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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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three decades after president ronald reagan appointed him his controversial rulings made a hero to conservatives and often a target for liberals over his years on the bench he remained a good friend who is liberal counterpart justice ruth bader ginsburg whirled news tonight will have more on scully is life and legacy that's coming up after thirteen years now at six a couple is in the hospital both of them in critical condition after house fire early this morning it happened on the tory drive to rosemont road in virginia beach also in that home two dogs one of them died in the fire fire officials still are working to find out what caused that house to catch fire to her is lived out there in the neighborhood and joins us with more to write a look at the house were here behind me you can see some smoke damage to the front of the home here and some boarded up windows so it doesn't appear to be extremely damaged from the front but fire officials
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the next or the morning they saw huge flames in the backyard fire officials say when they arrived this morning the woman living in the home was already outside and told them the man was still inside neighbor see the two are married and have been living here for years firefighters were able to make their way inside to pull him out when they found him he was unconscious but breathing pull them out. we love assisting them thirty more to rescue us imagine a restoration of the time we turn them over to rescue the chest with a gentle hostile fire officials tell me it appears one of the dogs was barking and woke up the owners during the fire they're not sure if it's the one that died or the one that survives right now this is still ongoing investigation trying to figure out what caused that fire in virginia beach. she knew her thirteen years now fire investigators in norfolk trying to figure out
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a business early this morning the fire at the lomax title loans on with military highway. your view avenue emergency crews arrived there just after twelve thirty am it took them almost two hours to bring that fire under control by the time firefighters knock down the flames everything stopped burning. no part of the building was left standing see there all the piles of debris that were sitting out there hours after the fire started police are looking for the person behind a series of convenience store robberies that started in one city last night then moved into another city. the first robbery at the bp station on twin pines road in church went to portsmouth officer say the robber walked into the business with a gun got money and then left detectives believe that same person at noon in the chesapeake where he hit three business is the first was on portland road and south norfolk the second north battlefield blvd in greenbrier and then the third on south battlefield blvd
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say he got money from the first and last locations but not the second is important in chesapeake released surveillance images of the robbery detectives in the city are working together to find if you recognize and we had any other information about the robberies. you can call crime line a person is recovering from serious injuries after his car hit a tree and caught fire this morning in chesapeake police say it happened around seven forty five am when george washington highway in deep creek officers down in the car when they got there he was a week a crew flew him to sin tear in norfolk general hospital for treatment was not said what led to that wreck and then there were six six republican presidential candidates who will face off in south carolina tonight they will take to the debate stage just a week ahead of the state's gop primary. here's abc's line of zach from around
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to the debate stage. jeb bush and don t think warming up for tonight's gop face off by courting voters in south carolina give me a chance to take this message to america give me the votes that you haven't call three people and get them to vote the first showdown in the south will be for the remaining six republican candidates and some contenders are expecting that ownership gets closer it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier and they get personal they get on the first find out when he gets a spot after his big win in new hampshire donald trump has largely stayed on the day but not anymore taking aim at senator ted cruz tweeted it out ted cruz doesn't clean up his back stop cheating and doing negative ads. i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen approved hunting back on the airwaves his power for personal gain in which you could do was president and for marco rubio tonight is a
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after the laughter democrats hillary clinton in bernie sanders are facing off on the campaign trail in the next battleground states that will surprise them and i was surprise them in the shop looking to surprise them or not the standard is working to capitalize on momentum after renting clinton in new hampshire clinton rallied supporters for a comeback i am not new to this fight my friends i know you're here because we have work to do one week left to woo voters ahead of their next caucus is one of the abc news washington. he served his country and now people are returning the favor volunteers fixing up a home for him and his family will have the details plus a high flying black history month event honoring a local woman who helped america win the space race and a very beautiful sunset albeit chilly sun set on tracking some the coldest temperatures
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season for valentine's day and a chance for snow on
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the volunteers stepping up to help a wounded warrior and his family staff sergeant woodrow sleep lost both his legs while he was serving in iraq people have been working to bring him a new home that includes countertops that are lower than most towns also wider doorways in his wheelchair can fit through them. the journalist one of the silverware was in york county and has a look at the work they're here to volunteer day their plane trees are layered molds the community event for everyone to come down help that are just so truly blessed that i don't even know half of these people
