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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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expecting at all and the shock is still setting in over the death of an officer killed on her first day on the job today attention turns to the man accused of pulling the trigger to six o'clock this is a break in right now sandra standing by with some breaking news ashley's watching the road for any trouble spots and craig is here with a check of your forecast before you walk out the door he is the man with the good news this morning it's all good guys breezy and warm today where enjoy a lot of sunshine and just a really really nice money can ease you back into the work week tomorrow in the primaries going on election day whether looking good as well as you can see the winds are a little gusty up on the eastern shore mobile with augusta twenty two mph. i've also had a gust that walter to twenty eight mph winds been gusting right handed and appear close to twenty five mph so little breezy out there but not unbearable and these temperatures upper forties for our cool readings like chesapeake and frankly in many areas in the lower to
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watches sunglasses today and i think most of us be able to shed the coats with temperatures topping out in the upper sixties pushing seventy degrees. one afternoon we're going to have those temperatures climbing up by midday around sixty two and in the upper sixties through the afternoon. let's get a look at the high rise bridge right now ashes keep an eye on that traffic flow it's been pretty light so far this morning the ship into b b credit with a couple of spots before three traffic every breath you can see the whole picture here behind me in hampton roads has been a bad morning at all i had a couple spots i've watched out for and they will be traffic has been one of them so we'll talk about that in just a moment but first let's head over to the high rise bridge where i've not had any issues yet this morning. eastbound westbound crossing the bridge looks about the same not a big pickup in volume out there are crossing the high rise bridge you should be in fine shape but let's now head over to the base and to show how things are shaping up so
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here past the runway tunnel that's way down on five sixty four west was getting close to the three a or head up toward hampton blvd that's we see the slowdown before this point you are clear with no of good news there coming up in just a little bit ahead the latest winner of the james river bridge and will take traffic from the midtown tunnel all that coming up next an hour the breaking news we're following out of north carolina two people are dead after a truck crashed into their home causing a huge explosion happened in cleveland county just gotten in from the scene you can see all that damage police say the driver of pickup lost control and slammed into the house that impact costs and propane tanks to explode husband wife who are in their seventies died. that explosion caused nearby homes to also catch fire and police say the charges are pending against that driver who is now in the hospital will keep you posted on any updates in a park or thirteen years now i sent a thank you and maybe salvage ship is set to deploy
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mission five month mission involves recovering ships in clearing harbors near africa the uss grapple lee joint base little creek fort story at eleven o'clock this morning thirteen years now where it will be pure side for that. watch for an update on thirteen years now and you women to point three now later today an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of killing a northern virginia police officer on her first day on the job. ronald hamilton is accused of killing his wife before fatally shooting officer ashley sweden on saturday a family and friends held a vigil for her last night hamilton meantime faces two counts of murder two other officers were wounded both remain hospitalized but are expected to survive you this morning we're getting our first look at a university of virginia student being detained in north korea the country presenting ottawa ba to the media yesterday the ballot for the crowd and apologize for attempting to
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north korea arrested him back in january the twenty one year old uva student begged for forgiveness. i understand the severity of my crime and i have no idea what sort of penalty case but i am heading to the korean people and government for my forgiveness and i'm praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my care all that country says that he committed an anti state crimes after being manipulated by the us government's it's worth noting that most people who are detained in north korea and give public confessions later recant those admissions after they are released about six o five no debts are expressing outrage across the country and right here in hampton roads they say they are being given the run around a local va hospitals and can't seem to get answers about their health benefits investigative reporter laura geller joins us with a story
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electrolyte tonight at six were telling just one local family story but there is indicative of what that se is a much larger problem at the va a problem that's across the country are facing the process of our story might seem tedious because the process but say they have to go through to get answers is tedious. tonight we'll show you how bats are continually put on hold passed from office to office and department to department one saying the next will be able to help only to be pointed back to the first place they called to hit another roadblock me every time we have somebody new come up and new information just another dead end always been another dead end. we're taking the complaints to our local va and even up to the national office for answers. our special
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vain is tonight at six norcal or thirteen years now must report that affects so many guests last cold and alone in the carolina wilderness a boy scout when missing over the weekend with temperatures plunging find out how that boy managed to make it out alive. plus whether you're a leap day baby or knocks you i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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unless we all do. together.
