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tv   Enfoque  Telemundo  October 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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bruno: guy? guy? over here, guy. hello, guy. >> what are you doing here at this time of night? >> you don't seem very pleased to see me. i've brought you
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a little present. >> what do you mean? well, what's this all about? >> recognize them? it was very quick, guy. she wasn't hurt in any way. it was all over in no time. i knew you'd be surprised. and, guy, there's nothing for us to worry about. nobody saw me. only miriam. and i was very careful, guy. even when i dropped your cigarette lighter there, i went back to pick it up. >> are you trying to tell me-- why, you maniac! >> but, guy, you wanted it. we planned it on the train together, remember? where are you going? >> where do you think i'm going? i'm going to call the police, of course. >> but you can't, guy. we'd both be arrested for murder. >> we'd both be arrested for murder?
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>> you're just as much in it as i am. we planned it together-- crisscross. >> you crazy fool, do you think you can get away with that? >> oh, come, now, guy. why should i go to metcalf to kill a total stranger? unless it was part of the plan and you were in on it. you're the one who benefits, guy. you're a free man now. i didn't even know the girl. >> i had nothing to do with this. the police will believe me. >> guy, if you go to the police now, you'll just be turning yourself in as an accessory. you see, you have the motive. [telephone rings] [ring] >> what is that? >> my telephone. [ring] >> someone has some news for you, guy. [ring] [ring]
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>> it's the police. [ring] [ring] [doorbell buzzes] [car door closes] [engine starts] >> you've got me acting like i'm a criminal. why, you crazy fool! >> don't you call me that. oh, you must be tired, guy. i know i am. i've had a strenuous evening. but, now, guy, about my father-- see, i've got the plan of the house already made. and i have an old luger pistol which i picked up in a pawnshop in in san francisco--the gun-- guy, wait a minute.
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we have to talk. we have to arrange things. >> get away before i give you what you gave miriam. >> oh, you're not yourself, guy. you're tired. now, when you think things over, you'll see that i'm right. tomorrow, we-- >> i don't know you. i never saw you before. i never want to see you again! >> but we have-- [telephone ringing] [ring] [ring] [ring] >> yes? yes, anne. i'm sorry, darling. i just got in. of course i'm all right. but you sound upset. is anything wrong? all right. i'll come over right away. [doorbell buzzes 3 times]
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anne, darling, you're trembling. >> guy, i wonder if you know how much i love you. >> brazen woman, i'm the one to say that. >> i wanted you to know before-- father wants to see you. >> good evening, sir.
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hello, babs. >> something dreadful's happened, guy. >> sit down, barbara. there seems to be no way of diplomatically breaking tragic news. i'm sorry, guy, to be the one to tell you. it concerns your wife. she's been murdered. babs: the police have been trying to locate you everywhere. senator: you're to call headquarters in metcalf. >> miriam murdered. >> she was strangled. it happened on an island in an amusement park. it was sort of a lovers lane, i believe, evidently a sordid atmosphere. >> miriam went there with two boys. they're the ones who found her, so they're not suspects, but you probably will be.
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>> young lady, there's no overlooking the fact that murder is at our doorstep, but i wish you wouldn't drag it into the living room. >> well, let's not fool ourselves. the police will say guy wanted miriam out of the way so he could marry anne. a crime of the sort the police first go after the husband anyway. and guy had every motive. >> motive? >> well, she's right. whichever way you look at it, well, i'm in a spot. >> oh, come now, my boy, i'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. >> if he hasn't an alibi for 9:30 tonight, he has plenty to worry about. >> you can tell them where you were? >> sherry? >> thank you. can't you, guy? >> 9:30, i was on the train from new york to washington. >> there you are. >> who saw you? did you speak to anyone? you'll need a witness. >> oh, yes, i did speak to someone. senator: someone you know? >> no. his name was... collier--collin--collins! he's a professor. >> harvard? >> delaware tech.