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our veterans are multiple happy t sykes start with they did was get seriously injured in iraq and afghanistan. so what we do did this. police teams together around the country and build homes where the veteran former lips. it's been hard on our family opportunities that it's really hard to put into words how appreciative i am now stationed for eustis for returner for news and it's just amazing to see now for support from everyone in this area and outside this area they can all put in the bushes and spreading the mulch helps the landscape is happy when i see this the community outreach cannot help these guys up to the comeback and stephen was sobering to see how much the communities want to help these guys out and we could be a part of it. i've had three or four other guys that i know of that of john holmes on homes for troops and it's just dramatically change their lives. you know just the accessibility for them that the birds being removed
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the ability to move on to the next stage of life and the slates will get the keys to their new home in two weeks local tuskegee airmen were part of a celebration honoring the contributions that members of the black community me to air and space flight that event hosted by the virginia air and space center in hampton included lessons about aviators and innovators in the field as well as a number of demonstrations people had a chance to meet members of the tidewater chapter of the tuskegee airmen the all blacks water for the nineteen forties prior to that military barred members of the black community from flight role way with the community know just to hear more about so we want to make sure we communicate with their christmas wares because it was the pivotal the protection that they provided over the bombers will remain in determining the event also highlighted the contributions of physicist and mathematician catherine johnson she worked at nasa langley research center for decades and
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mercury and apollo missions last year she received the presidential medal of freedom for her work. well some big changes could be coming in the weather department fo (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. well we are looking at some the coldest air of the season set to move in for valentine's day and it looks like only last about a day as we get into a presence to mingle with a mix of some snow and some rain before things change over to rain a lot to talk about going take a look at the radar right now in a sweeping clear here you have clear skies and allow those temperatures to really fall later tonight as all the heater with little if he really got during the day to day lives back out into the atmosphere. we are tracking that next storm system as back here over the northwest is that storm system that will bring us a chance at some snow as early as tomorrow night into monday morning celeste and all our future cast let you know to expect here as we head to the next couple days have plans this evening mainly clear skies will continue to be cold so we're heading out to grab some video but we want to bundle up as we head to the overnight hours temperatures will drop into the teens everywhere the night to bring those pets indoors if they do have to be
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the water on their water dish because i'll likely be frozen tomorrow morning with these cold temperatures and when you factor in the wins tomorrow it will feel more like the single digits in some spots we might even have wind chills below zero tomorrow morning as winds pick up now the northwest mostly sunny skies today with some high thin clouds coming in during the afternoon maybe even an isolated they effect snow showers across the eastern shore are down to virginia beach in the outer banks not expecting much from them to notice those temperatures only in the twenties tomorrow. most spots will knock it out of the twenties for afternoon highs we head into tomorrow night as is closer to thicken up the next storm system approaches from the west so after midnight between one and about four am will start to look for some the snow showers moving in temperatures cold enough for everything monday morning to start in the form of snow now the good news is. monday is presidents ate a lot of schools will be closed on monday we will have some government closings as well so we're not looking at as major of an impact as we head into monday morning as we
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snow around to the morning commute. we could see some slick spots out on the roadways as we head into the midday hours into some warm air stuck a working its way in. don't change most of the snow over rain as we head into monday night for occasional rain and some occasional rain on tuesday morning. so in the snow does fall will likely melt and get washed away with the rain but before all is said and done something by monday morning we could see up to a slushy inch across the eastern shore south side north eastern north carolina where the likely about a half inch very similar to what we saw over the day yesterday and they want to get back towards williamsburg in franklin we could see up to two inches but again once everything changes over the rain likely get washed away sore spot on forecasts for today. jeff was gone for a high of thirty one degrees we had a high of thirty two we say a three degree guarantee so that's four forecasts in a row and for tomorrow we're looking at single digit wind chills tomorrow morning a spot on forecast july skyview up on the peninsula right now out
