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go back up tomorrow temperatures will go up and go up many big way overnight and into tomorrow as well i'll have more just how hot it gets coming up a daughter is crying out for justice for her father who was shot to death in virginia beach. i'm not i'm downloading great and even there i met holding red lizard man any payments that it means the heat. her father di kasi was murdered last august simply say angelo perry was late to cut the staff virginia beach police shot and killed perry in a shootout in september twenty eight year old in the educator also died in that shooting last week we showed you the viral video but takers mother gina best posted on facebook demanding justice for her daughter anne perry now copies daughters reacting to that video
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a look at the response where jackson's message is very different than the one we heard from gina bass jackson argues that the officers were doing exactly what they were supposed to. she even questioned kagan's innocence she make it a nightmare ended when people get murdered and maybe what seen the innocent people in a direct response to viral social media posts to larry jackson is speaking now in a facebook video about the death of guy coffee by the name go down in a i'm not done a good person and go down the main coffee was murdered in virginia beach and police have linked angel perry to his death about a month later both perry and his set to be girlfriend indicator were killed in a police shootout. kayakers mother has once again claimed
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called the actions of police wrong idea i was stuck by them if the parent because they did not have due process of law. there was no arrest warrant out for the youth babies that don't say it but i don't know what i was living a life of the whale and joe perry jackson and her response didn't agree thing that came to knew she was involved with. she defended the police officers schmancy cinnamon in a car with him especially with our child but angelo but as you know when it's our whale and they're not they will ever see with them and then joe campbell a nepali maybe a day job. we reached out to gina bass for response we have yet to hear back. meanwhile police also say they will have new information about this case christopher j co thirteen years now. by now families are displaced and firefighters are investigating what caused a fire at a virginia beach apartment complex this happen along tree top drive thirteen
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talk to people forced out of their homes flames tear through this virginia beach apartment building. overnight firefighters spending nearly an hour battling the blaze on tree top drive off burnett wrote this on all sides by water. investigators say the accidental fire started on an outside balcony a little after three thirty monday morning my neighbor knocked on my door and simonson fire sydney wise man and a roommate live on the third floor at the other end of the building where the fire broke out the flames of my roommate up she said the fire. all twelve units were evacuated forcing people into the freezing cold paramedics took one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation was kind of scary as ever. now the flames spread so quickly a man told fire officials here to climb down a pole just to get to safety and a cat even jumped
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remain missing. the red cross came to the scene to help the ten people left displaced and others are just thankful to be okay. i don't have a fire alarm doesn't work so we're pretty lucky. reporting in virginia beach. erik ainge thirteen years now but as the start of virginia's spring fire season that means from now until the end of april you can't burn anything before. for the afternoon if you're caught breaking this law you could face a five hundred dollar fine. police say a cattle trailer ran off the road and flipped over in frederick county this morning that's near northern virginia a veterinarian came to the scene to check out the cals virginia state police say out of the thirty three cattle six animals died in that crash were told the driver had minor injuries and faces reckless driving charges officials had to close the northbound lanes of i eighty one and eat or traffic and police are investigating to see what exactly happened there inmates are finding new ways
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other contraband behind prison walls more on what lawmakers are doing to fight that next add a couple attacked by a man with a machete how they say they almost didn't make it out
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the is day three of pope francis is mexico trip people cheered the pontiff on the way to the airport tonight he is in chiapas to celebrate mexico's indigenous people. some catholics there hope pope francis will address the tough journeys of people trying to reach the u s border. an ohio couple was having dinner out when a man attacked them with a machete gerald and debbie russell were among twenty others in a restaurant last week when a man tried to hit them in the head with the machete police later shot and killed them and the high school sweetheart say their surprise they made it out of that restaurant alive and sunscreen and cason and which
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from journal of air which got him a chance to push the guy ran away with the way that this guy walked in and attacked me it's it's a miracle that i'm alive today well the perilous lost their fingers and they have several months of rehab ahead of them to other victims had to be taken to the hospital is well in mason partners on the outside are using drones to sneak drugs cellphones and other contraband behind bars that is illinois lawmakers on high alert they're looking to push legislation to penalize the activity especially after smuggling incidents in maryland ohio and oklahoma. the bill's sponsor said people should be able to fly drones over a prison. anyway last year police arrested two men claiming to use a drone to drop off drugs porn and a cellphone into a prison in maryland are nearly half the country just made it through the snow and ice from the polar vortex now they're facing the threat of tornadoes sleep mail a look at the dangerous weather system slamming the nation
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governor disgrace in a prostitution scandal may have no legal trouble for the allegations against eliot spitzer and at six a virginia beach light rail opponent
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the florida governor eliot
