich mirror- 
black glaze. Moiinted in sily^- at neck and spout. 

Height, 11 inches. 

iVloiintea in suy^- at necl 


155 — Large Early $TAFFpiiDSHiRE Lustre Pitcher 
Enriched with view of "Ship in Full Sail," patriotic verse, 
the mariner's compass ; further verses, "The Sailor's Tear" ; 

^a^^^~* and wavings-of pink lustre. 

'y^ * JIe\(iht. 9 inches. 

156 — T\\^^Early Dutch Faience B'owls 
(a) Decorated, in purple, with numerous fishing scenes on 
both interior' and exterior. 

'^4^ " (b) Blue and white; with pastoral scenes and scrolled in- 
terior valance. 

Diameters, 7y, and 7% inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catidogue. 

157 — Historic Liverpool Pitcher 

Decorated with trophied and medalHoncd bust of "Commo- 
dore Parry" and view of "Conniiodore Preble's Squadron 
Attacking the City of Tripoli," August 3, Lengthy 
descriptive inscription below view. (Has been restored.) 

-Historic Staffordshire Bowl 

"View of Montpellicr," the residence of President Madison. 
Square; in brilliant blue. (Has been restored.) 

9 inches square. 



— Decorated Staffor 



Decorated/syith scenes in colors, "Cock fighting. 

160— EaVly 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

Consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar and waste bowls, ten 
cups apd saucers and two cake plates. Gadrooned, broad 
c^(f9 ^ pear-shaped bodies, decorated with floral bandings of pink 

First Afternoon 



"Landing of General Lafayette" at Castle Garden, New 
York, 10 August, 1824<. Bi^oad border of varied flowers in 
very rich deep blue. 

Diameter, 14 inches. 

^3. ^ 







Siir^ilar to the preceding. Oblong, with canted corners. 

Lencith, 19 inches. 


Oval bowl ; with sat^'r-head handles and baluster terminated 
domed cover. Richly decorated witli dainty scrolling flowers 
and gilding. ^Dne Imndle restored.) 

Height, 13 inches. 

Tw6 hi 

ARLY Spode Saucers 


Charmingly enriched, in the Chinese manner, with panels 
of syniljols, ^^vm^ and birds. 

-DeCoAated'TSarly Spode Truit Basket and Tray 
Oval basket, witli rustic handles and oval piercings ; simi- 
larly pierced oval tray. Enriched with floral scrolling in 
reds, greens and l>rpwn-black. 

^ '^1 ' Length, 11 Vg inches. 

-Ear LY Spode Fruit Service 

Consisting of two-lobed, one diamond-shaped, basketed oval 
and pointeid oval dishes, covered sauce tureen and six plates. 
Decorated with reserved honevsuckle motives and medal- 
lions_^^ yOld^^d ^^nds. (\'ariously cliipped.) 

-Early W^dgvv^ood"'Jasper Cup akd Saucer 
Enriched with blue a^d white square diapers, yellow paterae 
and laurel garlandaC 

-Early^Vedgwood Jasper Creamer, Cup and Saucer 
Blue and white creamer; enriched with classic figures. Cup 

^j^,^ and saucer; in deep blue with similar subjects. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

169— ^ysbGwooi^ CXva£ TiAciiTi/ " Eighteenth Century 

'Dr. Priestley" ; modeled by John Flaxnian. Bust view to 
right. In white, on blue jasper ground. An early trial 
piece. Oval, in gilded frame. 

Heif/ht, 9 inches. 

Note: Dr. Priestley, noted Unitarian writer and natural philosopher 
(1733 — 1804), was a friend of Wedgwood's and a sympathizer with 
American Independeni-e. • 


Diameter, 8 inches. 


Two Wedgwood ''Blt e and White" Jasper Jardinieres 
Deep molded bowl, enriched with vine and grape festoons 
and leqnic heads sheltering classic figures. 

Blue and vVjiite jAffl>ER Wedgwood \ ase and Pedes- 


•Urn-shaped vase, with pierced cover and leaf-loop handles ; 
enriched with classic figures. (Restored.) Molded round 
pedestal. Adorned with festoons of grapes and vines pen- 
dent from beribboned Iconic heads. 

Total height, IQVs inches. 

First Afternoon 



<y — 

-Early Wedcwood J'ruit Service 
Consisting of two triangulai* and two oval dishes and twelve 
plates. Richly decorated in tlic Iniari manner witli scrolled 
bonders and medallioiied pagodas at center. 

-Decorated Lowestoft Creamer and Two Boxes 

Eighteenth Centura/ 
Ci^a*fner witli entwined handle ; oval boxes with covers and 
trays. Enriched with vases of flowers, birds and gilded 

'^^g'''^'d^^Lo^iQ^%^ ^ ^ Lozt'esfoft Style 
'^mh cylindrical, ^ith entwined ^-eeded handles. Enriched 
|4-ith medallions of flowers and butterflies on ivory shark- 




1 / 


Urn-shaped, with horj^-of-plenty handles. 
coats-(^-^rng^and motives. 


Height, 5% inches. 

Lowestoft Style 
Decorated Avith 

Height, 6 inches. 




Eighteenth Century 
Enriched with va^e of flowers, birds and festooned border. 

i^TE»4^A'T'^f'^^^^^^<^'<2^^ Lowestoft Style 
Reticulated leaf-scroll border, the center enriclied with coat- 
of-ar^, Mlr^l sprays and blue medallion. 

-Tav^elve D'ecoh ATKi) T la'^eT^^''^*^^^ Lowestoft Style 
Octagohal, enriched with central coat-of-arms amid sprays 
of flow^frs. Festooned floral border. 

Twelve ^ecokateo rLA*TES Lowestoft Style 

Enriched with cefitral coat-of-arms and grapevine cavetto ; 
bordej^witl^ medp^lioned crests. 

-DecoRATfit) PxAftUE ' '*-'«-'«-^'^ Lowestoft Style 

Enriched with coat-of-arms amid medallions and sprays of 

Diameter, 1214 inches. 

181 — Lowestoft 

KindJji read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They (ire j)rinted in the^for epart of the Cataloyue, 

// ^ Eighteenth Century 

Oval tureen, tray and domed cover having leaved mush- 
room terminal ; enriched witli landscape medallions in sepia, 
gilded blue bandings, leaf moldings and entwined basket 
handl^^^^^^^ ^ ^ ^"T^^' 
Decorated TJowESTOFi^ Pi-TvT'lTrR 'ifeenth Century 

Oval, with gilded festooned border. Pierced loose strainer, 
enriched with vase of flowers, birds and further festoons. 

Lenf/th, 18 inrlics. 



ISS^^^wo ^^r:^yA^^^^^n^ Gold Silhouette Brooches 

(a) Oblong, with gadrooned rim; set with silhouette bust 
of a man. Dat4d 1814. 
— (n) Oval, witii molded rim; se;tnwith silhouette bust of a 


184 — TwO Oval Ia'ory 3(IiNi^TtTR:S*-BE4*»«iEs Early American 
(a) Bust portraii^ of a military officer, facing slightly to 
Wt. Signed: T. H. 1778. 
•■^(b) French; bust portrait of a lad wearing curling hair 
anp) slasJi^d blue/fipat. / 

;raphical IvorV^Fan^/ Ent 

185 — (JEfoGRAPHic^L IvorVFan/^ English Eighteenth Century 
Rare English fan, by E. V/aughan, St. Michael's Allev, Lon- 

1 ' . . 

L/'don. Displaying the two hemispheres, and lengthy descrip- 


Poly chromed ivorK guards. 

jLmwooI^ ^^os. Early American 

(Turned vase shape, witn loose cover and silver plate en- 
graved: "Made from the Old Elm Tree." 

Note: The wood used in this box was cut from the famous ehii 
tree planted in 1709 on the corner of State and North Pearl Streets, 
Albany, New York. The tree was one hundred and forty-seven years 
old, liealthy and stately, when this box was made. 

First Afternoon 


187 — ENGLtSk 'Ca'rved MAHOtiA^s^Y'TKrX O'lass 

Sheraton Style 

— Circular crown and foot cnriclied witli leaf patera-; three 
leaf-adorned slender baluster supports. 

Heiqhf. 7y., inches. 

Red Morocco Work Box English Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, vvitli round hinged cover. Mounted with oval silver 

ate. Engraved M. Rodney. 

^ / yi Length, TYi inches. 

^^^^ T. 

Oblong, with serrated sides. Decorated in the pseudo- 
Chinese manner Vith dancers, mandarins and landscape. 
Interior fitted with two card boxes and two boxes filled with 

■y '~~7 / /) Length. inches. 

TotSled Leather Fan Box French Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, Avith two hinged compartments. Enriched with dia- 
mond tooled bands enclosing birds. 

191 — Tooled Leather ^offret French Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, with domed hinged cover. Old-red leatlicr finely 

J . tooled in gold with coat-of-arms and daintily scrolled panels. 

Length, 11 VL, inches. 

192 — ScrimshaavyValrus Tusk Early American 
A relic of whaling days ; enriched with whaleboats and fish. 

• Pierced as a cribbaffe board. 


19-i — EaKi.y American Brass Door Knocker 

^ Festooned spread eagle, with balustered loop knocker. On 
^^t^ • ^ panel. ^ 

Height, (i ijjrhes. 

Length, 141/2 inches. 

K'mdlij read the Coriditio7is under which every item is offered 
ami sold. They are printed vn the forepart of the Catalogue. 








-Heavy 'Bir-.<ss fiooft ^Txocker ' Italian Renaissance 
Ball rosettes for Iiin^e and striking plate. Knocker in the 
form of/ a scrolled ckilpli 

-Two English BftAsgy^^ANDLESxicKs Eighteenth Century 
Tapering baluster sliaft, cusped above a square flaring base 

^ \>y^-^ Hf'iflht, lOy, inches 

[emorial Brass Cax^lestick 
Baluster shaft, supported on five gi4)uped grape shot and 
square base having similar shot as feet. Engraved: "Sou- 
venir de Sevst^tapool, 1855." 

^ UD Th'iid't. 12 inchex. 

-KiNGLisH Brass Jardiniere ^ 

Oval, with scroll cresting, gadrooned body and molded foot. 
Looped double handles terminating in shell motives. 

^^/Y ^^ ^^y^ Length, 12'/, inches. 

eAy ^RA s»UooR Knocker Italian Renaissance 

Scrolled cartouche back ; the knocker as a running round. 
On paii^. 

/// • Height, 13 inches. 

-Two EjoiLY American Brass Candlesticks 
Leaf shaft, springing from a basket of flowers. On oblong 
white marble base. 

-Two Dutch Brass Candelabra 

Facetted baluster shaft; on molded bell foot. Three arms 

for lights scrolled fromJeonic figures. 

(o) / . ) Height, 15 inches. 

-French Brass Candelabra l 

Square shaft, with adjustable shades and arms for lights. 
Broad tray, with round molded base. 

Height, lOVs inches. 

First Afternoon 

203— Two ^ARLY 






nsT LuSTR^ 

Clustered four-columned shafts, with elaborate oil bowl in 
the form /of a leaf-enriched vase, two curved arms with 
original oil burners. The vase and lamps fitted with curi- 
ously cut-glass lustres. On molded square base with outset 

Heujht. 20 inches. 

204 — Three "Early American Lustred Candelabra 
Three-branched o^nter candelabrum and two single side 
candelabra. Rustic stem, ascending from group illustrat- 
ing story of Paul and Virginia. Enriched at crown with 
(|uaintly cut lustred drops. 

/} Heights, 17 au(J 15 inches. 

205 — Lacqueretb Tole Tea and Coffee Service 

English Eighteenth Century 
Consisting of tea and coffee pots, creamer, covered sucrier 
and oval tray. Round bodies, decorated with panels of 
figures in landscapes and laurel wreaths in colors on black. 

Tray: Length, 161/;, inches. 


jAcftUERED Tray 

iARLY English Lacquered ' 
Shaped oblong, the center decorated with subject from the 
"Bride of Lammermoor" and floral sprays. Green ground. 

Length, 20 inches. 



Mah OGANY Tra^t^ Sheraton Style 

Oval, enriched with laa-ge satinwood shell and fan motive 
and rim. Brass handles. 

Length. 26i;, inches. 

English L. 



.A'cliUER IraY "'^'^ t^t-'tx. Eighteenth Century 
Scrolled oval, with molded rim. Richly decorated with 
beautiful bouquet of varied flowers in colors and surround- 
ing finely festooned, gilded scrollings on black ground. 

Length, 31 inches. 

Kindly rcdd the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. Tlyy are printed in the forejxir t of the Catalogue. 


209 RE^PL>C<^ O^^'^fHE^FAM'o fTs/^Tlfi^ll'^^fu NIC: HoilN 

Silver-j)hite(l horn, enriched with(/are panels of runic scroll- 
ings, iiiscription and spiral motives. Chain for susjjcn- 

^ Lettylh, 1!) Inches. 

210 — rfEPouss^Co^ER Tea and Coffee Service 

Melon teapot, pear-shaped coffee-pot and melon hot-water 
kettle on stand. Enriched with gilded cartouched spouts, 
rims at feet and neck, and appliques, the bodies with florally 
^ scrolled ])anels dis))laying "Hunting Scene." Woven wicker 

Heights, Sy^, 9 and 13 inches. 

211 — Large /English Pewter Coffee-pot By Dixon 

Hexagonal pear-shape, on molded foot ; elaborately scrolled 
^^^^ spout and black^crolled l>^?ndle. 

212 — CuKious KussiAN Brass Coffee-pot 

Height, 15 inches. 

Straight-sidytl oval, with scrolled legs, woven wicker handle 
. and balustered spout. Double compartmented, the front 

/^•^ with hinged lid, the rear for heating iron, with circular 

Height, 12 inches. 

213 — Russian Bra^ SamovaI 

Broad pear-shape, witi/ scrolled handles, square base and 
y domed cover havingHoose pierced gallery and C3'lindrical 

/ chimney. 

Height, 23y. inches. 

214^ — iSuTCH REPOi^isE Brass/VVarming Pan 

Seventeenth Century 

/'/^jd Round ; with hinged cover, pierced with bust of warrior and 
/ / surrounding scrollings. Long black 


Length, 42 inches. 


First Afternoon 

215 — Two IJitoNZE ANDi^r^^s Louis XVI Style 

Finely festooned pedestal, enriclied witli patera^ and vase 
feet. SAfnnounted by a recumbent lion in green bronze. 

, — .^y' H('i(/lif. 1214 incht's; letu/fh, 17 Inches. 

-Bronze Extension Render Louis A VI Style 

Pierced scroll-pand[ed and shaped pedestals on laurel vase 
feet, surmounted by bronze cu])idons "Emblematic of Win- 
^*7' ^ ter" and brass flaming vase terminals. Loose ])ierced curb. 

Height, W^/o inches; length, 4 feet, !) inches. 



217— 3Vo Early Aw^rican Brass A Jfttino Ns 
Vase baluster ^haft; on curious^ heavy scrolled legs. 

• Height, 19 inches. 

218 — Bra^ss EiRESETf and Stand Louis XIV Style 
y Stand, with sjcrolled arms, baluster handle and shaped tray. 

Z^',^ Poker, shovel tongs. 

219— Bra ire^Set and'^^nd^^ — 
Arabesqued round shaft on scrolled tr/pod feet ; open dome 
with hanging poker, shovel, tongs and brush. 

Height, 29 1/, inches. 

2 ' — 


220 — Early American Erass Fire Set 

Height, 35 inches. 

Brass and silver|t>d baluster handles, enriched with ara- 
besques; steel shafts. Poker, tongs and pierced shovel. 

221 — Brass an0~1ron Spark Fender 

English Eighteenth Century 
Round front, witli brass molded foot and top rail having 
scrolled hooks for tools. Black diamond iron mesh bodv. 

Height, 19 inches; length, 2(i inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

222 SlEvER-^LATED "S^^^'T J?rRA'ri>— ^ 

English Eighteenth Century 
Serpentined pierced front, with scrolled fan brackets and 
/ iron bars. Supported on molded tapering legs with urn 

^xdT ^ terminals, engraved witli medallions. 

llciu^t, 17 hirlies ; Ictu/lli, 2!) inches. 

223 — Fiia'J^linJdrass Gt^te axi>* J^waj 

^ Ameri(^/n Eighteenth Century 

Rouiid front, with curious reeded extensions and support- 
ing columns having urn terminals. Serpentined ashpan, en- 
^y^riched with engraved pierced scroUings and birds. 

Hciijlil, 2 feet ^y^, inches; lenc/th, 3 feel 2 inches. 





Catalogue Numbers 224 to 390, inclusive 



Brass ; silhouette bust. Interesting modeling. 

Height. 7 inches. 

225 — Bronze Gr^mip ' By Charles Mennc 

"The Youthful Scissor Grinder." Little lad standing with 
one foot on the ti-eadle of liis grindstone. On oblong rustic 
2^,^ base. Signed. 

Height, 8 inches. 

226 — SiTlyER-PLATED BustV By A. Carrier 

"rortrait of a Paiiiter." Wearing fur robe. On scjuare 
brass base. Signed. 

— ' Height, !) inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
ami sold. Th/fy are printed in the forepart of the Cattdogue. 

227— B 



/■ - 


"Napoleon" at Cairo. Standing figure, wearing Directoire 
militjs^y co^trcHfie. On square mai'ble base. 

Height, 9'/, inches. 

-Bronze Flower Vase By C. Kauha 

Leaf and wave tapewng vase; enriched witli figures of gilded 
nymphs, partially seen amid the waves. On round onyx 
ha.^. Sign^>| 

Height, 9 inches. 








Directoire Period 
Lion Attacking a^llecumbent Horse." Rich golden brown 
patina. On oval, molded Belgian black and gold marble 
plinth^ y 

■7 ^ }/ /7 Length, 8 inches. 

