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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to the storm response and recovery. the governor also tweeted that he planned to visit the waverly and mathematics tomorrow our curfew is in effect tonight in waverly authorities telling everyone it is still very dangerous because of all of the debris. bryan sellers there live with more on the aftermath and the effort still underway tonight we are seeing the occasional car going by a mean streak reason clear that allen got the debris off the actual roadway that you will see some of them actually you'll hear some of it because the winds have been kicking up periodically out here but this is on the sidewalk along main street. some of that debris in all and some of the destruction you see as we go around behind main street to alongside the buildings years were walking have some exciting where that came from exactly don't know you sit up in the wires there til to utility poles we see the dominion crews out here trying to restore power to those who lost that we also know that emergency workers still are out here going to different homes to make sure everyone is accounted for
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three people died including a small child in america right there. three houses and the laundromat a brick building in his noble but also good friends today so more brisk walk to desmond gardener's friend when two men who died along with a two year old boy when the tornado that hit wednesday through the length of three football fields from a mobile home gardener in his car when the storm hit customers to bring list of clients was my direction. one was awesome i can just close my eyes and faces stuff in the wind actually pick my car so i just re glued. god help me the mocha was an ad tomorrow following the devil go like this bears pull off a lot and i directed to the debris field stretching for three miles emergency crews trudging through parts of it into the night checking properties to make sure
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the damage extensive and the same time im doing what i said i just lost the phone today as rishi don't tell we are really one of the dominion trucks now moving through the area again crews are out trying to make sure that everyone is accounted for their check and make sure no one is missing will be here for a while longer at least in the night in through the night to do that. crews also will come out tomorrow and begin the damage assessment here we're live in downtown waverly drive for thirteen years now the storm how the areas across hampton roads today of viewers sent us this video of the whipping rain and storms are moving out of the area right now jeff lawson has been tracking the system all day joins us now with the latest on the storm's movement literally right as we won on the air straight up eleven o'clock the last of the warnings was allowed to expire and that was for the southern outer banks hatteras road and the those locations outer banks series
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just about half a mile few hundred yards offshore and continuing to move out to the east. meanwhile we had a little bit of activity here over the last half hour on the eastern shore. now half an hour hour before that we had some severe weather we were crawling across the screen is you'll notice probably hopefully noticed a little bit earlier that storm also gone and now just couple of very light little sprinkles or showers left but we're still seeing some of the gusty winds winds of thirty three right now in norfolk thirty in chesapeake almost thirty down in current top thirty three in richmond but in general the inland areas not quite as high forty eight dock right now thirty six in virginia beach thirty eight almost forty up and watch a princess still some very gusty winds those will gradually begin to ease tonight but they're going to tend to swing around as well and they're going to end up out of the northwest so at midnight were still mid sixties and then look how quickly all ready by four am
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drop down in the forties and then tomorrow we won't be nearly as warm as today will be a lot drier too but will still be above normal backup in the mid to upper fifties and i think should again be a little bit windy but dry and clear some things are definitely clearing out that is great news for the chilly forecast in my extended outlook coming up. i think many of you sent us pictures of hail that fell in suffolk take a look at these images pretty decent size hail. no word on whether the hell caused any significant damage though and many of you have shared pictures and videos with us. if you can do it safely keep sending us your storm pictures you can post on social media with a half stack and thirteen storm mode also send your pictures to share it. and wbc dot com not because of the high winds and driving rains power outages or a problem for thousands of people tonight in virginia and north carolina. dominion power
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areas hardest hit were on the peninsula as well as chesapeake and virginia beach annie le beau is in one neighborhood in virginia beach that was in the dark most of the night that i gave him powers actually be restored to several communities throughout hampton roads including where we are here in the cancer bill area but the elders at one point more than twenty thousand customers were without power now a lot of that had to do with downed power lines trees falling onto power lines we saw a lot of downed trees on the peninsula in newport news just walking out of phase two is remarkable. my name that everyone made out of the house safely captured its strong winds whipped through his neighborhood sending a tree crashing down into his bedroom almost in slow mo shots in the tree coming