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has neutral spirits are down five himself involved in an assault investigation new york city police detectives say a woman accused her of attacking her on saturday a usa today reports police responded to a hotel room and found spencer and the woman there medics of the woman to the hospital she told workers that are assaulted her. so far there are no criminal charges in this case and spits or denies the allegations they gained national attention when they won the national little league title back in twenty fourteen. now the jackie robinson west team is suing to get its championship back there some players filed the suit this morning the all black team from chicago's south side play to the regional tournament without a complaint but then league officials discovered some of the players didn't meet residency requirements and took the team's title a lawyer for the team says that's not fair at every stage of the process from local qualifying through
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the summer of two thousand and fourteen. the parents admitted appropriate documentation to j r w who in turn submitted the appropriate documentation to the district and then to the region. the lawsuit also claims that espn broadcaster stephen a smith the famed players' parents by implying they were involved in the alleged fraud a fire in a brooklyn neighborhood burned through the night more than one hundred and forty firefighters came out to try to get those flames under control last night the fire started in one home that spread to others. at least four people were hurt the flames destroyed one building and two others are now considered structurally unsound because of the fire is under investigation from extreme cold to a new winter storm with millions of americans are facing dangerous conditions today as a huge system stretches across the country bringing rain snow and ice also creating major traffic troubles across seventeen states including
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elizabeth her reports from new york snow in dc and virginia quickly transforming the area from a winter wonderland to a travel nightmare temporarily closing runways at reagan international and having a ripple effect at airports across the country snow and ice wreaking havoc for drivers from iowa to illinois indiana the use of the ice and he finally reopen after this massive and fatal pileup over the weekend the new storm is now moving across parts of the northern plains and south making its way north bringing heavy rain and warmer temperatures a welcome relief with the millions of americans in the northeast and new england swung her and swung back and we knew there was a problem including these forty eight skiers who spent some three hours in the arctic cold dangling more than forty feet off the ground after two trans
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new hampshire in all the major cities and survive sub zero temperatures that left entire city block frozen in philadelphia while firefighters battled a blaze in boston. i see the world record was shattered and in new york a record set by century ago is now history speaking of really forecasters say temperatures are set to why some thirty degrees in the next twenty four hours from boston to dc meeting will be enjoying temperatures in the fifties back tomorrow. it was that her abc news new york iowa in the middle of the major swing in the weather here in hampton roads as well we started the day with snow this is a live look from our side when hampton that snow is quickly melting as the temperatures go up but isle of wight county schools will start on a delay tomorrow and jeff is tracking the warmup tonight we've
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already up in the fifties even parts of virginia beach now close to fifty. while many many many of us are still in the thirties but everybody's going to see those ratings rising and pointed out earlier. well first of all the lack of any precipitation in our immediate area right now things have definitely moved on to the north but there are more showers fairly isolated showers forming down in eastern north carolina those moving here over the next couple of hours but the big news that means obviously we have winds out of the south right. well only it only means that a lot doesn't mean it down at the ground that northerly winds once we get those some sort of subtly weather south easterly or subtly that direction little bit later tonight and that's when we'll see the areas of dense fog retreating and the isolated showers will still be around but temperatures will be rising first to near forty then up into the forties. here's virginia beach at forty nine career tackles the city man already in the fifties forty three and chesapeake down an even ten but see everybody
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the thirties as that wind starts to shift again this evening will see those with milder readings beginning to move in and that will really raise temperatures by morning we're going to see a very strong wind out of the south and that'll give us highs are highs but temperatures already well into the fifties probably not a lotta rain until the actual front gets here that happens then during the afternoon hours are tuesday late morning it ends during the afternoon hours and things begin to clear the highs will be up probably to at least sixty and many many spots a huge change from what we had today tomorrow night we get some chili or air working back in behind that front. in fact a couple days we're going to go down again significantly after tomorrow's big rise early in the day on wednesday it's going to be borderline as to any precipitation. if it falls. what form it falls and so will keep a very close eye on that we're thinking though that would generally be maybe a little bit is slowly
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most likely to be some rain showers. you can see the system again pulling through today but the main part of it still out to our south and west so few showers tonight windy with rising temperatures fifty three by morning and then the rest of the forecasts rising to fifty three and then continuing to rise to sixty one tomorrow back down to thirty nine or early wednesday we could have a leftover shower or two on the forty nine for a high wednesday only forty three on thursday but then we go right back up with readings into the sixties for saturday and sunday you can see a ten percent chance of a shower by later sunday and then showers more likely or at least more possible anyway on monday that's latest from the weather authority. donald trump is creating some new buzz on the campaign trail during a speech in south carolina republican frontrunner again stirred speculation about a possible independent presidential run despite him pledging not to
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terrible job terrible job and just remember what i said remember in this room i signed a pledge but it's a double edged pledge and as far as i'm concerned they're in default of their pledge com told the crowd he believes the republican national committee treats them unfairly he also criticized the other republican candidates and the iowa republican party is the main motivation to workout. researchers may have the answer. researchers studied nearly three hundred obese people to see if they worked out more when they got a cash reward are when they had to pay for missing a workout. turns out the penalty situation was significantly more motivating so when it comes to your exercise goals consider asking a friend or loved one to hold you accountable and come up with a penalty so it will cost you to slack on new protections are coming for virginians when it comes to fraud attorney general mark herring reached a settlement
