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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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justice for two people killed by the police. our family and friends of the victims are gearing up to make that happen. it is friday morning this is daybreak and lucy was too much time on tracy thank you so much for joining us at four thirty this morning anotherer chilly day on tap we're tracking a warm up as we head into the weekend were great guys a week and looks awesome. today not bad either we're going to start off with sunny skies and then as we take you through the afternoon and become partly sunny temperatures today still a little below normal the generally in the upper forties for the afternoon highs. you can see the visibility is excellent right now with northeast winds of twelve mph later today the north east winds will shift to the east around midday and then to the southeast this afternoon and as we go to the overnight the southeast winds picking up a bit and then shifting to the southwest setting up our warmer weekend. right now though it is cold especially those in one area of twenty two in suffolk and wakefield also franklin twenty nine in
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sitting thirty two thirty in elizabeth city and hampton up seven but west point reporting nineteen degrees lower twenties up on the eastern shore so skies are clear it is chilly out there again the winds are lighter away from the coast that's why the temp has gotten so cold this morning exemptions back of lower to mid thirties and then into the low forties as we head into the afternoon. i think afternoon highs right around forty six at the airport but it will be a little warmer and one will see partly sunny skies a good looking day waiting to see the weekend it's gonna be awesome i'll say more about that coming up in a moment right now getting an early look at the berkeley bridge here's ashley good morning good morning cracking as we head to the brooklyn bridge into sixty four a physical guard cameron allen the good news to kick off right now we're taking a look the berkeley bridge onto sixty four west just about a minute or so ago. traffic was backed up all the way to city hall avenue because we had a bridge lift at the berkeley
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you can see though everything is now moving about seeing major delays out there so again we don't have to worry about that now on the traffic network maps that was we had to ask him at county watching big traffic trouble out there of fatal up a fatal multi vehicle accident thirteen or about six forty eight is blocking all travel lanes and if is expected to be a lengthy closure so if you're headed in that direction make sure you stick with me halogen when things start to reopen to traffic for right now try to avoid that area and then coming up at four forty will head back to the south side to tropical sixty four the high rise but so much ashley will are following breaking news at four thirty two back to that breaking news to meth lab bust earlier this week led police to a third man was taken into custody overnight that's right has my cruise just cleared the scene on sydney place that is just off of route seventeen near main street are lisa brown joins us there live with the new information to lease one of the work. andre lucy incredibly this is the third
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week. hazmat crews just left the scene it's quiet here earlier it was and not like this after watching the video you can see crews surrounding the home looking through buckets and trash bags newport news police eight meth making materials were found in the back shed but they work they did go throughout the home searching every corner around one twenty this morning the organized crime division executed a search warrant and took an adult male into custody and he doesn't face charges and told he is the only one that lives here meth making materials can be very explosive m but police say neighbors at this time should not be warranted at the home is being condemned again this is the third mets meth lab busts in a week but police say investigation from the other to lead them here to this all may say that drugs will not be tolerated in their city lives in newport news the least brown thirteen years now so much
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but later later today several demonstrations are set to take place demanding justice for two people killed by virginia beach officers check the parcel be held at the knot baptist church on herbert moore wrote that one is at nine o'clock this morning. the other two are demonstrations and those will happen this afternoon. police shot and killed perry and hagar after perry allegedly opened fire on officers from inside of a car driven by kate or capers baby was in the cart the time but was not hurt police say the kayaker was an innocent bystander new details are emerging about the army's new m o s specific gender neutral fitness tests our partners at the military times report the test should be ready to go by june. while no final decisions have been made the test will likely incorporate exercises that soldiers will need on the battlefield. they're expected to revolve around advance individual skills that are swiss specialty specific gender neutral standards base new this morning proposed changes to be to driving rules on
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do could be more access more access to off road routes the plan includes opening some beaches are closed at night extending seasonal off road routes in the fall and spring and shrinking the size of buffer zones around turtle and shore bird nests cape hatteras national seashore will host five meetings to get your input and we're going to get information about when and where a thirteen is not a cup right now two gunshot victims remain in the hospital as the search continues for the person who opened fire on them on i sixty four newport news. he saw this as breaking news yesterday on daybreak state police tell us that another car pulled up next to them and early yesterday near j clyde morris boulevard and someone inside started to shoot police don't have a description of the suspects or their car are still trying to figure out what led to the gunfire for thirty six now another blow from the onsie following that controversial super bowl performance. police and one city are calling for ahead of her upcoming concert at first
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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. they are i will start off with a look at the conditions out there visibility excellent right now skies are clear temperatures are very chilly especially away from the coast we have low twenties out to the west so it is chilly there near the coast so we have temperatures in the low thirties for a few spots in in norfolk. that's one of those readings thirty two twenty five hsbc gorgeous out you have to go far to get away from the influence of the bay in the ocean waters in those temperatures to drop off in the lower twenties in twenty four on a husky thirty for elizabeth city right now
