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down an investigator they also said obviously the commonwealth's attorney's office does not have arrest powers but we have requested that the portsmouth police department prioritize the location and apprehension of the suspects however that decision is up to the police departments. well the police department told me that they are actively searching for the remaining suspects and of course if you have any information that could help them find them call the crime line david eric charges or drop into other portsmouth cases talkie r lewis white was accused of starting a police chase that ended with a deadly crash two young girls died in that wreck last year lewis why does a free woman tonight but prosecutors could re file those charges and back in december our partners that the pilot reported charges were dropped against a full room to area she is one of three people connected to a two thousand five deadly home invasion force miss commonwealth's attorney said she did not
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but new indictments are now re filed. and here's a story that's getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page yesterday we broke the news on twitter that thomas leighton is now facing second degree murder charges in the death of her son quincy davis police found davis is remains in slate and scarred during a traffic stop in hampton last year but it turns out babies had been dead for more than a decade you may be wondering how could this boy fall off the radar for so long marcella robertson is here to answer that question now about is the question a lot of people are asking one child abuse prevention group says it's a lot easier to do then you may think and unfortunately quincy davis is not alone. june twenty fifteen. a state trooper pulls over tanya slain for expired tags finding human remains in the trunk of her car. the remains for those of writing is smart he was waiting he was funny. davis' virginia beach middle school
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him after seventh grade in investigators believe davis was murdered sometime between july two thousand and four and july two thousand and five that means he was done for more than a decade before his remains were found but how did a child fall off the radar for so long without the cost oreos cream. anyway the coil is executive director of champions for children a group aiming to prevent child abuse. you can count on them are very close by to emboss with the families who have questions that they teach it well says what happened today this is unfortunately too common and can happen easily especially if social services was never involved in it to another jurisdiction or another day or you just tell where you can stay will be in town and people forget the schools on the follow up to make sure that you enroll in school in the next day so when sleet moved to her new
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giving them nothing to question and even once led and served four years in prison for shooting up her boyfriend's home in two whereabouts weren't questioned he would have only been seventeen at the time she was locked up. it's unclear if attorneys were aware sleeping even had children and no missing persons report was ever filed for quincy davis hanson died thirteen years now it's six here will coil says the only people who can help prevent something like this from happening again. marcella robertson thirteen is now clock is running for the city virginia beach state leaders are looking for a commitment from the city to extend light rail virginia beach city leaders now have until april thirtieth to sign on the dotted line. amelia's live to explain exactly what needs to go into that contract again and this is really good news for light rail supporters because this means that a referendum would not at all jeopardize the one
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million dollars in state funding but the city must sign an agreement and commit to buying light rail cars april thirtieth in order to lock in that money weren't a whole lot better position than we were yesterday. mayor willis sms breathing a sigh of relief. very thankful for secretary elaine transportation board passed a resolution this morning telling virginia beach that it will get one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding if it submits an application to buy light rail cars and signs a memorandum of understanding or an agreement by april thirtieth believe will allow the city to move forward the referendum that we should desire without jeopardizing hundred and fifty five million dollars so if the city commits referendum or no referendum the state funding would be locked in no matter what but if virginia
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the reality of think the economy or if the issue does hit the ballot in november and a majority of the public says they don't want light rail mayor says and says the city wouldn't necessarily be in the hole and you know will we pull back if the referendum should occur in it should fail i believe the cars could be sold to another train to come the clock is ticking and the city has just over two months to review the memorandum of understanding research how much the light rail cars would cost and determine if it fits in with the city's budget secretary wayne also want to clarify that this the city to fund the project in its entirety at this point that the city is committed to purchasing those light rail cars are now reporting live in virginia beach on january thirteen years now and this is going to be a long process as jamie mentioned the next big step in the project is april thirty s that's when the city needs to hand over a
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the state to buy light rail cars in june state leaders will come out with their complete funding plan. next bring the city hopes to know exactly how much extending light rail will cost if approved construction would start next summer and there's been a lot of back and forth between city and state leaders about this project you can read secretary of transportation aubrey lane's letter to the mayor and the mayor's response on thirteen years now but calm we've also posted the state transportation board's hear what light rail opponents have to say about this and how it could affect several city council seats that are up for reelection this november. broken legs cracked skull serious burns and unexplained explosions all of these things are linked to hover boards now parents are pushing for safety standards in the fads are issuing a strong warning thirty news now investigative reporter laura geller joins us with an important warning while local hospitals don't keep track of the statistics by what caused the injury so
