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24 Febrius, 2249. 

For three days your Scoutcraft has been traveling through empty space, 
on its way from one forsaken part of the galaxy to another. You're a techno- 
scavenger, making a living searching for abandoned technological systems — 
but for all the luck you've had in the past month, you might as well be an 
intergalactic drifter. Psytek, your Science Droid Analyzer, is monitoring the 
instruments. There isn't much to do—not much, thatis, until suddenly Psytek 
flashes an urgent message: 



Powerful is right! Your instruments indicate rads in the ten thousand range. 
“Any idea what it might be?” you ask. 


Silken Joa. 

Strange. And stranger still, when you deploy the Scoutcraft’s optical 
sensor, you discover a large, solitary planet—one that simply doesn't exist 
according to the charts. But there it is, its surface cut with deep chasms and 
ancient rifts. 

You Call up a dimensional coordinate grid of the radiation flux. Sure 
enough, the lines of the grid are ruler straight until they reach the area of the 
radiation flux. There, they become as warped and tangled as the wiring of 
your third-hand Scoutcraft. 

A powerful radiation flux...a planet cut with deep rifts... 

Suddenly a wild idea occurs to you. Have you stumbled upon the legend- 
ary Koronis Rift? 

seven hundred thousand years ago, the Ancients ruled the stars—a con- 
federation of over thirty different races whose technological achievements 
were unsurpassed. According to legend, the Ancients used the deep rifts of a 
planet called Koronis as a testing ground for their most powerful weapons. 
Finding the fabled Koronis Rift has been a dream of technoscavengers for 
centuries. Now, just maybe, you're the one.... 

As soon as your ship moves within range, you activate your on-board 
detector. Tuned to the Ancient’s standard wavelength, it should tell you 
whether this mysterious planet contains any caches of powerful technology. 

Instantly, the detector registers the loudest alarm you've ever heard. 
Koronis Rift... it must be! 

You signal Psytek. “Prepare the Surface Rover for descent: 

Using the optical sensor, you snap an orbital photograph of a section of the 
planet's surface. A moment later Psytek announces: 

“What about the Repo-Tech Robot?’ you ask. 

The Scoutcraft, with Psytek in control, will orbit while you explore the 
planet in your Surface Rover. You can always summon Psytek to come pick 
you up at any time—as long as you're in the clear and not under attack. 

There's no time to lose. Koronis Rift, the greatest treasure trove of technol- 
ogy in the galaxy, is waiting.... 

ie Me STAG... deans 

Loading Instructions 

Set up yaur Commodore 64/128 or: ‘Atari computer as shown | in owner's 

Mad manual. Turn on your disk drive and: TV. Plug joystick Into Me irs port. sem 
your diskette for Koronis Rift with the label for:your computer system facing up: 
and turn on your Gomputer. Atari: the progratn will autoload. Commodote 64: 

es, type LOAD."*",8,1 and. press RETURN. Commodore 128: set the system:to......:.... 
Commodore 64 Mode, then type LOAD "*",8;1 and press RETURN. 

Com modore 64/Commodore 128 with Epyx Fast Load™ * Cartridge. Make 
ane sure computer is.turned. off..(For Commodore 128: set system to.Commodore..:........ 
64 Mode:) Insert Fast Load: Cartridge into the:cartridge slot of computer and 
turn computer on: Insert Koronis Rift diskette:into disk:drive with the 
Commodore label facing up. Hold down Commodore (G=) key and press 
GG eee Na ie any Dee yOungRe ee 

Launch Scoutcraft 

- Orice your'disk boots up; you'll find yourself inside the:Surface Rover; i777" 
ready to explore the planet Koronis. ‘To start ai tite press the fire; 
arta on your degae 

Oe 1 9 ee eee Oe er Gl ee eee ie eee lel ea ene) ie Penel me Ol) a rel selte tmuies Oe. Ue) @, 6 1Oc 6" 6 9 8s /0.70) (6 © 6 6) Oe) wre 8, 6. "Oem er OM mueh Tey ere 1 6) aate Tree iat © 6 ie. e 0) 6 eileuln tei 6 6 6 6 «© e 

oe | Koron is Rift | 

ee Ke eo” The’ planet Koronis'is cut by deep leis ‘called rifts, which Oa ik 
; ringed by mountain ranges.and sprinkled with hills. You land in Rift 
Seco aetlini sect looks ie be “sas rie aac 

