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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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go home. authorities in oregon ted armed protesters that took over a government building wrap it up. >> it's time for you to leave our community. >> but on day four of the standoff no sign that that group is ready to back down. and l.a. story, not one, not two but three nfl teammates apply to relocate to los angeles overnight. who will land a ticket to hollywood as the home towns of those teams looking to leave wonder where's the love today, tuesday, january 5th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a chilly tuesday morning. i saw the bank thermometer, had to do a double take this morning, 11 degrees here. >> 11 degrees and yet you have
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st. louis, oakland and oakland. >> let's get right to our top story. tens of millions waking up to the chilliest morning of the season, below freezing temps from the deep south all the way to maine, and al is feeling the chill out on our plaza. hey, good morning. >> i got caught off guard. i didn't have my coat. matt actually lent me this coat. >> the weather man didn't realize it was going to get cold this morning. >> wow, the headline is i can wear your coat! i never thought that would happen. anyway, hey, let's look at some video. winter snuck in a little earlier into massachusetts. i mean, this is duxbury. they had -- that's route 3 and they got some ocean-effect snow came in. cars off the roads. big problems yesterday and the snow is gone but now the cold is here. why? well, here it is. big area of high pressure now dominating bringing the winds out of the north. look at these current
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it's 7 in buffalo. feels like 3 below and 5 below up in bangor. it feels like 6 below in boston, 16 in charleston and 13 in detroit. now, here's what we're looking for tailed as far as high temperatures are concerned. it's going to feel like 16 in buffalo 24, in new york, 31 in charlotte and 33 in louisville, but here's the good news. this is the worst of it, all right. after tomorrow you'll see, again, temperatures still today in those way below normal temperatures, but then temperatures start to mild up. 39 in portland, 47 in new york city by friday, 50 in washington, d.c. and chicago looking at a temperature of 42, but let's not get cocky because even though it's going to be nice and mild next week, i hate to use these two words, polar vortex. >> i knew it. >> maybe by the end of next week, so we'll have the details coming up a little bit later.
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collection ready. can't wear matt's coats. >> i'm going to wear dylan dreyer's coats. >> see you in a couple of minutes. let's turn now to the presidential campaign and a new national poll offering a glimpse of where things stand in both the republican and democratic races. let's start with the gop and nbc national correspondent peter alexander. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. for republicans, 2016 is starting out a lot the same way 2015 ended, donald trump holding on to his significant lead. here you go, just out this morning, the latest nbc new survey monkey online poll shows trump nationally at 35%, 17 points ahead of ted truz, marco rubio you see there in third and perhaps as importantly trump supporters are more set on their pick than others. better than half of them saying they are not going to change their mind. >> but as long as i'm number one, we're talking about those polls. >> another full house for donald trump in massachusetts, packing
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>> get them out. bye, sweetheart. get them out, please. they remind me a little bit of hillary. they do. no energy, no stamina, no strength. >> i'm donald trump, and i approve this message. >> reporter: hours after trump's first ad hit the airwaves a fact check of his footage. policifact says that's not mexico, it's morocco, trump's campaign manager saying the edit was intentional telling nbc news, no expletive it's not the mexican border but that's what our country is going to look like. the candidates on both sides picking up the pace, 60 stops in 48 hours across iowa and new hampshire. ted cruz with nbc's hallie jackson. >> two weeks ago every republican candidate was attacking donald trump. today, every republican candidate is attacking me. >> reporter: the contenders now on a collision course as accusations fly over who is the real serious candidate. this from cruz's superpac arguing marco rubio is not ready
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>> i know i have a debate but i've got to get this fantasy football thing right. >> reporter: rubio staffers mocking cruz with his impressions of "the simpsons." >> release the houfnltds excellent. >> reporter: and rick santorum highlighting cruz's dr. zeus reading on the senate floor. >> you want someone to read one he ll of a bedtime story, ted cruz is your guy. if you want to protect america and defeat isis, rick santorum's your president. >> reporter: all right a mud pit of may he had with weeks to go. >> that's not all. you have marco rubio and chris christie exchanging shots, john kasich and marco rubio's superpacs getting into the fray and the only top tier candidate not caught in the crossfire right now is donald trump who once again goes almost untouched. peter alexander, thank you. >> democratic side, hillary clinton trying something new to brush off attacks from donald trump as former president bill
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on his behalf. nbc's kristen welker is in sioux city this morning, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you, and secretary clinton is in a strong position today, according to our nbc news survey monkey online pot. she now leads bernie sanders nationally by 17 points, but the race gets a lot tighter in the early voting states, and now with former president bill clinton back in the game, the clintons are hoping to solidify her support. making his 2016 debut bill clinton is back on familiar turf, campaigning for his wife in new hampshire. clinton never mentioned donald trump by name but did take a not so subtle swipe at trump's call to ban all muslims. >> we don't want to run away from the place we've been. america is a place that welcomes all people. >> reporter: the former president brushed off a barrage of attacks from donald trump carefully responding when asked by nbc's andrea mitchell about trump's tactics attacking clinton's own infidelity. >> the republicans will have to
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nominate. >> reporter: for her part former secretary of state also now deflecting trump's attacks, this time charging her and president obama with creating isis. >> i've adopted a new year's resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality, and i'm not going to respond >> reporter: clintons are looking to divide and conquer, campaigning in separate swing states as she faces a tight battle with vermont senator bernie sanders and betting on president bill clinton's star power. despite missteps while changing for his wife in 2008 later emerging at barack obama's explainer in chief in 2012 and trying to help his wife lock up the nomination. >> i do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job at a moment of great importance who was better qualified. >> reporter: 42nd president admits he doesn't recognize the gop of 2016.
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debating, and i think, you know, i don't fit anymore. first of all, i'm a happy grandfather, and i'm not mad at anybody. >> reporter: now the former president also said on monday that he doesn't know what he would want to be called if hillary clinton does win the white house.e. he said the voting hasn't started yet, and he's superstitious. he will be campaigning here in iowa on thursday. meanwhile, hillary clinton caps off a two-day swing here today. savannah, matt, back to you. >> all right, kristen welker on the trail for us, thank you. mark halperin is the managing editor of "bloomberg politics. request the "happy new year. >> halley new year, exciting. >> does seem like a new phase in the campaign where a lot of the candidates are taking that i have gloves off, got the attack ads except not for donald trump, the frirn. why does no one want to go after the front-runner in the race. >> >> so far ahead that the strategy they have all adopted is i'm going to be the last guy standing, the only one left against trump and one-on-one i can beat trump. it's a big risk but bigger risk
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part because he's such an effective fighter. >> when you talk about strategy, mark, donald trump's strategy seems to be target hillary clinton and bill clinton. a lot of people as bill clinton hit the campaign trail wondering would he take the bait or hold his fire against trump and some of trump's comments. he didn'n' take the bait. do you think it's smart? >> he didn't take the beat and hillary clinton took the bail. i think clintons were surprised how quickly the discussion turned to bill clinton's life with donald trump saying things on any topic that no one else will say and i don't think clintons want this january as she's focusedp on beating bernie sanders in new hampshire and iowa, they don't want this to be about clinton's past, they want it to be about the future and mr. donald trump learned a lesson, if it's a clinton/trump general election that the clintons can be intimidate bid donald trump as others have been. >> on the republican side we stilil have 12 candidates. i kind of break it into two races, the conservative race going on in the republican
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race. who will emerge as the candidates in each of those lanes. who is looking good and who has momentum and who are we not talking about that we should be? >> donald trump has momentum. new television commercial we saw in peter alexander's piece, an aggressive events scheduled around the country and going after the clinton, in good shape, starting to spend his own money. ted cruz who we saw also there. ted cruz is aggressively out there. a state he can win iowa. you got to say where are you going to win? you can't be the nominee without iowa. trump has basically the other 49. those two guys have momentum. the other guy's momentum is chris christie this. race has gone from a contest that's kind of a road race for the cars that occasionally bump into each other and in demolition jersey, demolition jersey, chris christie, jersey guy with a big monster truck and hitting people hard and other candidates are noticing. they are coming after him. >> we'll let you go on the monster truck analogy and hang hon because there's another big political story to talk about.
