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I met Herbert Sapper last week in Dallas at the Gazelles International Core Values Dinner. Hope you enjoy our conversation! @CameronMadill on twitter PixelSpoke’s Values Everybody Wins – We create positive outcomes for our clients, company, team, community, and planet Enjoy the Journey – We focus on finish line AND enjoy the experience getting there Curiosity with a Purpose – We are always learning about our clients and how we can help them … Continue reading Cameron Madill PixelSpoke – Purpose Podcast 047
Chris Kenny interviews me about my Why
I kick off the show getting personal about getting stuck. Then we get to the good stuff! Alando Simpson, Vice President of City of Roses Disposal & Recycling Inc where they assist businesses with reducing their carbon footprint. He told me their purpose is to do our best to exemplify what it looks like to … Continue reading Alando Simpson – City Of Roses Disposal & Recycling – Triple Bottom Line – Purpose Podcast 045
After some discussion of what the future may bring, and why it’s both hard and vital to think about where humanity is going, I had a great conversation with Ivo Lukas, Founder/CEO of 24Notion, a global creative and lifestyle agency with a special emphasis on giving back to the community. Her purpose? To give back & to … Continue reading Ivo Lukas 24Notion To Give Back – Purpose Podcast 044
Ericka Dickey-Nelson is the Founder and Principal at Social Enterprises, Inc., a full-service event planning firm specializing in conferences and summits with a sustainability or social impact focus. In 2008 Ericka co-founded the GoGreen Conference series in Portland. The series has since expanded to Seattle, Phoenix and New York City. GoGreen Seattle is coming up April 30, … Continue reading Ericka Dickey-Nelson – Social Enterprises, Inc. – Purpose Podcast 043
In today’s episode I get a bee in my bonnet about execution and then get to a great conversation with Jon Blumenauer, CEO at The Joinery where they design and build beautiful, high-quality hardwood furniture from sustainably harvested wood. Their purpose is to drive positive change by handcrafting furniture that people absolutely love. Go visit The Joinery: Westside: 922 … Continue reading Jon Blumenauer – The Joinery – Purpose Podcast 042
Before I introduce my interview with Maria Rodriguez on this episode, I share my thoughts on the concept of Massive Transformative Purpose from the book Exponential Organizations. BYOEARTH is vermicomposting startup in Guatemala, founded by Maria Rodriguez. social venture empowering women to create income, increase crop yields and build quality of life. Their purpose: to promote vermicomposting … Continue reading Maria Rodriguez – ByoEarth – Purpose Podcast 041
Two main ideas in this episode. First, do you care enough about the people you work with to say things that are difficult to say and/or hear but that are necessary for their success? Then, I share my interview with Tracy Puhl, owner of GladRags, which helps women achieve period positivity while reducing their environmental impact … Continue reading Tracy Puhl – Gladrags – Purpose Podcast 040
Plans are worthless. Planning is priceless! That’s how this episode of the Purpose Podcast begins. Then we have an interview with Justin Yuen, Preside of Portland, Oregon-based FMYI, which uses social collaboration to get work done. They Empower Teams To Make a Difference. We conclude the episode with a little baseball talk (My Detroit Tigers were swept … Continue reading Justin Yuen – FMYI – Purpose Podcast 039
In this episode of the Purpose Podcast I share a couple of stories about how my expectations influence my experience in hopes that you will see something for yourself and your entrepreneurial experience. I then interview Karen Wolfgang, Owner and Manager of Portland, Oregon’s Independence Gardens. A Portland native, Karen earned a BA in Anthropology and … Continue reading Karen Wolfgang – Independence Gardens – Purpose Podcast 038
After episode 036’s interview with Kari Hughes from Buy the Change, she published a blog post aimed at her customers, thinking about Supply Push vs Market Pull. I referred her to episode 30 with Duncan Berry. Fun to make the connections! This episode’s interview is likely to be one that we look back on and see … Continue reading Ari Weinzweig – Zingerman’s – Purpose Podcast 037
Buy the Change uses Trade for Better Lives for Women in the Developing World. Co-founder Kari Hughes invited me into the world headquarters (her home) for this interview about why they are, how they got started and why they do what they do. Buy The Change is a Certified Benefit Company (B Corp) (as is committed … Continue reading 036 Trade for Better Lives for Women in the Developing World – Kari Hughes (Buy the Change)
Metropolitan Group’s purpose is “to build a just and sustainable world”. Laura Dellinger, President and Principal tells us about this Portland-based Strategic Communications agency that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary as a social-change agency. Laura has deep expertise in the use of community engagement to mobilize stakeholders in community-based solutions to social and civic issues, is board chair at Trillium … Continue reading 035 To Build a Just and Sustainable World...