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. beautiful start to the day down at the oceanfront the skies are clear it is a little breezy out there one i started with temperatures getting up upper sixties to near seventy i'd imagine with lots of sunshine will be some folks who maybe had and the beach and take a walk along the boardwalk or maybe even take it out there just stretch out in the sand a bit later this afternoon very very nice and right now it's pretty mild as we take a look at the morning commute in the afternoon drive tree lights for both no problems is breezy out there but we can deal with that the winds been gusting up from twenty to twenty five mph not too bad mostly sunny unseasonably warm to the afternoon temperatures will climb into the upper sixties to near seventy. right now temperatures are in the lower to mid fifties widespread it is for dhs beat a little cooler out there at the regional airport not too
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school upper forties for franklin in a husky and along i ninety five we had mid forties roanoke rapids in emporia but very very mild for this time of year we typically top out around fifty four so when you look at today's highs were looking at temperatures that are going to be about fifteen degrees or so warmer than normal. now there is a cool down taking place in the sand for us this is eventually going to find its way towards hampton roads later this week but today still very warm the showers over the mounds are going to stay out there where to find the skies mostly sunny at times we could see a few passing clouds later this morning say around ten or eleven o'clock then mostly sunny again this afternoon temperatures tomorrow lower to mid sixties and then into the upper fifties on wednesday. i do think we could see some showers wednesday morning but after that ice will break again wednesday and thursday was take a look now at the midtown tunnel ash is an update. craig headed back to the midtown tunnel now for the second time this morning just because there has been a minor pickup in volume as you can see everything is still
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the midtown tunnel but traffic is picking up a little bit leaving portsmouth and headed into norfolk and again you can see it's still flowing pretty okay but now it's starting to be the point in the morning where things are going to increase to the point where traffic will slow down here momentarily so wanted to give you that heads up battle the traffic network maps of the hanover naval station norfolk. we still have a delay on five sixty four west into the base but again the start about past the runway to why i would say dropping down from fifty five mph down to fourteen zero also be prepared for that over jeremy still set to open at nine thirty this morning and coming up next we'll check traffic around in the river and greenbrier of that part of virginia beach and chesapeake on sixty four right ashleigh thank you as daybreak continues a look at the protesters who lined the streets outside the oscars calling for more diversity protesters were the only ones trying to tackle the issue we want
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it's six fourteen o o check out this video out of pennsylvania a play rain hangs upside down in a tree the eighty seven roll call for help from inside the cockpit just before the cessna crashed in cumberland township into pers responders run for hours to finally get that man out more than fifty firefighters help with the rescue that play
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the tree on to the faa investigation begins the pilot will be okay and california parents are shocked after high school officials busted a so called fight club. we found out about it after students posted video on social media they say they were just having fun but school officials say this is no laughing matter. so the school is investigating and in some students can be suspended over it's just a mile away from the glitz and glam of the oscars protesters march in opposition saying the awards show lacks diversity the academy did not nominate any african american or latino actors al sharpton led a rally calling for inclusion in the academy's nomination process. chris rock talk about the diversity problem as he hosted the show saying the academy needed to be more open minded on me this morning starbucks in italy. the coffee time will open its first cafe the country with some of the most part to a peculiar and particular coffee drinkers in the world. ceo
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owes its success to italy. it was inspired to create starbucks when he visited milan back in nineteen eighty three surprised that the action on major fall off at the weekend box office the gods of egypt which cost one hundred and forty million dollars just to make took in just fourteen million now ouch. deadpool again the favorites. kungfu panda brady was appropriately third with nine million dollars. i think that will cost that much to hicks to know those celebrating a birthday on this lead a there are deals out there for you take advantage of them because you have another one for years to get a free dessert sampler at olive garden pizza is offering a free personal pan pizza and there's a special deal on a dozen doughnuts at krispy kreme all deals though require a photo i d i find the people i think they are born leaders say they sold it
