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11:11 Manifestations of the Modern Mystic

Ethereal Luna

Manifestations of the Modern Mystic: Listen to these podcasts on the go. Plug in your headphone while working out, connect to your aux cord or Bluetooth while driving to your destination, or simply sit in meditation and let the positive words flow through you. Know that we are deserving of all things for our highest good and that all of our dreams are capable of being a achieved.

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11:11 Manifestations of the Modern Mystic
Oct 17, 2018 Ethereal Luna

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Manifesting Financial abundance through positive transformative affirmations. Tap into your Alpha/Boss/CEO potential. Speak your dollars into existence via a calm podcast. Feel free to say these things out loud to your beautiful soul, out into the universe, and finally right back to you. ✨🙏🏾 Much love, Always. -Ethereal Luna.