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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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one more time for old put in hot scalding water. it's questions the family of the little boy want answers to as well. fox 19's michael baldwin spoke exclusively with a family member and joins us live the family member we spoke with says no one has been able to speak with the step mom except for the police. she said the everyone wants to know what did bad that he would be water. everybody is still in shock. ah, it's something that we can't understand why
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little 4 year old austin cooper asked us not to use her name. she good kid. she said austin's father came home from work tuesdat night and anna, his wife said austin was until the next morning. and he woke up the next morning. the wife goes to the library and he goes in to get the baby up for breakfast and thats when he found him. robert richie would call 911 911-1
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she admitted to putting the child in scalding hot water as a punishment. the family member we spoke with said if anna had an issue with austin. she should have called, and there are to many family members that if she got to the point where she felt that she needed to get away from the baby she could have called anyone of us and we would have took the baby till buddy got home she said there is no doubt in her mind. austin loved his son and this is tearing him apart he was the type of father that when he was not working that little boy was with him. that little boy came before anybody else. even before him developing now remember this? boarded up
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great american tower downtown after someone shot several rounds at windows there. it happened early last year... but just hours ago... police say they've made a big break in the case. fox19 now's ben katko is live at the building downtown he has brand new details. police charged 23- herald with they say was used in the shooting. he's in federal custody. we expect more information at a press conference tomorrow morning... but i can tell you... this isn't the first time we've reported on him when it comes to an incident with a gun. behinda bars tonight... is this man. this is rayshawn herald. police say he's the one who had the gun that was used to shoot holes in these windows at the great american tower. this is video of the building downtown
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windows were boarded up and under repair hours after the incidents. in the time since... police released this surveillance video and photos... asking for answers. those answers may have become clearer with herald's indictment in federal court yesterday. this isn't herald's first alleged involvement in an incident in this city involving a gun. just four months after the windows were shot... police say this is herald... caught on camera... outside the shell station on reading road exchanging shots across the off. incident... a bullet herald was arrested and some charges being records show he was also charged with drug trafficking. i talked to cincinnati police tonight. they expect to lay investigation tomorrow... that involves the atf. i'm told that there will be quite a bit more information coming out. get it. now. weather now much colder air
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weekend. on sparked some panic at bridgetown midlde school last night. and tonight we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls made by the
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was tipped off post.. by the suspect's mother! "i had a parent of a former student who, had pictures of her son hunting rifle." shortly after that found, and arrested. police say there was no threat to students. even three felony a former switzerland from asking for your vote. a fox19 now investigation's crimial case against clerkin--accused of of dollars from now--that man is highest positions of power in the county. reporter jody barr with the story. yes--charges of: in office and
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county highway department superintendent, chris clerkin, walking into court monday. clerkin is accused of stealing nearly 7 thousand dollars from the county. investigators say clerkin's department was responsible for recycling scrap steel--selling it to this recycler in osgood. but--once employees made it back with the receipt and the money--state police investigators say clerkin rarely turned that money in to the county. between 2012 and 2013--state investigators say clerkin turned in three of the 15 scrap steel sales deposits to the county--the rest--investigators say clerkin kept. barr: "you're running for office, do you believe you can be trusted at this point with the vote of the public?" clerkin: "absolutely." in 2014, state police arrested and charged clerkin with three felonies--all connected to the theft of the scrap metal sales. clerkin--who is free on bond--is awaiting trial two years later after multiple trial delays. he's also running for a switzerland county commissioner's seat. he's trying to unseat fellow republican, josh south. during a hearing monday--prosecuto rs offered clerkin
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clerkin didn't take it. barr: "you turned down a plea are not guilty, you say?" clerkin: "let me ask you something. you figure this out for're a smart man, ain't educated? well, if you turn down a plea agreement and are willing to go to trial, what would that tell you? barr: "what did the prosecutor offer you?" clerkin: "it doesn't matter what he offered me." barr: "you're going to fight this?" clerkin: "an innocent man fights and i'm fighting." the primary election happens in may--but chris clerkin faces another test before then. he faces a jury on these three felony counts next month. if convicted--chris clerkin could spend a couple of years in a state prison. st. patrick's day of course... many of you celebrating... st. patrick's day.. tonight... and we both forgot to wear green... well there was plenty of green across the tri- state...
