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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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might think is full of crime thanks to one community center you'll also see it full of inspiration. the news that four starts right now i well we started the day off of snow freezing rain temperatures warmed up and we're still seeing a climate that's really helping to clear the roadways in some areas for the evening commute so nice of mother mother nature center's this natural ice melt we didn't have to pull up the shovels rakes not rising temperatures will continue overnight and continue tomorrow that'll get rid of the snow but with the warm air coming in especially aloft it's creating a lot of fun now it's worse this is our sky view camera that's those are couple of cars down the parking lot so it's worse up high then it is down low but again there will be a problem with areas of fog tonight meanwhile as you can see there's hardly any rain
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the immediate hampton roads area a little bit of northern neck middle peninsula way out for emporia and i ninety five and there's just not much out there with everything moving to the north and to get way down into southern and southeastern north carolina a little of that rain will move in here later but again for this evening just some fog drizzle a little bit of mist out there and temperatures that will be climbing now course earlier this is liquid when she melted the snow added the rain on top of that about half an inch. pretty common number there is you can see. so again it was around an inch of snow and then we ended up with rain on top that watched it all away look at how and when there is only up a little bit from yesterday but near the coastline almost thirty degrees. that's the kind of warmer air that's coming in later on south easterly and southerly winds how warm will it get will it lead to thunderstorms how much rain we seem to cool off all those questions will be answered
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minutes. ri snowy and slushy conditions cause many closures and delays today drivers in hampden had to trudge through snow and take extra time while traveling as snow turned to rain conditions became slick and hazardous and for those already taking precautions that meant watching out for those who were not reduced bill gotta be alert warning of some items in a shootout or lose control of the item s heroes cause hundreds of accidents across the state and dozens here in hampton roads since midnight virginia state police responded to at least five hundred and thirty eight traffic crashes statewide one person died in a crash and talk to your county in northern virginia at least a hundred and twenty six crashes happen in hampton roads and on the eastern shore right now though as we take a look at the rose for the just after four o'clock communicative color brush our teeth a lot of folks are off enjoying the show from the comfort of their own
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or doing much better after a very very busy morning because a lot of green here in the trap of network mask and is give you a live look at how the interstate are shaping up this outcome between your county was actually more williamsburg i should say one ninety nine sixty four westbound you can see the rows look great with the level of snow there on the grassy surfaces but things are moving much better had an accident here earlier that has cleared not seeing any delays that some traffic network maps though do we take you to ninety five a m watching an accident scene they are ninety five south just past henry rode too far from where it crosses over fifty eight. expect some delays out there and lane closures due to an accident scene that in the clearing stage of knowledge knowing that clear but again taking a look at all the deep green that's what we like to see that rapid network maps have an update for you on the road coming up in just a few minutes i thanks ashley for eight major fires played in life again just the past few days the largest was the one you see here on willoughby spent two separate fires merged into a raging four
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set of condos and a home on saturday. the investigation continues into what sparked the fires throughout the city to newhart joins us now live from ocean view and today they just demolished the building behind the sky right behind me you can see where some of the demolition has started to take place in starting the cleanup process crews are out here working on that right now some surrounding neighbors are allowed back into their homes i spoke with the woman who lives next door to all of this and she says she was just left back in earlier today. norfolk fire rescue chief jeff weiss spoke earlier about this fire he says it's one of the biggest fires he seen in thirty seven years with norfolk fire in total fourteen buildings were damaged. eight of those considered a total loss and have been torn down investigators are saying about thirty to forty people have been displaced from their homes but that number
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after seeing the devastation and the damage. everyone is thankful there were no serious injuries or death i will tell you that when i got on scene i don seem pretty early and i really thought that the devastation would be worse than it was extremely proud of our firefighters job that they give cheap flights is there is still no cause that has been determined for this fire and he could take several weeks before we find out what they have a low key which building was the fire started in right now chief slices they also don't think there are any indications that this was an arson live in or fix newhart thirteen years now now another fire broke out in norfolk this morning on cambridge crescent near hampton boulevard crews arrived to find heavy smoke and fire in the rear of the two story home
