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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we can't have yesterday again. dale: yesterday was really unusual. a got up to 73. it will be mild today. client will start building this afternoon. stormy weather over parts of arkansas approaching the southeast right tonight. that will bring showers and thunderstorms. we will see clouds inc. -- increase as the day goes on. temperatures ranging from 30's in the mountains to mid to upper 40's across the upstate. still not bad for this time of the year. it typically starts out cool and struggles to get into the 60's for a high. we will do better. 66 for the upstate. mountains will get up to 61. clouds on the increase this afternoon. we will see scattered showers, 4:00, 5:00 on. especially after dinner tonight. 7:00, 8:00, 10:00, thunderstorms rumbling through. keep that in mind. we will talk about with the rest
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geoff: spartanburg county deputies tell us say a 5-year-old boy was accidentally shot overnight. we don't know much about the shooting right now. we know it happened on rowe street in the arcadia area around allyson: deputies say the 7:30. child was taken to spartanburg medical center. at this time we do not where he was shot or his condition. a wyff news 4 update now on a fire in honea path, the little girl paroled from the fire died from her injuries. geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from the scene of the fire on green street. aly: a devastating update, not only for the family but the community. if you look behind me, you can see the damage from the house from where this burned sunday night. the news for the family has gotten far worse. the anderson county coroner says 5-year-old sophia rhodes died yesterday from her injuries. officials tell us the child was found between a wall and a couch in the home. the little girl was rushed to the burn unit in augusta, she
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friends of the family say sophia was the youngest of five children. aly myles, wyff news 4, live in honea path. geoff: greenville police say a man was shot in the back last night. the shooting happened at the brook haven apartment complex. police say the man was brought to greenville memorial hospital and is stable. the spartanburg county coroner says the 4 usc upstate students killed in a crash in october had been drinking. that accident happened on fourth street near boiling springs. only one of the 5 students in the car survived. according to results, 3 of the students who died, including the driver james campbell, had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. the coroner says he needed guidance from the state attorney general before giving out that information. the reason was because some of the victim's families fought the release. toxicology results are considered private, but coroners are not regulated by privacy laws.
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thousand 16, tuesday is here. with so many delegates to be won or lost during the voting process today, super tuesday can reveal which candidates have the best chance at winning their party's nomination for president. geoff: republican candidate ted cruz needs to win texas if he hopes to remain in his party's race which has been focused on frontrunner donald trump and senator marco rubio. it won't be good for democratic candidate bernie sanders if he doesn't carry his home state of vermont. allyson: a look at the polls. this cbs you0-gov poll was done friday before the david duke comments. it's trump at 40% in georgia. ted cruz at 29 marco rubio at 22 ben carson at 7 john kasich at 2%. geoff: on the democratic side. hillary clinton leads, with 63%. 35% of democratic voters in georgia supporting bernie sanders. polls in georgia open tomorrow at 7:00 this morning and close at seven this evening. wyff news 4's nikole killion now with more of what's at stake on super tuesday. nikole: it's march madness on
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about a dozen states weigh-in on the candidate competition with more than a thousand delegates up for grabs. some of the key contests, georgia awarding 76 delegates for the gop. 102 for the democrats. and everything is bigger in texas where the democrats are vying for 222 delegates while republicans have 155 up for grabs. adding to the lonestar significance, it's home to senator ted cruz who's hoping for state support to bring him a win. another candidate with a super tuesday ties, vermont senator bernie sanders. he's counting on his constituency is at the primary polls. geoff: that was nikole killion reporting. we'll have much more when the polls open. beginning with the today show at 7:00 a.m. this morning. allyson: and tonight you'll be able to find all of the super tuesday results on the wyff news 4 app. be sure to download it for all of our commitment 2016 coverage. also tonight nightly news will be an hour long. lester holt anchors live from new york. it airs here on wyff 4 beginning
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geoff: six minutes after 5:00. comes to temperatures. yesterday. dale: we got spoiled yesterday. it was breezy but 73 yesterday. 60's and the mountains. degrees shy about. 65-66 for the upstate. 43 as we look out from our laurens skycam this morning. southwest. ahead of the front that will come rolling through. here is a broader look at the southeast. some of the action developing in arkansas, missouri as part of the front that will impact us coming in. after 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon, especially this evening, showers and thunderstorms from the system. it will be breezy. now will be one of the biggest concerns. high winds associated with the thunderstorms. 46 in asheville, 42 in hendersonville.
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caesars had at 40. 46 in greenville. -- read bill. by the end of the day, we will see a top 65, 60 six in spots. light breeze now. expect that wind to pick up later today. here is the computer model of the future plus. we put into motion. clouds building. 3:00, 4:00, a few isolated showers. later on this afternoon and evening, 9:00, 10:00, a line of thunderstorms through the upstate. things will come down overnight. we might see a flurry or two of snow in the mountains with cold temperatures and sunny tomorrow but cooler. 44 highs tomorrow in the mountains. 50 in the upstate. a cool down behind the cold front. for thursday, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. thursday afternoon, thursday night. it clears up in time for your weekend plans.