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deliver remarks this morning on the steps his administration is taking to curb gun violence. among them, the president hopes to expand the number of gun sales subject to background checks at gun shows and flea market sellers are often able to skirt the requirement. new federal guidelines would claire fight rules that would apply to anyone in the business of selling firearms. president obama said the measures would be consistent with the secondd amendment and arms. all right. mark, come on back. on one side you hear democrats saying these are bold new steps to curb gun violence. you have donald trump out there saying watch out, soon you won't be able to get guns, but i want you to read something that a lob yifrt, jennifer baker with the nra had to say. she said this is it, really? this is what they have been hyping for how long now? this is the proposal they spend seven years putting together? they are not really doing anything. >> two big issues here for the american public to think about. what can a president do on his
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he's not proposing legislation, using the kind of executive action he's used on immigration and others and a big debate the other is guns. will this be effective? some critics of what the president is doing is saying this is nothing, a waste of time. the nra lobbyist said that. donald trump and others saying this is too much and even the president, the attorney general says, you know what, we don't even really know how many people this will affect. the president wants to try to do something on this issue before he leaves office. he feels this is the best he can do with republicans in control of congress. >> it's admittedly modest but then you can ask him the question what took him so long because he has the power with this pen for the last seven years? >> he's been wait, made a big effort for legislation after the horrible tragedy in new town. after what happened late last year and has tried again. this is what his administration has come up. he's a constitutional lawyer and thinks this passes constitutional muster. it will be challenged and even he knows it won't do as much as
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people in this country will be opposed to these limited measures. >> nbc news will have live coverage of the president's remarks later this morning on many of these stations. also this morning, the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon by armed anti-government protesters. it's now in its fourth day, and the group is laying out new demands even as authorities look for a peaceful end to this standoff. nbc's joe fryer is in princeton, oregon this morning for us. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the sheriff says this community can expect to see more squad cars throughout the entire county after extra help was called in from across the state, but he did not offer any clues about what law enforcement plans to do next when it comes to dealing with the occupation. the siege now entering day four. those occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon received a strong message from the sheriff. >> it's time for to you leave our community. go home to your families and end this peacefully. >> reporter: the armed anti-government protesters are controlling buildings on the
7:14 am
the land from a watch tower above. they call themselves citizens for constitutional freedom and feel the has too much control over western land. >> i've spoken to many ranchers in utah, in nevada, in arizona, and they are all feeling the same thing. they are all feeling this impression is coming down on them. >> reporter: they point to the case of rancheser dwight and steven hammond who reported to a california prison monday surrounded by family. >> the circumstances that we're in now are just unfathomable, and it's certainly an american tragedy. >> reporter: father and son were convicted of starting fires on federal land near their ranch in eastern oregon and already served time, but a judge ruled it wasn't enough so they are returning to prison. the hammonds are angry. they say they are not connected to what's happening at the wildlife refuge in oregon, an occupation that has closed schools for a week impacting much of this community.
7:15 am
life, and i really can't believe it's happening. >> reporter: overnight the leader of the group here at the refuge ammon bundy sent out a tweet saying this occupation will not end until the hammonds are freed and until the federal government turns over control therefore land. matt and savannah. >> all right. joe fryer, thank you. a lot of eyes on the stock market this morning after a rough start to the year on wall street. the dow dropping 470 points at one point on monday. it was part of a massive global selloff. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." happy new year. good to see you. >> happy new year. >> 276 at the end. day, but ass i just mentioned as were you watching this unfold throughout the day it could have been a lot worse. what happened? >> very ugly, almost entirely related to china which fell 7%, the chinese shanghai market is a very big market and then it just stopped. the government shut it down, that scared everyone, including our own investors. >> china's been having manufacturing problems for a while this.
7:16 am
why on this particular day does it is suddenly drop? >> the chinese changed some rules. it's a communist country and dictatorship. change rules like that. not really any sort of give or take with investors there so they put the rules through. they failed. the government pulled back. last night they were buying furiously to keep the market up. again, it's a dictatorship. they will buy to keep the stocks higher. >> jim, how many times have you told me as january goes, so goes the year. no, i'm kidding, you haven't said that to me, but it's a very common expression when people look at the stock market. is it true? >> historically there is evidence that indeed if the first day is really bad the rest will be bad, but i can tell you we can throw out all of these because if the federal reserve is going to raise rates it will be a bad year. if the chinese market really collapses it will be a bad year. we just do nothing which i think is probably what happens it won't be a bad year so let's not make one 24-hour period the reason for what we do. >> you squirmed out of that really well. nice job. >> well done. >> jim, thank you very much.
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overnight. three teams officially filed for relocation to the los angeles area. in an attempt to return pro football to the countries's second largest market, the san diego chargers, the oakland raiders and the st. louis rams are all looking to make the move. the applications will be reviewed by league staff and three committees of owners that will meet here in new york had a little later this week. after that all 30-3-2 owners will meet in houston next week and are expected to vote on whether to allow any of the teams to move. there are two stadium proposals in the works in the l.a. area. so let's get this right. you're one of these three teams. >> yeah. >> you don't get the move to l.a. you've got to go back to your fans. >> go back home. >> we didn't mean it. >> we love it here. >> fantastic. maybe they should have a playoff. >> yes, exactly. >> wow. >> crazy. >> what's going on -- is that matt's undershirt? >> my long johns. >> close, very close. anyway, let's show you what
7:18 am
your weather around the country. we are looking at at least clear skies here in the northeast. look for some rip currents along the southeast and atlantic coasts. big el nino getting itself together, the strongest on record and we're going to look at a mess out west coming up in your next half hour.
