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Published quarterly in 1980. Publishing plans for 1981 will be announced 
later. Back issues 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are $1.00 each. Issues 9 through 
11: $1.50 each. All four 1980 editions (8-9-10-11): $5.00. Issues 9 
through 11 together: $4.00. 


...our special report and catalog on the subject of unidentified "myst¬ 
ery helicopters".and animal mutilations. Only a few of these special 
reports were published; and when they’re gone, they're gone. THE 
CHOPPERS.. .AND THE CHOPPERS may be ordered at a postpaid cost 
of $4.00 each before June 1, 1980. After June 1, 1980, the cost for 
any copies that are left will be $5.00. 

Order back issues, 1980 issues and THE CHOPPERS...AND THE CHOP¬ 
PERS from: 

Project Stigma - P.O, Box 1094 - Paris, Texas 75460 


As we go to press, we learn that Ken Rommel, in a hastily-called 
news conference on April 15, 1980, announced that his final re¬ 
port, to be released in June, would indicate that "natural pre¬ 
dators, not man, are responsible for the cattle mutilation deaths 
discovered over the past five years" (ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, April 
16, 1980) (see the next two pages). Sen. Harrison Schmitt, how¬ 
ever, does not think Rommel's report will be "definitive". 





In May 19 79 a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration grant 
of near-$50, 000 established a year-long mutilation probe under the 
auspices of the District Attorney's office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 
and under the direction of former FBI agent Kenneth Rommel. At the 
outset. Project Stigma supported the probe - hoping against hope that 
it would be carried out in an objective, open and unprejudiced man¬ 
ner. We gave Rommel the benefit of a doubt, though we could never 
shake that gnawing feeling in the pit of our stomachs. Project Stigma 
decided early on that the best approach to the Rommel probe was to 
ignore it. As time passed it seemed more and more a tangential di¬ 
version to be avoided. But we wanted to give the man his full year 
to establish - if not compelling conclusions - at least credibility and 
a semblance of rational integrity. However, Rommel has already in¬ 
formed several sources that he will be putting the mute matter to 
rest when his findings are announced. And what are his findings? It 
seems likely that there are no real or "classic" mutilations; most or 
all mutes are caused by predators following natural deaths, compli¬ 
cated by misinterpretation, hoaxing and outright falsification of re¬ 
ports by lawmen, investigators and veterinarians intoxicated with a- 
cute mute frenzy. It is understood that Rommel will recommend that 
no further money (taxpayers’ money, at least) be wasted on any ad¬ 
ditional study and research into animal mutilations. We hope we are 
wrong - or that we have misinterpreted what we have heard - but 
the signs are discouraging. 

Any attempt at a point-by-point refutation of Rommel's findings and 
conclusions will have to wait until the final report is issued. At this 
writing, plans are underway for an alternative media conference, at 
which evidence supporting the continued reality and viability of the 
mute phenomenon will be presented. If this comes about, we'll re¬ 
port on it in STIGMATA. 

We urge our readers to write to their Senators and Representatives, 
on the state and federal level. They need to know of the continued 
public interest and concern in "our" problem. But in reality - the 
best hope for continued progress in seeking solutions to the mutila- 



tion puzzle lies with privately-funded and supported efforts to sustain 
the investigation. 

We might add that David Perkins of Animal Mutilation Probe (Farisita, 
Colorado), writing in TAOS (New Mexico) Magazine, reports on an in¬ 
terview with Kenneth Rommel conducted by Perkins and Cari Sea we 11. 
Rommel told them that his final report would "'expose' all the idiots 
responsible for propagating the foolishness". The real reason for in¬ 
dividuals and civilian investigators getting interested in the mutilation 
problem was "'to be more popular at cocktail parties’". His findings 
would undoubtedly ruin some careers, Rommel said, although he wan¬ 
ted those championing the reality of mutes to have the opportunity to 
back off from their positions. Moreover, says Perkins, Rommel ad¬ 
mitted that "he had reached his conclusions almost immediately after 
accepting the job". 

It is said that Ken Rommel is an intelligent and thorough investiga¬ 
tor - and that his search for "evidence" to support his thesis has 
been meticulous. Taking all of this into consideration - and consider¬ 
ing the evidence supporting the "extramundane legitimacy" of the ani¬ 
mal mutilations - doesn't it sound as though something is terribly 
wrong in Santa Fe? Is this a case of a fanatically misguided G-man 
on his last legs? Or does the almost-desperate tone of some of Rom¬ 
mel's pronouncements belie the very special sensitivity of a topic, 
the lid of which must be firmly slammed shut? 

One cannot help but notice the parallels between the Santa Fe mute 
probe and the shameful "Condon Committee" UFO investigation at the 
University of Colorado in the late 1960's. The late Dr. Condon's re¬ 
putation was soiled by his involvement in the unethical and wasteful 
UFO "study". All too often, his name draws snickers or even deri¬ 
sive commentary. Is this the kind of legacy that Ken Rommel seeks? 
Or did he enter the probe honestly and objectively only to be stifled 
by higher echelons? Is he sacrificing his reputation in a matter that - 
more than anything else - might be a concern of national security? 
Such questions remain - and they are likely to remain for a very long 



Frequent mention is made of the seeming lack of euli 
around mutilation sites. In some cases, however, ev: 
that "something" interacted with ground or grass to 
pressions or indentations. Mutilation cases which 
markings are rare; in fact, they seem curiously cor}< 
Colorado and Northern New Mexico, We'll look at a 
tive cases, then compare them with recognized UFO 
For the purpose of this brief analysis, we have inc 
dentation and "pod mark" cases, excluding other sue 
ces" as burn marks or flattened areas. There are oifl 
marks, as well: Helicopter landing gear tracks or 
"skid" marks (Colorado, South Dakota); odd tracks 
seem to relate to any known conveyance or equipment 
semi-circular track near Goodeve, Saskatchewan (Sees 
pp. 18-19). And, at the site of a bull mutilation 
Montana in November 1976, five indentations, 74 inc| 
found in nearby brush. The impressions were about 
and 6)£ inches wide, and the deepest measured 5 inch 
(GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE (MT), 11-10-76, 11-14-76), Novjr 