Miniature recumbent figure of the Winged Lion of St. 
Mark'^ On oblong black marble base. 

~^ ^ J^«>n.7'/». 10 inches. 

-Gnot^ IN -Brass ^ " '-^*-c^'v y Boyer 

"The Stricken Roman Gladiator." Wounded recumbent 
figu^. On oval base, strewn with military equipment. 

Length, 11 inches. 

TOiRE-^CurvRE DoRE Groijp^^ By Bouret 

Bacchante. Seated lightly draped figure, holding a wine 
cup in her right hand and wearing a vine-wreathed garland. 
On oblona plinth. Signed. 

Height, lOyo inches. 

Bronze'SBxgurine After the Antique 

"Apollo." Standing figure draped with a mantle ; his 
left hand extended, holding a portion of a bow. On round 
plin^. /-/ / 

HeiqJit. 12 inches. 

By Loiseaii 

"A Jockey Up." Jockey mounted on thoroughbred horse 
ready for the race. On molded oval plinth. Signed. 

Heiqht. 11 inches; zcidth. 91/2 inches. 

Second Afternoon 

235— TwV^ 


Direcfoire Period 
"Stag Attacked hv Hound." Variant themes, the hound 
with liis teeth in hack of stag; on oblong base and molded 
marble plinth. 

"^Z //^^^^C^ Length, 8 inches. 

-Bro'nze FiGURrts'E After the Antique 

"Venus." Charming, graceful figure standing beside a 
draped urn. On molded round plinth. 

237— BuoKzff 

Height, 13 inches. 



Lightly draped figure of Fortuna standing at the wheel of 
fate supjjorted on an orb and molded square pedestal of 
varicolored marbles. 

Height, ITy, inches. 

-BrTTxze (jT^ovf^^Y'^ By P. Lemoide 

Racehorse, standing saddled, a dog seated on his haunches 
at his head ; sporting trophy on ground under horse. 
Molded oval base. Signed. 

Length. U inches. 

Kindlij read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

239— Gf'iVRE DoRE C^jh&J^^^^^^'^^^^ Directoire Period 
Molded oblong with canted corners, bracketed at sides witli 
Siphinxes ; enriched with cupid, scroll and butterfly ap- 
J ^ pliques and surmounted by a group, "A Young Mother 
0«3 Raising the Cover from a Sleeping Babe ;" a small dog at 
her ^^de.^^^^ Hcighl. IC inches: length, 12VL. lnch(>,. 

2W — Cii*^vRE 'iToRE*^lAHO(?'AXY Clock Directoire Period 

Lyre shape, on molded oblong'base. Enriched in appliques 
of cuivre dore with scrolled "Cupid and Psyche" pediment, 
*) loaf moldings and garlanded sunburst medallion at base. 

n^jjj Triple dials, showing the days of week, months and also 
the numeric days of the month. Movement bv Le Hodev, 

Heiffht, 23 inchc: 

241 — BronZe Group By Ctc du Dassoe 

"Rubbing Down the Hunter." A stableman is busy rubbing 
down a horse after its return from the chase. A stag's 
head and horns are before the animal. On oblong molded 
base with round corners. Signed. Length, lOy, inche.i. 

Second Afternoon 


Rcctangulav case, drapccpTo form a table, at left of which 
sits tiie great American Sage and Philosopher, Franklin. 
Supported on a high stepped oblong base. Enriched with 
leaf moldings and scrolled claw feet. Movement by Dubue, 
P^^'IS. Height, 241/2 inches; width, 18 inche.t. 

No^: A rare and Ijeautiful specimen of this interesting clock. 

B/j J. Bcnnes 

"Passing the Post." Jockey upon a thoroughbred in full 
swing passing the post. On oval molded base and green 
marWe) plinth. Signed. Length. 20 inches. 

ROUP t-**-?'^ 


By L. Filet 

Arab Water Carrier." A young graceful woman wear- 
ing voluminous robes with a pitcher on her shoulder walk- 
ing beside a little lad. On oval molded base. 

Height, IGi/o inches. 

Khidltj read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

239— Gf^iVRE T)oRE CiiocK^^^^-'^^'" ^ Directoire Period 
l^Iolded oblong with canted corners, bracketed at sides witli 
Sphinxes ; enriched with cupid, scroll and butterfly ap- 
J _ pliques and surmounted by a group, "A Young Mother 
k)^ Raising the Cover from a Sleeping Babe ;" a small dog at 
her side. Hrif/ht. 16 incJi('.<!; length. 12'/. inchrs. 

2-iO — CmvRE ^IToRE ^IahocTaxy Clock Directoire Period 

Lyre shape, on molded oblong'base. Enriched in appliques 
of cuivre dore with scrolled "Cupid and Psyche" pediment, 
") ^ ^"0 leaf moldings and garlanded sunburst medallion at base. 
^oC* ""T^riple dials, showing the days of week, months and also 
the numeric days of the month. Movement by Le Hodey, 
Pa.^ // , Height, 2.3 inches. 

241 — Bl.oN?E Group By Cte du Dassoe 

"Rubbing Down the Hunter." A stableman is busy rubbing 
^ down a horse after its return from tlie chase. A stag's 

^ S''^ head and horns are before the animal. On oblong molded 
base witli round corners. Signed. Lenqth, lOy, inches. 

Second Afternoon 

2-12— ( 

C(£xTEj«^ORARY Kfii^'KLix /Clock ix Bronze 
Rectangular case, drapcc|HFo form a table, at left of which 
sits tlie great American Sage and Philosopher, Franklin. 
Supported on a high stepped oblong base. Enriched with 
leaf moldings and scrolled claw feet. Movement by Dubue, 
P^l'^S- Height, 241/, inches; 'width, 18 inches. 

Not^: A rare and beautiful specimen of this interesting clock. 

B/j J. Bennes 

Passing the Post." Jockey upon a thoroughbred in full 
swing passing the post. On oval molded base and green 
marl^ plinth. Signed. Lenqth, 20 inches. 




By L. Pilet 

he Arab Water Carrier." A young graceful woman wear- 
ing voluminous robes with a pitcher on her shoulder walk- 
ing beside a little lad. On oval molded base. 

Height, incJies. 

dan, Lieut. General. 

/ 1 _ // Height, 2.3 Inches: tcuJIh, 15 inrhp.i. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are nfinted in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

245 — Bronze Grox'f: Diana at the Chase 

After Jean Goujon 

•J Liglitly dratpctl goddess beside running stag. On round 

/ ^ bas^. 

246 — Bronze KaS-reliepC By Kelly 
P. H. Sheridan. Bust, ])rofile to left. Inscribed: "Kelly, 
from Studies in 1880." Signed in autograph: "P. H. Sheri- 
dan, Lieut 

247— 7^ As-RELiET IN IjKjoN English late Eighteenth Century 
1/ "The Last Supptr," after Da Vinci. Painted deep ivory. 

248— ^RONZE Lfetf? J-^*^ Empire Style 

Reeded expanded shaft ; on incurved square base of black 
bronze. Trimmed with gilded leafage and festoon. Glass 
A/*-' globe^for^ame. 

249 — Tw^ CuivRE DoRE Lamps Louis XVI Style 
Shaft as draped nymph carrying basket on head ; support- 
i'lg bowl and oil burner. On circular varying rose and gray 

^✓47'^ Breche marble bases and square gilded plinths. Baccai'at 
dass globes for same. 

Hfif/Jit, 38 inche.i. 

250 — 6uiRVE ETo/e tuT'^CRYSTAL Clock Directoire Period 
Arched case, cut with gadroons and hobnails. Cuivre dore 

,._r^ dial, wreathed with roses and oblong leaf-molded base ; on 

y / round feej_ 

/ "^-y. / Heicjht, 9y, inches-. 

251 — CuivEE IJgee Clock Directoire Style 
Draped oblong case with round porcelain dial and claw 

9_ \f7} feet, set at right of an oblong ]ilinth ; a young maiden read- 
^-'PC* ing is seated at left. On Alps-green marble base. 

Heif/hl, 13 inrhex: -ividth, ll'i inrhes. 

Heiqht, 29 inch en. 

Second Afternoon 

252 Co^T"E^tlpbR^$*?**TrJfsHIXGTON C'l^CK OF CuiVRE DoRK 

Oblong molded case, adorned with festoon inscribed, "Wash- 
ington First in War," set at left of pedestal, on which, at 
right, is a finely modeled figure of Washington standing, 
wearing military attire. The crest of the United States 
surmounts the clock. Molded pedestal with ball feet ; 
adorned with bas-relief : "The Surrender of Cornwallis." 
Movement b}' Dubue, Paris. 

Heif/ht, 20 inches; width 14y^ inches. 

Note: This beautiful clock is more varied and finer in chiseled 
detail than those generally known of this pattern and evidently was 
made to sjie^l ^rder. 

253 — R^^sso Anjic^i^^^ble Clock Bij E. Frcmict 
Oblong molded architectural clock case. Enriched witii 
gilding and surmounted by a bronze group b}' Fremiet : 
"Cavalier Roman." Signed. 

Tliiffhl, 24 inches; width, 14 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under rvhich every item is offered 
and sold. Thjcy are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

254 — B/oxz^H^Lfec^^^T Directoire Period 
Consisting of clock and two candelabra. Round porcelain 
dial, surmounted bv the figure of a seated Nuniidian, a 

- leopard at her left. Molded oval plinth, adorned with fes- 

Xj" " toons and group of sportive cupidons. The enrichment of 
figure and otiier motives gilded. Candelabra of standing 
Numidian boys ; each holding aloft two arms for lights. On 
circular pedestal. Movement by Ridel, Paris. 

Height, ISy, inches. 


255 — Tw^SnPERctTssio^^ Pistols Early American 
^,«^ Mol4^d brass octagonal barrels. 

256— T^v^S^YINt?^^:^W^^ 

// French Eighteenth Century 

Reeded barrel ; stock enriched with hunting panels in cuivre 
"V^'"" Jor^/^n^ion-heatl butt. Turkish leather holster for same. 

257^^OTAHOGA^^Y^ASE"o^'''l5l^fcl,*L^G ' PfSTOLS 

English Eighteenth Century 
By Barton. Flint locks, with finely fashioned steel work; 
engraved "Barton, London." Oblong case, fitted with im- 
plemeirts and compartments. 

258 — Three Old TvKms^'l^^fc^s 

Balustered and inlaid handle, with ball terminal studded with 
yf^ many spikes ; one with less spikes. 
/cL' V/^ ♦ f) Length, 31 inches. 


Similar to the preceding^. One with spike head. 

260— T%Z'^ld^Tu^5^Ba)^^ 

Round shafts, inlaid. Spade-shaped (leads. 
^ Length, 31 inches. 

Second Afternoon 

261— Hklmet 

/Dome shape, with crowning spike and frontal guard. En- 
richeil with figure^yin ^^^h^ Chain neck-guard. 


By Glauber. ^Vith ^etched bl iide and sliagrecn grip. Steel 

263 — Amerusan^^ R^OLUTioNARY Cavalry Sword 

Eighteenth Century 
Carved medallioned ivory gi'ip, witli eagle pommel and 
scrolled guard having acorn terminal. 

/Zv^iTe:.^^!! ini^^^nsand rare relic of Revolutionary days. 

26-t — Th^e ^^voRBsr^^'^^-^*'^-^--^/ Early American 

(a) U. S. Cavalry; witli shsygreen grip; florally scrolled 
^guard. Marked, U. S. 

(b) French; cartouchcd gadrooned grip; basket scrolled 
guard. Marked, U. S. 

^ (c) Straight sword; witli basket woven metal grip; scrolled 
shell /guard. XI 

265— THyS S^oRDs^^^ ^l^O^ Nineteenth Century 
|(a) Finely channeled blade; gadrooned wood grip; brass 
basket guard, enriched with pierced floral scrollings. 

0 ^ (b) Gadrooned grip ; scroll guard finely ])ierce<l. Inscribed: 
"Pr^entp(^Lieut. Brennan— 1862." 

266 — Americax Re\t)lutio:^sy^'^^^^5?^' Sword 

Eighteenth Century 

D Engraved and channeled blade; gadrooned grip. Brass 

eagle ponujiel. Guard with militarv trophv ; crest below 

267 — TVo IVlALA-f Swords Eighteenth Century 
(a) Typical flaring double curved pommel; grip enriched 

^ with brass strip of rosettes. Velvet scabbard. 
(-^ (b) Baluster pommel; leather grip and scabbard. The 

scabbard carved with chevrons. 

Kimllij read tlw (Jonditiom under xcliich ever;/ iicm is oifered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


■Tt\'o' Malay Swoitnsw '\f/^ "^Eighteenth Century 

Typical Hiii ing poiiiniel ; grip enriched with red ivory medal- 
lions, se^ in/TOsetted brass bands. Leather scabbards with 
brass /(.of^. /) / 

EigJiteenth Century 
Flarmg barrel, etched with inscriptions ; walnut stock, in- 
lai^witjjr silver sajTollings. / Lnif/th. 22 inches. 

TuRKmi^^^^i^NTLOc'^^i^rN^ teenth Centu ry 

SinnMr to tlie nn?ceding, with brass inlay. 

(a) By Smart of Gloucester. Flintlock with brass barrel 
and short folding hinged bayonet. (Rare.) 
(^^ Sevente^ith century English flintlock. 

o^^^jj^^^^'^^'^^ "English Eighteenth Century 
Fine]^^ ba^iti^ced. barrel and stock. 

EakITy ]Plintlctck (tun 

'Bj/E. Pomerv/et Townsend ; long barrel, with ramrod. 



, Eighteenth Century 
Long barrel ; chamber for ramrod. 
^^^ot^ Foijftd ^li^op River, near Kingston, N. Y. 

-Two ^Japanese 'H^LbeSds^ 

Round shafts, inlaid witli mother-of-pearl ; lacquered 


vo Broc'Ade CrsHioNS**'^^c'rei 

276 — Two BRoCy^DE Cushions Chinese, Cli'ien-Iung Period 

Woven in delicate colors with arabesque scrolled chrysan- 
Q themums and scrolling borders of bats and flowers. 

Second Afternoon 

ji77 — Two l^iHR^iDEREi^ CusHioxs C', Cli'len-lung Period 
Round; cherry satin, enriched in dainty pink and greens 
with scrolled Ijbuquets of beautiful peonies. 



-Importa^ Needle-painted Rhodian Velvet Dalmatic 
// Late Fifteenth Century 

Beautiful, soft rose-red velvet apparels, enriched with half- 
length figures of "The Virgin and Child" and "St. John the 
Evangelist" within cartouched round medallions scrolled 
with leafage terminating in dolphins' heads and supporting 
birds ; those at arms with the scrollings only. Panels of 
golden-yellow drap d'or jardiniere velvet, woven in crimson 
and jade green with vases supporting pineapple bouquets 
wreathed with carnations, sprays of small pomegranates 
and clusters of berries. 

Note: The rare and exquisite velvet of this fine dahiiatic displays 
one of the most delightful and int'"icately drawn patterns known to 
Rhodian weaving. 

Kitidli/ read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

2<9 — l^oxG Khiva IIiMbroidereu Uokuek 

Late Eighteenth Century 
Wine-red duriie witli red and green striped border. En- 
riched in ivory, orange, black and red with carnation blos- 
^"^^ soms, diagonally placed in center and hoi'izontally on 
borders. Lfn/jlh, 13 2/3 i/ff)f/.s.- width, \lV-> inches. 


280 — ^Needle-paixted Gothic \ Chasuble 

Italian, Late Fifteenth Century 

Solid gold enriched orphreys touched with colored silks, dis- 
playing figures of Our Lord and the "Four Evangelists" 
standing within important Gothic niches. Flanking panels 
of crimson and gold Gothic velvet, woven with very beautifuT" ' 
scrolled pineapple motives. 

EKED Damask T 

Second Afternoon 


-Embroideiied damask Portiere 

/ Florentine Seventeenth Century 

Center panel of jade-green damask. Narrow scrolled leaf 
borders of yellow satin at side. Deep, fringed yellow satin 
border at foot, enriched in pale blue, ivory and crimson 
silks applique with beautiful jardinieres of flowers amid 
scrolling acanthus leaves. •> Wl inrhci hy 1 1/3 yards. 

^^^^ . [/ yd^^^o2^^ 

282 — Needle-pai^j^'d Ruby Velvet Chasuble 

Italian Sixteenth Century 
Richly ehibroidered orphreys in stitches of solid gold 
touched with silks, displaying within winged cherub niches, 
figures of our Lord, the ^'irgin Mary, the Holy Father, St. 
John and St. Faith. Flanking panels of rich ruby-red vel- 
vet. Trimmed with gold and crimson edging. 

Kindlij read the Conditions mider which every item is offered 
and sold. Tliey are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


283 — N:^DLEwoRK '^atotiwork Coverlet Directoire Period 
Patched with red, blue, tan, ivorv and plum colored dia- 
monds outlined with narrow yellow silk galloon. Each 
patch minutely enriched in petit-point with tiny bouquets 
of flowers, figures, birds or animals. Fringed with vari- 

/-•^ colored chenille. 5 feet 10 inches square. 


An Interesting Collection of 


Mainly from the General Ives, Yamanaka and Tiffany Studios 
^ . (^Uections 

284 — Fr^t JVIedallign /JItjr /J'^' Chinese, K'ang-hsi Period 
Silky pile ; silvern-tan fidld, woven with sapphire-blue in- 
(turved square fret medallion and corners developing golden- 
yellow lotus blossoms and sprays. Golden-toned border, 
with leaf-scrolled lotus, guarded by bandings of deep sap- 
phire^lue. 2 feet 4 inches bij 2 feet 2y, Inchfs. 

285— R-dSE "^lED^SoN^^HlNE'sE'^t^ Ming Period 

/ Old yellow field, woven with rose-red quatrefoiled interlac- 
/ ing scroll medallion bearing a single ivory-lavender blossom, 
field diapered with small tawny detached leaves and rose 
geometric motives. Finished with a narrow band of the 
rose-red finely scrolled at corners. 2 feet 5 inches square. 