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a little above normal sunday, especially into monday. allyson: rumors of new apple products are in the works. when you can expect a new iphone and ipad to be on the market. geoff: and a chubby hedgehog goes on a diet. how jabba is getting healthy in this morning's buzz. this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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geoff: a union county teacher has resigned from her job rather than face a disciplinary hearing for nude pictures taken from her phone. leigh anne arthur was a mecha-tronics teacher at union county high school. she tells us she took partially nude pictures herself to give to her husband. she says a student at the school took her phone went through her pictures and sent them to other students. the school district says arthur was at fault because she left the phone unlocked. >> he knows right and wrong. he had the ultimate decision to take pictures of my pictures and he had the ultimate decision to send them out. so i don't understand why i am being held accountable, i didn't do anything except have a dumb moment for 2 or 3 minutes. geoff: arthur says she knows who the student is and forgives him. the union county sheriff's office is investigating the incident to see whether the student should be charged. allyson: an easley high school teacher has resigned. after complaints about a poem he
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gregory fish would hold classes with advanced placement english literature students at the starving artist cafe. earlier this month he shared a poem that used the f-word. parents of easley students called news 4. they say the poem also described a sexual encounter between an older man and a young girl. mr. fish resigned after being placed on administrative leave but some students say it's unfair he's gone. >> just half their family's income over one word, that definitely is unfair. >> we have had comments from even students from his first year teaching that have come out to support him and have obviously seen the injustice in this situation. allyson: students said a sit-in they planned for tuesday has been c ccelled at the request of mr. fish's wife. geoff: leonardo dicaprio's oscar gold setting twitter record.
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dale: can you believe it? here we are, first day of march. we ended february with a good now with above normal person -- precipitation for the upstate and the monster dry this morning, 40 and calm. we will see that pick up again. another cool front coming to bring us more rain. we are seeing some of that action to the west already in arkansas, missouri. as that cold front draws closer to the mountains. especially in the mountains, windy this afternoon. we will see a breeze pickup good in the 10-50 mile-per-hour wind for the upstate and piedmont. 44 in anderson. 48 in greenville. 46 in asheville. let's check on some other communities in the mountains of north carolina. temperatures right now in the low 30's. waterville and marshall. we are seeing 41 in brevard and
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everybody needs a warm jacket early. by the afternoon, it will be mild again. 61 in the mountains, 66 in the upstate. we see a good chance of rain coming in this afternoon and this evening. average this time of the year would be a chilly morning and a high of 60. 73 yesterday. today, 66. still, above normal for this time of the year. we didn't break the record yesterday. it was above normal. today, for the mountains, instead of mid 60's, it will be like 61. the average is 54. we will be a bit above where we typically expect, even today. this will be our next weather maker. behind the school front, cool temperatures. we will show you a shower -- showers and thunderstorms start to develop 4:00, 5:00. 7:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight, that is when the line of storms sweeps through the area. if you are going out this evening, going to the clemson-virginia game, take an umbrella.
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here is what we see in the next 12 hours. temperature of 66 by 5:00. the outlook for the mountains reaching 61. showers and thunderstorms this evening, cooler temperatures tomorrow. it will clear up for the upstate. maybe a few showers on to wednesday in the mountains. high tomorrow, 55 for the upstate. 10, 11 degrees cooler than today. the mountains will be much cooler. low 40's for highs tomorrow. another chance of showers thursday and thursday night. clearing up and warming up for this coming weekend. not as warm as yesterday. still, mid 60's sunday and upper 60's by monday. allyson: virginia police officer ashley guindon will be laid to rest today. her body was escorted by dozens of police cars last night to hylton memorial chapel. that's where her funeral service will be held at noon today. the prince william county officer was shot and killed in the line of duty last saturday. she and two other officers were responding to a domestic violence call when accused shooter ronald hamilton fired his gun and shot all 3 officers.