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>> then everything's all right. >> not quite. he'll still have to answer questions. senator: routine. pure routine. >> i'm afraid there'll be a lot of reporters at your front door in the morning. >> oh, daddy doesn't mind a little scandal. he's a senator. >> it can't be helped, darling. it's not your fault. it's not as though anyone can say you had anything to do with it. >> someone might say it. i'd do anything to keep you all out of this mess. >> be guided by my experience. never lose any sleep over accusations, unless they can be proved, of course. dreadful business. dreadful. poor unfortunate girl. >> she was a tramp. >> she was a human being. let me remind you that even the most unworthy of us has a right to life and the pursuit of happiness. >> from what i hear, she pursued it in all directions. >> barbara! >> father, it's getting terribly late. guy looks so tired.
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>> of course. of course. back to bed, barbara. well, you two, nothing stands in your way. now you can be married right away. think of it. you're free. >> one doesn't always have to say what one thinks. >> father, i am not a politician. >> you won't forget that call, guy? captain turley. >> yes, sir. good night. anne-- >> i still think it would be wonderful to have a man love you so much he'd kill for you. >> i kept saying over and over i was being silly. but there was one horrible moment tonight when the news came through. i--i kept remembering what you shouted on the phone from metcalf. >> that i could stra-- >> don't even say it. forget you ever said it. even more terrifying than the murder itself was the horrible thought that if you had had anything to do with it, we would have been separated, perhaps forever. i couldn't stand that. i couldn't bear it.
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[typing] >> captain turley's expecting me. guy haines. >> just a moment, mr. haines. would you come in, please? >> good of you to be so prompt, mr. haines. this is lieutenant campbell. >> how do you do? >> won't you sit down? >> thank you, sir. >> i know you're a busy man, so we won't detain you any longer than necessary. now, you've already been good enough to tell us where you were last evening, and we've managed to locate the gentleman you spoke with on the train. >> yes, i saw him outside. >> will you come in, please, professor?
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>> mr. collins, this is mr. haines. he was with you on the train last night. >> i'm terribly sorry, but i really don't remember meeting this gentleman. unfortunately, i remember very little of our trip from new york. you see, we-- we had a little celebration. >> but we were sitting opposite each other in the observation car. you were singing a song about a goat. >> a goat? >> and calculus. you were going over a speech you'd made. >> i was? i'm very sorry, mr. haines. i--i certainly must have been celebrating. >> captain, is it so important whether or not professor collins remembers me? surely the important thing is i've been able to name a man who was on the train with me. you've been able to find him. isn't that proof of where i was at 9:30 last night?
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thank you. hello, dear, senator, babs. >> hello, darling. have you had dinner? >> on the train. >> you haven't been in metcalf all this time? we expected you hours ago. >> i didn't. they sometimes throw a suspect in the can and leave him there all night. >> sit down, guy, sit down. barbara, some coffee. you had no trouble, of course, with the police once they verified your alibi? when an alibi's full of bourbon, sir, it can't stand up. >> you mean the professor was boiled? >> completely. he didn't remember me. >> but you knew he was on the train. wasn't that enough to prove that you were on it, too? >> apparently not at the right time. they suggested i could have caught the train at baltimore... after miriam was murdered. they had it all worked out in that little timetable. >> well, that's ridiculous. they're acting as if you were guilty. >> oh, everything will be all right, anne. the police were just being thorough.
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weren't they, daddy? >> i certainly hope so. what's your next move? >> whatever it is, the police will know about it. oh. oh, they gave me a present. take a look. my guardian angel. babs: you're being tailed. >> that's, uh, leslie hennessy. he works 16 hours a day. somebody else takes over for the next 8. as a matter of fact, hennessy's a very nice fellow. >> i'll have him called off immediately. >> obstructing the wheels of justice, daddy? >> i'm afraid where i go, hennessy goes, even to the senate. >> is he likely to picket my office? >> very likely. >> uh, i would suggest, guy, for your own peace of mind, of course, that you work here at the house for a few days. it would be less embarrassing
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for you. >> but then what about practicing and-- oh, perhaps i better forget about forest hills. >> my dear boy, wouldn't it look rather awkward if you suddenly canceled all your plans? >> he's right, guy. you mustn't do anything that looks suspicious. you've got to go on acting as though nothing had happened. >> escorted by mr. hennessy. >> a call for you, mr. haines. they say it's urgent. >> thank you. excuse me. hello? >> hello, guy. >> must have been some mistake. it wasn't for me. well, i suppose that's pretty lucky being seeded fifth, really. >> you know, i've never seen the forest hills tournament before? i'm kind of looking forward to it. >> you mean we'll be going there together, hennessy? >> aw, don't worry about it.