From the General Braytoji Ives Collection, America?! Art 
Association, 1916. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection. 


286 — RofsE Medallion Chinb^e^'Rug Ming Period 

Similar to the preceding. 

From the General Brayton Ives Collection, American Art 
Association, 1916. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection. 

Second Afternoon 

287 — Sai^hire-hlue OrrriTESEWiuar'^ Ming Period 
C^ose pile; cool t^n fieldjAyoven with deep sappliirc-blue 
circuLar medallion of two leaf-scrolled dragons, surrounding 
cloud scrolls and "Bats of Happiness," touched with rich 
red at corners. Sapphire-blue double banded border of 
finely conventionalized wave forms. A Pi'csentation Birth- 
day Rug. 

2 feet 7 inchca b;f 2 feef G inclicii. 

From the Gcnerat Brayton Ives Collection, American Art 
Association, 191G. 

From tlie Tiffany Studios Collection. 

288 — SAi^HiRE-^lhrtfE CTh^-ese Rt^^^ Ming Period 

S^iniilar to the preceding. 


From the General Bray ton Ires Collection, American Art 
y "1^/^ Association, 1916. 

/ From the Tiffany Studios Collection. 

289 — Kylin Chixese Rug ^^-^LJi^^ K'ung-hsi Period 
Rich fluctuating sapphire-blue field ; woven in ivory, bro^vTl 
and lovely greenish turquoise-blue with four kylins playing 
with a beribboned brocaded ball. Finely proportioned Vcy 
fret border in blues and ivory. 

/1^y%J, — 2 feet 5 inches by 2 feet 2y, inches. 

From the Yamanala Collection, American Art Association, 

290— ^CROLL^ MjEDALLfoiT^CiitiNESE TluG K\ing-hsi Period 

Lustrous golden-yellow field ; woven with circular medal- 
lion of fin^lv conventionalized dull pink lotus flowers scrolled 
with sapphire blues ; blossom and scroll corners. Borders 
7 ") yf^Q guarded by deep blue bandings enclosing similar lotus scroll- 

A ^ ings to center. 
^ 2 feet 4 inches by 2 feet. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection. 

Kindly read tJie Conditioits luider u'liich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in tJie forepart of the Catalogue. 



Imi ekial P#inesk Dragon Rug Ming Period 

I^ustvous lieavv pile; pulsating sapphire-blue field; woven 
with five five-clawed dragons seeking the pearl of power 
amid cloud forms and rising from an especially fine border 
of rolling wave forms in tones of golden-yellow and ivory 
Pyi|lk. 3 feet 1 inch !>;/ 2 feet 1 inch. 

EDALLioNED Chinese Saudle-cloth CKienAung Period 
Double pear-shape; peach-pink field, woven with two cir- 
cular j'lii scrolled medallions and spraA's of flowers. Shaped 
blue banded border of scrollings interrupted by small floral 
and swastika medallions in sapphire-blues, yellow, ivor}^ and 
tawny brown. 4 feet 21/0 inches hy 2 feet 1 inch. 

From the Yamanaka Collection, American Art Association, 
1 909. 

Second Afternoon 

293 WhIT^ rioRSE-aHA'l'E^ir Iti r JtuVER 

Chinese, K\uig-hsi Period 
Shaped arclicd crown ; soft red field displaying a white 
horse standing amid blue and ivory scrollings, on ivory and 
yellow wave form ; above in a vaporous cloud of blue and 
ivory, the fabled dragon palace, supi:)osedly under water, 
is depicted. Key border in the deeper tones of the field. 

3 fei'f 10 inchcfi bi/ -i feet 2 inches. 

From the Yanutnala CoUection, American Art Association, 

29-1 — S\m:^oXic^Chixese Urir' ' ""^-^^"^^'h'ien-Iung Period 
Deep rich lustrous^ i.ory field; woven in two tones of sap- 
^ phire-blue with regularly placed "Symbols of the Hundred 
Antiques." Blue guarded bordi'r of rare scrolled pome- 
granate motives. 

3 feet 10 inrhes hi/ 2 feet. 

Kindly read the Conditiuns under n^hicli every item is offered 
and sold. T^hey are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

295 — ESt^-^erfly 'and Medai-lio^^^^^inesk Hug 

Ch'ien-lung Period 

Lustrous deep pcacli-piivk field, woven with dainty scrolled 
circular medallion, surrounding^ sprays of flowers and but- 
^ terflies in sappliire blues, ivory and tan. Finished with a 
two-toned blue banding finely scrolled at centers and cor- 
ners. (Two edges imperfect.) 

2 feet 7 inches by 2 feet 4 inches. 

From the ColJeetioii of General Bray ton Ives, American Art 
Association, 1916. 

From^he Tiffany Studios Collection. 

296— itt^T 

// Ch'ien-lung Period 

I Similar to the preceding. / 

297 — Ch^j^§e'Animal''^u^'^^^^^^^'^^ Ch'ieit-lnng Period 
Close pile ; lustrous soft mustard-yellow field ; woven with 
circular ivory medallion occupied by a caparisoned Tatar 
pony and landscape, surrounding "Symbols of the Hundred 

//^ Antiques" and blossomed fret corners curiously terminated 
^ ^ with dragon-heads. Fine peony scrolled ivory border, 
guarded by sapphire-blue and yellow fret banding. Exe- 
cuted ip- old pink, golden yellow and sappliire-blue. 

2 feet 11 inches- bi/ 2 feet. 

298 — Rylin Medallioned Sacdle-clgth Cliien-lung Period 
Double pear-shape ; lustrous ashes-of-roses field fluctuating 
to golden tones, woven with two circular medallions of 
scrolled sapj^hire-blue kylins and cubs, with surrounding 
sprays of flowers in ivory and tans. Shaped blue guarded 
border of scrollings and flowers. 

4 feel 7 inches l>i/ 3 feet 2 inches. 

From the General Bray ton Ives Collection, American Art 
Association, 1916. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection. 

Second Afternoon 

— 3^ ^/ ' 

299 — R^cir SAPPHiRE-Btu:^ ( him si: Wvg CWien-Inng Period 
^ustrous resonant fluctuating blue field; woven with cir- 
culai- scrolled lotus medallion and all-over scrollings in 
lighter sapphire-blue, ivories, soft pink and yellows. Blue 
guarded key-fret border in similar colors to field. 

4 feet G inrhcs In/ 2 feet 3'/o inches. 


Ch'ien-lung Period 

Rich soft^oldcn-yellow field ; woven, in sappliirc-blues, ivory 
and soft reds, with circular floral medallion, scroll bracket 
corners and "Symbols of the Hundred Antiques." Blue 
guai-ded border of key fret in blue and old red. 

oOl— AYI.^^^^^^INESE Rug A ang-hst Period 

Lustrous heavy, rich ivory field ; Avoven in two tones of sap- 
phire-blue, lightly touched with old red, with five kylins 
amid leaf scrollings. Blue guarded border of similar floral 
scrollings. 4 f^^t by 2 feef. 

From the YainanatiU Colleetion, American Art Association, 

if. , 

302 — Sm>phTre-blue Saddle-cloth Cli ien-lung Period 
/Lustrous sapphire-blue field ; woven, in ivory, golden-yellow 

and old pink, with two circular peony medallions and 
sprays. Blue guarded, golden-yellow border with blossomed 
diamond lattice. 4 f^^^t hit 2 feel. 

From the Yam an alia Collection, American Art Association, 

303 — Chinese Dragon Medallio^nRug Clxicn-lung Period 
Silvery tan field; woven with circular scrolled dragon 
medallion, similar end scrollings and key-fret bracket cor- 
ners in sapphire-blue. Gold and blue key-fret border, 
guarded by bandings of blue, yellow and ivory. 

4 feet !) inche.t hii 2 feet 5 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under rcliich cvcrij item is olfered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

Chlen-hmg Period 

Close silky pile ; burnt-orange field, woven with pictorial 
ly representation of the fabled kylin walking on conventional- 
ized waves amid rocky formations, "The Dragon Gate of the 
Yellow River." The field and a vaporous ivory exhalation 
exhibit the "Chi-Hsiang," eight precious Buddhistic emblems 
* ^ of Happy Augury ; in blues, deep yellow, pink and pale 
green. Guarded blue and orange border. Inset corners for 
cushion. t fggf 2 inche.<i by 3 feet 4 inches. 

From the YdiiuiiKikti Collection, American Art Association, 

305 — C^^'i^Aj^^At^^'o''^^^^-'''*'^^ Ch'ien-hing Period 
(^milar to the preceding. 

^ ^ From the Yamantdca Collection, American Art Association, 

306 — ^''l:l/^K^:Q''^k^^i^r^ii'^^^^ Cli'ien-lung Period 
Ivory tan field ; woven with symbols of the "Hundred An- 
tiques" in soft red, sa])])liire-blue, old yellow and tan. Tan 

"~7 border of svmbols alternating with scrolled blossoms, 

guarded by varied blue bandings 

eet 1 Inch by 2 feet .5 inches 

307 — Golden-yellow^ Chixese^^ug Ch'ien-hmg Period 
Brown pounced, yellow ground simulating a leopard skin, 
woven with five florally scrolled circular medallions having 

^ square sapphire-blue fretted centers. Blue guarded vellow 

^^(y. ..border of scrolling peonies. 5 f(,f,t 10 inches by i feet. 

From the Yamanaka Collection, American Art Association, 

308— B^!^^^Ir^^ Cm^^/^VG K'ang-hsi Period 
Deep fluctuating ivo A' field ; woven with circular blossomed 
medallion, surrounding symbols and scrolled corners, in two 
tones of sapphire-blue. Key-fret border, interrupted by 
ivory cloud forms and guarded by hatched and blue band- 

fi feet 3 inches by 2 feet 7 inches. 

Second Afternoon 


-Rose I^EAcjr Chixese Rug 

K'ang-lisi Period 

Full rich rose-peac^li field ; woven with five circular peony 
scrolled medallions, sprays of flowers, fruit and butterflies, 
symbols of "Abundance," and scrolled corners ; in sap- 
phire blue, old yellow, ivory and brown. Blue guarded 
golden-yellow border enriched with blue and ivory peonv 
scrollings. ^ e /ee< 5 mchcs hi, 3 ^eet 11 \nrhes. 

310— Apr/co^ 

Cliicii-lu ng Period 
Pale apricot^ ground, daniasse in deeper tone Avith interlac- 
ing diamond fret, woven with clusters of orchids and peaches 
in yellow, sapphire-blue, pink and ivory. Blue and yellow 
guarded border of deep apricot bearing fine peony scroll- 
ing'^- 6 feet 6 Inchex I,,/ 4 feet 1 inrh. 

Kindly read the Conditions under xi'Jiich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

311 — DiiAGON^'^fE^LLiON^^ Ch'ien-lung Period 

Ycllow-grccn field ; wit/h circular floyally scrolled dragon and 
fret, medallion and 4imilar bracKct corners ; surrounding 
sprays of fruit, flowers and butterflies, symbols of "Abund- 
ance" ; in apricot-pink, blue and ivory. Blue guarded bor- 
der of swastika fret in the varied colors of the field. 

C feet 1 bifh b;/ -i feet X inrhcu. 

From the Yamanaka Collection, American Art Association, 


LiiGHT-MEbALLioN Ch^]^ese Rt^g K'ang-lisi Period 

Beautiful rich gold(^n-yellow field ; woven in pinks, ivory and 
sapphii'e-blue with eight circular scrolled peony and bat 
medallions and intervening sprays of flowers. Blue guarded 
border with blue ground bearing peony scrollings. 

6 feet, 8 inches ht) 4 feet 0 inrhest. 

From the Yamanaka Collection, American Art Association, 


313 — BifiW''TFRAGOi?^sciiOLi. IThinese Carpet Ming Period 

Rare lustrous golden/jEan field; woven in ivory spotted with 
blue, with circular scrolled dragon medallion having key- 
fret center, surrounding scrollings of further dragons and 
key-fret corners. Inner border of tan and old-red scrolled 
lotus blossoms on ivory spotted blue ground, guarded by 
bands of yellow, orange and blue. Broad outer border of 
pink T-fret on recurring blue; yellow and blue outer 
guards. (Has been restored.) ^ 

9 feet 11 inches I);/ 9 feet 10 inches. 

From the Yatnanaka Collection. 



An Exceptionally Fine Representative Collection of 
Of ihte 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries 

E-FLEU^s Kiim xy^^iAT Eighteenth Centnri/ 


9 . — 


Circular medallion composed of varied scrolled lotus blos- 
soms and scroll Jjrackot corners. Lotus-scrolled border. 
Woven in rich rose-red, pale and dark blues, ivory-pink 
am^eep yellow. , 20 inchcx bi/ i9\:, hirhes. 

315 — ]^<5^LE^FLE,^K^ ''Seh t^A^B.'vc^'^'^^'^'^''^^ Eighteenth Century 
^'cry close velvet-pile ; lustrous warm tan field, woven with 
diagonal trailing vines of small varied flowers in pale and 
dark blues, rose reds, black, lavender plum, yellow, pink and 
black. Narrow border of scrolled blossoms, finished with 
striped black and red guards. Rare fine weaving. 

3 feet 2 inches by 2 feet 314 inches. 

316 — RtJsE^RED Sehna Rugt Eighteenth Century 
Close pile ; lozenged paneled rose-red field, bearing a pale 
turquoise-blue pendented medallion of similar contour to the 
field and arabcsqued with rose flowers ; bracket corners, 
similarly arabesqued. Quaint tulip-scrolled black border, 
with minute rose-blossomed and angular scrolled guards. 

/, Cfl /I ^ ^'"^ ^ inches b;/ 2 feet 2 inches. 

317— Rf&^E^S^'^M^^^ Eighteenth Century 
^ Similar to the preceding. More brilliant in color. 

^f), ^ ^ , ^3 feet IV3 inches by 2 feet 1 inch. 

318 — Ste1*iPEd 'Medallion yBEH-XA Rug Eighteenth Century 
Very fine close pile< lustrous blue-black stepped diamond 
field, woven with njirrow scrolled label about center bearing 

^ ^ a mock inscription and two small roosters at ends ; the dia- 
^ mond with pendented cartouche at crown and a "Tree of 
Life" at foot. Rose-red bracket corners, enriched with 
minute diamond latticed arabesques of flowers and Herati 
leaves. Narrow angular scrolled border, in blue, old yellow, 
ivory and black. 3 f^et 5 inches square. 

Kindly rec^d the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold, i They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

< ' f ^ — r" — 

319 — HEUATi-^ERifGWAN^^h^ ''^^ Seventeenth Century 
Resonant deep blueiolack field ; woven, in greenish and 3'el- 
lovvlsh Ivory? rose-red and pink, with diamond latticed ara- 
besques of lotus and carnation motives. Lozenged medal- 
lioned ivory border with scrolled rose-red guards. Very 
fineljV woven. /I C -S , ^ inrhe>< hii 2 feet. 

320— M KuG ' Seventeenth Century 
Beautiful lustrous close pile. Deep fluctuating rose-red 
field, woven with alternating series of stepped lozenge and 
diamond plaquettes geometrically scrolled and paneled with 
ivory, rose-pink, black and deep blue. Bordered on three 
sides with lozenged blossoms; at end, with su])plementary 
border of minute quaintly arched lotus motives. 

3 feet 9'/2 inches by 2 feet 4 inches. 


pte: A fragmen^^f superb weaving. 

321— mX^t: LtexED 'fejHrv'A'ifuG Seventeenth Century 

Similar to the preceding; with curiously tented end border. 

4 feet 1 inch by 2 feet 3y., inches. 

^ote: A fragnpent of superb weaving. * 

\Aa: ' i 

322 — IxTEBESTixG Paxeled Shiraz Rt g Eighteenth Century 

"A Sampler Rug," witl|i three schemes of color and pattern. 
Larger panel with rich red field, bearing band of growing 
flowers in ivory and blue. Center panel of infloretted pal- 
mette motives, with borders of ivoi'v and blue. Outer panel 
^"^ of tan, with quaint vertical growing flowers in red, blue and 
black. 3 fggf 9 inches by 3 feet 6 inches. 

Notels Anyunusually Useful weaver's recording document. 

r\Notel> Anyunusually ui 

323 — Dd^LTBLi)' SADDlE-B*e' Soumak, Sixteenth Century 

Slightly flaring oMong bags ; woven with blossomed dia- 
mond lattice and exceptionally fine borders of staves en- 
/• twined with angular ribbons, guarded by blossomed bands. 
1^ .Executed with fine precision and harmony in old crimson, 
pale and dark blues, tan, lavender, pink and deep ivory, 

4 feet 6 inches by 1 foot 11 inches. 

Second A ft em oon 

32i ^J^RNA^^X '^SuCH'^TAN^ PrAYER RuG 

( Eighteenth Century 

Deep tan niilirab, with central stem of carnations in old- 
red and blue, flanked by hatclied stems of leaves in similar 
colors. Tan spandrils similar to outer leaves. Rich bor- 
ders in lustrous blue on old-red ; pink ground of angular 
scrollings and pinnacles. 

f A I ^ ^^9^ ^ Z""' indict. 

325— Rai^e^ DaChe^5^^^^Wrfg 

I J Late Seventeenth Century 

Heavy close weave. Soft yellow mihrab, with square 
. arch ; woven, in rose-red, blues, ivory and tawny brown, 
If* M'ith geometrically floretted interlacing diamond lattice; 
p^'*^ oblong rose-red spandrils with tree motives. Blue pinnacle 

guajKled rose-red border of quaint angular scrollings. 

j' A L I 4 feet 8 inches by 3 feet 5 inches. 

ii'^ii — STRIPED SmivAjc Rug Early Eighteenth Century 

Field of blossomlpd and chevronod stripes in rose-red, ivory 
and blue. Green-blue border curiously latch-hooked and 
j ^ blossomed. Outer guard of ivory, lacking at one end ; fin- 
jTp^' '*'ished with red and green stripes on thre^ sides. 