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safely. more than forty firefighters worked to extinguish the flames the home had extensive damage and a home next door also had some exterior damage right now fire officials are investigating the cause of this fire. virginia attorney general mark herring is cracking down on frauds and scams he announced the recent settlement with money gram or the details. it's part of a multi state investigation focused on complaints that scammers use the wire transfer service to prey on victims in the settlement money gram officials agree to improve their anti fraud programs such as firing or suspending agents who fail to take action money gram will also pay thirty million dollars to fund a nationwide consumer restitution program dealing with college debt now tomorrow comes and bobby scott will visit norfolk state university and will join people from other local universities for a roundtable discussion on student debt and college affordability big top a four line you often families watching will address the state's colleges
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that will also find out what congress is doing to make higher education more affordable by the way bobby scott is the ranking democratic member of the house committee on education and the workforce i've heard of over and lift but have you heard of hughes oeuvre only so that i can pronounce that right to the start of the country bring more change to local transportation. he acted out okay for you not go as unique as you call and reserve one ahead of time. well now a richmond based start up once to provide that same functionality for on demand right cheers like uber and left to lose their user who leave. i even tripped me up and started has created an independent platform for writers and ride share drivers to arrange transportation in advance the company is rolling out the beta test in virginia beach right now and are looking for where riders and drivers to participate. now this is a huge deal because right now the only thing
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the here and now factor versus the reservation functionality so i'll keep my eyes on this on the story for you update us more details become available. acting like the concept thanks. one u s supreme court is in limbo after the death of justice antonin scalia is passing left the nation in shock but already several political battles are brewing and a response to an emotional
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. the death of supreme court justices antonin scalia stunned americans this weekend. his body arrived at dulles airport in virginia overnight but now all eyes are on the baking see justice scalia left behind and already political battles have taken shape across party lines abc's on a zach has the least. we also have a big big deal issue in this
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the passing of justice scalia were one justice away from a radical five just as liberal majority. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia reverberated on the campaign trail. juliet dies in one second after he's dead or already start a fight about politics. my marriage ted cruz appears to be the first with a political ad we're just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. he goes on to attack donald trump saying trump would appoint a non pro life jurists trump calls that a lie he is a liar. no trump did hint at a possible third party run if he didn't win the nomination. i signed the pledge but it's a double edged pledge and as far as i'm concerned they're in default of their pledge well outside the supreme court protesters braving the winter storm with signs reading fill this vacancy. there is a certain irony in this debate us of the leo was known for being a strict constitutional
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justice regardless of it being an election year long is that abc news washington democratic virginia senator tim kaine responded to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who said the senate should not confirm a replacement for scaly out until after the election senator kaine said senator mcconnell's pre emptive statement that he will try to block any nominee of president obama to the supreme court no matter how qualified is a perversion of the very notion of justice surely the american public is entitled to a senate that will examine a nominee on his or her own merits and coming up what does an empty seat on the supreme court mean for bob mcdonnell's appeal reporter migrating will delve into the impact this may have all the former virginia governor's corruption convictions. other news now a new study's findings could help premature babies researchers say if premiums received two blood building
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birth they may have a small boost in brain development and iq by the age of four the results are in today's pediatrics journal babies who got into rock scored about twelve iq points higher on average than untreated children the study was the first of its kind and involved about fifty three children. however researchers said could pave the way for helping at risk premiums a planned parenthood and colorado springs colorado is back open for business the clinic closed down in november after a gunman opened fire at the building he killed three people and hurt nine others officials say they resume services today and one part of the building and will take a few more months of repairs before the facility can fully reopen. planned parenthood officials say increased security measures are in place of planes flying from london to york had to turn back around after someone being the laser into
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could take off yesterday virgin atlantic offered flyers overnight accommodations. one passenger says she feels lucky everyone made it through the incident on hard things a three sky or not whether it's by xl purposes and things have happened if there had been release area secluded to everyone on the plane is lost and dying just as nice inside now authorities are still investigating who is behind laser incident. lasers can cause temporary or even permanent blindness and pilots. officials from the british airline pilots' association say this is not an isolated incident and it's an increasing problem. u s coast guard wants answers about the worst u s commercial maritime disaster in decades officials are holding a series of hearings to find out why the elf la rose sank near the bahamas last fall thirty three crew members died including chief engineer richard cousin terry
