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tv   Matter of Fact  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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mike: john is part of boy scout troop 210 out of powdersville. troop leaders say they teach the boys survival skills at a young age. we're told they use a buddy system while on hikes, and aren't sure how john got separated. officials say he's back home, in good condition. an arrest has been made in a string of car break-ins at fire departments across north carolina. johnny bing of charlotte is charged in the break-ins. investigators say he broke into several cars belonging to charlotte firefighters, and also made his way up to greensboro. investigators say he damaged a dozen personal cars at three different fire stations across greensboro, and stole contents from those vehicles. a gas station convenience store in charlotte burned. flames and thick smoke could be seen shooting from the roof of this circle k store on friday. at one point, firefighters had to get off the roof because of the flames, but crews managed to get the fire under control in about 30 minutes.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. a woman is accused of trying to smuggle contraband to her son in jail, in a bible. this happened in gastonia. deputies say 54-year-old frances melton stuffed tobacco products and the drug "suboxone" into part of the bible. investigators say that bible was intended for melton's son, 34-year-old jackson kirby. melton is charged with providing drugs and tobacco products to an imate. -- to an inmate. in georgia, one business owner is requiring all his employees to be armed. the company, lance toland and associates, provides risk management services to aircraft insurers. toland says recent reports about crime concern him. so now, he's requiring that all his employees carry a weapon. once employees get their licenses, he gives them a gun. toland says all his aviation insurance agencies carry the guns openly in the office. also in georiga, u.s. customs and border protection recently seized more than 2600 hoverboards at savannah's port.
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counterfeit. but if there found to be real they'd be valued at more than $1 , million. agents say the boards posed a safety risk, and used trademark logos without authorization. the first batch arrived here december 28th, from asia. hoverboard fires are causing safety concerns around the country. at the south carolina statehouse, lawmakers are looking at a proposal aiaid at encouraging hunters to target coyotes. the animals have even been spotted in bluffton recently. if passed, state officials would tag a dozen coyotes, and release them. hunters who kill one of them would get $1,000. the state newspaper reports, this is all to cut down on the predator population. asheville and its nightlife are getting some national recognition. the website "go-go bot" released its list of the 10 best mid-sized cities for nightlife, and it ranked asheville 2nd. the website also says asheville has "hipster chic" music venues. according to the site, asheville is your ideal nightlife spot.
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list. as you can see, nearby savannah, georiga, is number eight. in commitment 2016 coverage now, the south carolina primary has come and gone. now, it is time for super tuesday. we are only two days away from one of the biggest nights of the presidential election season. why is there so much attention on super tuesday? that's when many voters head to the ballot box, and a lot of delegates are up for grabs. check out this map for a look at the states participating on tuesday. american samoa is also naming its democratic nominee. right now, it's looking like hillary clinton and donald trump have the advantage heading into the week. let's take a closer look at the republican side. nbc news polled in three big super tuesday states. in georgia, trump is ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio by seven points. in tennessee, his lead is even bigger. trump holds 40% of voter the next closest is cruz, with 22%. with more than 50 delegates at stake, texas is a big state to win.
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ted cruz, is on top there. on to the democratic side. let's return to that same nbc news polling of some super tuesday states. clinton leads bernie sanders in all three matchups. in georgia, her support is more than double that of sanders. it's a similar story in tennessee, where she leads sanders by 26 points. clinton topping sanders 59 to 38. our commitment 2016 coverage -- mobile app, so make sure to download it. apple app stores chris: taking a look at the forecast, temperatures will fall tonight into the upper 40's around town. 49. boiling springs, 48. pickens and oconee and andedeon county, around 54 the low. upper 40's and oconee county. in the north carolina mountains, little bit cooler in the valleys.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: now, time to look at the extended outlook as well as the models. today, a warm day. upper 60's. mild temperatures, 10 degrees above or they should be. let's look at the european model. it has been on point lately. over the next couple days, tomorrow, warm, in the 60's. same story tuesday. but look what lurks to the west. cooler air moves in from the middle part of the work week. lows will be back in the 30's, highs in the 50's. right where we should be. that sets the stage for friday. we will see temperatures in the morning right around 7:00 a.m., 36 degrees in greenville, 32 in asheville.
