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because all impulses escape prototyping 

Etched Traumas releases ET26 - ET84 (Sep # 12 - Jun'15) 


EIh. 146 .— Oi t^fiiHvaMut otoi.rjrtt .-ugiotfoat. kata for J. R. Rit 

the wolfgirl liberation - 
The Lighthouse' [ET26] 

‘The Lighthouse 1 realm consists of 
highly emotional strings 
arrangements, resonant sounds, 
brilliant use of field recordings and 
exploratory acoustic and electronic 
ambient instruments. 

There's an evolving hope in all tracks 
despite the obvious ominous 
ambience. For example in the track 
'Planet Earth I Love You' a certain 
amount of time and effort are 
required before the fragmented rays 
of light can be visible and help us to 
escape to a relieving land. 

the wolfgirl liberation comes from 
the United Kingdom and started 
composing music at the end of the 
90's. His distinctive sound comprises 
of contradictory elements such as 
breakbeat rhythm patterns, 
magnificently emotional string 
arrangements and meticulously 
crafted field recordings. His goal is 
the music will take us on journeys and 
through places. "In my music there is 
always hope, an escape. If we were 
just to climb over that wall we would 
be somewhere new." he says. 
"However dark it gets there is always 
an exit. We are only ever visiting." 

released 23 October 2012 
experimental ambient electronic UK hope 

Paco Rossique - 
'Drawing Widows In 
Black And White' [ET27] 

Paco Rossique's work titled 'Drawing 
Widows In Black And White'. 

Rossique introduces us into a world 
of primordial continua, fragments of 
concrete music and ambient 
soundscapes. He structures his work 
building a rich world of field 

. ruoKossiQi i; 

ftRVniMi \MIH>\\S 

\ ISLYt’k YMMVIim: 


f l 

f 'St 

- - 

' I 

recordings, live and pre-recorded 
sounds. Being a highly exploratory 
and bold work, there is a constant 
flow of primal energy which leads to 
the sublime ambient and evolving 
soundscape of last track and ends 
with a surprise. 

released 09 October 2012 
experimental spain avantgarde 
contemporary electronic experimental 
field recordings percussion 


Salem:1976 - 'Backroom 
Oneiromancy' [ET28] 

"And it is only after seeing man as 
his unconscious, revealed by his 
dreams, presents him to us that we 
shall understand him fully. For as 
Freud said to Putnam: "We are what 
we are because we have been what 
we have been ." 

processors, and anything he can field 
record. A deep seance wave work for 
OvEipopavTicx. Experimental 
ambient at its best! 

released 16 October 2012 
ambient dark ambient experimental 
oneiromancy seance electronic USA 

Katajamaki - 'Sininen 
Projekti' [ET29] 

It would be very easy for anyone to 
expect that this Finnish sonic work is 
an homage to icy soundscapes and 
arctic habitats. Contrary to the 
stereotype, Katajamaki’s sound is a 
solid work of unusual warmth and 
serenity with its ethereal and 
occasional dusky pads. The use of 
minimal broad electronic and natural 
elements in 'Sininen Projekti' 
'teleports' listeners as if they were 
434 light-years from Earth just like 
UMi star. 

released 28 October 2012 
ambient abstract Finland 

Earhead - 'Last Days Of 
Earth' [ET31] 

The album comprises of nine 
blatantly eschatological tracks. 
Album's title itself designates the 
apocalyptical scapes of Earhead 
where ambient bells melt into thick 
warm inauspicious noise layers. We 
envisage the last days of earth while 
grains of red sand biff stray dogs, 
birds and people in panic. There is 
no exodus because Earhead 
devotedly built a totally dystopian 

Salem:1976 constructs his audio 
work using laptop, circuit bent 
telephone, tape machines, FX 

Earhead comes from Turkey and 
started to make music at the age of 



and electric instruments. 

released 25 November 2012 
experimental body music electro 
electronic industrial noise Greece 

14. He recorded his first analog 
noises with poor record devices such 
as phones etc. While being into 
psychoacoustics and experimental 
music he experimented with two 
other music projects, the Plastic Age 
and the Darkoccult. Today he has a 
huge musical arsenal consisting of 
conventional instruments such as 
acoustic/electric guitar, piano, synths 
and vocals and unconvetional ones 
such as tea cups, knives, spoons etc. 
He has a distinctive noise and 
eschatological sound footprint. 

released 4 November 2012 
experimental noise ambient abstract 
electronic noise Turkey 


islandlnvader - 'utopia 
never exists' [ET31] 

This endoscopic release is a long 
underwater dive in troubled waters. 
Time and vision are distorted. 
Fragments of electronic genres come 
and go. Effortlessly, islandlnvader's 
work is like a visit in purgatory where 
sinners celebrate life. Body music full 
of Etched Traumas. 

Valley of Capsules - 
'Valley of Capsules plays 
Vox Populi!' [ET32] 

"All life is an experiment. The more 
experiments you make the better. 11 
wrote one of the great American 
transcendentalist authors, Ralph 
Waldo Emerson. The project "Valley 
of Capsules plays Vox Populi!" has 
started at the end of 2009 when 
Valley of Capsules was approached 
by Axel Kyrou founding musician of 
the French/Persian group Vox 
Populi! for 'remorphing 1 their 
unreleased and/or unfinished tracks 
and sounds. Vox Populi! once has 
been described as 'one of France's 
best kept secrets' and '... like a misty 
dream upon timeless beaches where 
female phantoms dance about 
bringing comforting company which 
touches beyond flesh'. As they say 
"We know that music can be a way 
to get access to higher realms, 
especially when total openness is 
the alpha and omega of a musical 
work, as it is the case here. Valley Of 
Capsules and us share the same 
musical vision of a utopian world 
made real, where there are no 
boundaries nor limitations of any 
kind." 'Valley of Capsules plays Vox 
Populi!' consists of four parts based 
on material recorded between 1979 
and 2002 at Vox Man studio, Paris, 

islandlnvader comes from Greece. 
The last twelve years - in and out of 
sanity - she improvises with acoustic 

Valley of Capsules creates cinematic 
sound mirrors and collages by 

remorphing audio sources of many 

Vox Populi! is a freeform alternative 
music project. Based in Paris, France, 
their style incorporates elements 
from psychedelic music, Persian 
folklore and all sorts of mind 
elevating sound forms. Their works 
are varied, as implied by their 
description, and a first release is 
dated 1982. 

released 09 December 2012 
experimental ambient bricolage 
cinematic collage deconstruction 
electronic elevation folklore freeform 
psychedelic remorphing The Netherlands 

. : * - i*. 




-'Invocation 1 [ET33] 

The Nobodisoundz project was born 
in 2008 (with a reference to the 
character of "Nobody "in Dead Man, 
a Jim Jarmusch film). The artist first 
started this sound-making project by 
cobbling together music samples, 
sounds, field recordings and the 
results of his fiddling with audio 
software. These sounds completed 
his works and added an atmosphere 
within and around his paintings, 
subsequent installations and videos. 

