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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that's why he asked for the guidance of the south carolina attorney general. according to the attorney general's opinion, toxicology results should be considered protected medical records. but the attorney general says a coroner is not regulated by hipaa, which requires the protection of protected health information. coroner rusty clevenger says he hopes the students' blood alcohol content sends a message to the community. >> i can tell you that time and time again, and i've been helping with prosecution on felony dui since 1997, and i see the pain it causes, and it's definitely a problem. we need to make sure we try and eradicate that, if we can. mike: the coroner says alcohol was an indirect part of the students' cause of death. ahead at 6:00, the message usc upstate hopes this newly-released information sends
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mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. carol: thanks, mike. two teams of bounty hunters have joined the search for a man who cut through his gps monitoring bracelet, and escaped. bradford williams is charged with two counts of murder. he was free on bond when he escaped last week. wyff news 4's tim waller is here tonight, with the very latest. tim: carol, the bail bond company, which is on the hook for $200,000 if williams isn't caught before his court hearing on april 1st, says it's very unusual for someone facing double murder charges to receive bond in the first place. it was in 2014, on thanksgiving morning. gunfire erupted in the bugatti grand parking lot. two men were killed, and 24-year-old bradford hester williams was arrested and charged with their murders. williams was jailed, yet according to court records, he was freed on bond a month and a half later. circuit judge edward williams signed the order, a $200,000
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williams wear a monitoring bracelet, like this one. this, after a greenville county grand jury returned an indictment against williams on the charge of murder. a spokesman for the bonding company, which could be out $200,000 if williams isn't caught, said, "i would expect, with double murder, there would have been no bond." "we've dispatched two teams to look for williams," he said. "his family is distraught. we're trying to get williams on the phone." he went onto say that 3 members of williams' family who signed the bond will ultimately be responsible the entire $200,000 if williams isn't caught. greenville county deputies are searching for williams, as well, and say williams should be considered armed and dangerous. today, we contacted the office of judge edward miller to see why he agreed to set bail for williams, but our call was not returned. nigel? nigel: thanks, tim. an upstate girl is clinging to life after a fire at her family's home last night. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local in honea path
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mandy? mandy: sophia rhodes was revived here on scene, and is still in critical condition. she is at the burn unit tonight. i am told her family will know more after test tomorrow. -- tests tomorrow. investigators were back out at the home on green street monday. they say the cause of the fire is still undetermined at this point. officials tell us the five-year-old was found between the wall and a couch. family friends say sophia is a kindergartener at honea path elementary, a joy to be around. sophia is the youngest of five. the rest of the family made it out. krista overby lives across the street, and is the wife of the family's pastor. the church first assembly of god honea path is now accepting donations for the family. they've lost everything. >> they have three other children beside sophia, sizes 6 & 7. they also have a baby granddaughter that lives in the home, as well. she's two months old, so they'll need clothing and diapers and
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for them. mandy: anyone interested in -- can drop off don't nations at the church, which is across the street from their home on green street in honea path. you can also drop them off at the pastor's house next door. coming up tonight at 6:00, you'll hear from the neighbor who called 911. what he saw as he made that call. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in honea path. carol: thank you, mandy. in union county. a teacher at the union county high school has resigned. this, after a student spread a nude picture of her through text messages and social media. officials say a student got ahold of leigh anne arthur's phone during school. they say the student found a nude picture on the teacher's phone, and shared it through text and social media. the incident happened last monday. officials say arthur was in the wrong because her phone was unlocked, and that made the picture available to her students. the union county sheriff's office is now investigating. an online petition is picking up steam to get an upstate teacher back on the job. nigel: the pickens county school district says gregory fish will
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school. as wyff news 4's myra ruiz reports, students say the controversy stems from a poem he shared with an advanced placement literature class. myra: students here at easley high school have compared gregory fish to john keating, the robin williams character from dead poets society. they say they're hoping that this online petition to get his job back will make a difference. >> the outcome has been fantastic. we have had comments from even students from his first year teaching, that have come out to support him, and have obviously seen the injustice in this situation. myra: sarah price started the "fight for fish" petition to get her advanced placement english teacher back at the school. she was with students at the starving artist cafe, where mr. fish shared something he wrote as part of their poetry round table. >> i've seen that it's been said that it's about an older man and younger woman, and that's clearly not the case in the poem, so it did not affect me, as these parents are describing it
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myra: the poem used the f word as a verb. parents say the poem is inappropriate. >> lots of people aren't used to that type of language. myra: this man says he can't understand the loss of a job. >> over one word, that is unfair. myra: he also said it was unfair to make threats against kids who complained. the focus is now on getting mr. fish back to work. >> he is one of the most beloved teachers at easley high school. mandy: we -- myra: we spoke to mr. fish, who said only that what his students have to say is more important. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, pickens county. carol: the school district will
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nigel: they only said he would not be returning to school. a beautiful monday as we take a look at the skycam. carol: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist, john cessarich, is in our studio right now, tracking the latest. looks pretty good. john: absolutely gorgeous outside. what a way to start the week. warmed up nicely into the 70's. no records, the record is 79 in the upstate. we warmed into the mid-to-upper 60's in the mountains, also not a record. the records are the 70's. still, way above average for this time of year. definitely a touch of spring in the air. 56 in boone, 77 in elberton. overnight, a beautiful evening outside. haddad's -- headed towards tomorrow morning, clouds on the increase. a cold front pushes through and changes the weather pattern to scattered showers.
