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This is our old iTunes rss feed from blogtalk radio. Because the sound quality is so poor we have opened a new iTunes account with a high quality rss feed. Search Bible Thumping Wingnut on iTunes and subscribe to the new feed. You will know you have the correct iTunes account by the blue picture of Tim, BTWN.

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BTWN Episode 25 | Top 10 Christian Songs | Pansy Christianity | Blood Moons   After going through some feedback from our faithful listeners, we discuss the top 10 songs in Contemporary Christian Music.  We talk about what’s good about it and what could be better.   We wanted more of Colin, and we got it.!  Colin reads an article by one of his favorite bands “Switchfoot” who wrote about why they don’t sing Christian songs, even though they’re Christians.  In our discussion about...
Old BTWN Podcast

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This episode is to announce that the Bible Thumping Wingnut Show will no longer be using BTR to broadcast episodes.  To continue getting the most current podcasts, go to our website, Find the new iTunes feed here: Please Subscribe, rate and review our new feed to help the podcast continue growing. Thanks SO much to those of you who have faithfully listened and followed us here on BTR, we hope...
Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes:…id901586827?mt=2 Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe on No Colin Pearson this week, but that didn’t stop us from having a little fun at his expense! The show starts as always with listener feedback. We appreciate it so much, please keep it coming, it helps us tremendously! We...
BTWN Episode 23 - Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio plays Word Association   Colin Pearson decided to show up today and shared iTunes feedback with us.  If you haven’t subscribed on iTunes yet please follow the link below, then rate and review us.  If you’re still listening on Blog Talk Radio that feed will no longer be updated, please follow the link below and subscribe, rate and review:   Pastor Mike...
Our website is finally LIVE!!! Check it out: Do we need more of Colin? We think so, listen for a future segment called “More of Colin” where he will take complex theological concepts and makes them easy to understand. Email us at if you would like to ask Colin a question. Ed Leese and Ted Richard join us to tell us about the “Fall for Greenville” conference & outreach, how they started the conference 3 years ago, who the...