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we caught up with revelers at molly covington.. plenty of green beer... and shamrocks.. did you celebrate... still celebrating... patrick's day selfie.. use the fox19 now app... on your smartphone. just a day after hubbub here at the zoo... and even sparking a few new twitter accounts... 2 polar bears are getting back to normal. we're talking about berit and little one... who will be back on display tomorrow... after taking it easy today... take a look at this video sent to us by the cincinnati zoo... you can see them splashing in the water, wrestling around... before taking a big nap. but it was a very different story yesterday. zoo officials say they wandered through an open door, forcing a lockdown! while visitors were never in any danger... there's
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figure out how exactly it happened. a man... acquitted.. after he was accused of peeping in a tanning salon... a live report on the court's decision... plus.. a woman fighting to keep her pet alligator... you won't believe this story.. it scared me.. it scared me. and a store clerk... being called a hero.. her actions - all caught on camera... steve chroma
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is your bracket...
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celebrating saint patrick's day in dublin, ireland.... even though it's march 18-th there... lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day in ireland. and that's a good thing, because an estimated 13-million pints of guiness will be consumed around the world. march madness is your bracket... still ok?? some big upsets in march madness already... only one point one percent of brackets are still intact... after less than one day of march madness... but - xavier and uc are still yet to play.. our fox19 now sports duo... joe and jeremy... in st. louis tonight.. with a look to tomorrow's matchups... joe they just did shut down the building within the hour. nine hours for
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shoot their first shots inside the scottrade center. no team here with a better seed than xavier. this is where dreams of an ncaa championship begin for xavier. it's the reason why fans drove here a day early, to watch the muskies practice, we're practice, round opener we're told xavier sold out of every single ticket they were alotted for this opening game. jim mccafferty: "i think this is the best weekend the super bowl, the all these schools fantastic." dan kruse: "we'd like to go far, but if it doesn't happen it's still been a marvelous year. we're hoping to talk to you again in houston." jeremy final four.
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they've never made it past the elite 8. joe now u-c - and the bearcats are on the court right now in spokane. they play the very last game of the friday night. more uc coverage in this show - you will see the floor in spokane in this show. jeremy and, we'll hear floor in spokane in this show. jeremy and, we'll hear from the xavier can they make a statement in the get their answer live in saint louis, joe d and jr, back
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for even more n- tournament coverage ... head to ... dedicated to all things basketball ... we are also live blogging throughout the entire tournament. a colorado convenience store clerk is being hailed a hero... after helping a baby, whose mother was having a seizure. the surveillance video shows the woman beginning to have a seizure while checking out, all while holding her baby. rebecca montano while the woman fell to the ground. montano says she noticed something ... she started coming up up to the counter to butt to look on her face. i knew butt to i reached over the the baby's arm. it scared me.. it scared me. montano says she's no hero, she just did what her instinct told her to do. she says she actually felt bad she couldn't catch the young woman
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alright... this next story is out there... a florida woman... is hoping to keep her pet alligator... despite an investigation by the fish and wildlife commission... mary thorn.... lives outside tampa with her gator... she even has a friendly homemade sign warning you about rambo... but when she pulls rambo out and puts him on his four wheeler you quckly see he's realllly tame. mary says you may think she's crazy for treating rambo like a family dog - but she insists she's not. i get that all the time. and then once they meet him his personality takes over. you see him sitting there? he'll sit there like that till he has to go pee. mary took rambo in as a rescue 11 years ago. the alligator lives inside mary's house. she keeps his pearly whites clean by brushing his teeth he waits by the fridge for food. even watches tv. mary has a license to have him... but
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getting it renewed because of how big rambo has gotten and if she has enough land for him to meet regulations. so far the wildlife commission only says it's investigating. mary says she'll be devastated if she can't keep him and so would the people who see rambo at charity events in her motorcycle sidecar.. sot stormtracker stinger steve cam much colder air will return to the region over the
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over the falls... unbelievable video... as kayakers take the plunge in kentucky.... but now - they could be in some big trouble.. we'll explain after the break. because this is gonna change my child's life woman... loses her arm.. ahead of her las vegas wedding.. coping... a consumer alert
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your lunch the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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that could affect your lunch plans tomorrow. what's being recalled because it may be spoiled. off the hook. a local man convicted of peeping is now in the clear. the mistake that got him released. 2 weeks 'til opening day... how you can score tickets! right now right now- a batavia man who spent 3 months behind bars... for peeping in a tanning salon, has been aquitted of all charges. megan o'rourke is live in butler county to explain the courts decision. david reuss spent 90 days locked up here in the butler county jail on attempted voyeurism charges.
