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tv   WYFF News 4 6am Saturday  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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carolinas, but don't be full, we will tell you what to look out for. pamela: counterfeit? all right. well, this morning, a lot of people would l duplicate our weather. that's for sure. heres a look at spartanburg. nice and clear. it is cold. 30 degrees. colder than yesterday. you may notice thaa gorgeous afternoon on the way. a trend that will be quite comfortable for us. here are the highs. we're expecting 57 in greenville to 59 near simpsonville. i think we will find a few lower 60's on the map as well. nice and clear, not tracking any snow across the area.
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20 degrees in spartanburg. i wins this morning have been calm, mainly less than five. slowly today, the best news is the wind will not be as strong today after a breezy friday. temperatures are milder. we will go to the upper 50's. briefly some areas will touch the upper 50's, especially to the south. mid 50's in asheville. not as windy.much more comfortable. some interesting changes for the week. myra: thank you. a motorcyclist is dead following a wreck in greenville county. simpsonville police say a car
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main street. this happened in front of the autozone around 6:30 last night. the victim has not yet been identified. a hunter found a body in a field in green. the coroner says the body was found in a wooded area on burrell road around 5:30 last night the name of the victim has not yet been released. and authorities are looking for the public's help. if you know anything about this call crime stoppers. in other news the number of zika , cases is growing across the u.s. right now, there are at least 30 cases in 13 states and washington, d.c. no deaths have no deaths have been reported. a doctor tells us that in south carolina at least one suspected , case of a child born with a birth defect caused by the zika virus. a sample of the patient's blood is being tested at the c-d-c. if you are pregnant, or tied to be, now is the time to learn all you can abou. it's carried by mosquitos who bite an infected person and
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bite. it's believed to have caused an outbreak of microcephaly, small brain, small head. the most dangerous time is believed to be the first three months of pregnancy. >> if you are planning travel outside the country, don't do it in areas that are endemic for the virus. try to avoid that that. if you do have to travel, use portective m if you've travel and come home to find you are pregnant, see someone who maternal fetal medicine. myra: preventive measures to take during mosquito season include -- stay inside to avoid mosquito bites in spring and summer. get rid of any mosquito breeding grounds near your home. even a cup of water left outside can be a problem. use insect repelle out.
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try to avoid areas where mosquitos are common. that dr. had a lot to say about this virus. if you want to hear the entire interview, you will find it on her we. monster jam is going on again today at the bon secours wellness arena. if you are going, don't forget your protection. the over 150 monsters roared around the dirt track last night. arena managers say loud trucks, concerts, hockey and clemson basketball are making this year a su >> it looks really good, i think we are g with about 130 events which compared to the previous years is the most we've had, certainly t largely due to clemson basketball but also a number of
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myra: this is the busiest four-week stretch for the arena, with monster trucks, sports and the circus all going on there. the panthers held a pep rally firday in sir purr andndhe top cats joined several players on stage to get the crowd pumped up. linebacker thomas davis thanked the fans for their support and says the team is ready to bring home a super bowl title. >> how do you feel about the super bowl coming up? >> i'm excited. we are going to win. myra: the panthers lead for california on sunday. what they are selling is just
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he says what he is selling is not licensed by the nfl. white is not -- while it is not a knock off, it writes a fine line between counterfeit. >> no one can fiction it -- sanctioned it. myra: so far, noo arrests have been made. pamela: good morning. it is a low cooler for all of us. frankly, you are 18 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. an afternoon that will warm up nicely. here is where we are starting out.
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myra: turning to commitment 2016
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sally kidd is in washington with an update. >> while the rest of the field focuses on iowa, donald trump flew to new hampshirof campaigning. it included attacking one of his closest rivals using an , offensive term referring to babies born to non-citizen parents. donald trump: ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. ted cruz: it's easy to come to iowa and propose as donald trump did, let's expand the ethanol mandate. now next week he may have a different position. >> marco rubio and other gop contenders appealed for support across the hawkeye state. polls show some iowa republicans
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could change their mind. democratic candidates are also making their final pitches. >> those of you still shopping, trying to make up your minds, i hope i can persuade you. >> turnout will be key. myra: analysts say the iowa caucus has traditionally been a very do well on the democrats' side, but a poor predictor of who will do well among republican
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 pamela: it is almost 6:15. it is 30 degrees in lawrence. beautiful on the square. a gorgeous day on the way. temperatures a little above average, about 5-6 degrees above average. in spartanburg, that wu from 32 years 60 -- 30 to near 60. 30 degrees, clinton. 96 at 33.