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anderson will be sunny and d ldtoday, high of 44. northeastwinds of 5-10. the mountainswill be sunny, cold and breezya high of 39. northwest winds at5-10+. cold temperatures will befelt again tonight. asheville,hendersonville will drop to 17overnight, the upstate will dro >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right. a thank you very much. coming cup the attorney for the so-called affluenza teen speaks out as ethan couch's mother heads to court today. plus, han exclusive announcement from the film-makers behind the netflix documentary "making a murderer"
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first, this is "today" on nbc.s and cons of going alcohol-free for a month. >> okay. on the heels of mark zuckerberg's resolution to build a robot to run his home the
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at 727... we are followingbreaking news near atlanta this morning. police say they've surrounded a hotel after a man took up to 11children hostage. they say the situation beganaround 2 a-m at the rite-4-us ...inn and suites s ar i-20 inthe decatur area. police confirmed the man is holding the children hostage with a knife and is refusing to leave. the children range from 3 months to 17. two adults were also in the roomwhen the situation began. a swateam has been called to the hotel. we'll continue to bring you eatest o of decur georgi.both on r...and ourmobile app. ------------------------ ally. accident with injuries in spartanburg on highway 11 atlockland drive. and an acciden this morning in west union on ebenezer road. greenville, spartanburg,
7:25 am
accident with injuries in spartanburg on highway 11 alockland drive. and an accidet this morning in west union on ebenezer road. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 44. northeastwinds of 5-10. the mountainsfriday. 44. northeast winds of 5-10. thmountains will be sunny, cold and breezy, a high of 39northwest winds at 5-10+. coldtemperatures will be felt again tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 1744. northeast winds of 5-10. thmountains will be sunny, coldand breezy, a high of 39. 44. northeast winds of 5-10. tmountains will be sunny, cold and breezy, a high of 39.
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northwest winds at 5-10+. cold 7:30 now on a chilly tuesday morning, the 5th of january, 2016. >> like four people in the crowd. >> these people are really braving the chilly weather here in new york. not a huge crowd, but a hardy crowd. something to warm them up. the tree is now staying up until saturday so if you're in the area, a couple more days to check it out. simply too cold. no one wants to take it down. >> haven't watered it in days. back inside studio 1a a look at stories making news right now >> reporter: candidates on both sides picking up the pace. >> just about every republican candidate is attacking me. >> reporter: clintons are looking to divide and conquer. >> we don't get greater by engaging in hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. >> america is a place that welcomes all people.
7:27 am
>> sure, win here, sure. >> president obama is taking his most aggressive action on gun control to date. >> it will potentially save lives in this country. >> reporter: president will outline the first in a series of executive actions, bypassing congress in the process. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> reporter: horrifying moments on a california freeway. >> as soon as i heard, it i told everybody get inside. >> reporter: artyom gasparyan was shot after police chased him going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: siege in day four. >> armond anti-government protesters standing their ground. >> time to leave our community. >> i really can't believe it's happening. >> also this morning, weave got some new developments in the case of the so-called affluenza teen. an attorney for ethan couch is now speaking out as the teen's
7:28 am
nbc's gabe gutierrez is in mexico city. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. behind me is the immigration detention facility where ethan couch is waking up this morning and where he spent the past few days. later today his mexican attorney plans to meet with him here to go over tir next move. >> okay. yeah, that's great. >> reporter: ethan couch's new attorney says his client's detention hasn't been a piece of cake. >> he's not at the four seasons right now. >> reporter: fernando benitez known here in mexico as the rock star attorney. >> i like rock music as much as the next guy, but i'm just an attorney like anybody else. >> reporter: who exactly has retained you? who is paying you? >> well, that's something of a confidential nature. >> reporter: benitez is meeting with his client for the first time this morning. >> he's a young man, a a inexperienced young man in a foreign country being detained. i think he's entitled to the same compassion as any other human being would in a similar situation. >> reporter: but there are those
7:29 am
couch has faced major public scrutiny since he drove drunk in 2013 causing a horrible crash that killed four people and injured nine. he got no jail time, just probation after the infamous affluencea defense. >> we would still like to see accountability. >> reporter: among those injured in the crash kevin mcconnell's then 12-year-old son lucas. >> it would mean a lot to the family members if there was any kind of remorse at all or even any acknowledgement, that you know, he took the life of their family member. there just hasn't been that. >> reporter: meanwhile tonya couch, ethan's mother, will face a judge in los angeles today held on $1 million bail, she's charged with helping her son evade police by fleeing to mexico. her lawyer says she will not fight extradition back to texas. >> what do you say to the people who are angry that ethan couch has not been sent back to the u.s.? >> laws are not in place to deal with issues with popularity or
7:30 am
>> just when the wound starts to heal a little bit, there's another development, and it just rips the bandage right off the wound again. >> reporter: fernando benitez says that as far as he knows his client has not broken any laws here in mexico. as for how long this deportation case could drag on, weeks, even months. benitez calls it speculation, but it coult being a pro be up to ethan couch himself if he wants to return to texas, this deportation case could be over very quickly. matt and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez down in mexico city. gabe, thanks. now another case that's mass fating the country, a murder in wisconsin featured in the wildly popular netflix documentary called "making a murderer," a real life drama and it's sparking a nationwide debate now about the criminal justice system and nalie is following it for us. >>. net. ics series is all the buzz. if you haven't seen the series, a warning, we may mention some plot spoilers. "making a murderer" has led to an online petition asking president barack obama to get involved and this morning the film-makers behind the
7:31 am
the conversation they have started. truth is stranger than fiction. bullet netflix documentary series "making a murderer" asks what is the truth? >> i've had a good life until all the trouble started. >> reporter: it's the starry of steven avry who served 18 years in prison for rape until he was exonerated by dna evidence, but just four years after his release he was convicted of murdering theresa h ha lback in 2005. >> i didn't do it. >> who did? >> i don't know. >> reporter: an article about his case got the attention of film-makers laura ricciardi and maura redemos. >> it really was a question of how is the american criminal justice system functioning? is it delivering promises of truth and justice and we thought steven avery would be an amazing window through which to look at the system >> reporter: documentary casts doubt on some of the evidence used to convict avery in his
7:32 am
confession by avery's 16-year-old nepheww co-defendant brandon dassey. >> who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell that is? >> i didn't think of it. >> reporter: >> one of avery's attorneys at the murder trial tried to show he was framed by local law enforcement. >> a system that hall loud list conviction on this evidence was a system that did not do honor to the basic precept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> it ended the hands -- >> the case's prosecutor says the series left out significant evidence against avery that was included in the trial saying in part that any claim avery was framed, quote, is irresponsible and inconsistent with the consideration o o all the evidence presented. "making a murderer" comes on the
7:33 am
after renewed interest including the podcast a court allowed adnan say yesterday to present evidence from a new subject and "jinx" subject robert durst was arrested for murder 15 years after the crime. his attorney say durst is not guilty n.avery's case the film-makers support any steps to bring justice and closure, particularly for the woman who was murdered. >> our goal going in was always to start a die loss, and i'm sure, you know, a piece off that dialogue is people's desire to have more information about what happened to theresa h ha lback, and if somebody finds more information, i think that's a good thing. i think that's what she deer is sglfs so far all of avery's appeals at the state level have been denied. the maniwak county sheriff's department says the documentary is one-sided. >> haven't even heard about this
7:34 am
>> december 18th, came out on netflix, all the rage. >> people say it's just captivating to watch. >> it really is, and it makes you question did the justice system really fail in this case, and we're going to be hearing from the film-makers coming up a little bit later. >> that's right. they are coming on ve, and they have a piece of news tied to the case so followers of this story will be interested in. meantime, carson is over in the are original room and this has a whole online life. >> as you said yesterday, there's ten episodes of this on netflix. i watched the first one and so much going on in episode one you're like where can this thing possibly go? you're right, a lot of people and celebrities are captivated by the show as well. taking to twitter. ricky gervais, never mind an emmy or an oscar, "making a murderer "deserves a nobel prize, the greatest documentary i've said. zach braff saiai don't start unless you've got ten hours free. don't throw anything at your tv in frustration. debra mussing adding, alec baldwin, thank you for the
7:35 am
"making a murderer" is incredible. only on second episode. binge begins. that's for sure. if you have time, dive in now. everybody is talking about it. >> i'm tempted. >> carson, you got me on "serial" last year. >> we'll see. >> al, talking about the weather. >> talking about el nino. this el nino is going to be tied for the strongest record, '97 and '98 was the strongest so far the jet stream has been up to the north where they have seen a lot of storms and now it's becoming more of a signature el nino, so stormy weather for southern california and the southwest where right now we have 14 million people under flash flood watches. anaheim anaheim, big sur and san diego and as we widen it out you can see winter storms, 3 million people from california to new mexico under some winter storm warning. we've warnings in the sierra mountains. this storm pushes in a lot of
7:36 am
cause flooding and debris flow and big problems, talking feet of snow for the sierra and other high peaks which is great news for the snow pack but the flood pack is going to be a big problem 4, to 5 inches locally in the valleys and foothills and debris and rock slides at rick for high what 1, a big, big interchange there, and then look at the snow. upwards of 2 feet or more in the sierra mountain travel and chain restrictions will be in restrictions will be in restrictions will be in restrictions will be in restrictions will be in regreenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 44. northeastwinds of 5-10. the mountainswill be sunny, cold and breezy, a high of 39. northwest winds at5-10+. cold temperatures willefelt again tonight. asheville,hendersonville will drop to 17 >> and that's your latest weather.