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jacksonville florida tomorrow officials will focus on whether misconduct and negligence are shoddy safety inspections contributed to the disaster a couple minutes ago i showed you the view of downtown from four hundred feet up mention how it was worse the fog that is up a little higher. this is the view from down closer to ground level and as you can see quite a bit different still not great visibility but definitely not as thick as a law for going to see some patches though that fog throughout the evening and the overnights let's take a look at the rest of the forecast as you can see right now the precipitation is almost exclusively all north or west of us still across areas of yakima county a little bit of rain back to parts of the northern act but really exciting for the most part the middle peninsula gone from the south side of the way back here across
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closed interstate ninety five was a little bit of mixed precipitation so there's nothing everything come at us from the south there's nothing down to our south in terms of rain and to get weighed down in the carolinas so for this evening when i can have a lot more wet weather in terms of amounts but it's just dreary overcast the drizzle the fog that's all going to continue. when's lightly at the north will gradually shift the easterly then eventually the south easterly and southerly and that's why countries really go up late tonight and into tomorrow. you can see the snow that was rather early this morning as we got the rain and the temps are starting to rise above freezing that gave way to where we now just see grass out there. meanwhile temperatures rather cold here across the inland areas and you can really see the effect of the warmer air surging at the southeast mainly aloft gradually gets down a little closer to the ground and readings well in the fifties right now down across the outer banks and starting to get closer to fifteen in
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long before that kind of air continues to move toward us or for this evening very isolated areas of shower activity mainly north or west as we get to the evening hours but look at the temperatures rising up from where they are now in the thirties up into the fifties by morning i think in that most of the range was going be like mid morning into early afternoon so may we get lucky in life pretty sure by later tomorrow late afternoon rush we're not going to have much in the way of precipitation is let's keep our fingers crossed that the forecast in the morning works out in that we don't get a whole lot until the very end of rush hour or even a little bit after that would be nice notice the temperatures the way up there around sixty degrees tomorrow evening we begin to see the colder air moved back and it looks like some clouds early in the day on wednesday a few isolated showers maybe a sleek palette mixed and if we get some of that activity again coming early enough in the day when
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here it is very isolated activity with snow showers in the morning commute. that was the forecast yesterday for today and of course that worked out so we're talking about six forecasts in a row and will get the spot on forecasts for tomorrow. fix than just the second night fifty three when df few showers and then the rest of the seven day forecast on wednesday were looking at the chance of a few morning showers of fifteen percent chance at this point forty nine for the high forty three on thursday fifty on friday and sixty saturday and sunday are come spring guys are i think still a lot next to some uplifting moments on this cold dreary day out of the inner city comes a
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pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. . in honor of black history month tribute to a place that's giving back
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residents to tap into the talents and shine. we're about to take you to the downing gross cultural arts center is in the southeast community of newport news the key word being community because this is a place where people come together to creatively make their mark it's an area of newport news and has a reputation for scenes like this but also here. truly the diamond about that diamonds are the kinds of scenes like this the welcome to downing cross cultural arts place that tries to inspire the people of culture the arts but is nevertheless we're currently working to bring the wishes back to life tiffany cotton fleece dorothy me to britain is the wizard of oz. both credit this center for giving a gift to the community. i think
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things that helps a person tat my catfish and the mediating lovely rebecca proctor who can get help but to be propped up passions in life the bottom opportunity for us to expose other individuals through the arts who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so stage like this happen all the doors to think about it denzel washington and sydney appointee of the good and these people came out of community things like this she should know as queen esther marrow she played hockey and in the original broadway production with the new york city in the seventies i like to see the young people taken part in community the opportunity to shine. there's no place
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definitely take the lives of slaves great things that are nevertheless it was to see than just a rehearsal. now now you say or do i have i went to see the nutcracker their summers ago when kids we really enjoyed it wonderful thing will enjoy the way is the wonderful things you mentioned also poetry and painting in news that a lot more programs there of the facility originally built as the walter reed school in nineteen seventy and it's been open to the public since two thousand and eight and tomorrow guys. fantastic interview with queen s tomorrow we are following the story she went from newport news to broadway and beyond performing for presidents and popes and she'll tell us what it was like helping dr martin luther king junior during the civil rights movement. that's tomorrow at four looking forward to that trust us it's a gem without my watch out for an i phone bug that