4 feet T'/o inches by 2 feet 11 inches. 

327 — Til^LLisED H\;jukK.u^ Eighteenth Century 
Rich lustrous tan field, woven, in old pink and red, with 
ivory and sapphire-blue, adding to the brilliant latticed 
latch-hooked diamond motives interrupted by quaint tent- 

' like motives. Soft old-pink border, with series of triangu- 
7j^' lar motives supported on central staves. 

' /' 4 feet 7 inches by 3 feet 10 inches. 

328— YuRUK Tent RiTG ^^^*^^^ Eighteenth Century 
Rich long pile, with stripes of loose fringe at intervals. 
Rare crimson field, bearing a motived oblong cartouche in 

, blue and ivory, ^'ariously finished with blossomed blue, 

^yellow, crimson and tawny brown bands at ends. 

4 feet 8y„ inches by 3 feet 10>/. inche.^. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


J v. v. 


KAYER Ry*^ Sixteenth Century 

Sfl])phirc-bluc milfrab, woven with center column of old 
yellow carnation motives and border of detached blossoms. 
Liglit blue spandrils, continuing into a border damasse with 
blossoms; old yellow major border, finished with two un- 
usual flanking panels of blue, tan and yellow conventional- 
ized cg#iation motives on ivory ground. 

5tfeet 10 inches by 3 feet 614 inches. 


-Gh^orde^PrayeiTRug ' Sixteenth Century 

^ich mihrab, diamond latticed with floral motives in 
green and olive chevroned with blue ; deep blue spandrils, 
bearing flowers in ivory, red and pale green. Ivory inner 
border and seven floretted prayer borders, of blue, ivory, 
yellow, tawny brown and jade green. 

5 feet 3 inches bi/ i feet 4 inches. 

Second Afternoon 

331 — Yn^K Pk^y'er Rug *^ ^ '^'^'''''*'^ Seventeenth Century 
ych. crimson stepped milu-ab, pcndcntcd with a bouquet of 
wliitc cArnations finislicd with a border of smaller similar 
flowers, seme with dark and light blue blossoms and a latch- 
n hooked cruciform motive. Light blue spandrils occupied 
by festoon-like floral motives ; crown and foot panels of 

ivory, each bearing three large roses and intervening staves 

in deep blue, crimson and yellow. Rare golden-yellow bor- 
der of similar roses, interrupted by dainty sprays of hya- 
cinths ; blue-blossomed inner and crimson outer guards ; fin- 
ished with chevroned crimson bandings. 

4 feet. Ti/j Inches bi/ 3 feet 5 inches. 

Kindlu read the Conditions under ■whieh every item is offered 
and sold. Theij are printed in the forepart of the Cottdogue. 

332 — Ghiori)k» I'kavek \\v^^ Seventeenth Century 
Ricli rosc-rctl iiiihrab, woven witli ivorv and green paneled 
lianging lamp, diamond motived columns and ivory panel of 
floral motives at foot. Deep turquoise floral spandrils. 
Seven "Prayer" borders, tlie major of soft green bearing 

*" red, paj^fblue and ivory. Guards of ivoi-y, red and blue. 

5 feet 4 inches by 4 feet 3 inches. 

333 — Kjt^RDisTAN Fii.^GME^fT "^"^ Sixteenth Century 
Rich tan field ; occupied by large varied floral plaquettes 
in beautiful rose-red and azure blue ; arabesqued blue cor- 
ners. End border in rich gray tan arabesqued in red, yel- 
low, pink and ])alc blue with plaquettes. 

5 feet () inches hi/ 3 feet •'>'/;.> inches. 

Second Afternoon 


Cri^^ox^^us^Ic'Ru^^^^^ Earli/ Sixieenth Ceniury 
Rich rose-crimson finely arabesqued with interlacing 

tan and blue leaf-scroUings forming diamond and lozenge 
motives. Broad soft yellow border of arabesqued quatrc- 

•/^. foil crimson plaquettes alternately bearing conventionalized 

blu^ndiavender ^owevf. 5 feet bii 3 feet. 4 Inches: 

B;^GAMo Prayer /^UG Eighteenth Century 

Jtose-rcd paneled-field. I'pper panel with two conventional- 
ized lily motives ; lower, with mihrab latch-hooked yellow 
and quaintly motived spandrils in pale blue. Golden-yellow 
border, Avoven with stellate flowers in pink, pale green, rose, 
red and blue. Inner guards of blossoms and chevrons in 
blue and red ; outer, blossomed on deep tan ground. 

5 feet by 3 feet 3i/, inclieit. 


Kindly read the Conditions under wliich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

336 — Crimson xIug '•"^-'^^ t ^^Eighteenth Century 
Rich lustrous crimson field, woven with a large pale blue in- 
florettcd blossom, geometric and pomegranate motives. 
Seyen-blossomed "Prayer" borders of pale blue, crimson, 
old A'ellow^reen ^nd ivorv. 5 feet 2 inches hi/ 3 feet G inches. 

Ki^AMO Prayer Rlf^ Eighteenth Century 

ulsating rose mihrao, woven with blue blossom at center 
and yellow latch-hook border. Apple-green spandrils, 
chevroned at edges in blue and red. Ivory stellate border, 
guarded with chevroned yellow and red and quaintly mo- 
tived lavender bandings. Broad outer rose-red bordex*, filled 
with angular leaves. .5 feet 7 inches by 3 feet iy, inches. 

Second Afternoon 


, f< • ('"< j^'" t"\ *■» '' V •.' -1? 

-.^ ^ :^aI' 

338 — Floral l^mMA^'RvG^*''^^^^^ Eighteenth Century 

Ivorv field, woven with series of infloretted palmette motives 
in rose-red, green and black, festooned with sprays of blos- 
soms in similar colors. Pale yellow border of scrolled roses 
with back floral guards. 5 feet 1 inch by 3 feet 8 inches. 

Noterj Splendid heavy weaving, exemplifjing how seductive the 
influenc//f ^^^^ch^^^bteent^cenJtury art was even in Persia. 

— Lav^^W^ Bergamo^JR^^g Seventeenth Century 

Lavender field, fluctuating to turquoise-blue and gi'ay, 
woven with a highly conventionalized Tree of Life in tawny 
brown, yellow and pale green. TawTiy brown border of 
blossomed angular scrollings. Guards of yellow and pearl 
S^^y- 5 feet 2 inches by 3 feet 4 inches. 


Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They a re printed in the forepart of the Caf atogiic. 

340 — Meles'^^rayer IiTug 'J'''*^ Eighteenth Century 

Old-red mihrab curiously pendcntcd with yellow and pale 
green diamond motives ; spandrils of ivory arabesqued with 
yellow and red floral motives. Golden-j^ellow border, with 
cusped palmettos in red lavender and ivory ; inner floral 
2 _ guard of lavender and outer of ivory with detached blos- 
^^«-^,_soms; interrupted by red bandings and finished Avith an 

Jter yellow leaf^anding. (Needs restoration.) 
^ ^/"' ^ ^ f^^^ ^ f^*^^ ^ inches. 
LK I^agment"^*"^^^- — Polonaise, Sixteenth Century 
Ivory-gray field, ^tmven with arabesques of trailing vines in 
pale green with dainty notes of sapphire-blue. Bordered 
at ends Avith plaquettes in yellow, blue and green of lotus 
^ ^flowers and Herati leaves. Fringed. 

•5 feet 5 inches by 2 feet 7 inclies. 
Note: A most charming fragment from a noble carpet, its silvery 
ton^ and col^r Indicate a weaving for a great Ceremonial Fete. 

342 ISPAHA Sixteenth Century 

Crimson field, woven with latticed diamond arabesques in 
golden-yellow, blue and green Herati leaves and blossoms. 

/^^ Similar scrollet^order, witli parting red-blossomed golden- 
\^OW ^uardsy y .5 feet 3 inches by 3 feet Uy., inches. 

343 — Ladik PrXyer'IIuo'^' Sixteenth Century 
Curiously placed/ brimson mihrab, woven in blue and pink 

y with florally latticed staff' ; light blue pinnacled spandrils. 
/ ^ The milirab valanced with ivory at foot to a crimson panel 
oi light blue lilies. Seven "Prayer" borders of tawny 
brown rose, rich deep sapphire-blue and crimson, enriclied 
with conventionalized flowers and angular scrollings. 

inches bu 3 feet 9 inches. 

AN Rug 

344 — BluIe'Shirvan Rug ^^~^**^'Bltg)iTeenth Century 

Deep azure blue field, woven seme with dull pink, red and 
green roses. Old-red and ivory blossomed inner border. 
Outer border of quaintly latch-hooked angular scrolls bear- 
ing blossoms, in red, ivory and recurring blue. 

5 feet 7 inches by 3 feet's inches. 


Second Afternoon 

345 — YuRUK Praver Rug;^ Seventcentli Ceniury 

Beautiful rich crimson stepped milirab arch ; latch-hooked, 
and pcndented with carnation motives in brilliant blue. 
Quaintly chevroned green and crimson geometric spandrils, 
with crowning panel of angular geometric motives in sap- 
phire-blue, lavender, tan, ivory and pale yellow. Inner sap- 
phire-blue border of blossomed diamonds, and outer broader 
border of more elaborate diamonds in the colors of the 
crowning panel. 

5 feet 10 Inches bi/ 3 feet By, inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are^printed i/n th^forepart of the Catalogne. 

34;6 — GoLUEN-YELLOw SWna-ICurdistax Fkagment 

'^^^-^ Eighteenth Century 

Heavy rich pile ; golden-j'ellow field woven, at central riglit, 
witli blue-black floral medallion enclosing bouquet of pink 
and blue flowers, surrounded by old-red volutcd and pateraed 
acanthus-leaf scrollings and festoons of ])ink flowers. 

5 ^ect 9 iiirlif's by 3 feet 8 inches. 
Note: A most interesting fragment, demonstrating tlie influence 
of lA^hicexxVci^^^Mr^' Freneh^ecorative motives on Persian rug weav- 

347 — BEUGA>ib f^AYER Bru^— Eighteenth Century 

^Step|)cd niihrab arch of deep American Beauty crimson, 
curiously scroll latch-hooked in peacock green. Jade-green 
spandrils, continuing at sides to a lower panel. Enlivened 
in crimson, yellow and ivory with varied detached geometric 
and floral motives. Gray-blue border of yellow leaf scroll- 
ings be^'ing crimson and green floral motives ; ivory scroll 
guams. y 5 feet 9 inches by 3 feef Uy., inches. 


Ghiordes Pitay-er' Rt'g " ' ' y Sixteenth Century 

Small pinnacled and chevroned old crimson mihrab-arch, 
bordered and pendented with carnation and rose motives in 
ivory, yellow, pale blue and green ; soft yellow spandrils, 
regularly bestrewn with scrolled blossoms. Crowning and 
foot panels of intricate angular scrollings. Seven "Prayer" 
borders, the major, broad, in ivory of columned double blos- 
soms in old-red, blue, pinks and yellows. Highly conven- 
tionalized closely placed carnations in black lesser borders, 
which are/banded with crimson and ivory chevroned stripes. 
// » / 5 ieet 7y, inches by 4 feet 3 inches. 

YuRUK Prayer RifG -f^ Eighteenth Century 

Rich close pile ; interestingly stepped and latch-hooked lav- 
ender pink mihrab, occupied by a staff of flowers bearing 
^. .abroad latch-hooked chevrons in pale green, yellow, black 
and ivory ; blossomed and latticed soft green spandrils, con- 
tinuing to a panel at foot. Six narrow borders of floral 
scrollings in ivory, old-red and lavender-pink. 

5 feet 1 inch by 3 feet (5 inches. 


Second A ft em oon 

350 — Bergamo Prayer RtfG Seventeenth Century 

Stepped and crimson latch-liookcd niihvab, fluctuating from 
a deep sky-blue at crown to paler blue on the liorizon and 
green band at foot, bearing enriched banner motives ; latcli- 
hooked and blossomed rose-red spandrils, continuing to a 
panel at foot. Seven "Prayer" borders, the major of deli- 
cate soft yellow developing liiglily conventionalized carna- 
tion motives in lavender, blue, green, crimson, ivory and 
black. Narrow blossom guards of rose-red, ivory and lav- 
ender. (End borders imperfect.) 

5 feet 81/, inchex bi/ 3 feef 11 inrlici. 

351^^ERGAMO pRAYER^^UG Seventeenth Ccnturt/ 

Small rose-red /tepped and pinnacled mihrab, woven witli 
yellow and blue hooked carnation border and blossomed 
square motive at center; latch-hooked jade-green spandrils, 
continuing and paneling sides and foot, bearing two vertical 
stems of flowers at crown, below a quaintly scrolled panel 
of red. Finished with similar border of angular leaf scroll- 
ings and floral plaquettes on yellow and rose-red grounds. 

5 feet 4 irichen hij 3 feet 7 inches. 

352 — Nomad Kurdistan Kug Seventeenth Century 
Heavy loose pile ; beautiful fluctuating rose-red field, in- 
terestingly arabesqued with diamond floral motives in dark 
and light blue, ivor}^ yellow and touches of rare emerald 

. green. Broad deep blue border, bearing curious angular 
-m^ scroUings occupied by floral plaquettes, varied rose scrolled 
yellow guards. End guards defective. 

J 5 feet lOy, inches by 5 feet 1 inch. 

353 — Carxatiox Cabista^ Rug Seventeenth Century 
Fluctuating fields of plum and warm gray ; woven Avith 
stepped pale blue lozenge medallion and corners occupied 

^ by crimson carnations and larger stellate flowers ; ground 
' "~ seme with regularly placed inflorettcd palmette motives. 
Floral borders of dark and light blue. 

5 feet 7 inches bi/ 3 feef 9 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. TJicy arc printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

354) — Av^Alf iB^^OR^SAN^x'G Eavly Seventeenth Century 
'jAd sea-green field ; Avoven with black, ivory and rosc-du- 
Barry lobed leaf and blossom circular medallion emitting 
four gazelles at the quarters and pendented with scrolled 
vase motives, flanked by two grotesque male dancers posed 
/ above recurring rose-du-Barry facing lions. Deep blue- 

J black border, enriched in the colors of the field with ara- 

besqued blossoms and narrow floral guards. 

(i feet 2 inches by 3 feet 8 inches. 
Note: An extremely rare but truly typical Khorassan weave, very 
strongly Persian in character and distinctive feeling. 

Second Afternoon 

355 — MiLLE-FLEURS Peksiax Hug Eighteenth Century 
Resonant black field, woven with closely placed bouquets of 
pink, ivory and yellow roses. Zigzagged yellow floral medal- 

e>2j(y ^^'^'^ border, with pale blue floral guards. 

5//ce^ 1 Inch lii/ 3 feet 7'/, inches. 

356 — Rose Crimson"Serrebend~Rug Eight eentJi Century 
Beautiful lustrous field, woven with series of green and dark 
blue palniette motives and pinnacled green inner guard. 
Deep ivory border of angular scrollings in red and black, 
with black guards of trailing vines. (Guards lacking at 
two ends.^^y / /I r y...^ ^ ^''''^ ^ ^ ^^^^ ^ inches. 

357— pA^led MeiS4 xvG Eighteenth Century 
(Central oblong panel cff wine-red, woven with curious grail- 
like motives interrupted by blossoms in blue, red, yelloAv and 
ivory. Broad flame rose-red inner border of quaint mean- 

V dering ivory scrolls bearing leaves of blue, yellow and wine 
color, major border with varied lavender ground occupied 
by scrolled leaf motives in rose-red, yellow, lavender and 
ivory ; chevroned guards. Ivory blossomed outer border, 
with a che^^roned crimson guard. 

^ -^^Length 6 feet 7 inches: width, 4 feet 8 inches. 

358 — BLufe" Kai^k Ru (T" '^^^^^^^^v/ Eighteenth Century 
Fhiely fluctuating blue field ; woven with curious columned 
center of geometric motives, surrounded by double C-scroll 

^ devices in ivory, soft yellow and rose-red. Ivory border of 
^ ^quaintly latch-hooked blossoms in the colors of the field; 
/ ^ ' blue pimiacled old-red guards. Close heavy weaving. 

1/ /Ly. ^ ^''^'^ ^ inches b;/ 4 feet 1 inch. 

359 — Kvi^Au P/^Aj^R^'R^G^^^ Sixteenth Century 
Rare stepped, pearly gray mihrab arch, with pendant of 
carnations and columned border of shrub forms in soft 

/ yellow, ivory and red-brown ; spandrils with paneled zigzags 
(fi in softer tones, crowned with a sapphire-blue panel of quaint 

S-scrollings. Eleven narrow blossom borders of yellow, 
ivory, pale blue, lavender and rose-du-Barry. 

6 feet 6 inches bi/ 4 feel 2 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

Floral Lahore Rug /nnaian, Lai 

360 — Floral La4iore Rug /Ir^wtC^ hate Sixteenth Century 
Soft yellow field, woven with two scrolling bushes of old 
pink roses filling the entire surface, the leaves of dull green, 
the stems of blue. Crimson border of scrolling blue carna- 
tions, having narrow scrolled ivory guards. 

Length, 7 ^eet; width, 3 feet 6 inches. 

Note: An interesting type, showing- the influence of Western 
mannerism and Persian culture on Indian rug weaving. 

Second Afternoon 

361 — Pkusiax Kei,im Ri-g /^^^~^ Seventeenth Century 
Silvery gray-blue field ; Woven with florally arabesqued old 
rose-red diamond medallion ])endented with vase-like motives 
imposed on a black diamond lattice enclosing numerous pink 
and yellow carnation sprays. Angular yellow floral border, 

/ with black guards bearing oval medallioned entwining vines 

^ ^occupied by mock inscriptions. (Field stained and imper- 
fect.^ / 6 ^eet 2 inchen hi/ 4 feet i inchfs. 