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that begins to move in. let me show you the model. the pink line is the freezing line. anything above the line will fall as snow, anything below that, rain. the first system will be all rain. look at what happens wednesday night, thursday night into friday. here is friday at 9:30 a.m.. greenville at 36, the freezing line right along the north-south carolina line, which means friday morning, there is a slim chance, if the european model is right, the asheville area northbound could see some snowfall. that is after some rain. the ground temperature will be warm, so we will not get a whole lot. we will watch that closely, because that is the next chance for any kind of winter precipitation. taking a look at the graphics of the satellite and radar, you can see a little front moving in from the northwest. you can see that moving into knoxville, approaching the mountains. it may give a light sprinkle to
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other than that, clear all night. middle 50's across the upstate right now. 50 in the mountains. overnight tonight, temperatures will fall a little bit. not that bad. lows may be falling 5-6 degrees to the upper 40's in the upstate, upper 40's in the mountains. tomorrow, in the afternoon, highs rising again. upper 60's for the upstate, middle if these two around 60 in the mountains. the front quickly moving through the area, not much of consequence. looking to the southwest for the next system on tuesday. this one will pack a punch to areas like tennessee, mississippi, and alabama. all the energy goes north. as it moves our way, it weakens. it will give us heavy rainfall tuesday night between midnight and 4:00 a.m., but by the time we get to 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., it is moving out of your wednesday morning.
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to a nice wednesday. 67 tomorrow, 60 six tuesday with rain moving in late. the rain coming in early wednesday morning. if you sleep in, you will not see it. thursday, cooler air arrives. watching friday closely. even if it snows in the mountains, it will not be a big deal. 46 by friday afternoon. acted a 50's on the weekend. not a major event. and tomorrow, sunshine and 70. not saying you could play hooky tomorrow, but -- mike: he is changing his story. at 6:00, he said play hooky. ricardo is here with more sports. jimmie johnson tying a record. asheville-hendersonville the driver of the --
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jimmie johnson untying the intimidator, coming up.
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dawn staley reacts to >> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: eight georgia bulldogs were invited to participate in the nfl combine. and in day three, some of the big names from the defensive side of the ball, trying to bolster their stock with nfl teams. linebacker leonard floyd, certainly hoping to do so. floyd scored the second best vertical jump at 39.5 inches, and also had an impressive board jump. he also ran the 5th best 40 for linebackers, clocking a 4.60 40. but floyd ran the 40 just once. he had to cut his workout short with an apparent leg injury. jordan jenkins, also doing on-field workouts at lucas oil stadium. jenkins running a 4.8 40, and recording a vertical jump of 36.5, fourth best out of linebackers. defensive backs will round out the combine workouts on monday. jimmie johnson captured the checkers at atlanta, and in the process, tied the
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on the nascar circuit. the race went into overtime in atlanta. remember, the new rule's in place. on the restart, johnson stays out to a good start. he is in front. kyle busch nudges kevin harvick out of the way for the second position. in turn three, a wreck unfolds in the middle of the pack. since johnson passed the overtime line, the caution flag marks the end of the race, so johnson just has to keep rowdy from passing him, and he does. the victory, his 76th career sprint cup win, tying dale earnhardt, sr. for 7th on the all-time list. >> i didn't have a chance to race against him, unfortunately, but today, there's been a big void in my mind about not having that chance to race against him, and to tie him today for myself, personally it gives me a little , something, it's a little bit of attachment to the great dale earnhardt, and something i'm very proud of. ricardo: the circuit heads to las vegas next week. after dropping its season opener, clemson has reeled off 4
