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My Miss Told Story

ShaQui Moran Kamau

Welcome to my "Miss Told Story" a podcast, where amazing things happens. I am your host ShaQui providing you with various topics, hypothetical questions, stories, and much more. The substance and content that is much needed, in today's time. So please sit back relax and prepare to dive deep.

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My Miss Told Story
Apr 3, 2019 ShaQui Moran Kamau

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Ask your self this question  Without rushing your time, Am I doing all that I need todo for myself and others? If everyone I ever came in contact with had to say something about me what would majority say? Would my book be considered a great book or just a-okay read. Those are the question you must be able to answer without thinking. And if you find yourself hesitating what can you do to change the narrative!?!  --- Support this podcast: