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Software Library: Mature Titles

This is a collection mature or graphic titles from a variety of software library sections, grouped to give viewers a choice in browsing software history as to how graphic they wish screenshots to be.

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Software Library: Mature Titles
Nov 30, 2020 CloudyEggs

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An edited version of Where's Waldo Screamer, and its Hamtaro now.
Topics: Flash, Screamer, Hamtaro
HyperCard Stacks
Sep 3, 2020 William H. Dickey

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Some brief notes on reading and navigation: William Dickey's HyperPoems are divided into two parts with two separate pages at the Internet Archive: Volume 1 contains the majority of the poetry from his earliest, more simplistic creations through to his later, more complex work. Volume 2 consists of the most complex creations from his late period: three erotic poems. (Note: They are explicit.) The Editor's Introduction available on the title page of Volume 1 offers Larsen's original reflection...
Topics: poetry, literature, electronic poetry, electronic literature, elit, William Dickey, San Francisco,...