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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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wyff4 news 4. >> our team coverage continues from washington. reporter: hillary clinton is hoping to rack up a significant number of delegates tonight while sanders is banking on a handful of states where he might pull off an upset. hillary clinton making a last minute stop in minnesota. >> i'm happy to be back. i want to reach out to as many people as i can, to convey what i want to do as president. to encourage them to come to the caucuses. reporter: clinton is hoping for a super sweep of southern states. the latest polls show her dixie fire wall is holding. sanders cast his ballot in burlington. he's the overwhelming favorite to win his home state of vermont and he's locked in a tie with clinton for oklahoma. the race is also tight in massachusetts. >> i'm confident if there is a large voter turnout across this country, we're going to do well.
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technically be bernie sanders last stand but effectively it will be. clinton is heavily favored to win most of the super tuesday states. reporter: but if things don't break his way today sanders' team is eyeing several states that vote later this month and he has plenty of money to keep going raising more than $42 million last month alone. >> clinton is holding an event in miami while sanders is having a watch party in vermont. reporting from washington, sally kidd, wyff4 news 4. >> the final batch of hillary clinton's tenure as second of state have been released, that is nearly 55,000 pages of emails reviewed by the state department. nearly 2,100 of those messages contain information that's classified. the f.b.i. is still vetting whether clinton broke any laws by using a private server. >> the latest headlines made by donald trump may if hurting him. a new cnn poll shows in a
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lose to both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a cnn poll found in a hypothetical match-up with trump, senator bernie sanders would beat donald trump 55% support sanders to trump's 43%. if hillary clinton were up against trump, the result is the same. clinton also trumped trump in a national poll. >> georgia is one of the biggest states second behind texas when it comes to delegates. this morning we saw a big turnout. voter lines were open. the chairman for the board of elections told us it's the most controversial in his significant years he's seen following politics and this year it's more important than ever for people to get out and vote. >> i'm encourage everybody to get out and vote. a lot of people sacrificed their
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>> we neat-- need change and everybody needs to get out and vote and make it count. we need it badly. >> if you're watching us from georgia there is time for you to vote. polls close at 7:00. >> people are still heading to the polls. amy gaither has more. reporter: the senior center was packed. the lines steadily moving. these voters taking advantage of their right. >> if we don't all take a stand on what we believe in, no one will. >> we need to stand up and get some things done. some people just back off and say, i can't do anything. if we believe in our democracy, we believe we matter. reporter: poll workers say the turnout has been pretty good. no long lines but little downtime. >> it could be more. people should come out and vote. >> i'm a veteran, and a lot of
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that right. and use it in a proper way. >> >> i think our country is at a pivotal time now, and it's important for us to, you know, give our opinion on which direction we feel like the direction is heading in. >> in albert county this precinct was keeping up with the downtown area. a clerk told us that's likely to change after five. >> that was mandy gaither reporting. some who she interviewed shared who they were voting for and she has more on that at 6:00. >> once the polls close we have full super tuesday results. we'll have them for you on the wyff44 app. make sure voting for and you download it for all of our commitment 2016 coverage. we'll bring you the latest results as they come in. here on your tv you'll also be able to check the bottom of your screen for controlling results.
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watch an hour long nightly news with lester holt from 6:30 to 7:30. then later, we'll have the hour long election special tonight from 10:00 to 11:00 right here on wyff4. >> talking weather, what happened today? we started the day off. it was nice and warm and all day long. is it just me or does it seem to be getting colder and colder? >> can't we get a little bit more of what we saw yesterday. looking at our sky cam at least it's nice to see the sunshine for a while. let's turn things over to the man who knows. >> look at these numbers. nice and warn. we saw that cold front still to the west and once that front passes by, you will feel the difference. it will get much colder across the area. it's nice, in the 70's. no record highs but way above average for this time of year. 70's in the upstate and 60's in the mountains. a look at the showers spreading across the area.
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showers that remains to the west. basically right over nashville. there is a chance some of these thunderstorms in northeast tennessee have been quite strong as they move off to the east and northeast. the storm prediction center has a chance for severe weather but it's mainly to the west. main threat would be some damaging winds and maybe a few cells with sol large hail but it's not a very strong system coming in from the west. really from macon county, swain county to cherokee and through north georgia a chance of an isolated strong to severe thunderstorm through the evening maybe as far as the western part of othe area. >> business leaders gathered at the statehouse to demand that lawmakers pass a road funding bill. >> the president of the south carolina chamber of commerce was joined by industry leaders from
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wyff4's tim joins us with more in the studios. tim: industry leaders claiming south carolina senators are putting politics ahead of the needs of the state. they say the senate, which has a roads bill in front of them, for 321 day, without ever taking a single vote. listen to this. in the business community, you don't get paid if you don't do your job so i'm calling for every south carolina senator to start returning their paycheck back to the taxpayer on a daily basis for every day they fail to start voing on the amendments. nevertheless, it appears lawmakers paid little attention to what was said at on a daily that news conference. a fill buster against the road funding bill continued on the floor. at 6:00 what business leaders are saying about the fact these terrible roads are having on economic development.