(l) Alamosa County, Colorado - September 1967 

In the fabled "Snippy" horse mutilation case — 
from the mutilated carcass, one of two chico bi|u 
have been crushed and flattened as though by a 
from above. Surrounding this one bush were 8 iii 
Each was 2'i u (6.35 cm.) in diameter and 5" (12, 
The marks were equidistant from each other in 
a circle 3 ft. (91.44 cm.) in diameter. Scatteif 
of chico brush west of the horses carcass were 
"tracks" which to some v/ere suggestive of the 
large beast. The marks led away to a point app 
from the carcass. Each imprint was 18" (45.72 d 
12" (30.48 cm.) wide, and the individual tracks 
7 ft. (2.13 meters) apart. A photo of one of tin 
published in FATE magazine (#1, below, page 36) 
ger Duane Martin examined the site with a geige 
reported finding a much higher-than-normal int 
tion. The readings were most intense around the 
co bush and around burn marks scattered around 
the readings decreased notably as Martin neared 


idence exists 
produce de¬ 
ne lude such 
centrated in 
l ew represents— 
3[anding traces* 
luded only in- 
h Aground tra¬ 
iler types of 
which don't 
such as the 
n Cascade Co*, 
hes apart, were 
inches long 
es in depth 
a few sample 

approx* 58 feet 
shes seemed to 
heavy weight 

70 cm.) deep* 

. line and formed 
ed in a stand 
found larger 
rint of some 
X* 500 yards 
m.) long and 
were about 
ese tracks was 
Forest Ran- 
r counter and 
e[nsity of radia- 
chrushed ehi- 
the site; but 
the carcass* 




(1) (Continued) 


(1) Sketch by Aerial Phenomena Research Organization investi¬ 
gator Donald Richmond, as published in FATE, March 1968 
("The Appaloosa From Alamosa" by Coral Lorenzen, p. 37). 

(2) KANSAS CITY STAR, 11-17-68. 

(3) Saunders, David R. and Harkins, R. Roger, UFOs? YES1; 

Signet Books (New American Library); 1968 

(2) lake County, South Dakota - October 1974 

A mutilated cow, whose jawbones had been "cut out and cross¬ 
ed" , was discovered within sight of a house near Chester, SD. 
Ten feet from the carcass were three pairs of indentations in 
the shape of a triangle (with each pair at a "point"). Each 
impression was approx. 4 inches deep. 


(1) RAPID CITY JOURNAL (South Dakota), 10-10-74. 

(3) Garden Hills sector of San Juan, Puerto Rico - January 1975. 

Mot a mutilation case (though animal mutilations and strange 
deaths plagued Puerto Rico beginning in spring of 1975) but in¬ 
cluded for comparison with indentations at mute sites: 

One night a bright multi-colored UFO was seen and mysterious 
humming^ sounds-were-heard; A few days later, an inspection of 
the ground under which the light(s) was seen revealed 3 inden¬ 
tations forming an equilateral triangle; each side measuring 
44" (111.76 cm.). Each imprint was 3" (7.62 cm.) deep and 4" 
(10.16 cm.) in diameter. A study by Foundation Engineering 
Laboratories indicated that an average weight of 14,190 lbs. 
(7.10 tons) would be required to make such imprints on that 
type of soil. After many months, grass failed to grow back 
where the imprints were found (Grass often fails to grow back, 
or grows back very slowly, where the carcasses of mutilated an¬ 
imals have lain; examples include the "Snippy" case (above) as 
well as some cases In the 1970's). 


(1) Robiou Lamarche, Sebastian; "UFOs and Mysterious Deaths of 
Animals", FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, Vol.22, no. 6 - reprinted 
from the Spanish journal STENDEK. 

(4) Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, near Dulce — June 1976. (Cont.) 



(4) Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, near Dulce - June 
As many as three cattle mutilations were reporte 


d within a few 

days. Round "pod prints" were found by cattle owner Manuel Go¬ 

mez (who has gained a dubious fame as one of the 
victims of mutilators over several years) on his 
it to the site of a mutilation. When he returned 
later, with State Police Officer Gabe Valdez, mo 

initial vis- 
to the site 
Ire similar in¬ 

dentations were discovered, including some on top of the tire 

tracks Gomez left on his first inspection of the 

tionally, the animal had been mutilated more extensively. 

Two types of tracks were found at the site: 

**As though made by round "inverted suction cups 
cm.) in diameter and about 1" (2.54 cm.) deep, 
were found in two straight lines extending fo 
ft. (152.40 meters), with 28" (71.12 cm.) betwe 

- 4" (10.16 
The imprints 
r approx. 500 
en each inden- 

**The lines of smaller prints appeared to conver 
where a different type of indentation was foun 
tripod arrangement. Each individual imprint (a 
of the triangle) was itself triangular, approx 
cm.) on each side. The 3 indentations were sp 
(1.83 meters) apart on two sides, with the thi 
5 ft. (1.52 meters) long. 

ge on a spot 
d to form a 
t the "points" 
13"* (33.02 
ed 6 ft. 
rd side being 



As in the "Snippy" case, radiation measurements 
conclusive — were made. They again indicated higjh 
in and around the indentations, with a decrease 
ached the carcass of the mutilated cow. Small b 
the imprints appeared wilted and dying, and an o 
was found near the prints. At least 8 UFO sighti 
reported in the area in the preceding weeks, inc 
the night before Manual Gomez discovered the mut 


(1) Burgess, Howard and Lovola; "Cattle Mutilati 
Rituals or Space Invasion"; BEYOND REALITY - 

(2) Thompson, Fritz; "Cattle Mutilators"; IMPACT 
JOURNAL Magazine; October 25, 1977. 

*13" is Burgess' figure; Thompson says 14". Thomlp 
Gabe Valdez, who inspected the site; but Burges 
the site, also. 

site. Addi- 

- though in- 
er readings 
as one appro- 
hes around 
ily substance 
ngs had been 
luding one on 

on: Witchcraft 
December 1977. 

son quotes 
s inspected 

(5) Logan County, Colorado, NE of Iliff, Discovered & 
At a cattle mutilation site, two distinctive sets 

1 . 


The largest - circular - 5 M (12.70 cm.) deep 
7 inches (15.24 to 17.78 cm.) in diameter (Jac(c 
ures). Aldridge (4-24-77) says they were 2.5" 
deep. The tracks were about 100 yards from the 
carcass, and were scattered in no discernible 
Aldridge says they appeared as though made by 

d from 6 to 
son's fig- 
(6.34 cm.) 