362 — Latticed Wine-red Cabistax Rug Seventeenth Century 
Rich lustrous field ; woven with highly conventionalized 
columned stem of deep azure blue flowers and hooked blos- 
soms at edge. Tan, inner border of blue, wine-red and ivory 
carnations and tan gviards. Finished with an outer guarded 
border of red, blue and pale yellow pinnacles. (One end 
border imj^erfect.) 

Lenf/th, 7 feet 2 inches; rcidtJi, 2 feet 8 inches. 

363 — ^Tedallion TvraLES RuG^^^^^ Seventeenth Century 
Field occupied by a wine-red stepped oval medallion and 
azure blue bracket corners, arabesqued in yellow, pink, ivory 
and pale blue with bouquets of rare lilies, pomegranate and 
other motives. Border paneled with blossomed lozenge 
devices alternately in wine-red and ivory on golden-vellow 
grounds ; crimson floral guards. Unusually heavy pile. 

5 feet 10 inches by 4 feet 3 inches. 

S6i — Carxation GhiordkS Rug Sixteenth Century 

Old mustard yellow stepped mihrab ; woven in lavender pink 
with oblong bouquet, and hooked border of smaller carna- 
tions and a band of lily motives at foot ; ivory spandrils, 
entwined by furtlier larger carnation ; finished at crown and 

, foot with blossomed cloud-scroll panels. Ivory border, 

bearing staff of pale blue, old-red and lavender-pink carna- 
tions ; broad guards of tawny brown and recurring mus- 
tard 3'ellow, bearing varied detached liliform blossoms. 

6 feet 4 inches hi/ 4 feet 3 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is oifered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


c H I yij CT^^^^'^^u^^msTAX^ft u G Eighteenth Century 
]*anelen at upper right with interior and exterior views of 
a mosque ; bordered with arabesqued scroll bands ; below are 
two rich red panels, the lower having a yellow recurring 
border. Finisiied at left and foot with broad deep ivory 
further borders of blossomed arabesques. Woven in rich 
golden-yellow, varied blues, greens, plum and pink. 

5 feel 11 inches by 3 feet 8 inches. 
NOjfe: A heavy weaving of sterling quality made for everlasting 

366— L^^^K^ PRYi^i'sniuflry^ Sixteenth Century 
Curious pinnacled tnple-arclied brilliant crimson mihrab, 
finished at foot with deep panel of green lilies pendent from 
elaborately blossomed chevrons ; azure-blue spandrils, hav- 

yf t quaint leaf motives. Rich deep azure-blue border, en- 

"livened with oval blossoms interrupted by delicate spravs 
of tulips in yellows, crimson, green and ivor}' ; hatched 
guard^^ariously of dull lavender, crimson, yellow and ivory. 

I Z-^ " G feet 2 inches: Inj 3 feet 8 inrlie.i. 

367 — Rose^du-Barry Ispahax Tragmext Fifteenth Century 
Rare lustrous rose-du-Barry crimson ; woven in mellow j-el- 
lows, ivory, green, rose and blue-black with beautifully 

J ^ drawn liliform, lotus and pomegranate motives and Herati 
^^0^" leaves amid recurring regularly placed cloud scrolls on an 
arabesque lattice bearing occasional smaller flowers. 

7 feet 4 inches by -t feet 1 inch. 
Note: A fine fragment of an important carpet, the weaving 
technically perfect in detail. 

XT^ _yjlIUust rated/) . 

368 — Medallion Cabistan Sixteenth Century 
Field woven with three varied latch-hooked arabesqued 
lozenge medallions set in blue floral panels connected b^v 
central bandings ; finished with quaintly hooked 3'ellow bor- 

^^.^ ders, four oblong panels flanking center and triangular 
corners. Ivory, 3'ellow and old-red major border of angu- 
lar leaves and tawny brown guards of floral medallions, 
striped witll old red. G fo-t 9 inches by 3 feet 10 inches. 

No. 3G7 — Rose-du-Barry Ispahan Fragment 
(Fifteenth Centiirt/) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are pvinted in the forepart of the Catalogue. 



hate Fifteenth Century 
Rose-du-Barry fieldVwovcn in dark and light blues, yellow, 
green and ivory witli very varied large floral plaquettes 
regularly placed amid arabesque vines of small tulips and 
^ lilies. Side borders only in old soft yellow bearing ara- 
'~t)esqued lotus and lily devices. 

6 10 inches bi/ C feff 9 inche.i. 

Note: A most interesting and valiial)]<?- document, illustrating the 
earl^devel()])ment ot^Isp<{^an w/?Sving/^^ ^ 

370— M^SdA^JkO^hiva ftlj^^' ^^^^h^ventccnth Century 
Close silky ])ile, in rare condition. Shimmering deep rose- 
red field ; woven in rich blue, ivory and lavender-pink, with 
very beautifully drawn series of traceried, latticed and stel- 

Jf lated lozenge motives. Paneled border, with similar less 
J, ^complex oblongs alternating Avith oval medallions ; chev- 
roned outer and half-blossomed inner guard. Finished at 
ends with hooked diamonds. 

0 feet 10 incites bi/ 3 feet 4y, inches. 
Note: Authentic? Khiva rug^ of this beautiful type are only met 

with_^^^ong^^Mi^e- lntein>l« 
-Important ^Sai'pjiirb 

371 — Important ^a p p j i i vi1^mA^^rA^^''^Gm::b e n - y e i, i. o w Asia 
Minor Carpet ^ Fifteenth Century 

Beautiful golden-3'ellow field, woven with series of complex 
lily motives reversed from a series of ovoidal arabesques 
1^ . " about center; executed in rich rose-crimson, sapphire-blue 
and warm tan. Rose-crimson border of alternating yellow 
and sapphire-blue ovoidal plaquettes of small flowers, with 
inner yellow and blue angular scrolled guard and outer of 
crimson and blue. 9 feet 6 inches bi/ 7 feet 2 inches. 

Note: This rare and interesting specimen of weaving has a dis- 
tinctive beauty in the correlated jiroportion of the jiattern and is 
es])ecially fine in color. Number 31 of the Ballard Carpets now on 
exhibition at the Metro))()litan Museum bears many similar interesting 
motives, and there is an indefinable analogy between these floral mo- 
tived carpets and their contemporaries, the famous "Dragon" carpets. 
No doubt some Chieftain loving war less and flowers more caused their 
weaving for his Palace. 


No. 371 — Important Sapphire-blue and Golden-vellow Asia 
Minor Carpet {Fifteenth Centurij) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

*^RED Kttrm^anK^g Eighteenth Century 

Long heavy pile ; fluctuating rose-red field, woven in greens, 
blues, ivory, pink, ])lum color and yellow with large varied 
blossoms regularly placed on dia,niond arabesques bearing 
henna flowers. TawTiy plum border, with similar large 
— ■ flowers arabcsqued with angular leaves. 

^ /f /" 6 feet, 7 inrhes by 4 feet. 

373 — KuLAH Prayer Rufl Sixteenth Century 
Stepped sapphire-blue mihrab, occupied by a pendent 
column of yellow roses and border of similar colored carna- 
tions ; spandrils of old yellow, scrolled with detached pale 
blue leaves. Broad ivory border, with series of closely 

^ — ■ placed highly conventionalized carnations variously in pale 
blue, yellow and dull pink outlined in black ; yellow scroll 
guards. 6 ^^^^ 4 y^p^ 2 inches. 

374 — Paneled Shi^^^i^^^*"'^^ Late Seventeenth Century 
Lustrous rose-crimson field; woven with double latch- 
hooked diamond center of jade green, lavender, ivory and 
blue, paneled ^vith triangular corners of blue blossomed 
ivory stripes. Ends bearing lozenge motives and square 

eiy^^^ devices, paneled with a continuation of the surrounding sap- 
^ phire-blue medallioned guard. Apricot-yellow border, bear- 

ing highly conventionalized groups of buttei*flies interrupted 
by curious blossoms. Outer blue guard. 

L/ 7 feet 1 mch by 5 feet 1 inch. 

^mson^^erreb^J^'Carpet Eighteenth Century 
I^Ose-crimson field/with small floral ivory bracket comers ; 
woven with closely placed infloretted palmette motives in 
pale blue and black. Ivory border of angular scrolls enclos- 
7^ ■ — ing quaintlv varied shrub devices ; three inner and outer 
floral guards, variouslv of crimson, pale and dark blues. 

10 feet 3 inches by 5 feet 7 inches. 

No. 375 — Rose-crimson Serrebend Carpet {Eighteenth Century) 

Kindly read the Conditions rinder which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


TES <ttuG 7 - ■ Late Sixteenth Century 
Soft old mustard-yellow lozenge medallion at center woven 
with rose-du-Barry latch-hooks at edges, and round ivory 
diamond device pendented with lily and carnation bouquets. 
Pale blue scrolled corners, having rose-du-Barry tulip bor- 
ders and finishing blossomed rose-du-Barry and green 
cloud-scrolled end panels. Two varied angular scroll bor- 
ders, parted by five blossomed bands alternately of deep 
ivory and recurring rose-du-Barry. 

6 feet 8 inches h\j .3 feet 10 inches. 

377 — ^'/ri:^d KazXk 'Ku^^'^*'''^'^ Eighteenth Century 

^ Heavy loose pile/^aneled with oblongs of blossomed stripes 
on ivor}^ yellow and recurring ivor}' interrupted with 
varied blue guards. Executed in rose-red, several grada- 
tionsj^f blue, ivor}' and yellow. 

7 feet 7 inches hi/ 3 feet !) inches. 


IvoRY Kazak RTug" ^ ^^''^^"'^"^drly Eighteenth Century 
Heavy long pile ; ivory field, woven with three oblong panels 
bearing cruciform motives in turquoise and deep blue, pink 
and crimson, finished on two sides with everlasting knot 
motives. Rich rose-red border, with hooked angular motives 
in rather deeper tones of the field colors. Pale yellow chev- 
roned inner guard and similarly motived red and blue outer 
guaurd. ^ y 7 feet by 4 feet 6 inches. 

^\^NELEi) \ URUK Rug Seventeenth Century 

Old-rfed center, woven with triple columns of angular leaf- 
scrolls bearing chevroned plaquettes at intervals and bor- 
ders of the same motives in blues, yellows and tawn}' laven- 
der ; the panel finished with hooked-blossoms and double 
C\5' — center series of pinnacles on crimson ground bearing scroll- 
ings similar to those of the columns. Broad tawny laven- 
der major border, enlivened with featherlike palmette mo- 
tives alternating with diamond motives. Ivory pinnacled 
and scrolled guards similar to column scrollings. 

6 feet !) inches hij \ feet 2 inches. 

Second Afternoon 

380 — I^^E^TAjT'd^^^^^^^^^^'*^^ Seventeenth Century 

Rich deep rose-red field ; woven, in yellows, green, dark blue 
and ivory, with rare blossoms amid Hcrati leaves and lat- 
ticed arabesques. Black border, with arabesqued conven- 
^ tionalized blossoms and medallioned yellow guards. 

9 feet 1 inch hi/ 5 feet 4yo inches. 

381 — MiLLE-FLEURs Shiraz Carpet Seventeenth Century 
Resonant rich deep blue field ; woven in rose-red, blues, 
ivory, cool yellow and curious old-rod with lily devices, 
somewhat square in form, placed regularly and forming a 
diamond trelliscd effect ; old-red corners of highly conven- 
tionalized carnation bouquets. Crimson border of modified 
lily devices, interrupted by half motives similar in charac- 
ter ; ivory and red pinnacled outer and leaf-scrolled burnt 
orange inner guards. 

10 feet 3 inches In/ 5 feet 5y., inches. 

382 — Serrebend Tile Carpet /\ Seventeenth Century 
Lavender-rose field, wovefn with interlocking ovoidal pla- 
quettes daintily arabesq/ued in blue, ivory and black with 
trees of life flanking liliform devices. Seven nai'row 
"Prayer" borders of closely placed varied flowers, the inner 

• ^ and central of ivory, the others matching the field. 

Length, 10 feet 7 inches: zvidth, 5 feet 3 inches. 

383 — ^lden-yej<c^w Karabagh Rug Eighteenth Century 
Lustrous /golden-yellow field, with double crimson and blue 
pinnacleci guard. Diamond lattice border, alternately of 
ivory blossomed dull plum-color and yellow blossomed azure- 
blue. Outer ivory and crimson guard. 

12 feet 2 inches by 2 feet 7 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under wliich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in tlie forepart of the Catalogue. 


384— G^Ex*?-"^ 

ELLOW tjAJ&/ i^panisJi Early Sixteenth Century 
Deep golden-yellow* field ; woven in paler golden-yellow 
touched with sapphire-blue, displaying three oval wreath 
medallions, enclosing conventionalized bouquets. Beautiful 
inner guard of yellow, scrolled with sapphire-blue ; fine 
Renaissance border in similar tones to field occupied b}' a 
staff bearing vases and leaf arabesque scrollings in the 
Raphaelesque manner. (Borders at ends imperfect.) 

6 feet 6 inches hy 3 feet 9y., inches. 
Sofe: This beautiful golden-yellow rug is woven in the Herati 
technique, confirming the tradition that Eastern weavers migrated 
at various epochs to Spain. 

9' w 

Second Afternoon 

385 — Embroidered Sr^\NiSH''^*^CTu!!^Y^'t^^KPET 

/ y Fifteenth Century 

Golden-yellow field ; enriched with gi'een scrolled arabesqued 
medallion and surrounding sprays of varied pahnette, lotus 
and henna flowers in blues, rose-red, ivory, green and deep 
wine color. Border of geometric diamond and cruciform 
motives in the colors of the field. 

7 feet 7 inches by 4 feet 10 inches. 

Note: A most interesting example of the blending of Oriental 
Renaissance and Gothic motives into a beautiful whole. 



Spanish Gothic, Late Fifteenth Century 
Golden-apricot brown field ; displaying central crucifonn 
motive pendented with archaic double displa^'ed eagles, oc- 
casional small birds, four bullocks at center of sides, four 
large blue dragons proceeding toward ends, where arc four 
green birds strongh' reminiscent of Byzantine motives ; exe- 
cuted in jade green, yellow, ivory and sapphire-blues 
touched with dull wine color. Broad border of numerous 
'•^ quaintly bell-skirted figures of women standing between 
jardinieres and holding up both their hands in exhortation. 
Inner guard of rich sapphire-blue angularly scrolled in gold 
and pink. 

8 feet 10 inches hi/ -i feet 10 Vo inches. 

Note: These quaint and curious rugs were formerly known as 
parrot carpets because of their gay coloring. This rug is very remin- 
iscent of the Henriques Carpet now in the Metropolitan Museum. 

387 — Spanish ^^MBROiDEi^En^t^?R^^^^*^ Siocteenth Century 
Tawny black field, enriched in dull rose, blues, wine color, 
greens and golden-yellow with central scrolled cartouche 
yellow medallion bearing a large rose spray ; at each end 
are scrollings of varied flowers issuing from vases, such as 
are offered at Church Festivals. Irregular yellow border, 
edged with small trailing rose vines and bearing similar 
larger vines occasionally displaying blue flowers. 

8 feet by 5 feet -i inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
mid sold. They (ire printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

388 — Embroidered sanctuary 

Hispano-Moresqife Early Sixteenth Century 
Azurc-blue field ; cnriclied with curiously cloud-scrolled, 
lobed oblong medallion in a])ricot, having a stellate center 
of blue beautifully nrabesqued in pale blue, yellow, green, 
ivory and wine color with cruciform and lotus motives ; field 
arabesqued with graceful angular Gothic vine scrollings 
forming round and diamond medallions bearing blossoms 
of lotus, anthemion and henna. Broad border in the recur- 
^ ring apricot, ground and colors of the medallion ; very beau- 
tifully arabesqued with vines bearing lotus flowers in vari- 
ous phases of blooming ; golden-yellow guards, with angular 
scrollings having blue and wine-colored blossoms. Narrow 
apricot geometric finishing bands. 

8 feet 3 inches by 5 feet 8 inches. 

Note: A most beautifully toned carpet, with a fine intricately pro- 
portioned scheme of motives carried to the greatest heights of delicacy. 
The inspiration no doubt taken from an Ispahan carpet modified by 
the Gothic spirit and color tendency of Spain at that time. 



No. 388 — Embroidered Sanctuary Carpet 
(Hispano-Moresque Earli/ Sixteenth Century) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

H-y/i-l'^ -^^ 

389 — RWyal Sanctuary Carpei 

Hispino-Moresque Fifteenth Century 
Golden-yellow field damasse in tan ; woven with outlines of 
crimson enlivened with touches of sapphire-blue, displaying 
series of large intricate lily motives alternating with cruci- 
form motives at one end and with cruciform diamonds witli- 
in medallions trailed Avith small lilies at other. Border of 
.oval jilaquettes, enclosing various arcliaic tulip motives in 
• -blue and crimson and emerald green, parted by triple blos- 
soms. Stellate angular scroll guards in crimson. 

9 feet 6 inches by 8 feet. 

Note: The predominating coloring, crimson and gold, embody tlie 
Royal colors of Sj)ain and denote a Royal origin. 


390 — I^PAxisft ^R'^NAis^NCE ^Imbj^^^ed^arpet 

Sixteenth Century 

Apricot-brown field ; displaying green vine-wreathed central 
cruciform motive, each end composed of standing figure of 
a Court Beau flanked by double displayed eagles and sprays 
of flowers, and two Court Belles with hands uplifted, in- 
terrupted by jardinieres of flowers, in ivory, blue, pink, yel- 
low and green ; foliated golden-yellow guard. Exquisite 
^' ^ turquoise-blue border, developing scrollings bearing and 
canopying figures of peacocks standing between jardinieres 
of carnations in the colors of the field, and wine-color 
touches giving added charm. 