7:37 am
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he wants to build a robot or ai as he calls it to run his home. >> the facebook founder says he'll start by exploring technology that's already the there, and that's exactly what nbc's olivia sterns is doing. she's at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas. olivia, al i'm surprised hasn't tackled you to try to get this assignment. he loves this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, here in las vegas the future is now. over the next few days more than 150,000 people will come streaming through the halls exploring 3,500 exhibits all showcasing the latest and greatest in technology, many of them introducing new products that promise to save you time and make your life just a little bit easier. from the front seat to your front door, the smart light is upon us. ideas that were once just for the movies. >> welcome home. >> reporter: are now reality.
7:42 am
family robot. say hi. >> reporter: imagine walking in the front door and being greeted by gebo. >> welcome home, eric. >> reporter: a new personal robot that can take pictures, read stories and maybe even bring the whole family together. hitting the c & e s floor today, or if you're looking for a programmable pet there's chip, a new type of family dog. it all comes on the heels of facebook founder mark zuckerberg's announcement that he'll spend 2016 building his own artificially intelligence personal assistant, one that can recognize his voice, control the lights in his home, even help him look after his new daughter. think jarvis from "iron man. ". >> the jarvis, are you up? >> reporter: industry insiders say this technology isn't for everyone, but for some the future is already here. >> how many tablespoons are in 3/4 cup? >> reporter: amazon's echo, a voice-commanded device was one of the company's top selling
7:43 am
tesla creator elon mufrks along with other tech entrepreneurs, recently invested $1 billion to create a nonprofit devoted to ai research. experts say artificial intelligence advances will touch nearly every aspect of daily life by 2025. while one poll says 51% of people agree that smart home technology will improve the quality of theirly. as for the robots hitting the road, bmw gave us an exclusive first look at think new concept cars, including a new feature called the mobility mirror. hang it up at home and see what your day looks like all while your car is warming up. >> here you can see my whole route if i was linda, first drop amy at school, buy flowers for anna and then i end up at work in an hour and a half. >> reporter: and since it's also connected to your smartwatch it can simply park with the flick of a risk. >> it's very easy, just doing a forehand into the parking space.
7:44 am
technologies all promising to make your household run a little more smoothly. for most of us the biggest challenge will be learning how these devices work and actually getting the software to talk to the existing products in your home but everybody here promises me everything is actually getting easier to use, and i can say it was actually quite a breeze just parking that beamer. >> that is cool. olivia, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all good until you have to reboot your home. >> don't call them hal, whatever you did. >> just did the creeping line from that movie. >> no, i can't do that, dave. >> just ahead -- >> i thought you had a truce on "pop start." >> the new war that ellen when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. but mostly, just play.
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at 757... breaking news in theatlanta area.... the hostagesituation at a motel near decatur is over... according to wxia tv.... thesituation ended when the suspect....who was holding up to11 children hostage......... stabbed himsein the neck. he is being transported to the hospital icritical condition. the childrenand the woman who called authorites about the sitation .....are okay. police say the situation began around 2 a.m. inside the rite4us inn & suites near interstate 20 and wesley chapel road in the decatur was a reported as a domestic dispute. several accidents on woodruff road blocking traffic mainlyaround i-385. and in simpsonville one on harrison bridge road at harrison oaksdrive. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and coldseveral accidents on woodruff road blocking traffic mainly around i-385. and in
7:52 am
greenville, spartanburg, derson will be sunny and cold today, high of 44. northeastwinds of 5-10. the mountainsnswill be sunny, cold and breezy, a high of 39. northwest winds at5-10+. cold temperatures will befelt again tonight. asheville,hendersonville will drop to7overnight, the upstate will dropto 23, northeast winds at 4-6.highs on wednesday of 44 to 4744. northeast winds of 5-10. thmountains will be sunny, cold and breezy, a high of 39. northwest winds at 5-10+. coldtemperatures will be felt ain tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 17overnight, the upstate will dropto 23, northeast winds at 4-6
7:53 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, digital dilemma. do the photos you post online belong to you, or are they fair game? we'll meet one blogger who found pictures of her kids being used on websites without her permission. what can be done to stop it from happening to you? then, where we belong. >> some people risk a lot, but they ended up exactly where they were meant to be, and if there's a voice inside of you talking to you, pay attention. >> hoda stops by with the preview of her new book that chronicles ordinary people who found extraordinary happiness by simply following that little voice in their head. i'm still jenny from the block plus, she's still jenny from the block. more of natalie's revealing conversation with jennifer lopez. >> is been a learning curve. i mean, i've had some great
7:54 am
>> and we'll catch up with kirstie alley as he gets honest about her ongoing fight to stay lean and healthy. today, tuesday, january 5th, 2016. >> we're from sprirs, arizona. >> and it's my 19th birthday. >> happy birthday, mom in, dallas, texas. i love >> you celebrateing 21 years. >> we're from morgantown, west virginia. let's go moununineers! >> we got t.good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." oh, my goodness. >> can i just say something. i really like you, i really do. >> hug me tighter. >> it's freezing out here. >> it is freezing. >> can i also say y is morning, al going outside.
7:55 am
he says i've got this little puffer vest. this doesn't faze al, it's nothing. >> i'm wearing the matt lauer collection. >> seeing how cold he can get. one of the busiest men in all of show business, ryan seacrest is here talking about the 15th and final season of "american idol." ahead of it premiere tomorrow night. we love ryan around her. >> first to natalie. she's inside, lucky girl. come here. we'll snuggle up. >> your blood is thin from l.a. >> that's an l.a. jacket. >> come on in and warm up inside, guys w.less than a monon to the iowa caucus has donald trump holding on to his huge lead. the nbc survey monkey online poll shows trump with 35%, nearly doubling texas senator ted cruz and half of trump supporters are absolutely certain they will vote for him.
