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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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field so long from denver. carol: he's say crews are searching for a 12-year-old boy. michael: they are looking for the void by air and on ground. we expect in a more about the search, about dismissing young man soon. stay with us on this breaking news on the mobile app and on mrs. clinton: there is no doubt in my mind that america's best
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we have got to believe that. we have to work for that. we have to stand for each other, hold each other up. sen. sanders: let me just say a brief word. in politics on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. michael: candidates speaking, and the voters have spoken in south carolina. hillary clinton took home the victory in the palmetto state. carol: we have been bringing you live team coverage since the polls closed at 7:00. here's a look at the south carolina democratic primary results. hillary clinton took 74% of the votes. bernie sanders only got 26%. michael: previously clinton won nevada and iowa, while sanders took new hampshire. wyff news 4 teams have been covering the campaigns all across the state today. we have crews in greenville columbia, and here in studio breaking down tonight's events. carol: we being at hillary clinton's headquarters in columbia tonight. michael: it was a big win. and the crowd there started the celebration very early. wyff news 4 nigel robertson is live and local on the usc campus
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how does that make -- does the big celebration continue, or have people cleared out? nigel: oh no, it is over. they actually made us leave the room we were in earlier. the only people left here are the media as we do these live hits. as the polls closed at 7:00, by 7:01, the race was called for hillary clinton. the excitement in that room was energetic. crowds of supporters really excited, even hillary clinton's campaign staff told me that this win was huge. mrs. clinton: thank you so much south carolina. nigel: the energy in this gymnasium was off the charts. mrs. clinton: and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [applause] [cheers]
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compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything or anyone for granted. nigel: hillary clinton did not just win south carolina, she won big, winning every sickle county and the state. >> it makes me feel proud. -- every single county in the state. >> we know what america looks like. i know new hampshire and nevada, but south carolina is a nolting part of a lot of minorities. -- 'sis a nigel: former democratic governor jim hodges believes the state may have started a new chapter in the race. >> what you saw here was that clinton ignited a lot of passion and energy. they loved her issues. she had a huge win. this will reset the waist nationally. -- the race nationally. she is well on her way to the nomination. nigel: instead of talking about
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set her sights on donald trump. mrs. clinton: despite what you america great again. great. [cheers] whole again. need to be tearing down barriers. >> tonight i wanted hillary to win, and she made it. i am very happy about it. nigel: clinton also used the big win to highlight issues she says she is fighting for. raising the middle class, affordable, higher education, creating more jobs, and more. mrs. clinton: don't you think it's time for equal pay for equal work? and let's break down the barriers that stop our children
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we need to support great teachers and great schools in every zip code. [applause] nigel: so of next is super tuesday. that is a bunch of states all of the country, many in the southeast, including georgia. they will be heading to the polls. hillary clinton's campaign staff hopes tonight's big win gives the momentum they need. michael: what we make of tonight's's results? carol: she is our political analyst danielle vinson, who has been with us all evening. we certainly appreciate it. this was called quickly for hillary clinton. she won big. bigger than you thought? danielle: i think everybody is surprised that she one this big. she clearly got her people to the polls. sanders did not seem to be able to get his out. michael: the political shots
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campaign make hillary clinton a better candidate? danielle: she does better when she has competition and her back against the wall. new hitler was a good thing for her. and forces her to engage in the crowd. -- new hampshire was a good thing for her. carol: does bernie sanders go through super tuesday, and then what? danielle: i think we will see how he does in the states on super tuesday. they are having a substantive conversation. it's good for democrats that they do. michael: danielle vinson with furman, thank you. after winning in new hampshire, senator bernie sanders could not follow suit in south carolina tonight. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion is here in studio with more on the sanders campaign going forward. patrick: if you got all 55 minutes of his convention speech/rally in minnesota, you may notice he did not mention south carolina. but in the primary, a lot was made of the african-american vote as the first true test