Gradually, these sounds have gained 
a more and more important place 
and have become self-sufficient, no 
longer requiring any other medium. 
He looks for dense, heavy, noisy, 
squeaky, tense and quiet 
atmospheres, which have to 
be both dark and bright at the same 

released 18 December 2012 
experimental ambient electronic 
industrial noise France 


m is for mason - 'The 
Shrine vol.1' [ET34] 

"There is no need for temples; no 
need for complicated philosophy. 

Our own brain, our own heart is our 
temple; the philosophy 
is kindness." Dalai Lama 
This is the second release of the 
Florida based artist, m is for mason 
and the first release of 2013 for 
Etched Traumas. 'The Shrine vol. I is 
a three track EP with dark choral 
ambient sounds dealing with 
calmness, serenity and peace of 

"m is for mason" is Mason Evans, 
18-year-old producer and musician 
from Panama City Beach, Florida. His 
works usually include dark vibes, 
laced with relaxing ambiance, m is for 

strives to create his own unique 
sound, which is almost impossible to 

released 01 January 2013 
experimental ambient choral 
darkelectronic USA 

Rene Baptist Huysmans - 
'Dawn of the 
Anthropocene' [ET35] 

The discovery here on Earth of 
extremophile micro-organisms, 
organisms that thrive in otherwise 
extremely hostile environments, was 
an important breakthrough because it 
extended the possibilities of life 

within our solar system and on exo¬ 
planets orbiting other stars. 

The names of these organisms is a 
particular source of inspiration to 
me. There are the Oligotrophs, 
organisms capable of growth in 
nutritionally limited environments, 
there are the Cryptoendoliths, 
organisms that live within 
microscopic spaces in rocks, to 
mention a few. But when we send 
probes to distant worlds to look for 
alien extremophiles, aren't we also 
looking for ourselves? The three 
tracks of this release explore the 
human being as an extremophile 
organism, an organism testing the 
boundaries of what it is capable of 
digesting chemically, digitally and 

We entered in 1945 the 
Anthropocene, the age of The Great 
Acceleration, exponential population 
growth, expansive global economy 
and runaway mass-consumption — 
the age of massive human impact on 
the Earth mass-consumption — the 
age of massive human impact on the 
Earth and potentially one of the 

biggest mass-extinctions that has hit 
our planet. 

From a distance, the anthropocene 
endeavour 7 might sound like a 
creaking explorers 7 ship from the 
Renaissance searching for gold and 
riches across a vast expanse. Today, 
we eke out our individualistic lives in 
megacities, claiming each our own 
little crevice in metropolitan 
concrete, we blindly prosper in 
nutritionally limited environments, 
stuffing our faces with chemically 
moderated burgers, and we're 
loving it! 

released 13 January 2013 

experimental celestial classical 
contemporary cosmic dark electro¬ 
acoustic electronic experimental 
soundscape tamahagane 

Nicholas Fair 

How To Get Lost In Your Bedroom 

Nicholas Fair - 'How To 
Get Lost In Your 
Bedroom' [ET36] 

Fair comes from Coprus Christi, TX 
and he is a prolific and talented 
experimental artist. He's been writing 
and recording short instrumentals for 
thirteen years along with other 
numerous film score or solo projects, 
and bands. With more than 40 
releases under various monikers in 
cassette, CD, DVD and even VHS 
formats his work is still versatile and 
unexpected. The 'How To Get Lost In 
Your Bedroom' EP comprises of three 
instrumental tracks with electric 
guitar in a lo-fi aesthetic. Partly 
deliberately and partly due to the 
nature of recording media (cassette) 
and due to its age, a certain warmth 
of noise is being added to the final 
result. Despite the release title, one 
could close his/her eyes and envision 
the great 

American plains in a dry period, as 
depicted in the films of Peter 
Bogdanovich. Solitary and 
introspective; this is great music! 

released 30 January 2013 

corpus christi experimental electric guitar 

instrumental lofi USA 

Gimu - 'When I Sensed 
Time Collapse' [ET37] 

"Each work of art has a doubled 
character within an indivisible unity: it 
is the expression of reality, but it also 

forms the reality that exists not next 
to work , nor before the work, but 
precisely only in the work ." Czech 
philosopher Karel Kosik argued. 
Within this autonomous artistic reality 
we are being called to live by Gimu. 
The rather endoscopic title of this 
release could have a double 
meaning: a personal definition of 
collapse and a rupture of the sense of 
our own time. Gimu's work is 
definitely ambient one but at the 
same time override the characteristics 
and merits of its own genre. By 
definition ambient works operate 
with their ambiance qualities as a 
background of the listener's time and 
space. 'When I sensed time collapse' 
ruptures the spatio-temporal listening 
experience, demanding attentiveness 
and attachment. The four tracks of 
this release were written between 
2010 and 2012. Although the tracks 
were composed at different times 
with different emotions involved and 
even using different approaches they 
complement each other. 

When I Sensed Time Collapse 


Gimu is no stranger to music. With 
over 20 years of expansive musical 
exposure, Gimu's experimental 
sound has been influenced by many 
genres. As well as being composed 
of completely original textures. We 
cannot describe his music in one 
word. He has graced us with dark 
ambient, haunting and beautiful 
drones, atmospheric subtlety and 
other experimental sounds. Whatever 
Gimu does, we are always in for 
something surprising. He keeps his 
sounds new yet there is always a 
signature style in his work. 

released 14 February 2013 

brazil electronic experimental ambient 

electronic noise ambient Brazil 

Kaztalien - 'Feral 
Field' [ET38] 

The inspiration for this work was a 
vast territory of Central Russia, called 
the "Wild Field". Since ancient 
times, this area was inhabited by 
nomadic tribes and the tartar 
hordes, whose mounds and burial 
grounds in the old settlements can 
be still found. After the beginning of 
colonization of the Wild Field in the 
17th century the "Tartar wall" was 
built - a high earth embankment with 
length of over 70 kilometers which 
protected settlers from nomad raids. 
Despite the fact that today's wild 
field is under civilization's 
devastating impact and has become 
a faded shadow of its former 
greatness of Nature, it is still able to 
make a lasting impression on the 
man who turned in solitude at the 
vast endless fields, steppes or 
overgrown shrubs banks of small 
rivers. Every track is a part of a ritual, 
a forest or a field landscape. You can 
feel the catacomb of barrows or the 
dripping water in a sacred cave. 

Kaztalien is an ambient project from 
Tambov, Russia. He creates rich 
drone ambient textures enhanced 
with field recordings since 2010. 

released 27 February 2013 

drone experimental folk ambient Russian 

federation electronic Russia 

Bitsev - 'Situation' [ET39] 

Bitsev is the solo project of Gusev 
K.R from Russian Federation. Gusev 
K.R uses 'conventional 1 electric 
instruments such as the electric 
guitar or the ukulele, electronic 

instruments and handmade ones, 
such as his 'Noise CDtron'. 

