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charlotte. the bb&t ballpark baseball stadium. the people of charlotte are really sending the panthers off in a big way. you can really see that there are a lot of team gear on, hats, jerseys, balloons. the full event starts in an hour, but this is area is already packed. a few panthers players will be cheerleaders and many other groups. speaking of cheerleaders, six of them are from the upstate and western north carolina area. the areas include greenville, asheville, blacksburg, madison, lenoir, and shelby. fans are partying for the next hour or so and the event starts at 1:0we see kids, adults, people of all ages just coming out and enjoying the panthers, and celebrating them prior to the super bowl.
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allyson: thank you. in santa clara, crews are getting the field ready for the big game. workers painted the turf including the gold nfl logo at the 50th super bea history. crews say they worked about 15 hours each day to lay down the brand new sod field that went in right after the 49ers' final home game. officials are expecting about 70,000 fans to attend the big game. ahead of the big game february 7, wyff 4 will bring you a special show next week. brad fralick and marc dopher will start our live team coverage monday in california. geoff hart join them thursday, and then we'll have our special called "chasing a championship" at 8:00 next friday, february 5, right here on wyff 4. turning to the weather now, and a live look out over woodruff road with our skycam. what a difference a week makes. snow and ice plastic and this
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chris: my grandmother always told me that if the snow was on the ground for longer than three days, it is waiting on another and there is a good chance sis watching right now. snow on the ground in hendersonville. it takes a while to 15 inches, but it is slowly happening and i don't see snow44 degrees currently in henderson and nothing but sunshine in spartanburg. it is a lot warmer as you go down the mountain, 52 with west winds and anderson looking out ovwe have temperatures in the middle 50's already and it will lou skies in asheville, 44 with the north breeze, 17 miles per hour and it makes the wind chill feel like lower 30's. sunshine and 54 degrees and laurens and loads of sunshine in greenville at 54.
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the lou colors indicate 40's, green indicates 50 and that is where we will state the cost much of the area. 55 the high at greenville at 3:00" he back to the 40's once the sun goes down. a much cooler day for the mountains with the nort comes over the you may go down a degree or two. as the wind travels down the mountains, it compresses, warms and that is why the temperatures degrees warmer in the mountains -- then the mountains. allyson: thank you. investigators want to know how a 19-year-old university of south carolina student died. the student was found dead at an off-campus the coroner has said the student is a female, but has not identified her. investigators are calling her death suspic three people have been tested for the zika virus near charleston. that's according to hospital officials. a doctor says the patients were tested based on their travel history. the doctor also said that he believes 25 people in total have been tested in south carolina
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travel history. the virus spreads through mosquito bites, and the testing process can take up to two weeks. the cdc has issued a travel alert for people traveling to regions and certain countries where zika virus transmission is ongoing. the greenville county coroner has identified a man killed in a crash this morning. it happened on highway 25 near highway 253. that's white horse road and west blue ridge drive. troopers say the crash involved a pick-up and a tanker truck. they say the passenger of the pickup was killed. he was identified as 27-year-old joseph bryant. the driver of the pickup had to be taken to the hospital. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly wreck near assembly drive in piedmont. the anderson county coroner says william armstrong junior's suv broke down on highway 81. he says armstrong's friend let him use a wrecker to haul the suv, but armstrong crashed on the way home and hit a tree off of interstate 85 near assembly drive. spartanburg county investigators
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cloned credit card from an upstate law firm. deputies want your help identifying this woman. the law firm says she spent more than $9,000 on a company card that had not been authorized. were primarily made at walmarts in the county. authorities say they are looking into the possibility this is the same woman involved in similar incident in asheville. henderson county deputies say two masked men forced their way into an apartment this morning, causing a nearby school to go into a precautionary lockdown. deputies are trying to identify the man in this picture. anyone with information on who this man is, is asked to contact the henderson county sheriff's office or crimestoppers. mountain community school was on precautionary lockdown as students arrived at school, according to the sheriff's office. hundreds in greenville county are speaking out about their concerns about a landfill smell. the smell coming from the twin chimneys landfill has increased for several months now after
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bacteria and gas. managers say they plan to put in pipes that will capture more of the gas lessening the smell. in spartanburg county, doctors call a woman's recovery miraculous after deputies say her husband shot her and left her to die. a judge denied bond yesterday for johnathan batchelor. investigators say his wife was able to talk with deputies wednesday for the first time since the shooting, and the evidence led them to charging batchelor. in anderson county, a school district held a meeting looking for public opinion about downsizing. an anderson school district four official says the district has seen little growth in the last ten years. so dropping a school would save up to $1.5 million per year. donald trump promised his veterans fundraiser would draw more attention than last night's republican debate. tracie potts has a look at the reaction to his event and the debate. >> look at all the cameras. it's like the academy awards.
