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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Sunday  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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near cherokee circle. according to warrants, holcombe is accused of giving birth to the child, and placing her in a plastic bag. holcombe is scheduled for a bond hearing on tuesday. right now, in greenville county, claims of mold and horrible living conditions are at the root of complaints at a mobile home park. people living there told wyff news 4's corey davis that they are fed up with the ongoing problems. corey: people living here in dixie estates mobile home park say they don't have enough money to move anywhere else, so they just deal with serious maintenance issues they say have gone unanswered. we drove through dixie estates to look at the mobile homes for ourselves. this busted window, damage a resident says the property manager ignored. i took these pictures of the floor inside another home. the holes are several inches deep. residents say mama people are dealing with serious issues like this, but a lot of them didn't want to show their faces on
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because they're afraid of being kicked out. we pressed the property manager for answers, but she had nothing to say to us, and would not give a comment about our findings. >> floor damage. the floors are caving in, people are falling through the floors. >> it's really a mess out here. but the drama, it's a lot of drama. it's a lot of shooting, it's a lot of bodies be coming up out of here. >> no one is calling on that community to be shut dowow, to be condemned. we do believe the community can be redeemed, and we do believe it could be repaired. corey: bruce wilson, a community activist, recently organized a neighborhood meeting to help the residents voice their concerns. for now, wilson says he will sit down with the property owner, to come up with a plan to help make these mobile homes safer. we'll continue to reach out to the property manager for answers. corey davis, wyff news 4, in greenville county. mike: turning to commitment 2016 coverage now, one day after participating in a forum in columbia,
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in spartanburg this afternoon. rubio took time to meet and talk to voters at wade's restaurant. he was joined by congressman trey gowdy. you may remember, gowdy recently threw his support behind rubio. last night in columbia, and recently in south carolina, rubio has been interrupted by protestors, speaking out about his stance on immigration. there were no protestors at rubio's appearance in spartanburg today. an upstate woman will be the president's guest at this week's state of the union address. in 2007, greenwood county councilmember edith childs fired up a crowd during a campaign stop by then-senator obama by chanting, "fired up, ready to go." that chant would carry on through both of president obama's campaigns, in 2008 and 2012. as an invited guest by the president, childs will sit with the first lady during mr. obama's final state of the union address. in greenville,e, an islamic group is continuing
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dozens of people of different faiths rallied in front of the peace center today. many religious groups worked together to organize the event. >> if you look at the mix of people that's here, young, old, various racial groups, various creeds, all together, carrying placards. this is no longer a muslim issue. this is a universal issue. mike: demonstrators say they aren't happy with political leaders, who they believe are discriminating against muslim people. let's talk about the weather now. a break from the rain today, but the temperatures are about to turn cold. wyff news 4 meteorologist chris justus joins us now, and chris, how cold are we talking about? chris: very cold. it continues to get colder. here is a good idea looking at it, this shows the temperature change from the past 24 hours.
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the colder air is spilling in. asheville, 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. andrews, 20 degrees cooler. the colder air moving through. in the mountains, 32 in asheville. john says it is like a cup filling up that will spill over. it takes a while, because it has to go over the mountains. then it spills into the upstate. we are still warm, in the 40's. it will change moving into the evening hours. the super doppler shows it is dry. clear skies tonight. host of us heading into the 20's quickly. 30 i 2:00 a.m., and in the asheville area, headed into the 20's and the teens. 25 degrees by 2:00 a.m.. a couple wintry threats moving forward. i will time those out for you going forward. mike: after a week of excitement, we are now about 26 hours away from the kickoff of the national title game between clemson and alabama. wyff news 4's brad fralick is live in glendale, arizona, tonight.
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the media one last time today? ricardo: -- brad: a final meeting with the head coaches, and now, all we have left to do here is play the game. we are live tonight in glendale outside the stadium. the big questions surrounding the clemson tigers, and it has been the question for a week now, is will shaq lawson be able to play against alabama? in the orange bowl in the first quarter, shaq lawson injured his knee. he came out of the game, was diagnosed as a knee sprain. he had an ice bag at the game, but said after the game that he would be able to play against alabama. lawson said yesterday at media day he felt about 60%. dabo swinney said today, he expects lawson to play. >> we expect him to play. hopefully, he will be able to perform, and play to the level that we all know he can.
