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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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there when the boy was found. corey: freezing temperatures. >> i think it was around 27, 28 degrees last night up here. corey: a worried boy scout troop. >> keeping good thoughts in mind. corey: nearly 50 people searched every trail in jones gap state park, >> we covered all the trails three times last night. corey: by foot, along the water, and from the air, hoping to find 12-year-old john quay. >> good kid, kind of quiet. of course, he's only been in the troop for just over a year. corey: troop leaders say john is part of boy scout troop 210 out of powdersville. it was their second time hiking in the state park. john was with six boys and three adults. somehow, he got separated from the group around 4:30 saturday afternoon. >> again, i'm surprised how this could've happened. corey: larry thompson, an assistant scout master, says they follow a buddy system. one adult in the front of the line, another in the back. >> you're never strung out. you're always pretty close to each other, so it's a pretty tight-knit group.
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group was going through a challenging part of the 10-mile trail when john got separated. a local fire chief says john had to cross through some pretty rough terrain after he got separated from his troop. he says he had to go through some creeks that are similar to this one, and he even climbed up some rock creeks, like this one, and went through death -- dense forest before crews found him. crews say john was walking along old camp creek road, wearing a wet long-sleeve shirt and pants, >> he said he was cold, very glad to see people. corey: john was out on his own for 18 hours, and spent the night under leaves to stay warm. >> we're constantly teaching these boys how to, survival skills or how to camp in case , something happened. we do the "what if" situation. corey: john's skills were definitely tested. now, his troop is working to be sure he doesn't have to do it again. corey davis, wyff news 4, in
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mike: very glad he is ok tonight. taking a look outside now from our sky cams, as we wrap up this nice, warm day. well, we don't have a look outside -- oh, there we go. wyff news 4 metoriglost chris justus is here, with a look at what you can expect tomorrow. chris, a repeat of today, i hope? chris: that is exactly right. we have southerly winds in place which are helping warm us up. still in the middle 50's right now, we cooled down quite a bit in the higher elevations of andrews in asheville. resting tomorrow, 48 degrees. with the dry air in place, we will start cool and warm rapidly. upper 60's by the end of the day. and asheville, starting off at 43. clear and beautiful in spartanburg, 48. in anderson, clear skies and 47. talking about a warm-up on monday and tuesday, a system moves in tuesday night which
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mike: thanks, chris. covering the carolinas now, in asheville, police say they need your help finding a driver who fired shots during a road rage incident. it happened early friday morning, along tunnell road. a woman told police she was almost in a collision with a man, who then fired a handgun in her direction. police say they tried to stop the driver, but he took off. the woman was not hurt. if you have any information about what happened, call the asheville police department. greenville county deputies say they need your help finding a double murder suspect who cut off his ankle monitoring device. investigators say bradford williams killed two people at a nightclub in 2014. he was released from jail in january with an ankle monitoring device, as part of the home incarceration program. records show he cut off that device thursday morning. deputies say williams has friends and family living in the taylors area, and in oconee and anderson counties.
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call 911. in commitment 2016 news, the democratic candidates turn their attention to super tuesday after last night's south carolina primary. kristen welker has more on that. kristen: secretata clinton, storming through the south after her resounding victory in south carolina, flexing her muscles in nashville today. >> i will stand up, and work, and fight for you, through those campaigns and into the white house. kristen: her win, smashing expectations. she toppled sanders by nearly 50 points, and netted close to 90% of the african american vote, even more than barack obama won over in 2008. all that, signaling a potential strong showing come super tuesday. on "meet the press" today, sanders acknowledged the magnitude of the defeat. >> well, we got decimated. that's what happened. among older african-americans, it was pathetic. kristen: but he also vowed to fight on. >> we are looking to the future, not looking back. kristen: that persistence, on display at a rally in oklahoma. >> there would be nothing that
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to defeat donald trump. kristen: sanders faces a steep climb. our three new nbc news-marist polls show clinton topping sanders by a nearly 2-1 margin in georgia, tennessee and texas. >> i just don't see a path for bernie sanders, i really don't. so, assuming nothing legal happens out of the justice department, hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. kristen: and clinton is already pivoting to the general election, again taking a broad swipe at donald trump. >> america remains great, but what america needs to do now, is become whole. kristen: in a rare moment of solidarity, hillary clinton's campaign retweeted senator sanders, who condemned donald trump's refusal to disavow former kkk leader david duke. "america's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the kkk." and the man who plays the
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"scandal," actor tony goldywn, campaigned with clinton today, and mentioned trump's latest controversy. >> oh, that's pathetic. mike: that was kristen welker reporting. like she said, the candidates now have their eyes on super tuesday, when 12 states, including georgia, and one u.s. territory, hold primaries and caucuses. here is the list of the states in which the republican and democratic primaries are held on the same day. they are in yellow. -- they are in orange. republicans only are in red, democrats only american samoa , caucus. nearly 600 delegates, or about 25% of the total, are up for grabs on tuesday. join us late tonight for "matter of fact." we talked to senator lindsey graham, and they will tackle national security issues, and the presidential campaign. that's right here wyff 4 tonight, right after wyff news 4 at 11:00. chris: taking a look at temperatures, 54 in laurens.