Be! e028 Oi a: e-f ee a @ e ee ee. oe ee) eet ante: pie eal eiile\6 «ey Chm 6.70" we Bele me em 0 oa) ee ene mC a) hy OU a eel SO amr a le.) mae ive) tiga el CSW lie lb be ele le 

wet Hulks 

Sida , :Fhe-vehicle you gee-on the ground before your is just what you'v We been: -is+-+---- 
naping " find—an hae ae on a war machine ofthe Ancients. — : 

a6 eee ae eee a ele ley ee, Oi er ig aie me Be (e/a a edie eR OARS ® |e Oe Ae 8 ROO BC O86. 60 6.) 60) a te Leen) ee et id! (el Bie eee ecm ee aCe Ae! @) © 6 eS) 6) 6 /& 6 © 6 eee 

ee tera 

Check out the video displays at the top of your screen: To the far left, 

rr ee ee ee ee Ce ee eo) Ce oe re ee es er ee, oe er ee ee er er re ee 

OO TR een ee ee ee Ieee eee, ee? OSE we OO OOS re Ole Oe Ie 6 89 eo 6 ec aie 8 ee (8 eee 6 8 RO Ore ee 16) ern re 16 bel ere ee 8 8 8 

7 ucla the rest: ‘of Koronis Rift for ‘Ancient technology just turn 
-. your ship until the: pus at. me top o the display, and abe yr 
forward. : : 

bi BS See Se lee a ie me re ey) it ee ce Ca ee pre ee ee Ll ie 8) a) a ee ee eee ak te: ee ee eee eS er 9) 0) ey ee eae Brel a el 6 ea) ee Wale we ee ee 8 8 

To turn on 1 forward drive, just push the Tisai To turn off 
ge ee - forward drive, pull it back. Push.the ipanaal 9 or right mi od ee ae 
ea those ica eae : 

ae are Gusta tude swooping i in. They are out to desttoy you. ? 
‘New waves will keep coming | until you peso their base on nin 20. 

ge) FS Oe 0! Om CE RS Ee Ride we Oe ep Pre eet Ree eee eee ey we ie, eee: 8) 0! Ore a mee .e Oe Neve Mee wie wee we ee Ce a alle re (eee 68) eae wp we © 88 6) 6% 

that moves within the viewing window. With the cursor: centered onan enemy 
‘saucer, push the button on-:the joystick. One hit may not be enough. After all, 

Te these Guardian.Saucers.will stop at nothing to protect:the net of. ANGIE Se MENG «4 a 
techngiaay And et S ary what de re cath 

‘ om sting Hulks : : 3 : 
ee The radiation levels on Koronis are enough to frya Dromodite. So 
wi 2% ‘you'll have to.send your Repo-Tech Robot outto loot the hulks youfind...:....... 
‘But you cant do anything, until you've destroyed all the attacking 
‘saucers and positioned your Rover next to the hulk. Then you'll'see the options 
“LOOT HULK" ard “CALL SHIP” appear beneath your viewing window. To ; 
he ‘enter the option-area; move the cursor to the bottom of the viewing window and: ::------- 
‘press thé button. Move the-cursor to the right until the indicator: light above 
“LOOT FIULK" comes on. ‘To issue the HN i a to your RT Robot, sheiae the 

Wee e 8 0 6 OO eee Beh ee a eee ere el eS COTTE ARO ee SO mes Mee aes OO re Tree re oe ms aw lee mes Oat ees ee Ore e 6 a) 8 6 Oe wy wie 6 18) © @: 6) Bee! oA ae wc elenerelte 6) & wee 

‘nidleater light above ' ‘CALL Sie. and press the 
‘button on your joystick. 

Me @ © 8 eo 6 6 0h OR) Oo eee Le) © eee 0 REY C20 eer wee 68 6 6.6 6ne ele. @/ 6 e's 66) e ee) 6 & «6 Simemmemle) § 0:)/s 

ee 6 0» © 0 6 6 oe 
we; 8 6) ele) 6 ie 
ee 0 0 6 «© 0's 6 @ ane 

PO OR TE OOO ee 68 Cae 6 hele ef a ere re 8 *! 66) 6) eo ee Sere Cee! el oe ie, ee) ee *) Shes 6 6 ae (0 Bee ie wee) 8. ler-e. a nel, 6) 0 lb) S86 “occ ee wy eas On SU eee ella tre om 6) es) a wore 

pail the saucer Fey ae in Rift 20 by fie ually increasing your 
ee ‘Capabilities on the earlier levels. You can end:the game anytime by 
-returning to your Scoutcraft to cash in on all the technology you've 
ay ‘found; but you cannot oiatin the on re pie for saihel unless es sdepiie the: : eg | 
“Guardian Base. : : 

Pe” a ae Pe, Mel of eee 
Pause arid Re etart ne 
Press the:SPACE BAR to pause the game. Press it again to ; 

018 Oe ee RET SRI OO Oe en Oe 6 OO 88) 8 Oe ee ee Oe 8) Be SB eC eee ee Cee ew ee Cee Ol eb Oe Ne a0 6s 8 + bea ee 

64/1 28: press RUN/STOP then press RESTORE. 



