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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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they were still in the race. but it was jeb bush who announced tonight he's dropping out of the race. our wyff news 4 team have been covering the campaigns all across the state today. we have crews in greenville county, spartanburg county, columbia, and here in studio, breaking down tonight's events. we begin with the donald trump headquarters in spartanburg county. hundreds, literally hundred had to be turned away at the door. carol: the second straight victory for the real estate mogul after his second-place finish in new hampshire. patrick hussion is live in spartanburg with more. patrick: i am here at the spartanburg marrrrtt. you mentioned hundreds outside the door, but there were over 1000 in the bar and the parking lot. the 1500 people that got to come inside -- we have reaction from them. they were watching the coverage. they knew exactly when donald trump was projected to the winter. take a listen.
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so there's the big cheer, the big moment. it did not take long. i mentioned a second ago, it kicks into another gear. suddenly donald trump was walking on stage. he had an entire family behind him, as we've seen in the past. he even congratulated marco rubio and ted cruz. he had this to say. mr. trump: if a couple of the other candidates dropped out -- if you added their scores together, it's going to equal trump's. [booing] these geniuses -- they are geniuses. they understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get those votes also. [cheering] you don't you just add them together. patrick: interesting to note, donald trump has been one of the most adamant candidates about using social media. we are looking at close to
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his campaign. compare that to dr. ben carson, who tweeted 3,000 times. this was donald trump's tweet about an hour ago. "waht b -- "what a great night, thank you south carolina. love." michael: live in sport bar tonight, thanks patrick. the race for second place between ted cruz and marco rubio still perhaps too close to call. caroro rubio received the endorsement of the governor nikki haley earlier this week. wyff news 4 tim waller is live and local in columbia with mroe. tim: carol technically marco rubio can claim a second-place finish in south carolina. but just barely. where talking about 1000 votes between him and ted cruz. a very close race for the second-place finish in the south
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when marco rubio took the stage here in columbia tonight, it sounded very much like a victory speech. sen. rubio: then history will say that on this night in south carolina, we took this first step forward in the beginning of a new american century. thank you south carolina. [cheering] thank you, got bless you. tim: this much we know. marco rubio is still in the game after what happened tonight. he told the crowd in columbia, to him, south carolina the place of new beginnings. certainly for marco rubio, a fresh start. tim waller, wyff news 4 live and claudia. carol: looks like they are loading up the chairs and cleaning up the fourth. the second-place slot is still
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cruz saw a large crowd at a south carolina state programs. that is where we find nigel robertson live in columbia. nigel? nigel: guys, this was not the night ted cruz was hoping for//he even told the crowd he did not know if it was going to be a second-place finish or a third-place finish. in the end, he finished in third place. but in front of a very large and energetic crowd. ted cruz to listen supporters that this race is far from over. he says he will win the be the democrats in november. he said "we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump." it couldn't be done. and we won. [cheering] [applause]
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they said a bible believing conservative could not compete. and we the five expectations. -- we defied expectations. [applause] and tonight, despite millions and millions of dollars of false and nasty attacks. despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together against us, south carolina has given us another remarkable result. nige: the cruz campaign had an aggressive ground game in south carolina. they are taking that to nevada. their hope is a strong showing on super tuesday, especially in his home state of texas. wyff news 4. michael: nigel, thank you. jeb bush announcing he is suspending his campaign for the republican emanation.
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to make inroads against donald trump, who constantly mocked florida governor. mandy gaither was with supporters as bush got out of the race. she joins us live and local more. mandy? mandy: as you can see behind me, everything is being packed up. just a few reporters remain. earlier today, you could hear supporters gasping as jeb bush and his announcement. -- made his announcement. jeb: the people of iowa, self carolina, and new hymns or have spoken. i respect their decision. -- iowa south carolina, and new hampshire have spoken. so i am suspending my campaign. >> no! jeb: yes. [cheering] mandy: bush thanked his supporters and staff, who he says never gave up. i talked to several people, no one was expecting this.
