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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. our raging fire claims two lives at a marina in urbana. the latest on the investigation a firm stance against light railway for g beach councilman is pushing for the state to take back funding and a good buy a joint base little creek fort story we were there for the last and the squabbles deployment plus one woman's valuable gift to students the news that four starts right now. people are dead and a criminal investigation is underway after a huge fire ripped through an urbana marina the fire broke out just before five this morning at the dozier united center the investigation continues this afternoon. now several agencies from virginia state police or the coast guard
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the situation under control marcella robertson reports from havana. s t been really devastating for the small town of urbana here you can take a look at the massive amount of destruction this fire has left behind nearly half of those years marina is completely destroyed. we know that it took firefighters nearly four hours to get this fire completely under control and we've also been told that two people died as a result of this fire we're told they were sleeping in their boat at the time that it started we also know that in more than twenty votes have been completely destroyed the boathouse on site is completely destroyed as well and what's really the most shocking to so many people at this point is that investigators believe that this fire was started intentionally. coming up tonight on thirteen years now at five o'clock we'll have much more on this arson investigation and also hear from friends of the two people who died in the fire in urbana. marcella robertson thirteen years now and you
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photos that show the devastation at the urbana marina is in the article for this story on our homepage if you havehoto ps of your own you would like to share you can send them to us under share it on thirty news now dot com and you can also share pictures and video through our facebook page and twitter pages well gorgeous warm day today quite the view we have from the fridge and hostile is already asking about the jump in the water maybe that's my little charges resort resorts skyview unseasonably warm but we're not complaining right just now but it's not classy might be complaining when you find out that it's the way pretty quickly right now as you showed a lot of blue sky out there same thing on this picture all directions doesn't matter where we're looking north or south we're talking about nice and clear skies take a look at the rest of the forecast then as we go through this evening and you can see we're talking about a little bit of clout in less than a couple hiked in serious but really not a
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on radar. temperatures are even warmer than yesterday and yesterday was a beautiful day and look at the day were up double digits down around parts of north carolina near manny out most of us are up three four degrees a couple cases again down the south six or seven but several degrees warmer right now than even a beautiful sunday that we add and of course this time of year even when it's warm during the day it's still going to be at least a little bit colder in the evening. that's going to be the case tonight stopping from sixty six already down to fifty six by seven o'clock so we go from warm to cool in a hurry this evening and then temperatures will continue to slowly slide back to the forties as we go through the overnight hours. now that's well above normal so again tomorrow is going to be maybe not as warm as today but also be above normal so we'll be talking more about that and then believe it or not there's a chance for snow in parts of the area by
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that coming up are eating stuff just one day before super tuesday and another candidate made his way to hampton roads than cars in the student regent university is part of the school's presidential candidate forum carson made his remarks on stage to the knee took questions from people in the audience is a pose for a boost to his campaign which lags behind other gop candidates such as trump cruz and rubio but according to carson nobody should count him out of the race just yet it is in people over the extended period and under different circumstances that's how you can make a very good judge of people to make a judgment and jared to three or four contests why do we even bother to have the processes we can do that as americans we are also solid profit sector is spoken or written last week reporter mike getting covered today's event in virginia beach. his report coming up at five
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stopping by hampton roads today she'll drop by for a rally at lake taylor high school in norfolk tonight or norfolk visit comes a week after bernie sanders held a rally at scope clinton's rally starts at eight p m and doors will open in just under two hours. reporter brian farrell will be there covering the event and stay tune for his live report at six now are twenty sixteen election coverage doesn't stop there. lisa abraham who joins us with how you can follow the latest news online the stock if you're not watching us on air tomorrow night we got everything you need on the thirteen years now websites let's take a look at this web say ray here now show you whatha w a bunch of different articles to be confined to keep up and you know get yourself in the known familiar ahead of tomorrow's primary on super tuesday and we also have this this is not up to date as a delegate tracker even be able to follow all the information in real time it was last updated i yesterday in the morning so again this is not accurate information but i just wanna show you here