2 . 

Smaller marks, nearer the carcass - numerous t: 
tions. Each "point" was a track 4" (10.16 cm.) 
Jackson (9-13-76) says two sides of each triang 
(152.40 cm.) long and the third side was 4V Z ft 
Again, Aldridge differs, stating that Logan Co 
Graves' findings were that the "triangle" was 
each side 5 ft. long. 

jripod forma- 
in diameter, 
le were 5 ft. 
(137.16 cm.), 
iinty Sheriff 
equilateral - 

1-11-76 . 

an undeter- 
diameter - 
Wo specific 

Strange lights had been seen in the sky the night before the 
mutilated cow was found (not an uncommon occurrence in Logan 
County in the mid-1970's). 


(1) STERLING (Colo.) JOURNAL-ADVOCATE, 9-13-76; 

Reporter: Bill Jackson 


Reporter: Dorothy Aldridge 

(6) Logan County, Colorado, north of Iliff, approx. 9 
At the site of the sixty-first Logan County mute, 
mined number of indentations - 4" (10.15 cm.) in 
were found in the "immediate area" of the carcass 
"formation" or arrangement of tracks was noted. 



(7) Logan County, Colorado, near Atwood; Discovered 1 
"Strange pod marks made by an unknown vehicle" fo 
tilated carcass were described as similar to the 
tion in case no. 8. 


(1) STERLING (Colo.) JOURNAL-ADVOCATE, 11-22-76 & 

(8) Logan County, Colorado, near Atwood; Discovered 11-20-76. 
(Continued — next page) 

of tracks: 

und near a mu- 




(8) Logan County, Colorado, near Atwood; Discovered 11-20-76* 
Mutilated carcass discovered 3/4 mile from carcass in case no. 
7. 11 St range skid marks" were noted approx* 50 ft. away from ; - 
the carcass by sheriff's officials who investigated the site 
on Saturday, the 20th; plans were made to return to the scene 
on Monday, the 22nd. On this second visit, additional "marks" 
were discovered: 3 circular indentations - each approx. 1% U 
(3,8 cm.) deep. The 3 imprints formed a triangle with sides 
12" (30*48 cm.) long. 

The office of Sheriff H,L, "Tex" Graves received "several re¬ 
ports" of strange airborne lights on Friday night, 11-19-76, 
some observed by investigating officers. 


(1) STERLING (Colo,) JOURNAL-ADVOCATE, 11-22-76 & 11-23-76 

(9) Logan County, Colorado, near Proctor, Discovered 11-24-76* 
"Rectangular-shaped impressions" were found near the carcass 
of the 69th Logan County mutilation* The marks were "not clear 
enough to determine size or a pattern". On Tuesday night, Nov. 
23rd, strange lights were observed in the sky over Proctor. 


{$) STERLING (Colo.) JOURNAL-ADVOCATE, 11-24-76 

In order to get an idea of how the mute site indentations correlate 
with imprint patterns found at "conventional" UFO landing sites, we 
referred to the following paper: 

Merritt, Fred, "A Preliminary Classification of Some Reports of 
Unidentified Flying Objects Based on Shape and Dimensions of Im¬ 
print Patterns"; published in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1976 CUFQS CONFER¬ 
ENCE (Center For UFO Studies; Evanston, Illinois; 1976) 

Merritt reports that Dr* David Saunders 1 UFOCAT computer file of 
over 80,000 UFO reports contains only 110 imprint cases, so inden¬ 
tations at UFO landing or apparent-landing sites are not all that 

Merritt assembled a representative sampling of 37 UFO landing-im¬ 
print reports which he classified into 5 groups or "catenas" accor¬ 
ding to the imprint pattern, shape and size. 

On the whole, as judged by Merritt's data, the mute site imprint 
patterns (such as tripod arrangements) are notably smaller than 



those at recognized UFO landing sites. Of Merritt*s five classifi¬ 
cations, only his "Catena IV" begins to approximate the mute site 
size and patterns. Even in this group, only four reports feature 
"triangles" with sides measuring 2 meters or less in length, with 
none less than lj£ meters. Most tripod patterns at mute sites mea¬ 
sure less than 1J£ meters per side,, so the mute site imprints do 
not match all that well with the "conventional" UFO landing tra¬ 

Merritt’s "Catena IV", by the way, typically includes some of the 
more unusual, even absurd, UFO reports, featuring bizarre, aggres¬ 
sive occupants and UFOs. The craft themselves are frequently.des¬ 
cribed as odd-shaped. 

These findings and comparisons are anything but final, as more 
data, detail and close analysis is required.. It would be interes¬ 
ting to compare the dimensions of the individual indentations, but 
adequate information is not now available. 


**Re: UFO TERMS by Robert S. Somerville, reviewed in STIGMATA #7: 
Because of needed corrections and revisions, Mr. Somerville has 
withdrawn his book from publication. We regret that such a situa¬ 
tion has arisen; but we wish Bob luck in securing a publisher 
and getting the book re-issued. 

♦•Correction; In STIGMATA #8, page 19, mid-page: "MELVILLE ADVO¬ 
CATE" should be "MELVILLE ADVANCE". The ADVANCE is published 
in Melville, Saskatchewan by Denis Comeau, who has published a 
considerable amount of material on mutilations. 

••The report on mutilations in countries other than the U.S* and 
Canada - which had been scheduled for this issue - will appear 
next edition* We thank in advance the kind readers who have of¬ 
fered to help with the translation of Spanish-language articles* 

•♦Producer Linda Howe's "A Strange Harvest 11 f a television documen¬ 
tary film on mutilations t is scheduled for airing in May on KMGH 
in Denver* We'll plan to review it in the near future. 



It would be comforting if all the mutilations were c 
activities. What I fear Is that at least some of ther|n 
spatial/collective unconscious phenomena along the 1; 
by Tom Bearden, et al, Not only are these mutilation^ 
beginning but also the range of mutilations will exto¬ 
mans as political/military confrontation on the phys: 
becomes immanent. 

