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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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released the information about an arrest in the case. the hamilton county sheriff's office t ls fox19 now that melinda woodall, of amelia, was on drugs when she was driving westbound on u-s 52 this afternoon and allegedly hit a man on a bicycle, and drove off. police say the bicyclist was michael prater was wearing a helmet, but was seriously hurt and is in critical condition right now. police released the 9-1-1 calls made about the crash a short time ago. "we were driving towards new richmond and in the oncoming and they like, i don't even know if they stopped. they have a broken windshield and they drove off. ok, was it a motorcycle or bicycle? no, a bicycle. and someone in a jeep, like cherokee or wrangler, cherokee hit windshield. what color was the car? i think it was like grey blue and i don't think anyone stopped." only fox19 now
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found the jeep cherokee and the accused driver. investigators say woodall abandoned the vehicle on sutton road and a resident helped them track her down. you see her here in the police cruiser. woodall is charged with aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an auto accident causing injury. weather now it felt like spring out there today.. but we've got some
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chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer here now with the forecast. steve cam one man is now in custody after a and new tonight - name of the suspect... this is jarrard the hamilton county justice center facing several charges... hamilton avenue and meridith drive in springfield township around 1:30 this morning. police say harper well over 100 miles highways, but the back roads. he was stopped a near the reading road and blair avenue in he'll face a judge
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dispatcher: 911 emergency. caller: "hello, we at penn sattion in north college hill on hamilton and goodman and we got customers coming in saying that it's a guy on the side walk just got shot six times." you just heard the 911 call after a double shooting in north college hill.. one person has been charged after two teens were shot. police say they arrested a juvenile male and recovered a weapon. officers say a 17- year old boy was shot several times on clover lane near hamilton avenue last night. a second teen was also shot in the incident. both were taken to university medical center with non- life threatening injuries. the juvenile arrested has been charged with two counts of felonious assault and tampering with evidence. family and friends gathering tonight to remember a former butler county sheriff... dick holzberger also served as a hamilton police officer and a hamilton council member. tonight a visitation service was held at
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we're told he suffered what appeared to be.. a massive a stroke. he passed away at the age of 70. a funeral will be held tomorrow at st. julie billart catholic church in hamilton. reds numbers now in tonight... the reds are estimating more than five-hundred fans showed for today's final stop in florence. joe d is back from the final day of the caravan. joe bam/gfx that's an important number... because... you wonder how fans react to a team unloading its stars. i can tell you it felt big at today's final stop. first time ever - the reds stopped the caravan in florence... there's the crowd. and - here's devin mesoraco. he and billy hamilton the two biggest name players on the tour. here's how they did this... they put the team on the top level at the mall with microphones to answer questions from the crowd... and then signed autographs for more than two hours. four days - five states - more than three-thousand miles and one consistent message to the fans - give us a
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billy hamilton: "this caravan means as much to us as it does to the fans. it's great doing the caravan, i've been doing it for a total of five or six years and it's been the same since we first started. i enjoy it and it's all about making people happy." tucker barnhart: "it gives you a little added confidence to know the fans are still behind us. not that i thought would change, but you never know when there's a bit of turnover and it kind of ends an offseason to get ready for the real thing and we're all excited." joe bam/gfx the real thing starts in three- weeks and one day when the reds start spring training. we did talk to walt jocketty about homer bailey. when will the reds ace be ready? that's coming up. we're back - just after this with another check of your forecast... sot "steve open" steve chroma key gfx i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for
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2-shot weather wrap tricia cam don't forget we're always on sports wrap is
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good night. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your hand." 2shot bam/gfx jer welcome into
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i'm jeremy. this is joe. and if you want the pro bowl to go away, you can leave napoleon... i'm kidding, but it's football on sunday night. i'm good with that. joe the ratings say you do watch the pro bowl. did you watch tonight - or did you watch grease? we'll only do highlights of one - even though i do a mean hand jive. that moment when you're in hawaii in a football uniform and oh so close to the beach. so a football player from cincinnati scored twice in the pro bowl... it's just travis kelce is a former bearcat and not a current bengal. doesn't stink to be travis right now. just signed a forty-six million dollar contract
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touchdowns in hawaii. elder's kyle rudolph once won the mvp of this game catching two touchdowns. travis didn't. just saying. yo andy dalton - do this more often. just throw the ball really high and really far and let your really good receiver make really hard catch. three balls for sixty-yards for eighteen. forget the push off - it's the pro bowl. jer cedric peerman the only bengal on team rice, said he might get some carries, 6 yards on the fake punt. also had 2 catches. the big story in tyler eifert trying lands awkard on he would drop the reporting eifert's foot is in a boot, initial tests were good...hopefully confirm it's nothing major tomorrow. team irvin wins big. here are the numbers for the seven bengals in the game. eifert had one catch on two targets. check out team captain geno atkins, taps for loss. 2shot bam/gfx the bus is back