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. it's washing away all that snow we woke up to this morning is disappearing in the afternoon rain as temperatures have gone up all day. here's a live look from the virginia air and space center skyview in hampton and jeff has details on the warm up the racetrack day and the warm up is already beginning to move and and that's part of the reason that we have the fog settling in around here because there's really not much rain some up in aca mac some way out here near interstate ninety five out in the areas of sussex county but in general is the warm air is coming and it's going over top of that hold ground that we have still in the snowpack and that's lowering the temperature down enough to create d of the fog as it reaches the dew point. so later tonight i think we're still going to be dealing with that as temperatures will be rising and rising considerably. it'll differ depending on your area spots farther south than east are already above this you're
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into maybe even the sixties northern spot to run a long few hours behind all of this so let's just say average it out and call for temperatures to rise fairly quickly into the forties this evening than by late evening and overnight actually rise up into the fifties and you can see the effect this is what the winfield looks like currently twenty three mph winds out of the south and manny oh that's why they have such warm temperatures down there but look at how all of the psyche get up here into parts of south side there's a northerly wind around the peninsula a northerly wind same thing on the eastern shore. so there's the front right in there and that's why is it gradually lift back to the northwest some of this air this ugly ones like also thirty one and dock that is going replace what we're talking about and help get rid of some this bog looking from forty feet up but again the conditions not quite as bad on the ground so pretty damp this evening but with a lot of warm air settling in the next twenty four hours guys are doing
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you the emotional plea from tina bass to a mother speaking out on social media about a virginia beach police shooting that killed her daughter and a caterer was caught in the crossfire when police say their actual target was in the o's boyfriend. angela perry kay girl's boyfriend perry was wanted in connection with the august twenty fifteen murder by coffee and was a month later that both perry and cake or were killed by police and december virginia beach police officially link ago i cut these murder and maim to perry as a suspect in last week gina passed still grieving from the loss of her daughter used the social media to criticize police and that brings us to today and christina's for j co who has some blunt reaction from of his daughter and the response is full of emotion companies dr amir jackson is defending
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perry and tigger on it as innocent as some have been making them out to be there for me in the annual jackson speaking out in a facebook video about the death of guy coffee by the name go down in may and i'm not gonna miss that person and go down in pain she's referring to the video posted by gina bats to claim that the death of her daughter in uk girl was wrongful. hagar was in the car with angel perry when police approached him in virginia beach after perry allegedly shot the officers they fired back killing both perry and kay eager while best argues her daughter was an innocent bystander jackson now says she doesn't agree she make it seem like they're addicted people get murdered or maybe what seen and they're not innocent people. police have connected angel perry to the death of jackson's father while bess says the actions of police that killed her daughter in
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jackson says justice was served to make her feel oh so great i think the season a minute calling him especially with our town but angelo but when it's our whale and they're not they want to see what the am and then joe camel and a funny baby at the jackson took several more personal stabs at the claims of dina bass hear more about what she said about any educator in the turn of events that led to her death coming up at five thirty christopher j co thirteen years now. hi ashley is tracking some traffic trouble just outside the naval base volume not going to be the traffic trouble this afternoon and a lot of folks that's going to be some good news there he did have to go to work or whatnot you're about to head home. the issue now the roads look much better than the daily morning thank goodness which might still hit the spot here or there is something to be cautious of how i am watching an accident on one of the rams on five off of i sixty four i should face
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fifty four westbound at terminal boulevard you can see the accident right here this is that the exit ramp to terminal boulevard from five sixty four west it looks like this car here has spun out of control hit the guardrail and that's an example of the fact especially around the ramps bridges tunnels overpasses you might still see bill slick spot because all surfaces are elevated and sometimes it takes a little bit longer for the ice and snow to what kind of melt off there so i am watching this the right lane is blocked looks like you still have to the left lane is blocked. he got that right lane open there as you head toward from the boulevard to a bit of good news they are on the traffic network map to look at the rest of the engine issues i'm watching here are actually out in virginia beach off the interstate you can see the traffic light malfunction on upton princess and princes of lynn haven have one more jackson to tell you about and another traffic light malfunction in virginia beach opel said to facebook and twitter can be posted right here on thirteen years now i'd last thing you want is to get stranded outside in the cold and rain because the breakdown in aaa has tips