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near the intersection of marshall and mercury blvd in newport news. mike says his wife heard a loud snap goes the fed board cut open so we went back to check on it and then next thing you know the trees come to the house the tree broke in half and stick limbs branches and debris crashing into their home destroyed a backyard shed and a ripped a portion of the home's siding from the rest of the house but it wasn't the only neighborhood were falling trees caused people to run elsewhere for cover. one after another trees along cedar lane in the city were completely up rooted at the intersection of douglas one tree fell on a power line electricity had to be cut off to the neighboring homes. emergency crews waited in the area on standby for the storm to pass through but also kept a close eye on the area or any other trees
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down and out of you spot any downed trees power lines in your neighborhood just called dominion power whether or not i suspect them of being alive and crews will be working throughout the night to restore power to some other eight thousand customers throughout hampton roads according to virginia beach i mean you both are teens now another area virginia hit hard today by the storms was appa maddox county a funnel cloud was reported that left an eight to ten mile patch of destruction. these photos are from state police were told one man was killed after that reported funnel cloud hit his home. there are also seven confirmed injuries in a number of reports of damage to structures. state police say there are also reports of downed trees and power lines school is canceled tomorrow and we're told many students still are at school tonight because it was too dangerous for them to go home this afternoon officials are setting up two shelters for residents and are in the process of establishing a helpline. we're also getting new information tonight from top to hannah and essex
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the storm passed through tonight damaging at least thirty buildings fifteen largest wright state police say twenty five entries have been reported. we're also told several roads are closed because of downed trees and other debris. authorities are still on the scene right now now this same line of storms triggered tornado warnings in north carolina today and the triangle area there were widespread reports of damage thousands of power outages were reported and granville counties several homes were also damaged. residents described hearing loud noises and seeing things flying around. amazingly no one was hurt. meanwhile a winter storm is slamming parts of illinois and indiana and is having a big impact on flights at major airports nearly nine hundred flights were canceled this evening at chicago's o'hare another three other flights were canceled at midway. southwest canceled all flights at midway tonight what snow was falling in chicago during
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temperatures were expected to drop tonight leading to ice on the roadways there were some delays and cancellations tonight at norfolk international and newport news williamsburg international as well. you can check on your flight before leaving home with the thirteen news now flight tracker you can find it under our traffic to the virginia department of emergency management is asking people to sign up for a statewide tornado drill next month the drill is going to be march the twenty second of nine forty five in the morning emergency management says tornadoes can strike at anytime of the year although they are more common during the summer they are asking schools businesses and residents to take part and role play scene wind damage with this storm of course if you need to file an insurance claim the federal office of insurance says there are some things you must first file your claim as soon as possible. maybe a deadline also keep copies of receipts and other paperwork that includes medical documents in case someone gets hurt and
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estimate of how much the work will cause the full day back in a few minutes with the full forecast we have other local news including a visit from the republican frontrunner donald trump mourn his campaign event today at regent university the same verdict for six people in the trial in connection with the murder of
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the murder of waynesboro was still a police captain kevin quick jury in roanoke reached a guilty verdict for all six suspects charged in the death of the suspects members of the gang face a total of thirty four accounts and decided each defendant was guilty on all charges four of the suspects were charged in relation to the abduction and murder of the police captain and go to linn county back in twenty fourteen the other two face racketeering charges also no information on an armed robbery outside the aqua lounge in virginia beach to newport news man were sentenced today in henderson and brandon williams robbed him at gunpoint and fired shots outside the establishment off newtown road back in twenty fourteen club security and police stopped the man's suv in the parking lot and recovered two guns. henderson was sentenced to twenty one years in prison williams will serve eight virginia based police need help finding a man who allegedly destroying things and home after getting into fights with someone police believe twenty nine