Cio nigra tulations! yYouarethe proud owner of the Scavenger MK 
IV Modular Planetary Surface Rover—the very latest in planetary surface trans- 
port. The joystick control of your Surface Rover is all you need to direct the 

cursor and operate your craft. 

Targeting and Firing Laser 
During normal operation, the target- 
ing cursor (D) moves freely within 
the view window (B). While the 
cursor remains in the view window, 
pressing the button of the joystick 
fires the laser weapon on your craft, 
if itis turned on. 

Operation of Message Area 

The cursor also allows you to acti- 
vate any of the functions displayed 
in the message area (F). To makea 
selection, pull the joystick back until 
the cursor Is at the very bottom of 
the view window, and press the but- 
ton while pulling back. The cursor 
will enter selection area (A). Move 
the joystick left or right to make 

your selection —the light above each 
option indicates it has been selected. 
Press the button to activate it. The 
option “LOOT HULK’ directs your 
remote technoscavenger (RT 
Robot) to search an artifact for use- 
ful systems. “CALL SHIP” signals 
your scout ship to return to pick you 
up. (NOTE: The Scoutcraft is on call 
to retrieve the Surface Rover except 
in the event that the Surface Rover 
is under attack. During an attack, 
communication between Surface 
Rover and Scoutcraft is not per- 
mitted. )* Selecting “ADD MODULE” 
(or pressing the joystick button) will 
install whatever system your RT 
Robot is carrying into whichever slot 
is selected in the module area (C). 

Be! ce wl me) eke ese eda ae) ier iat Cae Oe ee er ee eee) ee ee) ae el er a ete ae lee Oe oe Ve eee ees eee, ete ee: ee 6.6 ee ae 8 ae te ete: ee w/e! 's fe ae! oe fee a ales eye! pias mie ate ew .e, we eo) iw 

Bh 6 Oi GO Oe) we Oe, 0 Ee we. mee ee Nelle er me hae er ere ee ee Be er ee a Or Oe Oo ee eg @) e- \e ete” Weta re” © 

o7e ee © w 

eC Sent re 

Bis @. 6 60 0 6 

a6 0 eee 8 C Oe a eee 6 (6 6 8 0 8 we 6. 8, 6 eR Re 6 eee ee ee ee Ue ee mae, Oe) @ Se we ele ®lm 

Rye ayes eee 

oe 0 e 8 Oe 

OA led See ae ial Yee | 

Ree: ee ee) eee ee Oe 0 dare oe a a bo Oe OO 0 ere le 48 eee 6 LS, 8) 0) 0 6) Oe et Bee ere ee See eee 6 ete 6's oe Bm eee ee, Bee ee (Ook Bee etre oe 8c 8 wo 8) 6 ee 6.6) a8 

‘To move:the cursor from the mes- : 
sage area and return ittothe view - 
‘window, simply push forward on 

the joystick. ee oe Pent e ee see 4 

*See Intergalactic Banking Code 2E-77.5-6-55 for : 
‘specific requirements. Ships still under mortgage to: 
‘any galactically-insured bank of the New Federation : 

are prohibited from entering hostile zones: --- +--+: +++: 

Operation of Surface Rover 
Module:Area_ =. 

Rigity 900g OCHRE O08 See a OSS oe ae ete oe 8: Steeen 

‘modular:systems ‘compatible with : 
the design standards of New Feder-: 

ation planets, and:any. ofthe known:.... 
surviving: technology of the:Ancients. 

‘The Rover can hold up to six systems 
‘in its module area:(C). To enter the - 

the bottom of the screen and press : 
the button. The cursor will enter the: 

‘The cursor will light up the select 
‘bar (G) of a given:system. Moving 
‘the joystick left and right selects 

‘selected system on or off, simply 
‘press the joystick button. The sys- 
‘tem icon: will light up if itis on. 

© ptt eeteie © Bt 6 8 8 6 06 0. O 8 6 Oe G Oe. Bete © ane © ewe ee 8 8 

‘type and:origin symbols displayed : 
‘in the module slot (see “Ancients’ - 

‘window, simply press forward on 
‘the joystick. 