My guest on this episode is Deena Pierott whose purpose is Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. She tells us about how she tapped into her purpose even as a little girl, and all the places it’s taken her since, and the impact it’s had on the world. You can find out more about Deena here: Urban … Continue reading Deena Pierott: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – Purpose Podcast 034
In this episode we continue where we left off during Episode 13. On that show, we explored the purpose of a one-page strategic plan, core values, quarterly rocks, weekly executive team meeting and a dashboard. This time we cover the purpose of Purpose 3-5 year key thrusts/capabilities (priorities) 1 year key initiatives (priorities) critical number daily huddle For a full … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 033: Purpose of … #2
I begin episode 032 talking about this HBR Ideacast episode: Are You the “Real You” in the Office? and this HBR article: Making Business Personal. This is some further research on the value of being yourself at work. I would encourage all business owners to do some exercise … [to identify your company’s top core value]. — Su Midghall … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 032 – Su Midghall: Making An Impact
In the HBR article by Clayton Christensen How will you measure your life? (paywall) he asks, “How can I ensure that my relationship with my family proves to be en enduring source of happiness?” I talk about this question and the article to kick off this episode of the podcast. Ryan Buchanan shared with me eROI’s purpose: Asking why … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 031 — Ryan Buchanan (eROI): Asking why drives us toward what we need rather than what we want
Before today’s interview I talk about Blueprint of We, a collaborative framework and document that I’m looking forward to trying. The idea if agreeing together how we’ll handle conflict, before we’re in the middle of a conflict, is very compelling. Duncan Berry, CEO and Co-Founder of Fishpeople shared with us about his love for fish, … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 030 — Duncan Berry (Fishpeople Seafood): Nourish, Respect & Sustain
Sharon Soliday’s purpose (her “Why”) as owner of The Hello Foundation is to build bridges. What does that mean? She and her team of speech language pathologists help people communicate, and “hello” is the foundation of communication. She serves a wide range of clients including kids with autism, law enforcement personnel seeking to minimize accents … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 029 — Sharon Soliday (The Hello Foundation): To Build Bridges
When you think of an urban core, what do you think of? Traffic? Congestion? Noise? With Franklin Jones’ vision for B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery, it doesn’t have to be that way. (See also my earlier episode featuring Rob Sadowsky of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.)  B-Line uses these amazing human-powered (electric assist) tricycles to make the … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 028 — Franklin Jones (B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery): To Make Our Communities More Livable
I start this episode talking about how I hate the term work-life balance. Is your work not part of your life? Just because people think of work as being 40 hours per week (or 60, 70 or 80 for entrepreneurs), does not mean it has to be that way. You can create your life. I … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 027 — Sabrina Parsons (MommyCEO): To Be The Best Person That I Can Be
Dr. Mollie Marti told me “I’m here to help the children,” when I asked her about her purpose.  She then elaborated by sharing a daily prayer from her mentor, Judge Rosen: “God help me make a contribution to a just and peaceful world.”  Inspired by that prayer, Dr. Mollie crafted her own daily prayer: “God help … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 026 — Dr. Mollie Marti: God help me encourage love, aliveness and service in others.
