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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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had anywhere from a dusting to as much as an inch or so when she got down to the state line and then down into north carolina as much as three inches reported around nags head kill devil hills kitty aka some of those spots still little bit of snow down there still some snow here over back bay a little bit of very light precipitation stretching back right near um oh ya can up with the state line. not much left on the eastern shore not much on the northern neck middle peninsula amounts today only a few one hundredths of an inch again in our immediate area and down the south we probably had closer to a couple of tenths of an inch that's why you had more but the snow and across the area already heavy stuffs gone a light snow even land in the lect the next hour. watch for slippery spots overnight though especially on the secondary roads and the bridge is the big news coming up a drop in temperatures especially late tonight tomorrow and then really tomorrow night sunday all of the details on that. all right we have
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coverage of the storm you are taking a live look at to sixty four near the witch road exit in virginia beach of course be dot says it is busy monitoring dozens of highway cameras ready to send out crews to take care of any slick spots my clinic spent some time today at headquarters and mike what are they doing to prepare for something like this the crews began pre treating area roads overnight friday afternoon it was a matter of waiting and being ready to respond as needed. the district acting maintenance manager bill collier says although the storm is fecast to be brief of the dot is prepared for a long busy week and will be looking at what will have to do through the weekend obviously the snow will stop getting the roadway clear but on the interstate in some areas we may still have snow on the shoulder. we have to watch for that melting and that water re freezing in
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the roadways all weekend at the virginia department of transportation hampton roads operations center in virginia beach workers kept a close eye on the road conditions and there's much to watch this area has more than nine thousand miles of roadway in more than seventy five percent of the state's critical highway infrastructure. we look at things we can do before the storm was going to do during the storm and even what will have to do after the storm. the department has four hundred and fifty pieces of state owned and a contractor supplied pieces of equipment at the ready. much of it already pre positioned as for the sand or salt or braces and brian used to treat the roads the knots as it has an ample on hand supply of between eighty five to ninety percent having gotten replenished after using up some of it during the last snowstorm on january twenty second of every ready for this event and it was like getting reporting and cdot tells us they are ready as well pros will keep spreading sand and salt on
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reached the one inch mark in cdot brought out the snowplows and cdot tells us is the twenty four hour operation with crews on duty around the clock with all of the bitter cold some groups and portsmouth are providing warming centers three municipal centers will be open monday through friday they are social services the city hall lobby and the port norfolk recreation center for portsmouth public library's also are opening their warming centers starting next tuesday we have that full list for you or thirteen years now. com we have some more storm mode team coverage in the next half hour we'll update you on conditions in elizabeth city and dare counties some snow there to tell you about and we'll show you how students are enjoying the extra long weekend thanks to the snow i develop a a james city county man is in jail for having sex with a twelve year old girl. williamsburg police arrested twenty two year old eric martinez wednesday after they say the victim reported having sex with the man
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five counts of rape and one count of forcible sodomy the man is in jail without bond. the girl met martinez on the cake where he went by the main im really miss the fbi confirmed ask the same as that was connect it to thirteen year old the co levels murder to high school seniors allegedly robbed a fifteen year old as he stepped off of a school bus in newport news police say the duo font and then took the shoes and his cellphone thursday afternoon to happen now for what boulevard. now police are investigating the victim described the two as warwick high seniors. police say the teen got away on her refusing to serve gays and lesbians one bill would allow businesses that oppose same sex marriage to do just that what lawmakers are saying about this measure next and try out a pair of pants some alcohol in a tennessee man behind bars. i'm pretty sure you're coming back and i'm
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really cold so cold i actually went to look up the records as we head into the weekend and on the traffic network of monitoring a few crashes as you see behind me and several backups across hampton roads your two largest delays are on i sixty four saw the first camera in norfolk a seven and a half mile back up sixty four westbound from five sixty for all the way up to the hr bt and our second camera a three and a half mile fall in jail on sixty four westbound the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . a bill that offers protection for businesses and individuals who oppose same sex marriage will move to the governor's desk. the gop controlled state senate approved the measure after a heated and tense debate republican said the legislation aims to prevent the government from denying grants and contracts to businesses that oppose same sex marriage democrats say the measure would give businesses a license to discriminate against gays and lesbians. governor mcauliffe has vowed to veto the bill may be easier for women in washington state to get their