He records his music live and builds 
free jazz ambient textures and 
minimal electro acoustic structures. 
The 'Situation' album is distinguished 
for its generative approach without 

being generative at all. On the 
contrary, Gusev K.R plays live all the 
instruments. Being highly exploratory, 
the 'Situation' album is an exciting 
journey into a sonic world, where 
there are no stereotypes or 
prejudices and Davis, Parmegiani and 
Eno would be proud of. 

released 2 April 2013 
ambient avantgarde electroacoustic 
electronic experimental free-jazz 
improvisation modern classical 

Audraulic - 'Synthetic 
Cogintion' [ET40] 

Audraulic uses both analogue and 
digital synths, along with field 
recordings (most of which will be 
heavily manipulated) to create large 
encompassing soundscapes with the 
focus on an active and mobile mix. 
Jez has been influenced by many 

styles of music. He began by listening 
to and composing Grindcore music 
back in the late 80's. Having played 
guitar in a few bands, he then 
discovered acid and electronic music. 
This radically altered his perceptions 
and opened his mind to new styles of 
music, including Ambient music and 
most importantly Tangerine Dream. 

Audraulic is an experimental 
electronic outfit created by Jez Mond 
who lives in Dubai. Audraulic's sound 
is a reflection of these styles and is 
therefore quite eclectic, having no 
fixed style or genre, but is mostly 
dark in its nature. 

released 22 April 2013 
ambient electronic electronic 

Utu Lautturi - 
'Korpinkorva' [ET41] 

Immersion. Fire. The surrounding 
nature engulfs us. Comes and goes. 
Have a glimpse on the likely dark 
chamber of sanity. Nature and human 
escapist scapes. Crow's ear. 
Immersion in the magnificent 
soundscape of Utu. The journey is 
cathartic, we endure and we endure 
and we endure... 

Korpinkorva is a four-piece audio 
journey through life plagued by 
mental disorder. Blending acoustic 
instrumentation, organic field 
recordings, sung and spoken vocals 
with noise and sound manipulation, it 
takes the listener deep into the 
subconscious of Utu Lautturi. 

Doom, anxiety and desolation merge 
with fragile moments of hope in an 
esoteric soundscape. 

All along building a strong sense of 
communion with nature. Sounds and 
lyrics inspired by the ever-flowing 
cycle of atomic re-arrangement...the 
daunting, yet invigorating 
experience of being one with a 
chaotic, hostile, murdering it all binds a broken 
mind into wells of despair and 
struggle, yet invokes courage and 
relentlessness in the face of personal 

Korpinkorva is an attempt in making 
auditive sense of the senseless 
things within. It is a up-close and 

intimate reflective pool which 
hopefully reflects back when dipped 
deep enough into. 

released 08 May 2013 
recordings,vocals Finland 

Darkstar83 - 'Sine 
Diabolo, Nullus 
Dominus' [ET43] 

'Sine diabolo, nullus dominus 1 is the 
second release for Etched Traumas 
by prolific Greek artist Darkstar83. 

The environment is ominous and 
depressive. Subtle noise ambient 
layers of frequencies in four 
enclosed walls. Sparse repetitive 
ritual notes build an imposing 
atmosphere of an uncomfortable 
dream. A dark masterpiece. 

released 14 May 2013 

ritual ambient dark ambient noise Greece 

Paco Rossique - 
'Boulevard Canvas' [ET43] 

Paco Rossique lives and works in Las 
Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). He 
has lived and studied in Madrid and 
Florence (Italy). 

With a career spanning over twenty 
years as an artist, his work include 
paintings, murals, sound art pieces, 


sculptures, prints, magazine articles, 
art-books, illustrations for 
newspapers and curatorship. 

He has composed sound art pieces, 
such as those for the exhibition "90% 
Water" with Monica Aranegui and 
Jose J. Torres in the Library of the 
University Carlos III, Madrid 2011, 
Soundtracks for the " Land for the 
future: sustainable development" in 
the Elder Museum of Science and 
Technology Las Palmas de Gran 
Canaria and soundtrack "Planning 
the insular Landscape." Special 
Territorial Plan of the landscape of 
Gran Canaria. Biennial of the 
Canaries 2009. 

released 20 May 2013 
avantgarde contemporary electronic 
experimental field recordings percussion 

N.Roman - 'After 
All' [ET44] 



This fourteen minutes work consists 
of dark ambient textures, subtle noise 
frequencies and sometimes thick and 
warm bass sounds. Listen to the 
crispness of the work and imagine a 
magnificent celestial dome at sunrise. 

N.Roman is an experimental and 
drone producer, born and living in 
Valladolid (Spain). He is also very 
involved in netlabelism since 2008, 
with EPs released in several netlabels 
(aka Dubkrauz). 

released 10 June 2013 
ambient dark ambient, Spain 

VICTIM! - 'Ecos' [ET45] 

On "Ecos", the intention is to explore 
reverberation in determined empty 
spaces. The propagation of tones 
and its overlap. The sound of the 
places are so important as the sound 
of the instruments used. The propose 
of "Ecos" is a dialog between the 

VICTIM! is an extreme music project 
inspired, among other practices, by 
power electronics and noise, making 
extensive use of field 
recordings.VICTIMl's music is guided 
by affective connections with sounds, 
similar to the link that you can have 
with a place, that is filled, as the field 
recordings that fill the tracks. People 
talk, cars pass. Listen to VICTIMI's 
music also means reflecting about 
the day-to-day in each city, the 
conversations heard, and, deeply, the 
place of subjectivity in all of this, 
which is solved in the other sound 
elements present. 

VICTIM! is a solo project by Cadu 

released 24 June 2013 

acousmatic brazil dark ambient drone 
experimental field recordings noise 
power electronics, Brazil 

Sonvol - 'Mixtapes' [ET46] 

Sonvol is a noise producer from 
Slovenia and 'Mixtapes 1 consists of 
sounds produced between 
2007-2013 in Kranj, Slovenia. 
Painting: Stojan Knezevic. 

released 15 July 2013 

noise, experimental, electronic, Slovenia 

Katajamaki - 'What The 

Swan Saw' [ET47] 

The opening track is a deep 
melancholic ambient work set, which 
is the framework of this EP. 
Encapsulating a huge vintage 70s 
ambient electronic synthesized feel 
of underwater sounds, resembling 
cold breezes, whales-like tones and 
sweeping sounds which construct an 
inspired work, somewhere between 
Tangerine Dream and Cluster. In the 
introverted 'As the cold sun sets' 
Katajamaki builds a perfect 
ambience with an open horizon and 

a proper deep feel. The final track 
renders the same frosty picture but 
the addictive synth pattern and the 
laidback downtempo beats are the 
optimistic ending to 'What The Swan 
Saw 1 . 