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of appeals, reversed the ruling that put him here---all because of a technicality. it was here at the palm beach tan in middletown where court records show 43-year old david reuss was caught holding a cell phone over a tanning room partitian and recording a woman as she lie topless. for tanning regulars, like xxx, it's a terrifying thought. reuess was arrested a few days after the october 2014 incident...and later found guilty of attempted voyeurism, sentenced to 3 months in jail and required to register as a sex offender. case closed...until now. just this week the 12th circuit court of appeals vacated the middletown municipal courts decision. 1 :04 "it happens and i think the court of appeals made the right ruling" fox19 now legal anaylst read over the appeals court ruling and says it all comes down to
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reuss was sentenced under a specific statute that specifies the recording was done "under or through clothing". in this case the victim was topless. 2 :11 "it's kind of a technicality in the statute. there are 4 subsections, the first 2 subsections had he been charged under that he probably would have been found guilty" allen calls it a charging error, that has ultimately cleared a man's name. 5 :09 "he's acquitted, can not be charged again for the same crime and he caught a big break from the criminal justice system" i asked if reuss will be able to take action for time he spent locked up. allen tells me as far as legal action against the court system, he's really out of luck. rl mo fox19 now. the u-s believes isis is committing "genocide" in iraq and syria. secretary of state john kerry used the term to describe isis attacks against christian groups and other ethnic and religious
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house of representatives a resolution to use in regards to isis attacks. bowe bergdahl, the soldier held taliban for nearly diagnosed with a disorder. the diagnosis was made when he and it was recently lawyers. from post- traumatic stress disorder. traded five taliban prisoners for his release. bergdahl is now fighting a court- martial and a charge of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. you decide 2016 the ohio senate race... is getting a boost from a pretty big name in washington dc... vice president joe biden will be in cincinnati ... for a private event to raise money for former ohio governor ted strickland's bid for senate. tuesday morning's breakfast event starts at 500 bucks a person... strickland
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city councilman pg sittenfeld tuesday for the democratic nomination... he'll now face senator rob portman.. in the general election. it's a heartwrenching story --- a kentucky woman was about to take part in one of the most exciting days of her life -- instead the "bride to be" is in a hospital room.. and her family and fiancee are pacing the hallways. police say she was injured in a crash by an alleged drunk driver. ashley swift of louisville.. lost her left arm in that crash. she and her fiancee anthony alston were in a tour bus in las vegas when the man's car crashed into them over. lapriest storms/victim's "she looked at me and she said, she wouldn't look down at her arms or nothing because she sitting and she said did they, do i got all my extremities? and i said no. i said you don't have a left arm. and she said i don't have a left arm? i said no sweetheart and she just cried." family and friends are now just
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recovery. as for the man who police say caused the march 12 crash.... besides dui he's facing multiple charges. a judge set his bail at 153 thousand dollars. amazing video showing two kayakers riding over a waterfall in kentucky went viral... but now those kayakers are in hot water... getting cited for trespassing... this cell phone video captures the scene that unfolded saturday afternoon. dozens watching as professional kayakers nick troutman and dane jackson plummeted over the cumberland falls. the two men capturing their rides on camera. receiving thousands of views on social media. they say it was a ride that was the result of hours of training and 15 years in the sport for troutman. nick troutman/professional kayaker "we did not expect the video to go viral. we did not expect people necessarily to even be there watching it ... it was more just a personal goal that we had set." butt capt. dallas luttrell/ park ranger "it's marked no swimming, wading, or boating in that