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the delay in columbia is get morgue and more expensive for companies who rely on the roads to do business. live and local in spartenburg with mike. >> time is money. >> the condition of the roads is a big deal. to the big trucks that carry moving and storage in spartanburg county. >> it was started by my grandfather back in 1907. >> they have agents around the world. the drivers know a good road when they see and feel it. >> they say once they come in they can tell the difference in the roads as soon as they get here and the traffic congestion due to accidents and things of that nature. >> a pothole or a problem of any kind can put a big bump in their smooth operation. >> the wear and tear to our equipment to anybody's vehicles
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unanticipated delays, whether it be the roads and or because of traffic accidents. >> owner brian kerry says it comes down to a safety issue for drivers, a scheduling nuisance for customers and lost hours for employees. >> i wish there was a way to get the people that we elect -- we elect them to vote, not to fill buster. so if they would do their duties and vote, that would be greatly appreciated. reporter: he says he even has a suggestion for a funding source. >> the people who use the roads. our company, others, would be the most appropriate way, i feel like, for example, a fuel tax. and i know people don't like to hear the word tax, but it's got to be paid for in some way or manner. reporter: he says right now we're all paying the price for the time getting wasted in columbia. >> they aren't going to get repaired but we need to start today. there needs to be some action. >> the south carolina trucking
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supports a fuel tax hike to improve the safety and condition of south carolina's roads. >> mike mccormack, wyff4 live tonight in spartanburg. >> as the search continues for an accused killer who escaped home incarceration, the sister of an alleged victim is seeing out. >> in raleigh, police say a man was shot an killed by a police officer while running away. >> showing some showers moving county. notice the thunderstorms in east tennessee that moved through knoxville. they were quite strong but they have fallen apart dramatically over the last few minutes. i'll be right back.
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midday numbers from thehappening now in raleigh. >>happening in raleigh, police say an officer shot and reportedly killed a suspect on the run yesterday. right now police are releasing very few details. they say a gun was found near the area where the man was shot but they have not confirmed whether it was his gun. he was wanted by police on a
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today the naacp asked for a fair trial. >> some reports say there was a warrant. i've had warrants, too. but a warrant nor an arrest record is a licensed to there was a kill. >> the woman claiming to be the mother says authorities have not confirmed to her that her son is dead. the internal affairs unit will investigate whether any departmental policies were violated. >> a bottom has been sentenced for a dwi crash in 2014. it injured the woman and killed her 5-year-old daughter. jackson was sentenced yesterday. she pled guilty to reckless homicide. she'll serve the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. she had to have her leg amputated. her blood alcohol was .09% at the time of the crash and she
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>> a 5-year-old girl has died from her injuries after being pulled from a burning house over the weekend. the coroner says sophia rhodes died around 6:30. this is an update to the story yesterday we brought you the fire happened sunday night. she was nine people in the home and was in cardiac arrest when she was pulled from the fire. the home is likely a total loss. no one else was injured. >> unfair and frightened. that's how one woman describes having her brother's suspected killer on the loose. >> dennis say the search wants for the double murder suspect who escaped from home incarceration. here's the latest. >> questions remain regarding why williams was on home incarceration. his attorney tells us he thought it was fair considering the high bond that he had to post but not everyone agrees. >> it's upsetting our family
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reporter: he cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet last week while on home incarceration. . >> there are others in prison now that are out for different reasons, but he's out on double murder. and we're trying to investigate the reason why. reporter: johnson's brother, justice, was one of two men fatally shot outside a nightclub early thanksgiving morning in 2014. others died at the scene. williams was charged with murder in both of their deaths. >> we don't know where he is. reporter: williams' girlfriend says her boyfriend is innocent and she believes he'll turn himself in. washington says williams failed a drug test and knew he would have to return to jail but didn't want to go back. she tells wyff4 quoting, i'm scared law enforcement will shoot him if they see him. i don't want him to die and do not believe he wants to die either. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you what the family of the
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concerns with bradford williams on the run. >> now your weather forecast. >> you can see, take a look at doppler. the system is actually weakening quite a bit as it gets closer but still the storm prediction center has us under the gun with a possibility of a couple of thunderstorms moving over alabama. this will move into northwestern georgia. a couple of lightning strikes. no watches. we did have warning for knoxville earlier but that thunderstorm is falling apart dramatically and heavier thunderstorms in the extreme eastern part of kentucky. the storm prediction center has the best chance of severe weather to the west. it will continue to weaken as it gets in here later on and you can see the southwestern mountains in north georgia, at risk for some severe weather. a risk of an isolated strong to severe thunderstorm. for the most part showers
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you can see on live doppler, rain continuing from hendersonville all the way up into the southern part of the county and they are making their way to the east-southeast. some clouds. live shot in nashville. clearing skies. mountains off in the distance and some thicker clouds. rain showers probably looking a little bit to the south, as you can see those showers south of the city, in the southern part of the county. look how warm. warmed up nicely, in the low 70's and low to mid 60's in the mountains. far from record highs but very nice. march 1. it feels like march 1 out there. very nice temperatures with temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average thanks to a south-southwesterly wind as you can see at 10 to 20 and gusty. warm moisture through the central and southwestern mountains of north carolina ahead of that cold front. look at the warm air all the way up to 75 degrees in columbia. 73 in augusta. 72 in macon, and it turns much colder behind the front.