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by that time, this thing will be all cleared up. did you ever think of turning professional, guy? >> i don't have to do that. when i'm through with tennis, i'm going into politics. i hope. >> politics? it's a good thing for you i don't report that to the chief. if he knew you were getting into that rat race, he'd put 10 men on your trail. he says-- >> let's take this cab. it's getting late. pentagon building, please. >> oh, no. not there. i always get lost.
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>> we'd better be getting back. >> we've actually been alone for an hour. seems almost indecent. you like? >> i like. >> i was beginning to feel like a goldfish. >> guy. >> excuse me.
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will you stop pestering me? >> you're spoiling everything. you're making me come out into the open. i've tried calling you on the phone. didn't you get my note? why haven't you called me? my father is leaving for florida at the end of next week. >> now, listen, you-- there's a detective outside. he will see us together. >> isn't that, uh, anne morton? slight improvement over miriam, huh, guy? >> stay away from me, i'm telling you. >> who is it, guy? >> i never saw him before. just some tennis fan. >> here's a special delivery, mr. haines. it's marked personal. >> thank you. >> you getting any practice today, guy? >> yes, if i can get a court
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at the club. >> barbara, who are you waving at? >> mr. hennessy. i think it's a shame daddy won't let us have him in to sit down. you met him yet, louise? >> no. >> he's awfully cute. >> hi. >> hi. >> hello, guy. >> hello.
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>> ok, you ready, guy? >> uh, yeah. [bruno speaking french] [man and woman speaking french] [woman speaking french] >> guy, darling, this is mr. anthony, a friend of monsieur and madame darville. guy haines. >> i've been a fan of yours for a long time, mr. haines. in fact, i follow everything you do. >> mr. anthony has been telling us some charming stories, very funny. [speaking french] >> ha ha ha ha ha! [speaking french] >> oui. non. [man speaking french] [woman speaking french] [laughter]
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[speaking french] [voices mingle] babs: guy? i've just been talking to your shadow. guy, did you know mr. hennessy helped crack that ax murder i was reading about? you know, the one where the body was cut up and hidden in the butcher shop. he was locked in the icebox with the left leg for 6 hours. >> oh, babs, he pulls those things out of his hat. >> who's the interesting-looking frenchman with the darvilles? >> his name's anthony. he's not french. >> bonjour, madame, monsieur. how are you? >> delightful to see you, miss barbara. how sweet you look. >> i hope you aren't forgetting our little party on thursday, madame. we're planning on it. mr. darville: but of course. >> this is my sister barbara. barbara, this is mr. anthony. >> how do you do? [and the band played on plays] bruno: is your name miriam?
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[doorbell buzzes] >> hiya, hennessy. >> hi. >> won't keep you out late tonight. with forest hills coming up tomorrow, i've got to get some sleep. >> ah, that's too bad. hammond will be coming on duty in a couple of hours. i'd like to see him earn his salary. >> doesn't that bloodhound ever relax? he sticks so close, he's beginning to grow on me, like a fungus. >> he thinks you're a very
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suspicious character. but then he doesn't trust anybody, not even himself. >> come on, hennessy. don't forget your sleeping bag. >> oh, yeah. if i wait too long on the sidewalk, my feet get cold. and if i have to sit too long on those stone steps, my, uh... >> don't worry. ever since you told barbara morton about that icebox, you've become her favorite charity. she'll send the butler out to defrost you. >> cute kid. [indistinct conversations]
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[no audio] >> good evening, miss morton. >> this is mr. anthony, father. >> mr. anthony. >> how do you do, sir? i, uh, i'd like to talk with you sometime, sir, and tell you about my idea for harnessing the life force. it'll make atomic power look like the horse and buggy. i'm already developing my faculty for seeing millions of miles. and, senator, can you imagine being able to smell a flower on the planet mars? i'd like to, uh, have lunch with you someday soon, sir, tell you more about it. >> that'll be fine. >> i'll see you later. >> i don't remember inviting that young man. who is he? >> a friend of the darvilles. >> unusual personality.
