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Historical Software Collection

This collection contains selected historically important software packages from the Internet Archive's software archives. Through the use of in-browser emulators, it is possible to try out these items and experiment with using them, without the additional burdens of installing emulator software or tracking down the programs. Many of these software products were the first of their kind, or utilized features and approaches that have been copied or recreated on many programs since. (historic softwa...

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Historical Software Collection

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Dung Beetles is an Apple II computer game by Bob Bishop, released in 1982 by Datasoft. The game was ported to the TRS-80 Color Computer, where it was distributed by Tandy. On the Color Computer, it was renamed Mega-Bug; however, some copies were sold as Dung Beetles. Later versions for both the Apple II and Atari were named Tumble Bugs. In Australia, the game was re-branded Bug Attack. The game concept and gameplay are based on Pac-Man, but features a much larger maze and a moving...
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Historical Software Collection
by Microsoft

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Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure)gave its name to the computer adventure game genre. It was originally designed by Will Crowther, a programmer and caving enthusiast who based the layout on part of the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky. The version that is best known today was the result of a collaboration with Don Woods, a graduate student who discovered the game on a computer at Stanford University and made significant expansions and improvements, with...
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Historical Software Collection

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Animated Windows 1 slideshow advertisement. DOS, 1985.
Topics: windows, microsoft, demo, software, cga, pc, ibm, program, demonstation, dos, ms-dos, microsoft,...
Historical Software Collection
by Daniel Smith

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From Daniel Smith: The time is 1964, the place is room 26-200 at MIT... This program is impressionistic. It is an imitation, not a simulation. I wanted to capture something of the feel of running a display hack on the PDP-1, watching those mysterious, glowing, fading patterns. There is no PDP-1 emulator in this program. Nor does this program perform quantitative simulation of the phosphor decay. I just hacked around until it felt right. Oh, there's no processor-speed correction, either; it...