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the tigers, going for a fifth straight today against james madison. the tigers also going for the series sweep. clemson in a 1-0 hole in the second, but the tigers erase the defecit quickly. -- deficit quickly. freshman seth beer lifts this pitch to left, and into the grandstands. clemson banks out 15 hits and an 11-to win, completes this week. the gamecocks looking to bust out the brooms against penn state this afternoon. big day for carolina offense . they load the bases for jones. 8-10, 2 home runs, two rbis to give him 10 in the series. usc completes the sweep of penn state, 4-2. only one women's team in sec history has gone 16-0 during the regular season. that was the tennessee during the 2011-2012 year. south carolina, joining the lady vols in that exclusive club today. senior day at colonial life arena. the winningest class in school history, with 115
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second quarter, tina roy nails the three-pointer. the games -- the gamecocks outscore lsu 32-13 in the final 15 minutes of the first half. second half, gamecocks continue to roll. tiffany mitchell, right to the hoop. 24 points for number 25. the gamecocks beat lsu, 75-39, to complete the perfect 16-0 season. >> it's something we haven't done. i think it is something to be very proud of. not many classes can say they have done that. i am glad it was them, because they, they have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of our program. ricardo: the gamecocks will play friday at noon in jacksonville. three upstate teams playing state titles next weekend in columbia. the byrnes rebels will battle irmo for the 4a state title next friday night at 8:30. also on the boys side, abbeville will try to add a basketball championship to its state football title,
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timberland saturday at 4:00 p.m. on the girls side, christ church goes for back-to back state championships,
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11:00. mike: a boy scout alone in frigid temperatures for nearly a day in greenville county is back home safe. rescue crews say he covered up the 12-year-old was separated from his troop during a hike saturday afternoon. officials say he was alone for 18 hours. road. he was hungry, cold, and in wet clothes. he went for rough terrain in below freezing temperatures. he is part of a boy scout troop out of powdersville. troop leaders say they teach the boys survival at a young age, and they use a buddy system when
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they are not sure how the boy was able to get separated. the good news, he is back home safe in good condition. it is good that the weather wasn't as bad as it could've been. chris: these are the deceiving days, warm in the afternoon but so dry that it cools off the night. we had a low today in the 20's, but highs today, nearly 70. it is deceiving. more nice weather on the way, 67 the high tomorrow. rain moves in late on tuesday. most of tuesday will be nice. rain moves in early wednesday morning, then it will be out of your. another chance for showers on friday, could mix with snowfall in the mountains. not a big deal. next week and, saturday looks cool, sunday looks warm. mike: not too bad for winter. it is still winter. chris: it is true. mike: pretty nice day today. chris: but keep the jacket
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mike: thanks for staying up with us. we will see you back here in a
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>> today on "matter of fact." tensions over terror threats at home and abroad. >> here we are now where the world is falling apart. >> will the president's strategy on guantanamo leave the nation more vulnerable? plus, is the gop establishment ready to embrace trump? >> going into super tuesday, he has the upper hand. >> and, a visit to birmingham. rooted in civil rights, how this blue city is battling for a voice in a red state. fernando: i'm fernando espuelas. welcome to "matter of fact." every action by president barack
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for the republican opposition. in an effort to keep a campaign promise, he announced a plan to close the guantanamo bay detention facility. president obama: this is about closing a chapter in our history. fernando: then, he agreed to a temporary truce with his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, to halt all hostilities in syria. >> it could save lives. fernando: the republican leadership in congress and gop presidential candidates were quick to reject the president's initiatives. senior senator lindsey graham, who until recently was a is a member of the armed services and judiciary committees. he joins me from capitol hill. senator graham, thank you for joining me. sen. graham: thank you. fernando: sir, the president has announced a new plan to close guantanamo. what's your reaction? sen. graham: it's not a plan, it doesn't designate where they would go, what legal status they it will go nowhere in the senate


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