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the house passed a bill that requires private insurance and medicaid to reimburse women for twelve month supply of contraceptives. supporters say the law may cut down on the number of times women miss doses or have unplanned pregnancies now the bill goes to the senate. i caught with his pants down literally man was arrested after trying to put trout in his trousers at tennessee walmart employee tipped off an officer when they saw the man using the bathroom near where some alcohol was sold the warrants shows that he was trying to put a package of trout in his pants at the time and attempted to leave the store without pay the man is facing a host of charges from shoplifting to indecent exposure accused of robbing four stores for money to buy kitty litter. police say a twenty eight year old woman in pittsburgh confessed to robbing a pizza shop a gas station and a rite aid within the past month were told melissa santoro said the three hundred dollars she
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kitty litter dog food and a helper mom. police arrested her today. subzero temperatures and the threat of up to a foot of snow more than twenty states are bracing for a winter storm tonight find out where the worst could hit and we
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we're talking snow and sleet across seven roads and across parts of north carolina we are in store mode as the dangerously cold winter weather slams our area stay tuned and we are not the only ones dealing with severe winter weather tonight more than twenty states will have subzero temperatures in the coming days and some spots could get as much as a foot of snow abc's martha gonzales has the latest on the storm's path bundled up and bracing for potentially record breaking cold you have to go outside be careful what you don't have to decide the best to stay indoors. nineteen states under wind chill warnings watches and advisories with a feels like temperature set to drop as low as negative thirty five degrees this weekend in boston so cold frostbite can set in in just ten minutes is very cool wrote the new york city expecting to tie a one
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temperature record by sunday this arctic blast forcing the ironic cancellation of an ice festival in central park perilous but there isn't ice but lake effect snow impact in buffalo on top of bitterly plunging temps abc's into peterson's is there right now feeling about one below by tomorrow morning is expected to feel like thirty below the warnings and complaints rolling in from the northeast to north carolina bit chilly definitely an adjustment while in california today their extreme weather is sparking incredible is that i'm much different kind of reaction i feed way there with temperatures in the nineties it is not helpful to think about that but at least the temperatures here in the northeast are expected to get back to normal by early next week martha gonzalez abc news new york. well right now crews on the peninsular keeping an eye
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twelve hour shifts to keep the streets safe. jason albert is the street maintenance administrator with the newport news public works is on the phone with us and jason of you and your crew seen a lot of issues this afternoon into the rush hour. no actually everything's looking pretty clear up in newport news. we began pre treating the roads yesterday and then continued again this morning everything seems to be pretty clear out there especially from those already winding down so you know you've done for the night will you be watching the areas i like bridges and overpasses throughout the evening to make sure there's no re freezing of the us correctly or twelve hour shift this morning and will continue through tonight and will be able to monitor all of our bridges and overpasses any areas that may become icy will be available to respond since brother rj so that's really good news or glad that you guys got ahead of this and things look to your plan seems to be holding up so thanks for taking some time to talk with us. i know from lyon while the interstates are looking pretty clear
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backups out there. ashley smith is tracking some traffic trouble. oh yeah david janet that's been the focus really this entire afternoon we're still dealing with traffic issues. what that verse two where you will see accidents we have a new one that just popped up a few minutes about sixty four westbound right around greenbrier parkway the warning symbol is up here but it's actually the accident is down here it's only around the median to it's not causing big backups but it's certainly something to watch out for the other accident is to sixty four eastbound just before you get to the broad creek bridge right now i am single back up to valentine boulevards with a half mile might grow to a mile and then on the interstate one had her first camera at the table to the glitch in it but that's fine to want to show you sixty four westbound around for a few of your head to the hr bt making your way toward camden it's going to be a long drive with a seven and a half mile back up starting at five sixteen forcing byu tidewater drive to at least kind of skirt some of that back up or to view the monitor merrimack with j r b they are both