10 feet 2 inche.1 by -t feet 11 inches. 

Note: The border of this rare carjjet is a most unusual and 
beautiful achievement. 

No. 389 — Royal Sanctuary Carpet 
(Hispano-Moresque Fifteenth Century) 




Catalogue Numbers 391 to 543, inclusive 


391 — Glass Specimen C5tBiNET 
Oblong, finely jointed glass. On molded base. 

^ ' Height, 8 inches; length, 13 inches. 

392 — Jxpanbse Lacquer Box 

Oblong, with hinged cover; interior fitted tray and com- 
partments. Enriched with mother-of-pearl, gilded cobweb 
^''^^ motives ; on aventurine grounds. 

Height, 6% inches; length, lOy^ inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

393— Pear^ 


Oblong ; with hinged co|/tr ; trimmed with brass corners, rose 
escutclicon and bail handles. Interior fitted with twelve 

utch. Eighteenth Century 

varied^ bottles for liqueurs (several chipped). 



11 inches; lenr/fh, 16 inches. 


German, Sixteenth Century 
Oblong, with hinged molded cover ; front paneled with two 
curious arches; enriched in black and red with inscription 
partially reading, "30 \on Fiedeberg 1593." Trimmed 
with double lock iind iron bail handles. 

ht, 12 inches; Ien//fh. 1!)'/, inches. 


395 — Domed Maitogany Spkcjmen Cabinet Sheraton Style 
Oblong, wi/h flutod^l-canted pilasters ; finely domed with 
fluted astragals. On loose molded base. 

leight 24i/, inches; width, 19i/2 inches. 

Broad splatte^ back and rush seat; on stretchered balus- 
'arved Mahogany Benches Chippendale Style 

e; supported on square legs and box stretcher; en- 
with sunk Gothic medallions. Seat in black chintz. 

^^^^^f^^l^^ inches; 18 inches 
ANY Umbrella Stands 




Sheraton Style 

Three annular laurel-molded rims, sustained by flaring ar- 
row^ Round molded base. Brass lining. 

Set of Inlaid \^ahogany CofHee Tables 

Sheraton Style 

Four graduated tables ; oblong top, inlaid with satin and 
kingwood bandings. On slender columnar legs and arched 
feet having incurved stretchers. 

Heii/hf, 30 inches; width, 17i/, inches. 

"1 I'll It 


Third and Last Afternoon 

400 — Upholstered Artmchair ^^^.^-^ Chippendale Style 
Serpentined back, roll-over arms and loose seat covered in 
apple-green velours. On headed and molded square legs 

with/6-st^ptcher.^ ^ ^ 

401 — ^^wo Carved Mah^>^y R^bgn-bacijI Armchairs 

/ Chippendale Style 

Open back, with cdpid bow crowning rail ; enriched with 

// rocaillc, open medallion and scrollings ; three bowed knots 

^ fi,^ of interlacing ribbons as splat supported at base by open 
rocaille and leaf motives ; leaf-scrolled arms. On valanced 
cabriole legs, with cartouche knees and leaf-scrolled feet. 
Scat /?ovei^d in dull green leather. 

402 — Qarved Walnut Armchair Renaissance Style 
Oblong back, with molded pediment supported by cherubs' 
heads; paneled with bird and fruit illuminated leather. 

-7^10 Scroll aprfjs with caryatid supports; wood seat. On taper- 
/"^ ing stretchered4^gs. yy^ / 

403— C:\KVETi Mah<)c;_axv Si'ecimen Table Chippendale Style 
Leaf-molded oblopg top and frieze glazed ; frieze adorned 
with pateraed blocks ; ribbon and rosette moldings. On 
scroll pierced two-sided square legs having scrolled oblong 
galleried stretcher. 

/ / / yaiieneu sureLciiej 

ht, 281/. inches; letKjth. 30 inches. 

404 — Carved MxiiOGA'sJfTJi^'l^'^'^^^^ Style 
Oblong top, with /inset fan corners. Frieze fitted with 
drawer enriched ^ith scrolled acanthus leafage and oval 
. ^ medallion. On outcurv^ed tapering square legs witli X- 
stretcher having crested oval medallion at center. 

Height, 30 inches; widfh, 29 inrfien. 

405 — Carved M.A.noGPpfSY Suite of Chairs ttepptewhite Style 
Consisting of tv^o arm and four side chairs. Open, molded 
shield back, with vase splat pierced with scroll motives 
terminating in paterae and pineapple motives ; scrolled arms. 
J On molded tapering square legs. Seat covered in patterned 

black haircloth. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. T^hey are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


-Carved Mahogany Sm-XEE Sheraton Style 

Scroll over arms ana seat covered in striped blue and 
cream silk. On tapering square legs ; enriched with sunk 
carved leaf medallions. 

Height, 28y, inclioi; lcu<ilh, IT'/, inches. 


Louis XVI Style 
Oblong, frieze fitted with three drawers on tapering square 
legs. Richly mounted in cnivre dorc, with panel of sportive 
cupidons, husk moldings and basket scrolled handles. Beau- 
tiful Rouge Breche marble top. 

Height 2 feet (i inches; length, t feet 2 inches. 



Carved and X^ilded Mirror Adam Style 

Oblong, witli honeysvickle frieze and centered by an oblong 
Wedgwood plaque of blue and white jasper, Cupidons al- 
legorical of tlie "Four Seasons" ; surmounted by a fes- 
tooned urn pediment. Three divisions, parted by half 
balusters adorned with husks and leafage. 


Height, ■!• feet 4 inches; width, 4 feet 1 inch. 

GilJed^TVIir^^-^ ""^^^nglish Eighteenth Century Style 
Oblong, with pateraed and molded cornice ; scrolled pedi- 
ment, with vase terminal. Supported on fluted Corinthian 
columns. Beveled mirror. 

Height, 3 feet 11 inches ; length 4 feet lOVg inches. 



foGANY Wardrobe 

English Eighteenth Century Style 

l^ctangular, with molded frieze. Enclosed by two paneled 
'doors ; on claw-footed legs. Interior fitted with trays. 

Height, 4 feet 10 inches; ■width, 4 feet 3 inches. 

Third and Last Afternoon 


411y^NLAiD MAHOGANYxficwr"" ErigUsli Eighteenth Century 
Square, with liii^ged cover; enriched Avith circular satin- 
^ wood fan motive, luisks and festoons. Initialed D.R. and 

c^JS" dated 1793. On bracket feet. 

HeUfht, 0 inches; width, 5 inches. 


a- — 

-iNL'SffiD "Elmrop^^ox """^ 'English Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, Avitli round hinged cover. Exceptionally fine 
grained elm. 

inches; length, 1 inches. 


413 — IxLinif'SNAKivwDOB Tea uadd-j 

English Eighteenth Coitury 
Oblong ; with hinged cover ; enriched with sunk silver bail 
handle and brass winged claw feet. Interior fitted with 
two covered mahogany caddies and central cut glass sugar 
bowl.^ ^ 

Height, 7Vjf inches; length, 13 inches. 

Mahogany Kxii^ Box EngthUi Eighteenth Century 

Bow front, witli hinged slanting cover. Enriclied in silver 
with two medallions having engraved crests, vase escutcheon, 
vase bail handles and claw feet. Interior lined with crim- 
son velours. 

Height. 14% inches; width, 11^/4 inches. 



Ki/ndly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold.. They are /printed vn the forepart of the Catalogue. 


-In^aid EliIroc/t ICnifk^I^ox ' ^ Sheraton Period 
(Broken serpentine front ; with hinged slanting cover. En- 
riched with vases of oak leaves and acorns. Trimmed with 
silver-plated escutcheon and ring handle. In original condi- 
^ Needs restoration.) 

Height, 14i/, hirhes ; width, 9 inches. 




ticrn. / Needs restor 
Ar iijlIary Celesti 

lAL Table Globe 
U English Eighteenth Century 

Sustained in an annular brass ring within a carved mahog- 
any stand. 

^ Height, 10 inches. 

( IJjM^st rated), 

417 — TVo Xnlaid MAiioGAN^^ if^aF^^oxEs Sheraton Period 
Broken serpentin^ front; with hinged slanting cover; en- 
riched with oval medallioii of English flowers. Interior 
fitted for knives and forks. 

^ Height, 14 inches; width, 9 inches. 

From the Tiffana Studios Collection. 



-/P ^ A-/ (Illustrated) 
Iecorated r?ATixwooD MaxteT^Llock 

418— Dec 

Late Sheraton Period 

Oblong case, molded with mahoganA' at crown and foot. 

Enriched with festoons and sprays of roses and leaf span- 

*n u,-drils. Painted dial. 
/ (M^ J Y r\ Height, 9 inches. 

419 — OlO-^Englisit Car OGANY MaXTEL ClOCK 
Scrolled case, enriohed with^eaf and rocaille motives. 

'jj'^ /^/^ U j\ \J \ % Height, 12y., inches. 

-Old English Carvbd Mahogany Lectern 

420— ( 

Adjustable readinw board, carved with medallions of musi- 
^ cal instruments. l,eaf baluster support, with enriched cir- 
*»cular base. 

Width, 13 inches. 

No. 416 — Armillary Celestial Table Globe 
(English Eighteenth Centurij) 

No. -ll? — Two Inlaid Mahogany Knife Boxes 
(Sheraton Period) 

Kindly read the Conditions ij^ider ■which every item is offered 
and sold. They arc printed hi the forepart of the Catalogue. 


oganvTkaveling Desk 

English Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, witli hinged .slanting cover folding over 
to form desk ; lined with green cloth. Interior 
.fitted; outer drawer at lower left. Trimmed with 
brass bandings and oval medallions. 

HcUjht, GVo inches: leu<jth, 19'/;. uichci. 


IN^AHOGANY Miniature 

lECKUsT Table 

Chippendale Period, 
Finely scrolled molded circular sunk top. On 
small baluster and tripod scrolled legs with hoof 
feet. (Legs recarvcd.) 

Heujhl, Sy^, inches; diameter, 18 inches. 

Old English InlaidT Cedar Wall Cabinet 
Shallow oblong case; fitted with two molded 
doors, enriched with oval shell motives. 

I L Height, 22 inches; zcidth, 19 inches. 

I Note: Cedar cabinets of this type were used in the 

early nineteenth century for cigars in place of the then not 
invented humidor. 

42;3 — 



Similar to the prebeding. 

If- j, i ' 

425 — Inlaw 7raSt^lrcyoD^BKROM^ Early English 

Arched oblong case with carved leaf pediment, 
long thermometer case with leaf-molded base. 
0^'"^ Enriched in mother-of-pearl with Britannia and 
Lion, and crossed flags within medallions. 

Lcnqth. 3S inches. 

Tliird and Last Afternoon 

426 — Inlaid JVlA^nooAxy Barometeu 
English Eightieenth Century 
Banjo shape, with scrolled 
/ molded pediment bearing long 

^ thermometer and three dials 
— showing weather, humidity and 
level. Bv Somalvico. 


-Mahogany *Wii^e^'C< 

Dnfcli Eighteenth Century 
Oval tapering sides, boat-shaped 
at crown. Trimmed with brass 
bandings, bail handle and loose 

Height, 20 inches; width, 15 inches. 



Georgian Period 
Tapering oblong body, enriched 
with reeded crown and base ; on 
castored ball feet. Incuned 
hinged cover. Interior fitted. 

Height, 22 inches; length, 26y., inches. 


-Inlaid JyTAi/oGANwrvoRK Box 

Sheraton Period 
Oblong box, witli hinged cover 
and small drawer at lower left 
side ; enriched with urn and her- 
ring-bone bandings. On stand 
with brass capped tapering 
square legs. 

Height. 27 inches; width, ICy, inches. 


Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 



432— Two 

lNj,Ai^''^'^kAH^ANY TcIIlet^^'^b^ob' Sheraton Period 
Oval frame ; sustained within scrolled posts. Serpentined 
stand, fitted with three drawers. On bracket feet. 
^ ^\ I i Height, 23 inches; width, 17 inches. 

CarveId Mahogai^/y Knife Urn ^ Georgian Period 
Cylindrical body, enriched with deep reedings ; on molded 
round base and square plinth. Domed sliding, socketed 
cover, enriched with gilded pineapple terminal. 

Heifflit, 29 inches; diameter, 13 inches. 


AcatiER Poi&^IScfe^^'' Sheraton Period 

Tapering round shaft, with leaf terminal and leaf-enriched 
vase, baluster at foot; on curved tripod feet. Adjustable 
scrolled oval panel in eighteenth century ivory lacquer, 
displaying Chinese landscape and figures in colors and gold. 
Mahogany stands apparently of a later period. 

Height, 541/2 inches. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

.. . 

433 — Carvs^ Wal#ut Toilet Mir 

ROR Queen Anne Period 

Arched molded frame ; enriched witli gilded leaf motives ; 
sustained within slanting tapering posts. Oblong stand 
with incurved front, fitted with three drawers trimmed with 
lion-head knobs. Valanced apron and bracket feet. 

/ / / Height, 22 inches; width, 14y, inches. 

— -Lacquered 1'oilet IVtirror Queen Anne Period 

Molded oblong fraipie, with indented double round corners ; 
sustained within reeded slanting posts. Stepped serpen- 
tined stand, fitted with two long shallow drawers and two 
deeper below. On shaped molded base with bracket feet. 
Enriched with gilded scroUings on black grounds. 

Height, 29 inches; zcitifh, 15 inches. 

435 — Inlaid Mahog 

iRROR Sheraton Period 

Oval mirror, sustained within two scrolled arms ; serpentined 
stand, fitted with three beautiful elm-root drawers. On 
Jjracket feet. 

Height, 20 inches; width, IG'/, inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


Chippendale Period 

SAroll-molded round sunk top, on baluster shaft, enriched 
/ A with spiral flutings, and scrolled tripod legs with fine spade 
b ^"feet. 

^ r\ Heiaht, 27 inches; diameter, 23 inches. 

437 — CARviiD^MA5iis«w^Y' Chai^^ Chippendale Period 
Open back, with serpentined top and side rails; pierced 

// r-^utcd fan-shaped splat. On H-stretchered molded taper- 
("Y ing legs. Loose seat in floral chintz. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

438 — Carved Mahogany Tilting Piecrust Table 

Chippendale Period 
Scroll-molded sunk round top, enriched at border with 
beautiful leaf-scrolls and sprays of flowers supported on 
^ baluster shaft adonied with graceful spiral vines of leafage. 
Scrolled tripod legs, with acauthus-leaf knees and feet. 

Height, 271/3 inches; diameter, 27 inches. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collections, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 1910. , 

439 — Inlaid Satinwood Specimen Table Sheraton Period 
Oval top, with glass panel and frieze inlaid with varied 
bandings, mock dentils and panels of elm-root. On taper- 
ing square legs. I^incd with crimson velours. 

Height, 30 inches; length .32 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

4)40 — iNivAfD Mahogany Ca^net " Sheraton Period 

Rectan^lar, enclosea by two paneled doors; on molded 
tapering, castored legs. Upper portion with two open 
shelves supported by back and scrolled ends. Inlaid with 
fine satinwood bandings. 

Height, 41 inches; vsidth, 21 inches. 

yr-. ... 

Mahogany Wash Stand Sheraton Period 

Rectangular, with double hinged top folding to sides. Front 
fitted about center with tambour sliding door, below with 
two mock drawers made as one drawer. On valanced brack- 
eted feet. Interior fitted. 

Height, 321/0 inches; -width, 17 inches. 


442 — Inlaid MahocIsany T^#le Late Sheraton Period 

Oblong molded top, with canted corners ; enriched with oval 
fan motive in satinwood and mock dentiled rim. Fitted with 
two drawers having porcelain and brass ring handles. Sup- 
ported at ends with open scrolled lyres having brass strings, 
and open scrolled stretcher. 

Height, 281/3 inches; -width, 25 inches. 

443 — MahoganyPedestal Desk 

Georgian Period 
Loose 'slant-top desk, with interior fitted in satinwood. On 
square, molded pedestal having side slide for writing and 
enclosing door; enriched with diamond panels. On castored 
ball feet. 

Height, Siy, inches; -width, 26 inches. 


-Inlaid Walnft T^^le Italian Eighteenth Centxiry 

Circular top, enriched with mcdallioned figure of a mounted 
warrior and numerous bandings. On baluster shaft with 
scrolled tripod legs. 

Height, 30 inches; diameter, 36 inches. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

445 — Mahogany Corner Chair 

English Early Eighteenth Century 
Finely scrolled horseshoe top rail, with roll-over center ; 
supported by three reed fluted columnar balusters and two 
pierced vase splats, enriched with shell motives and pendent 
husks. Front cabriole leg with cartouche and husk at knee, 
the flanking legs straight ; all terminating in quaint Dutch 
feet having hollow radiations. Loose seat in green damask. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 1910. 

446 — Two Black Lacque Armchairs ' Sheraton Period 
Open paneled back, witli pierced oblong medallioned splat ; 
, baluster back and arm supports, and legs. Fine open 

t>Zi^ "~ scrolled arms. Small back panels and seats in rosetted dia- 
mond patterned pink brocade. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalorpie. 

English Early Eighteenth Century 
Open spooned back, with side rails scrolling into an arched 
crown having a serpentined pediment eni-iched with shell 
motive; beautiful cai'touched vase splat; broad pear-shaped 
^.^ seat, Avith incurved front. On bracketed cabriole legs, with 
shell knees and web or duck feet. Loose seat, in Jacquard 
loom tapestry. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 1910. 