Richard Schulz 

Los Angeles, California 

pltist or CIA 
are hyper- 
nes proposed 
past the 
nd to hu~ 
cal plane 

I was prompted to make these comments as a result of 
made in STIGMATA #8 (page 21) by cult expert and Uni 
berta professor Bill Meilen. When questioned by the 
(11~13~79), he stated, “Though he f would like to avo: 
'UFO 1 , Meilen feels that all the evidence extant regi 
tions joints to biopsies being performed by beings 
of flight beyond our comprehension 1 , “Meilen told re 
Beswick that among the Canadian mute items of pertin- 
addressed are: 

**The discovery of fractures in many of the animals 
with injuries caused by being dropped from a height 
10 feet. 

^♦Thousands of flies found on the corpses died strangely without 
apparent reason, 11 


Investigation of a classic mutilation of a cow on 
LaVeme Fox in Henderson County, Illinois (6~8-76): 
all sex organs and the entire bag of the cow had bee^i 
such skill that the membrane behind the bag was not 
Although the sheriff and veterinarian did not mentie^i 
noticed that when the flies came in contact with the 
they died. He said he did not mention this to the otl 
mentioned by Bill Meilen is the only other case that 
concerning flies dying when coming in contact with a 
only thing that I can think of that might cause that 
diation. The cause of death was-never determined by 

a statement 
versity of Al- 
d 1 the term 
;krding muti la- 
using a means 
porter Lance 
imce to be 

of at least 

farm of 
tn that case 
removed with 
^ven punctured, 
it, Mr, Fox 
ters, The case 
I know of 
carcass. The 
would be ra- 
uhe veterinary 



LETTERS (Continued) 

painlessly killed it, A 24-hour surveillance was put on the animal, 
and according to Sheriff Marshall, "No human being got near that 
animal - there were no UFO a on tittte gneen men.*" 

"In IS hours, we had an exact duplication, of the so-called muti¬ 
lation" , stated Sheriff Marshall,. 

According to Sheriff Marshall, the eyes were the first to go which 
were eaten by buzzards and birds. The cow’s tongue, udder, geni¬ 
tals and lower bowel protruded from the body soon after death 
where the skunks feasted on them. Later, rigor mortis set in, and 
the protruding organs retracted back into the cow’s body. Sheriff 
Marshall says, "They'd already been chewed off close to the body, 
so the organs looked like they had been cut out of the animal's 
body, 1 ’ The blowflies fed on the areas the skunks had been chew¬ 
ing, giving the appearance the organs had been cut with a sharp 
knife. The mysterious white powder found on the animal was buzzard 
droppings and the markings were beak marks, A phone, coil to the 
vet explained the "draining" of the blood from the corpse - Lt f 4 
Aim.pty ab^o/ibed into the body .. 

Sheriff Marshall thinks these natural events account for up to 
95% of the so-called livestock mutilations, with the rest probab¬ 
ly being done by individuals such as "kids" duplicating what they 
have read in the papers. 

This "controlled experiment" might satisfy Ken Rommel ( £dLtoJi r A 
note: KennetJi ffomiet La the ex-FB3 ayent now conducting, a mutita - 
icon pnobe out c>j£ the DiA± m AttoAfiey r d in Santa Fe f New 

Mexico, funded by a aLmoAt-$50,000 yruant pwai the Law Enforcement 
AA4iAtnnc.e Admini^tAjatinn) and the general public, but it is a j: 
poor explanation for the classic mutilations and does not support 
all the fnctA that have been found in various states in the U.S. 
and in Canada, Anyone who has done some serious investigations 
into this matter can fill this theory full of holes. 

It is also equally strange that the DCI (Department of Criminal 
Investigations) in Iowa where recent mutes have been found is still 
looking for satanic cults. Apparently, they have not heard of the 
"controlled experiment", do you suppose? 

Another interesting factor is that Rommel seems to lean toward 



LETTERS (Continued) 

ian, There v/as no blood on or around the carcass. {£dLtDn r 4 note.: 
3r\AQjztA diping. upon contact wtth a mutLtated cxuicjqaa poLve been ne~ 
ponted tn othesi cxiAQAf though tnfaeojuerutly,* / 

Investigation on the Gordon Melvin farm in V/arren Co 
ois (1-23-77): This case involved so-called "mystery 
that were reported prior to the mutilation. Several 
the discovery of the mutilated cow f the State Police 
report from a CB'er that three objects, which they s. 
copters without lights, were moving slowly west at a 
towards Burlington, Iowa. Two State Police officers 
objects coming toward them and they stopped their caf 
better look* The objects rapidly gained altitude and 
of sight. One of the objects had a bright white light 
length of the underside of it like a lighted rod. The: 
other lights. They contacted the Burlington airport 
no flight plans for three helicopters. Needless to s 
show up there. Could these objects be mistaken for 
Police never mentioned having heard any noise, but t3i 
being below freezing, they might not have lowered the: 
If these were indeed helicopters they must have had 
hidden base of operation*’ for maintenance and refuel^ 
ever been discovered in this area or any other area 



Gordon Melvin’s cow v/as found with its feet in the 
back) in an inaccessible spot (except by foot). All 
the carcass (sheriff, vet, insurance agent and Mr. 
it had to have been dropped from the air. There vie re 
or evidence of humans near the carcass. There were n< 
hooves or around the belly of the carcass to indicate 
had been lifted. One ear had been cleanly removed an 
had been snipped off as if it had been done by a pell: 
Mr, Melvin lived only 80 rod from where the cow was 
no noise prior to the discovery of the carcass that 
a helicopter. 