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abbeville, 34. 32, clemson. this afternoon, nice. not as windy for us. plenty of sunshine. with temperatures in the low to mid 50's, it will feel much more comfortable than it did yesterday. brilliant sunshine on the way. let's see what is going on in the southeast. a huge warm up in the middle of the country. this is part of an interesting is one that will bring the warmer air in our direction. we will be at a good 10 degrees warmer for tomorrow afternoon. as things continue to warm up, and the storm system comes together out west, the battle of the air mass is setting up.
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we will be on the mild side for this weekend, and nice and quiet. a week front -- weak front approaches by monday. for monday and tuesday, we increase our rain chances. if you are going out, not as cold. just a clouds around. sunday morning looks good. a few more clouds come in on sunday. moisture increases on sunday as well. we could see a few showers on monday. this is the trend setting up. we have a huge storm system impacting much of the country. for our section, possibly a few thunderstorms as it comes through. that is what we ar watching for the upcoming week. meanwhile, you plan your
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temperatures in the mid-50's in asheville. our saturday, sunset, just before 6:00. brilliant sunshine until then. 61. very pleasant. mid 50's would be the average. 57, asheville, hendersonville with the more mild breeze. 38 tonight for us. 20 is going away for a change -- 20's going away for a change. rain chances p slowly on monday. as we get into tuesday -- my favorite holiday, groundhog day -- rain becomes a little more likely. the timing of all this will linger into wednesday. but just how long?
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between he and, how fast that storm system will get here. count on tuesday and wednesday for the best chance of being what. myra: thank you. waffle house has announced that is now accepting reservations for the most romantic day of the year. we are talking about valentine's day, of course. for the 8th consecutive year, it will be offering a candlelight dinner with white tablecloths restaurants in 18 states. and, a few upstate locations are on the list. in our area there are seven waffle house restaurants that will be hosting the valentines' love special. covering the nation now. the two remaining violent fugitives who broke out of a california jail are believed to be in san jose, and may be headed to fresno. escaped inmate bac duong, who surrendered in orange county friday, told investigators he was with the other two fugitives in san jose thursday. it's not clear how he got back to southern california, to turn
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authorities say the men broke out of the maximum-security jail a week ago, and one of them stole a white van a day later. the remaining two fugitives are most likely still in that van. residents of flint, michigan are being told to drink on filtered or bottled water, but now they're being warned th some of the city's water may have higher lead levels than their filters can handle. health officials say that water was tested by officials before it went through a filter. that means there's nothing wrong a public health emergency was declared in the city last october. to southern oregon now. a look at a two of them, in fact. the crater sized hole formed on both sides of a major roadway. this is close to the california state line. oregon officials expect a detour to be in place through the first week it's a unique collection. a man in texas has turned his old barn into a museum of beer cans of all shapes, ages and sizes.