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sabin will cancel the game. so we are going to have to put the next guy in there. so that's the way it is. we expect him to play. he looked good yestrday, but until you get out there, and play in a game with this magnitude and physicality, you never know. but he has done everything he needs to do to play the game. brad: lawson's impact was felt right away in that ornage bowl -- orange bowl game with the early sacks. he is a difference-maker on the defensive line. if he is not able to play, austin bryant a true freshman, , stepped in and played well for lawson against the sooners last week. so if he has to go, he does have some big-game experience. we are like tonight in glendale, brad fralick, wyff news 4. mike: thanks, brad. and don't forget, our sports team will have an hour-long special for you mondnd night before the game. they'll be live right here on wyff 4, beginning at 7:00 p.m. right now, music duties at clemson basketball games are
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band is away. members of the greer high school band filled-in for today's matchup against louisville. more than 20 students played fan favorites like "tiger rag", along with a few of their own tunes. the band director says this is their second time filling in for the tiger band. a big surprise at today's clemson basketball game brought fans to their feet, and a family to tears. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome home captain trey kennedy. [applause] mike: captain trey kennedy shocked his family and his girlfriend, who thought they were there just to get reconized for military appreciatatn day. kennedy, who's a marine, had been on deployment in afghanistan for the last eight months. >> i am extremely excited he's back. this is definitely the best start to the year that i could've ever hoped for. >> i'm so proud of him, and what our government is doing for us
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but i'm even more thankful and proud to see that young man here today. mike: kennedy, his mother, and his girlfriend all graduated from clemson. we'll have much more on this surprise homecoming tonight after the golden globes. if you thought last night's powerball jackpot was big, just wait. no one took home the record-breaking jackpot on saturday, so that means it continues to grow before wednesday's drawing. as of now, the extimated jackpot is at $1.3 billion, and that total will no doubt get higher, with ticket sales over the next couple of days. it's a big night for hollywood. when we come back, we'll head to california for a preview of the golden globes. combination often. snowfall in the north carolina mountains and tennessee will see about an inch. we are watching the tropics. the national hurricane center giving this area of disturbed weather in the middle of the
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the good news, it is heading away from the united states. no threat to us. but winter is giving us a couple threats.
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mike: it's "go time" for some of hollywood's biggest names. the 73rd annual golden globe awards are getting underway in a few hours in beverly hills, california. jinah kim is there, along the red carpet. >> if you start playing violins, i'll tear this joint apart. jinah: the golden globes are always free-wheeling. >> i haven't seen "the tourist."
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all about that. >> it's just, what happens, happens. surprise. jinah: this year, that unpredictability extends to the competition. >> there's no true frontrunners in any major race. >> there are no accidents. jinah: the 50's romance "carol" has the most nominations, five, includudg best drama. but it isn't necessarily the favorite. >> i think "spotlight" could win by a hair. but "the revenant" could win, "mad max" could surprise everyone and win. it is a very, very tight race. jinah: the choice for best musical or comedy could come down to two films you wouldn't describe as either. >> it's really a race between "the martian" and "the big short," which are arguably the two least comedic of the five comedic nominees. >> and i'm here. jinah: sylvester stallone may provide another highlight. winning best supporting actor would be his first globe, for reprising his legendary rocky balboa role in "creed". >> to have him come back in the
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great as "creed," that could be one of the big stories of the night. jinah: this golden globe race is sure to be full of surprises. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills, california. mike: a fun night ahead. the golden globes start at 8:00 tonight, right here on wyff 4. chris: let's take a look at the snow totals over the mountains, a stiff northwesterly wind. marshall, mars hill, towards waterville, jackson, haywood, madison, northern buncombe counties could see up to an inch
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
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were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: take a look at this time lapse from asheville. low clclds, and from time to time in the northern mountains facing tennessee, you can see snow. it looks like fog but it is snowfall rate there. it makes it into areas closer to asheville as we got closer to sunset. i wouldn't be surprised or northern buncombe county tonight to pick up about a quarter of an inch. areas further up along madison
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counties, could pick up around an inch. ski resorts loving this and the temperatures. 27 in boone, 32 in asheville, 30 five in hendersonville, the cold air trying to's build on the mountains. it will tonight, with bright -- dry conditions. a cold night. it has been windy out there, as well, especially in the mountains. 32 mile-per-hour wind gusts reported. 28 while sproul in anderson. -- wind speeds in anderson. we will taper the wind speeds down into the morning hours. with the wind high tonight, the windchill, what it feels like, will be frigid. it will feel like three degrees above zero in boone. this evening, if you are walking the dog before the news tonight, it will feel like eight degrees in hendersonville, nine degrees in asheville. not as cold in the upstate, but
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tomorrow morning, it feels like negative four in boone. single digits in the north carolina mountains. on the left tomorrow. -- bundle up tomorrow. 13 the low in boone, 18 in asheville, 19 in hendersonville, 30 across the upstate. the wind keeps the a mixed up in the upstate. tomorrow, we start cold and and cold. sunshine with highs in the lower 40's across the greenville area. the highs will be the coldest we have had all winter. 43 in anderson and greenwood, 42 in laurens, struggling to get above freezing in the mountains. this is the first cold blast. the second arrives early this week. colder air billowing up on tuesday. that arrives wednesday, where highs will struggle to get out of the 30's. looking further back towards the west, as we end the work week, it will be chilly.