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>> excuse me. aren't you judge donahue? >> that's right. >> how do you do, sir? my name is anthony. bruno anthony. >> what's he doing here? >> i don't know. >> tell, me, judge, after you've sentenced a man to the chair, isn't it difficult to go out and eat your dinner after that? >> when a murderer's caught, he must be tried. when he's convicted, he must be sentenced. when he is sentenced to death, he must be executed. >> oh. quite impersonal, isn't it? >> so it is. besides, it doesn't happen every day. >> so few murderers are caught. >> well, mr. anthony, you seem very interested in the subject of murder. >> well, no more than anyone else. no more than you, for instance. >> me? oh, i'm not interested in murder. >> oh, come, now. everyone's interested in that. everyone has somebody that they
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want to put out of the way. oh, now, surely, madam, you're not gonna tell me that there hasn't been a time that you didn't want to dispose of someone. your husband, for instance? >> oh! ha ha! good heavens, no. >> uh-uh-uh. are you sure? do you mean to tell me that there wasn't a tiny moment when you were made very angry? what did you say? [woman giggling] >> aha. there you are. you see? there you are.'re going to do a murder. how are you going to do it? that's the fascinating part. how are you going to do it-- i didn't get your name. >> mrs. cunningham. >> mrs. cunningham. how are you going to do it? >> well, i suppose i'll have to get a gun from somewhere. >> tsk tsk. oh, no, mrs. cunningham. bang, bang, bang all over the place? blood everywhere? >> how about a little poison? >> yes. >> oh, that's better. that's better, mrs., uh... >> anderson. >> oh, that's better,
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mrs. anderson. but, you see, mrs. cunningham's in a dreadful hurry. poison could take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks if poor mr. cunningham is going to die from natural causes. >> heh heh. you know, i read of a case once. i think it would be a wonderful idea. i can take him out in the car, and when we get to a very lonely spot, knock him on the head with a hammer, pour gasoline over him and over the car, and set the whole thing ablaze. ha ha ha ha ha! >> and have to walk all the way home? oh, no, no, no. i have the best way and the best tools. simple, silent, and quick-- the silent part being the most important. let me show you what i mean. you don't mind if i borrow your neck for a moment, do you? >> well...if it's not for long. >> oh, no. now, when i nod my head, you just try to cry out
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and i'll bet you can't do it. all right, now. just wait for the nod of my head. [and the band played on plays] [mrs. cunningham gasping] >> mr. anthony. mr. anthony-- help! help! help! somebody come quick! help. somebody come quick! bring some water! >> some water. [mrs. cunningham crying] [everyone talking at once] >> let's get him out of here. senator: take him into the study, general. >> will you help me take her upstairs, please?
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>> what happened? >> i don't know. he seemed to have fainted. >> what was the matter with the lady? >> she was just frightened. >> i think they were playing a game of some sort. >> i thought he was a bit weird when he arrived. who is he? >> i hardly know him, sir. well, get him out of here as soon as you decently can, will you? this is a nice item for the gossips. first thing you know, they'll be talking about orgies. i better get back. >> yes, sir. >> ohh...what happened? i was on a merry-go-round somewhere. it made me dizzy. >> you mad, crazy maniac. you ought to be locked up. look, will you get out of here and let me alone? >> but, guy, i like you.
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>> you shouldn't have done that, guy. >> come on. pull yourself together. here. let me. your car here? >> the driver's outside. >> all right. come on. >> what's the matter, barbara? did you see it happen?


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