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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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our mobile app. and upstate girl remains in critical condition after a home caught fire last night. mandy gaither, live and local in honey path with the latest. mandy: investigators have been out here at the home behind me all morning long trying to figure out what caused this fire. it started last night around 10:30. officials say four adults and two children were inside. sophia rhodes was found between the wall and the couch. we are told she was revived on scene and taken to the burn unit in augusta. sophia we are told is the youngest of four children. she and her family attended church across the street. the church is accepting donations to help this family. clothing, money, and gift cards can be dropped off at the pastor's home next door. sophia rhodes in critical
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geoff: two people are dead after an explosion at a cleveland county north carolina house. firefighters were called to the scene shortly before midnight where a vehicle crashed into a house and struck a propane tank which caused an explosion. the house was completely destroyed as a result of the blast. firefighters battle the flames, second propane tank exploded but no firefighters were injured. the driver of the vehicle and the couple inside the home were rushed to an area hospital. according to family members, the couple in the home died of their injuries. equities are searching for two suspects in connection with a home invasion. deputy say it happened around 10:30 last night on nash mill road. investigators say a man and woman held homeowners at gunpoint and left in a car. the suspects have not been identified. a boy scout alone in frigid temperatures for nearly a day is back home safe. crews say he covered up in
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john quay was separated from his troop during a hike in jones gap state park saturday afternoon. officials say he was alone for roughly 18 hours. they found him on cap creek road. we are told john went through rough terrain in below freezing temperatures. >> the crew that found him said he came up and gave them a big help like thank you. pretty overwhelming. geoff: john is part of boy scout troop to 10 out of powdersville. troop leaders say they teach the boy survivor skills at a young age. we are told they use a body system -- use a buddy system while on hikes and are not sure how john got separated. officials say he is back home in good condition. tomorrow is super tuesday. 12 states whose votes could alter the course of the presidential campaign. tracie potts is in washington
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tracie: donald trump heads into super tuesday with his first senate endorsement, senator jeff sessions. with trump leading every super tuesday state accept texas, his opponents are hitting hard. >> do not -- friends do not let friends vote for con jobs. >> you don't call somebody of achievement. you don't do that. tracie: slamming trump for not condemning support from the former head of the ku klux klan. >> which should all be united in saying that the klan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. tracie: super tuesday is looking good for hillary clinton coming off her huge win in south carolina. >> we got decimated. tracie: bernie sanders feeling the burn of the south, african-american voters. clinton is leaving nearly two to
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>> i don't think in a campaign you make wild promises and insult everybody and people wonder, what does that person really stand for. tracie: tracie potts, nbc news. washington geoff:. as the candidates look ahead will we are asking for your input. who do you think will be the next presidential candidate to drop out of the race? you can vote in our poll at also on facebook and twitter pages. ben carson expected to be the next candidate to drop out of the race. we will keep this poll running for the next couple of days. the search for a double murder suspect in greenville county accused of cutting off his ankle monitoring device. investigators say bradford williams killed two people at a nightclub in 2014. he was released from jail in january with a monitoring device as part of the home incarceration program.
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device thursday morning. deputies say williams has friends and family living in a taylor's area as well as oconee and anderson counties. asheville police say they need your help finding a driver who fired shots during a road rage incident to read a woman told police she was almost in a collision with a man who fired a handgun in her direction. police say they tried to stop the driver but he took off. if you have information about what happened, call the asheville police department. lockheed martin's t 50 a plane is in the running to replace the u.s. air force's current training jet. if lockheed wins the competition the t 50 a's final assembly would happen in greenville and that would mean roughly 200 new jobs. it has two seats allowing an
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from the air. this model has long 100,000 -- has long 100,000 hours. >> they will get the same ready to go. as our sign says here, train like we fight. >> it would be the most sophisticated fighter in this part of the world that we would manufacturer and it would be a boeing but it would land it in greenville, good news for the lockheed martin footprint. geoff: the winner of the competition will be chosen by the end of 2017. still to come, the man accused of fatally shooting a rookie police officer expected in court today. space x remains silent on continued delays for a planned test launch. dale: we will take our future