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-24 in the dakotas. it will not be that cold here, but it will be colder. that is important. we are watching several systems. there is california, there is alaska. these upper-level systems are what causes trouble this time of year. 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way towards russia. he could head our way. our weather models do not have good modeling data. they do not have good sensors to give us current conditions. until the systems get closer to the u.s., we will not know when they will arrive. the current models, at least some of the, show the first threat arrives friday night into saturday. he did in the jet stream will send in moisture, possibly giving us rain across the area. it looks moisture starved right now. we will see if the mountains will get a wintry mix. the second one arrive sunday, a
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us cold air and moisture. number three towards the west, some of the models show that one could arrive in the 10 day time frame. one thing's for sure, the cold air will be in place this first one moving through. rain for most of us on friday. maybe -- maybe a wintry mix saturday morning. the next 7-10 days feature a pattern that gives us wintry threats. especially next weekend and early next week. we will keep you posted. what you won't find on the four-day plus is a definitive chance for snowfall. we will fine-tune this is the week goes on. dale and john will be getting better model data as we get closer to the systems. right now, i have rain for the upstate, a possible winter mix saturday morning for the north carolina mountains. that is something we will watch because the pattern is very active. mike: either way, it doesn't sound fun. chris: it will keep us on our toes.
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minnesota vikings fans braved record-breaking cold temperatures for the nfl playoff game against the seahawks. you watched the game this afternoon, here on wyff 4. the third coldest game on record for the nfl, the temperature at kickoff was -6 degrees with a windchill of -25. it was the coldest vikings game in history, but brutal temperatures didn't stop the tailgating. people bundled up and gathered to eat, drink, and celebrate despite karen red noses and as you saw, frozen beards. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> roethlisberger, enzone bound, and it's a touchdown. martavis bryant, this is an amazing acrobatic effort. ricardo: viewers going head over heels watching this amazing catch in last night's afc wild card game between pittsburgh and cincinnati. former tiger and tl hanna standout martavis bryant, making the acrobatic touchdown snag to help the steelers knock off the
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more on the nfl wild card playoffs in just a minute. the talking is almost over. we are a day away from the national championship in the desert. we had live to arizona, and join brad fralick and marc dopher outside of university of phoenix stadium. good evening, guys. brad: hi, ricardo. we are ready for the game. the final media obligation is out of the way. dabo swinney met with the media this morning. now all there is left to do is play. the clemson tigers have landed on the cover of "sports illustrated" four times this year. it was wayne colman on the cut -- gallman on the cover. marc: "sports illustrated" asking, has clemson seen a team like alabama? i thought it would be interesting if i flip the western around.
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has alabama faced a team like clemson? >> i don't think so. i think we are a great offense. i think we surprise a lot of people. alabama is also good, so i think it will be a good game. >> a lot of teams they have been playing, we have a different kind of quarterback. we are different from a lot of teams. >> we are both two-dimensional. will have to deal with another. you have to book -- both stop wayne and sean then deal with our receivers. marc: it is going to point out that every player i asked came at it from a point of respect for alabama. they did not feel like they were being disrespected. however, looking at the national media, i think clemson to an extent has been disrespected.
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brad: no effefe clemson last week, either. everybody picked oklahoma. clemson is the underdog. not really any question that the narrative has been, clemson has not seen a team like alababa. quickly, we don't have a lot of time, but i want to hit on this. dabo swinney and nick sabin had a press conference and a couple things are interesting. they discussed the nfl draft-double guys -- draft-able guys. marc: guys start thinking about what their grade is. they get distracted by what is really a couple months away. their point is, they don't need to think about that right now. they need to finish the season. whenever that finishes, january 11 or in december, then move onto the nfl process if that is their choice. brad: both coaches to the same stance. it was probably the most forceful thing they talked about.
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live in glendale, marc dopher, brad fralick. now back to you. ricardo: be sure to join us monday night for our hour-long special, "road to the title." that will be at 7:00. the carolina panthers, kicking back and watching playoff games this weekend. the team will return to the practice field on monday, to prepare for next sunday's divisional round matchup. ron rivera said it will be the only time they will be in full pads before the playoff game. they will host the seahawks next sunday. seattle surviving minnesota, as blair walsh in the final seconds missed a chip shot. seattle moving on to the divisional round, winning in the cold clemson is coming off an , 10-9. overtime victory at syracuse earlier in the week. now, the tigers look to keep things going today, welcoming in 16th-ranked louisiville. we head over to the well in greenville. the tigers offense clicking in the first half. gabe devoe and jaron blossomgame, connecting on the alley oop.
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second half, the tigers offense continues to score. donte grantham lines one up, and hits the 3. extends the clemson lead to nine. they made 44 trips to the line. louisville had 16. clemson knocks up the cardinals, 66-62 to improve. south carolina women knock off misery. -- knock off missouri. chris: next weekend will be interesting. we will be watching. mike: have a good night. we will see you after the golden globes. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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