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changes over to snow in michigan. there was snow in chicago earlier and look at the cold air. 24 right now in chicago. it's 18 at international falls, minnesota. this cold air will sweep across late tonight and during the day tomorrow and then through tomorrow night so this evening, here come the showers. there is a chance that some of these thunderstorms could be strong to severe. especially for you folks in oconee county. that's the best chance of looking at a strong thunderstorm with some heavy rain. by midnight, all the heavy thunderstorms move off to the east quickly, and then the colder air will come in and we could see some snow showers develop along the north carolina-tennessee line through tomorrow morning. otherwise, they will start to fall apart by tomorrow afternoon. but it will be a chillier day tomorrow for sure across the area. scattered showers, maybe a few thundershowers, low of 41. showers likely in the mountains. maybe a couple of thunderstorms as we go through the evening. bright sunshine but much cooler. high temperature of 56 degrees.
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high temperature only in the upper 30's to low 40's. chilly all the way through the remainder of the week. a nice warm-up and dry conditions for the upcoming weekend. your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with
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daylight saving time changes could raise the risk of stroke >> in tonight's for your health, daylight savings time could raise the risk of stroke for some people. researchers from finland analyzed a decade of information to find the rate of stroke around daylight savings time. they compared the hospitalizations during the week following daylight savings to the rate of strokes either two weeks before or two weeks after the event. preliminary findings show there was an 8% increase during the first two days after the time transition. the highest risk was among people with cancer and those over the age of 65. a new government study reveals air pollution may increase the risk of pre-term birth for women with as asthma. it was especially risky just before conception and in early pregnancy.
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that's another vulnerable window for women with asthma. exposure to metals and dust in the air during this time was also risked to a high number of pre-term births. mom might want to limb their outdoor activities when there is poor air quality. the dalai lama brings with him a message of compassion, humility and loving kindness and not to take life too seriously. speaking to a crowd of about 500 mayo clinic staff members, his holiness met with the c.e.o. for a short while focusing on the importance of respect and being human. he got interactive. he answered questions from the crowd on subjects like caring for a patient with a terminal prognosis or how technology is
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>> life after life. at the time of dying, it's very important -- >> he didn't hold back his sense of humor joking about the microphone cords that always get stuck in his robes. >> donned trump has been dominating online. >> what experts tell us, and who the most popular candidates are based on search history of voters in super tuesday states. >> plus, why apple refuses to back down from letting the feds
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what are the biggest issues? who are the most popular >> what are the biggest issues, who are the most popular candidates? coming up, hear from a google search executive who tells us what search data is showing. >> plus, tonight you're invited to weigh in on the future of a duke energy coal burning plant in asheville. there is a way to show your support for the american red cross on your car. >> you're watching live, local, breaking news. this is wyff4 news 4 at 5:00. >> voters are lining up to decide who they want to represent their party in the 2016 presidential race. this is video taken in hartwell, georgia, earlier today. we wanted to know what voters in
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issues facing the nation. and one way to figure that out is to look at what they are searching for online. >> google searches can reveal a lot about voter preferences during the election season. joining me now, from the google elections team is latoya drake. thank you for joining us. my first question, when you look at what people are searching out of the state of georgia, what are you seeing? >> we not only look at what's happening nationally but we realize there is a lot of curiosity about what's playing out at the state level. georgia has so many delegates up for grabs is one interesting place. we're seeing the top delicious being gun control which is no different from what we're seeing to play out nationally. also education and immigration. sanders is topping hillary clinton in terms of general search interests. that's happening nationally as well.
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side of the field it should be no surprise donald trump has been running away with search interest followed by rubio and also ted cruz. ben carson and kasich are still hanging in but far and away donald trump has been dominating online. >> when we talk about donned trump on this super tuesday, texas is a big question. ted cruz polls have him ahead but trump seems to be getting a lot of momentum. what are you seeing in the search out of texas? >> that's right. when we look at what's happening in terms of who is leading, in many cases it mirrors what's happening offline. if someone says something on the campaign trail, says something on a debate stage, that starts to play out and we see people going to the web and asking questions. now, donald trump, for instance, when we look at what people are asking about him what are those questions that they are saying? the top search question right now is what did he say about the kkk and that's following the


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