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his stockpile. >> look past the llamas and you'll notice a shed. patrick costigan is farming more th he is growing a hobby. >> the old ones are the cone tops, that's how they first started making them. originally cleaning up after my folks had a party and noticing how many beer cans there were and setting them up on this shelf in the patio and it started growing. >> and like weeds, patrick's love for beer cans of all shapes, ag flourished. >> he's a craigslist junky yeah. >> my wife loves it, she's just out h >> i just roll my eyes and look
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mega-load. some listed 28,000 beer cans for sale. >> i couldn't believe he did it. first of, trailer, to get the cans. >> patrick won't say how much it costim, but he bought the collection for an older man in oklahoma. patrick takes the extra tins, hand makes displays and sells them. but his best display is without a doubt the big one in his shed. >> it's been real fun. >> they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. beauty lies in the hands of the beer reporting. patrick also said he used craiglist skills to surpri wife with a 1972 charger. a new brewery in asheville is facing the o problem, as we get closer to the superbowl. the owner comes from the denver, colorado area, so naturally, a broncos fan but since this
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carolina, they have to cater towards more panthers fans. so how do they settle their differences? >> there's a surprising amount of parallels between the carolinas and colorado -- foremost on our minds is the brewing scene. >> -- -- it makes sense why that would be foremos mind. he is after all the public face of new belgium, a brewery founded in with a nn in north carolina. you know, that state where the new enemy plays. a little trash going back and forth in this brewery too. >> so wonderful for me to know that two of my favorite states are getting together t of the best games in history. >> it makes for the perfect atmosphere for a super bowl bet, brewery vs brewery, fort collins versus ashville. but beer, that would be way the heck too easy so the folks at
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idea. >> one of the things they can't seem to get is spicy good green chile down there so it was floated out there that if the panthers win then we have to send green chile back to carolina, and if the broncos win, they have to send barbeque sauce out to fort collins. >> another colorado craft brewing giant, oskar blues has a facility in north carolina as well, deciding what sort of competition they'll have. it got us wondering, can a brewery divided against itself still stand? but then we remembered, this is beer afterall. >> it's going to be really fun for everybody to kick back for a day relax with some good beers and root for whichever team they're rooting for. myra: time now for your wyff news 4 timeline, on this january 30th. on this date in richard reid was 2003, sentenced to life in prison for trying to destroy american airlines flight 63 from paris to miami. reid was caught trying to light plastic explosives, hidden in
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reid's effort came just three months after the nine-eleven terrorist attacks in the united
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pamela: it is a little bit chillier this mornin6:28, a beautiful view from our peace center camera. starting out near freezing this see, by 11:00, in the upper 40's. close to 60 for the high today. a little above average. you will definitely notice we
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a gorgeous weekend. we could all use some son. >> you are watching live, local, breaking n me myra: it is called dabbing and this granny h it. look at her. pamela: that is funny. i'm not that coordinated. a lot of different moves. anyway. i thought i would learn some. this morning, beautiful out there. what's his name? cam newton. why is it called dabbing?
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pamela: somebody call and let us know. 26 degrees. the guys in the studio are laughing. they know. 26 degrees in asheville right now. only 22 in franklin. you will definitely feel the chill this morning. 30 and spartanburg. greenwood, 32, with a light breeze, make it feel a few degrees cocoer. when's are called -- winds are callm. with abundant sunshine today, much more comfortable in the mountains. temperatures, a bit above average. i think we will find a few low 60's today in the upstate.
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nice and clear in spartanburg. mid 50's -- again, not as windy, nice and dry for us in the mountains. in anderson, very still on the water. alike northeasterly breeze sunshine there, and get in the upper 50's. let's talk about what will happen at the beginning of the week. the rain chance could actually bring summer storms with it. we will discuss coming up. myra: a motorcyclist is dead following a wreck e county. simpsonville police say a car and a motorcycle collided on main street. the accident happened in front of the auto zone store around 6:30 last night. at this point, the victim has not yet been identified. a hunter found a body in a fieldd in greenville county. the coroner sa
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burrell road around 5:30 last night. the name of the victim has not yet been rel and authorities are looking for the public's help. if you know anything about this , call crime stoppers. the number of zika cs growing across this country. right now, there are at least 30 cases in 13 states and washington, d.c. no deaths have been reported. a doctor tells us, in south carolina, at least one suspe birth defect cau the cdc. if you are pregnant, or plan to be, now is the time to learn all you can about this virus. the most dangerous time is believed t the three months
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>> if you are planning any travel outsidedon't do it. try to avoid that or postpone that. if you do have to travel, portective measures. if you've travel and come home to find you are pregnant, see someon maternal fetal medicine myra: preventive measures to take during mosquito season include -- stay inside to avoid mosquito bites in nd summer. get rid of any mosquito breeding grou even a cup of water left outside can be a problem. use insect repellent when you go out. keep arms and legs covered. try to a mosquitos are common. if you would like to see more information from the doctor, entire interview on our website,
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county school to discuss the potential for downsizing. anderson school district fr says t t district has seen little growth in the last ten years, so dropping a school would save up to one and a half million dollars per year. one option is for pendleton elementary school to turn into a middle school. another option is to move riverside middle, to a renovated mount lebanon elementary. >> i do believe they have our best interest at heart over but i do know people are passionate about their schools and all t elementary schools are wonderful. they are all spread out. they all serve different needs. to make this decision e officials say no jobs would be lost with either option. the faa is investigating how a banner fell from a helicopter onto a home in north carolina. investigators say the pilot disconnected the banner because of a mechanical problem. the pilot has agreed to pay for
6:31 am
the homeowner, who is a pilot herself, says she wants the faa to figure out what happened totoreventng again. monster jam is going on today. if you are going, don't forget some your protection. the over 1500 horsepowered monsters roared around the dirt track last night. arena managers say loud , concerts, hockey and clemson basketball are making this year a success. >> it looks really good. i think we will end the year with about 130 events which , compared to the previous years is the most we've had, certainly ec largely due to clemson basketball but also a number of other events. myra: this is the busiest four-week stretch forwith monster trucks, sporting events and the circus all going , on there.