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to really break down those results in addition to all of this you can also see those results coming out on real time on thirteen years now as well so there's just a recap here's a new team coverage really covering it on air online and is going to be alive political and now says and again for instant results on thirteen years now the comps in the tree falls on facebook twitter and of course on the website i think you will only clean gators continues to suffer from the fall out over the safety of its products shares dropped more than eight percent in morning trading today. fourth quarter losses were more than three times larger than expected the cdc reported last week that people exposed to some types of lumber liquid gators a laminate flooring or three times more likely to get cancer then the agency previously reported lumber liquid gators also agreed to pay more than thirty million dollars earlier this month after pleading guilty to environmental crimes in october. all right let's switch gears now and take a
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hour commute and we start with the look in norfolk as we head for thirteen years now track the camera. we do have a breakdown here on the right shoulder sixty four westbound just past grammy street and was blocking one lane so now we have all lanes open a little issue with the camera here but i just wanted to show you trap and does start to slow down about here. maybe at grand street and can be a slow six miles up to the hr bt if you're headed to hampton of the news or alternate routes are clear so they wanna take the eminem won the jr be on the trap of network mask and speaking of the oven and if you're headed to the south side is going to be jam at the monitor merrimack also notice six sixty four north headed toward sixty four west and jam to adopt due to ongoing roadwork in the area and a little bit sixty four eastbound between port vue and bay avenue so we did a few delays i'm continuing to watch a little bit around the potato midtown tunnel as well have the latest for you coming up in the next few minutes. audacity thank you right now some families you hit the roads are getting use
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ones and that's because the uss grapple deploy this morning the crew won't be back until late summer. elise brown faces up to joint base little creek fort story deployment was actually moved up a few months whether crew members tommy they are ready to fulfill their mission but they say it's never easy leaving home with tight hugs and tender kiss is the crew aboard the uss grapple said goodbye to loved ones in a report prepared to take up six months. so first time for her deal with it. the babies home. laporta get home and how much she's grown and grown over the place. it's the first long term deployment virginia lobby and family i hadn't had an air mass the lobby is the master diver on board the ground which is heading to africa
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ivory coast curtis a smith says the ship's captain to diving towing and salvage platformny aircraft to go down we go out and get the pilots or crew back the crew of around forty five consists of both navy divers in a civil service mariners in the plane goes down the walls look like the wreckage for investigation. while the crew has a tough job ahead company commander chad miller says they take comfort knowing their families have held back home. good thing we got good support structure with my tutu with the ob group to that they're there to take care of families were out doing the mission and even the littlest members of families are tasked with helping out the dough bun b ok n take your mama lisa brown thirteen years now veterans are expressing outrage across the country and right here in hampton roads they say they're getting the run around at local va hospitals and can't seem to get answers about their own health and benefits
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have served our country and community will likely understand where taking the complaints to our local va and even onto the national office for answers. our special investigation waiting in vain is tonight at six o'clock top honors today for a locally based navy seal. president obama awarded chief special warfare operator edward byers jr with the medal of honor the highest military honor byers was part of the special warfare development group during a two thousand twelve hostage rescue in afghanistan. he used his body as a shield to protect the american hostage why simultaneously seb doing another enemy only five other navy seals receive the medal of honor myers is also the first living sailor to receive the medal of honor since nineteen ninety a court date for the man accused of shooting and killing a virginia beach or a for junior police officer ashley grind and died on her first
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an accused shooter's agreement to the sportscaster erin andrews expected to
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. stunning new information on jesse matthew junior according to the commonwealth's attorney's office in albemarle county matthew in to a guilty plea in both of the murder cases he's charged in the two cases involved are the abduction and murders of virginia tech student morgan harrington and university of virginia student hannah graham right now the details on the specifics of the plays are not available. matthew is scheduled to appear in court wednesday. we're learning more about the army that accused of shooting his wife and three virginia police officers right now thirty two year old ronald hamilton is behind bars charged with two murders according to court
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to shooting his wife after a dispute saturday night and prince william county police say he opened fire as responding officers arrived at his front door. one of the officers gas leak when he died from her injuries. when dan had just been sworn in as was working her first she couldn't be worse cases. i'm a valuable piece of fruit negotiable is an offshoot worst nightmare to go routine coal and wind of it. hamilton is charged with capital murder and clinton staff he also faces a murder charge for the death of his wife the other two officers are expected to survive kalamazoo shooting victim is making a slow recovery more than a week after she survived the shooting fourteen year old abigail cough is off the ventilator and is now breathing on her own her mother posted the update on facebook. jason dalton allegedly shot abigail in the head outside a restaurant