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was armed and dangerous they say he also fired several shots at a house on professor ct scan has tattoos on his face and neck and his knuckles. he is wanted for shooting into an occupied dwelling and destruction of private property among other charges. his last known address is on wait avenue in chesapeake. no tonight us of a man arrested on child pornography charges police executed a search warrant this morning on manning bridge road. they took forty eight year old james wood into custody he starts with five counts of possession of child pornography police tell us they are still investigating but there will probably be additional charges. what is in the western tidewater regional jail without bond forsyth man is dead after crashing his vehicle into a utility pole in newport news police say twenty eight year old edward lee brown drove off the road near forty first street and jefferson avenue yesterday afternoon we're told he wasn't wearing a
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crash tonight still under investigation. a newport news woman right there is charged with two crashes one involving a school bus police say both accidents happened yesterday just miles and minutes apart. police say thirty seven year old angela charles crash near jefferson avenue and thimble shoals boulevard. charles took off from that scene blew through a red light and hit a school bus on oyster point road charles faces dui and drug charges to pass or killed after a fire in newport news and sees me in times of it this morning firefighters responded to a house on mount pleasant road around ten thirty and took them nearly an hour to get the flames under control. the family's cat and bird did not survive one firefighter suffered minor injuries after a fall there was extensive damage to the home for people had to find another place to stay investigators are still trying to figure out how this fire started. donald trump the gop frontrunner appear to
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off last night's victory in the nevada caucuses from continue trying to court the evangelical vote with pat robertson. he took some shots said his rival one rival anyway ted cruz and got the crowd cheering with talk about hillary clinton's email investigation which is and is so wrong and so unfair and it looks like she'll be the nominee and it looks like nothing will happen but it'll be something that will be discussed i promise you trump also showed a lighter side bringing his sons out on the stage from the visit was one of four campaign events in hampton roads within a week senator ted cruz will be at region friday night that ben carson will speak at the school next monday. both speeches were told are already sold out and yesterday of course bernie sanders had a rally at norfolk scope severe weather as acting millions of people across the country tonight from snow to tornadoes residents left cleaning out if there's anything left of
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hughes has more millions of americans are bracing for impact as a deadly winter storm system moves north bringing waves of grain and terrifying twisters this one captured in north carolina this time lapse shows the storm moving into charlotte strong winds toppling trees into homes cars and power lines there in virginia a state of emergency in effect one suspected tornado shredded homes we did not know it was a tornado but we knew something was going on. this is the same system that spawned more than thirty tornadoes in the last twenty four hours. god let it be okay with it during this first airing across louisiana destroying this rv park in pensacola florida an ef three tornado packing one hundred and fifty five mph winds destroyed homes and apartment buildings as the front side of this monster system continue triggering tornado warnings and watches the backside is creating blizzard conditions recipe but don't need to make the trip. don't make the trip
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and indiana conditions are nearly white out snow coming down faster than plows can clear or homeowners can show what i'm trying to get more now and some of it later even with school canceled some kids couldn't get the day off like yellowstone on the roof of the year hoping shoveling snow or ice with the last thirty years news from texas this is different. maggie news abc news washington. not completely done with the rain just yet there's wall i'm a little cell right over the mouth of the bay there and then a tiny little sprinkler to stretching down into parts of virginia beach but for the most part and a couple little sprinkles here over a sort of uninhabited areas of the eastern shore but everything continuing to move on out so we're going to call for clearing tonight
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unbelievable temperature even at this time of night even with the storms going through almost always we get storms it cools off dramatically behind him not in this case least not just yet. sol sixty eight degrees winds of the west southwest at twenty four but gusting as we showed a little while ago still up in one or two spots near forty degrees in these temperatures sixties here way up into the sixties closer to seventy and then get back in went a little bit happier sixty and then even in charlottesville places out in western virginia it's still in the fifties or forties on the other side amount that comes in here very late tonight so the clouds moving out as we go through the overnight hours in temperatures by morning finally going from the upper sixties where they are now down in the upper forties and then they're going to continue to soar to hold steady for couple hours before we get the sun coming up and then a little bit of a rise tomorrow morning at least mid fifties i debated
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fifty nine might only be fifty six or fifty seven but still it'll be very mild for this time of year but will be windy tomorrow as well and then as we get into tomorrow night a pretty typical chill for this time of year back down through the forties and thirties by morning on friday and then friday we don't see a huge rise temperatures go from the forties and up in the forties typically there's a much much bigger range than that during the day but we're going to be quite chilly friday afternoon you'll need to make sure you have that sweater coat on and bundle up as you go out during the evening on friday and then overnight well down in the thirties again. here's the storm system the first batch that came through then another batch of course even more potent came sweeping through the region and now the backside as you saw are really starting to see some cold temperatures out there meanwhile almost two inches of rain in newport news
