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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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might see a little bit of that. temperatures today staying close to fifty two degrees here's the deal though we've got another front that's going to come through tomorrow i head that from a surge of warmer air for tomorrow we'll talk about a big warm up and chances for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon in the rhino check in with ashley will see which is watching out there on the roads occurred as the kickoff of the morning rush hour we are officially one minute and then doesn't take a look at the traffic network mask. well actually in pretty decent shape. i do want to point out though there seems to be a little strip of red right there near naval station norfolk but i do i give you a live look at five sixty four west and really not seeing any major delay here so this is five sixty four west passage in three a approaching him to boulevard. here's the exchange right here on the left hand side of the boulder to lay right there making its way toward mall drive and eventually out to hampton blvd other than that moving well on five sixty four west we don't have to worry about those delays just yet. hopefully we don't have to worry about them at all but the fact that rapid network maps now though
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for you at the jr be not for right now but we later this afternoon headed into the evening that there be a set to open at four clock that is the beginning of the afternoon rush hour so certainly something you may want to avoid doing that time i would take six sixty four at the monitor merrimack instead. and speaking of wonder about coming up at six ten which are traffic newport news to suffolk state and new this morning newport news police are investigating a deadly accident that happened just before two o'clock this morning on jefferson avenue at forty first st. please tell us a silver buick lucerne crashed into utility pole. the driver did not have a seat belt on. medics rushed into the hospital where he died. detectives say it's unclear if speed or alcohol played a role here will update you soon as we learn more. a police sergeant is set to appear in court for a bond hearing this morning she's accused of driving under the influence with a child or car. that's right her own child virginia beach police say they arrested margie hob sunday night the mother of two had at
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with her at the time to take to say that hubs is blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit police would not tell us where they arrested her but they do tell us that she got into iraq hobbs has been with the department for seventeen years now and we will be in the courtroom when hobbs appears this morning. you can look for updates on thirteen years now dot com throughout the day on this case and the case against former portsmouth police officer is also on the docket today the commonwealth's attorney filed a motion seeking to ban officer supporting stephen rankin from wearing their uniforms during a murder trial. reagan is accused of murdering an unarmed teenager in a walmart parking lot in april of last year let you know what happens today in court on the race in the white house hitting close to home today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming presidential primary voters have until five o'clock this afternoon to submit a request to their voter registration office. we have to return your absentee ballot by march first for them to count. you
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person until february twenty seven at six so there were just a week away from super tuesday and were getting a closer look at which candidates have raised the most money in hampton roads. this cultural partners at the virginian pilot so far hillary clinton has raised nearly ninety thousand dollars in your area. that's the most of any candidate ben carson just behind clinton with about eighty five thousand dollars in donations jeb bush raised about sixty seven thousand dollars in our area before dropping out of the race virginia beach schools will operate on a two hour delay on march first because of the virginia primary. more than forty schools are used as polling places for super tuesday election officials anticipate a large voter turnout which could cause some traffic issues for parents and students so we're told the process will start the route two hours later than their regular schedule six a forthcoming update to a story brought you last week on daybreak a bill that could affect the standardized test your kids take has passed through the house. the goal
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critical thinking over test scores. it requires the state to establish new graduation guidelines by september of next year. it also advocates for internships and technical training. the senate has already passed the bill now heads back to the governor's desk. new information this morning on the light rail debate in virginia beach our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the city plans to spend more than a million dollars to pay for consultants and office space for the people working on this project last week the commonwealth transportation board said the city must commit to light rail by tearful thirtieth or lose millions of dollars in state funding point beach city council plans to vote on the agreement in april information for you this morning wallace has rescheduled the launch for friday because of some bad weather this week the sounding rocket will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university nasa has been trying to launch this rocket since december of the security
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the fbi is about to go global to what people around the world are planning to do to encourage the tech giant plot that fitness advice that you like to wear your restless posts to help you track your health but is it accurate enough to make a