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six people and is charged with murder and attempted murder. many of the families and friends of those who died held memorial services over the weekend. ninety thousand marks about one of the boston marathon bombers according to documents from the department of homeland security tamerlan tsarnaev i have passed a u s citizenship test he denied terrorism links just months before he and his brother dzhokhar carried out the boston marathon bombing that killed three people came and died several days after the bombing in a scene out with police the u s citizenship and immigration services states and there were no errors in the processing of his application. scientists from around the country are participating in gore tex se el study the unique characteristics of tornadoes in the south. research will run through march and april mobile radars drones and other equipment will measure tornado intensity social
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interview residents understand the psychology behind tornado warnings. this comes less than a week after severe weather devastated the south. four people died from the storms right here in virginia. meanwhile nice warm temperatures now but we do another cold front approaching last week i had said some showers on wednesday. maybe a thunderstorm would take a closer look will have been watching evan over the past couple of days you know he's definitely been downplaying or ice in the morning and downplaying the chances of those thunderstorms on wednesday so that is good news wrestling because talking about a pretty powerful front it doesn't look like you'll have a lot of severe weather with that at this point so we'll keep our fingers crossed that that doesn't change right now seventy degrees were supposed to be fifty four this time of year so very very pleasant out there designed to show you but in case you're just tuning in that's even above yesterday and yesterday was a
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of a westerly breeze out there right now nine mph much pressure is on the rise as we continue to see high pressure slowly filter and meanwhile temperatures also hear seventy across the rest of the region we have a few upper sixties to the north a few lower seventies down the south but and there's one mid seventies that virginia beach but for the most part everybody is very very mild for this time of year and going to continue to watch that westerly wind overnight but once the sun goes down there's fairly dry so that'll allow it to drop off fairly quickly and that's why we're going to be down into the mid to upper fifties already a lot of spots by seven o'clock by nine o'clock so that's quite a bit cooler just the two hour time frame from what's a five o'clock this evening coming up here in the next half hour or so and then as we dropped back to nine thirty we're already done the lower to mid fifties and then overnight we're going to see some lows ranging from the thirties for the inland areas to forties right near the coastline that is definitely above normal
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as today won't be as far above normal lot of sunshine obviously as well. notice the difference instead of south westerly westerly winds like today. look at the little bit blue light onshore flow and then by late today more of a south easterly flow so we are going to be warm again but not nearly as warm as today with most spots about five to maybe eight nine degrees cooler than today. little bit of a southerly breeze then sets back up tomorrow night ahead of the next friday and that's why we look for some of the showers to come through on wednesday and very low risk of thunderstorms temperatures will only be in the fifties and that's just a little too cool for a significant storm activity there's the front came through cross the westerly wind so for tonight clear breezy and chilly forty five with the upper thirties to lower forties in london then this seven day forecasts great day for super tuesday voting tomorrow. sixty three possible shower really early in the morning wednesday more
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the rain showers fifty five thirty only forty five and there it is friday some rain here in hampton roads but could be some snow for inland areas maybe even parts of the viewing area that was still no pun intended a little bit up in the air like a lot more on that over the next few days. i thank you very much of next one woman's mission to motivate young i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth...
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welcome back everybody. she tries her best to help children learn to look at that they love or for swatches on a mission to collect books from local elementary schools to inspire students to read and she's making her mark on students' minds and on their hearts coming to see the library who loves to read in that same holy not elementary school and often we pick up a book and we can become a doctor
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this year has been instilled a love of learning for reading market guide me now from a credit rating could be the right to be phenomenal leaders volunteer reading but to help them help to expand the mind to start off strong but you have a community was proud of you who is supporting you showing that the work of our communities in action program. it seeks out donations for the community to buy books to restock ivory sells its goal the goal is to expand young minds to new reverse big easy new ways the chance to even live in the area because thinking about people from back to the day and wrote ross think are her teachers scientists richard we are with the fact that reading is the foundation of learning is important to get children interested in learning but there's also another chapter