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park rangers at cumberland falls say those rules are in place for a reason and doing what is seen in the videos is strongly discouraged. while troutman says they are disappointed they were cited. they do understand why those rules are in place.. and are not encouraging anyone to follow their example. "i'm just speechless, really. there are no words that can explain it. this is not a day that we thought would ever happen." a dog -- feared lost at sea ... is back home with her owners tonight ... after being rescued by the u-s navy. luna's owner.. feared her dead ... after she fell from his fishing boat -- in the dark of night, weeks ago. but yesterday ... a true miracle happened on san clemente island -- off the coast of california. melissa booker/naval biologist "we're driving up the main road and spotted her, opened up the car door and whistled and she jumped." butted to conner lamb/friend of dog's owner "we just have to thank the navy, really. from luna and her owner nick and myself and everyone who knows this dog, our gratitude to them." luna is a true
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not the most hospitable of places ... there is no standing water on the island on a permanent basis ... but with the help of el nino storms .. puddles formed -- and luna was able to survive off of eating dead sea gulls, fish and rats. weather now steve cam much colder air will return to the region over the
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announced that 20 automakers will make automatic emergency braking a standard feature on virtually all new cars by 2022. the head of the n- h-t-s-a, says by making the agreement with car makers voluntary, the safety technology will be available more quickly than if it were a government mandate. the automatic emergency brake technology uses
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to see objects that are in the way and will slow or even stop a vehicle if the driver fails to automatic emergency braking will be standard in suv's by 2025. consumer alert a consumer alert... check your pantry ... bumble bee foods has issued a nationwide recall of more than 31- thousand cases of its bumble bee tuna. the recall involves five-ounce canned chunk light tuna in water and chunk light tuna in vegetable oil... produced in february. bumble bee says the tuna could be spoiled or have other pathogens, which could lead to life-threatening illness. the company detected improper sterilization at a third-party packing facility and issued the recall out of an abundance of caution. at this time -- no illnesses have been reported. seaworld announcing today even more changes to their orca programs ...inside their parks. the amusement park says it will no longer breed killer whales ... those living inside their facilities will be the last generation
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this is video... from one of sea world's orca shows... the company says they will also --- slowly phase out killer whale shows at all of their parks by 2019. the move comes amid years of increased scrutiny of the theme park after the death of a trainer during a performance. and the documentary film 'blackfish' which was critical of the theme park's treatment of killer whales. seaworld says they can't release the whales into the wild because they haven't been trained to compete for food, and would be exposed to diseases and pollution. a limited number of reds opening day tickets will go on sale this saturday morning at 9... and you may want to get in line tomorrow.. they're available only in person at the great american ball park ticket office. they're available as part of a two game package starting at $75. about 750 total opening day tickets are available... last year they sold out in less than an hour. there is a limit of four packages per person.