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people have been her writing hover boards are difficult to nail down tonight local emergency room doctors say they've seen a spike in patients with these kinds of injuries that on top of the federal safety investigation we've been telling you about as parents keeping a close eye on their kids' writing these hot wheels via skype or to rock this before to stop and you're going to continue going for and that's a somewhat predictable reaction if the hubbub order to rock it may not just stop it might be something completely opposite encounter that something you don't expect died six were giving you an inside look at what our local yarns are seeing and why federal officials are taking issue with the hot toy so much so that they are warning parents to return it and avoid the so called danger laura geller thirteen years now to meth lab busts in newport news in the same week on the same street last night police found all of the materials needed to make meth inside an apartment in
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on middlesex road the location is not far from where police busted another meth lab over the weekend the hazmat team investigated last night police car pulled into the complex then quickly drove away police stopped the car and found michael atkinson danish art and that inside right now both face a long list of charges a double murder suspect in newport news turned him self and late last night. yesterday we told you police were looking for twenty six year old steven hayes he's accused of killing country great and when kelly last month. officers say they found the victims' bodies inside a van near fourteenth street and wickham avenue hayes is charged with two counts of first degree murder robbery and gun charges thirty three year old low ratio gansler is also charged in this case the search is on for serial robbery suspect with most sweet tooth virginia beach police are trying to catch this guy before he strikes again and the numbers are in and asked
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number of people died in car crashes last year getting the mail word needs to go to sailors in the fleet that much more efficiently and faster on my getting a decision on that story coming
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the if you live near oceania expect to hear more of that noise. next week starting february twenty second in the march forth the navy will practice for
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will happen mondays wednesdays and fridays in the afternoon and you can mark your calendar for the airshow it set for september ten and eleventh the navy is improving the way it gets mailed to sailors and this can be a huge morale booster. by getting a sneak peek of the new and improved system the process more than thirteen million pieces of mail you the name is reginald mayo center norfolk last year and the plan is to make things even more efficient in days to come starting march first the navy will fully implemented new microsoft program that automate mail processing and record keeping what we've got right now is a lot of time that is being spent on going to record file system alphabetical card file system and pull in the car now take an entrance posey information is on the face of that cord to the letter the idea is to more quickly ensure that mail can be re
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it needs to go instead of having to do everything by hand on a so the redirect process is used as far as workload for our seat mates on the ships because thirty five percent of male ghost ships has to be re addressed to the nature of folks in the military and change addresses quite often move in command isn't changing locations. so now all those addresses are incorporated in that database now so this can print labels and is one stop shop to cross the stream under the gun to miss this place is going to minimize errors of light in the mail duty just here in hampton roads is a huge endeavor with more than five hundred individual command center and sixty three ships home ported at naval station norfolk alone. overall the navy has more than three hundred twenty five thousand active duty sailors and two hundred and seventy two ships in the fleet my getting thirteen years now. the second skinny
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police are looking for this man who they believe robbed to fro yo stores within the past month we told him and demanded money from the clerk at the virginia beach boulevard location then left with the money and the overt and this is surveillance video of the skinny dip robbery in providence where last month police are urging you to call the crime line. if you have any information. newport news man is accused of trying to rob an orphan bank. police say twenty eight year old james crowder pulled up to the drive thru window suntrust bank on west little creek road yesterday morning crowd or threaten to blow up the bank the teller didn't give the money. officers arrested him at the scene. no information about the body found by a dog in newport news police say last week someone walking a dog near guild or sleeve middle school one min to drive spotted camille andrea russia's body lying on the ground. gold rush who was thirty eight years old was from mathews county the cause of death is still a mystery but police say it does not appear to be
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records for deadly car crashes the national safety council says more than thirty eight thousand people were killed on u s roads and twenty fifteen. that's an eight percent increase from twenty fourteen and the largest year to year percentage increase since nineteen sixty five the council thinks lower gas prices might be a factor but driving more affordable more people are out there on the roads are a lot of clear skies out there who want a light to mention this yesterday course wasn't too long but this time a night it was pitch black we're getting more more that they like that's good. the other thing i want to talk about though is the fact that it is clear here and that the computer so are disposed of some classes take a look at the radar for example and as you can see there's nothing there so let's go to the radar and here we have nothing at all showing up. why is that important. well because a little bit to our north. a
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say that right now it is supposed to be raining what the clouds well we don't have many clouds and it certainly isn't raining so that's why when i came time to pick the future cast i pick the one that i think as the least amount of clouds in it for tonight one that in a second right now the forty four. so does little to chilly temps are slightly below normal winds of the north northeast just enough to give a little bit of a nip in the air as you can see spot forecast for tomorrow says remaining cold afternoon wind chills between twenty six and thirty four degrees today. again it was cold but not horribly so. in fact normally work fifty one this time of year we predicted would be forty eight today so far forty eight is the highs we have had snuck up the forty nine or fifty between the hours it looks like that'll now make it eight in a row as we start over just over a week ago temperatures a lot of upper forties to let's say near fifty. there are few spots right near the airport that