From deep underwater scenery we 
are relocated to mountain peaks. 
Katajamaki charismatically depicts 
such antithetic soundscapes. 

released 4 August 2013 

ambient experimental finland downtempo 

electronic soundscapes Finland 

jjjbftORD HAVOC 


Lord Havoc - 'Futurustic 
Space Invasion' [ET48] 

A cosmic journey into unchartered 
territoties. Celestial drones, low and 
high frequencies experiments in a 
science fiction lab. 

Lord Havoc, or Rakun, or Jus, is a 
(dark) ambient artist from Slovenia. 
His ambition to make music comes 
from life, experimentation, science 
fiction and other things. He has been 
making it for a few years, mostly 
experimenting, but occasionally 
deciding to do more serious music. 
Lord Havoc likes to read a lot, is a 
mudder and very interested in 
science, nuclear stuff and astronomy. 

released 25 August 2013 

experimental Slovenia ambient dark 
ambient electronic noise 

Tar Miles - 'Tar Labs pt. 

1' [ET49] 

Tar Miles is the ghost of Thanos 
Papadopoulos, Hana, who creates 
electronic music in experimental 
mode through techno forms. 

Between Transmat and Metroplex 
seminal sonic footprint, Tar Miles 
infuses the latter with an 
experimental twist. Structural and 
textural elements are clearly 

identifiable, phat synths, 808-like 
percussion, modulation, low pitched 
vocal samples, while they manifest 
the starting point for Tar Miles' 
exploration on composition and 
rhythmic adventure. 

Tar Miles has numerous releases 
under Hana moniker on digital and 
physical format. Enjoy ET49! 

released 24 September 2013 
Experimental, Electronic, Techno, Greece 

AVOIDANT - 'Songbook 
Sines' [ET50] 

AVOIDANT is the solo project of 
Portuguese artist Nelson P. Ferreira 
and he experiments with long drone 
and ambient textures. 

released 13 October 2013 
ambient drone experimental noise 

dr guilty -'untitled' [ET51] 

dr guilty was born in the early 70s 
somewhere in Italy. First musical 
experiences date back to the mid 
80s — playing electric guitar in an 
utterly forgotten noise combo that 
recorded only 2 tracks. He started 
making electronic music in the early 

released 19 November 2013 
experimental ambient drone electronic e 
xperimental isolationist 
ambient minimal soundscape Italy 

The Electric Poet - 
'Somber Soul' [ET52] 

'Somber Soul' is the amalgam of 
reversed electric sounds, abstract 
guitars, ambient pads and 
experimental rhythm patterns. 

The Electric Poet hails from the 
United States and has been 
recording guitar based loops for 
over ten years. Follow him through 
the wormhole to his weird little 

released 16 December 2013 
experimental usa ambient electronic 


Dabit Vocem Austria - 
'Bordun' [ET53] 

Imagine yourself in an underground 
post apocalyptic shelter. Electrified 
signals, heavily mutated everyday 
sounds, old phonographic memories 
of the past, cold sonic storms, all the 
above compose the dystopian and 
nightmarish palette of Sauermoser. 
There is not the slightest chance of 
hope for those in the shelter. 

DabitVocemAustria is a project from 
Felix Sauermoser, born in 1977. Felix 
started to using a audiorecorder in 
the age of 8 and first recorded his 
granny singing. After a lot of 
experiments, he started to make a 
noise project and some others. 

released 07 January 2014 
experimental electronic 

Red Clouds - 'Burning The 
Sky' [ET54] 

Clouds' distinctive ambient 
dronology incorporates noise and 
natural elements. Listen to the windy 
frequencies captured outside a 
Weyland-Yutani Corporation plant. 

released 08 January 2014 
east coast experimental usa ambient 
drone drone ambient dronology 
electronic noise ambient 

Jaguar Min - 'Anhedonia 
EP' [ET55] 

'Anhedonia 1 a collection of 
improvised guitar soundscapes by 
Jaguar Min. Distant sea memories 
and improvised dreamy arpeggios 
with an exploratory approach, 
synthesize an imaginary guitarscape 
journey which is about to take place. 

Harrison Banfield is a new media 
artist and musician based in South 
Wales, producing work under the 
moniker Jaguar Min. 

System Morgue - 
'Grief' [ET56] 

Griefs musical opus consists of four 
distinct sonic visualizations of the 
darkest feelings under the skin. A 
harsh axis builds up with slow and 
consistent frequency storms. 
Exemplary harsh noise / power 
electronics from System Morgue. 
System Morgue is a one-man project 
from Moscow, Russia. The music 
varies from the pure harsh noise to 
dark ambient and drone with early 
Aidan Baker, MaerorTri, Mathias 
Grassow and Klaus Wiese influences 

released 26 January 2014 
Experimental, drone, harsh noise, 

eidoscognitio - 
'Understanding The Value 
Of Sincerity' [ET57] 

Folklorism, the revival of older 

Harrison is an eclectic musician, 
currently focusing on sound design, 
soundscaping and experimental 
electronic music. He produces an 
ongoing series of short EPs featuring 
contrasting styles. 

He works mainly with found footage 
sourced from the Internet and social 
networks, exploring a range of 
contemporary issues through the 
filter of social media- with a 
particular interest in voyeurism, the 
human body and advanced 

Released 25 January 2014 
Guitarscape, Ambient, Soundscape, 




alue Of Sincerity 

customs and rituals, has been, in its 
very sense, the core of escapism to 
some other time and place. 
Disconnected to modern society and 
initially lame, it fails most of the times 

'Burning Sky 1 is the second album of 
Red Clouds for Etched Traumas. Red 

to associate itself with the real needs 
of human beings. 

However, folklorism and its attributed 
exoticism, the will to discover new 
structures of feeling, can be 
essentialy a more optimistic side of a 
sterile revival. Full of older patterns 
and forms, attempts at gaining its 
place in the modern world, based on 
its deeply humanist core. 

The work of eidoscognitio lies 
beyond the untruthful of side of 
folklorism and celebrates a brand, 
new and humane sonic locus. It 
reveals the essential need for 
reconnecting with everything natural 
in this 21 st world. The artist's meeting 
with real shamans in practice 
triggered the conceptualization of 
'Understanding The Value Of 

According to the artist, this work is "a 
sonic excursion to a meditative and 
somehow dreamy sequence of slow 
events". It is ambient music recorded 
live in episodes. The episodes deal 
with the understanding of harsh 
feelings, dependence and the painful 
process of getting rid of attachments, 
and finally, the understanding of the 
value of sincerity. We are definitely 
not alone, we must respect our 
fellows as we care and value 
ourselves. Each episode was 
recorded live on a Tascam portable 
digital recorder, and edited for 
continuity of a general panorama. 

eidoscognitio is Alejandro 
Betancourt, an electroacoustic 
performer from Venezuela. Alejandro 
was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and 
started to compose, play and 
perform live on his early 30's. In his 
work he tends to explore the richness 
and the always interesting evolving 
atmospheres of all soundscapes he 
can get: Field recordings, sound 
libraries and synthesizer/sampler 
generated ones. 