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temperatures in the twenties in the eastern shore temps in the mid thirties down around many oh and one cheeses we take a look at the forecast across the region very straightforward see a lot of sunshine this morning and then stand mostly centered around raleigh charlotte and the south columbia sixty one beautiful there. more cloud cover to the north that he could see the head to d c you'll see temperatures in the mid forties and again more clouds richmond partly sunny and forty nine let's focus on hampton roads and will take a closer look around here versus outside norfolk right around forty six or so at the airport forty seven for downtown forty nine force in the areas off the coast in virginia beach chesapeake a fifty fifty one in suffolk and frank will turn our attention off to the north leesburg also around fifty one generally mid to upper forties for the peninsula in the middle peninsula little crew of brown city bank in the northern neck in the eastern shore low to mid forties now become south and northeast north carolina mid to upper forties at the outer banks forty nine for
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on her for needn't in a good looking day today but if you like warmer weather you're gonna love the weekend temperatures going up with highs in the sixties she more than a moment let's check the high rise bridge with ashley. our record is taking a quick live look i'd still very early in the mornings are really talking to the early bird commuters right now is giving you a live look at the high rise bridge there's or eastbound traffic crossing the bridge now headed toward george washington and just a little bit here wes found making its way in the direction of four sixty four still moving well but the big issues out there to report and as we head back to the traffic network maps the same story at the jr be if you're headed to isle of wight county and newport news headed south on this morning and fifty five headed north out this morning. also at fifty five just don't forget we're still watching a big accident scene right now a fatal multi vehicle accident mackinac county at thirty north at six forty eight. all lanes closed headed north traffic right now being d toward on to business thirteen and then back on thirteen itself so try to avoid that area if you can
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head over to the peninsula into traffic on sixty four at the time bt actually thinking so much time the score forty one the struggle is real for people with an ever shifting its leaves guess that is the trick nicely played wraps up on daybreak park regular spoke to an expert about how you can stay on top of her
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new this morning google twitter and facebook are all backing apple in its decision to challenge a federal judge's ruling a judge has ordered apple to create new software to help the fbi break into an i phone use by one of the san bernardino shooters all the tech giant's agree with apple in saying that the move would set a very dangerous precedent gold ceo says that they give law enforcement access to data based on legal orders but requiring companies to enable hacking is completely different for forty four now new this morning maryland's highest court has agreed to put on hold. all police officer trials connected to freddie gray's death. the baltimore state's attorney requested a delay until the court determines whether william porter can be required to testify against fellow officers officers up to supporters december case ended in a mistrial he be re tried to agree died one week
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custody. you see the video there this was back in two thousand fifteen this morning the fraternal order of police is vowing to boycott working security at one of the entrees upcoming concerts members of the miami chapter of the fop voted to boycott her performance in april in miami. well now they're calling on all policic officers everywhere to boycott all of her concerts on her forthcoming world for they believe that the singer used for super bowl performance to promote an anti police message your choice your vote voters are just one day away from casting their ballots in the nevada caucuses in sanders and hillary clinton tighter than ever. a new cnn poll show the two candidates are in a virtual tie. however the simple so clean with a double digit lead in south carolina voters there will cast their ballots in the state's democratic the next big test for republican candidates will be
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which start tomorrow a new wall street journal poll shows that ted cruz and donald trump are running neck and neck for the gop nomination. however two other national polls in roughly the same time frame show trump maintaining his double digit lead. analysts seem to think that wall street journal poll is an outlier some called it quote a total joke. you can look for much more on the race to the white house ahead of good morning america. that's a live report from south carolina at seven o'clock right after the well could a new bill mean trouble for hotels in hampton roads lawmakers are considering legislation that would give virginia homeowners the okay to read out their homes to you're bein' be the government taxes hotels on the money they make but homeowners on websites like these wouldn't have to worry about those taxes right now the service is not regulated at the state level in the commonwealth is the last breaks or giving a final
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people to the city that never sleeps new york city that includes hotel airfare think this is the fact that live in times square. so here's how you answer one to watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak the keyword that is not accomplished all the features tab and enter the keyword for sure when that is where you can also find the official contest chris still cold outside this morning very cold this morning waiting as been here all week in warm weather coming oh yes over the weekend temperatures well above normal into the sixties so i'm really excited at the beginning that we will see cold conditions this morning though temperatures in the twenties for many areas and yesterday's high officially forty five we average fifty one this time of year in action today's high is typically fifty to show goes up for today that was yesterday fishing the almanac. so for the year with nine point nine inches total since january first we are for a half inches above normal had plenty rain we don't need anything more
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dry conditions were going to see mostly sunny conditions through the morning becoming partly sunny through the afternoon temperatures should reach about forty six degrees officially sometime between two and five this afternoon. right now skies are mainly clear we have a lot of this no show up over west virginia maybe just a couple flurries over the mountains but again locally were in great shape today will enjoy the mostly sunny skies this morning another few more clouds in the afternoon kind of drifting by still looking good. partly cloudy overnight i see the clouds breaking across syria but still dry winds will shift to the south eastern and then actually from the southwest tomorrow warming things up and low sixties for a high fear saturday and then into sunday mid sixties. it will cool a little bit early next week the temps are still pretty comfortable and we will see chances for showers starting maybe late sunday there might be a couple sprinkles you can see as we get the five o'clock sunday afternoon still dry around here there's