7:56 am
in massachusetts hon monday. trump jokes the protesters escorted out reminded him of hillary clinton, no energy, no stamina, no strength and the poll also has hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 17 point nationwide. former president bill clinton made his solo 2016 campaign monday working for votes for his wife in new hampshire. he refused to mention donald trump by name, but he did criticize his plans to bar muslims from entering the country. hillary clinton, who is in iowa today, accused trump of living in his, quote, alternate reality. texts are rising in the middle east fueled by saudi arabia's decision to cut ties with iran and the saudi's execution of a popular cleric. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more on that. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morninin natalie. by executing that shiite cleric who was a critic of the saudi royal family, saudi arabia was sending a message, that it won't accept protests. it won't accept unrest, and it
7:57 am
influence in the country, but it also triggered a major diplomatic backlash. >> it's the worst or at least the most public crisis between saudi arabia, its alice and iran in decades, and a major setback for the white house which has been pushing for unity in the fight against isis. >> we're urging all sides to show some restraint. and to not further inflame tensions that are on display in the region. >> we reiterate the need for leaders throughout the region to redoubling efforts at de-escalating tensions. >> it's falling on dev eve after saudi arabia executed the opposition shiite cleric and protesters in iran attacked the saudi embassy. saudi arabia and allies bahrain, sudan, the uae and today kuwait have all cut orr downgraded diplomatic ties with iran.
7:58 am
war? unlikely, experts say, but the two nations are already backing opposing sides in the wars in yemen, and syria. who benefits from the rising tension? isis. saudi arabia and iran, both middle east powerhouses, would need to cooperate to stop the war in syria and thereby stop isis. but in the middle east now there seems more will to squabble with each other than to fight against a common enemy. washington would like nothing more than to put this crisis behind the two countries behind everyone and get all sides focused on fighting isis, but, unfortunately, natalie, that's not happening right now. >> real flashpoint there in the middle east. richard engel in istanbul. thank you, guys you're up to date now. >> all right. let's turn to a interabouting story. probably post picicres of your kids online sometimes but did you ever stop and think where
7:59 am
a blogger from texas fighting back after discovering her photos were being used on other websites without her permission. hoda is here with more that have. >> to post or not to post, question for the digital age. a lot of minelials may not think twice about it, but when it comes to parents and kids, it's a whole other ball game. >> repororr: it was an image jennifer never expected to see. her children, a part of a lovely family, on a fan website for "scandal." >> i thought it was kind of funny and creative but at the same time, you know, i was like oh, goodness, my kids' faces are out there. >> reporter: jen save a proud mom of two adorable kids and writes about them in her blog, not the first time pictures of her kids were used without permission. >> a stock photo with a picture of my family and a fluch flyer, someone e-mailed me in south
8:00 am
of a flyer at their church, a picture of my family on it. >> reporter: jennifer is not alone. this dad's fun picture with his son went viral seen by millions around the world, even edited. another family discovered their kids in analed promoting malaysian tourism, all without permission. we live in a world where information and images can be shared instantly. >> there's a vast sort of infinite warehouse of imagery that people have become used to searching and using as they will. people feel entitled now that anything that exists on the web in some sense belongs to them. >> so what can you do to make sure this doesn't happen to you? experts say once you take a photo you own it, and you can take steps to help prevent someone else from using it. limit postings to social media sites with privacy settings like facebook or instagram. you can right click and disable the save function on images you post and search google to find
8:01 am
request they take it down. most sites do it quickly. jennifer says that strategy has always worked for her. bottom line, it's still the wild west online, and some experts say the only way to win the game is not to play. >> people should always be aware that anything you post online could potentially fall into the wrong hands or not even necessarily the wrong hands. people could also just very innocently see it and say oh, i like that. i want to the do something with that. >> sharing feltos can help you stay in touch and see your loved ones growth. jennifer won't stop, but she hopes that just by sharing her story she can help others. >> maybe we just need more awareness of what you should and shouldn't do, especially with other people's pictures of their kids. >> something all parents need and all of us need to think about. the rule of thumb, when you're posting something on instagram, think about you have to really want to post it.
8:02 am
to post, put it on my instagram account and then bam. no, not that one. nobody wants that pic. >> going to the salon after this. >> you got t.bam. >> all right, guys. >> nothing we haven't seen before, right? >> coming up, more of natalie's revealing conversation with jennifer lopez. this morning her beauty secrets. what life has taught her about happiness and love and the end of "american idol." speaking of that, ryan seacrest is here with his thoughts, and he'll help us out to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? hoho'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes.
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ladies and gentlemen, 8:14, put your hands together for ryan seacrest. >> yeah. >> good morning, good morning. happy new year. >> a lot of guys around this table. >> you know what we're doing here? >> no. that's the way i like it. >> perfect. >> we do it every day this time. >> talk about the items that are trending. anybody here ever take part in dry january? >> no. >> i thought about it this january. i need it. >> i think we all say we're going to. >> and by today or tomorrow we quit. >> i call it dryish january, a littleleore dry than december.
8:08 am
january and then i'm usually off it. any way, a term used when you abstain from january for the entire month of the first month of the new year and there are some pros and cons in partaking. okay. here you go. pros. it can help you lose weight. taking a break from alcohol revitalizes your liver, carson. >> boring. >> or you sleep better when you abstain from alcohol. ryan, you ready for some of the cons. >> i can't imagine what the cons are. >> cutting out alcohol cold turkey can actually increase the consumption once that month has ended because you make up for it. >> pregnancy does that, too. just a little tip from me to you. >> one month doesn't make the health benefits last. you should take regular breaks from drinking. what is an appropriate amount of drinking in your opinion? >> for what period of time. >> for people who work like us? >> start at 5:15 and finish by 6:14. >> do you have a drink a night, a glass of red wine? >> savannah and i mission four
8:09 am
friday, saturday, sunday. >> carson? >> i'll have that glass of wine while i'm trying to figure out what cocktail i'm going to order. >> enough said. >> now on to something that's already a bit of a relic, a pay phone. want to show you an almost live shot of it. there it is. 48th street, a pay phone people. honestly, there still are some and if you don't know what this is, you used to use it to make phone calls with a dime or a quarter. >> when is the last time you used a pay phone. >> >> i just text, matt. >> in new york city they have decided once and for all to get rid of the pay phones and convert them into way if i hot spots. 7,500 hot spots will be up and running early next year. the wi-fi will be free to the public. now how many stories have we done, matt, where it says never join the free public wi-fi? >> what are they saying on that? >> what do we do in. >> the city says information could be harvested for advertising. >> there you go. >> the data will remain
8:10 am
you feel better? >> i go for a charging station. >> that's a good idea. >> but then have you to stand there. >> and there will be charging stations. >> ryan would look like a guy who would have had one of the first shoe phones like maxwell phone. >> i did have the gord owen gecko brick phone. >> felt cool with that. >> time to get the scoop on "american idol" from ryan and el help back to her old antics in the new year. >> let's do it. "american idol," 15th and final season, unbelievable. chat with you about that. it's become a huge part of american couple tour. that is for sure. we hear that this week we've got a rapper from chicago. >> yeah. this guy that may have a bright future comes in. his wife who is pregnant is standing outside the door and he went for the audition. >> okay. let's take a look at that. >> what are you going to do for us today? >> i just wanted to do something original.