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start your car a daily basis and let it warm up even if you don't plan on driving for the day. this may help prevent your battery from losing its power during a cold snap and be sure to check your tire pressures tires can lose up to five pounds in the frigid weather and make sure you check your antifreeze prior to hitting the road as it may freeze during a cold weather snap in college a car to overheat for more tips head over to thirteen years now that the us makes a move in cuba that ought to look at headlines we are right now on usa today dot com the obama administration has approved the first u s factory in cuba in more than half a century now two men wanted company in alabama can go ahead and build a plant workers at that plant will assemble as many as one thousand small tractors a year to sell to private farmers in cuba course clemens and saul they aren't all set up shop in a special economic zone started by the cuban government to attract foreign investment and they hope to crank out
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year. president obama welcomes south east asian world leaders to the us it's a special gathering of the association of southeast asian nations in rancho mirage california top issues up for discussion are likely to be trade and the trans pacific partnership a fan of isis territorial disputes in the south china sea and human rights china is not represented china was not invited and get ready to pick up those light sabers again because the next star wars movie has already started filming in london on not to give away too much but we can tell you. star wars episode eight or vii will feature two new popular actors in the seal del toro and lowered burn and it'll pick up right where the force awakens left off with luke skywalker remember he was on the island of ireland. ok so that's all we'll say no spoiler alert here but the new star wars
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theater near you next year secondly and to catch up and get more money in your bank account to pay for the stall were taken down or turning now to the twenty sixteen presidential campaign on presidents day two former presidents are busy stumping for votes. forrest forrest a former president bill clinton is attending a riviera beach florida campaign rally on behalf of his wife presidential candidate and former secretary of state hillary clinton canceled her trip to that campaign site often to campaign instead and nevada that is where a presidential caucus will take place on saturday and the other former presidents george w bush is on the campaign trail with his brother jeb bush there at a rally in south carolina that's where george w bush won a little more than fifty three percent of the vote and the twenty year two thousand presidential primaries and on this presidents day it's a battle not just for votes but for lights for
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dish here that breaks down how their matching up online a leash well if facebook likes for votes and bernie sanders would be on pace to be hillary clinton nationwide by a nearly three to one margin and don't jump and garner more support than ted cruz and marco rubio combined so take a look at this interactive anything seems possible this year. let me zoom in to virginia to get a better look great there. ok so but you have to be careful when you're looking at this this is going to tell you facebook likes not votes according to each state and then even breaks it down to each county. now according to the pew research center fifty eight percent of american adults use facebook so this graphic shows county by county where two thousand sixteen presidential candidates are winning the battle for lights and these numbers are fluid and they will likely change as we get closer to the election with the way that this guy walked in and attacked knew it the miracle that i'm alive
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gone wrong high school sweethearts recover in the hospital after a man attacked them with a machete they tell that story next you can have a brain disorder that is confused with early alzheimer's
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. imagine your home coming close to burning down all from a hover board that's what happened to one chicago family when a hover board exploded while charging inside their home just ahead the owner if rio has more on what the family has its member board came close to burning down in orland park home. you can see its charter and tossed outside for good thirteen year old son abraham says this was a late christmas gift that arrived seven days ago yesterday she plugged into a regular outlet to charge by the couch when
4:41 pm
sparks and then flames. i was shaking most terrifying and scary. the family tells me that the hover board exploded four times before they were able to get it out of the house. one of the fiery pieces launched right into the couch burning it up the curtains also burned and so did the side of the wall it was scary and like pieces from the home exploded like flying everywhere who say ashes everywhere. fortunately no one was hurt. the popular self balancing writing devices have been implicated in multiple fires and explosions. so far the consumer product safety commission has investigated forty incidents. this smart balance wheel is on the list of manufacturers under investigation and now amazon is offering full refunds on hover boards which can sell for more than three hundred dollars. shauna never thought this would happen to her as a warning for any future buyers
4:42 pm