‘MK IV Rover is equipped with two 
‘special display screens located 

‘screens have been designed for: 
‘systems that require operational dis- 

Or 0 Ce & 0, 0 Le Jem el 8) ee Oo Oe 8 eC Or eee, Oe. Re 6! OC Be) ete es Oe Bye 180 eh ete 

timers). If both displays are in use, : 
turning on a new:module that 
requires a display:will automatically : 

turn off the least important of the.-.:.--- 

‘modules currently in use. : 

different systems. : fo switch the ----:---- 

‘To monitar. additional systems,.the. : ae 

is factory set to detect the nearest 

- ‘concentration of Ancient tech- 
nology: A glowing: indicator (L)-wil-:------- 

appear when such technology is 
‘present. Simply rotate the ship until - 
the indicator is at the top of:the 

© @%e « © o4% © © © sh eo gts © sie ¢ & ape s © © © © © © © 8 Owe ee ttl hl hl hl hl hl tll 

setting miay be pre-empted: by new - 
radar modules. : : 

indicates the status of the MK IV's 
main engines. Green indicates 
normal operation at full power; red : 

indicates:the engines have stalled. -:------ 

Below the drive indicator, a‘speed- : 
ometer bar (N), calibrated: in 
meters per second, indicates the 
Craft's speed. 

The power reserve display (O) 

indicates. the total energy-charge::-:------ 

ready for.use by your main:weap- 
ons system (P). Tothe right, the —: 
display shows the ‘amount of energy: 

calibrated in gigajoules, zero to one: 
hundred: The MK:IV standard : 

power reserve can hold.only eight. .:....... 

gigajoules of charge, but this can 
be augmented bythe addition of 
power reserve booster modules. 

The power bar color is the sarne as 7 

your active laser. - : 
The shield display (R) indicates the: 

quantized shields, in all six fre- : 
quency ranges fram red to:violet. A : 

2S eee etal ee) 61-8: geo & Ae, 84a 8 0 0- ee ewe 6 Oe re) OS Cee ee Ose 6! 86 6) 6 Bese meg 

ual frequencies indicates that the 
shield strength for-that frequency — - 
range has been depleted, andany : 

further hits of that frequency-on-your: ------ 

vehicle will result in its destruction. : 

Coe eee 6 0) 06 ee eee ee ee) Oe: Oe), Or ® 86 8) ee 8. 6L) 6 hk) eee: |e ieee oe 

“The MK JV directional display (K) 


ae meee a Be, 8 Aer’, & 6 ee) we) a fe 


The Psytek 7500 Series Science Droid System Analyzer offers the very latest 
in on-board systems for the analysis and dismantling of technology. For 
ease of operation, the Psytek Science Droid requires only the use of a joystick 
for commands. 

Once the Rover has returned to the Scoutcraft, the view window (A) offers a 
closed-circuit image of the activities of the Science Droid. A conveyer belt (B) 
transports individual systems to and from the Scoutcraft storage area. 

To view the inventory of systems in the Scoutcraft storage area, first position 
the cursor in the view window, and then move the joystick left and right. The 
conveyor belt will move systems to and from Scoutcraft storage. 3 

In order to perform any functions on an individual system (analysis or 
dismantling, for example) you must first position the desired system on the 
conveyer belt. 

To move any system from Scoutcraft storage into the Surface Rover module 
area (C), position the desired system on the conveyer belt. Then move to the 
Surface Rover module area by pulling back on the joystick. Position the cursor 
in the desired empty module, and press the button to install the system. The 
system is now part of the Surface Rover's active arsenal. 

To move a system from the Surface Rover module area to Scoutcraft 
storage, position the cursor in the module you wish to move and press the 

button. The selected system will appear on the conveyer belt. NOTE: if there is 
a current system in view, it will automatically move aside. 

To move systems from one position to another within the Surface Rover 
module area, first position the cursor in the selected module. Push the button 
to pick up the selected system. Move it to the desired location by moving the 
joystick left or right. Then push the button men to install the system in its 
new location. : 

The Psytek Science Droid Analyzer allows you to select from among (four) 
functions within the selection area (D): To enter the selection area, push 
forward on the joystick. To make a selection, position the cursor on the 
desired function and press the button. 

DISMANTLE causes Psytek to dismantle a system and record its function for 
later sale. 

ANAYLSIS instructs the Science Droid to evaluate the power and efficiency of 
a system and display the information in the message area of your Rover (E). 

