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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight some drivers are worried about their safety after a deadly week. good evening i'm rob williams. and just like that we've got developing news concerning this bridge... the victim in last night's deadly crash has been identified. police say 41- year old scott petredis was killed when 35-year old cory lippmeier rear- ended him around 9-30. this was the scene. lippmeier is now charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. incredibly... it follows this crash. the surveillance video we obtained of the car that
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lanier is along the shawn lanier: " there have been two fatal accidents on this bridge in just 6 days... and police say speed was a factor in the most recent one. and many drivers i spoke with today say that's why this bridge scares them. mike verax: "i don't even like to go across it." last week we saw a car get knocked off the bridge... and just yesterday this was the scene of another fatal combs hehl bridge... police say impairment and play a role, and many people who speed is always a mike verax: "majority of or 80 miles per hour." kristen mcdaniel: "sometimes i find myself speeding because across it." shawn lanier: "and so we the bridge to see how are going. designated 65 miles you see cars and
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only one thing they those drivers down. idea is to be seen and to deter speeding and then deter that further." but one driver doesn't believe the police are doing enough, and takes matters into his mike verax: "if i can avoid come down interstate 71" shawn lanier fox19 now. live now as we look live at the ohio river.. the boone county water rescue team says the current needs to be one- and-a-half miles per hour... to get that last night chief meteorologist happen till later in the week. steve it looks like you were right on the money.
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73-year old st. bernard man are in prison right now and will remain there for years to come. carl engel was inside his greenlee avenue home.. alone in march of last year... when he was robbed... and beaten to death. today the three suspects took plea deals in the case. first was james kirby. police say he was the main suspect... and knew engel. they say he had actually broken into engel's home just days before. he got 37 years. then came chasidy brewer. authorities say she was the lookout during the whole situation... at a park across the street. she apologized in court.. and was then slapped with 7 years in prison. and finally... mario lewis. he was the other person who police say was inside engel's home trying to steal money. he told the judge.. if it wasn't for him... the truth wouldn't have come out. he got 14 years. engel's daughter spoke in court too.. and described just how horrible the crime was. cynthia koehler says - "they ambushed him at the top of the steps with a soup can and a sock. they continued to
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they used things from the entire house. lamps, coffee pots, frying pans, etc. they robbed the house, took the phones and the keys so he had no way to save himself. they left the house after an amount of time we're not completely sure of. but it was about 2 hours they were in the house. my father laid there dying for another 3 hours. that we know of, from the pacemaker. because of the massive head wounds he suffered, we couldn't even give him a proper open casket." the grand total of what police say the suspects took? 400 dollars. now... 12 families are displaced after a fire in fairfied... this all happened around 10 this morning on woodstock drive.. that's when a plumbing company was installing a pump and hit a 2 inch steel gas line... sparking a fire. duke energy along with fairfield fire responded to the scene. no injuries were reported and the red cross is assisting the families displaced. tonight xavier fans are trying to
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heart breaking loss. "koenig's got it.. rises up... the shot.. and it's good! it's good! wisconsin has won it!" ugh.... our joe danneman just got back from st. louis about an hour ago.. joe.. such a sick feeling.. joe hplaz/vo makes you want to throw up or throw something. kind of like that. this is what we saw inside the xavier locker room. a team emotionally just beaten. such a sour taste that close to the sweet 16. no one made excuses - no one complained about a bad call or a bad break. they owned it. the best season in xavier history shot down by one of those march madness moments they'll show on tv for years. but... it hurts more here. in cincinnati - this is starting to feel like groundhog day. the emotional reaction now from xavier. remy abell: "it's over. i tried to leave everything i had in me out there on the court for my team. it's bad it had to come up short and end like that on a game-winner. hard, man. it's tough."
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this team had final 4 aspirations. how do you want this team to be remembered?" know, toughness. and, ever to come through xavier." this tweet today from xavier's edmond sumner thanking his senior teammates. saying quote - "i'm hurt it ended." joe and rob 2shot good perspective from xavier senior james farr. i wondered how you get over a moment like this - he said "you just wake up tomorrow and live." said if this won't be the worst thing that happens in his life. so which last second loss is the most heartbreaking to you?
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to pittsburgh in the first round of the play-offs? u-c's dunk not counting against st. joseph's? or the buzzer beater shot that is sending wisconsin to the sweet sixteen over xavier? we've got a poll going right now on our facebook page... it looks like you think that the benglas meltdown against the steelers was the most painful! weigh in right now!! a man stages a robbery at his house.. to try and scare his wife into moving into a town where the man wanted to be police chief. but it all goes wrong when the wife is killed. it made headlines in the tri-state more than 20 years ago... now the man.. this guy.. is back in the news.. we'll tell you why. and multiple bomb threats scrambled emergency vehicles to different schools... but there was one common theme that was not good news for the suspects... we'll tell you about that next. steve.. steve cam 4 you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by
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always home of the $24.99 oil change two men are
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in juvenile court today, accused of making threats against several cincinnati public schools. and now we've learned he has to return to court tomorrow.. because his parents didn't show up today! police picked the teen up in college hill early this morning after fox19 now.. and many others reported it to police. the post reads quote ""word, i'm finna gonna be the new osama. nobody come to school tomorrow." the student tagged, dater, west high, aiken and walnut hills. "this i believe was, almost certainly, a hoax. that being said, when lives ate at steak we have to take it very seriously." "the poser and the danger of social media is you have an immediate audience and so people knew about it right away
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it right away." now, cincinnati public schools were open today. the 15-year old student is being held on a felony charge of inducing panic right now... developing news following a fox19 now investigation. live pic we are live inside a local city council meeting.. where leaders are under fire for what some say they haven't done with millions of taxpayer dollars. we'll explain. roof cam and as we look live... we've got an update on your easter weekend forecast... stay right there...