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next wave of rain comes our geoff: the man accused of virginia is expected in court today. of killing two people including
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officer. hamilton reportedly opened fire on prince william county police officers as they approached a home responding to a domestic dispute call. two other officers were critically wounded. hamilton is expected in court today, charged with multiple counts of murder. an ohio pastor is dead after being shot inside his church during a service sunday morning. dayton police say william schooler had just walked back to the pulpit inside zion baptist church when the shooter followed him. witnesses say they heard shots fired while the choir was singing. police say more than 20 people were inside at the time. the shooter is believed to be schooler's brother. a mother in the community is resting easy after a missing boy was found safe. and remarkable rescue thanks to an unlikely hero. three-year-old eli alcock of
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tuesday night. police and community members looking for the little boy. it was a hunting dog named honey that stepped up to the plate using his keen sense of smell to track down eli about an hour into the search. honey's owner says while he is thrilled his dog was able to find the boy he was nervous because honey has only sniffed out deer in the past. >> the pressure was on because you are asked to come and perform something that you have never done before. geoff: quite a story. eli's mother says the toddler does not remember much about what happened but she does plan to tell him when he is older how honey saved his life. space-x has not said why it scrubbed the launch of its stock and nine rocket. the third time -- it's falcon 9 rocket. it is the third time the launch has been canceled in recent days. the rocket carries a satellite that would bring internet and phone access to millions of
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let's turn to money matters on monday afternoon as we checked the numbers on law street with the dow up 64 points. nasdaq, up 22. s&p looking good at this time. >> your live super doppler four hd forecast. dale: a gorgeous sunday and nice weather continues today. more breeze blowing out of the southwest. 13 mile-per-hour wind. 66 degrees as we look at our various skycam's. paris map, -- paris mountain, a few clouds in the sky. 67 with a southwest breeze at 13. we will see 15 plus mile-per-hour wind in the upstate and gusts over 30 miles per hour in the mountains this afternoon. it is part of a cool front that missed us as far as is a petition and affected parts of tennessee, kentucky, and the virginia's.
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temperatures across the area. greenwood, already at 67. asheville, reaching 64. above projected highs for today. 16 to 30 plus mile-per-hour wind in western north carolina. more like 10 to 16 across the upstate. a breezy almost springlike day. average normally would be 60 but today, 68 or better is what we see as far as afternoon highs. a record of 79 back in 1972, i do not believe that is in danger. asheville, we are 10 degrees above 54 and it could climb another degree or two. tomorrow we see more clouds working into the picture. taking a look at the national map without the map. it finally settles in. temperatures chili for the northern half of the country
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the map from 71 in phoenix to 64 in washington, d.c. another cool front will push into the area tomorrow. we will see fairly sunny day today. by tomorrow afternoon, some clouds and showers working in and heavier downpour from tuesday night to the first half of wednesday. wednesday late morning it should be over so that will be wave number one of precipitation coming through the area. by friday we will have another chance of scattered showers. today, upper 60's for the upstate. high this afternoon. mountains projecting 64 to 65 for a high and dropping down to low 40's overnight. tomorrow, a chance of showers in the afternoon. highs of 60 to 66 and on wednesday we will see some lingering showers tuesday night into early wednesday. coming through from the first cool wave.
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the next event happens on friday with a chance of showers. saturday and sunday, looking good and it will warm up to the 60's come sunday. geoff: enjoy this one here today. steph curry broke his own three-point record over the weekend and it happened to be the game-winning shot. curry scoring his 287th three-pointer this season with that incredible 38 foot shot. curry releasing it here in the final seconds of the game, well beyond the three-point line. the buzzer beater type kobe bryant -- tie curry with kobe bryant and donyell marshall for the nba's game record of 12 three-point buckets one night. practically unstoppable. dale: opposable fans sitting there saying, not again. geoff: he played at davidson and
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the biggest star in the nba and it turned out to be one of the greatest players of all-time. coming up, a recap of an eventful night at the academy awards.
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she talks to robin rob geoff: last night a new set of academy awards were handed out. joining us here from entertainment tonight is nancy o'dell. nancy: good morning.
