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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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be used to make meth. she knew her as more a hazmat team swarmed the house here on cynthia drive after police found materials they looked like he could be used to make matt. investigators say this is related to incidents in newport news. the it started in newport news. but the scenes there was fire truck's mirror that of cynthia drive wednesday morning was i one fire truck and once i will have another one was police cars pull over people who live in this hampton neighborhood saw firsthand what course i was like many was nothing really serious. canton police and hazmat team searching a home after items were found they believed were used to make meth out of cars in the us investigators say this is related to two meth labs busted earlier this week on middlesex road in newport news. this woman on wells was arrested tuesday and charged with manufacturing meth and
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involved in sunday night's bust that investigation led to the arrest of these two on wednesday michael adkins and a notch and annette also charged with manufacturing meth. all three scenes draped in police tape and crawling with investigators. there was this guy's with the suits in with gloves and everything neighbors crossing their fingers. it ends here. i'm just hoping that i was going to do whatever needs to be done to take a nap in hampton she knew her thirty news now new tonight a driver charged with reckless driving after causing a crash in newport news police say taylor mccaffrey of yorktown run a red light on bland boulevard to jefferson avenue crashing into a car driver suffered minor injuries but traffic was blocked at the busy intersection during the evening rush hour we're told the scene is now clear
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three year old and some folk accidentally shot himself this was breaking news last night and eleven. the boys on his parents' gun and a home on jonathan's way in the apple wood farms neighborhood. the boy's mother and the two year old sibling were home at the time police say the parents kept the gun for security but last night that i'll found it and shot himself in the shoulder he is still in the hospital tonight but should recover neighbors say it was a scary scene last night. the cop had the baby in your hands and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in the quickly just got the kids into the car in the woods where some police are reminding gun owners to keep guns locked up and unloaded with the ammunition locked in another place. the suspect sheriff's office also has free gun safety locks available search continues tonight for the person who opened fire on i sixty four
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tell us two men were in a car overnight with another car pulled up and someone inside started shooting near the j clyde morris blvd exit the two victims were taken to the hospital and were told they should recover. police do not have a description of the suspect or the suspects' car and they are still trying to figure out what led to the gunfire because a lot of victims you know just like myself i didn't see myself as a victim. i just saw myself as a person who wanted to be loved a woman shares her story and being a hymn and sex trafficking survivor tonight that was the topic of discussion and meeting in newport news. authorities say sex trafficking luring people into the sex trade is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the country are any obama has more on how some are trying to combat the problem here in hampton roads is always a situation where someone is abducted although that does happen but there's also you know
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that they're abducted but that person knew the traffic of the new street knew her trafficker for two years she was lured into selling her body at a young age for my knee but thankfully she was able to stop turning tricks and turns her life around she's made it her mission to help others do the same i want people to know what holiness looks like thursday night she led a discussion about human sex trafficking or better known as prostitution in newport news hoping to raise awareness about the growing problem in hampton roads that in michael hodges says this area is on a hot spot for it. we used to for news and actually hand to pd are doing to try to look at this my capris a way to address the conference we were bringing in non profits and advocates and service providers and try to help these ladies get out but they say prostitution has moved
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the streets to now being on the internet where the main places pam's find vulnerable people. it's just easy access chapters look for kids you know on teenagers when they are talking about having a bad day a year or they're talking about and they need some money and more people now about sex trafficking and how it works. the quicker they hope it will be to india in newport news i'm nearing the bone. thirteen use now know to not a scare at the university of massachusetts and her officials lifted a shelter in place order issued after a report of a possible hostile person dorm a university spokesman says the campus wide alert went out this afternoon after a student reported seeing a man with a gun a second alert was issued because of a possible second
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of shots fired or any injuries the caught on video right there in honolulu officials say a private helicopter crashed near the pearl harbor visitor center today. they were five people in the sightseeing chopper. paramedics rushed the ball to the hospital right now a teenager is in critical condition. some good samaritans jumped into the water to help nicer when a lot so it's tied in and help somebody said there's somebody still in their craft so i pull through from the pilot's side in the backseat in psalm tells the body the report the fire fighters into the muddy a pretty sight. a forty five year old woman and a fifty year old man in that chopper are in stable condition
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in the presidential campaign it's a tale of two walls one wall is donald trump and he wants to build on the mexican border the other is the wall between church and state you might say the two sides collided today on the campaign trail. abc's stephanie ramos explains donald trump may finally have run into an opponent his own size. he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something it's unbelievable. none of the few drops referring to pope francis took an extraordinary declined into american politics personally criticizing from returning to the vatican after a visit to the u s mexican border to show solidarity with undocumented immigrants the pontiff declared void when a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian francis adding he was willing to give trump