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some. 70 here surprised -- so many here surprised by bush's decision to drop out. here is what one supporter had to say moments after learning that bush will no longer seek the nomination. >> i did not expect this at all. i was talking to some of the staffers. i said, when did you find out? they said, same time you did. when lindsey graham came out, his demeanor and jeb's demeanor had shifted a bit. i really heartbroken. jeb has a good heart. he is taking a special interest in the in my family. mandy: supporters i talked to tonight say they are not sure who they will support now. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in columbia. carol: mandy, thank you. john kasich skip visiting the palmetto state.
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on super tuesday. he started in vermont, traveling to massachusetts. he's discussed the fact that he did not spend the day in south carolina. gov. kasich: there are only about 6-7 days. i wish there had been more time. people thought we would not do better than getting a few people to fill a volkswagen. we will at least get them to fill a van. so we feel good. michael: kascich is having his strong finish in new hampshire will resonate with voters and new england, super tuesday. carol: the primary did not go he came in last. greenville with more on the carson camp. mike: the cleanup is underway here at the watch party. but the ben carson banner is still hanging high. kind of a symbol of this campaign at this point. this room was full of supporters who celebrated a long road and a journey ahead. for tonight's watch party even
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visiting precincts in fort mill. humidity to the barnes & noble on woodruff road, where people lined up to take photos. he even signed a couple copies of his book. this week, i got the chance to ride on his bus as he went through the upstate. people me no matter what happened on primary night, he was staying in the race. and he's keeping his word. dr. carson: what has happened is government has become the pinnacle power. it now dictates to the people. this is something that this is not something that the happy about me saying. be it republicans or democrats. that's why they tried to act like i don't exist. but the fact of the matter is, i do exist.
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we will take america back. thank you very much. mike: tonight, carson told his team at the embassy suites this is not the end, just the beginning. mike mccormick, wyff news 4 live in greenville. carol: back here in the upstate, a voter turnout tonight in greenville county, which has the most registered voters in south carolina. michael: it is an eye widening number. more of you went to the polls that during the last 2 republican presidential primaries. corey davis live at election headquarters. corey: there are nearly 300,000 registered voters in greenville county. today roughly 93,000 of them came out to cast of the vote. it has been a long day in busy day behind-the-scenes. these envelopes have been filled with information that came in from precincts all of the county,. the balance from -- the ballots were counted at the county
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workers had to troubleshoot thrust the day. we were told they mostly don't with normal hiccups -- mostly dealth with normal hiccups, the wrong precinct. >> it was a good day. the numbers fell off late in the afternoon. a lot of people voted at 1:00. it made for a good day. corey: how was your voting experience? >> very quick. it was nice to go in line. corey: voters at riverside high school's precinct hardly had to wait about. there was a hard turn out with more than -- high turnout with more than 575 votots. right now workers are still doing the final audit./ they will be back at it again very soon for the democratic primaries. to avoid any issues, if you still need to change your address, they suggest that you call me invite tuesday to make
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-- that you come in by tuesday to make that happen. they want you to have a fast experience coming out to the polls. corey davis live in greenville. carol: trying to democratic caucus results in a nevada. tonight hillary clinton is thanking her supporters, telling them "this is your win." mrs. clinton: i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we ver doubted each other. [cheering carol: the democratic front-runner beat back a last-minute surge by bernie sanders. sanders says he is proud of his campaign and expects to get a solid share of delegates. carol: still to come, we need to thank this man right here. that is our analyst ship fe -- chip felkel. politics is his business. we've also recruited mar cdopher looking at social media all
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marc: chris: we have some clouds at 53 degrees. we have a chance for some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow. 47 in asheville.
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rain in just a fe michael: somebody ought to be comfortable up here. marc dopher has rolled up his sleeves and become social media tracker from the night. carol: he has told them up further and further. -- rolled them up further and further. marc: sec primary was trending all-day. jim bush removed to the top -- jeb bush quickly moved to the top. check it out as he says "thank you." as he bows out for the race. donald trump tweeted to his followers "what a great night, thank you south carolina. a great place with amazing people." marco rubio, "the children of reagan ready to assume the mantle of. leadership"
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strong conservative in this race." more messages in the weeks to come. michael: special team coverage in the morning starting at 5:00 a.m. and on this big political night, we will hear once again from a man that observes politics from the inside out. carol: chip felek has been with us all. -- chip felkel has been with us all night. give us your impression. chip: you had a recent, -- are reset. huge turnout in south carolina. he'll get credit for bringing some of those people in. marco rubio got another life politically by coming in a close second slightly ahead of cruz cruz has some explaining to do because of his monumental turnout team. they do not turn out quite as
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we lost a number -- a member of a political dynasty who has chosen to leave the race. it is a pretty big day. michael: chip felkel, we will talk you in the days to come. chris: we are watching for rain, maybe even a thunderstorm.