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line starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow. and a reminder... fox19 now is once again teaming up with saint jude children's research hospital for the annual dream home giveaway. tickets are on sale right now and you could win a brand new home... a new car an more! text "home" to 4-19- 19 for a link to buy your ticket... they're going fast so don't wait too long! making a political donation could you! some surprising some campaigns do with donor the way. a local woman... paying big bucks.. to transform herself the lengths she's gone to ... after the break. march madness... underway.. joe and jeremy have team coverage live in st.. louis.. coming up. the tip an iowa waitress received
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this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington, one of money magazine's
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she says all one customer left for her was a mean note after paying for the meal.... saying tips are only for normal looking people. "but i didn't act on it because it's not worth it when someone puts hate out there, you know to respond in a hateful way will do no good. " the woman - taelor beeck - who describes herself as an individual, and weird, was stiffed out of the money that people in the service industry rely on. taylor says she'll keep flaunting the style that reflects her personality. a northern kentucky mom is making headlines across the world... and becoming the talk of social media. nannette hammond says she's spent half a million dollars to look like barbie... she says she's had botox, fillers and had her breasts done multiple times. originally a brunette, hammond says it's worth every penny to look like this. she even has her own version of pink
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"i used to love playing with barbies with my neighborhood kids and we'd go over each others houses and play with the barbies and i just always thought barbie was just so amazingly beautiful." hammond says she not only looks like a barbie... she has a dream lifestyle with a ten bedroom home, three massive closets and even a private plane. she says her husband and kids are proud of her. live wx tease when you give money to a political campaign, it's not
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to a failed presidential campaign-- you may have given up more hopes. that campaignmay have sold your personal information! a new report from the center for public integrity campaigns information they collect from clinton's 2008 campaign made more than $3 million dollars selling donor data. the campaigns of mitt romney and scott walker did it, too. this yearone of the hottest commodities is ben carson's donor databasewhich the cpi says could fetch $4 million. in
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their donation forms, campaigns do warn your information could be sold or shared, but few people bother to read that. so what way? well, expect and snail mail from other causes and groups in the coming months and point: if you want donations truly anonymous--give cash, instead. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key much colder air region over the
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joe joe danneman and jeremy rauch back live in downtown saint louis. practice day here for xavier. it is their best seed ever - but we spent a good half hour in that locker room and that's a loose group. jeremy jp macura told us, he's confident they can make a deep run. let's take you inside the
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between chris mack and his daughter, a teaching moment on the no-look pass. don't look now, but this historic season now has xavier in the national spotlight here in the show-me state. can the x-men show everyone they mean business, with an early statement on friday? myles davis: "not any certain statement, hopefully people will watch us and see how good we are and be on our side throughout the tournament." edmond sumner: "just prove what we've been proving all year. we beginnig of the year. we never looked at the going to play and play james farr: "we really want to start a statement off for ourself in the tournament. just give ourselves that extra boost of confidence, not that we don't have it, but to make sure we do have it." next stop is spokane. u-c just did finish their late night shoot-around within the hour. bearcats play the
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first round on friday night. starting to become a trendy pick to do some damage in the wide open west bracket. joe and jeremy live joe uc and saint joe's twenty-four hours from now. jer when we come back... reaction from iu after their big opening win. trevon bluiett: "we have to play every game like it's that last game to get to the final four.
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for a limited time, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening\ now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr
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game. if we want to go to houston, this is the game we gotta win." joe and jeremy live joe "forty minutes to houston" is the message inside the xavier locker room. it comes from coach.
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like it's the game to get to the final four. quick update on some games tonight... indiana is moving onto the second round winning 99-74. uk, playing right now, if they win, these two would meet on saturday. here's iu after their win. big day of high school hoops - three local teams one win from the state championship game. this is roger bacon in the state semi- finals against lima central catholic. l-c-c is really good. bacon loses by eighteen. lynchburg-clay and aiken also lost today in the state final four. joe and jeremy live tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on always tracking the weather on
10:56 pm sot "announcer: now with you'll never be without to text and breaking news and here in the palm of your hand." " " vo vo
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uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love.
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a subaru. [ crow caws ] frankie: date night -- when parents take a moment away from the kids to rekindle their passion and remember why they fell in love. [ sighs ] [ beeping ] no, that one's got shooting in it. and nothing in the future where someone's trying to save some future world or something. i want movies about now. well, if we're making rules, no period pieces about a guy in a cape walking through the fog. and nothing where somebody gets sick. no dying. i wish billy crystal would make another movie. [ sighs ] hey, just hold your horses, okay? we don't usually do date night. this is kind of a big deal for us. [ sighs ] "the hundred-foot journey"? eh.


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