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Poster: Jamie2016 Date: Jul 7, 2016 9:37am
Forum: radioprograms Subject: Kay Kyser and Mel Blanc Show Partial Episodes

My name is Jamie. Several years ago a friend of mine gave me several shows from his old-time radio collection on cassette. Two of these shows were partial episodes from Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge and the Mel Blanc Show. Unfortunately, they are partial episodes because the tape ran out. As a result, there is no title or date information on the cassette indicating what episodes these are. To add to the dilemma, his home burnt down several years ago and his collection was destroyed. I mentioned this because I have no way of finding out from him what episodes these partials belong too.

If it is entirely possible, I would like to see if any of you can help in finding the full-length episodes. I have recorded these episodes to my computer, and have just posted them to the archive. You can find the link to where these partial episodes are at:
Thanks in advance for your assistance. I apologize in advance that there isn't much here to go on, but it's all I've got.