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little bit to 59 >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: temperatures are not going to move a lot from where they are at right now until tomorrow morning. we might fall to 50 degrees in greenville. 55 in spartanburg.we have clouds temperatures don't move a lot mass. unit expect a warm day. 67 in greenville, 68 in spartanburg. head. with a cold front moving through thunderstorm or two.
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by monday, that changes into a cool rain. by tuesday, a high-pressure strengthens to the north, changing it into a chilly rain. we are talking 40's and rain tuesday to wednesday. that is when you find the best chance for rain. tomorrow, just isolated changes. drizzle on monday and tuesday. heavy rainfall and widespread on wednesday. the latest computer model shows a cold front coming through tomorrow. the greatest energy will go north and south of us. the upstate will not see a lot. for the mountains, heavy rainfall from time to time. monday to tuesday, the heaviest rain sets up just south of us. it will graze part of our aerial. we'll get more rain tuesday and wednesday. we will at least see 1.5 to 2.5 inches from the latest computer models, with some areas possibly seeing 2.5 inches. 40% chance of rain tomorrow. 60% chance of rain on monday. 46 and rain on tuesday. we finally clear things back out by the end of the work week. michael: one more look at the
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donald trump leading south carolina on this primary night with a decisive victory. and jeb bush dropping out of the race. carol: john kasich and ben carson finished the lewis.donald trump came on top . michael: patrick hussion was there as he gave a a speech to the crowds in central and a tonight. final thoughts? patrick: trump has wrapped up in softer line of. even the trump party has come into an end. he has been criticized for his colorful language. check this out, the trump coloring book. they went like hotcakes. i will leave you with this. i am pretty sure the reaction we got tonight in this room -- this is how they look at donald trump as they head do nevada. live at the spartanburg marriott, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: marco rubio's campaign
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after a second finish place. carol: tim waller, final thoughts on this campaign? tim: as you said, marco rubio looking to hit the reset button on his campaign. he did that with second-place, barely, above ted cruz almost a dead heat between the two. marco rubio is in this race to stay. we will see him move onto super contests. marco rubio doing very well in south carolina tonight. carol: tim, thank you. again, that second-place slot goes to reveal. -- goes to rubio. closely behind is ted cruz. michael: ted cruz solos -- cruz saw large crowds tonight. that is where we find nigel robertson. nigel? nigel: senator ted cruz was hoping for a big base of support from that all-important evangelical vote in the state.
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senator cruz was hoping for a bump from endorsements, like charlie condon and congressman mark sanford. that did not happen. what happened was a third-place win for the senator in the state of south carolina. now his campaign and focus moves out west to the gop caucus in nevada. live columbia, nigel robertson, wyff news 4. michael: thank you. just to wrap it up tonight, we had such a close race for second place. it looks like marco rubio will take second place, surging ahead with major endorsements, more than anyone else, including the governor of south carolina. ted cruz with just a scattering of votes separating them. donald trump taking the win. it will be interesting in today's market of two super tuesday, not too far away. carol: about 1000 votes separating rubio and cruz. we thank you for watching wyff news 4.
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the >> live on the fox business network, it's the sixth republican debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome back. i'm fox business rock star neil cavuto. >> and i'm maria bartiromo. a reminder -- we've lost a few competitors since the last debate, with only seven joining us tonight, so remember, candidates, if at any time tonight your poll numbers drop below 3%, you will hear a loud gong then be escorted off the stage like showtime at the apollo. at which point you'll take a seat in the audience next to that sweet rose of the carolinas, senator lindsey graham. the next question is for our front runner, donald trump..


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