These two cases alone have led me to believe that UP 
well be responsible. I can think of no other explanat: 

Among many law officers the cult theory seems to be 
dominant. The irony of it is that these same law offi 

i|mty, Illin- 
helicopters 11 
ijiights before 
received a 
£id were heli- 
low altitude 
Righted the 
to get a 
were soon out 
running the 
re were no 
knd there were 
ay they did not 
Os? The State 
e temperature 
ir windows, 
"secret or 
ng. None has 
ks far as I 

r (on its 
those who saw 
Ivin) agreed 
no footprints 
' marks on the 
how the cow 
the udders 
of scissors, 
found. He heard 
would indicate 

ys could very 

the most pre- 
cers are very 



LETTERS (Continued) 

reluctant to conduct an extensive investigation to s 
theory and bring the culprits to justice. For examp1^ 
of the La Verne Fox mutilation in Henderson County, I 
contacted the Henderson County sheriff (Mr, Daryl Thcji: 
asked his opinion. He immediately said it was the wo 
gious cult, whereupon X remarked that since he was 
should be able to make an arrest soon. He responded 
had no idea who they were. Mr. Fox later told me thalj; 
first day that Mr. Thompson was there to view the c 
not seen or heard from him since. Apparently no exteijii 
gation was ever made. In the most recent rash of muti 
round Des Moines, Iowa, the Chief of the Iowa Divisicn 
Investigation, Gerald Shanahan, and his assistant, 
seem to have considerable evidence that witchcraft 
are responsible. (See. SjJLcjmajxi. #8, page. 3) Mr. Shanatu 
hesitate to release this evidence to the press, which 
impression he was using "scare tactics" in the hope 
sible would go elsewhere (out of his jurisdiction) 
their operations. In my opinion, an extensive invest:^ 
have been conducted undercover if he really wanted 
criminals involved. 

Grant Callison. Field Investigator 
Mutual UFO Network, Inc. 

793 Lawrence Ave. 

Galesburg, Illinois 61401 







I am sure that by now most serious livestock mutilation researchers 
and investigators have been faced with the recent publicised ac¬ 
count of the "controlled experiment" conducted in Arkansas by Sher¬ 
iff Herb Marshall of the Washington County Sheriff's Dept, (-dee 
SiLgmata §8 , page 2). Those not familiar with this issue, I will 
summarize the account and quote directly the statemer|its made by 
Sheriff Marshall. 

To prove the pnedaioJi thaong, Washington County Sher: 
hall of Fayetteville, Arkansas did a little experiraei 
which had been the scene of three mutilations. The 
took a -4 ick cow to the vicinity of a recent mutilatio; 



ijipport their 
In the case 
linois, I 
mpson) and 
of a reli- 
sure he 
saying he 
since the 
ass, he had 
sive investi- 
lations a— 
m of Criminal 
d/or cultists 
an did not 
gave me the 
1);hose respon- 
gation should 
catch the 


iff Herb Mars- 
on a ranch 
eriffs team 
n, where they 



LETTERS (Continued) 


the predator theory, but yet the Santa Fe office in 
recently gave some photos from New Mexico showing "i 
acteristics down to minute, details" to those recorde 
Jerry Shanahan, director of the DCI, stated, "We hav£ 
from New Mexico showing where the lip was cut off ex; 
same place on the mouth - right at the same tooth — 
here in Iowa." Quite a feat for predators, wouldn't 
less of course we have predators that truly believe 

New Mexico 
dentical char- 
in Iowa, 
:hctly at the 
as our cases 
you think? Un- 
in consisten- 

Isn't it strange how the predator theory keeps poppi 
1973? It really does look like that someone wants th 
lieve this nonsense. 

iig up since 
e public to be- 

Another troublesome aspect is that many UFO buffs ha 
picture of mutilation investigations with far-out th 
ruining the respectability of a possible UFO-mute co: 
you will notice UFOs are always associated with "littt 
And UFOs are also associated with ' 1 exiAaieswieAlJiiat 
Many lawmen have shyed away from the discussion of Uf’i 
to mutes because of the public association with this 
find this very disturbing since UFOs represent an unAnoi 
an extraterrestrial spaceship or little green men. Tin 
reports to date to indicate that some type of unknown 
it helicopter or nonconventional, La connected with 
mutilations, or for lack of a better word - dissectib 

Granted, there is a certain percentage of these routi 
ane due to predators and pranks, but not 95 percent! 
gest to all lawmen and investigators that we really 
facts, ait of. the factA . 

Tommy R. Blann 

1002 Edmonds Lane - Apt. 152 

Lewisville, Texas 75067 

SditoJi'A note: tommy. La the authon. of an anticte, "7 
MyAteny ConttmiZA 11 , which, ukla pubitAhed in. the Apnit 
UFO “Repo/it (333 QohnAon Ave. ;Bnnokiyn,New Monk 1120 

.ve entered the 
dories, thus 
Jnnection. As 
e ysieen men". 

Os in relation 
phenomenon. I 
wn and not 
ere are enough 
aircraft, be 
.4om.e of these 


Lations that 
I highly sug- 
look at the 

he Mutilation 
1980 iAAue of 
, $ 1 . 50 . 



LETTERS (Continued) 

I was intrigued by the snippet concerning the connection (if there 
is any) between the rape/mute of Mater Terra in search of fuels and 
the rape/mute of the archetype of the human female — cows ("Canada 
In A Quandary" f STIGMATA #8)* Too bad your don't air your specula¬ 
tion in-depth* You could obtain a wider audience drawn from ecolo¬ 
gists and feminists. Don't be too hungup on the desire to only 
take up things fully "after the jury's in" because you and I and 
everyone are the jury and how will we reach a verdict unless we 
deliberate? Also, the NEW YORK TIMES and other prestigious "news 
brokers", on any given day guess and speculate to no end, all under 
the guise of "authoritative commentary". Bust through the hype and 
speculate; you are in a position to be credible and, believe me, 
we're ready to listen. 

Michael Hoffman 
Box 343 

Geneva, New York 14456 

Cduto/i*4 comment: 3n the mutJJotlon Afield”, Incliiding here at 
Project Stigma, thesis Is no Mick of speculation and "deliberation** * 
Fqji us to choose between publishing mo/te speculative material on 
pursuing the emphasis on a mo/ie-o/i-less factual presentation — we 
an e not necessarily, faced with clear-cut, black-vs*-white optloriA . 