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speaking of the peninsula on a second camera to take you out to newport news right now the earlier accident sixty four westbound before for tuesday's boulevard the crash was cleared all the lanes are open but the damage has really been done here so we're dealing with a three and a half to four mile backup started victory boulevard things do not clear out until you get past the din the boulevard overpass so in that case you may want to use jefferson avenue. take that up to maybe four uses and hopped back on and you should be in fine shape and sixty four west traffic network map as we zoom out here to give you a wide view of him to the roads things are starting to clear out here as a little bit further out west but still expect those big delays on sixty four and two sixty four i'll keep you posted on facebook and twitter and right here on thirteen years now. anyone who can avoid going out during this cold weather should do so but if you have to be outside. take precautions to avoid serious health issues. hypothermia is a major its symptoms include shivering confusion memory loss slurred speech
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deadly. there's also the risk of frostbite if you notice your exposed skin change colors try to warm up as soon as possible. also dress in warm layers and cover all your exposed skin to help prevent hypothermia and frostbite virginia beach is also opening up more homeless shelters anyone in need should meet at the lighthouse center on eighteenth street by seven tonight. also the organization that runs the shelter's volunteers of america is in need of blankets just drop off any donations at the lighthouse center this weekend the city of hampton will have shelters open tonight and tomorrow anyone who needs a warm place to stay can go to the community presbyterian church on fox hill road sunday night a shelter will be at the first united methodist church on east queen street. i take a live look at virginia beach from our west and skyview camera winter weather advisory is in effect because of the snow jeff and i share in the weather lab with an update on the snow fall
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about again minor accumulations in many areas you get down the south as we've been talking about since early in the week more precipitation one of those rare storms typically you don't get much in its northern western areas that that do this time all turned around as you can see really light precipitation is all that is left across the region and that too is getting set to move out as we put it all into motion you'll see some of those darker bands moving through occasionally. and now moving offshore. so again just a few light flurries all that is left. and that'll be ending here very very shortly as well still just got a picture a nice picture from back bay you can see from their back carolina down to chesapeake and then extending all the way back taxes me know that some virginia beach and then extending all the way down poured on mismo ya alls. that's where this one last little bit and is so the leftover couple of there will be ending watch
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temperatures holding pretty steady around twenty nine ish or so over the next couple of hours right now or actually again those kinds of numbers but here we were talking earlier highs for the day i woke up i thought this was the current captures this is actually the highs thirty four in virginia beach thirty newport news thirty one in norfolk. so when it started we dropped it quickly into the twenties and we had the snow come down with temperatures in the twenties but it really didn't stick as much on the roads as we thought even though and again i think partly that's because we had less snow than maybe some of the computers were calling for even that was exactly right on lar forecast big news now obviously going to be the cold air twenties tonight it will feel even a little colder than that tomorrow we will go only go up through the twenties will be lucky. i think we will barely make it to the low thirties but let's consider ourselves lucky if we even hit freezing come on that's an air temperature including
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then tomorrow night look at these temperatures down in the teens. it will be a little bit breezy as well which will make it feel more like the single digits with a windchill that kind of cold air you're going to get som they are fact or ocean effect snow you hear about lake effect snow in new england and areas the great lakes. if we get more of a north northeast wind that would push some of this back toward areas like kill devil hills kitty hawk so we will watch for that here's that storm system is you can see spinning around and heading offshore south carolina and now continuing to work its way east of hatteras at night leftover flurries are ending watch for the slick road you talk about how much snow we had well with some more information on a couple of different aspects of the storm was good i e show yet you know what we really struggle with the dry air with this particular storm earlier this morning we actually had two points in the single digits. that was in allowing that snow to actually make it to the surface so we had snow falling a lot now releasing at the surface but once we