8:11 am
from what i heard you got a baby by busta i don't care what none of you all say i still love "idol." >> you're good. >> he gets to go to vegas. >> first "american idol" and then presidents maybe. what does it feel like for you, what a huge part of your life. >> i can't imagine life without going on the auditions every summer and doing the shows for months afterwards. >> what will you do? >> i don't know. i'm looking for something. rrm actually, speaking of what will i do, just sort of thinking about that last episode, the last night, the final time we crown a winner and how emotional that will be. i love this show. i really love what it did and does and did for me too. >> you don't have to be dip matic. in your opinion who is the biggest star who came out of the show, carrie underwood?
8:12 am
>> kell, too, but i just was on newyear's with carrie and she's a superstar, she really is. so i take carrie. >> can you tell in the auditions, i mean, if you were keeping your own secret babaot at home this person is going. >> initially i couldn't, but after all the however many people we see i can now. >> yeah. >> and i'm pretty in tune with what the judges think. either have it our don't. >> what more can we look forward to in the final season? >> we're going to bring back -- we've invited all the original judges to come back. >> that's fun. >> show that will be a lot of fun. also slom of the past winners will come, too. we'll be focusing on the competition but also nostalgia. >> so many judges coming and going, did you ever think in 15 years not thinking of doing it. ever a season where they maybe lost you as a host? >> never ever. it's so great for me. i can say it now. i couldn't havav said it then. >> everybody talks about the judgments, but i think, you, my friend, are one of those people underappreciated on that show because you are the glue that hold them all together. >> thank you very much.
8:13 am
>> kudos. >> and not just hosting, produces and makes all his hone clothes literally, the clothing line. really done amazing things. congratulations. >> and rio with us. >> fun coming up. >> one more item here in "pop start." ellen degeneres, a new year and ellen that means a whole new slate. last year there was a series of pranks, you'll recall with ellen and matt and the two had come to whwh we thought was a truce but it appears maybe ellen has broken that truce. take a look. >> i made a resolution in 2015 i was not going to mess with matt lauer anymore and instead i'm shoal you this clip of him interviewing ideal. hello from the other side >> i never said this to a woman sitting across from me but can i hold your hand for a second. can i see the other.
8:14 am
just like that. what are you going to do now? >> i have no idea. i'm going back to billboards apparently. i'lling if something out. >> the cutaway of her face. they find those moments. >> i think i actually asked her a really weird question. >> was the hand thing real. >> i did ask to hold her hand to see tattoo she has of her child. >> like what is that moisturizer? >> that's the "pop start." good to seestart." good to seestart." good to seestart."
8:15 am
>> and that is your latest ather. >> by the way, ryan's got yet another project. he's the ep, executive producer, he's got "american idol" and also "shades of blue." you talked to jennifer lopez the star. >> great new show starring jennifer lopez, of course, and opened up about the impact on her career and what she's learned about love through the years and her new show as we mentioned right here hon nbc. >> provided your cooperation leads to convictions we'll grant you full immunity and even recommend that you keep your pension. >> want to throw had a little something to sweeten the pot, say my self-respect. >> jennifer lopez stars in the new nbc drama "shades of blue." >> how do you like jumpsuits? >> you have no idea what it takes to be a good cop. >> i found it very difficult to play harley because she lies a lot, and it made me realize what it would be like to live had a life where you're kind of living a double life and lying all the time.
8:16 am
santos, a single mother and brooklyn detective who becomes an fbi informant against her own unit. >> grit, intense, the choices she makes to be able to help her daughter go to college and do what single moms do and the sacrifices. >> absolutely. her motivation is totally clear. >> yeah. >> i'm going to do whatever i have to to protect my daughter and be with my daughter and make sure she sees okay and safe. what she does to do that is super, you know, kind of controversial. it was challenging. it was great for me as an actress to come back and do something like that. >> the role comes as lopez says farewell on the final season. "american idol" this year. >> this is how you slow dance. >> oh, sorry. >> i imagine this has to be bittersweet. >> i had had a moment where i really realized like, wow, this is it. it's over. it's been a big part of my life and a very special part of my life. >> from television and film to music, to fashion, lopez has
8:17 am
reported $300 million. you seem to have it all now. i think the one area that you said you've struggled in the past was your love life. >> yeah. >> do you have any regrets? >> no. >> are you happy now where you are? >> i am happy. i'm happy now because i feel like with or without a relationship i'm happy. someone can add to your happiness, but that's not what's going to make you happy and hi to get happy on my own. it's been a learning curve. i've had some great loves and i'm sure i'll have more. >> do you ever see yourself getting married again? >> maine. i love getting married. i really want to get married in a church with a big dress. >> reporter: and at 46 lopez looks nothing less than flawless. you seem to reverse age, if that's even possible. >> thank you. >> i mean, you look more stunningly beautiful now than you've ever looked. >> thank you. >> what are your secrets? >> i never took sun when i was younger, i wasn't a drink, didn't smoke, but i feel like at the core it's how you feel
8:18 am
kind of shows on your face, and i always used to hear this saying like until you're about 25 or 30 you get the face that god gave you and after that you get the face that you deserve, and i always kind of thought, well, i better be nice. >> the once fly girl continues to break down barriers for women. you've created such an incredible empire and you've really been such a ground breaker for so many women, latinas also. what do you think your legacy will be? >> i hope that it's that you can do whatever you want to do, that -- don't let people put you in a box because of your race or your gender or your age. you can do whatever you want. >> she can do whatever she wants. girl crush for all of us, right. >> but you heard the secrets for how she looks so amaze. she doesn't drink, guys, doesn't touch alcohol. >> la, la, la, la, la.
8:19 am
of blue" 10:00 p.m. thursday8:27 an update to our breakingnews out of georgia this morning. the hostage situationat a motel near decatur isover... according to wxia tv.... thesituation ended when the suspect....who was holding up to11 children hostage......... stabbed himselfin the neck. he is being transported to the hospital incritical condition. the childrenand the woman who called authorites about the sitation .....are okay. police say the situation began around 2 a.m inde the e4us i & suites near interstat20 and wesleychapel road inhe decatur areait was a reported as a domestic dispute.
8:20 am
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unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or blding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us.
8:22 am
we're back now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's 5th of january, 2016. >> where is everybody else? >> and this is what it's come down, to me, al, and about a dozen people. >> it's so cold. >> the reason it's thin out here is because it's cold. >> we're sorry. >> it's so cold. >> we were geared up. >> what were you doing? >> what were you doing? >> we were talking about how cold it is and all of a sudden i heard you say welcome back, everybody and we better get out. >> every day this time we get out and start this half hour. nice to have you with us.
8:23 am
coming up, a success story all on her own. hoda stopped by and talking about the release of her third book chronicling the bold move of ordinary people in their pursuit of happiness. >> plus, we're catching up with one of our favorites around here, kirstie alley who is here. she looks better than ever. >> awesome. >> unbelievable. first, al, a check of your forecast. we'll stay for the whole thing. >> will you really? >> no. >> i didn't think so. >> let's show you what's happening for today. it's going to be a snowy, wetty -- snowy wet day out west and an icy mix in northern texas. look for brutally cold temperatures great lakes and the northeast and the mid-atlantic coast. snow in the upper great lakes and wet weather down through texas. look at how that expangs of snow back through the cascades, the rockies and the inner mountain region and the forecast for the golden globes. sunday, 3:00. 12 pacific time, partly sunny and 55.