His work is heavily influenced by 
ambient music. He rarely uses rhythm 
loops, although he creates the sense 
of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in 
that allows him to loop a certain 
fragment of his performance. 

experimental, acoustic, natural, ambient, 
electronic, live 

23RedAnts - 'We Are Not 
Dead Yet' [ET58] 

23RedAnts is the artistic duet of 
Macarena Montesinos and Niet F-n. 
Their work, highly improvised and 
exploratory, is based on electronic 
and acoustic equipment, such as 
cello, laptop, pedals and other 
found objects. The quest of new 
rhythmic patterns along with 
surpassing cello micro-drones, build 
together a brave and well articulated 

23RedAnts is a duet that comes 
from Vigo, Spain. Mainly based on 
free improvisation, the duet moves 
in different directions mixing noise, 
melody, glitch music, silences, field 
recordings, loops and irregular 
rhythms in always new and surprising 

released 10 February 2014 
experimental, Spain, electroacoustic, 
electronic, free improvisation 

Inspired by the thoughts of the 
instinctual reptilian brain. This work 
contains 5 soundscapes that explore 
a visionary world where man acts only 
according to their instincts, causing 
nightmares in the balance between 
the ration and the darkest instincts. 
Five tracks that musically spanning 
several electronic genres, with an ear 
for experimentation. 

D@P, was born at the end of 2012, 
with the intention of exploring the 
cosmos and micro cosmos of man, 
through drawings and visionary 
soundscapes, drawing also on the 
electronic music scene of the past 40 
years! More musical inspirations 
were, among others, Kraftwerk, 
Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze and 
Jean Michele Jarre. 

Everything is produced through the 
use of a DAW, using only virtual 
plugin, iPad, recordings sound fields 
and manipulations of sounds, 
released 1 February 2014 
experimental, acoustic, natural, ambient, 
electronic, live 

released 12 March 2014 
ambient, electronic 

Martin Hoogeboom - 
'Colony' [ET60] 

'Colony 1 is a soundscape work based 
on sounds of ants. Martin says about 
'Colony' : 

"It might be an ethical concern to fill 
an ant's nest with molten aluminium, 
to let it cool down and to then dig it 
up. But this is the only way to get a 
building which looks like it has been 
designed by an alien architect. 

released 1 February 2014 

D@P - 'R-Complex' [ET59] 

Recent studies have shown that ants 
regularly communicate with each 
other by sound. Most ants have a 
natural washboard and plectrum 
built-in into their stomach. By 
rubbing these against each other, 
they create sound. This enables the 
queen to order her workers. 
Researchers can record these sounds, 
which are the basis of Colony, with 
the newest audio techniques. 

I gave sound designer Theo Calis and 
trumpet player Ed van den Berkel the 
following instructions for 
improvisation: autumn forest, cold, 
blue sky, strong wind, chasing clouds. 
In the same forest where you are 
enjoying your walk 

released 13 February 2014 

Free Variety Theatre and 
Johannes Weinberger - 
'adipem Syrticas' [ET61] 

God, take this off. Free Variety 
Theatre and Johannes Weinberger: a 
style of music and improvisation that 
combines avant and composition but 
never both. Sounds very similar but 
often differs in that, despite its 
distinct departure... doldrums... as a 
teenager developed into addiction 
(while in hospital) after an 
inconsequential, but certainly occult, 
accident. Occident. It has a 
predetermined structure [lie]? This 
structure may be rejected by many 
[untruth]? Composed note-4-note 
[NO!]? Partially or even completely. 
As a result, it gained limited/great 
hardship in Cal-, was rediscovered 
and issued, eventually being 
committed to musicians and fans 

alike. Sing: Captured for posterity! 
Development! Poster! 

released 1 April 2014 
experimental, improvisation 

swivelized sounds - 
'_busted' [ET62] 

'Jousted 1 is an experimentation in lo- 
fi noise that often finds itself drifting 
into melody and inevitably lost all 
together, it is an attempt to capture 
simplicity simply and results in four 
tracks each uniquely different but 
connected by process and emotion, 
it is a story that details the emotional 
journey that was undertaken by the 
artist and concludes in a conflicting 
feeling of euphoria and loss. 

released 17 May 2014 
experimental, electronic 

APF - 'Asket' [ET63] 

After working on different genre 
bands for over 12 years, Rolando 
Lopez gave form to his own vision of 
rock music. Influenced by Youth 
Lagoon, Thee Oh Sees, The Beatles, 
Julie Dorion and costarican projects 
such as Aracnophobia, Begotten, 
Zopilot!, Los Waldners, Daniel 

Ortuno producer itself and Bloqueos, 
APF is an open window to creation. 
The band is going to give post rock, 
experimental, acoustic and lo fi 
records especially, to all those music 
lovers around. 

released 4 June 2014 
experimental, electronic 

veraopop - 
'veraopop' [ET64] 

Amazing drone ambient work by 
Portuguese project veraopop. 

released 4 June 2014 
experimental, drone, ambient 

Rene Baptist Huysmans - 
'Anthropologies of the 
Void' [ET65] 

Though harmonious and 
breathtakingly beautiful from a 
distance, the universe is a violent and 
inhospitable place that is not even 
indifferent to our existence: it very 
well exists despite us, has done so 
long before us and will do so for a 
very long time after our demise. Yet, 

the more our Earth becomes a pale 
blue dot, the more our concept of 
space seems to be imbued with the 
familiar world we directly see around 
us: a Martian volcano 'the size of 
France 1 , astronomical 'forests', 'birth' 
and 'death' of a star, the search for an 
exo-planet like Earth, perhaps even 
an alien civilisation like our own. 
Space exploration is also an 
exploration of ourselves. The 
universe is here. Our metaphors aptly 
express this dual nature: strangely 
familiar and familiarly strange at the 
same time. 

These drony textures, long and slowly 
developing lines with a minimum of 
sonic events and the recursive 
application of an audio-effect over 
and over again evoke (I hope) our 
ever so human metaphorical 
wondering—and wandering—and 
where it allows us to dwell. 

released 1 July 2014 
experimental, soundscape, 
expressionistic, space, textures 

VeDaKR - 'Nokia Tapes EP' 

Evidence of the urban environment, 
recordings of modern life, the noise 
that reveals the truth, the VeDaKR's 
'Nokia Tapes' are an eclectic 
repository of recorded audio clips for 
the archivist of a dystopian future. 

released 8 July 2014 
experimental, noise, DIY 

Kaztalien - 'September 

November' [ET67] 

This is the second release of 
Kaztalien for Etched Traumas titled 
'September October November'. 

