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Historical Software Collection

This collection contains selected historically important software packages from the Internet Archive's software archives. Through the use of in-browser emulators, it is possible to try out these items and experiment with using them, without the additional burdens of installing emulator software or tracking down the programs. Many of these software products were the first of their kind, or utilized features and approaches that have been copied or recreated on many programs since. (historic softwa...

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Historical Software Collection

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (also referred to simply as E.T.) is a 1982 adventure video game developed and published by Atari, Inc. for the Atari 2600 video game console. It is based on the film of the same name, and was designed by Howard Scott Warshaw. The objective of the game is to guide the eponymous character through various screens to collect three pieces of an interplanetary telephone that will allow him to contact his home planet. Warshaw intended the game to be an innovative adaptation...
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Topics: Atari 2600, E.T., Howard Scott Warshaw, Atari
Historical Software Collection
by "Recompile"

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Everyone complains about E.T., but no one does anything about it. 30 years after its release, with some time off for the new year, I took a shot at fixing some of the problems like accidentally falling into wells and the punishing difficulty. It turned out really well, and makes for a much better experience. If you actually step on a well, you'll fall in -- just not when you're clearly on solid ground, as in the image above. (1) Thanks to Nukey Shay's suggestions, sprites are no longer...
Historical Software Collection
by Chris Crawford

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Eastern Front (1941) is a computer game for the Atari 8-bit series created by Chris Crawford in 1981. Recreating the German invasion of Russia during World War II, Eastern Front covers the historical area of operations during the 1941–1942 period. The player commands German units at the corps level and must contend with the computer-controlled Russians, as well as terrain, weather, supplies and even unit morale and fatigue. Eastern Front was widely lauded in the press. It is considered to be...
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Historical Software Collection

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Elite is a seminal space trading video game, originally published by Acornsoft in 1984 for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron computers. The game's title derives from one of the player's goals of raising their combat rating to the exalted heights of "Elite". It was written and developed by David Braben and Ian Bell, who had met while they were both undergraduates at Jesus College, Cambridge. Non-Acorn versions of the game were published by Firebird, Imagineer and Hybrid Technology....
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