Note: These exceptionally fine chairs are admirably simple in 
their beautiful proportions. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

448 — Car/^d/Mahogaxy Chair Gothic Chippendale Period 
Op/n back, very beautifully proportioned. Curiously waA'ed, 
serpentined crowning rail developing a series of irregular 
medallions and floral sprays at horns ; supports with sunk 
medallions ; rare pierced splat, composed of leaf-scrolled 
trefoil Gothic arch motives mounting in series of one, two 
and three. On square legs with similar medallions to sup- 
ports. Seat in original eighteentli century olive-green vel- 
vet. Circa 1765. 

From the Tiif any Studios Collections, American Art Asso- 
ciation, l^J^ 

449 — Tavo Inlaid Mahogany Chairs Sheraton Period 

Open back, with broyl top rail paneled in satinwood ; reeded 
supports, with two similar cross splats. On finely reeded 
tapering square legs having stock toes. Seat of one in 
green floral brocade. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of tlie Catalogue. 


450 — CA^E]y|mlAHOGANY Chair Chippendale Period 

Open pack ; with cupid bow crowning rail enriched with 
scrolls and fine acanthus leafage ; broad pierced interlacing 
vase splat adorned with rare honeysuckle motive and 
rocaille. On H-stretchered molded square legs. Loose up- 
holstered seat. Circa 1770. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 1910. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

161 — O^Crved Mahogany Chair Chippendale Period 

Open serpentined back, with beautiful pierced vase-sliaped 
splat composed of flutings and interlacing quatrefoil rib- 
bon below ; enriched with delicate leaf and husk motives. 
Seat rail adorned with ribbon and rosette motives. On 
cabriole legs having leaf knees, claw and ball feet. Loose 
seat, in old floral crimson damask. 

7^ ic^ ■ ^y^^^ 

452 — Carved MAHdcAivrY Chair Hepplewhite Period 

Open back, with serpentine crowning and side rails ; pierced 
vase splat with central honeysuckle motive. On square 
tapering legs. Seat in old-red stripe (imperfect). 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

453 — Carved Mahogaxy^^A^mchair Early Chippendale Period 
Ojjcn back, witli molded supports and end portions of the 
crowning rail scrolled into splat ; open arched and fluted 
pediment. Elaborate vase splat pierced with rocaille, 
scrolls and large rocaille motive at crown, below with intri- 
^ cate interlacements; quaint leaf-adorned arms scrolling into 

' , supports in the Queen Anne manner. On molded straight 

yote: This fine chair was probably made by Chippendale himself 
during his Worcester period; the settee in the South Kensington Muse- 
um, over which there was so nuich controversy till Chippendale's original 
bill was produced, has many correlated features. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 1910. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

^^^^ ' 

454 — Carved Mahogany Armchair Chippendale Period 
Open back, witli scroll-molded serpentine crowning rail fin- 
ished with patera? ; beautiful vase splat, pierced with fine 
interlacing Gothic tracery enriched with leaf scrolls at 
crown. Quaint scrolling arms and supports, finished with 
leaf at seat juncture. On molded square legs, with H- 

stretcher. Loose seat, upholstered. Circa 1765. 

Note: This fine chair is in Chippendale's grand manner; the full, 
rich and finely proportioned back is not over-elaborated. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 

455 — Two Carved Mahogany Chairs 

Gothic Chippendale Period 
Open back with cupid-bow crowning rail, a rarelv fine 
y pierced vase splat, enriched with connecting medallions and 
✓^^^ ^pendent tassel. On open bracketed square legs. Uphol- 
' stered loose seat. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. ^Thpy arc printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

456 — Ca^veI) IvtAHoc/NY Corner Chair 

English Eighteenth Century 
oldod and scrolled horseshoe back rail, supported on two 
^ pierced vase splats and three balustered columns. On box-* 
stretchered square legs. Loose seat in patterned crimson 


457 — Carved Mahogany Card Table 

Chinese Chippendale Period 
I Molded oblong folding top, pivoted and covered with orig- 
/ C\ inal blue cloth ; frieze beautifully enriched with geometric 
~ sunk fret. On open bracketed tapering square legs with 
further fret and stock toes. 

Height, 28Va inches; top open, 38 by 41 inches. • 

Third and Last Afternoon 

458 — Carved Mahogany Chair Chippcndul^ Period 

Open back, with serpentined crowning and side rails. Vase- 
shaped splat, pierced with Gothic lobes and quatrefoil. 
On H-stretchered square tapei'ing legs. Old leather seat 
y^y. ^ defective. 

459 — Inlaid Satinwood Table Sheraton Period 

Oblong top, with mock dentiled gallery ; frieze fitted with 
drawer, trimmed with festooned open scrolled brass handles. 
• ^On tapering square legs. 

Height, 30 inches; length, 31 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
tind sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

Square folding top, with outset corners, twelve square and 

>^ oval interior sunk pockets; frieze following contour of top. 
y cabriole legs, enriched with husk and leaf knees, claw 

y ^ and ball feet. One leg gated. (Has been refinished.) 

Height, 29 inches; top open, 32 inches square. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

Square folding top, witli round corners. Lined with orig- 
inal lobe-paneled green cloth, enriched in center with inlaid 
satinwood and mahogany chessboard having fan motives at 
the lobes. On tapering square legs. 

Heiqht, 29 inches: to^) open, 35 inches square. 
Note: A very rare tyjie of English card table. 

Kmdly read the Conditions under rchich every item is offered 
ami sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


S:'oiLET Table Late Sheraton Period 
Oblong double-hinged top, folding to sides ; disclosing ad- 
justable mirror and covered compartment. Mock frieze 
draM-er, witli two pedestals of two drawers each and arched 
kneehole having fan corners; drawers trimmed with oval 
pateraed bail handles. Finely inlaid with tulipwood band- 
ings. On bracketed square castored legs. 

Heifjht, 32 inches; length, 36 inches. 

46,3— Mahogany Hanging^Cabixet Sheraton Period 

Oblong, with molded crown. Enclosed by an arched lat- 
/ , ticed glazed door. 

Height, 321/, inches; xvidth. 19 inche.<!. 

Third and Last Afternoon 


-Inlaid VLxYioGAyR Drop-le 

' / hate Eigliteenth Century 

Molded oblong top, with round corners and two rule- jointed 
leaves ; fitted with two drawers. On gadrooned vase sup- 
port with open scroll-bracketed hexagonal form toward 
foot, resting on an oblong platform scrolling into tapering 
claw-footed and castorcd spreading legs. 

Heif/ht, 301/, inches: fop open, (il In/ 23 inches. 

465 — Mahogany Work Table Laf^ Sheraton Period 

Molded oblong top, with outset round corners ; fitted with 
two drawers and curious outstanding balusters at corners. 

/ On open lyre support and oblong platform with out- 

^ curved brass castored claw-footed legs. 

Heif/ht, SO inches; width, 22 inches. 

Kmdly read tJie Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 



-CabA^ed ^/atssvt Chair William and Mary Period 

IJ^gh open spoon back, with molded supports, arclied at 
otown ; richly pierced scroll pediment, enhanced with husk, 
leafage and quaint beaded scrolling; sunk molded vase splat 
with two pierced floral and cartouched medallions on an im- 
bricated scale ground. Scrolled cabriole legs with similarly 
scrolled H-stretclier. Seat in crimson velours trinnned with 
gai/looij^ and silk fringe. / 

-Mahogany Chaiu, Mounted ix Cuivre Dore 
// ^ Empire Style 

Paneled square back, supported by columns; bow-fronted 
seat and back covered in mcdallioned tan silk damask. On 
cuivre dorc legs, with claw feet. Enriched with varied scroll 
appliques and ball terminals. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

468 — Carved \^J^,xuT Chair William and Mary Period 
Open spoon back, Avitli triple-arched molded rails, pedi- 
mcntcd With valanced luisk motive and wreaths ; pierced vase 
splat enriched with vase of flowers, leafage and shell de- 

) . — vice. On cabriole legs with leaf knees and curiously guil- 
loched Spanish feet ; scrolled side, central arched and 
straight stretcher toward back. Seat in crimson velours 
trimi^ied with silk gallopn and fringe. 

469— CaIT^'e'd ]VfAH'>)GAl^Y TALlTt^LOCK' 

American Eighteenth Centuri/ 
Arched hood, with molded swan-necked pediment ; supported 
on open colunnis ; long paneled case enclosed by door. On 
. ^ high, valance pedestal. Painted dial, enriched in arch with 
scene, "The Reapers in the Wheat Field." 

Hciffhf. 7 fcf't 3 inchca: icidfh, 1 foot 7iJ> inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under zohich every item is offered 
and sold. The// are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

English Early Eighteenth Century 
Open back, with serpentined crowning rail and pierced vase- 
/ shaped plat. Finely scrolled arms and supports. Broad, 
_inolded pear-shaped seat ; on bold bracketed cabriole legs 
with round spade feet. Loose seat. 


'ait6gany Hanging uabiniiet 

Late Sheraton Period 
Rectangular, with mother-of-pearl inlaid pediment. En- 
closed by two oblong latticed glazed doors ; enriched with 
leaf scrolls on rails. (Carving apparently of a later 

Height. 3!) incha.t; width, 28i/, inches. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

472 — Carved Walnut Armchair 

Gothic Cliippendale Period 
Open back, witli cupid bow crowning rail finely over-scrolled 
at horns ; enriched with bouquet of wlicat and leaves. Very 
beautiful vase splat, pierced with interlacing Gothic trac- 
ery. Boldly scrolling arms, with leaf motives. On brack- 
eted and valanced cabriole legs having shell and husk knees 
and quaint Spanisli feet. Loose seat in crimson velours. 
Circa 1765. 

From the Tiffany Studios Collection, American Art Asso- 
ciation, 191( 

473 — Ca^ve^^ MSHodJt^^Y/CHAiB^ Earlij Chippendale Period 
Open back, with proadlj^ outscrolling serpentine crown ; 
centered with a fine shell and leaf motive ; pierced vase- 
shaped splat. On bold cabriole legs, enriched with bracked, 
shell and leaf motives at knees ; claw and ball feet. Loose 
seat in striped brocade. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

474 — Carved Mahogani 

Y Armchair " "^"^ Empire Period 
Deep horseshoe sci'oll-over back ra(l/; on curved supports ; 
ancient black leather seat. On leaf-enriched cabriole leg's. 

475 — iTiGHT CARj^D'^''^]fA^[OGANY 'Cif aIrs" " ' Hepplewhite Period 
Open oblong back, with molded rails, crowning rail having 
incurved sides ; open central sjilat, enriched with crowning 
husk motive. On H-st retched tapering square legs. Seats 
0* - upholstered. 


IiSTLAiD SAT??fwA<^D Desk . ' Shevaton Period 

Oblong top; fitted with ancient tooled leather; frieze with 
three drawers. On tapering legs. Open galleried back ar- 
ranged at ends with cabinets enclosed by small doors. En- 
riched with oval medallioncd jardinieres of flowers and king- 
wood bandings. Drawers trimmed with leaf-looped brass 
handles. (Has been restored.) 

Height, 39 inches; width, inche.i. 




English Early Eighteenth Century 
Sunk oblong top,^ with incurved molded rim and one rule- 
jointed leaf without sunk moldings. Freeze fitted with 
drawer ; on balanced, slightly cabrioled legs having spear 
motives at knees and fine sjDade feet. One extra gated at 
back for leaf. 

Height, 27 inche.i; top open, .38 inches by 33i/, inches. 
Note: A most unusual and rare type of single drop-leaf table. 


Kmdly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 



TixG Breakfast Table 

Sheraton Period 

ng top, with round cornci-.s enriched with large oval 
satmwood fan motive and broad bandings of similar wood. 
^^On baluster shaft witli finely inlaid outcurving legs; brass 

Hei(/ht, 2 feet 3 inches: lop, 4 feet 9 inches bi/ 3 feet 51/, inches. 


479 — Carved Mahogany Table 

English Early Eighteenth Century 
Oblong sunk top, with inset round corners, valance brack- 
eted frieze, fitted with drawer trimmed with oval laurel 
wreath handles and escutcheon. On slightly cabrioled taper- 
**-ing legs having pad feet. 

Height, 28 inches; length, SlVa inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


EAF T.VHLE Adam Period 
Molded, oblong top/^ith two rule-jointed leaves; richly 
decorated with classic and pastoral medallions, musical 
trophies, festoons of flowers and scrollings ; fitted with 
drawer. On tapering castored square legs. The decora- 
tions of a slightly later period. 

Height, 28 inches; top open, 4.5y^ hij 39 inches. 


No. 480 — Decorated Mahogany Drop-leaf Table 
(Adam Period^ 

Kindly read the Conditions under ■which every item is offered 
and sold. They are 'printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

481 — Carved Mahogany Tjf^EE-BACK S^t^ee 

/ Gafhic Chippendale Period 

Eacli open back with serpentined crowning rail and beauti- 
ful vase-splat pierced with mock flutings and Gothic tracery. 
On fluted square legs having pierced bracket and fine H- 
— stretchers. Seat covered in golden-yellow florally embossed 
Utreclit vch'ct. 

Heii/ht, 3 feet 2 inches; Jeiujth, 6 feet 1 inch. 


482 — rNLAiD Mahogany SideboArd La^e Sheraton Period 

Oblong top, finely enriched Avith satj,rt and elm-root band- 
ings and columned brass rail at back; front fitted with three 
serpentine-fronted drawers and two pedestals enclosed by 
doors ; recessed center, also enclosed by door having oval 
satinwood fan medallion. 

Heif/hf, 4 feet 2y., inches: length. 5 feet. 

Kindly read the Conditions under ■which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Cattdogne. 

483-^Cai?/v;ed Mahogany SecrVtary Bookcase 

Georgian Period 

Upper portion, with qi^aint incurved central enclosing door 
and lower, round faced flanking doors; the center with 
A— molded tympanum pediment, the sides with mirrored balus- 
' A A' w tered pediments. Lower portion Avith cylinder writing desk, 
fitted with four drawers below. On stump feet. 

Height, 7 feet 3 inches; width, 4 feet 2 inches. 


No. 483 — Carved Mahogany Secretary Bookcase 
{Georgian Period) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

484 — 8arve;1) ' and GiisjJED Mirrc^r Chippendale Period 

ScroMed oblong frame, em-iclied with rocaille and leafage 
deveiciping an oval mirrored pediment cartouched with shell 
motives and surmounted by a screeching eagle. Sides 
adorned with scrolled dcnii-nymphs and garlands of flowers. 

0' " 

Height, 6 feet 4 inches; width, 3 feet 7 inches. 

Chippendale Period 

No. 484" — Carved and Gilded Mirror 

(Chippendale Period) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


486 — Inlaid Mahogany Tea Caddy 

American Eighteenth Century 
Square, with hinged cover. Fitted with covered pewter 
^.^^caddy. In original condition. 

Height, 714 inches: width, 6Va inches. 

Note: This interesting old caddy was made by Elbert Anderson, 
N^w) Yppk, and has his original engraved advertisement on the 
Xii^de pfi' the cover. 

4^ I 

— Armilla 

487 — Armillaky tKjme Gtlobe Early American 

By/Juvet, Canajoharje, N. Y. Fitted into nickel adjusta- 

*^ 0, bje yannular ring. , On enriched brass, tripod stand. 

A \ ( Heighty^SY, inches. 

Tj/^^^^^^^-^ ^-^^^^c..^e^V 

4oo— ^Decorated JeoId leather Coffer ' 

^ / American Eighteenth Century 

Oblong, with hinged cover. The leather enriched wnth band- 
ings of brass nails, scrollings of flowers and medallion on 

^ cover. Brass bail handles. 

^ _ , Height, 1.3 inches: lenc/th 30V> inches. 

489 — Carved Mahogany Wh*^ Cooler^ / Early American 
Octagonal tapering hpAy ; with h(nged cover, enriched with 
leaf moldings, rouna patera at center, brass bands and 
bailed oval handles. On twisted rope shaft and tripod 
scrolled legs having leaf knees and castored claw feet. 

Height, 3714 inches; diameter, 20 inches. 

490 — EAR,avY AMERioAai' MAHiJGANY Mantel Clock 

By Rapp, Philadelphia 
ree-tiered oblong case, with gilded columnar supports 
and basket of fruit pediment, the central compartment and 
door at base painted with view of Franklin College, Athens, 
Georgia, and an American eagle within a scrolled medal- 
lion. The original maker's advertisement and all subsequent 
repairers' cards are inside case. 

Height, 33 inches; width, Ifi inches. 
Note: Rare and unusual specimen of Patriotic clock. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

491— Mahogany IBanj^ ClocjS^ By Aaron Willard 

Early American. PaTOted dial, surmounted by a brass 

eagle. Oblong case with door having glass panel, painted 

with Naval view : "Commander Perry's Victory." Gilded 

pineapple and molded pendant. 
" Length, 39i/j inches. 

From the Dr. Wm. H. Crhu Collection, Balthnore. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


[antel Clock 

By Spencer Hotchkiss 
EaMy American ; oblong case with triple triangular pedi- 
ment, glazed door, double clustered columns ; on bracket 
feet. The doors and pediment enriched with painted glass 
panels, variously displaying the crest of the United States ; 
the "Constitution in Battle" and the "Action between the 
Constitution and the Java." 

Height, 44 inches; width, 21 inches. 
Note: A very rare and interesting specimen of Naval Patriotic 
clock. ^ L///^ ' y 

-Carveb Mahogany Card Table Early American 

Reed molded serpentined folding top, frieze of same con- 
tour, spirally twisted baluster legs. (Has been much 
restored.) Height, 29y^ inches; fop open, 36 inches square. 

Third and Last lifter noon 

/MarMia Washington type. Elongated oblong top, with 
pentagonal ends. Fitted with three graduated drawers 
trimmed with original brass lion-head and ring handles and 
escutcheons. On finely turned slender legs. 

Height, 291/3 inchen; width, 24 inches. 

495 — MaTiggai^y Armci^str / American Eighteenth Century 
Open back, with serpentined top and side rails ; pierced 
y oviform vase splat. On stretchered tapering square legs. 