careful if you want to go in you in orland park jessica doe frail abc seven eyewitness news and the consumer product safety commission chairman says the commission is actively investigating a number of companies that make and sell hover boards encourages consumers to return faulty hover boards back to amazon if they bought from that retailer and consumer a large right now the last auto safety regulators closed an investigation into air bag problems and some kilos without seeking a recall last year investigators began looking into problems in about one hundred and eighty six thousand kia spectra as the agency and cannot receive one hundred and sixty three complaints about failure of mats in the front passenger's seats that detect whether a tall does they are the devices turned off the air bags to prevent injuries. cale will notify owners about the warranty and send them to dealers and the warning light comes on
4:43 pm
in southern mexico waiting to hear pope francis gave mass many people lined up last night to attend pope francis' visit the san cristobal de like cathedral and the tomb of deceased bishop samuel l ruiz the visit is the midway mark of the pope spied a trip to mexico and mysterious brain disorder and can they confuse with early stage alzheimer's disease and is enrolling patients of their memories but rather their ability to talk about them it is called primary progressive if asia researchers presented their findings at a meeting of the american association for the advancement of science they say a special brain scans can identify the disorder and the study is underway to see if brain stimulating technology might help treat an ohio couple is in the hospital with bandaged hands on her valentine's day themed like it's recalling a
4:44 pm
both have cuts on their hands and nearly lost fingers had just finished dinner at a restaurant when they say a man with a machete came the couple was in the first booth when the machete wielding man walked in and began swinging the weapon he walked directly at me raised in this area and tried to hit me from above directly on top my head oso scream and cason and which brought the attention away from jerry a little bit which got him a chance to push the guy out of the way. police later identified the man then shot and killed had the high school sweethearts married for twenty five years say while they have a couple of months of rehab. they are thankful to be alive i may need to get close get close to your screen to see this thousands of sharks spotted off the florida coast is video taken from about five
4:45 pm
are the small black dives toward the left of your screen look very closely they're there. this is the sharks migration patterns the researchers say there's nothing unusual to see here but we should have this i have seen this happen a few weeks ago and the delay could be the effect of unusually warm weather. well we certainly didn't have the warm weather around earlier today but now we're starting to see a hint of it already moving in from areas down south and east of us across north carolina as that comes in over the chilly conditions at the ground especially spots is to love the snow we're getting some of that fog out there should be the really thick fog up a few hundred feet the popular skyview here on the station but down closer to the ground not as bad so a lot again of just sort of dreary conditions out there it's not terribly wet anymore. there's still some damp weather a little bit of rain of far northern areas there of
4:46 pm
parts of the northern neck a little but way way out here closer to richmond but there's not much out there other than just the low clouds the fog this is our sky view from the town center area. oregon state enters this evening rising already in a few southerners that well over forty northern spots the metro will rise up near forty will say just a few isolated showers but some areas of dense fog winds gradually shifting from light northerly the south easterly and then later tonight the farther west you go i count toward the interstate so that we have the best chance of some rain tonight and it will be all rain no doubt about that we've been talking about rising temperatures. notice how we continue into the fifties and then rise up through the fifties during the morning hours so especially the first part of rush hour tomorrow it is likely that you'll not have a whole lot of rain to worry about. however once we get into especially out west eight thirty nine will start to see that moisture moving and there could be me a few
4:47 pm
system and with very strong winds aloft just like we had a week or two ago it doesn't take much to bring the strong ones down in just a regular rain shower and get some wins upward of forty forty five or more mph so look for a lot of warm tomorrow chance of a thunderstorm but by late in the day i think it'll be clear enough that we some pretty nice rush hour and then in a very early on wednesday this might be a bit overdone but we're gonna say a chance a couple of isolated sprinkles or maybe a flurry before things try to gradually clear out in temperatures cool off quite a bit then for day after tomorrow before starting another trend upset a lot of moisture filtering in from the south fifty three then in other words rising to fifty three cars were nowhere near that number now in most spots when the thirties rising to fifty three a few showers windy and there's that rising in temperature that i alluded to was out of the south eventually it develops takes a while but eventually a thirty mph tomorrow subtly in
4:48 pm
thirty gusting to forty with scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm so windy and warm water all day rain but a few hours which really coming down by thirty nine mostly cloudy some isolated showers possible early in the day on wednesday the chance of a shower maybe even a mixed precipitation shower with a high only in the upper forties and then at best and forty three on thursday then we start back up and look for the weekend sixty two and sixty three for saturday and sunday lot of people be happy about that it's just that the whole of the page turning right now if you're sitting down wait to hear this. alicia welcome and thank you i miss you guys the studio i got the story three today. ok first of all we've heard a self driving cars right. we all have our opinions about him. well let me introduce you to self
4:49 pm