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what they say they do lose out on the birthing area you don't give up your birth. now the start of the brain is certain age you it's hard to call it after the year award on to so i got no right now and as of this morning we had the oscar party last night and it's in the cafe pembroke it was so much fun to see a lot of heaven and an adjoining in that uni stay up past i apologize now apologizing for other news yes absolutely lot of fond hope we enjoy that big winners in we were sorta joke around the more hassle than it seemed like a mad max you know every time they give a look at a ward we were like eh. and it was somehow forget to check it out now are right now is guys mainly clear and for the bus stops this morning the buses pulled up skies going to be sunny temperatures very mild low fifties southwest winds are blowing about ten to twenty five mph it is breezy through
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great weather hopefully get outside maybe joyce whether take some time for yourself as well. temperatures into the upper sixties for the afternoon so very very nice stuff coming up somewhat weather on the other side of the mounds this is not a problem for us we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine across the region that what weather staying out there for right now if you're going to cross over west virginia maybe take the turnpike from beckley and toward charleston gets whether there should have your pockets bring back over the mounds here in hampton roads. things are looking really good while we'll see a few clouds breaking across the sky in general i think we're looking at very nice conditions over the next several days i think a chance for rain coming up as we go late tuesday night into wednesday morning early and then some more nice weather wednesday afternoon into thursday. right now you can see or when a stranger showing the southwest flow in the warm conditions across the region a few more clouds later this morning around nine to ten o'clock or so
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clouds. but again for most of us and no worries and all and the temperatures will continue to climb so it's gonna be a warm one that is the wind shifting around a little bit as high pressure sets up just off the maryland coast line there will see the onshore flow and that through the day on tuesday so tomorrow not quite as warm as today but still above normal with highs in the lower sixties and then some passing clouds as we get into the overnight tuesday night into early wednesday morning a few showers here that'll pass an exit the coast early wednesday and then more sunshine later wednesday into thursday. here the temperatures right now fifty at the airport we had fifty four virginia beach alsoo williamsburg wakefield fifty one down to the south temperatures around fifty dollars the city it has been a bit breezy near the coast but not too bad. and again we are doing a lot of sunshine so our fifty right now hais todae reach about sixty nine degrees will see the overnight low side enron forty five. good weather for
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three the high and a little cooler wednesday a bigger push of cooler air thursday friday and saturday with more showers on friday ashley albright craig twenty minutes into the morning rush hour in traffic volume that would say are picking up in most spots so with that in mind we head now to our camera and take a look at traffic in chesapeake bay you can see everything is moving well on sixty four around greenbrier parkway but roads are certainly busy out there so here are your westbound lanes making their way in the direction of indian river maybe eventually opted to sixty four eastbound traffic they're headed toward battlefield made it worth the high rise bridge all moving very well but again just for sharing the road with quite a few more folks at this point in the morning on sixty four out of chesapeake on traffic network map to be head over to naval station norfolk still seeing pretty much that same study delay where traffic is dropping down from fifty five to fourteen mph as you pass the runway tunnel midtown
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into norfolk that we see that yellow strip right there traffic dropping down to twenty four mph as it passes the western freeway split and head toward the tunnel and out to norfolk and as we're talking about the western freeway coming up here in just a few minutes at six thirty will head to one sixty four which attracted making its way to fifty eight on the western freeway stupid things actually hold onto your wallet guys a new sales
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i heads up for drivers in north carolina the next time you take your car into the shop is going to cost you just a little bit more expensive knew that a new sales tax on labor and services including auto repairs kicks in on tuesday the tax will be the same rate as local sales tax which range from six point seven five percent to seven am percent and that means the two hundred dollar car repair will cost up to fifteen dollars more the legislature approve the additional sales tax last year. terrifying new video this morning shows objects com. coming off of cars on the road and putting people's lives at risk include everything from flying mattresses to ice that was not scraped off before the drive and it happens much more than you think road debris triggers about fifty thousand crashes a year and
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fifty lives so how can you keep yourself safe. trust your instincts. increase your following distance. make sure that her side too which gives you ample room in case you have to veer into another lane so scary. experts say if you do not have that escape route. the best thing to do is to just drive through it rather than slamming on the brakes on new this morning a boy scout missing overnight in the woods of south carolina has been found said twelve year old junk way was hiking with this crew in jones gap state park saturday when he got lost when the sun went down and temperatures plummeted. everyone feared the worse but eighteen hours after he vanished he was spotted by a family of hikers he told them he covered himself in leaves. as night fell to keep himself warm we're constantly teaching these boys how to survival skills or how the key. so in