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. good morning right now we are looking at skies are cloudy we do have still some showers off to the north we keep checking in on him to because this was a very active sky view earlier we had a lot of rain now just a couple leftover drops on the lens that things are generally improving and now cloudy skies at the airport to mention the rain had pushed past the airport so now the rain really happen the eastern shore the northern neck the middle peninsula and parts of the peninsula out to the west south side in north carolina much drier now you see that here. this drier air that will continue to work to the north and northeast so the rain still an issue for the eastern shore and for these areas north as well as i mention the rain pretty steady up on sixty four nash has been keeping a close eye on the peninsula traffic will have an update for you just a moment when talkie because this patch comes through this morning of the chances for more showers later today very
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track through bringing a cold front with that tomorrow night out ahead of that next system a surge of warmer air so while temperatures today are close to normal in the low fifties going to see a warm up tomorrow and chances for storms is quick look at the national picture dryer out to the west some unsettled weather for the south and up towards new york some rain for traveling towards the big apple across the region today d c forty four forty four charlottesville we had the rain for each win over the wilds seeing some breaks our eastern north carolina but additional isolated showers will be possible as we take a look to warm up comes tomorrow and then chances for storms late in the day tomorrow afternoon into the evening will see drier conditions another cool down as we finish up the work week. let's check in on the monitor merrimack with ashley clark gregg is taking a look at traffic in newport news that may be headed to suffolk on six sixty four south so here are your southbound lanes passing thirty fifth street were about two to one half miles
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things are moving very well here are six sixty four northbound traffic headed toward thirty ninth roanoke aberdeen also moving very well this morning sat on the issues at the monitor merrimack on the traffic network mask also very nice in williamsburg of your head and sixty four east or west this morning you like the rival will focus on westbound traffic would like to take the normal ninety minutes to get from busch gardens all the way up to help them if you're headed in the direction of richmond so we are in fine shape right now on the peninsula coming up here in a few minutes the little strip of yellow here fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel check up to check that together i should say coming up next right ashleigh thank you all as we revisit our new year's resolutions here on daybreak we're going to talk about spending at five thirty i'll take a look at the ways to
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six fourteen german prosecutors say the uber driver in michigan charged in a series of deadly shootings has confessed to gunning down people at random. jason dalton appeared in court yesterday to face six counts of murder a judge denied bond several other passengers have come forward with receipts showing dalton gave them rides after the shootings began saturday night. investigators still don't have a motive for this crime to me is looking into what could have caused a man with no criminal record to suddenly snap. that's coming
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after daybreak later today protesters in more than thirty cities across the world plan to rally outside apple stores in support of the tech giant's the gatherings come a week after the fbi got a court order requiring apple to unlock encrypted i phone use by a gunman in the san bernardino attacks in california apple has refused saying that it sets a very dangerous precedent meanwhile some of the survivors will reportedly file a brief with the court sided with the fbi these days it seems like nearly everyone is wearing one of those fitness trackers on their wrists will they allow you to track your steps your sleep calories but some university of omaha scientists found that they are not always accurate in the test of sixty people they found that the least accurate brand had twenty three point five percent error rate ninety film and was off by thirteen percent and fifty one was off by almost one half percent so regardless of the accuracy many say that
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also in case you're wondering the most accurate device tested was the body media fit with a nine point three percent or eight or facebook wants to make birthday wishes over the person also instead of just typing happy birthday on the timeline you can now sing and have a new birth the video features let you record a fifteen second message or song to share your friend's wall you can also dress it up especially for the flames. analysts say this part of facebook's effort to get more video on its platform interesting i knew of this morning that the kata airbag recall may expand to another nineteen million vehicles yes if the regulators are considering it right now because they may endanger drivers that would that would nearly triple the twenty nine million players recalled so far in all as many as one hundred and twenty million to cutting players in u s vehicles contain the same volatile chemical that use our reasoning players that automakers have recalled according to a reuters report
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to nine deaths in the us alright some good news for everyone that has to pay taxes the irs as audits are down to their lowest levels in ten years the tax agency says that they just don't have enough staff to keep up as a result irs collections of audit related revenue fell to just over seven billion dollars. failing that is the lowest level in thirteen years changes to starbucks rewards program is bad news for penny pitchers early starbucks customers earn a one star per purchase and we read in twelve starts for free food and drink item under the new program though customers will get two stars for every dollar spent and need one hundred and twenty five starts to get the item yeah lucy recovery team will roll out the new program in mid april to talk to every body we've got some talking later on we were talking