life inspired by the technology and learning behind it. self parking cars nissan defined what it calls the intelligent parking chair it can turn three hundred and sixty degrees and locate a target position with the help of different cameras placed throughout the room the chairs are and that jen that generates a bird's eye view to wirelessly transmit the chairs position and its route to destination anyone see that in action right there. pretty crazy story but it's monday so i had to start off that are a people all around the world are boycotting starbucks right now after a sign that appeared to forbid women from entering a location in saudi arabia went viral. take a look at the sign it says please and no entry for ladies only send your driver to order. thank you the original tweet was a sign that was shared on twitter over a thousand times and inspired a protest hashtag in arabic that translate to higher
4:50 pm
starbucks is for me is for men only very interesting story and finally well you know what they say curiosity killed the cat and in this case it will only kill your i phone permanently as well don't fall for the recent claims that you've been seeing on social media right now it's called a blast from the past i thought how to pray for originating from four chan and read it and it claims if you send your items date back to nineteen seventy will display a retro apple lock what actually happens if you decide to say your phone back to january first slow it'll break your device which means there's no fix for it and even apple's own genius is at the store can't figure out how to fix it and you'll have to get a completely new phone and had or hadn't replaced so you know we see these attacks and things all the time and they always go viral but this is one definitely don't want to do pw phone clicked yes i saw a youtube video of someone doing i mean there's really no way to fix it to set your phone back to nineteen seventy yet supposed to
4:51 pm
but i guess that's the appeal but it's you know your phone will be dead forever. things will only get to do that the yes on tonight on abc been takes contestants to visit his hometown in an all new bachelor starting the clock then an all new episode of castle and ten and join us again for thirteen years now at eleven hundred years of coast guard aviation here how history will be celebrating with paint and a whole lot of color then thirteen years now and five right now crews are demolishing a norfolk apartment building after a massive fire will have an update on the investigation into the cars plus an ultimatum from state leaders
4:52 pm
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the ledger chris david rubenstein is giving eighteen million dollars to fix up
4:54 pm
park service officials say they'll use the money to fix the roof clean the marble and add a second elevator the park service also plans to create fifteen thousand square feet of visitor space this donation is in addition to the millions of dollars rubenstein donated to refurbish the washington monument and other icons sixteen search and rescue helicopters and airplanes in elizabeth city are about to get a make over. workers at a logistics center will paint the aircraft in historical themes as part of the coast guard celebration of one hundred years of aviation one color scheme is a deep blue with touches of white gray and yellow. officials say that design is in honor of the amphibious flying boat aircraft from the nineteen thirties. another is bright yellow in honor of the nineteen fifties version of modern search and rescue helicopters and that's all we have for you today for more on light rail funding. next
4:55 pm
up after flames ripped through an office apartment building dozens of people left homeless and investigators left searching for a cause for the danger of losing a hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funds to extend the light rail the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia is sparking a political battle and possibly impacting former governor bob mcdonnell the peel on his corruption conviction will explain how the hampton roads woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. you're looking at video of snow falling in newport news this morning after a few hours of snow. it switched over to rain the grass is still covered in white in hampton this is a live picture from our virginia air and space center skyview and death are still tracking of showers out there suggests what areas are getting hit right now mainly
4:56 pm
and well out to our north and west you can see up here she kp the very northern fringes of who can pick us up. same thing northern neck middle peninsula it's almost all even al north and west of you like east of richmond. then there's a little bit here that just taxing the viewing area around sussex county and surry county and heading to the north as you can see there's not much here coming in the immediate future down little farther in north carolina still few isolated showers were going to look for some wet weather at times the big news we still have some fog out there and in fact some very significant fog quarter mile at some problems if you're driving right now and suffolk or franklin or output husky no problem here in northeast north carolina though with the warm conditions and that's what's causing the fog here it's coming and running into that one could hold their doubt the ground has to go up in over it cools off once it starts eroding that away. we're going to see the visibility is improving a
4:57 pm
begins to happen as early as this evening look at these chapters up up up. you can tell that leads to warm also one that might include thunderstorm when i come back we'll talk about that. i love the snow this morning kent state police busy troopers responded to more than five hundred crashes statewide hundred and twenty six of those crashes happen in hampton roads there was a deadly crash and talk to your county. another crash near northern virginia involved a cattle trailer and dozens of cals will show you pictures from that crash in the next half hour and the weather authority is tracking another chance for rain tomorrow to get forecast updates on the go download the thirteen years now. app to your smartphone. after fighting for fires major fires in just seventy two hours north and firefighters are exhausted this morning a house one up in flames on cambridge crescent. yesterday crews battled a house fire on parkview avenue and on saturday two big fires the biggest being a four
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