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tracie: side by side, donald trump's veterans fundraiser. >> isn't that better than this debate that's going on where everyone's sleeping? tracie: during the fox news debate, wher m his absence. this stage is st ugly. >> he's an entertaining guy. he's the greatest show on earth. >> he was a little teddy bear to me. >> i kind of miss him. i wish he was here. >> he's probably looking for me. he's saying, has anyone seen trump? why where's trump? where is he? where is he? >> did you miss donald trump out there tonight? >> not at all. man, was i -- that was the best debate we've had of all of the debates, easily. tracie: issues like immigration the top facebook issue during , the debate >> you changed your position on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you, so did you, marco. tracei: with trump gone, ted cruz accused the moderators of targeting gosh, if you guys say, ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> don't worry.
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matter what you ask me. tracie: the last debate before iowa makes i tracie potts nbc news washington. allyson: happening today and tomorrow, monster jam 2016. 10,000 pound trucks like grave digger, fluf jumping more than 100 feet at bon secours wellness arena. one of the newest drivers on the scene, you'll see her in scooby doo. linsey read says it may be a male dominated sport, but it's not stopping her from getting on that track. >> we are out here and we are proving girls can do this, too. are showing the boys wo great. allyson: you can meet linsey and the other drivers at the party in the pits event tomorrow morning or still tonight or tomorrow's show coming up, one of the vehicles used to carr visit to the u.s. is about to hit the auction block. chris: take a look at this sky from our anderson skycam.
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allyson: a status hearing will be held today for jason van dyke, the chicago officer accused of fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times. van dyke is charged with first-degree murder for the death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in 2014. the indictment alleges that van
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justification when he shot mcdonald. van dyke has pleaded not guilty. the teen known for his affluenza defense in court is back on u.s. soil. mexican police arrested ethan couch last month. he's 18. yesterday, he arrived at dallas fort-worth airport. couch and his mother were the focus of an international search after he violated his probation. couch made national news after a drunk-dr killed four people. his attorneys claimed he suffered from affluenza, a condition of having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits. one of the cars used by pope francis during his visit to philadelphia last fall is available at auction. the pope traveled around the city in two fiat 500l model cars. one of them will remain on display at the philadelphia auto show. the other fiat is up for auction during a black tie gala to be held at the auto show today. organizers say the proceeds will benefit select ministries and
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philadelphia. taking a look at money matters. a live look at your stocks. the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p 500 all up. a fall hazard has prompted the recall of nearly 1 shower rugs. the recall involves aqua rugs with four plastic suction cups sold in beige and clear. trister products has received 60 reports of consumers falling in the shower or bathtub while on the rugs, including 30 reports of injuries such as bruises, cuts, and fractured or broken bones. consumers should stop using the rugs and contact tristar products to obtain a free replacement. about 1.4 million are being recalled in the u.s. another 70,000 were sold in canada. another recall nissan is , recalling nearly 930,000 altima midsize cars worldwide to fix a hood latch problem that could allow the hood to fly open while the cars are moving. nissan says paint can flake off the hood l metal
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rust and cause the secondary hood latch to remain open. the new recall involves altimas from the 2013 to 2015 model years. nissan will notify owners and replace the hood latches for free starting in mid-february. the three biggest u.s. airline carriers are allowing some customers to cancel or postpone their trips to areas affected by zika. the move comes as concern about the mosquito-born virus rises. zika has been linked to an epidemic of birth defects in brazil and is said to be spreading to other regions in north and south america. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: check out this view from the woodruff road skycam. you can see 385. it is a gorgeous day out there with sunshine all 54 degrees with west wind at 10 miles per hour. that west wind is a dry wind.
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nine times out of 10, it be dry. the east would give us clouds and a damp atmosphere because east of here. that is what we are tracking and the wind is moving up and over the mountains and it is cold. 44 and asheville, but as the wind travels down the mountains, it compresses and dries out and 15 degrees warmer in the upstate. nearly 60 in elberton and 40 or in downtown asheville. over the next 12 hours, expect loads of sunshine. cooling off quickly once the sun goes down to the 40's. in spartanburg, sunshine galore outside. hard to find the sky -- are to find -- hard to find the cloud in the sky. my state to got on a walk. 56 at 3:00 p.m. in cooling to the 40's by 9:00 tonight. cooler in the north carolina
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you may go down a degree or two. you will reach a high temperature around 3:00 and then 30's. today, we top out around 40 in asheville, 56 for anderson and elberton. with temperatures dry or the air dry like it is, we will warm up nicely tomorrow. not tracking any major systems across the area and that remains 72 hours. cold air ride in here with that cold front, but really this ridge is going to take over and bring in warmer temperatures into twe will see clear skies, any clouds over the mountains will go away. we will see loads of sunshine all day saturday. same story for sunday, warmer clouds sunday afternoon. sunday night into monday, clouds will build, a sprinkler to but no real measurable precipitation
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this system toward the west is a monster. snow on the north side, a big low- toward new mexico and portions of arizona. that is going to turn into a severe weather maker as it moves texas, oklahoma, portions of arkansas, louisiana all under the gun for potentially severe weather with isolated tornadoes, strong winds, hail and that threat may push east towarmississippi, alabama and tennessee. by the time it gets to us, all the energy goes up toward the north and we get the tail end of with us being in the 60's, we could get a rumble of two of thunder on with a be some gusty wind. we will have to watch, but i think the course of the severe weather will be west appear. i was the four-day plus, sunshine on the way today and we are warming things back up. sunday, 65 and when the rain moves in, no for wintry weather out of this one. all rain and our area.