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sorta hit mess in terms of those thunderstorms the rainfall part of that tonight and forty nine clearing skies windy and cooler late mah becoming mostly sunny windy and mild temps around fifty nine degrees and then the forty eight degree high low forty seven on friday and then the high of forty eight in other words it's not going to go very far at all during the day and then only forty six on saturday but starting the day even colder lower thirties sunday back up to fifty seven is above normal men least a little bit above normal for next week so behind this a very powerful system it stays mild for one more day and we get a big cool down. aren't they so here we are tracking the weather day and night before you head out the door news now at day break starting at four thirty our virginia beach is ryan several had a long meeting great with the media nationals spring training
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the spotlight tonight. yeah either he's been in the spotlight for a while and invited to the attention of everybody over the last two days ryan zimmerman had about a thirty minute sit down with the media the washington nationals spring training. it was the first chance for the virginia beach native to speak extensively about the accusations that he took performance enhancing drugs his first reaction at the beginning of this insane to me because you're so upset about it is so worried about making the right of all so most of the personnel that have this to the very type a person he has leaned on his loved ones to help get him through it. my wife had told me to hang out with your with your wife and kid during the offseason and not worry about it so small in an effort to clear his name zimmerman has sued his accusers for defamation in my case and the stoic face on
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to do things right entire life and something like this this can happen. woots its push for now baseball is consuming his time. spring training is underway. even though he struggled with injuries the last few years zimmerman is still ready to go all out on the field is the way we look again i think we start taking away from someone in the east are trying to think and do too much and just have to react and think will take certain crossings do certain things but at the same time that's the good kind of thing makes me where zimmerman is starting his twelve spring training with the washington nationals his core group has gotten this team a long way but there certainly have been changes. i think orton with that group did a sort of change baseball and that's
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proud of that but the same time all good things at the end and i think sometimes a shakeup honestly i do best when we come back your nightly college basketball fix norfolk state was in for surprise and so is north
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. norfolk state basketball is or should i say was in the running for first place in the act. morgan state last place stun this part is the night in baltimore eighty nine to seventy two north carolina state and former hampton crab or no act had barber against north carolina tonight big
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eight minutes of the game the wolfpack had a thirteen point lead early on. barber had thirty two for the game and that orioles will go bryce johnson twenty two points eleven rebounds heels won the sixty eight bc you against george mason tonight first against second to last melvin johnson had twenty four they were to busy with down seven became sadly the second half of the lowly patriots upset bc night's seventy six to sixty nine at the george mason. i think scott is over. yes well those can be when the overnight and was really windy at times tomorrow but only gust to twenty five thirty thirty five which compared to today is quite nice and it'll be sunny tomorrow just not as hot bite except that as their team is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy kimmel live is next followed by nightline don't forget the news is always on
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay from "underground" jurnee smollett-bell and music from wolfmother with cleto and the cletones. and now, no one objects -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. welcome to hollywood. home of the oscars, which are
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home of the walk of fame which is right in front of our building. home of dozens of homeless spider men who live literally on those stars. are you paying attention to the elections? how can you not? it's donald trump against all reasonable expectation -- he's now the no kidding around favorite to become the republican nominee for president. he won the nevada caucuses last night. he didn't just win, he destroyed. he got more votes than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. it's yuge. it's humongous. it's humiliatingly close to unanimous. trump won in every dem graphic, he won white men, white women, white rich people, white poor people. rural whites, urban whites. he got one vote from a chinese guy, which was nice. [ laughter ] trump actually even won the latino vote. which is amazing. it's amazing, right, guillermo? >> guillermo: it's crazy. >> jimmy: i have to say it makes me wonder if people really come


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