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warming up nicely by than -- mike: covering the nation now. a police officer killed while on her first day of patrol, and investigators say an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon pulled the trigger. officer ashley guindon and two other officers responded to a domestic incident on saturday. officials say ronald hamilton shot all three as soon as they
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investigators say hamilton had already killed his wife. officer guindon, who was sworn in the day before, died at the hospital. >> the police department is in deep mourning over the loss of the officer last night. our condolences go to ashley's mother and her extended family, as well as to her loved ones beyond. mike: the suspect, ronald hamilton, is due in court tomorrow. the other officers who were shot are said to have non-life threatening injuries. in texas, officals say two adults and two children were killed in a small plane crash near an airport southeast of college station. you can see the wreckage there. a pilot landing at the airport spotted the crash site in the woods, and called it in to authorities. according to the federal aviation administration, the four-seater aircraft departed from houston's david wayne hooks airport ealier this morning. -- earlier this morning. the crash is still under
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chris: live super doppler across the area, dry right now but we
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: taking a look outside at the satellite and radar, we have clear skies out there. zooming in online super doppler, you can see we are dry right now purely -- we will remain that way. look at the time lapse over lake hartwell. a great day to be out on the lake, or up in the mountains, perhaps. check out this time lapse from our asheville skycam. a few clouds in the sky, but a nice day. lots of people on facebook posted pictures today of their hikes. what a great day to hike. upper 60's by the afternoon after he cool start. lear skies, but we are watching the northwest. a front moving through. this is a quick mover, it will not do a whole lot other than give us a few extra clouds first
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i do not think that the super doppler will find showers across the upstate, other than a sprinkler two. it is mainly of the tennessee border. temperatures are to warm for anything other than rain. middle 50's in the upstate, around 50 in the mountains. overnight, we will see clear skies mixed with a few clouds in the mountains. it will be cool up there. 49 the low in asheville, 45 in laurens, 46 in spartanburg. tomorrow in greenville, we start in the 40's but warming right back up into the upper 60's. a great day to go for a walk. same story in asheville, 60 degrees by what :00. spartanburg, sunshine and a few clouds by the end of the day. upper 60's in anderson by the end of the day. you will find the greatest warmth to the south. greenwood, elberton, abbeville, those areas will be close to 70 degrees. some areas flirting with 70
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greenville-spartanburg area. in the mountains, we begin to cool down headed into the evening. the latest models show the quick moving front dying out over the mountains. other than a few clouds first thing in the morning, a gorgeous day tomorrow. loads of sunshine, and it will be warm. same story tuesday, only more clouds by tuesday afternoon. we will see a system move in from the southwest. that will give us our next chance for rain, which arrives headed into tuesday evening and wednesday morning. you can see the front is pretty fierce towards the west, and as it moves our way, all of the energy associated with it goes to the north. as it moves through, it it has weekend, but it will give us rain showers. your morning commute on rent -- on wednesday could be rainy. sunshine by lunchtime, clearing back out. here is a look at the for-day
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67 the high tomorrow, 66 on tuesday. temperatures about 10 degrees above normal. the rain late on tuesday and early on wednesday, then it is out. cooler on friday, with rainfall in the upstate. maybe a few snowflakes in the mountains mixed with rain. it is too warm for it to stick around. next weekend, cool on saturday, warm on sunday. coming up on our extended half hour of wyff news 4, we will talk about the temperature trend of her the next 10 days, and we will show you the model that shows snowfall for the mountains, and play out different scenarios for friday. mike: do you have to show that? chris: everybody wants spring. mike: we will see you a little bit later. here, it was a beautiful day to take your dog for a walk, or out to play. in brazil, four rescued shelter dogs were trained as "ball dogs" for the brazil open tournament. they were put in charge of retrieving balls that went out of bounds at an exhibition match.