The work consists of three amazing 
naturalistic folk ambient tracks. 
Kaztalien is an ambient project from 
Tambov, Russia. He creates rich 
drone ambient textures enhanced 
with field recordings since 2010. 
Kaztalien appeared in the summer of 
2010 as a single experiment with 
natural sounds. Later these 
experiments evolved into mono¬ 
project «nSH» - russian acronym of 
«no name yet». The summer of 2011 
was a period when natural sounds of 
this project were mixed with 
synthesizers and low drones. This 
new sound became the starting 
point of «Kaztalien». Main theme 
and inspiration source of the project 
is the coexistence of Nature and 
Civilisation in the modern world. 

released 5 July 2014 
ambient, folk, experimetal 

Willy Stamati - 'A Moment 
of Absolute 
Stillness' [ET68] 

Stamati invites us to a dark realm of 
ambient, noise and mechanical 
sounds. Archetypical drone textures, 

noise elements, lo frequencies and 
cold soundscapes construct the 
Ukrainian artist's sonic mosaic. 

Willy Stamati is a post-industrial / 
noise / experimental one-man project 
from Ukraine. It was established in 
2007. The basic aim is sound 
experiments. Inspired by such 
luminaries as Merzbow, Aube, Marco 
Corbelli, Maurizio Bianchi, Raison 
d'Etre, Contagious Orgasm and Bad 
Sector, Willy Stamati worked his way 
up from darkwave and neoclassics to 
post-industrial and noise and created 
more than 100 albums in different 
styles. The main topic of his music is 
life in its lowest display, from worst 
human features to faults of 
development; the gloomy 
atmosphere of his music call thoughts 
about doom, despair and realization 
of self-insignificance. The main 
features differing Willy Stamati from 
similar projects are careful selection 
of musical material, variety of genres 
and styles, its original sound and 
serious intelligent approach to music 

released 8 July 2014 
experimental, noise, DIY 

nobodisoundz - 
'Isolation' [ET69] 

This is the second release of french 
artist nobodisoundz for Etched 
Traumas. Dark, dirty ambiances 
overlaid with field recordings, voices, 
soundscapes, strange objects and 
the MKF's electric guitar. 

released 14 July 2014 
experimental, ambient, field recording, 
electric guitar,noise 

Monarchy' [ET70] 

'A Hereditary Monarchy 1 is made of a 
classic piano music with distorted 
microphone. Complex and multi-level 
qualities contrast the grand piano 
melodies. The six movements of this 
album merge a decadent interwar 
feeling with an electrified dystopian 

"...reminds me of the world wars and 
the hereditary socialization problems 
of people. Like an innocent person in 
a war. Like a child who does not 
understand the world and his 
parents. It means for me that an end 
of a classic closed community, the 
healthy thoughts fighting with the 
narrow minded scene or a hopeless 
and neverending sadness." argues 

The Reiseburo86 is a deep, sensitive 
and personal approach of the noise- 
soundart. Always experimental and 
totally dark sounds with guitar, 
effects, flute, keyboard, looper, 
microphone and small metal strings 
and springs and other special 
objects. Normal's Improvised free 
musics fill out his strange and weird 
visual world. 

released 14 July 2014 
experimental, noise, piano 

Zoran - '...and then there 
was life' [ET71] 

Twenty two minutes of a sheer 
ambient drone journey. 

Zoran makes music with computer 
software using midi keyboard. 

Adding effects or not, it doesn't 
matter, manipulating beyond 

understanding than crushing down 
to minimal, it's all the same for Zoran 
because all is sound. Zoran was 
influenced by 80's and 90's music of 
all genres. 

Zoran's goal is love and 
understanding through sound, 
accepting the unknown and free 
minded creativity. Everything is 
sound and sound is all there is, this 
is Zoran. 

released 31 August 2014 
ambient, drone 

Fire To The Stars - 'Keep 
You Safe' [ET72] 

'Keep You Safe' is the debut EP from 
Melbourne/Stockholm six-piece. 
Making glorious melancholia 

suitable for geographical outposts, 
these tracks soothe and despair 

released 29 September 2014 

DR - '4 Drones' [ET73] 

Fascinating and 'microscopic 1 
melodies evolve into a mesmerizing 

DR (Dominic Razlaff) is an Electronica 
& Ambient musician from 
Braunschweig, Germany. 

He uses Synthesizers, Field 
Recordings, Tape Loops & some digi¬ 
tal Effects to create Melancholy, 

Deep, Ambient / Drone Soundscapes 

released 20 October 2014 
drone,ambient, electronic 

Room Of Roots - 'Small 
Noises' [ET74] 

Room Of Roots' is the solo project of 
British artist Milo T-M. The pieces on 
"Small Noises" were created over 3 
years, and are really a collection of 
sonic experiments. The mixture of 
looped audio and spontaneous 
recording remains a key feature 
throughout. Most of the tracks are 
created to convey a particular emo¬ 
tion or a physical space, such as in 
"Rooms". Making this music has en¬ 
abled me to grasp the process of 
recording and mixing, whilst resisting 
the urge to use computers for the 
creation of effects or sounds. 

Milo was born in London in 1997 and 
started showing an interest in music 
at the age of 11, and by 17 it is now 
his passion. He is influenced heavily 
by electronic and experimental 
music, but also includes elements of 
ambient and classical styles. His 
painting and writing act as parallel 
practices, and convey the same 
emotion to the reader or viewer as 
the music does to its listener. Much of 
the music he makes explores the thin 
line between minimalism and 
complexity, whilst retaining a sense of 
coherence. The fact that none of the 
sounds or effects are created with a 
computer is very important to Milo, 
as he believes that the ability to make 
anything you want immediately 
actually hinders creativity. The sole 
use of acoustic, analogue or circuit 
bent instruments allows his recording 
process to be totally spontaneous. 

He hopes you enjoy his music. 

released 20 October 2014 

of rust, tfnrin and atmospher 
S( )l>OI)lot.horSOUNI)Zm;UtiM* 

matter - 'of rust, grain and 
atmospher' [ET75] 

'of rust, grain and atmospher' album 
is a sonic collage of dark and soulful 
electrified elements. A panorama of 
distorted pads, electric guitar impro¬ 
visations and synthesized ambient 

It is a cinematic journey: corrosive 
atmosphere and last transmissions 
from an underground shelter; a per¬ 
fect soundtrack for 'Dead Man's Let¬ 
ters' (IlMCbMa MepTBoro ne/iOBeKa) 
film directed by Konstantin Lo- 

Nobodisoundz comes from France 
and first started this sound-making 
project by cobbling together music 
samples, sounds, field recordings 
and the results of his fiddling with 
audio software. These sounds com¬ 
pleted his works and added an at¬ 
mosphere within and around his 
paintings, subsequent installations 
and videos. He looks for dense, 
heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and 
quiet atmospheres, which have to be 
both dark and bright at the same 

Since 2011, Kristof and Palomo 
(Other Matter duo) they are wan¬ 
dering the dreary toxic spaces 
above, witnessing to the weakness 
of the human mind confronted with, 
and ultimately defeated by, the 
darkness, - all darkness. 

