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Voice Latina

"It takes a thousand voices to tell one story"

U.S. Latinos – 58 million and growing. As a demographic, they are significantly younger, increasingly U.S. born, early technology adopters, ambicultural, and poised to become a primary driver of the workforce and of consumer buying.

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Voice Latina
Nov 27, 2018 "It takes a thousand voices to tell one story"

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Latinos are 18% of the U.S. population - 58 million and growing and are currently the largest drivers of movie box office and ratings. Yet, the sad reality is that for so long In both film and television, Latinos remain underrepresented. There is a notable lack of diverse storylines and there’s a scarcity of Latino talent behind the camera – whether it is in the director’s chair (they say less than 2%), in the writer’s room, and in the executive suite. Today's guest is trying to change...