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geoff: an early morning for sure. let's talk about all the fashions. what did you see. nancy: i let's talk about the fashion and oscars does not disappoint. one of my favorites was charlie's darren. you always expect -- was charlize theron. that john dropping -- that jaw-dropping dior down. harry winston diamonds. the necklace, 48.8 carats. she showed up with a lot of bling. i loved alicia vikander. i thought she won with this dress. a lot of criticism of the dress. people could this -- people could not decide if they loved or hated it. she got a lot of comparisons to the princess, the disney
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that actually was her intention. >> when i put it on -- if you would have asked five euros alicia, one of her biggest dreams was to be belle from beauty and the beast. >> a lot of people are comparing it to belle. >> when i actually put it on -- >> already the meme. >> your dream has come true. nancy: she loved the comparison, which is great. i thought olivia wilde was another of my favorites. she was stunning in her dress. the oscars tends to be the most conservative of all the award ceremonies. she had a very revealing neckline. she completed her look with this classy choker you are looking at now. i loved her dress. geoff: i don't think anybody would of called that
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night, leonardo dicaprio taking home best actor for his role in the revenant. nancy: i was so happy about this . pulling for him for so many years. carpet. such a charming man. after his sixth nomination, this was his fifth acting nomination, he pulled it away. a classy man. he actually uses the moment to address the environment which is certainly an issue he has been fighting for. take a listen to what he had to say. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. nancy: he even talked about the fact that they had to change locations because they were shooting the revenant and it
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had to move locations from where they expected because they could not find the snow so they had to go to the southernmost part they could go to find snow to film in. i love the fact that he brought up a cause of his and something that affects all of us. geoff: many people happy for him. how about chris rock, the host and how he addressed the diversity controversy? nancy: i am hearing all positive things. i think the great thing he did is that he could not just to tell around the issue. he needed to address it because everybody had been talking about it and he did that with his opening monologue. he immediately brought up the controversy and said welcome to the white people's choice awards . i think he addressed something that was a hard issue to talk about with humor. therefore, it lightened the mood but also made the point.
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>> this is the wildest, craziest oscars to host because we have all of this controversy, no black nominees. people are like, chris, you should boycott, you should quit, he should quit. how come it is only unemployed people that tell you to quit something? nancy: i thought it was great. he just brought it and put it out there. i am hearing positive feedback for him today. geoff: he seemed to handle it well and the crowd seemed to love it. one of the most memorable moments, lady gaga's performance. nancy: i loved this. watching that gave me chills. i knew it was going to be an emotional performance. lady gaga being a survivor of sexual assault and writing a song with diane warren, also a survivor and having all of the survivors on stage. when they mentioned the website
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it was a tremendous performance. you could tell she was so emotional. she brought it, just like she did at the super bowl. she has been doing some amazing performances and getting all kinds of awards. geoff: nancy o'dell, thank you for joining us. have a good day. get some sleep. nancy: i need to go get some sleep. a full eight hours and i will feel better. geoff: thanks for joining us on little sleep. nancy o'dell. it can see more of her full coverage on entertainment
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you can watch right hererecapping our top story this geoff: the south carolina attorney general has issued an opinion on whether the toxicology results for usc upstate students killed in a crash should be released. he says the result should be protected as medical records. county coroner rusty clevenger requested the attorney general's opinion on releasing the information because some of the victims' families asked that they not be released.
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sproull, joshua lee, james campbell, and sarah vanderburgh died in the accident. we will continue to have more coverage of the story as it develops. dale: we have a cute picture that comes to us from when a vista elementary. they call themselves the wild things. they wore blue to support rare disease awareness month and sent this great photo. when a vista elementary school, we salute you today. another springlike day today. rain coming in tomorrow afternoon. cooler temperatures after that. get out and enjoy this great day. geoff: yesterday, beautiful. following up with another great lights. camera. access. what went wrong? was the nanny involved, or not? i'm billy bush with jennifer garner's first powerful words on her split with ben. no, i don't think it's
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cover. >> i mean it's glamorizing them and your waist should be -- >> is the former si cover model out of line or making a good point? cheryl tiegs gets at least one thing wrong about ashley graham. >> boom shaka-laka! host chris rock sends a cryptic message about sunday's oscars and a rare visit to the sacred ground tread by only a fortunate few -- the winners walk. >> we just took a few steps and anne paused and she said -- >> lights, camera, access. jennifer garner's explosive new interview. her break-up with ben, dealing with that pain, and keeping her children safe. oh, and that nanny. welcome back to "access hollywood." jennifer opens up to "vanity fair" about what went wrong with her marriage to ben. >> i didn't marry the big, fat movie star, i married him. and i would go back and re-make that decision.
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i would again. powerful first words from jennifer on her break-up of her marriage to ben, whom she married on the beach. flashing her trademark smile for march's "vanity fair," she poses outdoors in pretty dresses. jen expresses deep pain in the article saying she "lost the dream of dancing with my husband at my daughter's wedding." she calls ben the love of her life. jen even addresses the nanny, rumored to be the reason for her breakup. she unequivocally says, "she had nothing to do with our decision to divorce." she then guess on to say, "bad judgment? yes. it's not great for your kids for a nanny to disappear from their lives." executive west coast editor krista smith who wrote the article explains what jennifer >> having to dismiss a nanny in any situation is never easy. the bad judgment, we saw ridiculous pictures of the nanny with the super bowl rings and nannies shouldn't be doing that. >> that photo apparently of


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