^ Loose seat. 

Kindly read the Conditions under ivhich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

'1 spade scrolled arms and supports. On H-stretchered square 
tapering legs. Loose seat in printed chintz. Chippendale 
in character. 


?RVED Ma^h^ogany Cy^AiKs Early American 

ScrollM and pierced top with more elaborate splat. 

On scrolled legs. Loose seat in hair clotli. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

498 — Cx&w^j) i^AYioGA'SY'^iiAiVL^fAmeric an Eighteenth Century 
Open pack, Avitli valanced and curved scrolling crowning 
rail ; molded supports ; elaborately pierced, interlacing 
scrolled and festooned vase-shaped splat. On bold cabriole 
legs, with leaf knees, and ball and claw feet. Loose seat, 
in salmon-pink floral brocatelle. 


aRogany Armchair 

American Eighteenth Centur?/ 
Open back, with serpentined crowning and side rails ; grace- 
ful vase-shaped splat ; open scrolled arms. On tapering 
square legs with H-stretcher. Loose seat in rose cretonne. 
(Has been entirely refinished.) Late Chippendale in char- 

Kindly read the Conditions under zcliich every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalof/iie. 

Open yc/ck, with cupid-l/wv crowTiing rail, enriched witli 
quaint rocaille and leafage ; very interesting pierced scrolled, 
vase-shaped splat. Molded seat rail, valanced with shell 
motive. On cabriole legs, with leaf knees and claw and ball 
feet. Loose seat, in printed yellow velours. 




I American Late Eighteenth Century 

Open molded oval back, with quaintly festooned pierced fan 
J/ and medallion splat; paneled, scrolled arms. On molded 
^^(^^ tapering square legs, with balanced seat rails. Loose seat, 
in tooled brown leather. Late Sheraton in character. 

^^J^ii'd and Last Afternoon 



Carved MAHocAxiT'CHArR ^^7r^ri5dn Eighteenth Century 
Open back, with interesting serpentined crowning rail and 
charming interlacing fan-shaped Gothic motived splat. On 
H-strotclierc'd square legs. Loose seat, in floral crimson 
chintz. Gothic Chippendale in character. 

503 — CARi'Eb MAnoGAT^^^^RAmJ American Eighteenth Century 
Open b^ck, with serpentir^d crowning rail centered and fin- 
ished Vith quaint scrolled shell motives ; finely pierced en- 
twining scrolled vase splat. Molded seat rail, with recur- 
ring central shell. On cabriole legs having shell knees and 

'''-claw and ball feet. Loose seat, in early nineteenth centurv 
American needlework ; a bouquet of flowers. Early Chippen- 
dale^n cK^racter. 

504 — MAHOQ^iNf '-^HA\iNp Sta^cd Edvly American 
Oblong swinging mirro^; base with round-fronted drawer 
havin'g glass knobs. On adjustable square-socketed shaft, 
with square pear-shajie toward foot. On incurved plinth 
and clfj^v f^pt. ^, ^ ^ Height, 56 inches; width, ISy, inches. 

505 — CarVeTT M/\HofcA'Nt ITenc^ Early American 

High paneled back with/ shell-motived, scrolled pediment. 
Wood se/at, with drawer under. On claw feet. Back and 
sides upholstered in Jacquard floral tapestry. 

Height, 481/3 inches; it'idfh, 44i/, inches. 



(rd Table 
^ American Eighteenth Century 

Serpentined folding top, with round ends. Frieze of similar 
contour to toj), paneled with lines. On square tapering 
eight, 28 inches; top open, 34'/, inches square. 


Early American 
Folding squap top, with canted corners ; lined with blue 
cloth. Supported on reeded baluster legs with incurved 
shelf stretcher and castored leaf and claw feet of chestnut. 
(Cloth imperfect.) Height, 30 inches; top open, 3C inches square. 

Kindly read the Conditions under whicli every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

508 — IxLAin Mahogany l ard Iable 

American Eighteenth Century 
Round folding top ; frieze enriclied with finely inlaid panels. 
/ On tapering square legs, adorned with curiously sustained 
(i^^-^husk pendants ; one leg gated. 

HeighL29 inches; top open, diameter, 35 inches. 

509 — MAHOGANY Drop-i-eaf Table ^ Early American 

Oblong top, with two rule-jointed leaves ; fitted with two 
round-front drawers, trimmed with original brass, lion- 
head and ring handles. On expanding square shaft and 
four-lobed underscrolling base. 

Height, 29 inches; top, 32i4 by 16 1/2 inches. 

TJiird and Last ^Ifternoon 

510 — IVIaFT'ogaxv l^Mui^^A^'ST^^iif^ Early American 

Half-bAluster shaft, with^rms and base scrolling to two 
frontail columns. 

Height, 40"/^ inrhm: zcidth, 27 ivchta. 

oil — Mahogany/Cabinet Early American^ 

Hectang-iilar ; front enclosed with two paneled doors. Sup- 
ported on open columns having bulbous feet. Half statu- 
ary marble top. 

Hi-iffhI. 3 feet 3 iiirhes: Jeiujth 3 feet fi'^, inc/ifs. 

•512 — Carved Mahogany Sx,ant-tront Desk Earl// Attierican- 
Upper portion with molded slant front enriched with sunk 
shell motive and scroUings. Lower portion fitted with 
drawer trimmed with brass oval bail handles. On cabriole 
y/y^ — legs having leaf knees and curious spade feet. 

/ Height. 42y„ inche.i: xcidth 39 inches. 

-LAR\*srt) Mahocaxy Dressing . 

51.'5 — Car\^ Mahogany Dressing Tahle Early American 
Oblong top, with round corners ; enriched with gadrooned 
molding; fitted with three drawers and gadrooned molding 
below. Supported on stretchered end balusters and leaf- 
scrolled claw feet. Oblong mirror within swan neck-posts. 

//ftV//l^ 5 feel 4 inches: -width 3 feet 10 inches. 

514 — Carvei/ tVIahogany Upright Secretary 

Early American 

Rectangular; front fitted with one drawer above and three 
below, interrupted by a scroll enriched writing fall. Canted 
dome pediment, finished with molded semi-octagonal crown 
arranged with drawer. Supported on spirally twisted 
columns with leaf capitals. 

Ileidlif. .5 feel <('/.. Inehe.i : \cidlh. 3 feet .) inches. 

Ki/ruliy read the Conditions imder which every item is offered 
iind sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalo(/ue. 

515 CAliVED /]ylAll'(iG^^*;^SETTEK 

/ American Late EigJiteenth Century 

Molded serpentine back, with incurved pateraed arm sup- 
ports. On finely stretchered square tapering legs. Seat 
and back covered in patterned crimson repp. 

. — 

' Heit/ht, 3Vi inches; IfiiKjth, 48 inchfx. 


516 — Gentlema 

AHOGANY Wakdrobe Early American 
Oblong top, with curious recessed arched frieze. Enclosed 
by two paneled doors with attached columnar supports. On 
leaf-scrolled claw-footed legs. Interior fitted with trays. 
Converted from a secretary. 

Height, 58 inches; -width, 49y, inches. 

517 — CAKvEn Mah- gaxy Tali^^Clock 

7 American Eighteenth Century 

Arched hood, with dentil molded swan-necked pediment hav- 
ing brass eagle terminal ; supported on open fluted columns ; 
■* long paneled case enclosed by door. On high pedestal. 
* Silvered dial, with scrolled brass corners and lunette in arch 
showing phases of the moon. 

Height, 8 ^eet .3 inches; width, 1 foot 8 inches. 

yote: The door of case and j)ede.stal have unfortunately been carved 
with Victorian scrollings; these can lie removed and the clock case 
broug-ht back to its original condition. 

Kindly read the Conditions iinder wlticli every item is offered 
(md sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

518— WASHt 


'Amerieun Eighteenth Century 
Oblong, with iiiokled cornice enriched with series of balls. 
Supported on curious hollow columns, adorned with rope 
motives. T"])pcr glass painted with view of Mount Vernon. 

Hcif/ht, 51 inchcg: xcidth, 28 inchcK. 

519 — Gilded Three-divisio:^Maxtel Mirror 

^/ Early American 

Leaf-eni'iched half-balustered frame, with paterje at cor- 
^^^"^^^ ners ; leaf -molded inner fillet and divisions. 

Hcif/ht, 2 feet, 7Vi inches; width 5 feet 10 inches. 

No. 518 — Washington Elossome Gilded Mirror 

(^American Eighteenth Centurij) 

Kindly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

5'2Q-y(^\vi\^D Mahogany Sib«^eboard Early American 

Gblong molded top;/front fitted with two round faced draw- 
ers in frieze and two larger similar in center below, two 
flanking enclosing doors. Supjjorted on baluster columns 
and claw feet. Back with central oblong mirror within 
scrolled brackets simulating cornucopias of fruit and side 

llclilhl. 4 f)'ct f inches; icUltJi 4 feet -5 lurlic.i. 


-Ma*Tiogaxy Extension Table 

521 — Ma*Tiogaxy Extension Table Early American 

Round ; supported on four clustered columns and scrolled 
platform with bulbous feet. Seven leaves for same. 


Hcu/ht, 2 feci 9 inches: diameter, 44 inches. 

{2- _ ^ 

522 — Carved Mahogany Cabi^j Early American Style 

Deeply molded cornice ; ^front enclosed by two glazed doors, 
enriched with interlaced diamond and oval medallioned lat- 
tice. One long drawer under. On cabriole legs having claw 
and ball feet. 

Hei;/lil. a feet; width 3 feet 3 inches. 

520— Carved Mahogany Sideboard 
{Earlji American) 

Kindly read the Conditions under lehich every item is offered 
and soW. They are pri/ited in the forepart of the Catalogue. 

iAR^EV MahoTTaxv liooKt'Asir Early American 

Finely molded coniicet fvont enclosed with two diamond and 
oblong latticed glazed doors, lined with fluted yellow silk. 
On leaf-scrolled claw feet. 

Ihujlil, 5 feel S',-; niches; ivldlli, 4 feet ly,, inrlies. 


524 — ;CarVed Mahogany Bookcase Early American Style 
/ Deeply molded frieze; front fitted with two diamond and 
lozenge lattice glazed doors. On cabriole legs having claw 
and ball feet. 

Iletfjht, 5 feel 7 iiichex; ividth, \ feet 1 inch. 

525 — Mahogany URESsreG Bureau Early American 

Oblong toj^, with round corners ; fitted with four drawers. 
Mirror sustained on scrolled posts, set on two end boxes, 
/ each having drawer. 

He'ujhl , 6 feet 4 inches; zt'idtli 3 feet 8 inche.t. 

526 — MA»oG/6srY Dressing Burea15^ Early American 

Rectangular ; front fitted with round-faced frieze drawer 

^ and three lower drawers with brass bail handles. Supported 

on columns witli leaf feet. Oblong mirror, swinging within 
scrolled supports ; stand with three round-faced drawers. 

IIei(/lif, a feet; icidlh 3 feet 10 inches. 

No. 523 — Carvbd Mahogany Bookcase 
{Early American^ 

K'uidly read the Conditions under which every item is offered 
and sold. TJic// (ire j)riuted in the forepart of the Catalof/iie. 

527 — fe^W'ED, 


American Eighteenth Century 
Obloi/ig top, with broken front; frieze fitted with three draw- 
ers ; four doors under. Supported on leaf-capitaled pilas- 
ters, curious half-hexagonal baluster at center and finely 
fluted ])ase having leaf-scrolled claw feet. 

II('i;/lif. .'5 ffifit !)'/. inches: Jciit/lli (i ft'fl i iiirlim. 


528-/^pAR^^ MA^foGANY BooKCASE Early American 

(/Rectangular, with finely molded frieze, front enclosed b}' 
two arch lattice glazed doors. On bracketed cabriole legs 
/ having claw and ball feet. 

Helf/hf. 59 Inchca: ic'idlh 41 inches. 

Kindly read the Conditions under which ever/i item is offered 
and sold. They are j)rinted in the forepart^ op tJ^ Catalogue. 

529 — Inlaid Mahocaxv Se( k i.TARY''i^^OK^>^SE 

American Eighteenth Century 

Upper portipn with molded cornice and incurved blocked 
pediment ; front enclosed by two diamond lattice glazed 
doors and three drawers below. Lower portion with hinged 
folding writing fall, one long and three small drawers. Sup- 
ported on finely turned baluster legs. 

Heujht. () fe<'t 6 inches; icidlli 3 feet SVa inches. 

530 — IxLAiD A^D Carved Secretary Bookcase 

American, Empire 

Upper portion witli interesting recessed arched pediment, 
scrolled at crown ; front enclosed by two mirror paneled 
doors having pilasters with Corinthian capitals enriching 
the doors. Lower portion with cylinder fall and pull writ- 
ing slide ; drawer under. Supported on Ionic colunms with 
leaf claw^eet. 

Heif/hl, 7 feet 6 inches; icidfh 3 feet (i incites. 

531 — MAK?^S]srY Wardrobe Early American 

Deeply molded cornice ; front fitted with two Gothic-arched 

paneled doors. Suj)})orted on double clustered columns and 

stump feet. Interior fitted. 

- . / 

lenjht, 7 feet IVs inches; tcidth, 4 feet Sy^ inches. 

'ARDROBE Early American 

Deeply molded cornice, with round corners. Enclosed by 
^ two doprs having wave motived moldings. On valanced 
'^^-^ *— stump feet. ^^^^ 

533 — Mahogany Wardrobe Early American 

Deeply molded cornice. Enclosed b}' mirror door hinged 
within a molded framing; long drawer below. On stump- 
m3 0 ' " plinth. 

Height, (i feet 8 inches; width 3 feet 4 inclies. 

^' e/t 

532 — Mjoiogany Wardrob] 

No. 529- 


^American hicji'^' 

Kijidly read the Conditions under which every item its offered 
and sold. /'}Tliey (ire printed in the forepart of the Catalof/iie. 

534 — CCTlvEiy Mah<)ga\,v HujUiHov 

American Eighteenth Century 
U|)])cr ])oiti()ii with finely molded swan-neck pediment, en- 
riched with patera' and basket of fruit; fitted with upper 
central drawer having sliell motive, four surrounding small 
drawers and three larger below. Inset fluted quarter-round 
'■pilasters. Lower portion with similar pilasters; fitted with 
long and three small drawers, tlie central with recurring 
fine shell motive ; scroll-valanced apron. On cabriole legs, 
having shell knees and claw and ball feet. (Portions re- 
stored.)^ H('l;/ht. 6 ft'i'l 11 inches: laidlh 3 feet 5y., inches. 


535 — Carvei/ MahogaS*- JBed / Early American 
Roll-ort^er paneled head amd foot boards. Supported on 
heavy baluster columns enriched with spiral leafage and 
pineapple terminals. 

- HeighlQ^ feet^^yiches ^ l/ngth 6 f^t \ inches; zvidth, 4 feet, 7 inches. 

536 — Inkaid Mahogany Foij»^ost Bed Early American 
Fine oblong paneled hMxlboard and lower footboard. Sup- 
ported on massive octagonal columns with elaborate vase 
teramrals. HeiciM, 6 feet 7 inches; length, 7 feet; width, 5 feet. 

537 — Carved I^Iahog^xt Early American 
Berceuse t^pe, finely scrolled and paneled head and foot 
boards on sttmip feet. 

Height, 3 feet 8 inches; length. G feet 8 inches ; width, 5 feet 9 inches. 


I the^)y. Wm,, II. Crinj^Collection. Baltimore. 

538 — C,AiivED MAHOcLrfj^ if'Q^i-pnsT Tester Bed 

/ Early American 

Massive baluster })osts, enriched with spirally twisted reed- 
ings and gadrooned vase motives. Oblong molded tester, 
0 0 "with sunburst of ivory silk. Paneled headboard, scrolled at 
crown with curious feather-like motives. 

Height, 8 feet 8 inches; length 7 feet 1 inch; tvidth 5 feet 2 inches. 

No. 534 — Carved Mahogany High-boy 
(American EirjJifecnth Century) 

Kindly read the Conditions nmler which every item is offered 
and sold. They are printed in the forepart of the Catalogue. 


an: Contemporary 


(Water Color) 
Hi'iflhI, 12 inrhc.t: Icnt/fh, 22 Inches 

A GREEN-HEADED duck Hiid tawiiv browii cliickcn spread on a 

' ^ Signed at the loxcer right, Emil Carlsen. 


A^ikrican: 1854 — 1907 


Hciyht, inches; length, 20 inches 

A VINE-CLAD farmhouse rises at right before a duck pond and a 
roadway leading to outbuildings and a village sheltered by trees. 

Signed at the lower right, Henry P. Smith. 


'TFRp^i^H : Eight:^nth Century 

54<i-Up^r^rait of ma^aMe sevehy 


Oval: Heir/hf, 24 inches: width, 19 inches 

Bust length, toward left, of a pleasant countenanced A'oung lady; 
wearing a black scarf over her gray hair and a blue-flounced dress. 

Third and Last Afternoon 

RENCH : Contemporary 


(Water Color) 

HeUjht, 21 inches; length, 27 inches 

In the courtyard of an ancient inn a group of three serving maids 
are grouped near a well at left. A gallant with his favorite lass 
seated behind him on a black horse commands the admiration of 
the group. A further cavalier is about to mount a chestnut horse 
in the rear of the yard. 

Signed at the lower riglit, Leon Girardet. 


FriTnch: 1656—1718 



Height, 17 inches; Jenqth, 22 inches 

- . 

High beetling crags at left, crested b}' a castle and a clump of 
large trees at right, give a vista between them of a low-lying river 
winding round a chateau and village, mantled at left by a range 
of distant hills. Many groups of small figures enliven the pros- 








The American Art Association 











Thomas J.Watson Library' 

Purchased with income from 
the Jacob S. Rogers Fund