6:32 am
us. myra: the panthers held a pep rally firday in uptown charlotte. sir purr and the top cats several players on stage to get the crowd pumped up. linebacker thomas davis thanked the fans for their support and says the team is ready to bring home a super bowl title. >> we are originally from charlotte and moved to greenville. this is just incredit miss being here today. myra: the head coach and a few players also made appearances during the rally. the panthers are leaving for califoia the biggest football weekend is right around the corner, and one of the oldest living carolinas panthers is getting ready to cheer he >> wearing the carolina panthers colors mary ward turned on , channel 9 to watch the panthers pride rale everyone else she can't get enough of the team. >> i love the panthers and i don't watch none other but them. only time i watch the others is
6:33 am
panthers cause i got no interest in the rest of them. >> ward says it was her great grandson who turned her into a fan by asking her to watch a game 20 years ago. the 95-year-old fell in love with the team. >> i love them all, but cam is who i cater too. cam and that davis. he's a good p good sportsman. what i like about all of them, they all play exports is supposed to be played. >> mary, who has lived in the same home in the vale community of lincoln county all of her life, says she's never missed a panthers game except when she's had to work. ward says she most likel watch the big game with family and may wear this jersey for the occasion. we asked if she wanted t the team and coach rivera any advice before they leave this weekend. >> i would say to them, keep pounding, keep doing good.
6:34 am
myra: wyff for will preview the big game next week. our sports team will preview, "chasing a championship" live from california. you can catch it right here on wyff four next friday, february 5th. we want to see how you're showing off your panthers pride! you can share your photos with us by uploading them to our ulocal section on the wyff 4 app you may even see your photos right here on air. pamela: a lot of traffic out for saturday morning feels chilly out there now. close to freezing.
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myra: snowstorms sometimes bring out the best in us. brian mastre explains how one man found a resourceful way to help his community.
6:37 am
about two hours. i don't want kids or parents having to go through the snow and po themselves. >> justin anderson often witnesses a completely different attitude when it snows. >> i had actually about half a dozen people ask if they could stop and take a picture because they had never seen a chair like this before. >> last year the iraq war veteran took his off-road wheelchair -- and made some modifications. >> the chair has on-the-fly tilt so i can adjust the height of the blade as i push snow. >> every snowfall justin , anderson does his part a more. >> the community has supported me immensely with my struggles and tough times as i had a leg
6:38 am
brain cancer. this is my way of giving back. >> getting around is easier these days. >> i was just fit with this prosthetic three weeks ago. >> justin anderson's make-shift snow plot recognition. he says, but more about his duty. >> it's very gratifying. it's nice to know you're appreciated. but even if i didn't get any response from anyone or nobody said thank you i'd still do it. >> and working to keep his sense
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4 pamela: good saturday morning. looks clear. clear skies now. very dry. we will watch a dewpoint temperatures cre up, slowly bringing more moisture in. in spartanburg, a nice start. chilly, 30 degrees. you will warm up 28-30 degrees warmer than that in the afternoon. very pleasant. temperatures above average, just a little bit. 10 degrees above average tomorrow. 31, hendersonville. 37, greenville.
6:42 am
a very pleasant afternoon and warmer yet for your sunday. temperatures -- 50's in arkansas. tonight will not be quite as cold for us either, even though it will stay nice and clear.