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and weighs the same with me at. that's an interesting video. cyanide is a tsunami coming up next half hour we're going to find today across here is whether you guys know that we've been talking about it i will say this now crosses else i wish i see some drier conditions already and it can be more isolated later on so easy to hang in there all the roads are going to be wet especially if you're traveling sixty four up towards richmond from say williamsburg the rained pretty steady right now middle peninsula northern neck eastern shore all very wet. it's still damp across the south side here we are in town center checking things out you can see the parking lot over pembroke their damp it is still drizzly out there and for the morning bus stop who want to get kids ready for school it is overcast view of the areas of drizzle and cloudy conditions rain to the north so the rain still going down not just drizzle but rain coming down northern areas temperatures are in the mid forties for the most part a couple spots close to fifty as we take it to the day were to see most of these guys around lunch and isolated showers still
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the better chances for showers this morning and especially off to the north and then the stray showers still possible later today so keep an eye on the radar if you've got plans to get that nice in the north when i talk about uc eastern shore northern middle peninsula peninsula south side things are quieter but you are going to find and conditions x more to him and caught the fishing cat pee in a batch of heavy rain set to roll crushing fatigue back over across the bay head into the northern neck over towards tampa hand extend the rain there saluting down through williamsburg still steady rain to mention between williamsburg and richmond sixty four very what we want folks to be very careful out there on the roads are really breaks up the cross the south side in northeast north carolina in better shape. we've been tracking some light showers between one cheese and rude auntie but again that's very light activity i do to get shown that what weather moving away a few stray showers still possible but i think later this afternoon be very very isolated
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around fifty two and into the evening still a few isolated showers the pad evening force temperatures fairly mild. it's really gonna warm up tomorrow i want to show you why let me stand over here. our next storm system right out here and this is a pretty vigorous system is going to pull to the northeast that cold air on the backside cold enough to produce know that that's going to stay away from our area. we're going to see a surge of warm southerly winds and that's going to drive temperatures well into the upper sixties chances for showers or storms late today and tomorrow evening. high temperatures today around fifty to sixty eight tomorrow and then cooler and clearing as we head to the weekend ashley got a look at the ride in again sixty four very wet thirteen up to the eastern shore you've got some places to watch all yet i've been mentioning all morning and of course credits in mentioning this is well you have to be really careful on the road this morning i don't be overly confident even when the road looks like it's kind of okay you can hit those patchy spots there a
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problem for the morning commute so i do want to take a look especially at six thirty at a few of our bridges and tunnels to see all things are shaping up right now but i do want to talk about traffic at this point at the midtown tunnel portsmouth into norfolk and you can see we have picked up in terms of all you out there so if you're headed to norfolk we do have those delays now add a little more time to the community should be fine. westbound traffic in the portsmouth is moving a little bit better on the traffic network mass will take a look now at the chesapeake bay bridge toll that is also moving well on thirteen jobs even see here between the eastern shore and virginia beach one single delay but we are at the midtown tunnel project and thirteen this morning the normal twenty minute ride across the bridge and head to the tunnels if you leave in the eastern shore and making a way to the south side to a bit of good news there appears to be a man who had over sixty four and will see how things are shaping up in chesapeake. ashley is doing double duty. we have been shut out of our radio friend who's actually going to go and i went to ninety five
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be there all week so make sure you're tuned and starting at seven thirty this morning are a little bit after is when you can hear me and it runs throughout the rest of the steve harvey morning show which ends at ten o'clock so that's where i am we did about one of six point one the country station wagon on with brendan o'brien just getting into a flock of six one seven three one afternoon radio tv were everywhere. what i expected a high gas prices may be going down but your grocery bills have been going. oh yeah how
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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. i new this morning at six twenty five if you've noticed your grocery bill going up not just you at all the eggs have actually gone up the most the price rose one hundred and ten percent from o five twenty fifteen av and flu outbreak contributed to that right smoking products have soared ninety two percent with the biggest single increase in nearly two hundred since two thousand nine. that's when the federal tobacco tax increase to thirty nine cents supply demand are factored into seafood certain fish like salmon and tilapia are really seeing greater demand and rising feed costs are forcing the prices you pay the co op and even evil extra cash now is your chance to win the five hundred dollars