This last week I read an amazing article that speaks directly to being who you are. My wife and I choose the name Sarvata when we married because it means wholeness or integrity. That’s what this podcast is all about. It’s about asking yourself who you are and then it’s organizing your life so you … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 025 — Rob Jordan: Betterment of Others & Betterment of Ourselves
Dot Com has been the top dog in the world of internet addresses for many years.  That may be turned on it’s head in the next year or two as many, many new domain name extensions come into being.  Ray King is one of the entrepreneurs helping to shape what this newly-named internet will look … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 024 — Ray King: A Domain Name For Everyone, That Matches Their Passion
Wendy’s Maynard’s purpose at Kinesis is Transformation.  Listen to the show to find out more about what that means for a marketing agency that helps business owners with much more than marketing. Kinesis has also defined its values as verbs, per Simon Sinek (I need to look into this further): Think Big Build to Last Share … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 023 — Wendy Maynard: Transformation
Jackie Peterson’s purpose is to have every small business be financially successful.  Her specific passion is solo entrepreneurs, specifically creatives (artists of all stripes, visual, performance, etc) and encore (retirees who launch solo businesses in their later years). Links from our interview with Jackie Peterson: Jackie’s Better Smarter Richer training online at OpenSesame – check … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 022 — Jackie Peterson: Every Small...
Some insights from Brian Setzler of TriLibrium, the triple bottom line CPA and Accounting firm (paraphrased): Anything we try to maximize, we blow up. If we can create a system in balance, on the other hand, everyone wins. Ben and Jerry’s was started to help Vermont dairy farmers. Their success hasn’t been because they have … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 021 — Brian Setzler: TriLibrium helps our customers succeed across the triple bottom line
Isaac Tolpin says Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders. “If you’re not really clear about your purpose, mission and culture, you’ll make decisions that appear be good for your business from a financial standpoint but long term are harmful for your business.” “We’re not just writing a blog post or finding an … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 020 — Isaac Tolpin: Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders
Jenelle Isaacson’s Living Room Realty is Developing Vibrant Communities.  This purpose (they call it their mission) came out of work they did internally to determine their core values.  This are real estate agents as you’ve never imagined them! Living Room Realty is a Certified B Corp (of fewer than 1000 companies worldwide, including New Seasons and … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 019 – Jenelle Isaacson’s Living Room Realty is Developing Vibrant Communities
Diana Larsen’s purpose is to create healthy workplaces.  She says FutureWorks Consulting works with organizational leaders so that everyone at every level can say, “I love my work…this is the best job ever!” FutureWorks also uses what they call Simple Rules (what I tend to think of as Core Values, but I’m considering changing my terminology). … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 018 – Diana Larsen: Creating Healthy Workplaces
John Fish was instrumental in setting up the Princeton Project 55 (now Princeton Alumni Corps) Public Interest Project in 1989.  Recent graduates were (and are) placed in one year fellowships in public interest organizations where they could not only do some good for people and communities that year, but where those experiences would have the … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 017 – John Fish: Alumni Networks Making an Impact in Communities
Jeff Hall worked at a restaurant in college.  Unbeknownst to him, he was mystery shopped.  He was so impressed with the detail and quality of the report that after graduation he started a company dedicated to helping companies improve their customer experience.  That company, Second to None, has a purpose of “Empowering Companies to Deliver … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 016 – Jeff Hall: Empowering Companies to Deliver Consistent, Intentional and Authentic Customer Experiences
Beyond scarcity, there is sufficiency.  Beyond sufficiency there is sustainability.  Beyond sustainability there is thrivability. In this episode of the Purpose Podcast I interview Jean Russell about her work promoting the idea of thrivability, as well as her deeper purpose of touching people’s lives, making people’s lives better. The big ah-ha for me from this conversation … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 015: Jean Russell: Thrivability
Laura Mansfield’s PAGATIM is “Brave Authentic Stories Shifting the Consciousness of the World.”  Brave Authentic Stories is written on the outside of their building, it appears in their presentations, shows up in every conversation about the work itself, and is core to why a lot of the people are working at PAGATIM. PAGATIM’s purpose is only … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 014 – Laura Mansfield: Brave Authentic Stories Shifting the Consciousness of the World
