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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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federal corruption charges he accepted gifts and loans in exchange for five official acts. lawyers say those official acts were part of nicole's routine activities as governor including arranging meetings and attending events us supreme court agreed last month to hear bob mcdonnell's appeal a virginia beach city council and once the state to take back the one hundred and fifty five million dollar grant for light rail are a cane was in virginia beach all day learning the latest on this funding fight terror david the councilman says it's irresponsible of the state to offer money on what the counts and considers a failure and the councilman is also asking the city manager to stop spending money on pushing forward with a project that has been approved yet. virginia beach councilman john moss calling on transportation secretary aubrey layne to withdraw the state's hundred and fifty five million dollar offer to
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norfolk to town center or by sheer probability an attack there on the whiteboard ma cites a study which concluded the extension would not reduce traffic grow the economy or help the environment they should take the money back to waste on tuesday moss will introduce a resolution asking the city manager to stop spending money on the project before city council signs off on an agreement with the state for the hundred and fifty five million dollar grants the city has already spent more than half a million dollars to lease office space near town center for the implementation team i would be premature or their obligation. we buy are sure relocating people. he even knows what cowboys do. martha mclean is president of the pro light rail group virginia beach vision says the city manager is just following through with council's actions to examine what it would take to extend the tide three miles all of the provisions that mr moss sites in his resignation
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approved by city council when they went through their adoption of the budget last may. luckly says the city needs to take advantage of the states grants now and she points out the city is still studying the project's final costs thankful we have that opportunity and let's get more information before we make any decisions to forgo an option and the city treasurer john atkinson has been circulating petitions to get lights were on the ballot in november. his group will be at the polls tomorrow getting signatures. he's confident that by the end of super tuesday to have enough to push through the voter referendum. eric came thirteen years now developing right now the man accused of killing a rookie police officer in northern virginia faced a judge today. he's also accused of opening fire on his own family the suspect is charged with killing his wife and then a rookie officer just one day after she was sworn in abc's elizabeth her has the latest from new york ronald hamilton
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two murder charges remains in jail held without bond i clear the officer involved shooting the three officers that have been shot according to authorities the three officers shot while responding to a nine one one call reporting domestic abuse in prince william county virginia officer ashley greene d did not survive the killed in the line of duty out on her first street patrol saturday could be the worst cases. i'm a painful place offer a gauche polish off his worst nightmare to go routine coal and wind of it as a community mourns new details emerge about the twenty year old rookie officer were told she spent some six years as a marine corps reservist and her passion for public service dates back to twenty eleven when she interned with the police department. she did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she still wanted to do this job he couldn't get out
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killer army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon has also been charged with murdering his wife found dead inside their home. his eleven year old son was also home to her. the two other officers are expected to recover as for the suspect he's due back in court in april nineteen and facing first degree capital murder charges makes him eligible for the death penalty if convicted. it was that her abc news new york right now police in hampton roads are reaching out in support of the fallen officer many are taking to social media. newport news release posted on facebook that the department is sending thoughts and prayers to the prince william county police department as well as to the family and hampton police posted a photo of officer gwen been swearing in right next to her memorial page highlighting the dangers police officers face each day hampton police are searching for the person who held up a bank this morning it happened
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put two nearby schools on modified lockdown for about twenty minutes as a precaution police tweeted out the surveillance pictures of the robber the person is wearing a green hoody of course in a black mass call the crime line if you know anything about this robbery right now some families in hampton roads are trying to get use to life without their loved ones. the uss grapple deployed this morning in the crew will return in the summer thirteen news now was at joint base little creek fort story when the ship set sail the crew of around forty five consists of both. navy divers and civil service mariners. if a plane happens to go down will also collect the wreckage in an investigation some family sale will be a big adjustment for everyone involved in a report prepared for six months. so first time for dealing with the babies look for to get home and how mumu
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the place while the crew has a tough job ahead company commander chad miller says they take comfort knowing their families have helped back home. the master chief petty officer is calling for changes in the navy sailors fitness test the navy times reports discussions are in the very early stages the navy is considering beefing up fighting fire fighting maneuvers that includes the fireman's carry as well as the fire hose drag sailors would have to perform the task in firefighting gear to increase intensity the ladder climb in the standing long jump bar on the drawing board to and no more sit ups officials are considering planks instead new information about dangerous air bags found in millions of cars in america find out why getting those defective to cut air box up the road might be harder than expected was a highway turns into a runway when a plane makes emergency landing right
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. and that of the national highway traffic safety administration says our total to ca to recall will not make cars safer is believe the recall would put a strain on the replacement parts network the airbag and players can explode injecting shrapnel and drivers and passengers at least ten people indicted more than a hundred have been hurt by the airbags so far fourteen automakers have recalled twenty four million vehicles in the country to replace the employer's southern indiana highway turned into a runway in nineteen sixty seven beach bonanza had to make an emergency landing on an interstate family was flying from indiana to louisville kentucky when their plane started having mechanical issues. i tried to backtrack to a nearby airport that came to rest on the median instead damaging the flame realize they were going to be able make of that for that is when he spotted the sixty five and attempted to land on on the roadway
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maintain their interest in the media the interstate traffic kept moving while crews examined that aircraft no one was for presidential hopefuls are trucking down the campaign trail before super tuesday tomorrow coming of the jabs the some of the candidates are taking at each other and how they're trying to cover as much ground as they possibly can and shot during a church service will hear from selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way.