EXIT SHIP instructs the Rover to return to the surface of the planet for further 
exploration. lf you EXIT SHIP you will see a new set of options— “STAY HERE” 
returns you to Psytek; “SAME RIFT” returns you to the spot where you were 
last picked up; “NEXT RIFT” moves you ahead one rift; and “SKIP ONE” 
moves you ahead two rifts. 

END TRIP allows you to return to your home planet with the systems that 

you have collected. The selection of END TRIP opens a second level of 
options to SAVE GAME, LOAD GAME (restart a previously saved game) or 
END GAME (end game and compute score). Note: selecting SAVE GAME will 
overwrite any previously saved game. 


NCIENTS, weapons systems of: 

The JU ruled the stars over seven hundred thousand 
years aga—a confederation of over thirty different 
races working together to civilize the galaxy. Their — 
technological achievements, especially in the field oe 
advanced weapons systems, were unsurpassed. Even today, 
the systems found in the remaining hulks of Ancient 

technology scattered over a hundred or more planets are 

highly valued by military experts and technoscavengers: 
alike. Structural analysis of working models of Ancient 
systems, made possible by advances in Science Droid pro- | 

gramming, confirms the unparalleled power and sophisti- 

cation of Ancient technology. 

All caches of Ancient technology are defended by the 
only other remaining legacy of the Ancient confedera- 
tion—genetically-programmed Guardians. The Guardian © 
forces are equipped with weaponry and defense systems 
commensurate with the systems they guard. Few full- 
‘scale campaigns against the Guardian forces have been 
attempted. To date, no such attempts have succeeded. 
(See also Guardians and Archaeotechnology.) 


Located on the fabled planet Karonis, the Koranis Rift 
is believed to have served as the weapons testing ground 
of the Ancients. According to legend, the Ancients used 
the deep chasms and fissures of the planet to test their. 
mast powerful weapons systems. Same scholars believe 
that several hundred surface attack vehicles ¢SAVS) may 
have been tested on these praving pha along with 
other advanced weaponry. 

Skeptics have long argued that, if such high- level 
weapon testing indeed took place, the atmosphere of 
Koronis would remain highly radioactive even today— 
making detection of the planet a simple matter. Other 
scientists contend that the planet Koranis may be hidden 
in a dust cloud that prevents such easy detectian. Nei- 
ther hypothesis has been substantiated. All charts and 
navigational references ta Koronis were lost with the 
extinction of the Ancients, and despite the efforts of 
Many technoscavengers, Koronis Rift has never been found 
(see also, Ancients, weapons systems of). 



he Guardians are a race of genetically- engineere 
arriors created by the confederation of the An 
While the Ancients disappeared long aga, the Guardians 

remain, programmed to guard and defend the stockpiles 
of Ancient technology scattered throughout the galaxy. 

What little evidence researchers have been able to piece 
together indicates that the Guardians were mutated from 

lower species by the Ancients (the best genetic analysis 
suggests they are related to the genus Blatarian, order | 

Tsewsueme). All attempts to negatiate with these fierce 
warriors, however, have failed. Programmed to self- 

destruct in order to avoid capture, the Guardians remain 
an elusive and dangerous force. (see also Archaeotech- 

nology, "Ancients Insignias") 



Virtually no recorded information remains about the — 
actual development of Ancient weaponry. The field of 
archaeotechnology attempts to understand the nature of 
Ancient hulks by studying the alien races that created 
them. For example, the Kendrons are known to have de- 
scended from flying creatures on a planet of relatively 
low gravity. 

Their vision extended into the infrared—and the mili- 
tary artifacts they developed all operate in the red and 

' gpange frequency ranges. The Xendron preoccupation with 

flight and speed led them to design faster and more ef- 


seme LODO Ae oe systems than none of other pngient- age 


he owing lists standard military ane of fy 
Ancients, along with symbols commanly used to ident ta, 
them. Other tupes ott that, pave hat yet been 
identified. | oF . oe 

LASER— Che tdbauankeed laser, aa of emit- 
ting a beam of saaetuchive ene ras in a anes _ 
color frequency. 

SHIELD—Chramoquantized shield, capable of 
defending Di genes eneray weapons of various” 
colors. - a 

GENERATOR—comprising stand Power supply. 

POWER RESERVE—a high capacity energy storage 

RADAR—Remote sensing device, designed to © 
lacate a specific type or class of objects. © 
May also serve as compass or direction finder. 

ECN—Electronic countermeasure device, capable 
of interfering with enemy detection gear and 
rendering the user harder ta detect. 