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through the southwestern mountains, bryson city, andrews, charity, northwestern georgia. these could move across tuesday night. now back to you. carol: turning to commitment 2016 news now. super tuesday, just a day away. it is tomorrow. all eyes on whether donald trump and hillary clinton will keep their lead. congressman trey gowdy was in the upstate this morning. he endorsed republican senator and presidential candidate marco rubio recently. we asked gowdy what he'll be doing for super tuesday. >> i'll watch tomorrow night, but i have to go back and do my real job this week. i'll watch, i'll watch the returns, but im working this week, so that's where i'll be. carol: trump is leading every super tuesday state except texas. hillary clinton is leading nearly 2 to 1 in key states. nigel: on the campaign trail today marco rubio called donald , trump "unelectable." this, after trump failed to immediately disavow white supremacist leader david duke during an interview. rubio told supporters in tennessee that trump's take on what happened during an interview on "today" does not
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trump said that he had a bad earpiece while talking about an endorsement he got from duke. rubio repeated his charge that trump is a con artist who's hijacking the party of lincoln and reagan. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. he's now been given three interviews. this morning on the "today" show, he blamed it on a bad earpiece, that he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the earpiece is. ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly, and he refused to criticize it. nigel: rubio had an additional three rallies today, including one in georgia, coming up at 5:30, we will give you a breakdown of the duke endorsement, and all of trump's responses to it. georgia is one of the super tuesday states voting tomorrow, so we wanted to show you what the latest poll is saying. on the gop side, donald trump is
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the latest cbs-yougov poll, done friday before the david duke comments, had donald trump at 40% of the gop vote. ted cruz at 29%, marco rubio at 22%, ben carson at 7%, john kasich at 2%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is in the lead, at 63%. 35% of democratic voters in georgia say they are voting for bernie sanders. polls in georgia open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. voting ends at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, we will have full coverage of super tuesday and you can get all the results first by downloading our mobile app. continuing our commitment 2016 coverage. just ahead, up for grabs. how many of the delegates needed to be the democratic nominee are for the taking tomorrow. john: a life shall looking down clemson boulevard, sunny and beautiful outside with temperatures in the low 70's. colder weather on the way.
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in the south carolina education lottery, pick three, 0, 1, 0.
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4, to north carolina. two nigel: in north carolina two , people are dead after an explosion at a cleveland county home. a vehicle crashed into a house and struck a propane tank which
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the house was completely destroyed as a result of the blast. as firefighters battled the flames, a second propane tank exploded, but no firefighters were injured in the blast. the driver of the vehicle, and the couple inside the home, were rushed to an area hospital. according to family members, the couple in the home died of their injuries. in commitment 2016, continuing coverage with hundreds of delegates at stake tomorrow for the republicans, the push is on to finish strong on super tuesday. carol: the front-runner is facing a controversial endorsement. aixa diaz has more. aixa: the latest polls show hillary clinton may be headed for big wins. at least six states, where minorities make up a large share of voters. in western massachusetts, >> i wanted to ask for your support. sally: hillary clinton blasted
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>> the mean-spirited nests, the hateful rhetoric, the insults. that is not who we are. sally: clinton is favored to win most states, while bernie sanders has a significant lead in his home state of vermont. polls show a close race in massachusetts and oklahoma. >> it's hard to see how bernie sanders could beat hillary. something quite radical would have to happen in a number of southern primary states. sally: sanders has been concentrating on a handful of states with larger populations of white voters. >> minnesota, you can make history. sally: he assured a minneapolis crowd he can win the nomination. >> we will defeat esther trump because the american people understand and always have,
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massachusetts, oklahoma, and one or both of the other states to change the conversation. sally: there hasn't been much polling in colorado or minnesota. analysts say he hopes the caucus format will work to his advantage. in washington, sally kidd, wyff news 4. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: sunshine, a couple high, thin clouds coming in, but beautiful weather. clouds along the gulf coast, clouds moving across the line of the mississippi river, which is right here. the clouds will come in for us but not until late tonight towards tomorrow morning ahead of the front. a live shot looking over lake hartwell on this monday evening, beautiful. tomorrow it is -- tomorrow is march 1. it feels so much better when you talk about temperatures warming up. getting into march, you know it will get better.
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we will slowly zoom in. 72 in spartanburg and greenville, 75 in clemson, 73 in toccoa and abbeville, mid 60's in asheville, upper 60's and hendersonville. the cool spot, 56 in boone with a northwest wind at 16 making it feel chilly up there. a southwest breeze at 5-15 miles per hour in the upstate making it feel comfortable. humidity very low, 26% in greenville, 29% in spartanburg. originally, temperatures look like this. 74 in columbia, 71 in raleigh, mid 60's in bristol, tennessee, and the tri-cities. 74 in columbia. we will stay mild tomorrow with increasing clouds through the day. the storm system in the plains states is producing snow in the dakotas and rain in nebraska.