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ballpark. the reds caravan is done. and - in this off- season of so many important questions... the question we're told the reds heard most is - can i race billy hamilton? jer the reds finished the caravan in florence. five states - four days - and one massive crowd on the final day. fans cheering devin loudest cheers and billy hamilton. name players on the caravan. but... let's focus on the crowd. more than five- hundred at the florence mall - ya'll. not sure how many organizations would put their owner - their manager and their players in a seat question the want. it's a cool day - loose crowd. the reds do this as well as any team in sports. walt jocketty: "that's not sure how many clubs give fans the access to ask questions of the owner, the front office, the general manager, the players, the manager, that's pretty rare. and, that's
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feel good that they have that ability to ask the questions directly instead of seeing it on the channel 19 news." joe hplaz/gfx walt jocketty did tell channel nineteen news that homer bailey likely won't be ready until late may. longer of a comeback from surgery than we first thought. that news - and the reds trading their two all-stars - you understand why expectations are but... after more than miles of reds the team finished with one message. billy hamilton: "everybody's going to compete and i feel like you can have veteran guys and not win a world series is the same as having young guys and not winning the world series and i feel like the team we have here is going to compete and we've been getting doubted the whole time. and, like i said, the season hasn't big motivation for me and not just me, but my team is ready to get the
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wrong." tucker barnhart: "it's going to be a competitive season - the refreshing thing i'm looking forward to is everybody is competing for different spots. looking forward to is everybody is competing for different spots. honestly, i think there's one spot everyone knows is filled and that's joey at first base and devin at catcher and brandon at second that's three spots, but everybody else is up for grabs and it's going to be an influx of young talent that's going to be fun for the fans to see." billy hamilton told us he'll be in arizona in ten days. still needs a little more rehab on his shoulder - says he'll be ready. first full workout is in about three weeks and we will be there. last time ohio
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worst loss of thad matta's buckeye career. went a little jae'sean tate foul. had a team-high 16 points. bucks up by 5 early. but this one a dead dead giveaway, gonna put this in layman's terms. that's jake layman on the oop. terps up by 6 at half. late 2nd half, kam williams, one of the young bucks that can hit big time shots. ohio state by one with 6 to play. but the buckeyes had trouble with trimble, melo trimble dropped 20 in columbus. maryland escapes with a 66-61 win thad matta: "we were inches away and we have to close that gap of that inch. as bob said, we had a really good opportunity but didn't get it done." buckeyes don't play again until
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game of local interest, uk at tennessee on tuesday. xavier back home against saint john's wednesday. coming up, from undrafted, to one of the best at his position in the nfl, the story of andrew norwell's journey from anderson to the super bowl, next on sportswrap. joe bam vo
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back with the first
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it's the carolina panthers touching ground in california. and - cam newton wore a pair of steelers' zubaz. what look like leggings are really 850-dollar versace jeans. and - they're now sold out online. true story. somewhere in this mass of massive human beings is a kid from anderson high school with a unique story - here's jeremy. jer hplaz vplaz gfx unlike saint x grad luke kuechly, anderson's andrew norwell had to sit through all seven rounds, without hearing his name called in the draft. he worked out with the bengals, but the panthers gave him a chance, and now he has a chance to win a super bowl in one week.
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they're tremendous brothers." not one of them, not a single player in anderson history, has ever played for the nfl's ultimate trophy, until now. chris newton: "the interest and buzz that is going on here at anderson high because of andrew norwell is awesome." music andrew norwell is 6-6, 325 pounds. with his samson- like hair, and mankind look, he could easily be confused for a wwe star. it's a look norwell grew in high school, carried to college at ohio state, and has now perfected with the panthers, but to andrew's surprise, when the 20-14 draft came, nobody gave the star lineman a look. ivar norwell: "we were really disappointed. he was too. after that call, he signed as a free agent with the panthers. it was a great opportunity." matt stanyard: "i said, if you aren't getting drafted, all you have to
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get in the camp, work hard and those coaches are going to love you and he knew it. i think it drove him to get it done and obviously he has." music the youngest of seven, andrew has always had been motivated by his older brothers, especially chris, who spent a season with the new england patriots, and overcame cancer, it's a motivation andrew carried to the football field every single day. cheers jeff giesting: "when he got between the white lines, it was all business with him. he wasn't too worried if someone across from him couldn't take the pounding." chris norwell: "he just keeps on grinding and grinding and now he's in a position that he got there himself. we're so proud of him." announcer: "congratulations carolina panthers."
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andrew has now started 26 games in a panthers uniform. at his position, no one has been better this season, 900 snaps at guard, not one single penalty. ivar norwell: "he works hard, works hard in practice and we knew he would be successful. it's beyond our dream he would go to the super bowl in his second year. it makes even more proud." music back in the halls of anderson, andrew norwell is not yet a hall of famer like his brothers. his legacy here, the only state championship trophy in the school's football history. sunday in santa clara, andrew can become the first anderson grad, to ever win a lombardi trophy. andrew norwell: "it just means a lot to my family. they're all proud of me. they're all excited that i'm in super bowl 50. they're going nuts in
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that iron curtain protecting cam newton." cheers ivar norwell: "cam came around this year a most valuable player. they're going to win the super bowl." music jer hplaz vplaz gfx andrew's dad told me, 13 of the norwell bunch are traveling to santa clara on friday. mom won't travel, she doesn't like to fly, but she'll be waiting when her son returns to anderson, hopefully with a ring. the carstar collision of the week starts back at anderson high school. on the runway with deanthony mccallum. the carstar this week feels like a little bit like our final quarter top three. who dunked it best this weekend? d-d daniels or kyle lamotte of mason. if you hit your head on the backboard - you win the carstar collision of the week. 2shot bam/gfx
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