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points climb that hill we started to see the snowfall at the surface and we actually saw that as we headed into the afternoon hours about one two o'clock we had some light flurries be reported and the actual snow falling at the airport just before three o'clock so again we saw the atmosphere moisten up but it was really that dry air earlier this morning that was was in allowing the snow to make it down to the surface but were saying things push out and going to get much colder right just yet and the amounts again about half an inch dusting a lot of areas you get farther to the south part to chesapeake we had one and some take a little over an inch the north carolina anywhere from one to three inches even across sections closer to the outer banks thirty two minus seventeen to marnie clear and very cold still quite breezy and then on the twenty seven on sunday for the high monday little very brief mix of winter weather it looks like before we turn over to rain and chilly rain and then a mile or rain for tuesday before temps are sort of a bounce up
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and latter portions of next week after vineyard virginia power tells us is keeping an eye on the cold weather and snow and is ready to respond to any power outages snow and ice can build up on the power lines. if the lines get heavy the ice can cause the power line to break leaving you in the dark. we spoke with the minions paid harris about what kind of resources are on standby tonight we've been monitoring the weather forecast very closely to the fact that there's any areas where there might be trouble and we can make sure we have plenty of crude resources in that area and we've made sure that all of our local offices are fully staffed for the weekend write down this number you'll need it if your power goes out called dominion power at one eight six six dom help that's one eight six six three six six forty three fifty seven also make sure your cell phone is charged and that you have the thirty news now mobile app downloaded that way you can always get updates on
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seven up efforts to protect our troops from the z virus here with a d o d is telling our service members the night to keep them safe and back to our store mode tin cover just the snow covers the region i mean elizabeth city when the worst of the storm is expected. i'll have a look at how crews plan on keeping these roads clear and the snow is falling down here in dare county coming up a live report on the conditions
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it's the medical examiner is working to identify a body found in newport news police told us about the gruesome discovery last night a woman was walking her dog when she noticed the body behind builder sleeve middle school
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the body was a woman and there were no obvious signs of trauma. tomorrow there's another effort to help a community devastated by recent murder suicide a benefit dinner in honor of the dooley family is planned for tomorrow. six members of that family were killed last month the benefit will take place at the deep creek united methodist church in chesapeake from eleven till five. the cost will be eight dollars a person and all proceeds will go to the dooley family trust fund at town back. the pentagon is working to protect troops from the z virus the defense department issued official guidelines to servicemembers deployed in areas with the z virus is common. those tips include staying in air conditioned buildings with doors and windows wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants and using lots of bug repellent last week the pentagon also agreed to move pregnant women out of areas where the z virus exists. congress is considering changes to the va home loan program the adjustment may help more pets take advantage of the benefit house passed a
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loan guarantee limits in the senate is now considering that bill that's it for thirty news now at five thirty our storm coverage continues with the latest on the snowfall and freezing temperatures cents before the first flakes started falling this afternoon thirteen years now has kept a close eye on the snow right of your sin is this video from an eo just a one of many spots with a pretty significant amount of snow and ice tonight thirteen years now has a team of reporters live in the field in north carolina and on the southside and leading the storm coverage from here in the studio is chief meteorologist jeff lost in that nano video by the way was about an hour and half after the snow had started they've had a lot more since then the laws you can see a lotta white in this picture getting more more sunlight every single day here's we go through and the course of march twelfth or thirteenth something like that will get
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that'll be nice and just about a month's time minute ago fact let me go back to that this is where the radar says precipitation is falling the form of snow a lot of this latest color of light though it is so light that you literally have to stand there and strain to even be able to see the flakes. so these are the areas where we still have a slightly heavier snow but nothing like what we had in a couple of the bands look at how the very darkest sort of blue colors came rolling through areas again especially here across parts of the south side down into areas of north carolina. we had a little bit of a heavier dusting a couple of spots on the peninsula but in general fairly light dusting right now knotts island northward up to about congo still little leftover snow southern shores getting a little bit of leftover snow so this worked out really well we talked about yesterday flurries for the most part in this light blue area dusting to an inch and a half an hour we were leaning toward more the dusting side of things


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