This week we think about purpose differently.  What is the purpose of a one page strategic plan?  What is the purpose of core values?  What is the purpose of quarterly rocks (priorities)?  What is the purpose of your weekly executive team meeting?  What is the purpose of a dashboard? For a full day with your executive team, come to a … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 013: Purpose of … #1
Savannah Mayfield’s purpose is “Being Savannah,” expressing the most true version of Savannah in the world.  In her work as a life coach, she has a perspective that purpose is more about being than doing, and that each of us has an innate purpose, to be our most authentic, gifted, loving self.  Our “right vocation” is … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 012 – Savannah Mayfield is Being Savannah
Kent Lewis’s core tenets are to Educate, Entertain and Connect.  He’s started numerous organizations, all fitting in to at least one of these 3 core ideas.  At Anvil Media, his social media marketing agency, this means he’s organized around moving his customers’ businesses forward.  His goal is to delight and elevate (either without the other … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 011 – Kent Lewis: To Educate, Entertain & Connect
Doug Wick’s purpose is “to discover, inspire and ignite purpose and passion.”  His company, Positioning Systems works with companies in a growth mode or wanting to move into a growth mode.  His purpose used to be longer, but while facing a life-threatening health challenge, he used the the business principles he teaches to get over … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 010: Doug Wick: To Discover, Inspire and Ignite Purpose and Passion
How do you hold an effective quarterly planning session?  I give some detail on each of these 5 elements: Get Offsite Look back Strategic talk time Learn together New 90 day plan See also: 5 Essential Elements for an Effective Quarterly Planning Offsite
Eric Williams see entrepreneurs as heroes (in the Joseph Campbell sense) and the entrepreneurial community as making a real difference in humanity’s progress.  Eric’s company Codilligent ( represents entrepreneurs when they sell their small and lower mid-market businesses to realize the value they’ve created through their efforts.  Eric provides the same kind of level of … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 008: Entrepreneurs as Joseph Campbell’s Heroes – Eric...
The purpose of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland, Oregon is to change the environment in a way that we can get more people biking. My conversation with executive director Rob Sadowsky covered how collaboration helps everyone and how safer, more inclusive streets are good for us all. For Oregon folks: @BTAOregon @RSadowsky. If … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 007: Rob Sadowsky (Bicycle Transportation Alliance) – to change the environment in a way that we can get...
“Exceptional People Delivering Exceptional Experiences” is Online Tech’s purpose. Mike Klein, Co-CEO tells Ted how it took about a year of calendar time to settle on their purpose, coming back to the discussion over and over, a little bit at a time, and how now their purpose serves as a “true north” for all kinds … Continue reading 006: Mike Klein – Online Tech
Wayde Elliott’s‘s purpose is: Making Room for More Living. Ted Sarvata interviews Wayde to explore this purpose.  Wayde explains how StoreIt is making room in your attic, your garage, your basement, your backyard, plus making room in your schedule, since you never have to visit the storage facility.  They also give you more mental … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 005: Wayde Elliott – StoreIt – Making Room for More Living
Dr. Ken Thiessen (  is Transforming Communities by Transforming Organizations.  Ted Sarvata ( interviews Ken to explore this purpose.
Episode 003 of the Purpose Podcast hosted by Ted Sarvata. Today I give examples of purpose which goes a bit deeper than we did in episode 002. Disney’s purpose is happiness. Nike’s purpose is competition. Starbucks’ purpose is escape. Gazelles’ purpose is freedom. My purpose is love (see episode 001 for more on this). What … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 003: Examples of a few companies with a clear purpose
Episode 002 of the Purpose Podcast hosted by Ted Sarvata. Today I focus on what I mean by purpose. See HBR Sept 1996 for Building Your Company’s Vision by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras. Disney’s purpose is happiness. Nike’s purpose is competition. Starbucks’ purpose is escape. Gazelles’ purpose is freedom. My purpose is … Continue reading Purpose Podcast 002: What do we mean by purpose?
This is episode 1 of the Purpose Podcast hosted by Ted Sarvata.  In this episode we cover my intentions for the show, who I’m aiming at for an audience, what my purpose is, and a bit about my background that led me to that purpose.  To give me feedback, please write to