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uplifting always strive to be your best no bacon we went to our beautiful baby brain. she gives motivational speeches you have the ability to taste the salt that when starr asked them to make cards for kids in flint michigan where dealing with that toxic water crisis. she hand delivered their cards when she went to plant in their reading of the teachers were crying tears of joy for star is making her mark the walls are they great. thankfully the way set about on stage last night sees israel saw that it was all it was great being in that school only problem i can fit in the little seeds the total of five years the star has played more than eight hundred brand new books and the elementary school eight hundred s and she actually has a donation drive is going on right now had two clever communities dot org that's
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for more information and she credits the community for coming through every single year has a beautiful and smart too and very articulate than others and engage us now from the star store and a cover well a huge day tomorrow for politics in virginia and across the country will take a look at what to expect for super
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. a few years i do. i we have breaking news out of course was a sitting investigation underway right now and meander drive call for shots fired came in just before three thirty this afternoon we're told the victim is a man but there is no word on his condition at this time we're also trying to get information about the suspect in this case look for updates on and on line on thirteen years now dot com. well the fight to extend the light rail from norfolk to virginia beach continues as virginia beach city councilman asks
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and set aside for light rail in virginia beach are erik ainge has the latest developments. regina one virginia beach city councilman is asking the city manager to stop spending money before the council approved agreements with the state virginia beach councilman john martz calling on the state to withdraw its one hundred and fifty five million dollar offer to help extend light rail from norfolk to town center must tells thirty news now he wrote to transportation secretary opry lane telling him the transportation board cannot be faithful to their fiduciary duty to the taxpayers of the commonwealth by appropriating the money the councilman cites a study which concluded the extension would not reduce traffic grow the economy or healthy environments. it's a tremendous bet everybody will have to pay for the ridership is miserably low city treasurer john atkinson is leading an effort to put light rail on the november ballot. atkinson agrees with the resolution moss will put
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manager to stop spending money on the project before city council signs off on an agreement with the state for the hundred and fifty five million dollar grants the city has already spent more than half a million dollars to lease office space near town center for the implementation team they're spending money on it they haven't voted to build it is just a bad deal for the citizens of virginia be martha mclean is president of the pro light rail group virginia beach vision says the city manager is just following through with council's actions to examine what it would take to extend the tide three miles all of the provisions that mr moss sites in his resignation they have already been approved by city council when they went through their adoption of the budget last may. mclean also points out the city is studying what the final cost will be and still has the opportunity to back out and let's get more information before we make any decisions to forgo not to deport and at johnson's group
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tomorrow getting more signatures to put light rail on the ballot in november will tell you how close they are to getting enough signatures for referendum that's coming up at five thirty. eric came thirteen years now. a warm and breezy day today are on half the roads but not for long list of laws and has more on a downward temperature trend over the coming days to yet we're talking about temperatures tomorrow probably five to maybe as much as ten degrees cooler than today. normally in the winter he said that you think whoa it is going to be cold but of course we were so much above normal today that even with that drop was still going to be well above normal tomorrow. just not way way way above normal like today as you can see clear skies across the region right now you would expect that with clear skies on the radar as well. temperatures dropping pretty quickly though this evening down into the mid sixties here over the next few minutes and then down through sixty and even quickly in the fifties already will be in lower fifties la spots by nine pm
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the forties although inland areas will be cooler than this. i'm expecting at least near forty maybe even some far inland areas in the upper thirties and then look at tomorrow will be back up in the sixties just not way up in the seventies like a lot of spots were during the day today so that's the beginning of the downward trend it continues later in the week as well so much snow that i'm talking about some possible snow for parts of the area coming up on friday night fresh from the red carpet traffic starting at noon a great glass of thinkin' we'll do try with the fact that well you know and that kind of is where the fun new stuff to go with someone accidently an announcement in norfolk this was headed away from the hr bt but on sixty four and it's near the five sixty four interchange so i will head there now first before we get to the accident here's a live look at how crappy is shaping up across hampton roads you can really make out on the south side we are dealing with a few delays look at the peninsula doing a little bit better but would