DRIVE—Propulsion module, for augmenting or 
changing the th deh of the etal to move over 

The following markings were used by the Ancients to show 
which of their races designed a madule. (Note that the 

A race of largely sessile creatures that gat 

information in this area is incomplete. ) 
much of their nourishment from water and 

Sunlight. Thought to use photosynthesis and 

| adage hs as S earthly Plants do. 

Fiuine omnivores, eiailer in ‘alti vi ta the 
Manta-ray..from.a large world. with.a.thick 
atmosphere. Very quick and sharp of hearing. 

UGK Behe mo 

a 8 

(ine of the oldest Ancient races. Given to 
diversions of the mind. Poor fighters but ~ 
excellent strategists and diplomats. Fond ae 
Simulations, music. 

A race from a planet rich in radioactivity. 
Fast and tough, quick to destroy their own 
young at any sign of abnormality. Very dis- 
trustful of other Ancient races. Reptilian 
in form, heavily plated, scaly skin. 

Plant intelligence, used reflective leaves to 
defend itself from animals. Capable of limited 

Herbivores from a desolate planet. Large 
creatures, they lived underground, conserving 
strength for the infrequent rainy seasons. 

Mammalian carnivores, fond of eating reptiles. 
Not as bright as many Sther of the Ancient 

Skilled hunters, with unusually good sense of — 
terrain and cover. 

Underground dwellers, blind but able to sense 
magnetic and electrical fields. 

Sleek swimmers, expert in laser technology but 
poor diploamats..Very creative architects. 

Herbivorous philosophers, superficially similar 

»to the extinct terrestrial ankylosaur. Legends 
Suggest they had limited psychic powers. 

A race of.six-legged centauroids, carnivorous 
and quick, from a planet that circles a class — 
Fe sun. 

A race of arboreal creatures with long thin 
legs. Mammalian, but capable of spinning spider- 
like webs. Evolved on a cold planet of red sun 
sustem. Very sharp vision, high metabolism. 


Your MK IV has been equipped with 
-Autotronic power distribution. 

‘Ailon-board'systems (drive, radar’ :° °°: 

-weapons, shields; and any:modules 
‘you plug into the control panel) 

‘require .:.... 

‘by your generator. Ten percent of - 
‘the energy is directed to weapons 3 
‘and shields. The remaining ninety : 

ee © © we we 

‘percent powers all‘other'systerris **:*" 

(drive, radar, detection, etc:). 

If there ig surplus:power, itis 

rc ey 

‘shields. If there is insufficient energy 
-however; the drive, radar, and other : 

is vies ‘systems: will operate at.reduced. i. 

‘ciency. For this reason, the:opera-_ - 
‘tion of any particularly powerful sys- 
‘tem may. require the use ofa more : 

O46 90) em 10. 6a ere ee aie ee eee TOS eee eae ea eS 6 ee ee 8, 8 Ce eee eee eel a See ee 

‘The power reserve e display (0) 

Oe) Oeste) a a 6S et Se ee Ea Oe Se 8 6.6 eC eee es, a ewe © 16.) 6 Or BT. Or O68. @ 0) 6) Or tm 830.) BO ae a 

‘weapons systems. Twenty percent : 
of available power-goes immediately: 

indicates power available to your 

‘to your shields. The remainder is 

‘stored in:the power reserve. Ifthe --:---: 

‘power reserve is full, any surplus 
energy flows to the shields: lf the 

oe 0. 6 se Pe 0, Cea 8 © 6 8 6 6 € © O06) a Wane, 6 6,6 bs 6 6 @ © 0/0 0 je) 8 

energy may reach the shields. 

Tae ‘normal: Power’ req Ul irements: 

“ee ee 

Che: O70.) COR 6 6) 6 A Re tee) ee ey we Oe ee 18s eee) ee Ok, @ 6) eee ee ew) ee el eee ee Lo 

ibe used to assessithe power require: 
“ments of unidentified systems. To 

Pes ‘AO SO, firstem pty:your-reserve ie wiet y AE ys 
- by firing your wedpon, and then 
‘observe: how rapidly the reserve 

66:8. 0 O88 7848 ee, OE 8 616.-6 OO Le Cee ae. 6 © '6 (08) eee rie Te © 6 ele © 6 & 8 8.66 6 0 

tified system and repeat the test. 
-lf your power reserve recharges 
-quickly, the system has relatively 

Weapons Systems 
The MK IV Rover is equipped with 

laser wedpon of standard design. 
Chromoquantization, a principle of : 

physics learned from Ancient relics,:..-.--- 

has allowed Earth‘scientists to con- : 
struct laser weapons of immense 

C18, 8 2.0) 0. 6 6 0) 64) CS eee ee) ele ee eee ee ee ete iene ta ow. ee a lee) ee) « 

{Oo protect against them. Chromo- 
quantized weapons can emit one of: 
six frequencies of electromagnetic : 

energy; corresponding:to the colors: :------ 

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 
and purple. 