Michel Kristof: electric guitar, elec¬ 
tric esraj, sitar. Born 1966. Solo work 
on guitars and electrified indian in¬ 
struments as MKF's Approach. Since 
2010 in free jazz godfather Sonny 
Simmons' Moksha Samnyasin with 
Thomas Bellier (Blaak Heat Shujaa) 
and Sebastien Bismuth (Abrahma). 
Guest appearances with Ehecatl. 

Julien Palomo: synthesizers, organ, 
piano, tape manipulations. Born 
1978. Producer for Improvising Be¬ 
ings (Sonny Simmons, Frangois 
Tusques, Alan Silva, Sabu Toyozumi, 
Itaru Oki, Giuseppi Logan...). Also 
performing in post-pop group Ba- 

Released 13 November 2014 

guitar, rust,ambient,noise,synthesizer 

Martin Hoogeboom - 
'Where Do We Go From 
Here?' [ET77] 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

While the political, economic and 
ecological perspectives of human 
society seem to worsen every day, I 
occasionally feel the need to retreat 
into a great forest. 

A log cabin - preferably a little one, 
because in addition to all my defects 
and neuroses, I have a special 

fondness for small wooden houses :) 
- stands there, containing a 

They have a sound that is both 
earthly and, let's shamelessly use this 
devalued term once again, spiritual. 

Unfortunately, we are sucked into a 
world without forests, log cabins and 
harmoniums. But do not despair: our 
hope is placed in positive thinkers 
such as the architect Aad Breed, who 
lets us live in pyramid cities 
Which is also pleasant. 

Until then, I make forest-music using 
my acoustic guitar and a loop station 
in my own house. I've been doing 
this for years, and these pieces are 
almost always the basis of my 

They can be heard in their pure form 
for their first time on this Etched 
Traumas release. 

Sound designer Theo Calis has used 
his special magic to give these pieces 
a warm harmonium-like sound. 

released 15 July 2014 

Ophed - 'Turning The 
Odds' [ET78] 

A mosaic novel based on the Tarot 
cards. 22 short stories describing an 
optimistic view of mastering one's 
own individual life by taking control 
over coincidences and occurrences. 
We shall not be slaves of the events 
happenning in our lives, we should 
create our own opportunities and 
chances. Tomorrow is the 
consequence of today, a repercussion 

of our own choices, an echo of our 

One by one, the cards were drawn 
randomly. Each track was made one 
at a time, the card giving the 
parameters to be respected: name, 
number, colours, elements and 
symbols shown and of course, the 
meaning of the card. Using randomly 
programmed grain synthetizers, 
random patterns or arpeggios, 
collected field recordings and various 
samples from foreign collaborators, 
each card was musically painted, 
giving a personnal interpretation of 
the card. 

Mainly minimalist, the work covers 
different techniques: polyphony, 
polyrhythms, phasings, ostinatos and 
western musical and oral linguitics 
schemes, such as counterpoint, 
modal harmony, tonal harmony and 
different lingual phonemes. Tracks 
are linked to each other using a 
glossary made of footstep sounds, 
water sounds, birds singing, bells 
ringing and voice samples. 

The album is an essay on controlled 
randomness. Some tracks are totally 
controlled, some are partially 
controlled and some aren't controlled 
at all. Several takes were done on the 
tracks and a final choice was made. 
The album may be performed live, 
but the tracks will never sound 
exactly the same on each 
performance. The set would also be 
based on a random draw of the 
cards, giving each track order in the 
set. So, any given performance would 
be different from one to the next. 

odds went on cards Vll-Le Chariot 
and VI11-La justice for the begining 
and kept XXI-Le Monde for the 
closing of the 78th release of 
internationally oriented netlabel, 
Etched Traumas. 

In order to recreated the main 
concept, this album should be 
played on random mode. 

Ophed is the artistic project of 
Sylvain Desfosses from Quebec, 
Canada. Aside from his work in the 
music education field, he is a 
composer influenced by various 
genres of music, ranging between 
20th century classical composers to 
contemporary popular, popular 
dance styles and from south 
American rhythmic to the simple 
complexity of polyphonic African 
music or polyrhytmics of the tribal 
dances of Indonesia. 

He seeks a perpetual fluid motion 
element as he always tries to build a 
consistent shape out of a fluid, a 
never ending energy. He has been 
composing for about 20 years and 
has worked with visual arts and 
musical experimentations. Basically 
using minimalistic techniques, he 
uses random set patterns, reverse 
audio, spoken samples, detune, 
distortion, and explores 
polyrhythmic and polyphonic 
soundscapes. For him, music is a 
language therefore he gives priority 
to the message he wants to 

released 14 December 2014 
experimental, electronic 

The listing of the album represents 
the exact order in which the tracks 
were written. On the original draw, 


Daedal Sphalldlalia - 
'Chaosofia' [ET79] 

'Chaosofia 1 is about chaotic 
considerations about vacuum and 
darkness. Five minutes of deep, 
harsh noise; we couldn't have a 
better new year start. 

Daedal Sphalldlalia was created by 
Z_n in Rome few years ago. 

The project is about noise/harsh 
noise and dark ambient/drone pro¬ 

The purpose of the act is to express 
his inner self. 

released 6 January 2015 
noise, harsh noise 

Martin Rach - 'Interrupted' 

The release combines two sets of 
excerpts from improvising on two 
instruments, piano and roland Ef303 
machine, with a looped work in the 
middle done for disquiet junto 
project ( 

Neither of instruments is/was mine, 
piano standing in an old house on 
west coast of Norway, that I used to 
play during evenings of my stay 
there looking for specific sonoric 
features - first piece is improvised 
around two slightly detuned keys, 
second (last on the release) - on 
lowest and highest pitch, with natur¬ 
al ambience of an old piano being 

Roland Ef303 is a machine of my 
friend (Domas Ruskys), who let me 
use it for some weeks during my stay 
at home in Lithuania (also on the 
west coast). Mainly improvised to 
see what it sounds with no or mini¬ 
mal input - the insides of its looped/ 
rewiring buzz in an unstable (mov¬ 
ing/slightly swinging on a table) set¬ 

Speech call. Is that not how all 
graphomaniacs start? Hearing the 
call. No. Feeling the itch. Better 

The old radio. Tune between FM 
frequencies, but no song. Not a one 
damn song. All babble. All pussy, tit, 
love love love, till vomit or 
ejaculate. Same thing. That don't 
arouse me anymore. So much the 
better. Switch to short waves. Shift 
amidst stations, static, find the 
beatings, now, some song, at least 
at last. Some play. What else (one 
needs)? Some rice, some onion, 
some carrot, if that. One don't need 
much, when one prepares. Turn the 
radio off. 