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majority of african-american voting democrat. when it was all said and done, black vote. sanders took 60% of the white vote in south carolina. this was the first in the south getting started. this week's super tuesday will involve southern states with large percentage of black voters. despite the loss, sanders says his campaign is just beginning. sen. sanders: you know what democracy is about, and i really do love democracy. it's one person, one vote, it's you disagree with me, that's fine. you got a better idea than me, fight for it. that's a beautiful thing. but what democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buying elections. [cheers] so i say to those republican governors and legislators who are trying to make it harder for
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people of color to vote. if you are afraid of participating in a free and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. [cheers] patrick: sanders already spending time in super tuesday states. however, the clintons are not far behind, because just as we saw here in south carolina, daughter chelsea is in minnesota this week, and hillary will be in tennessee. again sanders' statement after clinton's win was confident, saying his political revolution grows state by state. so, how important is super tuesday? on the democratic side, nearly 900 delegates will be awarded. that is roughly 1/3 of those needed for the democratic nomination. carol: thank you patrick. now to the third candidate. you have seen his picture all night at the bottom of your screen, but who is willie wilson? michael: well he's a chicago businessman. we caught up to wilson earlier this week at the phillis wheatley community center in greenville. he talked to voters about his platform of faith based initiatives, free college
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first. wilson says part of the reason you might not have heard of him is because of his own party. wilson: been totally unfair. they kept me off the debates, they said they haven't sanctioned me, so therefore they say i am not a democratic candidate because we are not entitled to the rights and privilege as those ones they sanction. michael: wilson will also be on the ballot in 10 other states. carol: the totals are in for greenville county. more than 30,000 voters went to the polls today. michael: last week roughly 93,000 people in the county voted during the republican primary. wyff news 4 corey davis is live and local at election headquarters on university ridge. corey? corey: election officials are dealing with one last hiccup. a technician is on the way to greenville county depicts a machine thatied before they could get voting totals off of it. that was used in a precinct in mauldin. today we talked with voters run the county at a few locations
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, and carolina high school -- strong democratic precincts. those locations had a combined total of roughly 600 voters today. >> i feel like hillary is the best candidate to represent the democratic party because she's been there before. she knows foreign policy. i just think she'll get the job done. >> i'm a moderate, but this time around i felt the democratic side appealed to me a little more. >> i'm voting for bernie sanders because he understands the real issues with the black community especially. >> i've heard all of the comments and everything and i think she's best suited for the job. she will try to finish what president obama has started. corey: lots of views from voters out there between the two candidates. election officials say they dealt with the usual issues today -- people who didn't register on time, or had
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live in greenville, corey davis, wyff news 4. carol: our commitment 2016 coverage continues on the wyff 4 moblie app. you can look back on the primaries in south carolina. micheal: be sure to download our mobile app. is easy and you will find it in the google play and apple app stores. chris: a cool night taking shape. we are in the 40's. we wake up to clear skies, starting the day off at 38 in greenville. in the mountains, 34.
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i will timeout how trail for the republicans following a fiery debate in texas earlier this week. carol: ted cruz and marco rubio georgia, hoping to set themselves apart. michael: and the front runner spent the day in arkansas and . yesterday trump got a big boost and support from new jersey governor chris christie. carol: john kasich was with supports today in nashville tennessee e r a town hall. dr. ben carson spent time in texas before heading to colorado this afternoon. michael: all the candidates now have their eyes on super tuesday. 12 states including georgia and one territory will hold primaries and caucuses. carol: here is the list of the states in which the republican and democratic primaries are
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they are alabama, arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, and virginia. michael: republicans only on super tuesday -- alaska, north dakota and wyoming caucuses. carol: democrats only -- american samoa caucus. nearly 600 delegates, or about 25% of the total are up for grabs on tuesday. join us this sunday for "matter of fact." host fernando espuelas talks with south carolina senator lindsay graham. micheal: they tackle national security issues and the presidential campaign. you will see that right here on wyff news 4 tomorrow right after wyff news 4 at 11:00. chris: check out the high temperatures today. we were in the middle and upper 50's.