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moment first we get to that accident. this happened just minutes ago sixty four eastbound in the outside lanes if you see here made just before you get the chesapeake boulevard you can see here the two left lanes are blocked were down to one lane passing scene check the cameras we had about three and a half miles of heavy traffic until you get past this evening approaching chesapeake boulevard part of that is due to the fact that it is rush hour traffic is usually had the bulldogs sixty four east and then you throw this into the mix and it really gets jammed out there so watch out for that. this afternoon my twenty two primary road instead of the interstate to get around the scene of this crash on the traffic network maps badminton we do have delays elsewhere but a few of them in the dow off the sixty four south of the monitor merrimack and sixty four north headed toward sixty four west as well. headed for the hr bt really on both sides now a little bit around the midtown tunnel so we are busy but have the latest on the accident on facebook and twitter and of course right here on thirteen years now i daschle thank you virginians are said to head
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pick the nominees for president the state is one of a dozen super tuesday contests with outcomes can go a long way in determining each party's eventual winner well the limited polling available in virginia shows donald trump ahead in the republican primary hillary clinton leading in the democratic race in here to talk more about the primary senior professor dr quentin kidd thank you so much to be an oasis interesting isn't it just read this to be over with read it for to be over with okay i guess the polls do show donald trump with a little bit of a lead over marco rubio but this like me reveals best day yet i mean he's a he's it he's in the lead. i mean all the polls show down from the lead but mark attribute marco rubio has been trending up in the polls donald trump has actually been trending down relative to rubio and rubio has the highest favor ability ratings of any candidate on the ballot in virginia don't trump has
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rubio probably has room to grow his support grow his vote share relative to doll trump and so you know the odds are still on donald trump but if mark rubio comes close or pulls are not upset often virginia tomorrow i wouldn't be surprised simply because of the of the trending lines for rubio neverending line for trump how important is that jerry falwell junior endorsement for trot so indoor since people sinned or system as much as they used to i think the sarah palin horsemen in the jury foliage in endorsements really matter for donald trump he got more evangelical vote at a south carolina than did ted cruz or marco rubio. i think the reason we've seen all of the republican candidates in our area in the last week at regent university and then because they would love to have pat robertson's endorsement and they would love to be able to speak evangelical voters around jerry falwell junior in reading universe is a good platform for doing the tag and makes a lot of sensory hillary clinton on and bernie
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side. she looks to be pretty comfortable and forgiving i think she is it looks like she's going to be able to recreate the obama coalition of voters minus the younger voters and ensure probably lose younger african american voters to bernie sanders but the real question is how many of them will turn down vote and there isn't an indication that younger voters are going to turn out in any great numbers anyway. so in concert the rest of the coalition is going to turn out well for hillary clinton i think virginia will be a safe bet and it has to be remember our governor terry mcauliffe is a good friend of a loosely and even if it's a close race it might look like a hit on hillary clinton what do you think turnout will be tomorrow so turnout two thousand and eight when with the last unbeaten team torres percent with twenty nine thirty percent. i guess turn out to be around that perhaps a little bit lower if the democratic race isn't as that the republican primary so far have to have generated
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in virginia on the republican side as well tonight we will see what happens. thank you so much by regina at former president bill clinton is in houston speaking in support of his wife and presidential candidate hillary clinton of the buffalo soldiers museum the former president is laying out one is at stake in this election he's saying why he believes his wife is the best candidate to fight for american families especially in underserved communities. the republican side will make america great again she says i don't think we ever stop being right the book we do need to be made whole again so we can all live together. bill clinton is set to make stops in san antonio and fort worth and this is all to keep the momentum going forward ahead of tomorrow's primary florida governor rick scott's shoots down rumors of
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presidential candidate before going to an event about job creation not a web based software and service provider scott told reporters he already has a great job as governor. this image of the governed and the other job in twenty eighteen three more years left in the shop a lot left to do that in maine twenty five thousand jobs but i'm at work very hard to make sure this never would say for jobs and one situation and once it's a safety net no interest in joining the term campaign visit every time i get his as he has a lot to do and wants to make sure that florida is the number one state for jobs education and safety the oscars are a big talker on social media from host chris rock who latched immediately into the uproar over the lack of
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. an update to breaking news out of portsmouth police are on the scene of a shooting on meander drive offers a stella someone shot a man in the arm the nine one one call came in just before three thirty this afternoon the victim is expected to recover. there's no word on the suspect in the shooting and look for updates on thirteen years now but calm and university of virginia student confessed to severe crimes in north korea on a warm beer was detained in january before boarding his flight to china over an unspecified incident at a hotel. north korean authorities presented the student in the media early this morning i understand the severity of my crime and i have no idea what sort of penalty case but i am headed to the korean people and government for my forgiveness and i'm craving