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today's key word is that such an ugly word is is over thirteen years now dot com and click on the features tab for a chance to win hopefully this will help you get out of a little bit of that and as we can find all of the contest rules were to give away one of those gift cards every single day this light the race to the white house is making a pit stop here in hampton roads are lisa brown is live outside of norfolk scope for some sanders fans will feel the burn today was a call to the va causing big concern on capitol hill we'll show you why. and meteorologist greg
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canton rose gets a spot on the campaign trail. we live in norfolk where one presidential hopeful will campaign for your votes today on common compromise the new bipartisan gun bill that will soon become law and forget the gym goals for now how you can get financially fit in twenty sixty. daybreak starts right now. good tuesday morning to you is coming up on ndth
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thank you for joining us to begin with a check on the forecasts oh yes paraded outside meteorologist regular tracking that rain on the radar as you head out the door good morning good morning were to take a look at the radar just a moment i thought we'd start with a live sky view this one from atop the weston town center you can see low clouds and still some mist and drizzle are damp and are going to be a little slick you can see how the lights are shining on brandon avenue is the traffic rules by low clouds but we are dryer right now in norfolk with cloudy conditions with east northeast at eight mph right now forty seven or figure if the temps are staying in the low fifties and maybe low to mid fifties for a few and when there is the rain continues to the north let's get into the radar images you can see how it is pulling away right now in much of northeast north carolina actually catching a little break i think will see drier conditions from time to time today isolated showers are still going to be possible if you're still looking at rain
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the middle peninsula and continues. also the eastern shore the rain is out there so that's what we're looking at this morning as we take you through the day the temperatures again topping out close to fifty two degrees and we will see the chances for stray showers later this afternoon tomorrow's gonna be warmer going to talk about that warm up and then a strong cold front coming through with a chance for storms late the day tomorrow. i say that it will look ahead to a cooler but sunny or week here's ashley with a look at a wet ride into work specially erie's to the north akron we've been busy this morning in a few spots fortunately now it seems like traffic is picked up a little bit in terms of volume across the area but as you take a look behind me most of the area still doing well this outside the pencil the eastern shore the middle peninsula checking things out right now and we're still in pretty decent shape when you live look now in chesapeake on sixty four. here's a live look around greenbrier parkway these lanes now headed toward indian river and eastbound traffic they're headed for battlefield blvd again no major delays to
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volume in terms of traffic was a collector fast five traffic to the do ahead now and take a few spots for you so we do have delays at the midtown tunnel mainly on the eastbound side portsmouth into norfolk so watch out for that but if you cross in the jr b both sides of seventeen north and south moving very well here are the high rise bridge sixty four east and west and chesapeake also in fine shape seventeen at the coleman bridge between yorktown in gloucester and six sixty four in chesapeake had it where bowers bill also moving very well i do want to trap and go at the time the t amp into norfolk will do that together coming up next right ashleigh thank you all the race for the white house. it's making its way to hampton roads today. presidential hopeful make a pit stop in norfolk bernie sanders is scheduled to hold a rally at scope arena this morning early brown joins us to live with more on this rallies. good morning on during the scene of the doors don't open until nine thirty but there are already about six people in line they're very excited
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holding up signs. now according to the campaign bernie sanders will talk about getting big money out of pop politics combating criminal justice and making college affordable plan on attending the rally here at the scope there are some things you should know security will be tight were told don't bring bags and limit what you bring the smaller things like keys and a cell phone it's also important not to bring a sharp objects or weapons plaza signs or banners on sticks it won't make it through security and or doors are again scheduled to open here at nine thirty and the rally is scheduled to start at noon again this is a free and open to public on a first come first served basis the one make sure if you're interested in coming but you leave enough time to get inside live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now early sick is so much six thirty three in advance of super tuesday three other presidential candidates are coming to the region to campaign for your votes doll from ted cruz will speak at reading university this week
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will be a treat and those events will feature a live interview with university chancellor pat robertson followed by q a session the city of hampton registrar confirms their office mistakenly sent out some test ballots the ballots already have some candidates names marked off this is an example on this when bernie sanders name was already selected people who receive these faulty ballots will get a phone call or a letter from election staff if you receive one you have until march first to return the test ballot for an absentee ballot new this morning a police pursuit started over nine chesapeake and ended in norfolk police an officer tried to stop a driver near campus toll road near porter road around one thirty this morning but the driver refused police pursue that vehicle is an orphan you can call terrorists and wylie drive where the driver stopped without incident where to get more permission from police about what happened here were told the incident is under investigation on the docket today a jury trial is scheduled to begin from man charged in a decades old rape case benjamin but don't you guys do in virginia beach