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we do the what if situation incredible story there are medics checked that boy i see right there and send them home to get some rest i requested a waiver virginia's first chance to weigh in on the presidential election which brown is live in norfolk with more on the presidential hopefuls stopping in town and it is the biggest night in hollywood we have the winners and losers of the eighty eighth annual oscars. mondays are never easy but craig's
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the race is on the white house has to pay and hopeful stop in hampton roth calls for controversial birth control device to be pulled from the market could be answered by the fda today the first time oscar winner pushes an impassioned plea that time is now it's imperative that we act how he used a powerful platform to implement change. daybreak starts right now good monday morning to you and lucy bustamante monterey senior is six thirty and it is a leap
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you may be heading back to work today but the weather is still in weekend mode absolute meteorologist regular tracking the temperatures in the upper sixties today cried as if we need another excuse to stay home on the air and the right maybe you're feeling a lil bit groggy after the oscars last night you know i can advocate you take the election time ha maybe get into work a little late not say what when the weather's nice it's gonna be might think about it right that's a live look from the weston actually the view from not to kiss you these are some of our sky these just beautiful conditions early this morning down at the beach things are looking good as well you can see as we check and on the board draw walk from my dq down there at the oceanfront fantastic this morning that has been a little breezy we've seen some wind gusts up around twenty to thirty mph in the eastern shore have also seen some higher gusts at times along the outer banks dock pier with a gust to twenty five but it's really not too bad against
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temperatures mild were in the lower fifties for most areas just because forty eight forty nine in franklin that most areas reporting low fifties right now downtown norfolk looking good and at the airport the winds are sustained from the south southwest at twenty seven seventeen it is breezy we are dry here although there are some showers back of the ascend the mountains that there. i guess people see a few clouds break across syria later this morning but skies generally will be mostly to partly sunny and as we go through the afternoon more sunshine with a high around sixty nine. stay tuned i will add the rest of the work week coming up we'll talk about a little bit of a cooling trend and also let your next good chances for showers will be coming up. time now for the western freeway and ashley's has been watching that what we have out there ash book read we haven't yet checked traffic on the western freeway so going to be traveling to portsmouth won sixty four. here's your quick live look at the west norfolk braid so here this traffic making its way one
6:32 am
six sixty four you can see no issues report there at this shot on the western freeway eastbound traffic there rounding the corner i headed over to ward fifty eight this shot was pretty good i will say though if you get closer to fifty eight at the midtown tunnel certainly expect a delay is leaving portsmouth and headed into norfolk nonprofit network map to talk much or delays here by sixty four westbound traffic is still flow past the one way tunnels about seventy five percent down on five sixty for a weapon that's when you drop down to fourteen mph i mention that's likely the midtown tunnel port into norfolk traffic drops down to twenty two at the western freeway and traffic is now picking up at the hr vet's will check that next i will also have an update to you breathless. thank you ashley is coming on six thirty three now the race for the white house takes center stage here in hampton roads. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton will hold a rally at lake taylor high school in norfolk today and then gop hopeful ben carson will speak at regent university early
6:33 am
in norfolk with more elise good morning and removed the lyrically and production crew just pulled up to lake taylor about fifteen min to go into being tracked now have over one day ahead of super tuesday candidates like clinton are trying to get voters' attention that clinton is set to speak here today at eight o'clock tonight however doors do open at eight o' clock while hillary speaks to some issues she might discuss include criminal justice reform and small business. also coming to hampton roads tonight is doctor ben carson will speak at regent for its presidential series on that schedule to start at two tickets are sold out however you can register for a simulcast on regent website at the cast will be at the school's chapel some issues carson could discuss include education and federal spending again we will be following these events today here and we'll keep you
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live in norfolk police brown thirteen is now thirteen years now plans on following both of these events will keep you updated art supporters of republican presidential candidate marco rubio piled into one of the halls at the virginia beach convention center to hear him speak. we'll spend most of the rally talking about his vision for the country last night that includes repealing obamacare building up the military's numbers and improving benefits for veterans. ruby also told the crowd under no circumstances should the gop nominee frontrunner contra and so i'm asking you for your vote. i'm asking a lot of other people to vote for us because friends do not let friends vote for con jobs rubio said he is confident he can win a number of republican delegates from virginia on super tuesday. he added he'll need support in november when he is the gop presidential nominee in the meantime marco rubio and ted cruz continue their attacks on donald trump with crews taking aim at trump's taxes trump says he has released his financial