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the shelter hopes to raise awareness with its "ball dog" initiative. the dogs are also expected to take part in an awards ceremony. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> curry, way downtown. bang! bang! oh, what a shot by curry, with 0.6 of a second remaining. ricardo: stephen curry is just unreal. a 35-foot 3-pointer leads golden state to an overtime win over oklahoma city last night. curry, also breaking his own nba record for 3's in a single season earlier in the game. and guess what? we still have a couple months left in the season. day three of the nfl combine in indianapolis. offensive lineman and linebackers working out today, and two former clemson teammates, now becoming competitors. central's shaq lawson and taylor's kevin dodd are both projected to be taken in the first to second rounds of the upcoming nfl draft. both trying to bolster their stock today.
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standout, ran a 4.86 40, did his best in that drill today. as for t former daniel high standout lawson, he had the fourth best 40 time for d-ends, clocking a 4.7 40 yard dash. lawson also doing well in the 3-cone drill and the broad jump. on the linebacker side, former tiger bj goodson ran a 4.69 40. goodson, also scoring high marks in the broad jump. defensive backs will round out the combine workouts on monday. the sprint cup series in atlanta this week, and hendrick motorsports looking to rebound from a tough opening week in daytona. a much better showing today at the folds of honor quiktrip 500. jimmie johnson had a six second lead over kevin harvick late. 3 to go. ryan newman blows a left rear tire, bringing out the second caution of the day. that means we have overtime in atlanta. remember, news -- new rules this season. on the restart, johnson stays out in front. kyle busch nudges kevin harvick out of the way for
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meanwhile, as they hit turn three, a wreck unfolds in the middle of the pack. since johnson passed the overtime line, the caution flag marks the end of the race, so all johnson has to do is hold off rowdy at the finish line, and he does. johnson wins at atlanta for the fifth time in his career. the victory, his 76th career sprint cup win, tying dale earnhardt, sr. for 7th on the all-time list. >> had to come by and throw a three out the window to pay respects to the man. so, there's a huge void in my career that i never got to race with him, but at least i was able to tie his record there. ricardo: the circuit heads to las vegas next sunday. south carolina and clemson looking to finish off sweeps on the diamond this afternoon. the tigers, aiming for a three-game sweep of james madison this afternoon. clemson in a 1-0 hole in the second, but the tigers erase the defecit quickly. thanks to freshman set beer. he lifts this one into the chapman grandstands. beer, 3 for 3, a homer, and 3 rbi's. later in the frame, a 4-1 game. reed rohlman into left center.
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another run. a 5-spot in the second for the tigers. 3 for 4, 3 rbi day for rohlman. clemson bangs out 15 hits in an 11-2 win, completing the sweep over james madison. >> we have pitched well and hid well and played good defensively, ran the bases well. we are still young, it is still early in the season. overall, i do not know if i could have asked for a more consistent baseball game than the past couple weekends. i have been very pleased. ricardo: the gamecocks looking to bust out the brooms against penn state. big day for carolina offense yesterday. taking advantage of some bad nittany lions defense today. instead of the double play, usc able to get a run across. they tie the game at one after one completed inning. still tied at 1 in the 3rd. gamecocks load the bases. john jones, what a weekend for the juco transfer. 8 for 10, 2 home runs, adds 2
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10 rbi's in the series. usc completes the sweep of penn state, 4-2. gamecocks 8-0 on the year. >> we did enough to win, it wasn't our best game by any stretch but we did enough to win. three good days for us. you have to win to have a special season. that is what i told the guys. the gamecocks take on the citadel tuesday. ricardo: furman sweeps the series from dayton, winning the finale 5-2. wofford in action right now against unc asheville, usc upstate knocks off rider today, 10-3, and presbyterian college completes the sweep of towson, 11-5. the south carolina women close out the regular season today, and with a win over lsu, the gamecocks will become just the second team in sec history to go through league play a perfect 16-0. senior day at colonial life arena. the winningest class in school history, with 115 victories.
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first quarter, senior tiffany mitchell drops the dime to a'ja wilson. 14 points, 7 rebounds for wilson. mitchell with the corner three. game of her career. the gamecocks beat lsu, 75-39. carolina, just the second program in league history to go 16-0 in the sec regular season. the clemson women wrap up the regular season with a 71-57 loss to nc state. the tigers will face wake forest in the acc tournament wednesday at 2:30, in greensboro. the greenville swamp rabbits north of the border this afternoon, facing the bramtpon beast. the swamp rabbits fall, 4-3. final round of the honda classic in palm beach gardens,'s -- adam lead. on 12 out of the stand, his hold. he goes on to kick in the birdie under.
