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Back of the Beis Podcast (Unknown)

No fear and no filter...when it comes to questions on Judaism; that could be the theme of "Back of the Beis". Hosts Yosef Segal and Yehuda Rabin provide a weekly, loose, lively, intelligent, but off-beat conversation on different topics related to Orthodox Judaism. BOTB provides a platform where all forms of Jewish thought, philosophy, and ideas are discussed. Topics such as the validity of the Torah, Free-will, science, and social issues in Orthodox Judaism will be included, as well as some lig...

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Back of the Beis Podcast
Dec 2, 2019

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Yosef Segal and Yehuda Rabin introduce their brand new podcast, "Back of the Beis". They'll be discussing Jewish ideas and philosophy with clear explanations for the modern day. With no fear of any question or topic, and along with a healthy dose of humor, Jude and Yosef will show how our ancient beliefs are more relevant nowadays than ever before. This intro was actually recorded before the name was settled on, so get ready for a behind the scenes look you may never get again! ...