8:24 am
the thing, partly cloudy. temperature of 64. it looks like it should be dry for all the famous people walking the red carpet. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- what's happening -- what's happening --greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and coldtoday, high of 44. northeastwinds of 5-10. the mountains will be sunny, cold and breezy,a high of 39. northwest winds a5-10+. cold temperatures will befelt again tonight. ashevillehendersonville will drop to 17overnight, the upstate will drop >> and that is your latest weather. savannah. i'm going to join you. >> come on down, al. it's nice and toasty in here. it is day two of our month long start today series to help you kick off the new year right and this morning we're talking to
8:25 am
in 2016. jenna bush hager is here to take the journey with us. and we're going to leave those executions behind, really in. >> i'm going to try. >> bub i'm tired. >> but i have two kids. >> yes. >> you know what it's like as a new mom. seems like you never have time to get to the gym so instead of simply resolving to lose weight which i promise myself i'll never do again i'm spending the month talking with the best and the brightest in the fitness world about how to get in shape and state motivated. >> when it comes to getting into shape, it's often the excuses, not the pounds, that weigh us down the most. as much as i try to get to the gym, these two little ones make my goal of getting there a little harder. so as a start today rookie i needed a guru and who better than a fellow mom and a fellow jenna, wolf, that is. last january she helped self-proclaimed jim hater and
8:26 am
pounds, with some sweat and four guidelines. drink 20 sips of water in the morning, start a food diery. walk 10,000 steps a day and cut simple carbs after 6:00 p.m. tips that are now in jenna's new book, "thinner in 30" inspired by her own quest to lose weight after becoming a mom. >> i looked in the mirror and it was an unrecognizable person. i was always of the mindset, i'll lose all the weight in one day and get right back in shape in one day and now for the first time it wasn't going to happen in one day, it was going to take time. >> after the second baby i have no time so i feel like change is scary and i feel like a lot of moms probably feel that way. a lot of people probably feel that way >> it's terrifying. it's absolutely terrifying. we fail to remember that we didn't gain all this weight in a day. we can't lose all the weight in a day >> so she came up with the book "30 day plan," one simple change each day which i got a sample of. show yourself. it's possible to move when you
8:27 am
gym, whatever it is, can you do it on an airplane. >> even in an elevator. >> hopefully nobody enters. >> we eat fast. we move foot of. i want you to spend this month chewing each bite of food 20 times. now your appetite is catching up to where your brain is and you're realizing you're full because you'll save calories per meal. >> if i thought jenna wolfe will let me escape with some food-chewing dips i was sorely mistaken. here's the deal. those are the first couple of tips. we'll jump ahead and change ten is to do a 20-minute workout three times a week. >> one of my excuses, and i've told you this. i don't have the time. i'm overwhelmed. i'm going back to work. i have these two kids. what do i do. give 20 minutes, even when your baby is taking a nap. >> even when your baby is taking a nap. >> hold that stomach nice and tight. engage your core. is. up.
8:28 am
>> looks had a little strange. >> nine, nine. >> why do you say nine twice? >> right where momma made me. >> this is the jenna before and after. >> got to find a way to do as much as can you with the life that you currently have, and if it means working out on the go or while you're warming a baby bottle up or doing laundry, whatever it is. if you can do three minutes at a time a couple times a day, still 1,000 times better than doing nothing. >> i love the slow-mo workout shoots. jenna squeeze your glutes many with us and author the "thinner 30". >> and to our other 30. >> this jenna needs to squeeze her abs hager. >> it's a great tip for everybody. >> both of you, me, too, all had babies and then you find yourself trying to get back into shape. what was the hardest for you, jenna, because we all thought you came back and looked like you always do in. >> no heard.
8:29 am
combining the way you eat and move. it's not one or the other. it's one and the other. >> someone says it takes nine months to put it on. takes nine months to take it off. >> pommy is four months. trying to figure out how to be a mom which jenna gave me advice on, how to be a mom for two and still take care of myself and that's okay. she says you've got to put yourself first and that's a hard thing to do. >> recently found out that some people have three babies which i can't even imagine. two is driving us up the wall, but you have to work with what you have. >> got three takeaways. >> that's what you need to work with. i narrowed it all down to three good takeaways of number one is reward yourself. a great way to do things. make a deal with yourself. if i skip dessert three times this week or if i get to the gym four times this week or if i do 100 push-ups in a day i'll get a non-food-based reward, a ma sam, ipod that i wanted to buy, something i don't really afford. studies show if you make a deal burst, if you reward yourself with things, you're more anti-to go out and do it and work out and do the things you wanted to
8:30 am
>> do you have another one? >> yes, the second tip. super strict planning. open up the phone, meeting, take the kids to school, conference calls. put workout in there. want to hang out at 3:00, have something at 3:00. that's when you'll work out. stick to it and you'll do it. >> lastly? >> anything is better than nothing. five minutes over the course of a couple of times a day like we talked about in the piece. if you don't have 60 minutes a day, better than nothing and when you get to the day when you do have a full 60 minutes you're not having to start from scratch. do these three things a lot with everything else in the book and i promise you you'll get healthy. >> a bagel for breakfast, day's over. i'll just start january 1st. >> and i would reward myself with a big thing of ice cream. not the thing. >> non-food-based. >> jenna bush hager. >> jenna wolf, author of "thinner 30" and get more advice on and tomorrow ways
8:31 am
and coming up, hoda, and her new labor of love. might inspire you to make a change. and kirstie alley here with a beautiful new figure to show
8:32 am
this is "today" on nbc. all right. we are back celebrating a big day for our friend hoda. the release of her third book. >> third book, wow. it's called "where we belong" pand hoda along with co-author jane lorenzi found order people who achieved extraordinary success by listening it that little voice in their heads. hoda, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, realizings that i'm wearing a similar outfit. this must be my go-to dress. >> exactly. >> what i loved about each and every story in this book is the courage people had to switch giarrusso we're going to tell you a story of a couple who took a sharp turn at age 51
8:33 am
if you don't like how things are done, change it. you're not a tree. you have the ability to totally transformer area in your life, and it all begins with your very own power of choice. this is a book about people who make choices. they said, you know what. i'm actually going to shift everything and try to go this way, and i think because the path of least resistance is the easiest way tonight. i think these people are braver than that. so when i met the couple who adopted kids later in life, you think, wow, maybe that's something. like they did that and they say they couldn't imagine what their life was like before that. >> this whole notion of being a father was something that i had considered but i had considered it in a negative sense, that it was just something i wasn't going to do because i didn't think i was suited for it, and so for me to be able to look over the fence at a place like haiti and consider this idea of
8:34 am
radical departure from what i thought was my normal or what i wanted. i remember walk into my very first orphanage. when i was in the midst of that orphanage and then even walking away from that orphanage there was this -- this -- this voice, this thing saying do something. now, at the time i wasn't exactly sure what the something was, but the obvious do something was to adopt one or two or in our case three of these children. >> i believe that we are exactly where we belong. this -- everything in my past, in craig's past, even in our children's past, was shaped for where we are right now. >> i like living here because i have a loving family, a brother,
8:35 am
>> an orphanage and a home is really different. here you get to experience, you know, love with your family, and they are always building you up. >> i'm thankful for a roof over my head, loving and giving family. a brother and sister, mom and dad, and -- and all the support i get. >> when you watch these people and what they have done with their lives and the risks they have taken, you realize that sometimes it's high-risk, high reward, you know. some people risk a lot, but they ended up exactly where they were meant to be. if there's a voice inside of you talking to you, pay attention. pay attention. >> and the cool thing, you guys, about everybody in this book, some are everyday people like the juntenuns and some celebrities and they all took a ring. you all want to change things and it makes you feel that way. >> we all think about it. >> yeah. >> and just to actually get off your butt and do it takes, as
8:36 am
>> it does. >> hand a lot of people are changing jobs, and they said if you're afraid to switch jobs because you have a mortgage and all these things they said put 10% of your time and 10% of your money towards the thing you love, and little by little y y might be able to head in that direction but you can put your toe in the water. >> what is the voice in my head saying right now. >>on't drink. >> take a drink! mr. >> thank you, hoda. >> congrats on the book. again it's called "where we belong. "up next, a return to where everybody knows her name. we're going to talk to kirstie alley about her personal achievement that led to a mini
8:37 am
this is "today" on nbc. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it.