Some tea, cheap tasteless tea, pour 
water, all is good. A cigarette, 
all is better. Then the sky, less 
cloudy, the better. Waiting. 

Such are waiting times. 

Maybe the mountain, some sea. One 
needs less, when preparing. Or, 
even better, not getting wasted. 
Clean in old cloths. Some little 
light and far city ambiance. 

Itch stopping. 

Not wasted. Not. 

released 27 January 2015 
noise, ambient 

flaub - Wild side of elec¬ 
trical reactions [ET81] 

Something like a deafening noise 
arose from inside their deepness and 

leave them out of breath. A primal 
fire burned out all their shelters. They 
were by themselves those who got 
inspired to descend up to the 
boundaries of their animality, without 
knowing it. And so on the grey an¬ 
gels trapped inside the oblivion woke 
up, one by one. Options were simple, 
to fall even deeper or to take flight 
with them to become white again, 

Fernando Laub (aka flaub) is a com¬ 
poser and visual artist mainly orien¬ 
tated to avant-garde, experimental 
and electroacoustic music. 

With the aim of compiling sonic sub¬ 
stance and creating new devices from 
old industrial machines and recycled 
scrap, he spent several years living 
into an abandoned factory recondi¬ 
tioned as a sound laboratory. Besides 
those post-industrial quests he use to 
travel around the world documenting 
sonic and visual material. Combining 
all that stuff with the research of new 
synthesis methods his music not only 
describes pictures, it will transport 
you to a sort of surreal and Sci-Fi 
scenarios, images that are quite diffi¬ 
cult to define. 

released 16 February 2015 
abstract electronic avant-garde electroa¬ 
coustic experimental 

Yaws-Yaws [ETS01] 

Known (or not-known) for attention to 
detail in his compositions and a lo-fi 
approach and aesthetic in creating 
music, Yaws makes rhythmic sound- 
scapes, exploring long and expand¬ 
ing improvisations through repetition, 
static and noise. Taking influence 
from artists such as HTRK, Deutsch 
Nepal, Coil and Craig Leon, his music 
is an incessant, yet subtle perpetual 

groove which intends to tap into a 
rhythmic continuum which transcends 
the listener. 

released 18 February 2015 
electronic, minimal 


the orderly system 

winjer3 - The Orderly Sys¬ 
tem [ET82] 

Winjer3 emerged from the Chicago 
area of the United States in 2013 with 
his cosmic blend of experimental 
electronic, drone, ambient, minimalist 
beat, and rhythmic noise sounds. He 
uses a blend of small analog instru¬ 
ments, virtual approximations of ana¬ 
log instruments, 

and a receiver of shortwaves to cre¬ 
ate his unique sound. Recordings are 
generally completed "on the fly" and 
in one take; in order to maximize the 
improvisation of the recordings. 

Winjer3 describes his main influences 
to be nature, the universe as whole, 
and the phenomena exhibited in 
both. There is a special focus on the 
more disastrous aspects of each in¬ 
fluence, as can be heard in the details 
that exist within the sounds of Win- 

released 31 March 2015 
electronic, ambient, experimental 

Lezet - Utterings [ET83.1] 

"Utterings" is Lezet's attempt at fake 
languages and sound poetry which 
should in this case lean toward the 
musical rather than the semantic. 

This offering is somewhat limited by 
content creator's Indo-European 
language background and the 
phonetic peculiarities of his native 
language (Serbo-Croatian/ Croato- 
Serbian), but the texts and the 
readings should prove to be 
interesting and amusing enough in 

Any actual words used are 

"Utterings" the third installment to 
"The Talking Trilogy" (consisting of 
"Hum","Histrionics" & "Utterings") 
You are cordially invited to record 
your own interpretation/reading of 
the included texts in whatever way 
you want (sing them, whisper them, 
shout them, read them...) and send 
it to us. We would love to be able to 
assemble an accompanying single 
we would subsequently add to this 
release as a bonus track/mix 

released April 23, 2015 
experimental, fake languages, non-music 
sound, poetry, sound art, spoken word, 
voice, voice art 

Unsample - Ipsissima Voce 

The voice of the city 

A listener from an outer reality ap¬ 
proaches the modern metropolis and 
perceives a version of the contempo¬ 
rary urban sound. Noises, words, 
roars, whispers and melodies merge 
together to construct the semi-logical 
language of a bio-mechanical, hyper¬ 
organism. This language is the men¬ 
tal space in which new narrations may 
emerge and old cultural symbols can 
lead to new unpredictable meanings. 

Further on, in this urban, "post-mod¬ 
ern 11 space the listener may listen to 
a strange "song". The inner voice of 
the city. 

The dual role of voice as both a 
sonorous "object" and a facilitator of 
meaning, narration and verbal com¬ 
munication is crucial for our under¬ 
standing of sound and music. Ipsis¬ 
sima voce plays with the exchange of 
roles between voice, music and nar¬ 
ration. While the electronic and pre¬ 
recorded sounds overwhelm the nar¬ 
rative and musical part, the voice is 
reduced to either short musical sig¬ 
nals or distant reminiscence of an¬ 
cient languages and generic vocal 
gestures so that the end result be¬ 
comes a kind of abstract, electronic 

released April 23, 2015 

Their Teeth To Points - A 
Budget of Paradoxes 

The album title comes from an eclec¬ 
tic collection of fringe/alternative 
scientific theories, published in 1872 
by a British mathematician named 
August De Morgan. The album can 
be understood as a kind of alterna¬ 
tive science project in itself: both as 

an effort to make sense of a tumul¬ 
tuous life transition, and also be¬ 
cause the five tracks presented here 
rely on custom sound effects and 
sound manipulation software which 
the artist has developed over the last 
year. The album cover art is by Sean 

Their Teeth to Points is the main 
creative outlet for a sound artist 
based near Toronto, Canada. Their 
Teeth to Points is an experiment in 

audio manipulation, sound collage, 
field recordings, digital synthesis, and 
various algorithmic composition 

released June 8, 2015 



We feel like explorers; we travel light years in distance via unheard sounds 
springing from our lungs. Armed with a DAW, and a poor quality audio recorder, for 
new situations. There are rules to override, and wires to stretch. Capture the sound 
of stretching a copper string, an accidental breaking of glass and suddenly we are 
between mellowness and harshness, sadness and happiness. We are here to make 
a joyful noise, because all impulses escape prototyping. 

'Our model is sound', so lets go down and burn up the road. Leave your etched 
traumas behind. 


Al I our releases are free of charge. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0