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showers late sunday evening but the better chances coming on monday so that's the way it looked right now i don't really say it's cold out there look at this twenty one in petersburg twenty two wakefield and suffix is twenty six in newport news twenty seven mile thirty lives of the city temperatures are a little bit milder on the airport and thirty two but a chilly start to the day nonetheless. as we let the visibility very good it's dry out there in the winter ne twelve mph highs today will reach about forty six degrees the skies becoming partly sunny. it will be a little bit warmer inland as we take you through the afternoon into the evening the wind shift to the southeast and then increase of that tonight. so partly cloudy thirty nine not as chilly as overseeing this morning and tomorrow sixty too much warmer mile tomorrow night. forty six solo and as we look ahead to sunday that high up to sixty five increasing clouds a chance for a few showers late late
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for showers monday into tuesday wednesday scattered what weather is likely so into early next week will be watching the radar for now we're going to watch a lot of sunshine today ashley and so far so good on the roads for the most part on the pencil and the south side without seeing any major issues there's i do want to focus on your ride from the peninsula to the south side will take a live look now at traffic not too far from the hr bt here sixty four eastbound passing settlers landing in hampton as you can see everything moving smoothly and that same store here had sixty four west nothing major right now going on on sixty four in hampton on the traffic network maps will head to seventeen in chesapeake weddings are also moving well if you're headed. between sixty four and north carolina you can see headed southbound passing court and making a winner douglas route fifty five and headed north down pass and douglas had up to portland. you're also at fifty five mph as we can zoom around here to continue to remind to act in the county big trap the trouble and thirty northbound right now
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multi vehicle crash is blocking all travel lanes headed north and traffic is being detoured to thirteen business and then back onto thirteen or something to be a big mess for the morning commute. i certainly want to try to avoid that area if you can come up at five o'clock to head over to six sixty four will sell traffic is shaping up around da cleaning important boulevard in chesapeake. thank you ashley for fifty one a warning from and about the danger seeker virus going to tell you what the cdc is asking men to do
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i troubling news for you concerning his ego virus typically women have been more worried about the virus because it's linked to birth defects yemen now we're learning men should be just as concerned officials say the z virus has been found in the semen of infected man and it's unknown how long it can survive there because the virus can spread through sex marriage could pass it to a woman who is expecting the cdc advises men who have returned from a zeke affected area to consider using protection or be sold for one medical doctor will detail this new concern on good morning america that starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak this morning babies are likely to be miserable when they are teething but it should actually make them
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in pediatrics that finds that along with irritability a slight rise in body temperature is very common while babies are teething but anything over one hundred point four one hundred point four is considered a true fever and could be a sign of illness requiring treatment well now onto a health alert for new mom's doctor say that your child coululbe at risk of vitamin d deficiency. if you're still breastfeeding after year a new study shows children were breastfed after their first birthday had a higher risk of a bone disorder called ricketts disease. this is because breast milk does not contain enough vitamin d researchers recommend giving children supplements. ours is not good news for those of you don't drink soda drink coffee. yet some of the hot drinks at places like starbucks or mcdonald's could have more sugar than soda. i really drink soda anymore but still drink coffee at the good news uk health advocacy organization from flavored drinks are really packing the sugar some head up to twenty five teaspoons per
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how much that is a single can of coke only has nine teaspoons of sugar. starbucks respond to the report noting that they are working to reduce added sugars in their drinks but that doesn't have a core cast just saying sorry is the art health content speaking out here so if you like warm weather than you love craig's forecast. oh yeah it will break down the change in temperatures in your neck of the woods and still to come clashing views over what people can and cannot buy with food stamps the new limitations. one lawmaker is trying to impose a head ever since the breaking news we just learned that a man is in custody after a meth lab bust was also a hazmat situation see the crew there in their suits will tell you what we have learned within the last ninety something is just fundamentally broken
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likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. that breaking news is in newport news as police bust or third meth lab this week we've got the latest information for you plus eligible or not a voter is taking ted cruz to court today trying to knock him off the ballot and missing
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that could prevent one school division from getting federal funding. this is daybreak right now ashley is watching the road for any trouble spot and craig is here we're starting off with the chilly change is gonna change now the twenties and we're talking low twenties for many inland areas. it's warm or at the coast including the airport where we've seen temperatures staying pretty close to thirty two now thirty one degrees winds northeast at nine mph but it's the inland areas are really feeling the chill this morning look away feel the twenty three twenty two for south in franklin. it's twenty seven a williams for nineteen degrees at west point near the coast it's thirties thirty now incur attack and was in the city thirty four mania and temperatures in the twenties up on the eastern shore skies are clear it's a beautiful start to the daily sun is the sun comes up but later today skies become partly sunny so we will see a few


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