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and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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the clock is ticking presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country trying to rally support on the eve of super tuesday tomorrow voters in a dozen states including virginia head to the polls and on the republican side the name calling continues between donald trump and marco rubio. abc's martha gonzales is in texas the state with the most delegates at stake today the jam flying in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher in the last minute push before super tuesday we're not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan candidates covering as much ground as they can be the only campaign that can be donald trump is us to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary with boating in twelve states with sixteen hundred and ten delegates at state i don't think america has ever stopped being great
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make america whole hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders week the democratic nomination the on the gop side trump looks to surge ahead even further with the latest national poll showing forty nine percent of republican voters support him about front runner today brushing off protesters and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about his endorsement from former clean clothes klan grand wizard david duke would you say unequivocally condemn them and you don't want their support. well i have to look at the group i mean i don't know what group you're talking about but this morning trying to explain he just didn't hear the question and said he has disavowed david duke. meanwhile he is polling behind here in texas the biggest super tuesday state senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will bring
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gonzalez abc news austin texas here in virginia polls open tomorrow morning at six o'clock there are forty nine delegates up for grabs in the commonwealth on the gop side is force the democrats and ninety five are available in virginia right now staple show donald trump is leading the republican pack and hillary clinton is leading on the democratic side. polls close at seven tomorrow night and again on thirteen is now to bring you the results on the air and online will cover super tuesday with live team coverage and political analysis go to thirteen years now dot com slash elections to check the results as they come in an ohio pastor shot and killed his own church now the pastor's brother is in custody police in dayton ohio say sixty eight year old daniel school or open fire inside st peter's missionary baptist church yesterday were told after the pastor finished praying schooler walked into the pastor's study. there police say he shot his older brother
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inside the church when it happened in the boat was well on mon then we are an adventure. i tried to stop the saliva one bag that was she pushing out the way this was in somewhat of an active shooter. the officers did exactly what they were trained to do. they knew there was a shooter inside records show the shooter was a convicted felon convicted on felony assault with a deadly weapon in two thousand and one eye to warmer weather plenty of sunshine in hampton roads on this monday and jess is warm now but that's not going to last throughout the week. now tomorrow i will still be warm just not nearly as warm as today about five to ten degrees cooler which is still way above normal and then we get back to about normal and then we go to below normal and a way below normal. let's talk about all that as you can see there's nothing on radar obviously have nice clear skies across the region. in fact pretty sunset setting appears you can see this shot from hampton beautiful clear skies
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dropping back fairly quickly by seven seven thirty it's going to be down in the mid to upper fifties already with mainly clear skies little bit of a breeze making it feel even cooler nice cool evening only light jacket for going out for a walk in them or more sunlight now is get into the later evening hours and was less than two weeks about thirteen days from now will be turning the clocks changing them to get even more daylight. don't forget that's coming up soon meanwhile temperatures today seventy six in virginia beach not a record but way up there seventy in norfolk seventy newport news sixty nine from suffolk up the parts of the peninsula to dropping back again quickly into the fifties this evening we'll call it by nine thirty already down in the low to mid fifties depend on your exact location and then by morning readings in the upper thirty s to near forty for far and one the area's most of the slightly inland areas will say lower forties and then right near the coastline probably mid forties so
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different than normal just a little bit above and that leads to tomorrow afternoon temperatures again that won't be as warm and here's why a little bit different when direction westerly winds come down the mountains they heat up a little bit is a contrast but when you get the easterly winds especially with the water temp for this to me it's quite cool still. that's why he can't get too too warm so by tomorrow afternoon we're going to see readings right near the ocean for example the boardwalk u wun even be in the sixties you'll be more like fifties but then go back just a couple of miles and you'll find readings in the sixties that'll continue into tomorrow evening when we slowly start to drop back through the fifties and that leads to some rain actually a little bit different flow out of the south overnight transports moisture and gives some showers wednesday excuse me tuesday night into wednesday morning and then again a little bit more of a drop and then another drop as we go into thursday let me show you a long range future cast this is friday morning low pressure forming down
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off to our south and east the colder on the backside means a chance at least for some snow for the inland areas and will just have to see probably a cold rain around here but for days or so from now will still have to keep an eye on that exactly how things break down forty five then tonight clear breezy and chilly lower forties in one way and one near forty five sixty three fifty five wednesday with a morning shower a few spots on the forty five thursday forty one friday and then we start to heat up a little bit again is going to the weekend i just think you will these guys are celebrating late day by leaping from about five thousand feet and extreme skydiving team jumped out of helicopters in kansas city missouri today near the national world war one museum the team has completed more than nineteen thousand sky dives and even train with the military an aerial operations sky divers showed off some tricks before