Shields are characterized fy the **- : oe 

color against which they can pro-. - 
vide the most powerful defense. For: 

best against an orange laser; ared - 

eee ec cee 8 ee © 0 6 eo 

ee ee ey 

instance; an orange.shield defends :....... 

a STRATEGY chino ert a | 

Add anew module to an empty slot by selecting the slot and hitting the fire 
button. Use the “Add Module” option only to replace existing modules. - 

HER fe Some'strategies will score more’ points than otters. For high’ points; bittier try to’ : ae 
bring back lots of modules for dismantling, or try to gather enough powerful ; 
weapons:quickly, then get to Rift 20 and destroy the Guardian base. 

sea Most radar modules point ‘only to’hulks’ made by the ‘same race: If you frst ie : ae 
figure out what kind of modules an Ancient race is good at (using clues in the 

© 6 08 Oe eee 6 (6: erie ere, we ere) 6-68 (eo 8, Cae Oe ice ee 2 6, © 8) Oe © Bue, © ee Sete "67 ee ee 

races with Psytek for use on later rifts. 
Mapping the rifts rel help you from game to game. Sone modules will help you : 

¢.9 © 6 .O 6) SSC Soe eee ee) eue ne, © 8° 8) 8 Ole! 6.0. 8” ee Late) oe enema me ate arms | OG) Be 8 (m6 em Ce @ OO ese ee 8m él Oe Oe eee 6) 6/0 © 16 19° bw LO Otay Bede ae 

ET 66:6 Jie 6 Ole eo Ble er Te ee! eRe eb bl Lenk ce! ie: (aCe) cate pee ee}. 80) aoe) tee Oey e RE) See ee ee) ime eves ON Oe 2) AO Oe Sa ot Oe ee TN VR HO NO! NCE Re. eC e a CR ge 5m 

‘or selene shield ee be gee effec-: cient lasers will tire more ah 

tive; a blue or green shield would — : between recharges than their less 
offer little protection. Conversely, efficient counterparts. Efficiency 
oe : the greater the difference in color -::----- and power usage are vitally:impor--:--- > 
between alaserandashield, the - tant factors in both offensive and: 
more deadly the effect ofthe laser : . defensive Strategies. A powerful 
ie .. weapon.:For example, a purple....:........and highly efficient red shield, for...:....... 
laser is tie most effective weapon: example,-might actually defend 
against a:yellow shield. A yellow’: against agreen laser better:than a 
laser directed pbainst a yellow weak and inefficient green shield. 

Rta i, ep! oho Sin) ek aie) eee ee oe 8 6) 6 eee 66 Ale Oe ee 6) ie Pm «16 fe ile fe Ve" 0 0.16: (oO. 0 Rie 1 O07 POT Oe 8 ee 0 Fr 8s Te ee he 6 eee eee 88 0 6 O18 Be eee tm le og 3m 

Sendard MK IV Weapons and Module Priority'Systems 

The MK IV comes equipped with 
cy shields have distinct powerusage : _byitin standard. weapons and nave ....... 

gational systems. The installation 
of any new system:automatically 
replaces the Rover's built-in:sys- 

usage ofa given laser i iS indicated 
by the small bar inthe power reserve: 

of the power reserve bar. This smal-: 

indi of any given 
ler bar indicates how much energy : ota be eee geen: 8 all 
a weapon will drain from your 

ED rar lrdhres alta Meee ey A eeapeg co installation, the Rever-display -------:+-+-+:- 
tape when | ie red. amie : screens will automatically indicate 
that uses:minimal energy can be the characteristics:of the new sys- 
fired more continuously than a tem. A new power reserve module 

(OP ae weapon requiring maximum energy: Pere Pt yy may increase your:-power for rll Aaah : 36 acres 

The efficiency of a:laser, onthe example, and that will be indicated 
other hand, isameasureofhow : by the power reserve display. Built-in : 
: well it uses its power to create a ::'::::*:-*: Systems are designed to turn back’*:---- 
destructive beam.:A highly efficient : on automatically when any new cor- : 
laser willdo moredamagethanan :  . responding system is turned off. 