At the oulAet, the pu/ipoAe of STIGMATA was to provide fruitliatlon 
Investigators and the Interested public with objective reportage 
on the scope of the phenomenon* We still emphasise thLi, though we 
have not excluded speculative material from dome paAt Issues, non 
wilt we necessarily do so in the future* One forum fo/i spejcutation 
1 a $ In fact, this lellenA /section* Any speculative material In cues- 
tlon wilt be Judged on Ha own merits, o/i inch thereof* Aa fo/t our 
failure to tf air* .. speculation In-depth”, oa In. tke ajitlcle to which 
fi}/im Hoffman refers: lhis failure woa due to a lack of time and 
(paper) space - Items in sho/it supply at Project Stigma . For the 
most posit, when faced with the option of publishing objective mat- 
extol o/i n autho/ujtatlve commentary**, we* 11 opt fo/i the former* We 
appreciate Fir* Hoffman*s comments and concern* 

X will tell you about our experiences with cattle mutilations in 
our area, western South Dakota near the North Dakota border. On 



LETTERS (Continued) 


the morning of October 14 f 1974, I was moving a graii 
a vacant farmstead I own* A renter had cattle in the 
eluding the farmstead. In the farmyard I came upon a 
first thought had died of natural causes. When I look 
the first thing I noticed was the tongue had been r 
a ten-inch-or-larger slit in the bottom of the jaw* 
to do this were long and straight, and appeared to b 
very sharp instrument. Blood veins seemed to be oozi 
as if the heart were still pumping, but there was no 
4 teats were missing, cut very neatly off right next 
One ear was cut off, part from one direction and thei 
as though the knife wasn’t sharp enough to take it i 

. drill to 
pasture, in¬ 
cow I at 
ed at her, 
oved through 
All the cuts 
* made with a 
:ng in and out 
blood. All 
to the udder. 
ki the other, 
a one try. 

I reported the incident to the sheriff’s office at 9:00 and two 
law officers came out at 2:30. They took some pictures, talked 
to a veterinarian, and told the cow’s owner it was predators; 
that is, small animals like a fox. Predators couldn't be right as 
a deer in the area that died at the same time was so< 
eaten, while nothing touched the cow. Fox tracks wer 
150 feet from the cow. 

on completely 
le observed 

As the law officers left, I brought my wife in to se 
The first thing she noticed and called to my attenti 
inch wide, 2 inch long rectangle pull-tab-like cut f 
toward the vulva, which had been neatly sliced aroun 
ed to be pulled out and cut off like a sleeve. This 
tally visible on a black cow. The hair on the cow lo 
ugh something had been poured on it. There was no od 
not that we could detect. Either that or the cow had 
wet like a horse lathered up. After talking to anoth 
the immediate area, who also must have had his cow do 
night, the cow owner came back and found a needle marl 
next to the jugular vein. Thus the reason there didn 
any blood. The state crime lab man indicated to the 
the sleeve-like removal of the intestine and uterine 
mon. The one front leg was in a position as though h 
rope, while the stiffness of rigor mortis shown plai 
her legs. V/e never checked for a broken neck although 
looked like she may have been dropped from the air wh< 
her (worked on in another location). It was a very d 
night with high winds. 

e the cow* 
on was a 
rom the anus 
d and appear¬ 
ls not espec- 
oked as tho-^ - 
or, at least 
been totally 
er rancher in 
ne the same 
k on the neck 
’t seem to be 
neighbor that 
area was com— 
eld back by a 
nly in the ot- 
the cow 
ere we found 
ark (moonless) 


LETTERS (Continued) 


Further inquiry on our part indicated there were two 
in our county (Perkins) that same night. In North Dako 
there were five reports. A horse in Emmons or McIntosh 
chalked up to liver trouble, liver indicated disease, 
ported in counties closer to the Minnesota border and 
where south of Minot. Associated or not, a neighbor 
car come out of the area (of the mutilation described 
his place every day about 2:00 or 2:30 for 3 or 4 day^ 
mute. He never saw the car before or after. He tried 
car or one like it in town but couldn't. 

(Name withheld by request) 

Perkins County, South Dakota 


tpther mutes 
ta that night 
Counties was 
Oows were re- 
one cow some— 
.w a brown 
above) past 
before the 
find the 


Although STIGMATA -hi not a UFO bumal, we cannot — 
not - Ignored the. poAAlblltty of. a UFO ,, Hnh n with 
phenomenon* Cliff Stone., who wrote the letter. below, 
be yeapardl^lng his military career by. requeAting thaJf 
err publish hhi letten* HIa comments could well be 
reAearch, oa well oa to ufology. Using, the Freedom of 
Act, Cliff haA accumulated Information on mutilations 

04 well 04 

UFO* a. He haA been inAtrumental In attempting to elicit CongreAA - 

tonal InteneAt In the muttlattonA probe: 

I am a private UFO researcher and my findings to date 
for this letter. I ask no one to take ray word for what 
to say concerning UFOs. However, I assure you everyth:L 
to say is fact and may be verified by using the Freedo 
tion and Privacy Acts to obtain the documents that I 
government agencies. It is my hope that Congress will 
create a new committee to do a scientific study of 
is the U.S. Senate was lied to by the Pentagon in 196^ 
Senate hearings into UFOs. 


First, let us look at the conclusions of the U.S. Air 
ject Blue Book, the USAF's so-called Scientific Study 
the University of Colorado and the review of the "Sci 
dy" by "a panel of the National Academy of Sciences", 
elusions were "(1) No UFO reported, investigated and 
the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat 

we have 
ipould eoAlty 
we and oth- 
e to mute 



are the basis 
I am about 
ng I am about 
m of Informa- 
<bbtained from 
wake up and 
's. The fact 
during the 

Force's Pro¬ 
of UFO's by 
^ntific Stu— 
Those con- 
evaluated by 
to our na- 



LETTERS (Continued) 

tional security; (2) There has been no evidence submitted to or 
discovered by the Air Force that sightings catagorized as 'uni¬ 
dentified 1 represent technological developments or principles be¬ 
yond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and (3) There 
has been no evidence indicating that sightings catagorized as 'un¬ 
identified 1 are extraterrestrial vehicles." 

The truth of the matter is that the fairy tale Cinderella is bas¬ 
ed more on fact then the above conclusions. You see, neither of 
the above study groups were presented with all the facts. Let me 
cite you just one example. To be sure, there are more. 

In March 1967, Cuban Air Defense radar picked up a UFO over Cuban 
air space. Two Cuban jets were sent to intercept the UFO. When 
the jets made the intercept of the UFO, they tried to make radio 
contact with the object but were unable to do so. The jets at this 
time were ordered by Cuban Air Defense to shoot the UFO down. When 
the jets tried to fire, the UFO vaporized one of the jets. This in¬ 
cident was monitored by the U.S. Air Force's Security Service. To 
wit: Detachment A, 6947th Security Squadron based at Homestead Air 
Force Base. This report never was filed with Project Blue Book. In 
fact it was (and still is) classified at least Secret by the Na¬ 
tional Security Agency, "in the interest of national Defense". 