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spectator crowd this morning in the air was just really surreal to be in sunrise and just the beauty of the city and celebrate leap day here at the liberty memorial. it was a perfect way to celebrate the holiday well as jumping out of a helicopter isn't your idea of a great leap day. no worries there are plenty of leap day deals our website and you can celebrate that way. turn out the lights the big parties over hollywood's brightest are reflecting on their biggest night of the year crews are still hard at work cleaning up from last night's oscar party. the massive undertaking began just after the final golden statue was handed out the famous red carpet were told already rolled up lights and bleachers already down more than a week to install will be gone by tomorrow morning and the countdown will begin for next year of birth control device linked to serious health issues months after thirteen years now investigation shed light on the problem the fda has made
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implant. we have the update veterans and their families looking for help from the va hospital only to get the run around and go to the va and veterans hospital and they could care less about the veterans thirteen is now follows the attempt to get answers about health care and the roadblocks vets and their families face. flames ripped through a local marina with deadly results as police investigate a possible arson
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i was in indiana are looking for three people accused of vandalizing an islamic center the plainfield police department says three suspects were seen on camera
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the graffiti had profanity racial slurs and references to suicide bombings and isis no one is in custody the center says the crime is helping bring muslims closer together. our christian brothers and sisters say that the lord works in mysterious ways and personally i tend to agree. so while our moss may have been vandalized and spray painted by three young men our community was reach out to the islamic society of northern america has reported the incident to the fbi as a hate crime however the fbi is not involved in the investigation at this time a man is dead and three others are injured after a street racing crash in california police say two drivers were going nearly one hundred mph when a third driver tried to make a turn the impact sent a speeding bmw toward the sidewalk with the victim was standing his body was thrown fifty feet across a parking lot. one witness working near
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the entire thing happen i yelled for anyone that knew cpr first aid to come to his aid. these young kids raising their vehicles have no business raising their vehicles it's just it's terrific. the drivers are in custody facing vehicular manslaughter charges. tonight the chesapeake school superintendent will roll out next year's budget and people will have a chance to speak about a public hearing is set for tonight at six o'clock in the school administration building on cedar road earlier this month the superintendent proposed operating budget of more than four hundred and twenty million dollars that proposal included raises of two and a half percent for all full time division employees another public hearing on the budget is set for march fourteen the fda announced it will not pull a controversial birth control device from the market. these are reportedly made thousands of women six thirty news now has followed the story for months the fda is now calling for a
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thousands of women who got the metallic birth control implants say they've suffered serious health issues. even the products former spokesperson stop representing it after she became pregnant. the implant has been sold for decades we will have a full report on the shore tomorrow on thirty news now at six. that's all for thirteen years now at five thirty thirteen years now it's six starts with the criminal investigation into a deadly marina fire deadly flames at a marina overnight the two victims found on one of the destroyed boats in urbana today and state police say this fire may be a case of arson. now crews spent hours putting up the last flames and sorting through the wreckage as the investigation continues residents say they are so often someone would set the fire on purpose and killed their neighbors marcella robertson spent
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more about the victims. well this is really hit this community very hard here in our band and you can see the damage and devastation that this fire left behind here and i think what's probably the most shocking to so many people here is that investigators believe that the fire may have been started intentionally. it's our town doesn't have very many tragedies. this is certainly one of the ec the flag flying at half staff already i mean that's you know that's kind of our town the quiet town of urbana touched by tragedy excess stock and devastatingly sad day for everybody. flames engulf those years marine overnight destroying more than twenty boats in the air with your tanks explode in sailboats are on fire and claiming the lives of two
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ongoing criminal investigation friends say the victim's husband and wife were sleeping on the boat when the fire broke out a fire investigator say maybe our sin they were wonderful people experienced boaters i just can't even imagine that somebody would want to cause this kind of devastation. it's just unbelievable. the docs at this marina now housing nothing but memory even in the face of adversity car to know i was walking up this morning at the well of living a life neighbor say urbana will bounce back once the shock wears off we're pretty resilient. middletown and much of the focus here remains on remembering those victims there was a prayer service for those victims here in this evening and as far as investigators are concerned they're trying to figure out exactly how this fire started but they say until they have reason to


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