6:35 am
show his tax returns because he's under on it until the audit is completed obviously i wouldn't show anything and killed as soon as it's completed i have nothing to hide the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggest that there's a bombshell their cruises warning conservatives at the truck train could be unstoppable if the frontrunner rolls to big victories tomorrow the big day is right around the corner. tomorrow voters in more than a dozen states will cast their ballots for who they think should be the next president. this could be the first major indicator of who could win in november. it's important to note virginia beach schools will begin two hours late tomorrow because dozens of schools will be used as polling places race for the white house coverage continues on good morning america at seven o'clock with a live report on donald trump's efforts to sweep super tuesday on the time now is six thirty six and we know a lot of freakin travelers
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the airplane shrinking. yes oh yes it's cramped and are now ahead one politicians push to give travelers more room on board commercial flights but first a major decision expected from the fda today about a popular birth control implant linked
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the oceanfront great start to the day you have guys that are mainly clear little breezy but it's not deterring folks from getting and taking a little runner a stroll along boardwalk and we're in for a fantastic afternoon temperatures in the upper sixties push and seventy i suspect the beaches will see a little more activity later today as well with the nice weather they would talk about nice is the view right now at the oceanfront less to get to the peninsula will get a nice look at the sunrise and as we take a look here you've got to see the sun just peeking above the horizon across the hampton river absolutely gorgeous good morning t i hope your mondays off to a great start certainly breezy out there wins been gusting around twenty to twenty five mph up in the eastern shore we've seen some dust and rhonda peers while close to that. not bad although with temperatures in the lower fifties as we take a look southeast us looking really good we give a little bit of
6:40 am
showing up back over the mountains and set of cloud cover may break across our region a little bit later but the more she's going to stay off to the west and as you can see event she should go up in a candidate that rain changes over the snow not a problem around here they can see this guys are going to be mostly sunny for awhile this morning that a few clouds say between nine and ten or eleven o'clock they drift on through temperatures up in the low sixties by midday and afternoon temperatures getting into the upper sixties to near seventy we'll see more sunshine before sunset tonight. quick look at the next few days temperatures tomorrow a little cooler but still above normal at sixty three and will trend down on wednesday and is pretty good chance to see showers early wednesday morning. let's get a look at the hr bts are we watching their own craig webb forty minutes into the morning rush hour and at this point is normally when you start to see a delay around the hr bt leaving hampton making its way to norfolk and this shot is a mile and a half away
6:41 am
the bridge that crosses over the hampton river. you can see your traffic is pretty congested head for the two also has a little something going on there on the right shoulder. not sure what that is the breakdown accident i don't now all but it could be adding to the delay they are headed to the tunnel and out to norfolk to watch jumper that rolled the routes are cleared both a bit of good news they are quickly on the traffic network maps an update to your bridge left and bill martin bridge is now opening at seven o'clock is not twenty minutes and then again at eight o'clock jr be still set to open at nine thirty. coming up next the latest on your morning rush hour delays. all right ashleigh thank you for that the celebrities came out in their finest for hollywood's biggest night life yet in case you missed it we'll recap the big wins surprises and highlights from the eighty eighth annual
6:42 am
reaction from i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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this morning police are searching for the person who robbed a convenience store in portsmouth that happen at the neighborhood mart after parkway new ericsson street around nine o'clock last night. police say that the armed suspect took money before he took off no one was hard to have any information about the incident call crime line that number is one eight
6:45 am
six o five know starting tomorrow new gun laws will take effect here in the commonwealth the new legislation expands the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements virginia has with other states it will allow out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth. it will also prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks later today the fda is expected to make a decision on whether to pull a controversial birth control device from the market thousands upon thousands of women who have received the metallic birth control implant ashore reports offering a range of some serious health issues the issue in plans has been sold for more than a decade now and his pitch to women is the only non surgical option for permanent birth control new this morning a florida woman says e cigarette exploded as he took a puff knocking her teeth loose in