While this case does not prove UFO's to be extraterrestrial, it 
does shoot down the first two of the above "official" conclusions. 

On December 17, 1969, the Secretary of the Air Force announced 
the termination of Project Blue Book, thus ending the investigation 
of UFOs. However, apparently no one told the State Department, Na¬ 
tional Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Int¬ 
elligence Agency and every other intelligence organization in the 
United States. All of these agencies are still investigating re¬ 
ports of UFO's. I have copies of Intelligence Reports dating all 
the way into the late 1970's from these agencies showing that they 
still have an interest in UFO's. 

President Carter stated before being elected President, "If I be¬ 
come President, I'll make every piece of information this country 
has on UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists." 

To date he has not done this. Every intelligence agency within the 
Intelligence Family of the United States has classified informa¬ 
tion and intelligence reports on UFO's. These documents are class— 



LETTERS (Continued) 

ified "in the interest of national defense". I have letters from 
these intelligence agencies denying me information on UFO's be¬ 
cause the information I was requesting was classified "in the in¬ 
terest of national defense". How can something as non-existent (as 
the U.S. Government claims UFO's are) be a matter of national de¬ 
fense? How can the U.S. Government justify classifying something 
"in the interest of national defense" */hen that something "has 
never given any indication of threat to our national security"? 

I would like to ask your readers to write their Congressmen and 
demand a new scientific study of the UFO phenomenon based on all 
the facts, not just what the intelligence agencies wish to release. 
V/e the American Public have a right to know the truth. We the Amer¬ 
ican Pudlic have a right to know what our government is doing a— 
bout UFO's. 

SSG Clifford E. Stone, 301—50-0182 
HQ Det, Hanau Mil Comm 
APO New York 09165 

Tietycuidisig. the letter. on mute a and "lumeA " ptotn. "Name Withheld - 
&jsiteAn U.S," in oust iaAt iAAue, sienden commentA have included 
the fnlMming.: 

X enjoyed STIGMATA #8 thoroughly — very well done, as usual. My on¬ 
ly criticism would be the anonymous letter concerning "lumes", 
which I consider borderline lunatic. Jacques Vallee will be fascin¬ 
ated with that one. It is a fascinating bit of craziness; however, 

I would have preferred to have seen that space devoted to more sub¬ 
stantial material. 

Another, neaden. commented oa fjollowA, in a letten. we posiwasided to 
the "SaAtenn. ' U. S, " ietteri-wniten,: 

I've read most of the books you mentioned and would like to comment 
on the serviceman who commits atrocities. As a Marine in W.W.II, I 
was often allied (but never officially connected with) the Marine 
Raiders. These were surely a different breed of man. Killing — mu¬ 
tilation — and other so-called war horrors seemed to come very na¬ 
turally to them. It was Eleanor Roosevelt who wanted all such types 



LETTERS (Continued) 

brought back, placed in camps and mind-washed before allowing them 
to return to society. 

"...see and overhear conversations (even when cloistered within 
the walls of otherwise optically opaque confines)..This was 
part of your letter. With Sonic Holography, all of what you are 
writing about is now being done. Three dimensional pictures are 
possible of submarines that are under the water to appear project¬ 
ed above the water - with the crew and all compartments in full 
view. This also applies to a solid building with people inside... 
nothing escapes surveillance. 

By the way, are you familiar with Dr. Peter Beter's audio-tape let¬ 
ters? In one instance he mentions that President Jimmy Carter has 
been done away with, and in his place is a Hhobetoid that is made 
from a process called "an ultra-sonic cerebral hologram". Of course 
the cries of the public put Dr. Beter either in the super-genius 
class or they are ready to commit him tomorrow. 

Your mention of satellites was most interesting. Please see Sub¬ 
liminal story enclosed {Edlto/i';. j note.: ziepnlnted baton/}. I person¬ 
ally feel that satellites are one of the main tools in bringing a- 
bout 1984. There is so much more to all of this that it does bog¬ 
gle at times. However, like the Prisoner character on TV, I shall 
forever shout - "I am not a number, I'm a man". 

(Name withheld)- Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

EdLtoJL , 4 note:. The letten-w/iiten. A,efLeAA to the following. touie *en.~ (UPI) item u/hlch appea/ied In a Tenn*ipLvanla netmpape/i on Nov. 
11, 197k, titled "Space DnaLnivoAh Tosi/ilble". Dateline.: United Na¬ 

Satellites orbiting the earth can beam messages directly to tele¬ 
vision sets in viewers' homes to brainwash people without them even 
knowing it, according to a United Nations report. By sending out 
so-called subliminal messages that are recorded only in viewers' 
subconscious, the technique can be used to mass-hypnotize and in-: 
fluence politics of other countries, the report said. The report 
cited some experts* opinions that the use of such 1984—style tech¬ 
niques amounts to brainwashing. The use of subliminal messages is 
banned in some Western European nations but not in the U.S. 


More On Chopper^ 

As a supplement to the information we have presented 
animal mutilations and unidentified helicopters in our s 
lowing from the first mutilations newsletter, Ed Sander^ 
TLE REPORT. Ed compiled the following account from 
cles and his own interviews in mute-plagued Logan Couh 
do, and published it in THE CATTLE REPORT (Issue N 

e par ate pub- 
ffer the fol- 
news arti- 
ty, Colora- 
o. 1, March 


The night of Wednesday, August 21, 1975 provided an e 
possible deliberate deception maneuver by cattle mutilat 
gan County, Colorado. The incident involved possible de< 
guised as Air Force officers who may have been used 
to throw off course a concerted land and air chase of h 
thought to be involved in the plague of cattle mutilations: 
County and nearby comities. 



Logan County is located in north east Colorado sugar 
and cattle country. During that summer the helicopters 
flying by night over Logan County, and the cattle had 
tilated in the morning. Sheriff's officers and even priva|t 
(such as 1-80 Control - a group of CBers) had been or; 
give chase to these phantom copters. 