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left no doubt in his response for a legislator to question a person's faith is disgraceful. using the pope is a paw and they should be ashamed of themselves as the mexican government trumps main gop rivals were split listen that's between donald the pope to have a right to control guns and when they come and how they come in at a south carolina town hall thursday night. the clash between the pope and the politician was center stage. i don't think it's a fight. i think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media still think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith with the south carolina primary on saturday. posted on a travel guide lead but a new national poll shows the gop race tightening with trump in a virtual tie with ted cruz stephanie ramos abc news washington. new developments tonight in the race for president a judge in illinois will hear testimony tomorrow and a lawsuit filed by a voter. the lawsuit alleges
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hopeful ted cruz should not be allowed to run for president. the voter is challenging cruises right to be president because cruz was born in canada. cruz says he is a natural born citizen since his mother is american born regent university announced today ted cruz will take part in their presidential candidate forum the event is next friday that's two days after donald trump's appearance and regent then carson has also agreed to take part in the forum later this month. jeb bush and john k six took part in the series last fall developments late tonight on efforts to redraw north carolina's congressional districts the state house now has approved a new election schedule it would delay congressional elections by almost three months the district boundaries are redrawn this week. the vote shift the march fifth primary to june seven. the measure now heads to the state senate the shift is contingent on a u s supreme court decision
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under the current district lines. some teenagers like octomom when are on the lips for some this video may be hard to watch but coming up what happened to a decorated marine in what police are doing to find the people behind this disturbing crime move on her island time i felt like a figure of a dark man who knows like but do you know what happen in your home before you moved anna searching is not talk to some homeowners couldn't believe what we uncovered and me talking about temperatures that are very warm for this
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. you may spend months funding for the perfect house for your family you find dead and the price is almost too good to be true you might be surprised to found out here in virginia a real estate agent is not obligated to tell you why. investigative reporter laura geller has the story of a website which might give you some insight into what happened inside your new home in. have you ever heard something go bump in the night or felt a chill you just can't seem to explain where i laid out like a figure of a dark man like
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look and not do that. even brittany wilder's puppy you something odd was going on in the valentine boulevard home she and her husband had just bought. he woke me up at three in the morning he was standing at the edge of the stairs barking up into the darkness and i was like ok that is weird so i thought that the light on for like two months. she loved the victorian style of the north at home but didn't know any of its history his from her neighbor's arm in arm i think you know the history of this house raised some questions kids they would walk by and they would ask do you know the ghost stories about your house the creepy truth finally revealed by the mailman britney's new house was the scene of a double homicide back in twenty twelve. yes it would have deterred me from buying this house i probably would have looked for another one brady's not the only one jennifer krueger was in a rush to get into this home on cedar street in virginia
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agent seemed happy to speed up the sale. we put the offer and i like ok we accept that when the papers came back as an estate sale. jennifer did some research i type in address and there is a news report that there was a slight situation and then i guess a standoff that lasted pretty much all day and then eventually it was a murder suicide while jennifer hasn't had any paranormal experiences she believes it would have been nice to know about the son who killed his mother and then himself inside the home where her children now sleep as is devastating and it's hard to even think that can happen in iran connery co ceo and founder of died in house dot com says buyers like jennifer and brittany are his target audience legislation known as information transparency know and really sell and we want
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works for twelve bucks you put in the address of the home into the website and algorithm connery says is a trade secret will give you an incident report. it will list if when and how someone died in the home we found dozens of homes here in hampton roads where people have either died of natural causes or under tragic circumstances like here on ravens crop plane in twenty twelve a woman was found shot stabbed and burned here. her husband who was later killed by police also murdered her grandmother and one year old daughter. no one's moved in since it would bother me and the low key the information ahead of time let me start my soul. it is uncomfortable both jennifer and brittany wish they had known a service like this was available if i ever move and that website out and i'll try to check into it to say they hope it'll save other buyers from
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nightmares are made of what they found out six months down the road you can't just sell your house sitting up and move again so it's really good idea. in addition to that initial report country says adele manually look into the home for the next thirty days and also give buyers the names of anyone who's ever lived in the home to help with other research laura geller thirteen years now we want to caution you this video may be graphic for some of you new surveillance video shows a group of dc teams attacking a marine at a mcdonald's now police are looking for at least four people seen in this video assaulting and robbing christopher mark was a police report says that took his wallet credit cards and four hundred dollars mark whereas is a bronze star recipient oh little cold out there still tonight and tomorrow morning as you're out there waiting at the bustop are
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because it will be in the twenties in fact right now the wind chills are still an issue you can see there's nothing on radar so we can skip right ahead and talk instead about the temperature because that's the big news for tonight but that's the big news for the weekend as well right now temperatures not horribly cold typically around thirty four for lo this time of year so right now with thirty four but that northerly wind still blowing again i talked earlier will gradually ease off a little bit later tonight but for now anyway especially near the coastline with the open water is to the north they can now blow pretty good and so as a matter of fact the inland areas don't have a ton of wind and all tend to die out later on he saw the wind chills out there right now twenty three in norfolk twenty five newport news twenty seven current that but back inland wind chills are not as cold again because there isn't really a whole lot of land every ss should get the jet stream was taking a dip down in the east well it still is obviously that's why we are cold but his
