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Poster: Bluejay Young Date: Aug 30, 2015 10:58pm
Forum: radioprograms Subject: Re: Over The Edge Radio Collection Coming?

I think some interference is inevitable unfortunately. I know Don was struggling with his antique cart machines. I had been thinking about contacting an audio guy I know who might have expertise in this area. I may yet do this as Jon has indicated he will continue to do the show.
I have not yet been able to reach Jon to tell him I like his liminal OTE shows. I wrote to Mel but no reply yet. I finally sent a brief email to KPFA asking them to pass it on to him. I would have called but he said he couldn't figure out how to open the phone lines and would do that this week.
I hope he will continue to do sound collage even if he cannot fill up a whole 3-5 hours with them and starts putting other things in.
Anyway, I found I do have Universe 87 in 128k. I tried to attach it to this post, but it wouldn't accept it.