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morning police arrested him back in twenty fourteen investigator say that it was in nineteen eighty seven that he offered a woman a ride home and assaulted her police say that it was improved forensic technology that helped them arrest him more than twenty years after the crime later today norfolk city council members are scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss several agenda items were told there will be talk of allocating funds to make upgrades to the former j c penney store on military circle mall the city's economic development authority would fund the project a public meeting will begin at four clock norfolk city hall. time now is six thirty five still to come video for veterans called to one va hospital is making waves online and on capitol hill. see for herself as daybreak continues the first bipartisan compromise here in
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our particular the spot on forecasts tree yesterday called for temperatures to be at least twenty degrees colder in the afternoon the actual temperatures were twenty to twenty five degrees colder so the spawn streak goes to for now i look at today. jeff calling for a
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pm and found out officially how much we've had since midnight. we did have a pretty good soak or stop take a look at that the reason i bring that up is because we're looking to see isolated showers ending later the drizzle got a continuance or dealing with right now some low clouds and drizzle from my this is town center there looking from atop the westin downtown norfolk skies are cloudy still some mist and drizzle out there but the heavy rains pulled to the north and will see isolated showers a little bit later on when juries ne eight the pressure is falling temperatures in the forties in love with the low fifties for virginia beach chesapeake as we take a look at the radar you'll still notice the rain up around the eastern shore back over northern neck the middle peninsula and parts of the peninsula still see what weather basically williamsburg james city county off to the northwest this stuff is moving off to the north northeast and down to the south with drier conditions there are still a few sprinkles down around one cheese and mayo but much of the area starting to dry out still there will be chances for additional isolated
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highs today around fifty two with warmer conditions in some areas in the mid fifties and one when for one of those locations and fifty six fifty for maddie's fifty two hampton little cooler low fifties on the eastern shore down to the south slightly warmer conditions you know what we all will get warmer tomorrow with temperatures in the upper sixties but with the warm up comes a chance for a few heavier showers or storms later in the day as a cold front slides through behind that drier and cooler heading to the weak right now going head to the hr bt and see how that traffic flowing it's not bad credit you want to take a look now at traffic leaving hampton and making its way to norfolk so that sixty four eastbound at the hr bt this shot is about a half mile away from it at mallory street or maybe just pass mallory and you can see traffic is getting closer to the bridge out there it is starting to slow down in terms of speed before this point we're still moving very well set was landing king sri dharma said all of that moving very fine but again as
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expect a slight delay as we approached the tunnel and head out to norfolk on the traffic network maps we still have those delays as well. eastbound at the midtown tunnel leading portsmouth and head into norfolk will drop down from about thirty fiveve mph to fifteen as you hit that western freeway splits the gators have enough time to deal with that as well coming up here in a few minutes it looks like they're the little strip of red they are to sixty four westbound around the downtown tunnel when check on that in just about right ashleigh thank you. well it has been about two months since you said that resolution for the new year yes so all week long and aybar be visiting your resolutions. i spoke to several experts about how you
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i this morning the virginia general assembly has given its final approval on new gun legislation it would expand the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements virginia has with other states that would allow more out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth. it would also prohibit people subject
6:44 am
carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign the bill into law this week at six forty five new this morning a judge in connecticut will decide if a lawsuit filed over the sandy hook shooting will go for the suit seeks damages from the gun manufacturers' a ar fifteen rifle which was used to kill twenty first graders and six teachers at the elementary school back in two thousand while the company claims it can't be sued for criminal use of its products but the victim's family say the sewing under exception in law arguing air philippines are lethal military weapons not designed for public use. new this morning a video showing a better and trying to schedule an appointment at a va hospital is now making waves online and on capitol hill to see this after five minutes of automated messages the caller finally thinks he's being transferred to represent the ol' how well