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next thursday, a high of 54 in the upstate, 39 ins.kind of back to reality. weekend. have you seen this? 18-time olympic gold medal swimmer michael phelps took part in a prank at an arizona state basketball game making a player miss his free throws. i think i would miss my free throws, too. asu students call the prank the curtain of distraction in full force behind the basket against oregon state. the black curtains open and there is 18-time olympic gold medal swimmer michael phelps. he is in his speedo, i guess. medals draped around his neck, swim cap on his head and two other bodies flanking phelps in -- the 22-time olympic medalist moved to arizona last year to train with an asu swim coach as he prepare in rio. what do you think ?it's friday -- think? chris: i think people probably don't want to see that while the either turkey sandwi some ladies might want to.
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that means we have a special guest joining us. coming up, we'll introduce you to our pet of the week. coming up later this afternoon on "elff
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by wyff news 4 at 5:00.we're allyson: welcome back. we're joined by kim pitman, the executive director of the greenville humane society. who do you have? jim: da --
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we have a bundle of energy. we have been runningon this table. he champion. he can run everywhere, catch them, and he is available for adoption for $35 because we have an adult dog special going on. he really needs to go to a where someone will want to play and run with him, that you could give him that interaction, he is great. he does not a sit and stay. allyson: he is sweet. he came announcingk in here and said take everybody. kim: he is here to talk about beat the heat. we have a great special for the community. the community.
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only $20, normally a $50 price, so you can bring them in that 7:31 day and pick them up at 4:30 so they don't have to stay overnight. there are pain medications to manage that and ouns encourage people to call or go to greenville and the appointments fill up fast. allyson: when does it end? kim: the end of february or as long as spots are it is a positive thing for the community. al that is only female cats? kim: only female cats at the greenville society in greenville -- the humane society in greenville. that's great. dasher has been so good. when he came bouncing then, we were not so sure but he has bei was a little worried. good boy.
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check of the weath chris: dales school salute goes to marry would elementary. they want to wish the team good luck and said, keep pounding. one week away. we should know what they are right? chris: loads of sunshine, dust
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65 on sunday, 64 on monday. the storm system moves away on and that kind of form -- and with that kind of forms, thunderstorms could be an issue. i like seeing those mid 60's and sunshine. i do believe we have a live look in charlotte. if we don't, the panthers are live streaming on the internet live in charlotte with the pep rally going on right now. have a great weekend. >> this is a wyff news 4 editorial. speaking on behalf of the editorial board is pren soapes. john: on monday, february 1, the process of ele begins. for months, we have heard speeches, debates, voter forums. for months, we have seen the candidates in action and have formed opinions. now, it is time for the people to speak out. it all begins in iowa, monday, when people gather in precincts all across the state to caucus and make their candidate choice known. the next week on tuesday,
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first primary of the season is held in new hampshire. then it is our turn here in south carolina. on saturday, february 20, republicans go to the polls for their presidential primary. democrats in south carolina get their turn to vote the following saturday february 27. here on wyff 4, you have heard a lot about commitment 2016 our commitment to more extensive, in-depth coverage of the election process. leading up to the two presidential primaries in south carolina next month, you'll hear a lot about the process on our newscasts on our website, and on the wyff news 4 app. we are using every means to help you be informed and aware of what the candidates are saying. we believe it is our responsibility as citizens to participate in the process to study the issues and the candidates and then go to the polls. so do your homework, look at your choices, and be ready on february 20 and 27. speeches, debates, voter forums.
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candidates in action and have formed opinions. now, it is time for the people to speak out. it all begins in iowa monday when people gather in precincts all across the state to caucus so this is steven's house that we all recognize from the >> guilty of first-degree intentional homicide. >> i know it didn't happen. family of steven avery for the developments. i'm billy bush. and we've got their take on the two new specials that are all set to air. >> this is what you want to see. >> there's a murderer out there. >> did the two of you have a conversation? >> i think that we should cut a deal. >> he wrote me a beautiful letter at some point. >> does the people versus o.j. get it right or will those who lived it have a problem with the portrayals? >> did you reach out to o.j. >> and what a year it was.
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