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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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a car went off the side of a bridge into the ohio river! police say it started with a multi vehicle crash around 4-thirty.... our own ben katko joins us live from the scene... ben what can you tell us. thanks ben. we're gonna be following this
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throughout the thanks ben. we're gonna be following this
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thanks ben. we're gonna be
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show... we're also gonna have updates as we get them on the fox19 now mobile app. you decide animation the other big story right now... it's election night in ohio! you probably know just how important tonight is... from senate runs to congressional seats... and of course, the presidential primary. we've got contests in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina... and of course, ohio. and when it's all said and done... we could get a clear picture of who the presidential candidates will be this november.
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off with our own mike schell who's been at the polls all day long talking with voters. rob boxes mike, an hour to go.. and it's pretty smooth... the big question heading into this election day was how the electronic equipment and poll worker training were going to respond to the demand. we can tell least here at this polling spot in monfort went off without a hitch.. 1nat machine here in hamilton machines teaming up with the people pull off this primary election.. 2nat "help you ma'am... no one wants a computer glitch caused delays in voting... 2richard "they were having problems getting the machines to work properly." and today.. "they're working very is aiding in the 1chuck "any problems? what do it went really quick. i was really pleased." 1richard "the voting went a lot know, there was no problems checking in like it was the last time." those voters who cast their ballots
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tension on the polls this year.. 1tina "the absentee voters and the early voters were much more this year. there was like over 40-thousand." everyone has their own personal reason for voting 2carlisa "my vote counts because my people fought and died for this right and i want to exercise it." 2chuck "i vote because i think its my duty to vote. and, you know, i feel good after i vote." on the republican side in ohio it's a battle between donald trump and governor john kasich.. 1robin "they're neck-and-neck and part of me wants to vote for our governor and the other part of me wants to vote from mr. trump. but i feel like its time to take washington by storm and i'll probably go with the latter." 1naomi "i think trump is wrong for this country. i don't want him in office." just under and hour to go before the polls close here in green township and all across that state... coming up a little later....i tell you how today's
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general election in november.. reporting live, mike schell, fox19 now. obviously there's a lot to keep track of tonight... when the polls close we're gonna have up-to-the- minute results right on the fox19 now mobile app. we'll also be cutting in during commercials in prime time tonight you give you live updates. developing now animation developing now... it's a story you heard first on the fox19 now twitter page. a u-c professor is behind bars tonight... facing child porn charges! we are talking about holt parker. he's a professor of classics and has been here since 1991. today the fbi went now he's under porn. distribution and pornography, also destruction of property to prevent seizure. live now animation let's give you another live look from the scene near coney island right now... that's where crews are searching for a car that went off the side of teh combs-
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we've got an steve? steve cam 4 you're watching fox19 definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change right now animation we've got another update for you on
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happening right now on the ohio police say a car of the combs-hehl five-o-clock. with our own frankie jupiter. frankie where are you at?
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are still open until
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live look here soon.
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the elections...polls are still open until 7-thirty. our own mike schell joins us live from monfort heights again. mike what's the scene like? switching back to the elections...polls are still open until 7-thirty. our own mike schell joins us live from monfort heights again. mike what's the scene like? voters are still trickling in here at this poll in monfort heights and the ballots they are casting are only magnified due to the fact that ohio is once again playing a crtical role in a presidential race... will donald trump, in effect, wrap up the republican nomination tonight or will governor john kasich slow down the tremendous momentum trump has across the
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voter check-in system has been under fire since november when a computer glitch caused long-lines and forced secretary of state john husted to extend voting hours here in hamilton county. that computer problem appears to have been resolved as voting went smoothly at the precincts we monitored throughout the day. and that is welcome news to the board of elections today... this primary was seen as a "dry run" of sorts for the much larger crowds that are expected to turn out of the general elections come november. reporting live from monfort heights, mike schell ...fox19 now. thanks mike. if you want a full breakdown of what to watch for tonight... we've got everything posted right here on the tonight... we've got everything posted right here on the front page of fox19 now dot com. we're also gonna be pushing the results as they come in on the fox19 now mobile app! weather now animation weather now animation let's check in with steve horstmeyer now... steve weather
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unfortunately it is not going to be this warm the remainder of the week. late tonight look for a few window rattling thunderstorms. i cannot rule out a marginal severe cell popping up but it looks like the odds are on the side of garden variety cells tonight. a few showers could pop up thursday and friday then again saturday night and sunday. early sunday morning there might be a few wet flakes mixed in with the rain. now for a look at what we're working on for 10
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a man charged with making a local teen his sex slave. the disturbing conversations that took place between them. voting... is winding down... but tonight at ten - we'll have a much clearer picture on the role ohio played in the
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bus to start the 2,000 washington and the ncaa tournament. a fist pump from gary clark a number one from octavius ellis. uc's first game is friday night." kevin johnson: "it's kind of why you start playing basketball, for times like this. to try and make a run in march with the people you love and see what we've got, see what we can do." joe danneman: "if the bearcats do win both what we've got, see what we can do." joe danneman: "if the bearcats do win both games they will play the sweet 16 in anaheim and fox19 now has learned that if they do win, they will likely stay on the west coast and not fly back before the sweet
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been made. at uc joe danneman fox19 now." live now animation let's give you one last check on the rescue operation happening right now on the ohio river. crews are search the water near coney island after a car went off the side of the combs hehl bridge just before 5 o-clock. no word yet on how many people were inside at the time.... but we know it was sparked by a multi-vehicle crash around 4-thirty. we've got multiple crews on the scene gathering information as we speak. we're gonna have new details coming in all night on this story... we're also gonna be following the election results as polls close here in ohio. you can stay update on both stories with the fox19 now mobile app. tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are
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announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. rob breaking now...
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. let's get out here. i'm anxious to do this. thank you, jim. thank you very much. goodbye. -yeah. hi. nice of you to show up. right now, for our first "toss up" puzzle. "on the map."


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