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a systematic problem throughout the va is now working to introduce legislation to improve the way veterans access healthcare. good morning america is looking to why it is so difficult to get one with a ba at seven o'clock right after daybreak newport news shipbuilding is getting ready to open a health center for employees and their families. this is near the shipyard on washington avenue between forty fifth and forty six treats huntington ingalls industries says that the facility is staffed with more than thirty full time employees employees and their families covered by the anthem health plan can use the clinic at a low cost family health center opens next tuesday. marge first new this morning sony has unveiled some new innovations its new x series a smartphone includes autofocus promising blur free shots and a battery that go forget this two days on a single charge. check out the new experience wireless earpiece. yeah we can
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of verbal commands. very cool tonight if you do not have an amazon prime subscription yet going to have to spend more to get free shipping the company is raising its spending minimum instead of thirty five dollars shoppers now have to spend at least forty nine dollars to qualify for free shipping so amazon is hoping that more shoppers will opt into amazon prime to get the free shipping park a subscription will run you ninety nine dollars for the whole year it's pretty easy to go or forty nine dollars or will say that as of late but it's funny how that reid made perfect sense but it just sounded so counter to those that you have to spend more to get free and the oh yes the third sis jasmine at eighty nine when a good day for tebow to say what if you're going to want buy something today that you have an umbrella baby ray's liquor yet lost off to the north but really i think southside we're already seeing some great and they'll still be chances for isolated
6:47 am
but it's got me more hit miss tomorrow afternoon evening i think a few more thunderstorms back in a year's supply to talk about we'll start with a quick live skyview and i've been checking on several of them what's interesting is we have like our one skyview atop the westin right now because the low clouds can really see anything in town center but you get down low level around adik is set up camp and langley federal credit union we've got a little bit of mist and drizzle out there but the visibility has been pretty good at the surface roads are damp towel yesterday's high was sixty one we picked up a little bit of precipitation that high just a little misleading though if you recall we were in the upper forties through the afternoon so it actually cooled the sixty one came shortly after midnight yesterday morning and then the temperatures fell today were to be close to fifty two now i talked about the chances for precipitation today and right now we're dry at the airport and we're going to remain that way at norfolk international you can see by eight o'clock about
6:48 am
out of twenty that up to forty around noon and then a lesser chances later this afternoon very isolated they'll be some showers a pop up mushy then our future cast in a moment right now the rain is to the north and moving away again we have dried out south side and north carolina few sprinkles and run nags head led zoom in first of all take a closer look. ex mormon and catching fifty whether here it is moving off to the north northeast you're still can see the heavier rain probably the next half an hour so a friendship that he is getting lighter and lighter cape charles in better shape next more should dry out shortly for the northern neck still what for you parts of the middle peninsula starting to dry add a little bit peninsula also looking better but still west of williamsburg get up around nor too light for it to honor some of those communities you pick up some light rain there and then out from rush we're back towards petersburg some scattered showers little bit back across sussex is well south side better northeast north carolina better but we still some showers and run the outer
6:49 am
nags head seeing some light sprinkles this morning hi let's get into the big picture here what's going on will stop at around twelve thirty a few spotty showers possible around hampton roads and even during the afternoon of the collection shown up and the south by late afternoon evening. isolated showers still a possibility but here's our next system this is the one that we're going and keep an eye to because once you go through the day tomorrow going to see this surge of warmer air is going to feel very spring like but if you live in hampton roads you know spring like temperatures can produce sometimes spring like that potential tomorrow afternoon evening is the front pushes through we'll see pretty good chances for some heavier stray storms in the mix over me watching that with some potential for rain cooler and drier after that as we head to the weekend right now temperatures mid forties to the north and west low fifties near the coast of south high's today close to fifty to sixty eight tomorrow afternoon showers or storms in the dryer with more
6:50 am
very nice weekend just got word of an accident out there don't know if it's weather related bash is going to fill us in right now. well craig certainly trying to find out more details about what's going on with this accident but right now let's talk about what we do now as we head to our camera. here's a live look in chesapeake of very active scene here. sixty four eastbound just past military highway you can see is me we offer the right shoulder partially blocking the right lane and one thing i'm noticing here is that looks like there may be some smoke coming from the scene i have not gotten a report of an actual car fire or anything like that but it certainly does look like something is happening in the something may be coming from that scene there's a duty to check with police to confirm what you need to know that you are down to one lane as you head towards our scale we already have a one mile back up and that will continue to grow. make sure you stick with us coming over the next five minutes and have the latest of this accident scene and the rest of your morning delays aren't they cute on the six fifty one it's revisit your resolution week here on daybreak are about seven