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garcia by a stroke to win the honda classic. to the usc women, there record, only one other time by tennessee. all year later about the accomplishments of the gamecocks women.
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news, including mike: in south carolina now, a new 20-story high-rise oceanfront hotel is planned on the south end of myrtle beach, the first major development in the area since before the great recession. the 240-room bayshore hotel will have its own waterpark, and cost more than $50 million. it will be built on a vacant site, in an area of south ocean boulevard that hasn't seen any new development in decades. a charleston couple lived through a parent's worst nightmare. their daughter went to the hospital for something they originally thought was minor, but she ended up in a fight for her life. hannah moseley has their story. >> this is from one of my favorite nurses at musc, said, "stay strong, sweet girl." hannah: letters and signs of
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rooting for you. hannah: while in the hospital, she remembers this support from her cheerleading squad, friends, and family. >> and this was from my welcome home party. hannah: but 2 months ago, she never thought she'd see this home again. >> i thought we were going to lose her. >> i was scared sometimes that i would actually just die in my sleep. hannah: one week, rachel was doing these cheers with her cheer squad. then next, she was in the hospital bed, paralyzed. rachel had contracted guillian barre syndrome. >> the body attacks itself. it's usually triggered by some type of virus, or other type of infection, a few weeks beforehand. hannah: dr. elizabeth mack was one of the doctors at musc children's hospital who treated rachel. she says those who get the disorder often don't realize they have it. only few experience that severe symptoms that rachel dealt with. >> it usually affects 1 in 100,000 people, then in some people, it just tends to trigger an auto-immune response, so the body attacks its own nerve cells.
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went through a series of treatments, from ventilators, to getting spinal fluid taken. >> she was in excruciating pain. hannah: her hope for survival, slim. >> she actually wrote on a board, she wrote, "am i going to die? " i mean, i get chills, because there was a chapel there, and her father and i would go, and we would pray and pray, and i would cry. hannah: nancy mallard says the prayers and treatments are the reasons rachel is now home. >> i get emotional. hannah: pictures and wrist bands that say "rootin' for rachel" remind them of the journey. and hugs like this are something these parents say, they will never take for granted. >> oh, she loves us. mike: that was hannah moseley reporting. rachel is still on the road to recovery. she started going back to school a few weeks ago. still to come, how lessons of survival helped a
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through a freezing night.
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>> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with mike mccormick, the weather with meteorologist chris justus, and sports with marc dopher. this is wyff news 4 at 11:00 in high definition. mike: let's check in with chris for a look at your workweek forecast. chris, today was nice. can we have a do over? chris: for at least two more days. when i go to schools, i tell the kids the wind direction is half the battle when it comes to forecasting. we have a southerly wind. we are funneling in warm air out of the south and it will be with us until the wind switches around, which happens tuesday afternoon. right now, it's coming in out of the south, bringing mild temperatures. middle 50's in the upstate, around 50 in the mountains.
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first thing tomorrow morning, clear and cool in malden, 44. piedmont, 43 degrees with clear skies. in hendersonville, a little bit cooler, 40. changes are on the way as we head into tuesday. rain comes in. another chance for rain on friday. some models think the mountains could see snowfall. i will show you the extent that it outlook -- the extended outlook in a few minutes. mike: in greenville county, temperatures for nearly a day, is back home safe. rescue crews say he covered up in leaves to stay warm. 12-year-old john quay was separated from his troop during a hike in jones gap state park saturday afternoon. officials say he was was alone for roughly 18 hours. he was found on old camp creek road, hungry, cold, and in wet clothes. we're told john crossed creeks, and went through some rough terrain in below-freezing temperatures. >> the crew that found him said he just come up and gave them a big hug, like, "thank you." it
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mike: john is part of boy scout troop 210 out of powdersville. troop leaders say they teach the boys survival skills at a young age. we're told they use a buddy system while on hikes, and aren't sure how john got separated. officials say he's back home, in good condition. an arrest has been made in a string of car break-ins at fire departments across north carolina. johnny bing of charlotte is charged in the break-ins. investigators say he broke into several cars belonging to charlotte firefighters, and also made his way up to greensboro. investigators say he damaged a dozen personal cars at three different fire stations across greensboro, and stole contents from those vehicles. a gas station convenience store in charlotte burned. flames and thick smoke could be seen shooting from the roof of this circle k store on friday. at one point, firefighters had to get off the roof because of the flames, but crews managed to get the fire under control in about 30 minutes.


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