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breaking now... a jury has reached a verdict on punitive damages in hulk hogan's lawsuit against gawker media. hogan has been awarded $25 million dollars, above the $115 million
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hogan sued the media site, its founder and former editor for posting two minutes of a sex tape featuring him, and his friend's wife back in 20-12. president obama's first full day in cuba is coming to an end. today the president began his day with a visit to the jose marti memoria, before meeting with cuban president raul castro. after the meeting castro said that relations could only be normalized when the embargos end and the u.s vacated guantanamo bay. "the embargo's going to end. when, i can't be entirely sure. but i believe it will end and the path that we're on will continue beyond my administration. ." president obama will attend a state dinner this evening. the president and his family will depart tomorrow afternoon. two men are charged tonight after a high speed chase ended with a crash in glendale. a sharonville police officer was investigating a possible theft in the 11-thousand
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road this morning... when the car took off. police say the car was going 100 miles per hour before going airborne.. slamming into a pole... and then running into a building near sharon road knocking out power in the area. both the driver of the car... and a passenger were sent to the hospital. their injuries not serious. a former springboro police lieutenant convicted back in 1995 in connection with his wife's death in a botched burglary... could be re-tried. authorities say thomas "jim" barton.. seen here in 1995.. paid to because an appeals evidence that could've helped his defense.. was and new tonight... the u-s supreme court won't hear the case.. which means prosecutors must either re-try barton or release him! fox19 now reached out to warren county prosecutor, david fornshell who said
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him assuming available. a cold spring councilwoman is tonight.. facing drug and assault charges. lisa cavanaugh and were arrested after officers domestic violence the mayor of cold now that the uncovered paraphernalia in their bedroom. both are charged with assault. both are due in kentucky law cavanaugh cannot be removed from council unless convicted of a felony. new video into the newsroom of that partially collapsed building in over- the-rhine. as you can see, the area is now blocked off as crews investigate what could have caused this building to crumble yesterday. this vacant building is located on walnut street near 13th. we'll keep you posted as we learn more information. . we might have answers tonight in a fox19 now investigation out of lawrenceburg...
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lawrenceburg city council meeting where the mayor is expected to lay out a plan to collect nearly 16 million taxpayer dollars--loaned out to private businesses there. our investigation found that nearly every loan is overdue. investigative reporter jody barr is nside this meeting--he'll have an update on our investigation, tonight at 10. time to check in with the tri-state's weather expert.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer.. tracking your forecast
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as the president tours cuba... we've learned about a very special connection the cincinnati reds have to that country. we'll go back in time tonight at 10. if you're one of the 250 million people who shops at amazonyou need to know about the mistake that could get your account canceled!
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and the easter bunny gets into a brawl with people at the mall! the shocking video.. and the story behind it.. at 10. a night of crime and drama on fox 19 now.. at eight... gotham is all new.. followed by lucifer at nine.. and then fox19 now at ten. after another heartbreaking loss - cincinnati sports fans are wondering if their city is cursed. joe d is just back from covering xavier in st. louis. joe cam 4 after the bengals - uc - and now xavier wonder about curses. i took that xavier's seniors. here his answer next.
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news concerning last night's deadly crash on the combs-hehl bridge. we have just received the mug shot of the man police say caused the crash. he is 35-year old cory lippmeier and he is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. police say lippmeier rear-ended 41- year old scott petredis on the bridge around 9-30 last night. petredis died. police believe impairment and speed were factors in the crash. sot "sports animation" joe hplaz/gfx the season is over
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but... this run could be just beginning. five of xavier's top six scorers can come back next season. the one question mark is jalen reynolds who told us about turning pro - quote - 'it's in god's hands.' james farr is a senior. he lived in cincinnati for four years. i asked him what you're now asking yourself. is cincinnati cursed? a big rule change tonight at the nfl meetings. this hit on gio bernard from the bengals playoff game is now illegal.
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was already? it wasn't flagged... but... now it will be. starting this season - any time a player leads with the top of his helmet it will be called. we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. steve i'm tracking the next big weather maker.
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a beautiful caribbean cruise we're kicking off the carnival spin & sail sweepstakes tonight. wheel... of... fortune! [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. thank you. thank you, jim.


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