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front tomorrow night. the severe weather should stay to the west. the storm prediction center has the severe weather to our west tomorrow afternoon and night. we will wait and see on that. it looks like that thunderstorms will weaken as they cross the area tomorrow. five degrees in northern minnesota. 25 in minneapolis. kansas city, 70 degrees. think there might be a front right about their? yeah. clear skies, chilly, clouds late tonight, overnight low 44. cloudiness late tonight in the mountains as the cold front it's closer. still mild on tuesday, scattered afternoon showers, maybe thunder late in the day. high 66. upper 50's to low 60's in the mountains with afternoon showers scattered around, maybe thunder late as the cold front gets closer. the for-day plus, thundershowers making their way across the area tomorrow night.
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even the computer doesn't like mondays. it is slow. it is having to work on a monday, too. wednesday, cooler temperatures, sunshine, maybe leftover rain and snow showers mixed in the mountains wednesday morning and also friday morning. cooler weather for the remainder of the week. into the weekend, looking nice. congratulations nancy mcconnell, our umbrella winner. carol: west pelzer officials say the town is currently without water after a water main break. they have no estimated time of restoration. check the west pelzer facebook page for updates. michael: here's what we have coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> the ems and firefighters rushed into our room, and they clamped the cord, saw he was healthy and fine, and they
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breather, and a sigh of relief. michael: that baby was born at home of the firefighters helped.
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carol: mission hospital in western north carolina continues to restrict some visitors from the hospital, due to the flu. the restriction is only for visitors. officials say people under age 12, and anyone who just doesn't feel well, should call patients rather than visit them. the precaution is in effect at all mission facilities, including the hospitals in asheville, marion, brevard, spruce pine, franklin, and highlands-cashiers. we checked with greenville health system. a spokeswoman says they have seen more flu cases, but have not yet restricted visitation. infection control specialists remind all of us that we can will limit our exposure to the flu by frequent hand-washing. hospital visitors can use the hand sanitizing stations at the entrance, before and after visits. new research shows, most older adults have problems with a -- at least one of their senses. the study of 3,000 seniors found 94% had loss in one sense, and 40% had issues with two of their senses. 28% had problems with three or more of their senses. declines in taste and touch were
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experts say nerve loss, environmental factors, or genetics may cause sensory problems. parents of problematic toddlers are more likely to use tablets or smartphones to keep the peace. researchers from c.s. mott children's hospital at the university of michigan asked the parents of a small group of children how often they allowed the use of smartphones or tablets during different situations. they found these devices are more likely to be used as coping mechanisms for children with difficult behavior. >> when we looked at the parents who had low perceived control around their parenting, meaning they really didn't believe that they had that much effect on how their child developed those were the parents , who were far more likley to -- likely to handed difficult child a mobile device to try and calm them down, or keep them calm. carol: experts say parents of these kids often feel stressed, and feel that they don't have much to offer. >> now, i go, and i sit down again. i have a lousy earpiece that is provided by them. and
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he also talked about groups. i have no problem with disavowing groups. nigel: confusion over donald trump's stance on a recent endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. did he disavow the endorsement, or didn't he? a timeline of events, just ahead. carol: from the campaign, to the oscars. hear host chris rock taking the
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nigel: what exactly did and didn't donald trump say about the kkk and david duke? hear for yourself, in minutes. john: in greenville right now, a mild southwest breeze at nine miles per hour. temperature 72. the springlike weather is about to come to an end. we will talk about that next. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: donald trump, the gop presidential front-runner, made headlines all weekend, for what he said and didn't say about david duke and the kkk. here is the timeline of what happened, and you can hear donald trump in his own words.
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friday, donald trump was asked about the david duke endorsement. >> mr. trump, how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? all right. i disavow, ok? nigel: but then, when asked about on it on cnn's "state of the union" on sunday morning, trump had a very different answer. >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. if you would send me a list of the groups, i will do research on 'em. and certainly, i would disavow if i thought there was something wrong. >> the ku klux klan? >> but you may have groups in there that are totally fine, and it would be very unfair. so give me a list of the groups, and i'll let you know. >> okay. i mean, i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here, but -- >> i don't know, honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him. and i just don't know anything about him. nigel: monday, on the "today" show, trump explained what happened this way. >> what i heard was "various groups," and i don't mind
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disavowed david duke, and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference, which is surprising, because he was at the major news conference. cnn was at the major news conference, and they heard me very easily disavow david duke. now, i go and i sit down again, i have a lousy earpiece that is provided by them. and frankly, he talked about groups, he also talked about groups. i have no problem with disavowing groups. nigel: tomorrow is super tuesday. polls show donald trump is ahead in most states, including georgia. carol: other presidential candidates are working the campaign trail today, ahead of super tuesday tomorrow. marco rubio was in atlanta with governor nikki haley. there, he took aim at frontrunner donald trump. >> the american economy is not a real estate deal or a scam. the american economy is not run by the president or the government, it's run by our people, and we have to make it easier for them. and i have shown the voters, i have given the voters


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