i... Ine IGIEnL ON, EVEN. WHIBIC DOWEL. .<.... ee a ge. 
use remains the same. Highly effi-_ - ' 

a ne 6 } 6 1 eOE 618) 8S) Be ee ee Rie ee 6 ae ee ee ae a ee Ie «© ee bee ee 6 8 8 eae eee 8 eek ee 6 8 6 01% 8 CA», 8S. © 8 Gee ee ee OO ee) ae eee a ee 

energy than you can afford: If you add stronger shields and ees to your 
Rover, you ‘Il'need fo get stronger generators and power reserves 10077 * 

ee. Unusual modules: may work only.on:certain Polared saucers,.or for. limited. SATA | Pee, 
amounts:of time. Pay attention and experiment. You may find improved : 
versions in later rifts. 

ma... Note the progression.of colors: in the saucer weapons and. shields. Once We ee 
Fecognize the pattern you can plan ahead by having the modules you'll need 10:5 
defeat or evade the Saucers coming up. ; 

ae Differently shaped:saucers have different attack patterns. Adapt your. attacks oe. . 
their patterns. ; 

Cutting through passes “a staying near mountains can throw saucers off their 
| ae Bursts particularly. if you have a goad generator. and drive. ee a ee 

‘Lub’asfilm Games Division. Noah 
‘Fajstein directed the project and cre- 

\ ‘KORONIS RIFT was created by the 

0) Me Ceci ar a Oe he eee! ie igh (ee) 

the concept, instrument displays, 
‘player interface, and documentation. 
‘Aric Wilmunder provided 3D environ- 
! :ment, scaling and motion objects, 
veeeceeseeeeess. -@xplosions, and support routines. 
: ‘Original fractal code by Loren 
Carpenter of the Pixar group modified — 
‘by Charlie Kellner. Ron Gilbert did tr 

ON leo es 6 &-8 8.0) "8 0 4 ee & 

:module system, and saucer behavior 
‘routines. Gary Winnick contributed 
‘hulk, Saucer and storyboard artwork. 
-James St. Louis designed and imple- 
Be sg de EMG :mented the Atari Science Droid and 
:control panel artwork. Douglas » 
:Crockford provided Atari sound effects 
‘and music. Tom WahLCreated the 
-Commodore Science Droid artwork. 
TMM EET: ON AMaae Meee ‘Macro Assembler by Chip Morningstar. 
- Manual written by Peter Jaret. Algo- 
‘rithms and technical aid by Charlie 
: ‘Kellner. Administrative guidance by 
tees eeecaeeeae.. oteve Arnold, General Manager of the 
He ‘Games Division, and David Fox. Mary 
. Paterno gave editorial support. Terry 
: Hoff contributed to Repo-Tech Robot 
- Design. Title screen design by Michael 
Cases ss" Kosaka. Thanks to Chris Werner, Jane 
: Mutony, Husted/Glasson Design and 
‘the Epyx staff. Special thanks to 
: George Lucas. 

BRN AIR TS! BOR MO. e806 ee a Se oe 6 eee See) ow ie, etre ee Oe ete ne) et ce) eu tee ake tes-eo le! 6 

Ry BO Ae RR BE BS gi ae ee” TRS Od ce CI (Ei ee ee ie, aera OSes ea Oe 268 Tet oadel eet ahaa aaa Oe 


Ancients, Autotronic, Blatafian, 9 coco tt eee 
Dromodite, Koronis Rift, New 
Federation, Psytek 7500 Series 
Science Droid System Analyzer, 
Repo-Tech Robot, Scavenger MK IV: 
Modular Planetary Surface Rover, : 
_ Tsewsueme, Xendrons and all other : 

oe 0 0 /% 0). 6 01.6 a 8). Re eee 

__ elements of the Koronis Rift game 
‘Commodore 64 co-development, the 
~~ Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Epyx, Inc., 

fantasy are trademarks of Lucasfilm : 

ee ee @ 0 © «© 8 © 6 6 Rie eee 

Authorized User. 

Game screen illustrations used in 

this manual are based onthe Atari :,........°......, 
Home Computer version of the game; 

Actual screen graphics of other 

versions may vary. 

SP 7ehe 0 6 @ 8 ee 6 8 6 8/8) 6 ee 

Atari is a trademark of Atari, Corp. 

Fast Load Cartridge is a trademark of 

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Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 ecules). i 
are trademarks of Commodore 
Business Machines, Inc. 

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Sunnyvale, CA 94089. 

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