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if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. 8:47. we're back with emmy winning actress kirsty ally. since her breakout role on "cheers" three decades ago, she's been a very familiar face on television and in the movies. she's also waged a very public
8:39 am
struggle she is now winning. kirstie, good morning, happy new year. >> good morning. >> you know you were here exactly a year ago today. >> try to come and visit you every year. >> every january of every year. >> let me remind you what we talked about this time last year. i'm afraid. >> did you make a new year's resolution for 2015? >> well, i have a lot of resolutions. >> any that you can share with us? >> yeah. well, i'd like to hook it up. >> what? >> are there any that you can share with us? >> yeah, yeah, you have it down there. kirstie wants to hook up in -- oak come on, matt. >> well, we'll see you in a year and see how that went. >> i -- i think in 2016 i'm just going to say different things. >> you don't even remember saying, that do you? >> i don't. and i'm going why did i say that? >> interesting, normally we say did you keepour new year's resolution?
8:40 am
>> we'll talk about the second. how are you feeling? >> i feel -- i feel really good. i have a lot of great things going on in my life, and -- and i've managed to keep the weight off and that's a good thing. >> i was looking back at some of the interviews we've done in the past and i always seem to ask you when you're here, you say you've kept it off now. >> yeah. >> and then you always seem to have some kind of struggle, just like millions of americans. >> that's because you're the devil's advocate. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> so i'm the cause of the roller coaster. >> you really were the person that made me gain weight. >> that's not true. >> i'm just saying, you know, if you could just come along on my team and say i know you're going to keep this off forever. >> i know you. >> there's matt i love. >> i have absolutely confidence that this will be permanent. >> i sort of feel the same way. >> what's worked this time? >> well, it was a combination of things. what i realized about myselfsy really need to be held
8:41 am
i have a tendency to go sort of wild. food is one of those things where i can go sort of wild so i'm a spokesperson for jenny craig. >> right. >> and when you do jenny craig everybody gets a personal consultant, everyone, and just that going in every week, hi, weighing in and having some accountability is the big secret for me. >> success is such a motivator, i would imagine. >> yes. >> one of the things i've noticed on air is you've got a great new commercial. "cheers" by the way, may have told you once or twice, one of my favorite sgloes sglok and there's a mini reunion. >> 50 pounds down thanks to jenny crowd. >> last time i saw a beauty like you -- i was -- >> dreaming. >> yeah, i was dreaming. >> and i love the yummy food. i don't have to count, track or wory. >> speaking of counting --
8:42 am
>> so good to see cliffy and norm back. was it fun to do it? >> oh, it was -- it was amazing. it was a combination of things. when the jenny craig people asked me would i do this, i said, well, yeah, i'd do it, but is the set going to look real and they assured me it were lock fantastic. when we walked only the set it was like a cross between "the twilight zone" and were in a time machine, you know, and to see the guys sitting there just as funny as are and i'm sort of the straight man in the commercial but that's okay. they get the jokes, and they should, but, i mean, it was like we were right back in it. in fact, i thought why don't we just do this again. >> i hope you do it again. >> it would be fun. >> you look great. >> what's your resolution now for 2016 that i can hold you to this time next year? >> i'll tell you more what have it isn't. for some reason i lost haul this weight, lost 50 pounds and this year i've been offered three
8:43 am
three roles. now dish didn't do nudity what i what is 28 and i won't do nudity now. i think that's sort of supposed to be a comedy bit. i was sort of nude in a hot turks i said i wasn't going to be and then you know, the pasties float off and i'm nude in the hot tub so i think i don't want to do porn or nudity in 2016. that's my goal. >> note to self. ask the resolution question higher up next time. >> yeah, yeah. >> kirstie, great to see you. >> happy new year. >> thank you. >> by the way, she will be back a little later on withcalitiy lee and hoda. >> yeah. next an exclusive announcement from the women behind the popular net. its documentary "making a murderer "but first, this is "today" on nbc. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
8:44 am
all right. we're back now. it's 8:54. got an exclusive announcement from the film-makers behind this latest binge-watching craze, the netflix original documentary called "making a murderer." >> the series follows the case of steven avery, a man released from prison in 2003 after being exonerated for a sexual assault and years later arrested again and convicted of murdering a 25-year-old woman. well, the women behind this documentary laura ricciardi and moira demos are here and have
8:45 am
many people are on the edge of their seats and i understand you have news about one of the jurors that contacted them by murderer. >> contacted by one of the jurors who sat during steven avery's trial and told us their belief steven avery was not proven guilty and bleach he was framed by law enforcement and that he deserves a new trial and that if he receives a new trial in their opinion it should take place far away from wisconsin. >> this is a juror who obviously voted to convict initially. >> yeah. >> we asked this person show explain what happened. why did you cast your vote for guilty, and what they told us was that they feared for their personal safety. >> wow. >> you're going to come back and talk more about this in our next hour, but before we get to that, are you surprised at the reaction to these ten parts of this documentary? >> i mean, it's certainly more than we could ever have dreamed of.
8:46 am
try to start a dialogue, and the fact that so many people are talking is just thrilling. >> wow. that juror be willing to testify else? have you told us that? >> this juror said that they have been open about what they told us a a that if someone were to ask that they would admit to >> yeah. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
8:47 am
before pelham road is slowing traffic. one lane is closed.expect delays if you are leavingnow. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 44. northeast winds of 5-10. the mountainswill be sunny, cold and breezya high of 39. northwest winds at5-10+. cold temperatures will bfelt again tonight. asheville,hendersonville will drop to 17overnight, the upstate will dropto 23, northeast winds at 4-6.highs on wednesday of 44 to 47in the region under sunny skies.more clouds on thursday with anisolated shower, showers likely friday.
8:48 am
anderson will be sunny and coldtoday, high of 44. northeast >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, host of "american idol," ryan seacrest. and from the new film, "the hateful eight," jennifer jason leigh. plus our viewers share their resolutions as we kick off our "new year, new you" series. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]
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