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that ne win coming and same thing on the peninsula middle peninsula that when coming in off the water so it's a little cooler there than it certainly is back in with an led light blue colors indicating forties everywhere near the chesapeake bay but then you get back in london you have readings closer to fifty degrees or at least upper forties and more the same across north carolina who you would expect that with the wind direction coming and off the water like it is noticed this is the y said that has the least amount of clouds the fewest isolated showers overnight because i don't think most of us have a more than ten percent chance that of seeing any kind of a sprinkle tonight the big news will be tempers a little bit chilly in the morning slightly actually above normal but with the windows still feel pretty cold make sure you have the jacket is right there at the bus stop during the afternoon temperatures climbing up only to about ten degrees below normal lower forties instead of lower fifties and i tomorrow night little more typical chill for this time of year maybe
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total number of areas getting into the twenties but then we start to see the chef during the day on friday temperatures will climb back toward the mid or upper forties and the wind direction and start to shift and that sets the stage for a very nice weekend you can see again. there's a little bit of a shower starting to show about a near lock your county in northern virginia but as it comes down the mountains that should mainly dry out tonight thirty four degrees mainly clear breezy and cold for tomorrow. forty one mostly sunny breezy and chilly and then forty seven on friday and the temperature saturday and sunday sixty two degrees again not as warm as we've seen a few times this summer winter but still that's ten degrees above normal and it should be very very pleasant and the next week a bigger system comes in my purse and snow certainly the ski resort even a part of centre geneva right now we think will be on the warm side of the alamo simply nice to see if i still know how to light my grill. they are
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to play golf but i never knew how to play golf. i'm hoping this is my year. now it's time to learn if oak alligators in north carolina they're happy. why the state canceled gator hunting season this year and the fbi says protesters who occupied the oregon wildlife refuge not only trashed the place tonight concerns they may
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. the prosecution's last witness took the stand today in the murder trial of kevin quick virginia police reservists was found dead in coach lynn county twenty fourteen four people are charged with his murder. two others are charged in connection with the crime today in court the detective described the text calls and online searches allegedly made by the defendants after the murder one message read we need to get to montana asap. the jury could start
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monday the fbi is concerned that the oregon wildlife refuge that was occupied for nearly six weeks might be booby trapped the feds say they found explosives and guns inside the refuge they say the protesters dug two trenches near sensitive artifacts and sacred burial grounds right now more than two dozen people are charged in connection with the protest president obama plans to slap some stringent sanctions on north korea the country refused to stop its nuclear weapons program congress approved legislation on friday the president plans to sign it into law the president first lady will visit the supreme court friday in memory of justice antonin scalia leo's body will lie in repose nearly all day he died suddenly over the weekend of natural causes while in texas the white house says the president will not attend the funeral. however vice president biden and his wife plan to be there. the walls come tumbling down for an old chesapeake movie theater will tell you what might come up
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several virginia beach families don't have a place
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. a new look for western branch a live update on the demolition of the win
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and what's next in store for this property. cruz said he's not pro lifers and pro life you can't lie about people like that. more drama on the campaign trail as two republicans tangle with the potential legal battle was a major retailer is putting up a help wanted sign find out who is hiring six hundred workers in suffolk like a way for redevelopment and western branch crews are tearing down a movie theater that sat empty for years the old beast and brought in generations of moviegoers but it hasn't been sold there in years. now there's a renewed effort for new development in western branch were talking about the area around the chesapeake square mall just off of portsmouth boulevard the area has seen investment in the past few years particularly at the six year old samar chesapeake
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thirteen is now reporter christine ezra j co has more on what could come to the area. well many here in chesapeake are rather nostalgic about this old meat movie theater coming down with a couple pictures of the old demolition site here and instantly got responses from people going down memory lane. this is what we know so far this land will for sure will be redeveloped. well what it will become. we might not know for a couple of months. it is a big landmark coming down with a nice movie this always easy convenient to get to dozens of people stop by on wednesday to check the demolition out. most had a story from when the movie peter was in its glory days would bring kids will bring friends here and was amazed when was the littlefield said was an all day as going on in chesapeake city leaders hope
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homeschooling develop the proposed project is a sixty two and a senior living community. i don't think retirement community is fit for this area team bronze wasn't too fond of baggy on first off but says he isn't totally opposed. hey it's this kind of sits back up so now the way with everything else so it might fit in i really see that would that that would be an improvement others like linda locations are all for eight from the storm and senior citizens want to be close to convenience. i know i do because i'm a senior citizen has a seedy city leaders tell me can take up to four months for them to me and officially discuss this idea of a senior living community reporting live in chesapeake receiver jacob or team is now investigators say a fire that put ten people out of their homes started in an electrical box that said last night on at every court in virginia beach neighbors we spoke with say they have been having problems with the electrical box since january. they tell is maintenance came out several


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