4:44 pm
returned home to my fan on the video the students are cries and pleads for forgiveness from the north korean authorities so far there are no details on what kind of chargers or punishment he faces the virginia state university student accused of sexually assaulting a classmate is due in court today. jermaine waller is charged with rape by force or threats. a woman reported to police and this some bar that wall or assaulted her in a dorm room the woman says she and her roommate final loss and forced him out of the room waller is banned from the campus until we learn the outcome of the case. time now to check the headlines on usa today's dot com a former prison guard in upstate new york admits he unwittingly helped two killers escaped from prison today gene palmer pleaded guilty to a felony count of smuggling in needle nose pliers and screwdriver he admitted to providing inmates richard matt and
4:45 pm
access to a catwalk collection box at the clinton correctional facility he was accused of giving them hamburger meat that had hack saw blades hidden inside got slapped with a six month sentence and fines of about five thousand dollars you may remember there was a big search for those two escapees richard matt was shot and killed by police sweat was wounded and is back behind bars this super tuesday for astronaut scott kelly but this has nothing to do with politics. kelly is returning to earth tomorrow after a year in space at the international space station and pickle juice cream of the shared one of his last sun rises saturday morning he says it was one of the best that's saying something because get this and i just happen to know this nana now the international space station goes around the earth so quickly that day and night come every ninety two minutes the film is that you know
4:46 pm
body when you're in for a long time. i told the guy did not see the martian but that's what scott kelly tweeted in september about the ninety minute how old are a lot faster on like that socialist a writer i have to have their home for the dia the headlines of usa today in an emotional day in court dancing with the stars host this and sports reporter erin andrews is sewing marriott hotel and the man convicted of stalking her she's blaming both for that secretly recorded video of her that went viral. abc's elizabeth her has the latest to request a room next to a convicted
4:47 pm
the men's room next to her purse was checking out the other is the vision that room today the jury heard michael david barrett pre recorded deposition as his victim erin andrews said in court fighting for herself the thirty seven year old reporter and dancing with the stars co host is suing barrett for filming her negated through the peephole of her hotel room door. she's also suing the owners and managers of this nashville marriott arguing the hotel made it easy for barrett to film or in the nude or the colors of the numerous options for the year it posted that video online and experts say millions watched it. it's been eight years and despite her best efforts to remove the video it's still
4:48 pm
andrews is now just a shell of herself she's not the least. anders is selling the hotel and the man who admitted making the videos for seventy five million dollars. the hotel's attorneys say barrett is solely to blame. what a beautiful day out there yesterday same thing that today was even a little bit warmer than yesterday or some people had yesterday off to enjoy it but still even if it was just going for a walk in your lunch hour. i'm sure a lot of people enjoying a lot of clear skies out there it's going to stay mainly clear this evening but it will drop off pretty quickly so we're going to go from the seventies to the sixties to the fifties already fifty seven all say by about seven pm on aboriginal be a little bit breezy feel little bit cool because that westerly wind ten to fifteen mph peak wind gust today it is certainly a little bit more
4:49 pm
five is showing up in norfolk virginia beach hampton suffolk thirty six chess be thirty five current not so pretty tight little range most everybody gusting into the mid thirties today meanwhile temperatures this evening then dropping back as i said already into the fifties here maybe sixteen or the cuse but most of us around fifty seven fifty eight by seven pm continuing to drop to the fifties then mid evening and by morning when a sea temperatures extreme inland area's upper thirties most of us will be in the lower forties to mid forties and notice how that wind begins to shift a little bit and that means tomorrow it comes in very lightly. early in the morning out of the east later in the day at the southeast and because of that that's not as warm wind direction the waters are still quite a bit cooler this time of year so verses today south westerly winds will be and seventies tomorrow is only going to be sixties only but still again well above normal tomorrow evening it'll
4:50 pm
then notice what happens by wednesday looking at blue blob very technical term but blue is set up here to show forties and eventually the darkly thirties and that starts to encroach upon the area from the sun is still obviously pretty strong this time of year so that'll hold things off i think somewhat wednesday afternoon as that will stay a little bit chilly in the fifties but that just means that really will start to drop more wednesday night and into thursday and maybe even friday high temperatures today seventy in norfolk seventy six in virginia beach similar to what again we saw yesterday but a little bit higher here comes the front through the region that brought a couple of sprinkles to the north yesterday. so for us tonight. by morning forty five clear breezy and chilly lower forties to near forty for them or most rural in locations and costs sixty three mostly sunny. not quite as warm but still way above normal tomorrow night windy and cool with a few showers by late at night and that
4:51 pm