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again! >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: taking a look at life super doppler 4 hd. we are dry, and you will enjoy
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we cool at night, 44 in greenville. 46 and anderson. 37 in asheville. look for temperatures falling overnight. not too bad. temperatures and authorities -- temperatures in the 30's. we will continue to see warming conditions into the work week. we will see some of the warmest air we have had all season long. 49 in clemson. as we look over toward franklin, currently 30 degrees. as we had to rush tomorrow, temperatures will continue to warm up. let's show you our high -- our low temperatures tonight. 34 degrees in asheville. 60 degrees tomorrow by 1:00. 63 by 4:00. we cool back down once the sun goes down. look for temperatures tomorrow to talk about in the upper 60's as you head down towards greenwood. 70's possible over toward
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looking at whether -- looking at weather 2, i will show you the four day plus. the panthers forecast is not we want to be looking at. let's see we can get it back to weather 2. the sixth the -- 66 the high tomorrow. 67 on monday. that warming trend continues into tuesday. that is when a front moves through the area. we will see rain tuesday night heading into wednesday morning. as we head into thursday, we will certainly cool down quite a bit. that is when the cold front ushers in dry air into next weekend. pretty close to where we should be in the middle 50's. enjoy the warm up while it's here over the next few days. michael: one more look at the democratic primary results in south carolina. a big night for hillary clinton. carol: she is the projected winner, with bernie sanders coming in second, followed by williw wilson. -- willie wilson. i think we can call her the
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let's head back to the campaign headquarters in columbia. party inside tonight. nigel: guys, you saw the video, there was so much energy in that room. as you said, seconds after the polls closed, the race was called for hillary clinton. in fact, she won every single county in the state of south carolina. in front of more than 1000 people, clinton thanked her supporters and said her work is far from done.she even called out donald trump without using his name, saying "we don't need to make america great again, america never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again." carol as you mentioned a little while ago, super tuesday is up next. that just tells you there are a lot of delegates still up for grabs. it's been a long day. i'm going to head back to greenville.
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>> now wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: he may have lost the sprint cup pole after failing inspection on friday. but kyle busch shook off the disappointment to capture the xfinity series checkers today at atlanta motor speedway. the folds of honor quik trip 500 runs tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. day two of the nfl combine in indianapolis. and the offense rules the day on saturday. quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends all doing on-field workouts for the scouts, coaches, and gm's in attendance at lucas oil stadium, including panthers general manager dave gettleman. south carolina tight end jerrel adams showing off his tight end clocking the fatest , 40-time out of the position. adams running a 4.64 40 yard dash. as for the ride receivers former , dorman and clemson wideout charone peake clocking the fifth best 40-time today for wide receivers. 4.45 seconds. georgia wideout malcolm mitchell also matched him with the same time in the 40. will fuller with the fastest in
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the south carolina men's basketball team close of the season playing two of its last three on the road. usc has gotten off to some slow starts on the road this entire season. they continue today. gamecocks down 25-9. cutting the deficit to 13. late stages of the first half, gamecocks coming up with a steal. but it gets stripped and we headed back the other way. bulldogs have a little showtime. gavin ware with a throw them off the backboard pass. gamecocks stoned on hold as they fall 68-58. in the socon, for men at carolina, paladins fighting for the next seating. paladins within early lead. 4-3, a game-high 24. the catamount win their fourth straight 73-62. wofford visiting east tennessee state. final seconds of the first half,
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spencer collins goes coast-to-coast and hits the floater at the buzzer. he finished with 13. etsu making more plays down the stretch. they downed offered 71-66. interstate jim digits with greenville --jim digits in greenville. we start with the 4aq final with byrnes an spring valley. rebels with a two-point lead. kailyn williams gives byrnes a 4 point lead. byrnes holes on down the stretch to take the 4a championship over spring valley 69-66. boys 2a overstate final, abbeville and keenan. abbeville able to take control in this one. a pop from 10 feet. panthers up by 5. abbeville advancing to the 2a state championship game with a
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ca johnson taking on christchurch. the unc commit phase missing inside put christchurch up 14. then it with 13 points. cap was win 64-41. they will play timmonsville for the 1a state title. clemson against james madison. four strikeouts on the day. schmidt goes seven scoreless, giving up just 3 hits. 2 on for chris okey, and that's a 3 run blast. clemson wins 10-1. south carolina and penn state at founders park. bottom of the third, "had a three-to lead and built on it. usc pushes the lead 6-2. alex destino with a grand slam in this one. 7 rbi for the day. usc pounds penn state 16-5.
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-- furman, wofford, usc upstate and presbyterian pick up wins today. is one of its lose -- the swamp rabbit lose on the road 5-2. michael: would you like a respite? because-- chris: it's on the way. tomorrow is going to be gorgeous. loads of sunshine. dust off that cabin fever. michael: call in monday. [laughter] chris: and a little bit of rain tuesday night. we cool down just of -- just a bit. carol: if you don't show up on monday, we know what happened. things for watching wyff news 4. the news continues at 5:00 in the morning. michael: we appreciate the company. we are always on and on the mobile app to get wyff 4 on the go. carol: good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its


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