6:46 am
and like car and push the button and then literally like i felt an impact in my face i saw like sparks fly off into the passenger side my goodness. experts say the devices lithium battery may have been overcharged right now the fda only regulate e cigarettes use for therapeutic purposes. however president obama is reviewing a bill that would expand fda oversight new this morning apple is pushing back an event to unveil its newest product the event will now take place on march twenty first a smaller faster iphone and new i pad expected to be released the tech giant's first product announcement of the year could also include new apple watch bands and support crappy pay and check this out its new smartphone for techies with taste you can now get samsung's latest phone in real gold of british company is selling the galaxy s seven and s seven ads in
6:47 am
eighteen carat rose gold and platinum plated sometimes i wish the camera on our crew price tag of around twenty four hundred dollars looks unbelievable in its investment and the internet is buzzing after the academy awards last night. here are some of the most googled moments. according to google trends summer camp real wins best actor. second lady ga ga performs at the oscars and finally chris rock's opening monologue which i will say was pretty funny and slightly hysterical. yeah ri while recovering were very sure you are a little party the viewers out there to come and watch the oscar party does in the cafe were all groggy this and i don't think it was so much what we were partaking amber just a cup as not yet in the game get out of the recovery was his eyes have everybody out there we post some pictures in social media to check out our facebook pages or twitter you can see some of that right now to talk about something
6:48 am
interested in the morning the gaggle of right now i will talk about the headlines of today mostly sunny breezy and warm highs today around sixty nine degrees and that's an great big cooler but still very nice tomorrow temperatures in the lower sixties and then showers possible late tuesday night early wednesday it will turn cooler later this week when juno is nice is it is today a second to last all that long with a couple warm days and then upper fifties on wednesday into the upper forties for highs thursday and friday so we'll definitely be cooler next weekend though looks pretty good. we will see a couple chances for showers and shay those coming up right now down to the oceanfront beautiful weather and again i'm thinking about afternoon temperatures upper sixties near seventy. there might be a few folks had not to the beach just soak up the sunshine right now we have somewhat whether out of the other side of the mount is not a problem though for hand to read i do suspect later this morning to run ten to eleven o'clock or so we
6:49 am
through but aside from that we are going to enjoy a lot of sunshine today and if you're just now taking a look at this map and not maybe you're just waking up from the oscars you're not a regular viewer of thirteen used a break maybe wonder why are we looking here. this is a technology we have here thirteen years now where we can show you the wind direction and we're looking at southwest winds coming up today so this is something we put on the maps occasionally to see the southwest and warm winds blowing today try their temperatures up as i mentioned a few clouds drift by as we take you through the overnight the winds still coming in from the west they're going to weaken a little bit and then tomorrow with an area of high pressure just off the maryland coaches see the wins how they change around to get a little on shore flow. tomorrow will be cooler to mention in the lower sixties and then as we go tomorrow night into early wednesday. i chance for a few showers drifting by mainly to the north are not anticipating a lot of what weather but there will be a
6:50 am
early wednesday with clearing later wednesday citing plans after looks good again thursday not bad but another chance for showers on friday and then a nice weekend right now looking at temperatures below fifty for most areas via forty eight reported from chesapeake fifty four in williamsburg and oceania as we take a look at the wins it is still a bit breezy upper eastern shore and down around the outer banks a gust just a twenty eight mph at the pier right now downtown norfolk looks great south southwest winds sustained at twenty. highs today around sixty nine tonight's low near forty five and then tomorrow mostly sunny a bit cooler showers late tomorrow night and then into early wednesday that step moves away nicer later wednesday to thursday another chance for scattered what weather friday and beautiful for your weekend temps getting a little bit back below normal. our second on the four news will see how that role shaping up in the dense acrid we haven't yet taken a look at traffic in newport news on tv that
6:51 am
look at our camera sixty four westbound just passed and in the boulevard so or be on jefferson were headed to fort eustis you're on the westbound side at the traffic there had been the direction of fort eustis eastbound traffic they're headed in the direction of jefferson looking really good for newport news. even the usually heavier spots are doing pretty well right now so let's head back to the max now and just talk about your delay that you do have to worry about fifty four eastbound traffic leaving him to making its way to norfolk now flowing at king street to about two miles slow down the drop down from fifty five to nineteen mph fifty eastbound traffic in port and headed to norfolk at the midtown tunnel drop down to eighteen coming from thirty five traffic improving on five sixty four headed toward naval station norfolk minor minor delays past the three a approaching hampton boulevard and the base gates this morning so that's a look at her delays all have the latest there and we'll talk much abridged list one more time coming up in a few minutes all right ashleigh thank you in the eightieth annual