Around 10 PM on Wed., 8-21, a helicopter was reported heading in 

to Logan County from the east, and Sheriff Tex Graves 
took; chase. In addition to some 17 ground units that ult 

: sample of a 
ors near Lo- 
coy men dis- 
confuse and 
in Logan 


et, grain 
had been 
en found mu- 
e groups 
gtanizing to 

and his staff 
mately took 

part in the chase. Sheriff Graves rented a private plane in which 2 
sheriff's officers and a pilot rode. The night was clear and the air¬ 
craft could run without lights. During the night, a pickup truck con¬ 
taining two purported Air Force officers began to assisit the chase, 
claiming to be receiving over the radio in the truck radar informa¬ 
tion from Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, located 
northwest of Logan County. (There are a number of Minute man mis¬ 
sile sites in Logan County under the control of Warren Air Force 



The Sheriff's vehicles on the ground were not equipped to pick up the 
Air Force frequencies so had to rely on the information relayed from 
the pickup with the A.F. men, who would relate the supposed location 
of the aircraft being chased as indicated by radar at the air force 

Only the next day, after the chase was long over, did reporters and 
Sheriff's officers learn from Warren AFB that they had no radar sys¬ 
tem that could have been used to track the copters. The only radar 
facilities they had, they said, were weather radar facilities. Sheriff 
Graves later referred to the alleged helpers as a "pickup with Air 
Force jokers playing games" 

During the chase, which spilled over into southern Nebraska, the pu¬ 
tative Air Force men in the pickup truck fcept announcing that "radar" 
indicated that there was another aircraft flying near the chase plane 
rented by the Logan County Sheriff’s Dept. "They reported radar 
showed this other aircraft around our plane at various times, but the 
officers and pilot, three men with glasses, never saw a thing, "(and 
it was a moonlit night) Sheriff Graves told the Greeley, Colorado 

The chase ended around 4:30 in the morning near a missile site in 
southwestern Nebraska, when the spotter plane lost sight of the phan¬ 
tom copter. The plane, reporter Bill Jackson of the Sterling, Colora¬ 
do, JOURNAL-ADVOCATE, told us, "saw the lights of the thing be¬ 
low them, and you know, it was a clear night. And when the light 
went out, that ’s what everybody thought, that they’d landed, but when 

the plane came down to 100-150 feet, he couldn't see anything. 

The only thing that was there was a missile silo. ” 

Several questions remain after this incident: 

(1) Were the two officers from the Air Force merely practical jokers 
having fun with local law enforcement? (It must be remembered that, 
in addition to Logan County officers, the Nebraska State Police and 
the Kimball County, Nebraska, Sheriff's office were also involved.) 

(2) Were the two men merely masquerading as Air Force personnel 



and were they actually part of the mutilation network? (This network 
must have spent millions of dollars on copter fuel, maintenance, se¬ 
curity and man-hours in the twenty-two or so states that have suf¬ 
fered mutilations.) 

(3) Sad to ask is this: is the United States Air Force involved in sup¬ 
plying cover for the mutilators? 

Sources: Interviews with Logan County Sheriff's Office, and with Bill 
Jackson, STERLING JOURNAL-ADVOCATE. Further references, see: 
AP dispatch from Kimball, Nebraska, printed in OMAHA WORLD - 
HERALD, 8-22-75. See also: Greeley, Colorado TRIBUNE, 8-22-75; 

MORE ON MYSTERY HELICOPTERS: The area that Vincent White des¬ 
cribes in the following letter of 5-16-79 was subjected to numerous 
livestock rustling and mystery helicopter incidents in 1973-1974: 

My brother recently returned from a wilderness and canoeing excur¬ 
sion. He spent quite a bit of time near a tiny place called Frederick- 
town. This is in Madison County, not far from St. Francois County. 

It was while he was in this area that he heard many large copters 
flying about both during the night and day. They seemed to be coming 
into this desolate and unpopulated area empty and then leaving loaded. 
On one occasion he was within a quarter of a mile of a hovering 
Chinook. My brother is very familiar with military aircraft.and insig¬ 
nia. This event occurred on the first of May (1979) in the middle of 
the day. This chopper was hovering as low as he'd ever seen a Chin¬ 
ook hover. It was "right in the trees" (This spot was on a slope bet¬ 
ween two small "mountains"). It was completely unmarked and a 
strange green unlike anything he'd seen before. He was surprised at 
the lack of insignia. Either that day or the day after an F-5 or pos¬ 
sibly something resembling an F-18 flew quickly overhead once at me¬ 
dium altitude. He did not specifically ask about cattle mutilations in 
the area of the few farmers there. It was his impression that the far¬ 
mers were very nervous and "spooked" about something and reluctant 
to talk to strangers. 

Vincent White - Kansas City, Missouri 


Old Mutes? 

Few accounts of things —sies embling-mi/iilaiions would antedate, the 
Following. sheep-slaughter. story from the gear. 1606, submitted, to 
us by. flll&s Elizabeth Hilts of Regina., Saskatchewan., who writes: 

The sheep incident I mentioned is in my private book of "Oddities" 
and appears to derive from a diary (or other personal papers) from 
the court of James I of England. The quotation is: 

10 February 1606: The minds of men are much troubled with 
a strange accident-lately fallen out, which yet by no means 
can be discovered, about the City of London and some of the 
shires adjoining. Whole slaughters of sheep have been made, 
in some places to the number of 100, in others less, where 
nothing is taken from the sheep but their tallow and some in¬ 
ward parts, the whole carcasses and fleece remaining still . 
behind. Of this are sundry conjectures, but most agree that 
it tendeth towards some fireworks. 

(I wonder if there is an implication of singeing or burning to the 
animals in that statement.} 

The paragraph appears in: A JACOBEAN JOURNAL, being a Record of 
Those Things Most Talked About...1603-1606, by G.G. Harrison. 
London, Routledge, rev. 1946, p. 279. 

The original source was: THE COURT AND TIMES OF JAMES I, edited 
from the Collections of Thomas Birch, by the author of the Memoirs 
of Sophia Dorothea, in two volumes. London 1848 (Vol. I,pp.44-45). 

Qerald W. of holt, Fiissowii has reminded us that, with this 
being, an election yean, we should re-print the following notice, 
which appeased originally in STIGMATA ho. 4 (Simmer. 1978ft 

AND TO PROJECT STIGMA (P.0. Box 1094;Paris,TX 75460; 214-784-5922). 

3n the next edition of STIGMATA: The mutes — a global phenomenon?; 
The latest 1980 reports from Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota and (?) 

Copyright e 1980 by Thomas R. Adams