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'Uncomfortable Questions'

Interview program. I interview one ordinary person a week and ask them some of the tough questions about life - "What is Evil?, What is Love? What is reality? Is there a soul?". All the things you last got to talk about when you were drunk on the floor of your college dorm room at 2 am....

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'Uncomfortable Questions'
Jul 15, 2012

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I'm back again for what is turning out to be a once yearly podcast. How did I ever do this weekly back in 2005? Today's interview is with Neil Ellwood, age 22. He grew up all over Canada and is a smart young man who is a fan of the show, and has thought about the questions. I love talking to young adults, as they always make me ponder if I lost the fresh view of life!  I can be reached via email address: Or follow me on Twitter:  @sgrandys