6:43 am
cool, overall moderate temperatures coming this way as the air mass is changing. mostly sunny for tomorrow. overall, moistening up at the. we get to sunday night, and have clouds around. better rain chances for tuesday and the middle of the week.i want to show you the big picture. look at what will be going gone monday morning. a lot of the streami up to the great lakes. anywhere you have to cross over the middle part of the country, you could run into some issues there with wintry weather. in fact, a blizzard expected. in the southeast, severe thunderstorms possible. we could hear a rumble of
6:44 am
he we go ttemperatures above average. not to windy.nice and dry. we are in the mid 50's in asheville. 61 with brilliant sunshine, very comfortable for us. 57, a good average high with a mild breeze. not as windy. tonight, nice and clear. chilly at 38, but not as cold as we have been. we will warm you up even a few more degrees, nice and dry. more clouds on monday with shower chances arriving. tuesday, it is groundhog a. groundhog day we will find out what phil has to say a twhat i and tell you is be ready
6:45 am
the timing of this is what i am most interested in. it could linger into our wednesday. myra: turning to money matters now. keep the unlimited breadsticks coming. olive garden is expanding it catering delivery from all restaurants in the u.s. and canada. the service is designed for things like large family gatherings and office parties. the minimum order is $125, plus a 15% delivery fee. facebook may be looking to take on ride-sharing companies like uber and lyft. a patent application reveals the social media giant may be trying to get into the ride sharing business. the idea would expand on i current event feature, that helps users share vehicles or find a travel buddy to get to events. the patent is yet to be approved. amazon is getting into the big game. the tech giant will debut its first super bowl ad this year. the 30-second spot, which is already on youtube, stars alec
6:46 am
quarterback dan marino. it features amazon's echo speaker, which has a virtual assistant named alexa, that helps them plan a super bowl party. a 30-second ad costs $5 million this year. the budweiser clydesdales are always a big part of super bowl ads. now it's family just got bigger. this little guy was born tuesday in boonville, missouri. his caretaker explains why he was chosen so young for the herd. this is mac. >> he is the newest addition to the budweiser clydesdale family. he's evert hoping he'd be. he's got the perfect clydesdale color that we want for our hitches, which is bay in color, dark mane and tail, white face and four white legs. so there isn't any reason in the world why mac shouldn't make one of our clydesdale hitches in another four years. myra: the company has been using draft horses ig campaigns since 1933.
6:47 am
of the team. mark: college baseball season is here. we are ltwe will check in on the tigers and gamecocks.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i think the guys are getting used to traveling up to greenville. we have a little w streak going gone there. mark: clemson has m today, clemson begins a tough three-day road trip that b state. y the r bowl 50. a big part of the offense, and a big part of what could be a big super bowl performance is greg
6:51 am
the broncos are struggling a bit defending the tight end. they did against new england. it is something that denver struggled with all year. they are not just happy getting there. >> we cannot get caught up with the fact t are going to the super bowl. we a to win. you atwe are not jusho be part of this. we earned this. we have to take a badge of the opportunity. mark: the 22nd ranked gamecocks handed south carolina their first loss of the season. it is also legends weekend in columbia. this game should be sold out --
6:52 am
>> we have to focus. the biggest thing is get a win. they beat us. co-two against them, and beat us on our home court.mark: tip-off is tonight against alabama at 6:00 in columbia. the head coach and his guys are ready to compehtime in 20 years. there will be a different hcoach in the dugout for the tigers. settling on a staff will be the focus of t next two weeks. >> we have gotten all of our fundamental work out of the way.
6:53 am
white line and compete against each other, and solidify somejobs, and getting ready for opening day. i believe we are in season now. mark: clemson opens the season february 19 agagast maine. the gamecocks also practiced on friday. missing the tournament last year was somethg happened in a long time for the gamecocks. chad aldrich says it is his chance to fix that, and he thinks he has. >> obviously, south carolina has a great winning tradition. we are inches to get back on the field, and get a sense of normalcy around here. i think this group has the opportunity to do that. mark: the gamecocks will open the season against albany february 19.
6:54 am
>> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definitiomyra: growing concern today for the zika virus. good morning. i'm myra ruiz. pamela: i'm pamela wright. as these these cold temperatures the mosquitoes. we still have about 30 minutes unl thes up. lots of sunshine on the way today. temperaturg up nicely.
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