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the central party us yesterday was back in through here it's really starting to push more and more the east that is the air that we start to see not tomorrow but saturday and on into sunday as well so temperatures overnight continuing to drop from where they are in the twenties down farther into the twenties inland area's most of us will be in the mid to upper twenties right near the shoreline it will be closer to thirty s thirty two maybe but then by nine o'clock and that's about six seven o'clock by nine o'clock we're going be talking about readings in the mid thirties this is what i mean by the high thin clouds giving a sort of a hazy sunshine at times why won't be brilliant deep blue skies you'll see some the con trails tomorrow little more than usual going across because there's that extra humidity in the upper levels the atmosphere and during the evening little chilly as you're heading out to celebrate the end of the work week but by morning time on saturday. these temperatures are above normal and later on saturday with a
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get highs pushing up near sixty degrees and then even warmer on sunday although by sunday will see the increasing clouds late in the day maybe even a few showers by sunday night more on that in a second satellite and radar sweeping clear tomorrow little chilly for this time of year instead of fifty one were going to be for five below that of forty six but then sixty on saturday sixty five sunday sunshine much of the day an increase in clouds during the evening and then a couple showers possible sunday night or monday and then a better chance of some rain coming in on tuesday into wednesday night looking for the warm up and we think to write another road trip for all you basketball this week they
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after six months. petty officer first class carl and tourism in the interim dotson rock a are reunited thanks to
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deployment. the nationwide organization houses military pets when their owners are away on deployment. this joint cause yesterday as the sun set over chesapeake city dog park. well all growing up your parents probably told you don't talk to strangers. this chat with the stranger one of virginia beach woman two hundred thousand dollars chanel skinner was at a circle d food mart on virginia beach boulevard when she said a stranger told her to buy a scratch off she wasn't so sure but they said. trust me they left the store. it was a winner. skinner says she wants to donate to her church and perhaps get a new car a wonderful story via the new commercial for the scratch to make the would have with odierno and with any thriller to start tonight who you are the best record in the conference in road games tonight they were out of town in western kentucky again that was close throughout brandon staff was terrific his sixteen points thirteen
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with a simple jumper. this is a defensive struggle in first half year and tallied on to work here for the monarchs led by three at halftime because when the game was seven points. that was marking the first half. trey freeman won over two thousand points for a career tonight andy and twenty seven points overara. however with them in a thirty to go the monster trailing by four points stiff head wind decoded a three pointer and hit with thirty one seconds ago trey freeman gives the march a one point lead it would then be a three point lead western kentucky a chance to tie up at the buzzer. no this one goes to ot and fifty nine fifty six william mary posting first place north carolina wilmington avenue on serving in williamsburg. david cohen added game high twenty one for william and mary they've been struggling lately but they were tremendous tonight daniel dixon had nineteen
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halftime but in the second half. william and mary dominated dixon to terry taught the back door slam that's nice one more coming up from dixon big win for william mary eighty seven to sixty nine that only the lady monarchs hosting western kentucky tonight the last of the hilltoppers by seventeen earlier this year jenny sims had twenty eight for the lady mocs tonight. finland's finest on the goal of pain and working in the premier takes a step what makes the block in march looking lady not looking good first half pretty much throughout the game almost or at the kaye kiana brown on the back door and then raymond capture the cup with reporters this week at the end of the quarter that an eight point lead with three minutes ago lost in overtime eighty five somewhat tough loss for the lady monarchs time ill racing when we come back thursday night before the daytona five
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine.
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. i just to whet your appetite a little bit nascar when racing tonight two races to determine the running order of the daytona five hundred the can and goals for last in the first race dale earnhardt jr goes past denny hamlin for the lead. our junior a two time daytona five hundred winner wins his fifth daytona and gold just another routine win for the our hearts to break another win a daytona earnhardt fan of the legacy and for others it is now always we got here some real entity that is a fun race did on blogging tonight. nothing too crazy they say the crazy
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busch winning on the last ab lab that was good for him because he was in front when this happened jamie mcmurray jumping from jimmie johnson johnson and matt kenseth got the worst of this cannes is what happened was back in court has knocked off the front row for bush it's his third win of the daytona duel races please reply and calm there for a long time to laugh and think i'm crazy my name and make our job is raising a phenomenal job this matter builds new pieces for second and when to have some fun and they say and what about the sports spotlight thing i guess the tradition for the mother just too much hot cars are on the tracks bring candy for one think i'll write tomorrow gonna be a little warmer of tiny that it's the little below normal normal fifty one were to be forty six but saturday very nice sunday really nice increasing clouds late. but as i'm a sap that is our news for tonight thanks for joining us. thirty news now
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching.
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very nice. that's very nice. somebody in the audience was doing a cheerleader move, which i appreciated. you never lose that, do you. oh, boy. i'm glad you're here. especially after what a mess it was last night. last night, those of you here know, last night the unthinkable happened. it rained. water came down. onto us. some of it got on my body. which was scary. when it rains in l.a. we don't know what too do with ourselves. it isn't a joke. i went to dinner after the show. first of all i forgot my phone. i left my phone at home require went to dinner from work. going. even though the restaurant i was going to, i've been there probably five times. but i now rely so much on my phone to tell me where to go. the part of my brain that knows erased. i still remember all the lyrics to all the huey lewis songs but i can't find my house anymore without electronic assistance.


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