6:52 am
and it was a very eventful evening a long awaited win for leonardo dicaprio fan favorite took home his first oscar for best actor for his performance in the ravens meanwhile the title best actress went to brie larson for her role in the room a couple of other highlights spotlights one best picture and alejandro in thereto took home best director's best director for threatening and there were more than ten million tweets using just the hashtag oscar and one user praised chris rock saying that's like chris rock is the best comedian of my lifetime killed a hilarious awkward made a statement and walked away a plus if you saw us talking about and so the viewer said i am so proud of brie. it is so well deserved i'm actually crying in reference to realize anew lucy just talk about a moment ago we also have this other one from adam and says i just realize now rose and
6:53 am
titanic lot about and that was the tube is exactly reaction lasted a few weeks ago was back to you. i just can't. yeah we a have a date all of us are going to go to the titanic rit speaking of days there's miss ashley smith. when her date and fiance robert there's beautiful sandra parker we had our own oscars party but cinema cafe last night thank you to also take off limos that sponsor the limo there's andre looking down for a finely crafted tom's heart but we wanna say thank you to all the people who joined us at the oscar party last night we loved meeting you guys just a really good night overall. we hope you enjoy yours. ashley's left a day ago a class one could mention it to the room yesterday and that is the road the other morning america is live in l a with many more oscar highlights that is ahead at seven o'clock right after daybreak well the oscars were underway another set of awards for the worst movie in
6:54 am
as these were handed out saturday night and guess wat fifty shades of grey dominated the wait list or lose another good way the book turned movie was tied for worst picture with the fantastic four was god awful it was voted the first remake or sequel. it was pretty bad and bad ones make money through many others the lot one to go on paper including a wrap up with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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ep we're following breaking news a massive fire underway right now in middlesex county firefighters on the scene fighting the blaze i just got off the phone with major samson from the urbana volunteer fire department he says this is going on in those years marina the blaze broke out about four thirty this morning still burning i do have it under control at this point we're told that they are trying to keep it from spreading to some nearby condos there are about fifty boats that have been burned in this fire one of the boat a burden that has broken loose. the mc and also the coast guard they are working to try get that boat and it is a big big fire going on right now we can continue following the story and bring you more news on this throughout the morning he'll likely a top story in the morning watch the race for the white house takes center stage in him to the democratic presidential
6:58 am
hold a rally in norfolk today and gop hopeful ben carson will speak at regent university clinton rally set to begin at eight o'clock tonight at lake taylor high school. it's located on castle road. meanwhile carson is scheduled to participate in regent universities candidate forum at two pm this afternoon that event will be somewhat cast free from regents chapel was registered to attend will be sure to bring you updates after both of these events today in one more check of the traffic of all i have been that bad of a morning i mean is the usual delay though that we do have to deal with especially around the eight rbc is we take a live look at a traffic camera to a half mile back up now starting before you get the kings trees on sixty four east headed to the hr bt but the good news or alternate routes remain clear so i have something to think about is you plan to commute on the traffic network map the rest of the delays are of us outside the midtown tunnel into norfolk a look at the downtown tunnel heading to portsmouth now. minor delays by sixty four west into the base. don't forget the gilbert and opens in about one minute and then
6:59 am
morning. the gop opens at nine thirty right. whether you're looking at traffic cameras around looking in our sky views you're seeing a consistent theme here the sun is out and shining. grab your sunglasses very important to look at hampton the beautiful sun is up when a nice day and you know what it's getting longer and longer sunset around six o'clock so our days are starting to stretch out forty nine degrees right now still little breezy up on the eastern shore but not too bad. temps in the low fifties for many areas and we will see a lot of sunshine highs today are each about sixty nine sixty three tomorrow a chance for rain late tuesday night in the early good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars.
7:00 am
awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in alabama. facing fire from all sides after failing to condemn the kkk. >> not only is that wrong, it makes him unelectable. >> but can anything stop the front-runner's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and is hillary clinton on the verge of locking down the nomination? and we are taking you behind the scenes of hollywood's


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