still early in the day on wednesday but i don't think most of us are going to see anything wednesday highs in mid fifties then only mid forties on thursday and maybe even some upper thirties on friday and that could mean some snow for inland areas depending on the track of that system. i stopped to see that oscar pop up during the process is still anybody's mind the ohio big thankyou to you though that he stayed up late to watch the oscars are found on channel thirteen i think that just ended and not those of you want oscar party last night great time guys were awesome. yes folks dressed up it was all white and fine and to see some of the view airs and tweet along with everyone i mean it was just a really great time for all of those turning points. people were treating with us using that hashtag thirteen oscars cinema cafe are seeing some of those pictures right there was packed with people there playing oscars bingo taking sell these by the eight foot oscar statue the dice on the studio last week and is
4:52 pm
some drinks so let's get into some of the show highlights because that's what everyone's talking about right now of course the leo finally did it when the red man got his first oscars you can hear everyone in the studio clapping as were all so excited of course people talk about chris rock some said he did a great job other people said it was a little too much worse than biden's appearance on the stage surprise everybody but he introduced lee got out and gave a powerful powerful performance. arnold schwarz is a little video he tweeted to mr stallone obviously got a lot of re tweets so you know a lot of really good conversation lots of moments to talk about from last night's academy awards now to get a full recap of all the winners you can head over to thirteen years now. dot com for all that moving on now high and virtual reality seems to be the thing that tech companies are focusing on a lot this year but microsoft is exploring another type of attack with its experimental hollow lens
4:53 pm
brings hologram real world using transparent lenses spatial sound and an understanding of your environment. bowling green's look and sound with are actually part of the world around you that is mixed reality it may make your body like a law yet it's very cool technology here it's going up a lot of people especially in education field. today microsoft announced that the first versions of these hollow lens will begin shipping to independent software developers later this month marks thirty the devices cost a whopping three thousand dollars per unit for now and you need to apply on microsoft's website a lot of form and then be approved by the company just to get one but there's no word on when these will become available to the public but you know microsoft reps are saying this is a major step in putting these devices into hands of their consumers and finally resulted in the age of the internet can sometimes be a scary thing for parents we all know that you never know what risque photos might pop up on the results of a simple online search during
4:54 pm
tech giant google is hoping to ease parents' worries with the new kid oriented search i hear parents rejoicing everywhere about this. it's called candle so it's a kid friendly safe internet search for them so you know when your kids are going online to do their homework they need to search for some things this is completely safe proof as they don't all beeline to know that co very easy to get to ok the solutions for that right is the virus continues to concern people in mexico and now there's a new development to fight in the fight against it one that involves operation blessing learn more about that than thirty news now in five two people are dead after a fire at a marina in urbana virginia state police say this could be arson and a child found a loaded gun just lying on the ground in portsmouth
4:55 pm
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when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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. operation blessing international is launching efforts to fight the z virus in mexico by using mosquito eating fish operation blessing will provide efficient training for more than sixty community health workers will then distribute the fish to nearby mexican villages family will receive ten to twenty mosquito eating fish to put them into containers that residents traditionally used to store water and around their homes and that's all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now twenty one boats up in flames two people killed virginia state police say there's a chance this marina fire was not an accident to portsmouth children shot. this is a nightmare. it's not only a nightmare for parent but it's a very traumatic experience for anyone. what every parent needs to know about gun safety. just hours until super tuesday candids are not
4:59 pm
just wrapped up a visit and hillary clinton is on the way not much left after this massive fire tore through a marine in urbana two people died. the flames destroyed more than twenty boats authorities say the fire started early this morning a dose or puerto ban a marina on the middle peninsula right now state police are handling this as a possible case of our spice l robertson is live near the marina and she's learning more about those two victims. yellow police have not released the names of those victims but friends tell us that the victims were husband and wife and that they were very experienced boaters i can tell you that this is really hit this community hart is a very small town here you can take a look at the damage of this fire has left behind but i think was really the most shocking for so many people is that investigators believe
5:00 pm
may have been intentional sae sae sae our town doesn't have very many tragedies and this is certainly one of the ec the flag flying at half staff already i mean that's you know that's kind of our town the quiet town of urbana touched by tragedy excess stock and devastatingly sad day for everybody. flames engulf those years marine overnight destroying more than twenty boats in the north may explode in sailboats are on fire and claiming the lives of two people really do have to confirm today counties in its ongoing criminal investigation friends say the victim's husband and wife were sleeping on the boat when the fire broke out a fire investigator say maybe our sin. they were wonderful people experienced boaters i just can't even imagine


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