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Military intel /// Police intel /// ISO 20022 /// A lot of truths and of lots of lies promote by Pierre Poilièvre...He misses a lot of information about criminology surrounding the private commercial bank that are members of the Nazi 4th Reich bank cartel, and also the private crypto currency that are illegal towards peace treaties (international penal code)...So, by a lack of knowledge, he is backing war criminals...Also, nothing bad, or negative, about a national crypto currency where the citizen is the BLOCKCHAIN (bank) and when city central bank is sovereign (decentralization = confederation) and control by the people (not private)...The new rules impose on all military corps for cryptocurrency is «ISO 20022»...Again, the team surrounding Pierre Poilièvre is inevitable infiltrated by FREE MACON, TEMPLAR, and JESUIT, we define CIA agent for the royal's families that financed Adolphe Hitler, the proof is the fact that he's backing criminal crimes and war crimes because of a lack of knowledge in international criminology...It will be my pleasure to procure all the information to show him the path to the light and not the path to the dark (destruction) /// Bank of Canada announcement

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