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community is struggling to deal with an officer involved shooting that left one person dead. police say the shooting victim was wanted on felony drug charges and ran away from officers trying to arrest him. at some point during the chase, police say officer d.c. twiddy shot and killed the man. rolanda byrd told nbc affiliate wral that her son, 24-year-old akiel denkins, was the victim. but police have yet to confirm his identity. the state bureau of investigation has been called in to review the shooting. allyson: an emotional erin andrews took the stand in nashville monday to testify about the secret nude video taken of her and posted on the internet. andrews broke down in tears at several points during her testimony saying she felt humiliated. the sportscaster says she suffers from depression and anxiety on a daily basis because of the incident. she says no one believed her that she had no idea about the tape. andrews is suing michael david barrett the man who shot the video and the owner of the
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million dollars. geoff: turning to some local headlines now. the henderson county sheriff's office's new k9s now have names and some students, have awards. meet bailey lola sniffer-doodles. that is one name. and echo charlie foxtrot. two great names. the blood hounds' handlers chose the winning names from 388 elementary students' entries from across the county. the students got to meet the dogs yesterday >> one dog kept giving me kisses on the cheek it was so cute. my favorite part about them, their energetic personality. geoff: lillian contributed sniffer doodles to the naming lineup. allyson: mission hospital in western north carolina continues to restrict some visitors due to the flu. officials say people under age and anyone who just doesn't feel 12 well should call patients rather than visit them. the precaution is in effect at all mission facilities including
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marion brevard spruce pine franklin and highlands-cashiers. we checked with greenville health system. a spokeswoman says they have seen more flu cases but have not yet restricted visitation. infection control specialists remind all of us that we can limit our exposure to the flu by frequent hand-washing. hospital visitors can use the hand sanitizing stations at the entrance before and after visits. geoff: greenville county solid waste will no longer accept glass as a recyclable product. this is due to changes in the recycling marketplace. officials say they no longer have a place to take glass to be recycled. they add that these changes are taking place nation-wide and not just in greenville county. the county will continue to accept plastic recyclables. for a complete list of convenience center and drop-off locations. you can find it on our website and mobile app. allyson: residents in polk county have a new place to seek medical help. blue ridge community health services held a grand opening yesterday for the polk health center. its located on west mill street
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officials say the new medical home is open to anybody regardless of insurance status. 20% or so of the patients here are uninsured, have difficulty paying. >> that same group of people most likely have delayed it and their ability to access care, so they tend to be sicker or then use the emergency room. so it's a great opportunity to try and solidy the healthcare -- solidify the health care system in polk county. allyson: blue ridge community health services is a non-profit community health center. they have been providing medical care for over 50 years. >> the tigers will play their final home game of the regular season tonight against virginia. the opportunity to knock off a top five team on senior night. they host fourth-ranked virginia. their chances are likely over without an acc tournament
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despite back-to-back losses, a one over number four virginia would be an awfully will -- nice way to send off the three seniors tonight at the bon secours wellness arena. >> we were disappointed in our performances the past few games. we just have to move forward and take what we learn from those experiences and keep trying to grind. that is all we can really do at this point. take what we have so far. string together winds. >> they tip tonight at 7:00 in downtown greenville. allyson: turning to our wyff 4 timeline, today is march first. on this date in 2004 terry nichols went to trial in oklahoma for being an accomplice of oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh. the explosion at the murrah federal building claimed 168 lives. geoff: at the time of the trial nichols was already serving a federal sentence of life in prison without parole. he was eventually convicted on 161 counts of first-degree murder and received 161 more
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>> it's decision day for republicans in 11 states and donald trump is expected to win big, except for texas where ted cruz is still polling strong. meanwhile, marco rubio is getting dirty. this race just getting dirtier and donald trump seems to be able to make contrersial statement after controversial statement without losing any supporters. the very latest coming up on today.
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it got up to 73 yesterday. cooler this morning with mid-60's in the upstate and low 60's in the mountains but clouds will build throughout the day and a few showers this afternoon at 4:00. 66 point upstate high. after 2:00 in the mountains, may be isolated showers, 61 and showers likely tonight. a few openings for school salute pictures the next couple of days. we would love to have a picture from your school. whether kindergarten from college, we would love to have a creative picture from your class. send it to us and you can use our ulocal link to upload it and we look forward to showing that in the future. geoff: sounds good. in this morning's buzz, a chubby hedgehog is going on a diet. dale: hey, what are you talking about? [laughter] allyson: jabba the hedgehog tips the scales at nearly three times the weight of the average wild hedgehog. i know how you feel, but the. geoff: he arrived at a wildlife
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weighing over four pounds. the average hedgehog weighs one pound. his previous owner had been overfeeding him and he had little hope of surviving. allyson: he was so big he could not curl up into the protective ball if predators approached. names like hogzilla and mr. piggywinkle were thrown about as possible names, but it was one employee's love of "star wars" that inspired the name jabba. geoff: jabba has had to give up his fattening favorites like meal worms. his latest weigh in showed him at an encouraging 3.6 pounds. he is coming down. allyson: he's already able to get back into that little ball to protect himself. my niece has hedgehog and they curl up real fast and they are sharp. geoff: you see them everywhere.
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dale: ken he still eat bread every day? [laughter] geoff: it is all about the bread. allyson: it is. bread is very important. geoff: moving on. our news continues. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] allyson: overnight, a small earthquake hit north carolina. the magnitude 2.4 earthquake hit outside dnc though. so far, no damage. it happened a little after 9:30. geoff: super tuesday has arrived. 12 states, hundreds of delegates and candidates coping to stay in the race. allyson: an upstate teacher resigned after a complaint of a: he wrote.
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geoff: a beautiful day. dale: 73 yesterday. geoff: it was great and out the drop off. dale: today is still mild but we are talking about super tuesday and may be stormy tuesday for several states. action going on in arkansas. we will see that front, the cold front marching across our region this afternoon and into the evening. that is only start to see showers and thunderstorms from it, but 30's and the 40's in the mountains and they will reach the 60, 61 mark. though to upper 40's in the upstate will climb to the mid-60's. one more warm day in the behind that front, cooler temperatures for tomorrow. wind is liked right now, and we will see that chance of showers around 4:00 and on. 66 for the upstate, 61 in the mountains and windy with


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