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transfer services under investigation in several states where scammers have used the service to trick people out of money as part of the settlement money gram officials agreed to improve their anti fraud programs dozens of people left with nothing after a four alarm fire in office now the recovery begins from the people forced from their homes in this devastating blaze. then add six an investigation at every parent needs to see convicting planters teaching in schools find out how criminals trying to get into classrooms and what's being done to stop them. the line reel them in virginia beach is heating up
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in learning more about a possible meth lab found in newport news over the weekend today newport news fire investigators told us they spent nearly nine hours at home on middlesex road in hyde would area the call came in to police as a possible home invasion but officers found chemicals used to make meth state and federal agents helped collect evidence and remove hazardous materials investigators questioned several people in the home but have not filed criminal charges. indiana authorities are still deciding the charges for newport news man accused of causing a deadly accident state trooper say bryant the cat may have been on drugs when he drove the wrong way on the interstate friday he crashed head on into one vehicle and hit another three people including a pregnant woman died for cat and one other person suffered non life threatening injuries. we checked today the police have not said if the cat is out of the hospital yet just a big family had to find another place to stay after a house fire today. the flames
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creek on martin johnson road around eleven thirty this morning we're told renovations were underway at the house but it's not clear if that led to the fire we do know that no one was hurt. a medical emergency leaves to a coast guard rescue east of bermuda the command center in portsmouth got the call yesterday afternoon we taught a man on a tanker was having abdominal pain. the ship's surgeon said the patient needed medical attention immediately. local coast guard crews reached the ship at about three o'clock this morning and took him to a hospital in bermuda the dot is about to start two major projects on the eastern shore both are in northampton county the first one is the sign replacement project that will change are close to nine hundred signs and install new ones around the county this is the doubts as the work will start soon and should finish in december there's also a ten million dollars reconstruction project for the old cape charles road or route forty six forty two were told the dot is set to look at
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spring. that's all the news for thirteen years now at five thirty thirteen is now at six starts with some big ups and downs in the weather had delayed start of the day covered in snow and then slice. but now fog and drizzle or cutting down on visibility across the region this is a live look from a camera at the westin in virginia beach town center and tonight the temperatures amazingly are going up. jeff is tracking this shift in the weather. yeah that'll really obviously help to get rid of what little snow is left out there although there's little more obviously to the north center is here cross series of southside will also help to ease the fog as temperatures go up we should see the fog rising dramatically. just like there is many out there right now cross northeast north carolina no fog because you have those warm greetings couple showers moving back in we've had the rain of course at times during the day today
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the afternoon hours and we've just seen the low clouds and mist that sort of the dreary conditions but now a little bit of rain starting to feel back and look at the difference in temperatures right now versus yesterday. inland areas up several degrees especially far and when that single digits but then most of our sort of interior counties and cities a few well generally around double digits but man look at the coastline twenty to twenty five almost thirty degrees warmer than yesterday and that's the kind of warm air is going to continue to move in and give us readings that go up this evening into the forties through the forties in the fifties i wouldn't rule out way up into the fifties and a few spots by morning. meanwhile future cast not a whole lot of rain again during the overnight a few one hundred seven and several one hundred pts but then during the day tomorrow an area of heavier rain moves through just like today amounts generally around half an inch
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depending on your location as you can see the fog across the region right now it's potentially a dance across some inland areas that will begin to ease all let you know more about how long the warmup them are last in just few minutes by the city virginia beach could lose one hundred and fifty five million dollars that's how much state funding the city would miss out on it the light rail extension project goes to referendum in november. transportation secretary andrea lane says it's not financially responsible to fund a project that is contingent on a vote opponents of light we are now scrambling to put the issue on the ballot are generally joins us now live from town center. when those who are opposed to extending the light rail from north bay to town center and then eventually down to the oceanfront are working as hard as they can to gather as many signatures as they need to put their spin on the bat on the ballot in no in november and let the voters decide whether or not they
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treasurer john atkinson who is championing this cause is he's gathered seventeen thousand signatures so far he's confident he's going to get a twenty seven thousand that need to bring this referendum with the three dollars and cents issue we do not need a loser and that's all you can call light rail is a loser virginia beach city treasurer john atkinson says he only needs ten thousand more signatures to let voters answer this question should city councils and local funds to build light rail if that question make it to the ballot in november. secretary of transportation aubrey layne says the city may move a hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding he told delegate ron villa nueva in a letter that he simply cannot allocate funds to a project that's contingent on the boats come march for the presidential primary on super tuesday we're going to have man every
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