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now sell are you doing with your resolution of getting out of financial debt. well if you're still not doing so well perhaps we're about to show you will how we're about to get page with a tax return it will burn a hole in your pocket to allow it to hold on to ravelry five rapid refund rapidly spent just like you did last time. this is daniel win with the city of newport news. shields people budget so they can buy a house the place that allow you to either save that money and have it build interest in the bank. so where is all that cash going anyway. when the people spending money on it cost me. now try this usa biggest customers of these suggestions should spend more than twenty five to thirty six percent of your paycheck on rent awarded ten to fifteen percent of voters same for your transportation
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the highest bills credit cards for hours and interest rates to pay that off or if he hates leaving over spreadsheets apps like mint makes budgeting a breeze link your bank accounts credit cards in your mutual funds and they tell you exactly where all your cash forces are keeping proper that the beijing over the course of the year when you go to where you might often surprised when most people spend hundreds of two thousand dollars year just copy loan dollar two dollars thirty six percent the housing it's not ideal your miscellaneous but an area that includes do subscriptions or even gifts to make up the difference so do not be discouraged. yes you can start again too early a few weeks into the new year you you know that's a basic thing that we are all these experts or do not have to start you start again right now. hard to strike at the coffee aisle looking for yourself is such a good that keeping track i think that seems to be the thing
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since chance on it yesterday just cutting up the fast food for me we assay the tundra
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6:55 am
. the are your top story in the morning rush the door credit presidential candidate is scheduled to make a pit stop or hear him drop every citizen speak at a rally this morning at norfolk scope arena doors open at
6:56 am
begins at noon until the event is open to the public would support to build seats are first come first serve more patients had over thirteen years now and in advance of super tuesday three other presidential candidates are coming to the region to campaign for your votes. donald trump and ted cruz will both speak at regent university this week next monday ben carson will be there. those events will feature a live interview with university chance or pat robertson followed by a q and a session one high profile candidate on the democratic side who hasn't announced any event here is hillary clinton a police sergeant is set to appear in court for a bond hearing this morning. she's accused of driving under the influence with a child in her car. virginia beach police say they arrested marty hop sunday night the mother of two had at least one of her daughters with her at the time to check to see how this blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit police wouldn't tell us where they arrested her but do tell us hobbs got into iraq has been with the department for
6:57 am
against the former portsmouth police officer is also on the docket today the commonwealth's attorney filed a motion seeking to ban officer supporting stephen rankin from wearing their police uniforms during the murder trial. rankin is accused of murdering an unarmed teenager in a walmart parking lot back in april last year to let you know what happens with that decision after the scheduled hearing or ashley you are tracking a smoky scene earlier with some sort of a car pulled alongside the road that we saw something going on and scored a double check and see what that was so i did talk to police just minutes ago and they said that this was not a car fire report that it was just a car the kind of went off road and into the ditch out there so maybe in cruisers responding to the scene and making sure there was no issue out there so we can see here in chesapeake sixty four eastbound past military highway. it looks like both of our lanes are back open is just off to the right shoulder now but a two to three mile backups of your headed towards our skill expect big delays or maybe
6:58 am
bridges instead of a trap and network maps rest of your delays are pretty expected for as their intern or become teacher bt now headed toward portsmouth at the downtown tunnel into norfolk of the midtown and don't forget the gop opens at four o'clock thank god the rain jacket and keep it fairly easy and the sprinkles today we had the rain said here early this morning we'll take a quick live look outside the shoe is going on we are still going to see chances for more showers and overcast and drizzly but dry in many parts of south side in the northeast north carolina temps in the forties right now it's all the rain wise for we picked up about a third of an inch so far to norfolk international chances for more stray showers later this afternoon and then tomorrow the chances for showers and thunderstorms especially late in the days of front comes through cooler and drier for the weekend i think the thirteen news now spirits our softball team
6:59 am
outside of good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface. her father desperately tries to pull her free and we have the rescuers who got there just in time. and are you ready for this? "gma" on safari.
7:00 am
attempted on live television. plungeing you into africa's garden of eden. an expedition into one of the wonders of the world. millions of majestic animals on the move as part of the great migration. we're with them from the air to the ground. our drones and trackers following their steps, and you're part of it all with groundbreaking virtual technology at your fingertips. "gma" live on safari in africa starts right now. i don't know about you but chill bumps already out. "gma" on safari live. we'll give you an extraordinary glimpse at one of the natural wonders of the world. >> let's take a look at it right now. amy is there. amy robach there live in africa.


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