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looking at mainly clear skies same thing across the south side twenty nine degrees was coming out the northwest at eight mph which is in the twenties out there right now. some spots of near thirty twenty nine in portsmouth until the hills twenty three and watch approach to the forecast for tonight. looks like this fourteen degrees mainly clear and very cold wind chills five below the five above and from our twenty six degrees mostly sunny skies scattered snow showers tomorrow night into monday morning before things change over to rain monday afternoon on presidents day morning rain on tuesday of the fifty eight degrees that we hold in the upper forties to around fifty degrees wednesday thursday friday and saturday near sixty and it's cold here a member of the north northeast are getting double digit win that's right they are gone so low below zero wind chills and eleven in single digits on the minute so we come back we got college to see the marks getting tested in conference play against rice and across the water history being made in hampton university pirates
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of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist with this being black history month the hampton pirates fulfill
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student michael j crawford grew up loving the sport of lacrosse and started putting together the idea of one day the pirates would have a division one lacrosse program sadly he died in twenty ten from enlarged heart but his dream became reality today the pirates debuting their men's lacrosse team at armstrong stadium espn broadcasts in the pre game event across the country they became the first historically black college to do so in thirty five years the last program that had one was morgan state hampton head coach lloyd carter was on that nineteen eighty one squad will to see the score there from hampton but certainly would it mean to him in his players never expected the day like this god is in this amazing resume than the displaced a family that she would never expect so i'm enjoying the blessing
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that i guess it's a gut over the world and we talk about a week later moved with him he loves making this week i told them they had this big guys may have been blessed with a war that you really feel sick to stalk the game highlights themselves that of course the lloyd carr leading the charge of taking on roberts wesleyan at a division one is a historic goal their first ever wanted out and nothing else after brock robinson that would be the program's first ever goal in program history that just aired at the tender windy it was all red hawks from there as the parts they celebrated a historic day but fell however your final twenty two three let's turn to college hoops now the old mini marts riding a four game win streak they were looking to continue that streak at home as a host at the rice owls a good matchup of local players going head to head. marcus evans for the aus that chesney played his high school a great bridge letter
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virginia beach's own trey freeman for mccallum early on there working hard inside hoop and harm for bread instead he wanted with just six points before fouling out more from the monarchs freeman carries the corner for e and they were in business. later will behind the backs and then going off the glass has for the monarchs second with three point lead but evans in the house. you kind of drove to the lane a quiet nine points in the first half but one taking over in the second half was a lead at the break later evidence the steel will give and go. he missed the first shot would get back and they were in business meantime aaron paco the monarchs try to get back in a gray coat he wanted finishing with thirteen points and trey freeman muscle spin move a game high twenty seven put too much of
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anyone to come home a winner your final in this one seventy five to sixty six tomorrow morning when aggressive enough enlightened enough to say the least of the employee pay in a political force in the rest of this this when she heard one of just short in this office and onto the next one we need to we need to figure out why i will be a step slow loss on thursday night and we wanted to bounce back of the test is a great scene i respond well as those fussy i guess in my family a lot of friends or familiar faces the music business but in other action women marry on the road to taos and sean sheldon working inside hard for two of his thirteen
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adding fifteen three pointer good and omar pro is heading up the charge with twenty points but they trailed at the break forty six thirty seven too much to the tigers as they want to roll it big over the tribe your final ninety nine to eighty two. as for the apples last night they were taking on reading at scope and look impressive early ads and or lose though with the goal they would dilute the light later b alexander lose those turn he would shoot and score adds go on post of four to win on the road right down to write will never get the honor of the deal. others go into a trust for now we're back at eleven o'clock until in jeopardy news now that khan
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the longest-serving justice on the nation's high court, a towering conservative figure known for his blistering dissents, his strict interpretation of the constitution. the court and the conservative
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team coverage tonight. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we do begin with that breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. justice scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. appointed by president ronald reagan back in 1986. scalia passed away on a visit to texas, and abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us with what we know at this hour. pierre? >> reporter: tom, law enforcement sources tell me that justice scalia died earlier today in texas, apparent of natural causes. u.s. marshals are at the scene, and there is no evidence of foul play. scalia was a giant figure in washington and news of his death has spread quickly. we're told president obama has been informed, as has senior justice department officials. fair to say that official washington tonight is stunned. tom? >> that is right. pierre, thank you so much. the sudden death of justice scalia, a huge loss for the court and the conservative


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